i feel like this is the greatest picture ever

URL CHANGE!!! pyrope-inc --> persephonaae

I changed this on my instagram too. Here’s what I wrote there:

After all this time, I changed my username. I’m really digging this one, and I hope you guys like it too. It’s a mashup of some of my current faves: Persephone and Christine Daae. 

It really was time for a change.  As much as I still think the character Terezi is cool, I’m not as much into homestuck as I once was. Though, I’d still love to grey up at some point and take some Terezi pictures again, I feel like she was honestly one of my greatest cosplays ever.

And he said… I’d rather lose my mind than lose you again, I tell the world I love you because there’s no room for confusion. I show your pictures off like you’re a piece of art, like you’re the greatest thing God created- The most beautiful picture your parents ever could’ve painted. I thank them. You’re the first girl to love me with hands gentle enough to touch my soul. And there’s something about the way your body feels against my warm skin when you’re cold.. & you’re always cold- but not the kind of cold that hurts to hold. The kind of cold that feels like second chances & December air. And even in the dead of Winter, you still smell like the warmest beaches, with traces of coconut & Summer in your hair. I never knew home to have dark brown eyes & a pulse but here you are & you’re the only place I ever want to go.
—  When you tell your poet girlfriend how you feel about her.

Imagine one year Kaneki didn’t really have money to get Hide a really nice gift, just something hand made.

They are at Hide’s place and they just finished cutting the cake Kaneki made and Kaneki hands him the gift.

It’s an album filled with photos of their time together. It’s filled with photos that they took together and also photos from school. Kaneki contacted old classmates and teachers (from as far back as grade school) to get pictures. And it’s the greatest present Hide has ever received. Kaneki thinks it’s no big deal and Hide throws himself Kaneki and hugs him tighly, thanking him.

Kaneki still feels like it’s not enough considering all Hide has done for him. And Kaneki tells Hide

“I wish I could have gotten you something better or at least another gift…” Confessed Kaneki, his eyes focused on his lap, not wanting to look at Hide. “What are talking about? I do have 2 presents!” Hide exclaimed, confusing Kaneki. “Huh?” Was all Kaneki manage to get out. Hide took the bow that was on the gift Kaneki has just given him and placed it on Kaneki’s head. “Your my present!” Flashing Kaneki a toothy grin. Hide’s action caused a blush to appear on Kaneki’s cheeks. “Dork,” Kaneki mumbled to himself but not without a smile decorating his face.


I feel like I have changed so much over the past year. I’ve been getting in better shape, I’ve been trying to figure out how I like my hair, but most of all I went from being lonely to having the greatest girlfriend ever (plenty of couple pictures else where) and as we get quite close to our one year anniversary I can’t help but noticed that with out her I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I love you Grace with all my being and here is to the rest of our lives together newpxrspective