i feel like this is what leftovers in the avengers' shared fridge look like

Cute Shirt : Steve Rogers/Captain America

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this is sorta short, I wanted to make this long as possible but alas I couldn’t. Thank you for the request though! Send more in if you want to see more. <3

Word Count: 595



Request: From @shut-it-tinman (Thank you dear)

Hey Widow! I really enjoy your work so far, and I was wondering if I could request something. Can you use the prompt: “Are you wearing my shirt?” with steve? Thaaaanks :D


You groaned in pain from the aches in your body.

“You look like shit (Y/N).” Clint had chuckled at you aching face.

“Well you smell like shit bird brain.” You retorted. He only raised his hands in defense. Clint walked away towards Nat to talk to intel collected from the now destroyed Hydra base. You just continued to mope in your pains and watched everyone work. You wouldn’t actively admit how sore you were but your face easily gave away what you were feeling.

“When are we going to be back home?” You groaned, every second away from your bath is another second adding to your misery.

Steve left his station and walked over towards you, he bent down and placed a warm hand on your head. “We’ll be home soon. You fought great out there today. You kept pushing yourself over your limit and I know no one will say this, well right now they won’t but, thank you. Without you pushing yourself that hard we probably wouldn’t have gotten that intel in time.” He pat your head once and left to go back to look over the intel.

You sighed to yourself, Steve was very appreciative towards the team but you always felt he had some what of a deeper appreciation for yourself. You were not one the complain from the affection but it always troubled you at times when trying to figure out his feelings towards you.

While lost in your thoughts you felt the jet land on the landing carrier at the Avengers Tower. Groaning even louder, you sat up from your spot and lazily walked towards the entrance of the tower.

Not even paying attention you walked towards what you thought was your room. When finally in it you realized it was in fact not yours but Steve’s. You didn’t even want to express how tired your were of everything.

“Fuck it…” You mumbled to yourself. You walked towards Steve’s closet and pulled out on of the softest shirts you could find. Stripping from your catsuit, you threw on the shirt, which conveniently landed just a little under you butt. You didn’t care for pants, everyone was basically family and it wasn’t like no one has ever seen a butt before.

You picked up your catsuit and left Steve’s room. Your stomach was practically screaming at you to put food inside of it. You patted your stomach, in a way to hush a whiny child.

Noises could be heard coming from the shared Avengers kitchen. Sounds of pots and pans became louder and louder once you walked in. The sights of everyone trying to find something to eat was positively hilarious to you. You decided on just finding leftovers in the fridge. As you walked up to it the sounds of everyone started to dwindle down.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Steve had questioned you. You turned away to see a blush on his face. A blush started to form on yours as well from all the attention of everyone, including Steve’s.

“Uh- yea, sorry, I thought I had walked into my room, and, uh, it was yours and I was too lazy-“ You were cut off by Steve’s soft laughs.

“You look really cute in it (Y/N). I wouldn’t mind seeing you in my shirts more often.” He just continued to laugh softly to himself.

“Capsicle is going to get some tonight…” Tony had murmured to Clint. Clint and Tony had laughed loudly until Nat silenced them with a swift slap to the side of the heads.


Again, sorry this is super short. But thank you again for the request. Keep on sending them in! <3

Soldier- Bucky Barnes

Character: Bucky Barnes


“You’re mine.”

“You need help, damn it. Just let me do the right thing and help you.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

“Out of everyone you could’ve chosen, why’d you pick me?”

There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

Warnings: Brace yourself, kids. The smut is coming! ;) Although it doesn’t happen until the very, very end. I love Bucky and I love this request and once again, had the best time writing it. Enjoy! Send more requests!

I felt his eyes on me the minute I walked into the room, although I would’ve noticed him regardless. There was something about Bucky Barnes that made it impossible not to notice him. Maybe to anyone else, his presence would’ve been nothing more than background noise…despite the fact that he hardly ever seemed to say a word. To me, his presence seemed to take up an entire room. This sad, broken man trapped in the body of a solider. Of a weapon. A machine. This was how I often heard him described, but I knew that wasn’t true.

Ever since Bucky had been taken in by SHEILD, under the watchful eye of Captain Rogers, I saw him for what he truly was. A lost soul. I’d been drawn to him from the very beginning. Intrigued, more than what I knew was good for me. Still, I couldn’t help it. There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me. I wasn’t the only one who was curious. Even now, after months of careful, tentative friendship, he still watched me like he hadn’t quite figured me out yet. The feeling was mutual.

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Word Count: 1550

A/N: Let me know how you like it. This is just something that I thought up. I’m planning on this becoming a series but it depends if you guys like it. Also let me know if you want to be tagged. 

The first thing that Bucky noticed about you was how to effected the people around you. When you walked into a room you unknowingly demanded respect from everyone in the room. He didn’t know who you were, he thought that you were high on the paygrade. When he found out that you were avenger he was curious about you. You clearly were good, given the way people treated you. The next thing he noticed about you was how quiet you are. You only speak when spoken to first and you were always serious, never joking around or smiling. In fact Bucky was sure he had never seen you smile. This didn’t stop Bucky from being intrigued by you. You were beautiful without even trying. He noticed a scar on your left eyebrow and on the back of your right hand. Bucky noticed everything he could about you, though he saw you a few times a week. You only went on missions by yourself and trained by yourself. He noticed you didn’t like big groups. He noticed that you would leave when all the avengers were together. He often found you by yourself in a chair reading or just staring outside on one of the balconies.  

One day, Bucky watched you leave the living room. He turned to Steve and asked “So what is her deal? Does she not like us or something?”

Steve looks down at his hands and sighed, with a guilty look on his face. “No. She just has been through alot and prefers to keep her distance. She used to not be like this. She was actually one of the funniest people I know.”

“What happened?” Curiosity go the best of Bucky.

“Well she came from a relatively normal home. Had two parents, one was a teacher and the other one was a professor at some college, and a brother and a sister. Y/N was however was not normal. She has abilities, clearly that’s why she is a avenger. She is an elemental which means she has the power over the elements. She is very powerful and extremely good at her job. Fury took notice of her and offered her a position at SHIELD before the avengers came together. She climbed through the ranks effortlessly and when I came out the ice and started working for SHIELD after New York, we went on many missions together and became quite close. Our last mission together was very personal for Y/N. This was after Hydra came out hiding and she was on their radar. They kidnaped her whole family and we went after them, but when we got there it was a trap. There was only supposed to be 50 soldiers at the base, but there was hundreds. In the middle of fighting I was knocked unconscious. I woke up in the infirmary here to find out she fought them all and carried me back to the quinjet, that was 15 miles away from the base. Now I said before that Y/N is incredibly powerful, however, there are limits to her abilities and when those became useless she used her hand to hand skills, which rival those of Natasha. She took on every soldier there, only to find the bodies of her family. When I woke they told me that she was shot twice, in the shoulder and in the thigh. They found her collapsed in a pool of her own blood. She may have saved my life, but she lost everything that day.”

When Steve finally finished the story there were tears in his eyes. You and him were very close and that day you family didn’t just die. You did too. You were once so full of life and joy. You sang everywhere you went and you had the most beautiful voice. He felt like he let you down. He missed you even though you were right there.

You walked out of the living room without a word, back to your room. You need to go workout and knew that they were getting ready to eat dinner, so you put on your clothes and made your way down to the training room. You wrapped your hands and started with the first punching bag of the night. Soon enough all the rage and grief starts to flood out of you. The bag starts to char because with the release of your emotions makes you lose your grip on your abilities, which causes you to throw very heated punches. Your next punch lit the bag on fire. You really need to talk to Tony about fireproofing these things. This is like the 7th bag this week and it’s only Wednesday. You think as you put out the fire and put the second bag up. Starting again, an hour goes by before you light the next one ablaze. Giving up on the punching bag you move up on to weights. You are the only one in the training center, which is just the way you like it. You start with cleans and move on to squats. You are strong and fast. Not at the level of Steve and Bucky but you held your own. You have the body of an olympic swimmer, tall and lean. You usually spend most of your time in the pool because it’s the only way to clear your head. Something about the water just calms you.

You finish your work out and realized how exhausted you were. You made your way to the kitchen, picking over the only box leftovers from dinner. Everyone usually ate together but you like to eat by yourself. Being around everyone reminded you of you family and it hurt to much to think about them still, even though it has been years. You heard someone walk into the kitchen and turn to see who it is. It’s bucky. You liked Bucky. He was quiet like you. Didn’t really talk to anyone besides Steve, and had the most beautiful blue eyes. He had a comfortable presence about him that you appreciated, and he didn’t look at you like you had 2 heads like everyone else around here does since that day. You looked back down at your food and continued to eat. He opened the fridge in search of the leftovers that were currently in front of you because he also missed dinner.

“Are those tonight’s leftovers?” he asked looking at the plate.

“Ya.” You replied. “Do you want to share?”

“Sure.” he said turning and grabbing a fork. You guys began eating in a comfortable silence till Bucky decided to break it. “What were you reading earlier today? I saw you up at the balcony and I’m curious.”

You stop mid-chew to look at him. You scoff and feel the corners of your mouth twitch up. You swallowed what was in your mouth and replied, “Umm, it was Looking for Alaska by John Green.”

“Do you like it?” he ask.

“Ya, it’s pretty good.” you say.

“What is it about?” he questions.

“Um, it’s about this kid who decides to go to boarding school and meets some really cool people that pull a bunch of pranks.” you say. This is probably the longest conversation that you have had besides missions briefings that you have had in years. There is just something about Bucky that made you want to open up to him.

“Cool. I’m not a big reader but every now and then something grabs my attention.” he says.

“Hmmm.” you reply. You continue to eat your food.

After a few more minutes of quiet eating Bucky asks “So what are you doing tonight?”

This time you turn and look at him, “Why do you care? You have never talked to me before? What’s so different now?” You stare at him evenly, no emotion on you face.

He looked shocked at your questioning “I don’t know, doll. Just trying to make conversation.”

“Well don’t.” you spit back throwing your fork into the sink, walking out of the kitchen leaving Bucky to himself.

You make your way down the hall trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach from that nickname he used. Questions bubbling all in your mind. Why was he talking to you? Doesn’t he know who you are? How is he so comfortable around you? No one talked to you. They were all to scared. The only time they talked to you is when it was fro missions, and that was usually mumbled suggestions and down cast eyes.

You get why they are all scared. They all heard the stories. Hell if you were them you probably be the same way. At first it hurt your feelings, but now you are used to it.

You get in the shower, rubbing out your muscles and shaving your legs. Trying to get the thoughts of Bucky out of your head. You didn’t kid yourself. Someone like Bucky doesn’t need someone like you fucking up his life. You shut off the water and put on some sweats and an old t-shirt and crawl into bed. You pick out a playlist to help you sleep. You were feeling some classical music tonight. As the sound of the cello softly fills the room, unconsciousness slowly starts to consume.  

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I finished something. I actually finished something. There will be revels and much rejoicing. And a nap, because I’m sick.

Steve spent a lot of his life being sick, so he knows sometimes you need someone to take care of you, even if you’re Natasha and don’t really need taking care of.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

It’s not all fighting aliens and rescuing hostages from terrorist cells – working for Shield that is. There’s training and research and the dreaded paper work. It takes time to set up missions, it’s not like they can just send in a Strike team without intel or a plan. So Steve has a lot of downtime between missions.

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iamkatebishop  asked:

Darcy/Bucky: "One teeny tiny explosion, and suddenly I'm the bad guy!"

Darcy was beyond done with jackbooted thugs. They were the worst. And she would know, since she constantly knocked heads with them. She’d tried to be sympathetic, really, she did. She understood that Avengers Tower needed security. She also understood that, since SHIELD had been brought down, they didn’t have much else to do but wait around for it, or something like it, to be rebuilt. And that, in the meantime, suspicion was on high. But really? She couldn’t be the biggest threat in the tower. In fact, she knew she wasn’t. She shared a floor with Thor. Cut, alien warrior definitely trumped science wrangler any day. In fact, her boss/best friend, if she felt so inclined, could totally rule the world. And Darcy would help. 

Actually, off the top of her head, Darcy could think of five women that lived in the tower, besides Jane, that could own the world with one arm tied behind their back. 

1. Pepper Potts
2. Natasha Romanoff
3. Maria Hill
4. Wanda Maximoff
5. Helen Cho

But did any of them have guns pointed at their face? No. That was Darcy. 

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