i feel like this is the neverending story

World Book Day Tag

Thanks @melusthings for tagging me! (I know World book day is over, but is it? Is it ever really over? I don’t think so)

1. Who is your favorite author form you country/mothertongue?

Cornelia Funke! She’s one the the biggest influencers of my childhood. I also like books by Michael Ende, like The neverending story and Momo. When I was younger I also enjoyed reading books by Isabel Abedi, but I don’t know if I would still like them today.

2. Your favorite children’s book? (It’s hard, I know)

Can’t decide :P When i was younger my favourite books were: Die wilden Hühner by Cornelia Funke ;), The little Prince, books by Astrid Lindgren (esp. Madita), The little Witch by Otfried Preussler and In einem tiefen dunklen Wald by Paul Maar

3. A book that changed your life?

Ehhhh I’m gonna be uncreative and say Harry Potter. These books shaped my entire childhood and personality. Because of them I discoverd the joy of reading.

4. The best book you read this year?

I can’t decide between Uprooted, Sation Eleven and The queen of the tearling

5. The worst book you read this year?

Not really bad, but A court of thorns and roses was very exhausting to read, because the narrative voice was so annoying

6. Which book is totally overrated?

I think Cinder is overrated. The book was okay, but people are hyping the series a lot and the world and villain are, in my opinion, very one-dimensional

7. Randomly recommend a book. For whatever reason!

From the cutting room of barney kettle. This is the last book I finished and when I read the ending I cried. Also I’m disappointed that there isn’t a single post about this book on tumblr. not even one post

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I’ve been in a funk for all of 2017, mostly due to the neverending story of colds I had, but seeing all of the comments every page and seeing fanart really boosted my mood, so thank you guys for that :) 

Doing a webcomic can kind of be a lonely prospect, and I sometimes lose sight that I’m not producing work in a vaccuum.  I’ve been really enjoying working on the story for both Blindsprings and a new comic (maybe!) and I definitely feel like 2017 is going to be a much better year.

Can anyone explain this passage from The Neverending Story to me?

It runs like this:

“Falkor,” Atreyu asked, “do you suppose the Childlike Empress cares what becomes of Bastian?”

“Maybe not,” said Falkor. “She draws no distinctions.”

“Then,” said Atreyu, “she is really a …”

“Don’t say it,” Falkor broke in. “I know what you mean, but don’t say it.”

And I want to know what they’re talking about.  I’ve asked this question before and been told things like “Maybe we’re not supposed to know what they meant by that,” but I feel like there’s one really specific word or concept that must go there and I don’t know what it is.  And if I did know, it would make sense, but not knowing, it doesn’t.  And it’s been sort of lurking in the back of my mind making me think (but pretty futilely, because I can never come up with the answer to this riddle) ever since I first read the book as a teenager.

So does anyone know what was meant here?  Either the word, or the concept even?  Preferably a word, but even a concept would be better than nothing.

So my friend has been recommending this urban fantasy book to me that is now apparently mostly out of print, War for the Oaks, and it’s about a female musician living in Minneapolis in the 80s and interacting with fairies. I bought a copy sight unseen through Amazon last week, and last night I got home looking like this:

and the book had arrived, and I unwrapped it and kinda gasped cause this was the cover art:

2 spoopy

^^ me having futch Neverending Story feels.

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Okay so, this Winter Soldier fixit comic is up and running but we have one obvious problem. We reeeeeally can’t think of a title. So we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if you guys have any suggestions. If you do we’d love to hear it!

We want it to look as much like a professional comic as possible so the title will be a subtitle under Black Widow. Keeping it short is preferable.

If you come up with a brilliant title, even in part, you will get credit and a free printed copy of the comic when completed.


“Following the events of Widow Hunt, Natasha is taken off duty briefly to heal.  She knows she is missing memories, and an offhand comment tells her that it’s not events she’s missing, but a person.  Discontent with waiting, Natasha sets out the confront the architect of her lost memories and, ultimately, the loss itself.”

Oh and enjoy some crappy prep art I’ve been doing and a non spoilery storyboard.

crowsfan  asked:

The obvious plot hole in this whole "emma becomes the dark one" plot is that it can apparently be reversed by true loves kiss, as belle showed on rumple in skin deep, before he realised what she was doing and stopped her. So according to their own canon, this whole thing should be wrapped up in the first five minutes of next season. Just get Killian to lay one on her and problem solved. Have these people even watched their own show? Do they have amnesia? Wtf?

Hook hasn’t been officially confirmed to be TLK compatible with Emma (Why am I talking in Pacific Rim Jaeger terms?) but that’s fine because you know who def is? Henry! Hell. Anyone in her family should be able to give her a forehead kiss and wrap up this problem in about a minute and a half.

The S5 opener should go like this:

Charming: Gold! Emma’s become the Dark One. You have experience, help!

Gold:Well I’m still recovering from my magic-coma–sarcastic aside about them never visiting him in the hospital, aside to that aside about how it’s probably a good thing they never came because they just attract trouble–

Charming: Focus!

Gold: Right. Well, you have the dagger right?

Charming: Yeah.

Gold: So just call her.

Charming: Oh, right. Dark One, I summon thee.

*Emma poofs in wearing biker leather and shades because that’s her idea of tough*

Emma: ‘Sup nerds?

Charming: OK, she’s here. Now what?

Gold: Are you kidding me?

Charming: What?

Gold (Prompting): True love’s kiss…

Charming: Breaks any spell! Right. I knew that one.

*Gold rolls his eyes hugely. Charming forehead kisses Emma. True Love’s Tactical Rainbow Strike Care Bear Stare blasts through the hospital. Emma loses the pre-Vader Annakin pallor and regains her S1, bouncy princess curls.*

Gold (announcer voice): Charming. Emma. You just became the first two people to successfully break the Dark One’s curse. What are you going to do next? 

Emma: We’re going to Disney World!

And then the rest of the season is just working out the logistics of an extended family Disney World trip. Do we stay at Polynesian or Pop Century? ADR at Cinderella or Be Our Guest? WHICH FAST PASSES DO WE BOOK? The season culminates with a two hour Disney World finale which ends with Cinderella’s Castle on fire and at least one person in tears.

Call me ABC.