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Lana Del Rey says Donald Trump helped shape her album ‘Lust For Life’ — and the world needs feminism more than ever.
The singer has returned to the world of music with her fourth studio album in five years.

By Jacqui Swift for The Sun (UK).

LANA DEL REY’s latest album glitters with an all-star cast.
On ‘Lust For Life,’ her most impressive album yet, Lana teams up with heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon and A$AP Rocky.

They are the first collaborations in her career so far, which spans five studio albums, including four in the past five years — an impressive work rate for the Los Angeles-based star.

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When picturing kakasaku, what do you take into account as potential roadblocks to their relationship (aside from their own problems)? There is a disproportionate amount of focus on the student-teacher thing instead of the fact that for most of the manga, Kakashi acts in the capacity of Sakura's commanding officer rather than her instructor, which I feel would be more relevant in-story. Now I'm wondering if shinobi nations adhere to any anti-fraternization rules like in the real world armies.

I think the student/teacher taboo as a societal thing doesn’t really have a canon basis, because there is a canon student/teacher couple already:

So you have Hayate and Yuugao who progressed from sensei-student to lover relationship. Of course their relationship is mostly from the anime. You also have, in the manga, Jiraiya telling Konan to come and find him when she turns eighteen, because she’s going to be a real beauty. Now I’m sure this wasn’t 100% serious, but it isn’t treated like he’s said something shocking. So that’s the concept of a former student becoming a lover being treated lightly.

I actually think, rather than a societal taboo, it would be more of a personal taboo for Kakashi, because of his own relationship to Minato. Not only is Minato essentially Purity and Goodness in physical form, but Minato was there for Kakashi at a very critical time in his life, when his father died; Minato continually tried to help Kakashi and always had Kakashi’s well-being, not just his utility, in mind. Minato was the best sensei he could be within the context of their fucked up society, and was trying to reform the society when he died. By the Five Kage Conference, I feel that Kakashi’s realized just how badly he fucked up as a teacher, for all three of them but especially Sakura, and when he compares himself to his own teacher, then he’s going to seem even lower by comparison. So I think it would be natural for him to think, “you piece of shit, you were such a shitty teacher to her, now you’re going to mix romance into this?! would Minato-sensei have ever sunk this low?!?!?!”

However, from Sakura’s POV, I don’t see this roadblock as very large. Even when she’s twelve, she never idolizes Kakashi. Right from the start of Shippuden, she’s not afraid to casually drag Kakashi when she tells Naruto to leave him alone “because he can’t help his face being that way.” She certainly doesn’t have Kakashi on a pedestal.

Contrast the way Sakura conducts herself in relationship to Tsunade. Now that is a mentor/student relationship with an enormous power gulf. Sakura does have Tsunade on a pedestal, admires her greatly, aspires to be like her, etc etc. Or, compare the way Sakura treats Kakashi to the way Yamato treats Kakashi. Again, Yamato has stars is in his eyes when he looks at Kakashi that Sakura just doesn’t have.

So to me, KakaSaku, if they are kept in character, really has very little potential for abuse of power or manipulation. Sakura is the opposite of groomed by Kakashi. On the contrary, she doesn’t have enough of a teacher-student relationship with him. That’s a failing on his part initially, but it paves the way for sexy times later on. All’s well that ends well I guess, lol.

Since the Konoha forces are so small, broad anti-fraternization policies don’t make logical sense; there simply aren’t enough potential romantic partners in Konoha. Specific policies such as no sex on missions would be more reasonable.

Anyway. Other potential roadblocks:

1. The age gap. Of course it’s a thing. Lots of digital ink has already been spilled on this so I’m gonna skip it.

2. This may come under “their own problems,” but: Trauma. A lot has been said about Kakashi’s probable PTSD and other issues, but for some reason, just because Sakura begins the story with realistic “minor” past trauma of being bullied and teased rather than being a massively traumatized orphan like Naruto and Sasuke, her suffering doesn’t get acknowledged by many people at all. I mean, holy shit, reread the Chuunin Exam arc and keep in mind that this girl is 13 tops? She’s barely been trained by Kakashi, she’s just seen her crush get bitten and cursed, both other members of her team are now unconscious, she’s in a forest full of monstrous creatures, and the “rules” of the exam permit murder. Then she’s attacked. She has to hold her own. She gets some help from friends, but she is literally at risk of death every single moment until she gets out of the forest.


I put that by itself and bolded it because for some reason a lot of people like to sneer at Sakura that she’s a whiner, a crybaby, doesn’t know “real” suffering. What the FUCK, is what I say to these people. I would like to see how hunky dory you feel after going through what Sakura goes through just as a genin. Yes Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi arguably have it worse, but so fucking what? It doesn’t invalidate her suffering! Why do people insist on playing misery poker? Trauma is not a game where only the person with the very worst past is allowed to “call” and receive sympathy as some kind of fucked-up jackpot.

And depending on where you depart from canon, Sakura has to go through a lot more trauma, right up through Sasuke putting her into a torture genjutsu where he murders her.

So without getting into who had it worse, they both have traumas to deal with. That’s going to provide both challenges and points of commonality.

3. Kakashi seems to me to be an introvert by nature, and Sakura an extrovert.

That’s it for now Anon, hope some of it was interesting.



We have made a collective decision to no longer take ‘Suggestions’/’Requests’-

I had changed the name from ‘Requests’ to ‘Suggestions’ a while ago hoping it would lessen the pressure of them and explained we simply wanted ideas. However, the idea didn’t catch on and people continued requesting things.

We get too much in our inbox and we can’t write them all, scenarios, reactions, etc…
Having the requests pile up is semi-stressful and writing them can feel like a chore or a job on occasion. We’d rather just use our own ideas now and write more passionately. [If there are times we’re feeling stuck we will ask for your help with generating ideas, etc…]

All things in the inbox shall be deleted and we ask that no one sends in any more requests.
You can still send in questions about the boys, the blog, or us, MTLs, and any anon fun or nice messages^^

Thank you~

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Hana Nochi Hare

(Honestly speaking, I only found out about the sequel like today…)

As a HUGE Hana Yori Dango fan, I’m pretty happy that there’s a spin-off sequel! The last time I updated this blog was like 2 years ago? And I’ll admit I’ve sort of neglected this blog (who are you kidding- you totally ignored this blog’s existence). Since it’s been 2 years, I don’t even know if there’s people still reading/following this blog so… 

Anyway! I just read the first 6 chapters of Hana Nochi Hare and it’s so far been awesome! 

Hana Nochi Hare

It’s a new series set 2 years after the F4 graduated from Eitoku Academy! 

The Concept

I like how there’s a new clique that rules the school after the F4 graduated. But I’m still not so sure about the name Correct 5. I guess it’ll have to grow onto me. Yoko Kamio’s artwork has really evolved from her Hana Yori Dango days and I feel that it shows a clear distinction from the 2 series.

Plus I feel that the story is more relevant to now (like the recession and all that).


I can definitely draw the parallels between the characters from Hana Yori Dango and Hana Nochi Hare.

It’s safe to say that the Correct 5 is the F4′s successor. But their aims are far from the same. I would say that The Correct 5 has a more worthy cause since their aim is to restore Eitoku’s former glory, rather than the F4′s (which is to just beat up people who pissed off Tsukasa). But one thing stayed the same: they kick people out of Eitoku (Lol). The infamous red-tag has now become a withdrawal notice hahaha!

Tsukushi and Oto have similar traits! Working at odd-jobs to make ends meet and they’re both dirt poor. 

I had a Sakurako vibe coming from Airi! You can tell that Airi is only in the Correct 5 because of Haruto. I have a feeling Airi will cause some sort of trouble for Oto hehe! 

Haruto…. he’s a lot different from Tsukasa, but if you ask me, this guy is hilarious! He literally treats Tsukasa like a god and has loads of pictures of him HHAHAHAHAHAHA But I like how he has noble intentions towards the school and it’s students (even though his methods are a bit extreme). It’s a nice twist for the leader to be scrawny (unlike Tsukasa) and having to fake his strength to scare people!

Arranged Marriage?!?

In Hana Yori Dango, Tsukasa was the one who was forced into an arranged marriage. However, in Hana Nochi Hare’s case, it’s the girl who’s been forced into the arrangement! I really like the twist here where she’s the one who’s off-limits! Will we get a Shigeru type of fiance from Oto? That’ll be really funny :-)

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If the terms 'biologically female' & 'genetically female' are considered outdated/offensive now, what's the correct term to refer to someone born with female sex organs when explaining trans experience to an uninitiated audience? I (perhaps erroneously) assumed the term 'assigned female at birth' also encompasses intersex and people with XY chromosomes that were raised female, so I want to avoid any confusion by using too broad a term. You seem well-versed in such language. Thanks for your time!

It’s generally best to be specific and avoid euphemisms. If you’re talking about people with vaginas, say “people with vaginas.” If you’re talking about people with XY chromosomes, say “people with XY chromosomes.”

Also, “assigned male/female at birth” doesn’t mean the same thing as “has a penis/vagina.” People’s bodies can vary depending on their medical history, and you can’t predict what a person’s body will look like now based on what their assigned gender was. If you’re talking about the way a person was raised, you’ll probably want to say “assigned male/female at birth”; if you’re talking about body parts, medicine or pregnancy, it’s usually more accurate to name the body parts that are relevant. (These terms also see use in intersex discussion, as you noted, but I don’t feel qualified to say as much about that topic.)

When I see trans issues discussed seriously, it’s more common for people to talk in terms of “assigned gender” rather than the organs people are born with. This makes sense, since “transgender” is defined as a gender identity different from the gender assigned to you at birth, not a gender identity that “doesn’t match” your genitals.

Phrases like “biologically male/female,” “genetically male/female,” and “male/female-bodied,” don’t really work. That’s because physical organs and DNA don’t have an inherent gender. A penis can be a female sex organ; a vagina and uterus can be male. (If it sounds strange, try reading about how sex organs develop in the womb; egg-producing anatomy and sperm-producing anatomy have more in common than you might expect.)

I can understand why you might be uncomfortable mentioning genitals directly in conversation. Many people are, and that’s fine. But if you’re trying to educate someone, then it’s better to say something awkward than to say something that’s inaccurate and possibly misgendering.

If you’re cisgender, be cautious about trying to explain trans issues—it’s great that you want to educate people, but it’s also very easy to screw up and say something harmful. Try to amplify the voices of trans people who speak about their experiences, and listen to them instead of positioning yourself as an authority. Research as much as you can before trying to inform other people, and accept criticism gracefully if you make an error.

If It Was You (2002)

If It Was You was born out of rebellion. Tegan and Sara were first discovered by talent scouts when they were 15 and in a band named Plunk, short for “light punk.” Their songs were scratchy and abrasive, meant to be played in dark rooms through tinny speakers. Once they signed a record deal, they were encouraged by their label to change over to acoustic guitar. The label’s reasoning was twofold: 1) the producer they were working with liked their voices and harmonies and wanted those to be highlighted and 2) because it was too expensive to take a full band on tour. The label didn’t want to lose out on their investment and the Quin sisters were too young and inexperienced to fight it.

Under Feet Like Ours and This Business Of Art are good albums but there’s a reason they rarely play songs from either one live: it must feel like a completely different lifetime to them. For the first few years of their career, they were pigeonholed into the folk scene; comparisons to Ani DeFranco were the norm. They were suffocated. “I felt like this whole acoustic guitar, singer/songwriter thing wasn’t fun,” Sara told Canadian Music Magazine. “We were listening to a lot of Cyndi Lauper and the Police and we were like, ‘We wanna bounce.’”

From the first seconds of “Time Running,” they sound revitalized. Tegan and Sara finally let loose, were finally able to rock out and, boy, does it sound good. They recruited John Collins of the New Pornographers and David Carswell to produce and those two were a driving force in getting the girls to change up their sound. “It would have sounded completely different with anyone else,” Tegan said. “They didn’t stop where they thought we should stop.” They encouraged them to try new things, to go back to their roots.

In the years between signing to a label and the release of IIWY, the Quin sisters had done a lot of growing up. They moved out of their mother’s house and to different cities on opposite sides of Canada. They learned how to live alone, learned how to become a person outside the shadow of each other. From Sara: “This album feels like it’ll take less time for us to grow out of. The album feels more relevant because we are in a period that isn’t changing so dramatically so fast. When you get out of high school, it’s like, 'Oh my god, change your hair change your clothes change your friends change your house change that.’ Whereas now I feel like we’re in a lull. It feels like we’re a little more confident about what we’re doing.”

If It Was You is the first essential Tegan and Sara album, the first that feels like it was created by two adults rather than two kids who were just hoping not to fall flat on their faces. It’s brash and sexy, not afraid to delve into ugly emotions or wallow in sadness and it feels just as vital and urgent now as it did when it was released.



I finally found the discipline to sit and edit them and get them posted. Not sure if they’re even relevant at this point, but the boys are still cute as heck. I’ve posted 350+ photos, and right now it’s just the breakfast and the J2 panel. Working on adding Misha and everyone else.

As usual, I am battling Creation’s sense of lighting, so they really aren’t that great. Most of them look pretty clean if resized down for edits/graphics rather than at the full uploaded resolution. Feel free to use if you’d like for graphics or whatever, just please give me a little credit link if you do and please DO NOT POST THESE ON FACEBOOK. People are rude and have sticky fingers over there.

I’ll be working on Chicon 2013 next. Hoping to have everything uploaded before VegasCon in March. 

Dear @taylorswift,

With only 19 days until the Sydney shows, I wanted to write to you. I’ve been putting this off for months because I’ve written and discarded a dozen drafts for either been too long for a tumblr post or just not in depth enough.

So I’ll prelude this by saying I’m skipping a fair bit because otherwise we’ll be here all night! With 9 years of personal history with your music, there’s so much that I want to say. So I’m going to write you a hand written letter that I’m hoping I can get to you on the night of Sydney’s 1989 show, which you can tuck away to read in your own time 😺

Right now I’m going to write to you about how the past 2 era’s have impacted me.

Red came out 3 days after my daughter, Mia, was born. It helped keep me awake for the long months of waking every few hours to feed her. I’d put my headphones in at 3am, listen to Red and play candy crush until she was ready to go back to sleep again. I’d listen to the songs about love and stare at her father while he slept next to me and think that my life was absolutely perfect.

Then just less than a year later it all came crashing down. My tumblr is most likely being monitored to bring up whatever dirt can be found so that I can continue to be dragged through family court over custody, so I won’t go into the messy details. But Dear John (while being a Speak Now track rather than Red), is darn accurate in describing the relationship. It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to listen to Dear John without breaking down into tears.

So suddenly all of the sad songs hit me like a train. Literally every single song was relevant to all of the emotions I was feeling. I remember lying on my bathroom floor in a pool of tears and suddenly finding a flicker of humour thinking “look at me, now I’m lying on the cold hard ground” all because I was thinking “I knew he was trouble. I knew it right from the start, why did I get myself into this? Oh look, another Taylor Swift song that accurately describes my life right now”.

It took a while but I would eventually be able to drive around in my car blaring “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with passion and confidence. I started playing Begin Again on repeat when I fell in love again.

But I didn’t spend enough time with just myself. I rushed into a relationship and I repeated many of the same mistakes that I’d made in the past. But thankfully I figured that out before it was too late.

When 1989 came out, I was finally focusing on myself and what was really important. Every time I was attacked whether it be verbally, emotionally, through solicitors or court proceedings, I could put on Shake it Off and feel a million times better. At 2 years old, it became Mia’s favourite song and we’d dance around the dining room or in the car with it on repeat (she used to get very upset when I’d try to change the song! 😹).

I wept the first time I listened to Clean. For the first month I would sing “12 months sober” instead of 10. I laughed when you sang “we show off our different scarlet letters, trust me mine is better” in New Romantics and would imagine sitting down with you and talking about past experiences and how they got us to where we are today.

But apart from the music, one of the biggest things that has helped me with my own personal growth has been seeing how you have grown in the last few years. It’s been inspiring to see you embracing single life, spending time building up your friendships and supporting other people in their endeavours. As I said earlier, I entered into another relationship too soon after breaking up with Mia’s father. It was wonderful for about a year before things went south and I started realising we weren’t a good fit. I was stubborn for quite a while because I didn’t want to be in another failed relationship. I’m a single mum and that already brings in enough stigma. I wanted to fight it out and hoped that things would change. But it wouldn’t. I was having too much personal growth and didn’t want to lose parts of myself that I had only just found again.

Seeing you happy and accepting that your past was the past and showing that its ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them helped me make the decision I really needed to make. I’m now embracing being single! That has never happened before. And I’m no longer seeking constant approval from anyone in living my life. I’m just living it. You have been and continue to be my role model in working hard to achieve success (I’m a full time psychology student and full time mum) and self made happiness.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for sharing your music with the world. I’ve had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

This post has become longer than I had anticipated but I still missed so much out haha. So I’ll finish by saying that I cannot wait to see you again in Sydney. I haven’t seen you live since The Fearless Tour 5 years ago. And I’m so excited to experience the 1989 tour in real life! I’ll be in section 115, row 44, seat 19!

So until then, please know how Incredibly grateful I am of you, you incredible, wonderful and kind person. I love you so much!




below the read more i have a lot to say about the finale, if you haven’t watched then do that and if you haven’t watched it and you’re on mobile then scroll fast, i’m going to spoil EVERYTHING

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So Robin Williams died… That’s tragic.

People seem to know him most for his comedy. I personally was always more impressed with his drama ability, which I feel like he never quite gets enough appreciation for. The guy really could deliver a powerful moment.

My family have decided we’re going to watch at least Jumanji this weekend. Perhaps some other movies, in honor of him.

It’s kind of alarming though. Like, demonstrative of time insistently moving on. Figures and characters that were always there; sometimes in the foreground and other times not, but they were still present, during my childhood. Steve Irwin, Micheal Jackson, and now Robin Williams. Just seems like they die so suddenly–with no warning.

The staples of my childhood are passing on. It really makes one realize how definite and relevant the march of time is. Reacquaints one with their limited mortality and the sheer temporal nature of our existence.

I suppose I’m rambling at this point. I’m know I’m rather affected by this, much like others. Just trying to externalize how it’s affecting me, as it’s a rather complex feeling.

In anycase, R.I.P. Robin Williams. one of the greatest cultural icons of our generation and even the last.

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I feel like this lie is going to be important when Felicity's father shows up. The stories feel intertwined more now than if this was just treated as a minor blip.


I think this will be an incredibly relevant issue between them when Felicity’s father comes on the scene, which backs up the theory that Felicity will find out about William much sooner rather than later. This, I think, is going to be key to Felicity understanding Oliver’s choices when her father comes back into her life.

She was abandoned by her father. Her father left her and her mother without a second look back, and not only was that devastating to her as a child, it went into defining many aspects of who she is as an adult, as a person, an individual, and who she is in a relationship.

If we look past all the ways Oliver handled this situation, at the base of it is this: Oliver didn’t abandon his son, even when Samantha basically asked him to. He didn’t know William existed, he had no idea, and when he found out, he wanted nothing more than to be there, be in his life, which is something Felicity’s father definitely did not do. Felicity’s father had it all and he gave it up. Oliver could have easily made that same decision because he missed so much of William’s life, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to be in his son’s life, he wanted his son in his life.

I do believe Oliver and Felicity will break up when she finds out about this, that Oliver lied to her, as well she should because it’s wrong. They will be walking on tension ropes for a majority of the second half of the season as a result, but this story line with her father will go towards her being more understanding about why Oliver made the choice he did make.

(This very well may open the door to what Barry told him about the “past” when he said Felicity and Oliver were arguing, assumedly because of Oliver’s kid, and this could let them talk about Felicity not being mad about Oliver having a son, but that he lied to her about it… all leading into a potential discussion about why, something I don’t think they’ll do in the heat of the moment/breakup.)

That doesn’t mean things will be fixed, not at all, but it’s a step (which is what the second half of the season will be: steps. They’ll have to rebuild the trust between them, and the relationship, and they will).

Long rant ahead, feel free to ignore

Ugh, it annoys me so much when some follower I’ve never even seen pop up on my dash (or any follower, really) reblogs something that I wrote and adds something like “If it weren’t for Sailor Moon I’d totally unfollow you” or “you’re lucky I want Sailor Moon stuff on my dash” or any other bullshit like that.

What the fuck do you want me to do? Apologize? Agree, because ugh, I’m just such a fucking bitch for wanting to write about things I’m passionate about or feel strongly towards on my blog? Promise that I’ll cater my blog to meet your blogging requirements? Or are you just attention whoring?

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my followers and I’m very thankful that you’re here, but I’ve got so many now (nearly 11,000) that a lot of you don’t actually think of me as a person, just a machine or something that spits out Sailor Moon content and funny reblogs. And as much as I love the influx of new people that Sailor Moon Crystal has given me, it’s also brought in people who don’t really know what I’m about and so get indignant when I don’t live up to their expectations.

I want to make it clear that I’m not doing this for any of you, I’m doing this for ME. I love being creative and making and writing things for Sailor Moon, and I love sharing them and having people appreciate them, but in the end I do it because it’s fun and makes me happy, not because it will get notes. And I’m really passionate about certain things and some things really piss me off, and I’m not going to be silent about them just because some people demand/expect Sailor Moon stuff from me all the time. 

If you’d rather have a blog that just posts Sailor Moon stuff all the time and nothing else, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs like that, and they’re all definitely worth a look. But I’m not content with being “just” a Sailor Moon blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I want this blog to have me in it, too. And if you’re not okay with that, I’d honestly rather have you leave now than waiting until I do or say something that pisses you off and you feel the need to insult me.

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Can you do a track comparison for both Libertines albums. Like say which track you like better and why, for example: compare vertigo/can't stand me now, death on the stairs/last post on the bugle, horror show/don't be shy etc ... for the extra tracks on 'The Libertines' maybe substitute in some other songs like The Delaney???

Sure I’ll give it a go. I’m not sure it’ll be very good though. 

So Vertigo & Can’t Stand Me Now - Definitely the hardest. I love Vertigo, it oozes pure Arcadia. The way they almost fight for attention singing over each other just sums them up so well. It’s so high energy too. What a way to open an album especially your debut and following What A Waster/I Get Along. Can’t Stand Me Now though is heartbreaking and a true anthem. Not only does it make it easy to fall in love with them with catchy choruses but it’s also kinda shocking hearing the two singing it to each other. Also Peter’s voice so dry and damaged and Carl’s so obviously upset is kinda harrowing. Cracking start to an album. I have to say I prefer Vertigo but Can’t Stand Me Now is a song close to my heart. 

Death On The Stairs & Last Post On The Bugle - Death On The Stairs is simply a classic. Should’ve been a single really. It’s so incredibly libertines turning these dark dark lyrics and long lost loves into something so beautiful. Last Post On The Bugle is a great song, with Carl’s simple but amazing guitar part so typically him. He seems to stick to one string a lot. People see it as a fun poppy song but it always makes me cry. Especially when Peter’s vocals come back in with the whole ‘inside I felt so so alone…’. It’s quite an unappreciated song I always think. I have to say I prefer Death On The Stairs though. It really stands the test of time with Carlos still playing it now. 

Horror Show & Don’t Be Shy - Two incredibly all over the place songs for Pete and Carl. It shows how John and Gary really keep it together. They both have some fucking amazing lyrics which never seem to be quoted oddly. Don’t Be Shy has an excellent little Carl doing a Peter impression it seems haha. I think you can feel a certain loss of energy in Don’t Be Shy compared to Horror Show which is pretty indicative of the whole album. Horror Show is my favourite out of the two. Far more mumbly but better lyrics I think and fuck me is it a good one to dance to. That’s what gets you drenched in sweat and blood. 

Time For Heroes & The Man Who Would Be King - Well Time For Heroes just has ridiculously good lyrics. Full to the brim with references as all their songs (especially first album) are. Carlos’ classic show stopping solo really rounding it off as the song that represented a generation. The Man Who Would Be King is a fantastic follow on from Tell The King (the greatest song of all time so a hard one to follow). Flaunting their knowledge of literature so much the most ill informed of us would bow to their intelligence. I’m just sad they cut the ‘I’m into Liberty and verse (no you’re not)’ bit. Mick Jone’s piano is fucking great on it too. Really changes it. I guess Time For Heroes is better but I’m listening to The Man Who Would be King so it’s kinda hard saying that. 

Boys In The Band & Music When The Lights Go Out - Wow does Boys In The Band transform from the demo of Peter singing it. It’s definitely better with Carl. It’s messy and angry and somehow also tight with sweet harmonies. Music When The Lights Go Out is a song like none other I can’t think of. The subject matter explains this feeling and situation I’ve never heard talked about before. Well not from that perspective. Put into such beautiful clever relevant metaphor too. It manages to keep it’s sweetness with a full band playing on it which is incredible. The fact that they put it on the second album rather than the first made it transform into something far greater than what it started out as too. Music When The Lights Go Out  has got to be the better one in the eyes of anyone who’s ever experienced that.  

Radio America & Narcissist - Now loads of people say they don’t like Radio America which sorta bemuses me. I think it’s because it’s not as much in the same vain as the rest of the songs on the album. It’s a fucking great song and put in such a good place in the album bringing your heart beat down before the start of Up The Bracket. Narcissist is such a Carlos rude boy song it hurts. Annoyingly Carlos basically is Dorian Gray and Peter appears to be the picture… Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn.  Uhh Narcissist is probably better. Yeah, yeah it is. 

Up The Bracket & The Ha Ha Wall - You can see why they named the album after it… Hancock reference which invites imagery of fighting and snorting. It’s just so Libertines. The Ha Ha Wall despite being one of the first songs they wrote together is kinda a template in terms of the rest of the album. I gotta pick The Ha Ha Wall. Mostly because I can relate to it so well. It’s less of a like story than Up The Bracket. 

Tell The King & Arbeit Macht Frei - I could talk all day about Tell The King. So I won’t really write anything about it because I find it hard to stop. It’s just perfect. In every way. Everything a song should be. If you want me to say more I’ll do a separate like, review or whatever I’m doing now. Arbeit Macht Frei is way better written than people seem to ever say. It invokes real imagery whilst being a social comment. 

The Boy Looked At Johnny & Campaign Of Hate - The Boy Looked At Johnny is possibly my least favourite song on the album. Like it took the worst part of The Delaney and put it to a worse song. It is still an amazing song though. I don’t mean to be talking it down so much.  Campaign of Hate is my favourite out of the two. There’s a line in it that me and my brother used to debate about like 7 years ago: ‘I tried it with Charlene and I spend 3 days on my back’ which Philip took to mean she punched him but I think it means they fucked right? I mean ‘she said baby, I like the cut of your J I B’. I think it’s obvious. 

Begging & What Katie Did - Listen to Peter’s voice on it. Like listen really closely. It’s really low but like kinda sweet. Carl’s is just very Carlesque. I can’t really explain it but it’s like this voice he does I don’t know. Also his anger comes through in a very strong way. More so than in any of the previous tracks. What Katie Did is a song of such nice metaphor for heroin. Like it can mean so much more to none heroin users and is really the essence of their Arcadian romanticism. I hope on the new Libertines album there will be a What Katie Did At School.

The Good Old Days & Tomblands - The Good Old Days, what can I say. The first song they wrote together. How could you do something that good first time? ‘If you’ve lost your faith in love and music then the end won’t be long’ how can someone think of that? It’s outstanding. I do wonder who wrote A list of things we said we’d do tomorrow’ every day of my life. I’ll tell you now, I think it’s the better song. Tomblands; the most piratey song Carl had written at that point (before Glory Days and The Gentry Cove of course) he’s doing his little rude boy thing again which is just fantastic. It’s a song that creates incredible pictures in my mind. By far his greatest Pirate song. A+ mumbling in it too. People often say they don’t like how from this point on in the album the songs all mix together and it just sounds like a gig but I love that about it. They did play all the bits live and it shows how they’re kinda connected musically. 

I Get Along & The Saga - I Get Along is often remembered for being fast and angry and chaotic and ‘fuck ‘em’ but really there is so much more lyrically. I Get Along and What A Waster were both written about by Peter and Carlos together about each of them respectively. I Get Along holds out a surprisingly amount of hope and virility. Far less of a ‘mournful ballad’. Now The Saga is written by Peter (and Wolfeman) about his own drug problem and is for me where the album gets truly scary and dark and is far more upsetting than Can’t Stand Me Now. For anyone who’s felt in that same place the lyric describes it’s far more brutal. I Get Along has to be better if for nothing the hope and defiance it brings.  

The Delaney & Road To Ruin - The Delaney is almost a mix of all Libertines songs as far as lyrical themes are concerned. Although maybe slightly happier. It’s incredibly descriptive like the songs on Up The Bracket such as Tell The King. Road To Ruin, Carl’s song about Peter’s drug problem, shows how Carl is feeling truly about Peter’s life and hangers on and such but disguises it inside off beats and and fun. It’s still there though ‘cause I’m so sick of it all’. 

Plan A & What Became Of The Likely Lads - Plan A, one of my favourite Libs songs, could almost be a piece of musical theatre really creating an atmosphere which reflects the words and sentiment so much. Tragic lines of Peter’s despair feeling that Carl’s leaving him. It’s the closest you see the Libertines come to apocalyptic: ‘I don’t need no human race’. The closest you see Peter come to a Carlesque depression. What Became Of The Likely Lads almost feels like Carl blaming Peter for what’s happened. Almost like an attack. ‘What Became Of Forever?’ ‘Well Fuck Forever’.

Dilly Boys & France - Dilly Boys; well if you didn’t believe the rumours they were on the game… Fucking sweet song. ‘She: that’s Carlos’ really applies here I think. It’s fun. It’s a fucking fun song. The most fun of all The Libertines songs. If you have a different drunk song you’re wrong. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Carlos Barat with his self penned contemporary ballad, the classic: France. Peter’s favourite song of Carl’s and you can see why. It’s a real real love song. A song of love and loss and you can hear Carlos breathing which is just fantastic. Isn’t Pigman’s guitar on it amazing too? The best he’s ever played in fact. It’s just an all round perfect song. The album version is certainly the best one too. 

Yeah so there you go. I hope that was okay. It’s pretty long… Possibly too long. I doubt anyone will read it all. But yeah. I just listened to each song and wrote about it during. Hope you enjoyed it if you did read it all xx