i feel like this is tumblr on the outside world

——— · • ● —-  Dearest judgemental people…

· • ● —-  If you taken two seconds to scroll on a blog, and you’re complaining about it, then take another two seconds to click away. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. And the same applies to RPs on tumblr. Does it offend you morally? Too bad. Learn to move along. Everyone has the right to write whatever they want, and I will laugh in the face of anyone who tries to tell me or others I or they can’t write something because it ‘offends’ them, or it ‘romanticizes’ or it is forbitten, or something else, it shouldn’t. Welcome to the world outside of your bubble. Guess what? Other people live here, too. And they don’t all think or feel the same way you do. Imagine that. But they have just as much right to exist in it as you do, and just as much right to think and feel and do things differently than you do. Yes. Even if those things offend you…. Don’t like it? Why not find healthy ways to deal with that dislike? And just so we’re clear - attacking and trolling people on a website….that’s not healthy. Don’t judge about the Author while you see a book, don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

——— · • ● —- ——— · • ● —- ——— · • ● —- ——— · • ● —- ——— · • ● —- ——— · • ● —-

Damn, I am so sorry to the people (especially younger teens) on tumblr who think they might be asexual but are coming into themselves in the midst of all this discourse…. I know that when I started identifying as ace and tried to be open about it, I was met with suspicion, opposition, and even blatant anger in “real life”/offline (still am), yet the Tumblr community still made me feel welcome and helped me discover myself.

I feel like that kind of a space doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s sad and potentially damaging.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re trying to figure yourself out, keep going. It will be okay. Believe it or not, tumblr doesn’t mimic the outside world! I have never been excluded IRL by LGBT+ clubs at school, at the library, etc. And there are a lot more friendly, understanding people in the world than it seems.

I would love to get to know you.
Yes, YOU.

Not just who you appear as in the great big world of Tumblr, but YOU. There’s so much more that lies below that surface of a profile photo and caption. That’s who you are, and its completely precious.

What is your name? No, not your Tumblr username. Your real name.

What’s your favourite food? (No, coffee does not count)

Do you have any hobbies? Yes, there is a world outside of Tumblr.

Please feel free to shoot me a message at any time! You’re not just a follower, but another human being just like myself.

I look forward to getting to know you better, friend! It’ll be fantastic!

• tied up/tired up •

the past few months have been tiring and i have, quite often, felt like i was tied up by my own feelings and thoughts. i still do, but a little bit less. this ink drawing was made during those weird days, when  i felt like i was tangled by my own senses and suffocated by the outside world.  the start of this year has been a little hectic but now i feel like i have a lot of things to look forward in 2017, and i hope you do too!

my art commissions are open, just email me to arumiillustration@gmail.com


So I spent my Halloween ignoring Tumblr for fear of seeing sad Jily posts that would make me want to cry and instead brought Harry’s wand to the Wizarding World and cried outside of Hogwarts saying things like “THIS IS WHERE JAMES AND LILY MET AND FELL IN LOVE AND SPENT THE BEST YEARS OF THEIR LIVES AND NOW THEY’RE DEAD” boy am I glad I saved myself from the depressing world of Tumblr or I might’ve just been a mess

Sometimes you are going to miss things in life. No special reason. And if you ever come across a time you have these kind of feelings. Call your mother, say you missed her. Tell her about something hilarious that happened. There’s no better feeling than being close to your mother. When you feel like you’re drowning in your thoughts. Write. Anything and everything that comes to your mind when you hold that pen. And when you feel like nothing in the world is making sense and you’re too tired to comprehend the outside world. Take a walk. Remind yourself how utterly beautiful the world is and its okay to be empty. And when the memories hover over you and swallow you. Let it be. It’s a good thing. Trust me. You will smile. You will feel sad. That’s okay. I promise. That only makes you strong. At least you will feel something.

It’s so hard to find the words to explain the feeling I have with missing Taylor so much right now. Like outside of the 12 songs that play overhead at work I haven’t listened to a full album in months yet I see some gifset of her performing and being all smiley I want collapse and curl up in a ball cause I love and miss her so much like I miss her being out there in the world and getting to see her. Like it really makes me cherish the days where she would post 5 things on Insta in 1 day or go on tumblr once in awhile. Like I really forgot how happy she made me tbh

He’s everything. He’s not what mother warns you about when she talks to you about boys. He’s the one you’d want to bring home, the one that could make the entire family fall in love with just a simple ‘hello’. He’s the one that you think of at 3pm when you’re busy, and the one you wanna talk to even when you’re mad at him. He’s the one with the messy hair, the beautiful eyes and the biggest smile. The one that does everything to make you happy, to make you his own. He’s the one that tries his hardest to prove to you that you’re worthy. No one would find any reason to dislike him. He’s the one that you consider home, the one that you want to hold onto when it’s cold outside or when you just need someone, when you need a soul. He’s the one that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and he’s the one that will make it all come crashing down as he walks out the door.
—  he’s everything
Male guilt and the self-censorship of trans narratives.

Reposting a slightly extended version of my comment from this post because I felt it needed a post of it’s own.

I feel like there is - within a mostly Tumblr based trans social justice subculture - a strong tendency to focus on the basic truths about transmisogyny that the outside world keeps forgetting, and that’s GOOD.

But at the same time, the dogmatic way that is approached is putting a lid on some of the conversations we could be having about the complexities of gender and of gender or transrelated oppression.

Sometimes trans men and ‘afab’ (I hate that term) non-binary folk within this subculture are so busy being accountable to trans women and acknowledging their male privelege that they don’t take the time to talk about the complexities of gender or the harshness of their own oppression. They’re like the ‘white guilt’ people who never do anything useful because they’re too obsessed with apologizing for their privilege.

Just saying ‘what I experienced just now when that transphobe perved over me felt like sexism’ is treated like something controversial because trans men have bought into this strange black-and-white dogma where ‘if I say I experienced any sexism at all, that means I’m saying trans women don’t experience sexism’. Which is bullshit. Gender narratives about trans men and trans women are not mirrors. It just doesn’t work like that.

A lot of stuff goes unmentioned. So many people who fit under trans masculine labels are poor, homeless, have eating disorders, survived abuse. In the Netherlands, 45% of trans men and trans masculine folk are sexual violence survivors. Yet the macho guys don’t talk about that because it’s not masculine and the ‘social justice’ guys don’t talk about it because they’re so busy pointing out that trans women have it worse that they end up not saying anything about the lives of trans masculine folk at all.

And the non-binary folk end up just not talking about their experiences at all if they don’t fit the clear ‘all afabs always have male privilege, all amabs always face transmisogyny’ narrative

It’s a fucked up situation that is getting in the way of a more complex layered understanding of trans lives, in which we find ourselves in situations that are more complex than the binary ‘who has male privilege’ situation. I’m frustrated. I see all these conversations that we could be having but don’t because they don’t fit clear power binaries. 

Having an understanding of the difference between concepts like sexism, transphobia, transmisogyny and male privilege is so so important, but we need more space to talk about our experiences as we experience them without immediately having to defend where they fit within the binaries of power and privilege.

it’s so depressing that ppl on here just demonize people (esp poc) outside of tumblr for not knowing and being as “””woke””” abt things as you lmao. like. i know this is gonna make me sound like the fucking devil but do y’all really not realize that things like blm and feminism are not looked at by most people as good things because…….. the core meaning’s been exploited by media and extremists? and it’s not ppl’s fault for not knowing lmao like did you know not everyone has 100k posts suddenly popping up in front of them and explaining why those causes are important? 

people get what they’re given and what they see is……….. the not good things and it’s! not! they’re! fault! and minorities tend to be more against causes like blm bc they /don’t know/, they’re not ignorant, they just don’t even know it has a proper core meaning lol. they feel erased? because they get discriminated too? muslims face similar things too? but they don’t see a hashtag going around telling ppl that they matter too. they don’t know blm roots down to police brutality and the increased numbers in violence against black people in america (and around the world). and it’s. not. they’re. fault.

y’all gotta stop being so fucking rude and discriminatory towards people who don’t know and instead educate them if you care so much. the people you should be mad at? people who know and yet don’t do anything. people who take titles like feminist upon themselves and yet ignore important issues until it brings them fans/recognition. that’s dangerous. that’s not right. not knowing is not a sin, knowing and not doing anything though? that is.

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Was feeling horrible knowing that you were tagging me in your stories for a long time, me seeing them but unfortunately not having time to read them so I went on and started reading (binging) them in the middle of a maths lesson! It's okay, there's no exams left for this year/semester but whats not okay is that last part of #DMBB!!! Like whyyyyyy!??!?! Why would he do thattttt????? Whats happening next??? Help!!!!! Anyways, love you♡♡♡

No worries!!! I totally understand if you don’t have time to read my stories. We all have lives outside this little world of Tumblr so don’t feel bad about that :) Yeah, the ending of Part 11 was very…interesting??? I’m not sure what’s the right word to describe that ending haha. I suppose Bucky was just adhering to the reader’s request of taking it slow with their relationship, but still! Lucky for you though, Part 12 is up and running :) I love you too, hun!

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 11) - Bucky/Reader

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do you have any advice for people who are just.... tired of fighting? people who are mentally ill and don't have the emotional energy to fight anymore, but can only stand on the sidelines and support others taking action. i feel like im in survival mode right now, not even paying attention to most news about trump because i'm so incredibly exhausted that even trying to pull my head out of the sand seems like it would be detrimental to my mental health. what can people like me do in the meantime?

this was me for so many years. i totally understand.

it comes and goes. these exhaustion are waves, not permanent declines. the weather fucking sucks, s.a.d. is out in full force and the world is really bad. this is a really tough time to be depressed in.

my advice for the short term:

1. try to do at least 1 constructive thing a day: like “do a load of laundry” “wipe down kitchen counters” or “do homework”. something that’s attainable and has a clear ending. soon it becomes habit, instead of a chore. and youll start to want to get it out of the way earlier and earlier in the day until its the first thing you do. then…you have potential time for more things and you’re standing upright so you might as well do stuff. its like that new fucked up engine nasa’s working on that builds up propulsion over time using tiny amounts of energy. its a little trickle before the dam can burst.

most importantly it helps create a living environment thats overall better. idk about you but when my rooms clean i feel at ease.

2. dont beat yourself up: and if you can’t do that? man, aim for the next day. habits dont become habits overnight. they take time. do what you’re capable of. not what you THINK you should be able to do.

3. hygiene hygiene HYGIENE: THIS is hard too, i know. but this is another thing that i guarantee you will at least make things 10% better at LEAST. scrub your face, clip your toe and fingernails, get a haircut, take a hot shower with a nice smelling soap. hell bring your phone in there and listen to a podcast while you take a bath. make it enjoyable. and please brush your teeth 2x a day. your teeth are super important and a pain in the ass to fix after the fact.

4. ask for help: on one of your “do one thing today” events, look up free counseling in the area, or see what your insurance covers. look for people with similar problems who are recovering or making strides for recovery. surround yourself with people who can and will support you when you fall backwards.

5. put your blinders on, temporarily- the world fucking sucks right now. cant disagree with that. and i think exposing yourself to endless parades of bad news doesnt do anything but compound how helpless we feel. its like, you can put out a small fire in your trash can but the inferno raging outside is still there. my constant thought process was “theres so much bad in the world, how can we ever hope to do any good?”

so…block yourself out for a while and create a peaceful space to recenter yourself. block news sites, tumblr, twitter, whatever you need to. i use stay focusd if i need some breathing room.

i guess, in summary…you need to make a space (physical and emotional) where you can unpack things healthily. plants dont grow they dont have the basics. same with people. you say you only have the energy for others, but you’re just expending what energy you have on others. its okay to do something “selfish” if its for your own good and no one gets hurt. youre not taking up anyone’s time but your own. and you have a whole lifetime of time. 

be comfy, anon. try your best to do good for you for a while. see how it goes.

i imagine whenever alex hirsch feels bad about making a controversial tweet and tumblr gets mad at him for it, justin roiland just comes up to him like

“The world is full of idiots who don’t understand what’s important, and they’ll tear us apart, Alex! But if ya stick with me, I’m gonna accomplish great things, Alex, and you’re gonna be part of ‘em, and together we’re gonna run around, Alex. We’re gonna… do all kinds of wonderful things, Alex. Just you and me, Alex. The outside world is our enemy, Alex… we’re the only BLUUUUUH friends we’ve got, Alex! It’s just Justin and Alex. Justin and BLUUUR-Alex and their adventures, Alex.. JUSTIN AND ALEX FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Justin and Alex.. some…things.. Me and Justin and Alex runnin’ around and… Justin and Alex time! a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Justin and Alex! forever a hundred times…. OVER and over Justin and Alex… adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Justin and Alex dot com w..w..w… Justin and Alex adventures.. ah- hundred years….. every minute Justin and Alex dot com…. w w w a hundred times… Justin and Alex dot com…”

SciFi Novels Were Invented by an Angsty Teenage Girl

Teenage girls can’t catch a break.  People, particularly nerdy men, treat being a teenage girl as if it is some absolute guarantee of vapid stupidity.  This makes me so damn mad, and not least of all because the whole idea of a science fiction novel owes its existence to an angsty teenage girl who ran away from a broken home.

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all these anons are weak af like you punks won't say shit off anon. 😒 get off the internet and go outside u fuckers. there's real antiblackness going on in the world and all weak bitches wanna cry about a joke like B Y E 👋🏾 I seriously hate y'all. 😒

But they feel important on tumblr and so they have to say things like “I hope you die” to stay relevant

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Hey I wanted to get into reading poetry lately, Ive always liked it but i'm not sure who or what i should read first, do you have any recommendations?

It all depends on what interests you. Do you want to start with classics, classics outside the Western world, or do you want something with a more modern feel, how Modern?one that places our post-9/11 world in a new lightawakens social justiceis written by a lovely person from Tumblr, or from a woman whose white-knuckled grip on the world while her family was an ocean away for that long still leaves me in awe (yes, this, despite the end).

i think one of the biggest reasons why the outside world is scary to bloggers is that on the internet, and tumblr in particular, your blog attracts those who have similar interests which immediately makes conversation easier. finding like minded people on the internet isn’t hard. finding people who share your interests in public is not so easy, you feel like you’re a pet shop goldfish that’s just been thrown into the Pacific Ocean.
people are stressed and uncomfortable and feel like they need to keep up appearances out in public. on the internet you can sit in your bed wearing pyjamas and chat to people on the other side of the world, real people without the facade of an appearance, about everything from politics to your favourite movies and i honestly think it’s beautiful.

don’t shame people because they don’t like socializing in a “regular” environment, because maybe they seek more stimulating and honest conversation.

Dear Classic Rock Fans of Tumblr

Alright, so to clear things up, we saw this post, right?  When I saw the criticisms here and how they affected certain people, I decided I need to get some feelings out.  I’m not trying to start a fight, that’s the last thing I want to do.  If you don’t want to hear my opinions on the matter, then just keep scrolling for your own sake.  

I guess the main issue here is miscommunication.  Yes, it’s the internet.  But sometimes people just don’t think before they post.  You’ve got to try and step into people’s shoes and imagine how they would feel if you said something that singles them out like that.  Imagine the embarrassment, humiliation, fear, and discomfort that someone would feel if they were openly criticized like that, even if the OP thought they were doing the right thing.  

I know it may sound far off, but for some people, tumblr is their only outlet.  Their safe-haven to escape from the outside world into somewhere where they feel at ease. And what happens when that shelter is corrupted?  They may feel distant, hurt, excluded, and as if they belong nowhere.  No one deserves to feel like that.  And it is really hard to judge how people will feel on the internet, because we know next to nothing about their personal lives and states of mind.

Now I’m not saying no one did anything wrong, I’m just saying the problem is miscommunication and misinterpretation.  Not looking out for each other, or our beloved rockstars.  Think before you post, my dears.  But a good rule to follow is everything in moderation.  Yes, write your fanfiction, since it’s your creative outlet and it makes you happy!  But don’t go as far as sending it to the actual people.  (not sure if this happened, but I’ve heard from people it may have)  The vast majority of fanfic writers in this fandom (and this goes for everyone) are just trying to live their lives and have fun.  And let’s take a step back into perspective: would a world famous rockstar with millions of fans be bothered by one person who just happened to send them a fanfic?  Probably not.  I can say honestly that no one here has the intention of disrespecting our dear rockers.

So my suggestion to everyone, the OP and all blogs that were mentioned in the post to log out of tumblr for a bit.  Close your computer, turn off your phone or tablet, and stand up, stretch, take deep breaths, and realize that the internet is not everything.  It doesn’t have to rule your life if it hurts you or someone else.

Here’s a shoutout to the blogs who were targeted or ridiculed in that post:

Don’t worry.  What one person says about you is not necessarily true. Yes it was inconsiderate of them to single you guys out like that, and they didn’t think about how it could affect you.  But in the end, continue your blogging without fear or hesitation, but with heart. Use your heart and you will know what to post and what not to post.  But you are doing fine.  You matter.  Your creative, emotional, or humorous outlets matter, so don’t let people take you down for doing what you love.

Rock on, and stay fabulous, classic rockers


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Hi! This is omurice from AoA and I was wondering if you could recommend some/any SanSan fic! I'm trying to find some good canon writing and having little luck shifting through all the AU (Sandor is a rock star, Sansa is in witness protection and such is not my cup of tea). Character-study, slow-burn, etc that stuff is my fav! Thanks in advance!

Hey there!  My apologies for taking so long to respond, but I’ve taken the time to compile you a list of some canon(ish) SanSan fics. 

Listed below the cut as this became longer than I originally expected. :) 

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