i feel like this is me compensating for not posting a video of my face every night

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  1. Ice Cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt?? Favorite flavor?

Mmmm Gelato, but specifically Gelato from that one Gelato chain in New York the name of which escapes me. I think they opened one in LA actually and I’ve been sleepin’ on going again, I had it when i was staying in NY, freaking best ever we went there every night till I left

2) What do you do on your “down days”?

Do you mean days in which i have down time or days that I am depressed. The answer is the same so it doesnt matter much lol, when I have down time or when i’m upset I always start making something. I write or draw or stream or edit or record or organize projects until I feel better. My philosophy is, if I am incapable of joy for myself then I shall make joy for others until I can enjoy it too.

3) Stomach, back, or side sleeper?


4) What was the last thing you watched on youtube?

A slow mo guys video on Newtonian Fluid (i’ve seen it before I was just playing it for noise while I ate dinner)

5) Which fictional character would you want to be stranded on an island with?

Probably Face from the A-Team. That dudes entire character purpose was getting anything anywhere no matter what they were doing, he was the guy who could get stuff. I’m almost positive there was an episode where he rolled up with a generator on an abandoned island covered in soot demanding he be compensated with booze and money. 

6) Whats your favorite way of treating yourself on a budget?

I make myself a new playlist of music I haven’t heard before and go on a walk to listen to it <3

7) If you could finish one thing today what would it be?

This chapter update of The Monster in the Room. Needs to be done

8) Name one video game you will always come back to.

Stardew Valley probably, that shit has a gravitational pull man i can’t get away

9) What was your archetype in school? Were you the popular kid? The funny one? The Naruto-runs-down-the-hallways type?

This would probably be better answered by someone I went to Highschool with, though anyone I could ask now would probably say “The Dork” lol. But uh, self labeled I think I was the funny one. That might just be because I find myself damn hilarious though. I’d never say I was the popular one, a lot of people knew who I was but that doesnt mean they liked me lol

10) How often do you change your blog theme?

The theme itself? Never, thats the way it is man I aien’t fudgin with it. I only edit the side bar links and what not from time to time

11) Post a selfie or a picture of your pet. Or both!

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Your Questions are

1) If you could have any pet, real or otherwise, what would it be and what would you name it?

2) You now have the superpower to complete one menial task/chore with a snap of your fingers, which chore would you want it to be? (Ex: Dishes, laundry, grocery shopping ((you still have to pay its just deducted instantly)), other)

3) You can now slide into any job you want, which job are you going to pick?

4) Would you rather deal with extreme heat or snow and sleet?

5) Whats your favorite aspect of your personality?

6) What is your fallback food when eating at a new place?

7) Are you a “Have a million friends” kind of person, a few close friends kind of person, or a lone wolf?

8) You’ve gotta go toe to toe with a mythical creature. You’ll survive (probably) but it’s gonna be close. What creature do you want it to be to look as badass as possible?

9) What is the number on culture you wish you knew more about?

10) Do you prefer to do hard annoying things yourself to avoid spending money, or are you of the mind that you work hard to have money so you dont have to do stuff like that (a good example is paying Movers when changing houses)

11) You can have one make believe weapon (Keyblade, Master Sword, Lightsaber, Excalibur, etc.) what do you wield?