i feel like this is how jaime got by at parties

Marriage of Convenience?

Okay so I tried to organize my thoughts here, and I’m not sure I succeeded, but whatever this is all @jonsasnow‘s fault anyway (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU GIRL)

There’s been some worry that Jon and Sansa will only get together at the very, very end of the story and it will be purely political just like Ned/Cat. I know this because I was one of the people worrying lol. While the Ned/Cat parallels were first taken as little blessings for our ship, they’ve now become so frequent that, coupled with the horrendous leaks, it’s understandable for people to fear “that other pairing” is gonna be the big romance and Jon will just “settle” for Sansa in the end out of duty.

I’m actually much less convinced this will happen and it’s mostly because of that glorious episode: “Stormborn”.

I’m gonna address the Ned/Cat parallels as a whole first since these seem to be starting to make people more nervous rather than confident. Yes, the Ned/Cat parallels are strong, bordering on ridiculous, and yes Ned/Cat started off as a political marriage with no love between them. BUT the thing to remember here is that Jon/Sansa are paralleling Ned/Cat POST MARRIAGE. They’re paralleling an established married couple that is in love. Does that make Jonsa romantic at this point? No. But it shows the love, trust and respect between them. And that’s important in any romance that’s built to last. Jon and Sansa have already made great headway in establishing love, trust and respect between them, something that probably took Ned and Cat years. Jon and Sansa are already there.

But is Ned/Cat really the only couple this ship is being paralleled with? NOT ANYMORE.

“Stormborn” gave Jonsa another glorious parallel with another glorious ship, one of the most popular ships in the series that has been sailing strong for years: Jaime/Brienne. Those little waves were the SAME FREAKING WAVES Jaime and Brienne gave each other when she had to leave Riverrun on a boat last season and he looked on from the battlements. (I think someone mentioned these two episodes were even directed by the same guy and WOW is that just epic levels of coincidence or does this guy really know his shit when it comes to awkward waves that conceal SO MANY EMOTIONS???) I think Jonsa has now gotten a very good parallel to another established ship in the series, another ship with the two people ~ feeling things ~ for each other that they know they shouldn’t feel, feelings that are problematic, feelings that conflict with the roles they’re supposed to play in each other’s lives

And then, there’s the crypt scene. Gods bless this scene. All hail this scene…..*sighs dreamily*

So LF comes down to get a reading on Jon or to get into his good graces or whatever and Jon keeps his cool throughout the whole thing UNTIL the moment LF says he loves Sansa….AS HE LOVED HER MOTHER aka ROMANTICALLY aka aka SEXUALLY. And THAT is the moment Jon loses all semblance of chill. He chokes the creep for like 20 seconds?? More? He tells LF not to “touch” Sansa or he’ll straight up murder him. He didn’t say not to “hurt” or “harm” (or “talk to” since there was some confusion about that), he said “touch” which is the same word he used when promising Sansa he would defeat Ramsay, the guy who touched Sansa in the worst possible way.

Why was this scene important? Jon makes the threat and then LEAVES WF, thereby making it a pretty empty threat. Clearly if LF tries anything Jon won’t really be able to kill him because he won’t even be around. But Jon made the threat and the writers wanted us to see it. Even though they have only a handful of episodes left, even though the threat won’t come to fruition, the writers WANTED US TO SEE THIS. Why? Why bother wasting screen time on an empty threat that doesn’t affect the plot? UNLESS IT DOES. My guess is the writers want us to remember how Jon reacts (i.e. goes COMPLETELY BATSHIT CRAZY) when someone makes sexual advances/threats at Sansa. Canonically, that is the only thing to make Jon lose his cool completely (Ramsay says he wants Sansa back in his bed> Jon near beats him to death; LF admits having the sexy love for Sansa> Jon chokes him). Jon is displaying signs of a guy who doesn’t yet know/acknowledge just how deeply, or on what level, he feels for a woman in his life.

Jon might not fully realize the depth of his feelings yet, but someone else certainly seems to have gotten a clue. Perhaps the most important part of this scene was when we see the clear confusion/slow realization on LF’s face. And that realization is that there’s more than just sibling love between Jon and Sansa.

And as if all this isn’t enough, there is one more ship that Jonsa parallels within this same episode (THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD TO US YOU GUYS I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE OUR LUCK): Greyworm and Missandei. Yet another well-established, well-loved ship that has been sailing strong for years. GW is leaving on a dangerous mission, possibly not coming back, but he couldn’t say goodbye to Missandei because she’s his weakness. In the same episode, we have Jon leaving on a dangerous mission, possibly not coming back and he actually doesn’t say goodbye to Sansa. Sure, we can’t really call it the same thing, because GW and Missandei have been aware of their feelings forever and Jon and Sansa truly aren’t aware of it at this point. But is it really so different? Is it really so far-fetched to assume that Jon couldn’t say goodbye for the same reason as GW? To assume that Sansa is his weakness? I think if there’s one thing we can take away from that GLORIOUS crypt scene it’s that if you want to get under Jon’s skin all you have to do is mention Sansa in a non G-rated context and BOOM you’ve successfully made the top of Jon Snow’s kill list, congratulations and good luck to you, sir. But what does that tell us? If GW says it with words, Jon Snow shows it with actions. Sansa Stark is 100% Jon’s weakness.

So what have we learned?

1)      Jon and Sansa have established a level of love, trust and respect that we have seen present in Ned/Cat’s relationship.

2)      Jon and Sansa seem to be beginning to have problematic feelings for each other that conflict with the roles they’re supposed to fill in each other’s lives, just like Jaime/Brienne.

3)      There’s more than just sibling love between them (and LF knows it)

4)      Sansa is Jon’s weakness.

There are simply too many romantic tropes being used for these two for it to end up purely being a marriage of convenience like Ned and Cat. (So far we’ve got 1) A bond built on mutual trust and respect 2) forbidden love 3) third party noticing something’s “not quite right” between them and 4) being each other’s weakness) They’ve already started down the path of Romance Tropes Galore, and there’s no need for any romance tropes if you’re going to put two characters together just for political reasons. There’s already more than sibling love between them at the beginning of s7. I believe it will grow to even more by s8 when they reunite and I have faith it will be much much more than that before anyone suggests they marry. Sooner or later these idiots will realize what it is they’re feeling for each other. The good news is we’re nearing the end of this show so it’s only a matter of time.

Have faith guys! Jon and Sansa WILL get married for political reasons but it’ll be perfect cuz they’ll already be in love!! Now that’s what I call a marriage of convenience! *throws confetti*

robb stark: can’t help falling in love

ANON REQUESTED: Hiiiii!!! I was wondering if you could do a robb stark imagine where the reader is cersei’s daughter and Jaime is very protective of her and they go riding in the woods when at Winterfell and Jaime and the reader get separated and she is attacked and Robb saves her and cersei yells at Jaime for letting her daughter fall in love with Robb and not saving her

note: im warning yall this is kinda long like 1.5k words long of dialogue bc i got carried away af but anyway i hope u like it (◡‿◡✿)

When you arrived in Winterfell, you immediately smiled at the coldness and all the open space there is. The people were welcoming and they treated you amazing. You walked through Winterfell, through the towers and through the yard.

“Don’t go far,” your mother Cersei said as she tighten the fur around her. She wasn’t really fond of Winterfell and she made that clear. “You don’t know what lurks in this cold place.”

You went back to the plaza and you saw your Uncle mounted and clad in thin armor. He was with his men, and is also with some Stark men. You patted your Uncle’s horse and Jaime just shook his head.

“Going off, Uncle?” you ask as you looked at the hounds and horses.

“Hunting, riding,” he said as he adjusted himself on his horse. “Making the most of the North.”

The horse nuzzled into your palm, and you scratch its head. You flashed a smile to his company and you grinned at your Uncle but he shook his head again at you.

“Uncle Jaime, please!” You really wanted to do something, and riding maybe is the most exciting thing there is.

“Your mother, the Queen,” he said as he emphasized Cersei, “Will get angry, you know how she is.”

“I promise! I’ll be close to you,” you begged him, and the men are smiling at you.

“The woods aren’t meant for a lady,” Theon said as his horse rounded up his party. “Or even a princess.”

You sighed and you looked at the stables, and you saw a stable boy watching the exchanged. You waited for him to acknowledge you, and when he did he bowed and you smiled. “Bring me a horse, ser.”

“Won’t the Queen be furious?” Robb asked your Uncle Jaime and he looked at you.

“My mother, the Queen will be furious, yes.” You said as the boy appeared next to you with a strong horse, and he helped you mount it. “I want to ride and not be stuck in this castle for the week, my lord.”

“Ride close to me,” Jaime said as his horse moved closer to yours, “If you get lost, like back home…”

You laughed at your Uncle and you looked at the amused Northmen, “King’s Landing is huge and crowded. But Uncle, I will not be lost.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever think that Martin shames Sansa for her pride? sometimes I feel like her whole storyline is one big exercise in tearing down her pride, and, therefore "redeeming" her for her actions in AGOT. why a woman being more tolerable/likable often begins with denying them a range of complex human emotions? Especially when they are feminine. I literally don’t think women who are proud, confident or angry need to be humbled. I think the same problem goes for Catelyn and Cersei.

Hi! You raise an interesting question.

Do you ever think that Martin shames Sansa for her pride? sometimes I feel like her whole storyline is one big exercise in tearing down her pride, and, therefore “redeeming” her for her actions in AGOT.

I’m going to say that yes, it did cross my mind, especially after reading the waterstones letter. Excuse me if I go on a small tangent here, but I think there is a problem with how Sansa’s character is presented in AGOT. 

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So I just stumbled upon the umpteenth post on incest, and decided to clarify in the simplest way possible once and for all:

1. Why is incest considered morally wrong

2. Why is incest to be avoided

To answer 1., I need to specify two things: why is incest considered morally wrong here and now, meaning, in our society and in our times. Because if you look back in time you’ll find mutliple examples of incest which was totally fine with everyone:

  • The ever so mentioned Middle-ages noble European dinasties, who frequently married between cousins, uncle and nieces, aunt and nephews
  • A number of the members of the Ptolemaic dinasty, last but not least the famous Queen Cleopatra who was supposed so hook up with her half-brother
  • Deities in mythology. In particular in the Greek-Roman mythology, pretty much all deities are related and all want to hook up. Oh and Japanese mythology. Quite possibly other mythologies I don’t remember.
  • Cain and Abel both wanted to marry their sister. In fact, it is said Cain killed Abel precisely over this. Then Abraham, and others, who married nieces.

This clarifies that a mindset on incest varies depending on where and when we were born. As such, statements such as “You don’t disapprove incest!!” are much like “You are pro/versus abortion!!”: At the end of the day, they depend of one’s personal views and education.

Moreover, going over Wikipedia you’ll find that:

  • Most countries in the world allow cousin marriage
  • A number of countries allow uncle-niece, aunt-nephew - the first one is much more common though - incest, there’s wasn’t a graphic on this, it was just me reading the entire Wikipedia page, you’re free not to trust my memory and read it yourself.
  • What is widely not allowed is incest in direct line, which is incest between direct descendants and ancestors, meaning parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and so on - for Westeros examples, we have Craster and his daughter-wives, which was made even worse by the fact that he was an abuser and condamned his sons to become popsicles. Incest between siblings is also widely illegal today, from the relationship itself being a punishable offense, to the sole marriage being illegal. But it’s not illegal everywhere.
  • The definition of incest according to law varies much from country to country: in some countries it’s up to third cousins, in others it considers only direct descendants. This too proves how the mindset varies even more and that you may or may not find people who consider it a taboo.
  • In many countries where incest, however defined, is illegal, a permission can be asked to marry a close relative - for example in Italy you can turn to a tribunal to obtain permission to marry your aunt/nephew.
  • Macro-Religions like Catholicism, Hebraism, Hinduism and Islam ban incest. But if you look it up, religions like Catholicism and Islam often granted and grant concessions to marry close relatives - though never in direct line. And then maybe used that same excuse to annul marriages - see Henry VIII of England and his first wife. Not to mention how reading the Ancient Testament you’ll find so many examples of incest to make you think that religion simply cared or cared not based simply on what was convenient at the moment.

But this is just a list to exhibit that the where and when of my first question do change the answer. This is a concept called “cultural relativism” in anthropology, which means exactly what you think it would: “our ideas and conceptions are true only so far as our civilization goes.” . And our civilization comprehend our society, our family, our education, our country, out history…

So let’s talk here and now, which would be today in a average western country: why is incest considered morally wrong?

The answer lies in psychology and anthropology. The so called Westermark effect explains that children who grow up together develop a reverse sexual imprinting, which means that as grown-ups, they tend not to feel sexual attraction towards each other, whether or not they are actually blood-related. This explains why you don’t often see adoptive siblings getting married, because they develop a sense of vicinity that excludes sexual attraction and eros and so on. And in it lies also why we as individuals mostly feel incest as “icky”: because psychology says that in most cases we don’t want to hook up with our siblings. I don’t want to hook up with any relative of mine. I’m ready to bet half of you wouldn’t as well. Then again exceptions exist, both here and in Westeros, Lannister kids or not.

So this is why some people feel icky about Jaime and Cersei, Jon and Daenerys: because we don’t want the same for us. Personally, I’d have no problems with Cersei and Jaime either, if not for the fact that’s she’s kinda the incarnation of evil and all that follows, because I couldn’t care less about what others do, as long as they don’t hurt each other or a third party - which Jaime and Cersei sadly do.

But keep this in mind: the Westermark effect doesn’t apply to Jon and Daenerys: they did not grow up as siblings or cousin or even remote relatives. The effect doesn’t work on amount of DNA shared - let alone they couldn’t even know about that in Westeros -, but on having grown up together as family. This is why, even if we teleported Jon in our time and society, he’d have a harder time hooking up with either Arya or Sansa, because despite them sharing less DNA than with Daenerys, they share a sense of “family” that tends to exclude any sexual attraction.

In statistics terms, it’s huge bad luck that out of all the people in the world you fall in love with your nephew/aunt, but the point of my explanation is that they fell in love precisely because they don’t know.

And also maybe because of the so called “Genetic Sexual Attraction”, look it up.

And also because they’re both good-looking.

And also because they have similar characters and goals and a steady will to help people.

What else?

Oh yeah, maybe, just maybe, because they’re the fricking song of Ice and Fire and the center of the whole saga - blame Martin not me.

Proceeding to number 2: why is incest to be avoided?

Having already discuss the moral reasonable let’s move on to the scientific ones, specifically, genetics: simply put, because inbreeding genetic disorders. One example? Dwarfism. In a realistic world, which Westeros is not, Tyrion’s dwarfism can be blamed on his parents being first cousins. Other examples are albinism, fused limbs, microcephaly, misshapen skull, and so on. There’s a small island close to Sardinia where all the inhabitants have terrible eyesight, because they are descendants of a small group of people with bad eyesight and kept marrying between each other over years. In the Brazilian village of Araras the same happened, with the difference that here the inhabitants developed a terrible condition that doesn’t allow them to stay in the sun. Examples are endless.

Analyzing a Targaryen family tree, which again savvy people on Reddit did, you’d notice that clearly our world’s genetics doesn’t apply to the Dragon Lords, because if it did, most of the members would be severely malformed and probably wouldn’t live long, instead of being the super-human beauties that they are. Leave out Jon and Daenerys, because all their ancestors wouldn’t have lived to begin with. For this reason we can infer that a child between him and her shouldn’t have particular problems, so the genetics argument doesn’t apply here either. And the genetics argument is the only completely impartial and objective counterargument that can be used against incest in our world: all the others are subject to cultural relativism. I hear a lot people stating that Westeros isn’t the real world and as such we shouldn’t apply our views on it, but they use this argument incorrectly, because they refer to simply liking it or not, when the science itself is different - in a world where winters last for years - and so, to make an hyperbole, you might as well try to apply our science to an alien.

I wrote this as a clarification for people who mindlessly apply standards that don’t belong and notice that in all of this I never said “it’s a fictional story, you can do as you like”, bevause there’s no need to come to that.

The argument “you ship Jon and Dany, therefore you support incest” is the stupidest thing on Earth because it all depends on how you define incest, then cultural relativism says you may approve of it or not and no-one can give you shit for it, but most importantly, the Westermark effect assures you that shipping relatives doesn’t imply you’re shipping yourself with a relative.

It took all of this to simply state: you may, actually, ship whoever you want. An argument that was initiated by Jaime ages ago: “We don’t get to choose who we love.”

game of thrones is so advanced, like, there’s nothing this series doesn’t just fuckin slaughter.
strong female leads who are conventionally attractive and love flowers and parties and romance, but are sharp and smart and strong, and then others who are butchy and boyish and like fighting and wearing armor—all of them face challenges and have personalities that can’t be watered down to simple themes and serve a purpose in the plot
POC portrayed in various roles; princes, slaves, translators, “richest man in Qarth” 🙄, pirates, soldiers, doctors, swordsman, etc.
The struggle of immigrants comes through again and again with Varys and Shae and Ygritte. Born on the wrong side of the wall. I’ve completely gotten rid of my accent. Never speak about my father again. I’m just a whore, remember? They came into our land and put up a wall and started killing us for trying to get past it.
Ableism? Not even a concept. Not even a THOUGHT. Tyrion is a dwarf. He isn’t proud of it, but he isn’t ashamed of it. It’s who he is, and he has learned to accept that his legs will ache and he cannot fight like Jaime and he is deformed in many ways that leave him undesirable. But he is the most genius man in Westeros, in my opinion, and he is also one of the most caring. Jaime loses a hand and learns to keep fighting. Bran is paraplegic and is one of the most important characters in the goddamn series because he’s the Mother Fucking Three-Eyed Raven
Give me those goddamn QUEERS!!!!! The dornish prince is the angriest bisexual I’ve ever seen. Renly was so gay he was on fire (haha) and Loras was just. He was perfect. He’s the knight of fucking FLOWERS for christs sake he’s GAY!!!!! And the jokes about them are so funny, and not taken in a bad way? Don’t put homophobia in my good braavosi suburbs.
And they all DEVELOP. They do not stay the same, or change suddenly without warning. Sansa has to come to terms with reality several times and change accordingly—in the show, it becomes apparent when she lies for Petyr that she realizes she needs him on her side, and that she can’t trust anyone else in the room. Arya LITERALLY becomes a different person, but not just through adversity, through following her heart and staying true to herself. But the best, in my opinion, is Sandor Clegane, the Hound.
I love the Hound because he is easily one of the most bloody characters in Game of Thrones, and people are on the fence about him. Most either don’t know how they feel or they hate him. I LOVE Sandor. The most concrete point of character development is when he saves Sansa, but that’s not where I started to love him. I started to love him when Loras fought Gregor during the King’s Tourney in book one. Everyone was talking about Gregor, how they love him, how they fear him, what a great warrior he is, how his allegiance to the Lannisters is so noble and so wise and so great for their house! But all Sandor hears is that fire crackling in his ears, and he feels it in his gut, too, because he’s angry, and he can feel Sansa staring at him. He doesn’t like it, because he feels see-through. All those emotions are plain on his face when they’re praising his brother, but he likes money, so he stays quiet. If he can’t hide how he’s feeling, he has to lash out to make them to afraid to think about it. He manages to come to terms with his mentality and put himself in a better position—one far away from Gregor and Joffery, and eventually proves to be a genuinely good person.

TLDR; Game of Thrones is the most progressive show ever, because it doesn’t matter who or what you are, y'all gonna die anyway

You’re Expecting What? - Bart Allen x Reader

Requested by bartallenisbae -  (older)Bart Allen x reader, When the reader(the reader is not a super hero)is pregnant and is married to Bart for a year and immediately tells Bart,and then later on tell everyone of their family and friends.

You stared at the small box in front of you, debating whether you should open it. The words, Pregnancy Test, written across the front made butterflies in your stomach. Letting out a slow breath, you ripped open the box. With the stick and the instruction in hand, you entered the bathroom. 

Five minutes later, you paced outside of the bathroom door. Every once and a while, you glanced on the test lying on the counter, knowing it was ready, but not having the courage to look at it yet. 

“Babe, I’m home,” Bart announced, barging through the front door. His arms were loaded down with groceries, enough to feed an army. He zoomed to put them away before dipping you into a earth-shattering kiss. When you didn’t return his kiss with as much enthusiasm as you usually do, Bart stood you back up to look you in the eye. “Are you feeling the mode?”

“I…I don’t know,” you mumbled, glancing at the test sitting on the bathroom counter. Bart followed your gaze, his eyes almost popping out of his head when he saw the test.

“You’re pregnant?” Bart exclaimed with a giant grin. He pulled you into a hug, spinning you around. “That’s crash!”

“No, Bart stop,” you choked, causing him to freeze in his tracks. “I’ve haven’t look at the test yet.” Bart set you down, pulling back slightly to look at you. His arms stayed around your waist, keeping you close.

Bart wrinkled his nose in confusion. “Why haven’t you? Are you still waiting for it to be ready?”

Tears sparkled in your eyes. “What if I’m not? We’ve been trying for a while and I don’t think I can take another minus,” you sobbed, burying your face into his shoulder. Bart rubbed your back, surprised by your confession. 

Closing his eyes, Bart gathered his thoughts. “(Y/N), I love you.” He kissed the side of your head. “Babe, we both want a child, but if it isn’t today, we can wait. We’re not in a rush.” 

“I know, but I’m sick of being disappointed.” You wiped your eyes, stepping away from him. “I just want it to happen.” 

Bart hushed you. “I know,” Bart whispered, brushing away a stray tear from your cheek with his thumb. An excited smile brightened across his face. “Can we check now?” At your nod, he zoomed into the bathroom, picking up the test. He stared at it with a blank expression on his face.

“Bart, what is it?” you asked nervously. You wrung your hands, waiting for the news. At your question, Bart looked up with the biggest grin on his face.

“(Y/N) Allen, it’s gives me great pleasure to inform you,” Bart began, his voice dropping to imitate a game show host. He walked towards you with the test in hand as you rolled your eyes. Flipping the test over, he finished his sentence. “You are pregnant.”

Your mouth dropped open at the sight of the tiny pink plus sign on the test. “Oh my,” you gasped, suddenly losing the ability to stand. Bart caught you, a look of mild panic crossing his face. 

“Babe, are you okay?” Bart practically screamed before zooming to lay you down on the couch. 

“I’m fine,” you reassured, overcoming the initial shock. Tears of joy ran down your cheeks as you cupped Bart’s face. “It happened. It finally happened.” 

“Crash,” Bart whispered before pressing a kiss to your lips. You returned it, sharing your joy with him. The kiss grew more heated as Bart picked you up to climb underneath you. His lips stayed sealed to yours. The two of you celebrating the news with vigor. 

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accidental-rambler  asked:

hmm, if we're going with non-s/jm ships, how about Brienne/Jaime got the shipping meme thingy :) ?

A++++++ DECISION. (this is gonna be book!based bc I don’t fuck with the show okay. But this is like stage 1 otp for asoiaf good choice) 

  • falls asleep on the couch- I feel like this would be Jaime tbh. It’s been a long day, he lay down for TWO MINUTES, BRIENNE, and bam. Asleep. (bonus points if he was trying to surprise her coming home and fell asleep waiting for her. Double bonus points if he’s naked (bc ofc he would be)) 

  • makes friends with the neighbors- Jaime makes charming small talk with them to their faces and bitches about them behind their backs. Brienne is actually genuinely nice to them but is a bit shy and won’t usually initiate any of the friendships. 

  • is the adventurous eater- I’m going to say Brienne because she’s kind of like *shrugs* about food and will basically eat pretty much anything?? Jaime is a fusspot. 

  • hogs the covers at night- J A I M E. All pretence at gallantry fucking dies when he’s cold. (No it doesn’t, that’s a lie, he steals them accidentally and Brienne is miffed but too nice to say anything but then he gets all :O and dramatic bc DARLING YOU’RE FREEZING LET ME PILE THESE BLANKETS ON TOP OF YOU AND CUDDLE YOU WARM AGAIN. Brienne is blushing and telling him he’s an idiot bc he’s SO OTT but she’s also giggling just a little bit and they end up in a little snuggle ball of warmth and duvet so it’s all good) 

  • forgets to do the dishes- Jaime. Brienne is very diligent and likes things to be cleaned properly and immediately. Jaime got used to growing up with 17000 servants at his beck and call like he drops things and expects them to pick themselves up and wash themselves.

    One time Brienne left the dishes to see if Jaime would take the hint and wash them up. He did not. It got to the stage of him opening the cupboards and being like ??? Darling where are all our plates?? IN THE SINK, ARE YOU BLIND!? Jaime probably just like…….we have a sink?? Brienne facepalms and makes him join her in washing up bc she is putting her foot down. Jaime whinges a lot and insists on wearing enormous yellow rubber gloves. Brienne rolls her eyes some more (but thinks it’s v cute (she has the sense not to tell him that though)) 

  • tries to surprise their partner more often- Definitely Jaime. Brienne isn’t very keen on surprises but he’s….Captain Dramatic and he likes to make a big fuss over her. He does figure out that she’s not to keen on them after a while and so he tones them down a little bit. She gets less dramatic surprise parties and more little surprise bunches of wildflowers and a note telling her he loves her left on the kitchen table for when she comes home. She likes those surprises a lot. 

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor- Jaime. see the dishes issues for explanation. 

  • stays up til 2 AM reading- Actually I want to say Jaime? It takes him a while to read and damn did he get frustrated when he was younger. but if he finds something he likes now he gets really really absorbed in it and just doesn’t notice the passage of time. This doesn’t happen very often but it has been known to take place. Brienne is a sensible soul and finishes all her reading at an appropriate time, thank you very much. 

  • sings in the shower- omg Brienne. Jaime has never mentioned it to her bc he knows that she’ll get really self-conscious and stop and that’s the last thing he ever wants because it’s the most adorable thing he has EVER heard. 

  • takes the selfies- Fucking Jaime. Every ten seconds he’s got his phone out. He only ever manages to get Brienne to join in if he like…snaps candids of her in the background she will NOT pose for pictures, she HATES THEM. But Jaime thinks she looks so perfect in his candids that he doesn’t mind. 

  • plans date night- Brienne will do it sort of casually but Jaime always plans the big events like anniversaries and birthdays. He really likes spoiling her and showing how much she means to him and Brienne will never admit it but she really loves it too. 

You were standing side stage, watching your boyfriend playing guitar. It was always something you enjoyed. Watching Tony pour himself into a show and have such a good time playing was something you never wanted to let go. However, right now, it was hard to focus on anything other than his fingers that moved delicately yet rapidly over his instrument, and not the one you wanted. He had been busy lately and hadn’t really been in the mood to do anything other than sleep. You had tonight planned, right down to getting the others out of the bus.

“Good night, Chicago!” You heard Vic yell out and immediately snapped your eyes up to the guys coming off stage. You wrapped your arms around Tony as he reached you, already having handed his guitar to their guitar tech.

“You did so well,” you whispered, ignoring the sweat covering his body as you pulled him closer. “As always,” you added as an afterthought and pulled back enough to peck his lips before pulling away completely and giving the others a hug. “You got me covered?” You whispered to Vic.

“Of course.” You smirked and pulled away as he did. “You owe me money for this.”

“I’m asking you to go party with a multitude of your friends, not to lick me.” His eyes widened before he grumbled something about not wanting to lick me anyways. You shrugged and turned back to Tony, who was wiping his face with a towel to get some of the moisture off. “Vic, Jaime, and Mike are going to a party. Do you want to go or head back to the bus with me?” This was the only part that there wasn’t really any way you could influence anything.

“I’ll head back to the bus with you. I’m not really in the party mood.” You nodded and grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. “We’ll see you guys later? One of you stay relatively sober.” You rolled your eyes and we began the walk to the bus.

“You know I love you right?” You asked casually. Tony looked at you weirdly before nodding. “And you love me too?” Your insecurities crept into your head. You didn’t want the night to turn into a pity party for yourself while you locked yourself in the back lounge.

“Of course, babe. What’s wrong? Are you okay?” You nodded slowly and then glanced at Tony.

“I just miss you is all.”

“But we’re always spending time together?” It came out as a question since he was so confused. You gave him a look and realization crossed his face. “Oooooh.” He drug out the ‘o'and then smirked. “Is that why the guys are out tonight?” A blush rose to your cheeks.

“Maybe a bit.” He grinned and pulled you into the bus. Your eyes widened when his lips pressed against yours before you closed them and wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands gripped your hips. His lips moved to your neck.

“Tell me what you want,“he whispered against your neck.

"I just want you to touch me like you touch your fucking guitar,” you dared to say. You could feel the smirk against your neck and he bit into the skin, not hard enough to break skin. “Fuck,” you groaned. “I just want you.”

“That can be arranged,” he whispered huskily. “Now jump.” You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist. Your eyes closed as he pressed his lips to yours again. You could feel him walking and figured you would be in his bunk in a matter of seconds. He had different ideas.

“The back lounge?” You breathed as he kissed your jaw and then your collarbones. “Tony, people spend their time here.”

“Your point?” He asked and you could feel him in his turned on state pressing against you. You moaned as he hit the spot on your neck and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it up a bit. He let you go to pull it off completely. You were holding yourself up now as he threw it to the side and laid you down on the couch they had in the lounge. His hands moved under your shirt until you finally pulled it off, needing more contact. He pulled you up and unclasped your bra, obviously becoming impatient. He gave attention to both of your breasts and then began to travel further down. You went to touch him, but he grabbed your wrists, pinning your hands above your head.

“Tony,” you groaned in annoyance.

“If you touch me, I’ll stop,” he threatened. Your eyes widened. He’d done this before. Dominant Tony was your second favorite thing in the world, just him in general being the first. He let you go and continued. You fought back the urge to run your hands through his hair as he unbuttoned the shorts you were wearing and pulled both your shorts and underwear down at the same time. His eyes trailed over you. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he breathed and then his tongue was on the place you need it the most. You moaned as it moved around. You moaned your hands and gripped his hair. He immediately pulled back.

“Shit,” you cursed and moved your hands quickly. “Fuck.”

“Since you can’t control yourself, you’re going to have to do something for me instead.” He unzipped his pants and pulled them down before doing the same with his boxers. He looked at you before gesturing to his dick. “It’s not going to suck itself.” You rolled your eyes with a smile.

“I should fucking slap you.”

“Oh, please do.” You held up your middle finger before wrapping your lips around him. He let out a groan. “God, I needed this. Fuck, (Y/N). I almost forgot how goddamn good you were at this.” You would have smirked if your mouth wasn’t full, but alas it was. You bobbed your head up and down and he threaded his fingers through your hair.

“I’m going to need you to stop so that I can be inside you.” His sentence ended in a moan. He pulled you up and laid back, pulling you down on top of him. He leaned over and grabbed his pants, pulling the foil package out. He opened it and quickly put the condom on. You gasped as he entered you and then moaned.

“Shit, Tony.” He guided you as you moved on top of him. “God, I love you,” You whimpered as he thrusted up into you.

“I’m so close, (Y/N).” You had gotten him closer than You had thought. Your hands landed on his chest for balance as you moved over him. He pulled you to him, pressing his lips to yours. You could feel the familiar feeling in your stomach. You hadn’t done this in so long, and you were so ready for it that it was hard to contain. Tony flipped you over and went faster, rubbing your most sensitive spot in the process. You wanted to scream in ecstasy but didn’t want people to think we were shooting porn in here.

“Tony!” You screamed as he hit the spot you were hopping for him to find. All hope of being quiet was lost. “Right there,” you breathed.

“I- Shit.” Before you could say anything, he was shuddering over you, an orgasm wracking his body. You were soon to follow, both of you moaning each other’s names. He pulled out of you and disposed of the condom before returning back to you and picking you up, carrying to the bunk you two shared and crawling in after placing you in there. “Hey, babe. Don’t ever let me say I don’t want to make love to you, okay?” You laughed and pressed a kiss to his lips before snuggling into him.

“Tony, (Y/N)! Get your damn clothes out of the back lounge!” You heard Jaime yell in the morning. You groggily opened your eyes, realizing that instead of being naked like you had been when you fell asleep that you were in Tony’s shirt and a pair of his boxers. You glanced up at him and saw that he was awake as well. “I take it you two had fun last night,” Jaime said with a smirk as he opened the curtain to your bunk.

“You too,” you retorted, noticing the bags under his eyes and the way he squinted in the light. He rolled his eyes playfully.

“Yeah, yeah. Just get up so that we can go get some breakfast.” He left afterwards and you looked up at Tony.

“I love you,” you whispered and pressed a small kiss to his chest.

“I love you too.” Then you were being tugged out to get ready for breakfast.

This is absolute shit and the first smutty thing I’ve ever written.

Sorry bout it caitlin-perry

Credit to whoever for gif

youtube au. sort of.

alright so we all know that bitty has a youtube channel, hence the whole premise of the comic, but what if the rest of the group had youtube channels as well?

  • jack starts a youtube channel after the overdose. he found himself intrigued when he had too much time on his hands and he delved into youtube to discover hey these people are kind of cool, what if i made a channel?
    • at first it’s just simple things. he gives tips on how to work out and not push yourself too much. describes different hockey plays and the pros and cons of each. he has a segment where he talks about history, some of his favorite stories and cool little tidbits he thinks people should know
    • most people originally start following him because damn his face and also you know he’s pretty well known as a hockey player in certain circles and it’s interesting to see the person behind that
    • after watching two or five or twenty of his videos, however, people realize that wow he’s actually really interesting? like his history stuff is all about the underappreciated looked over part of history and all the stories are really interesting and his hockey tips are actually really helpful to people who play and, okay, the workout videos maybe aren’t incredibly interesting but when you’re watching jack zimmermann do squats in tiny compression shorts you really don’t have any complaints
    • he gains a decent following, a huge mix of people from all different areas. there are his hockey fans, his history buffs, the people just there to look at his pretty face and call him their “son” (jack doesn’t really get it but it’s way better than the ones who call him daddy so he isn’t gonna question it)
    • it goes on for about a year, jack sharing history and hockey and little things about his life with his Zimbos (that’s what they call themselves? he isn’t really clear on the name. it sounds like bimbos which is mean, isn’t it?) when the first Video comes out.
      • it’s titled Anxiety.
      • it’s just jack sitting at a desk with his room in the background. he explains the basics of anxiety and how it can be diagnosed and treated. it’s clinical, really, nothing too personal at all, but it’s the expression jack wears as he speaks that hits the Zimbos where they live. he looks like a scared child, frightened and lonely.
      • it’s the first in a series of mental health videos that jack posts.
    • he continues with his history-hockey-work out aesthetic, but every once in a while it’ll be just him, in his room, talking about mental health. he ends each video with a reminder to his viewers to take care of themselves, not to push themselves too hard, and to be a little selfish when it comes to self-care. it’s always softer, more intimate, despite the clinical way in which jack talks.
    • he never explains his story, the overdose and the draft and rehab, but no one really asks. only outsider assholes that have no idea what the channel is about ever mention it. sometimes they post idiotic questions about coke, but if they do, they’re drowned out by the rest of the Zimbos who, instead of fighting the original dickface, flood the comments with love for jack, making the original shitty thing dissapear in the rest of the comments. they never get to see the small smiles that jack wears when he sees this, but it still means the world when he replies with a simple, “thanks” and no context.

after the cut for the rest of the crew because damn this got long

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Chapter Six: A Golden Crown

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Ever since we confessed our love for each other, things in Winterfell had been even more blissful than before. Since we weren’t quite sure when Lady Stark would be back, I had started to loosely plan things for the wedding. 

But the only thing that I could really do was meet with some of the best seamstresses in Winterfell to start designing my wedding dress. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted, but I knew that I wanted flowers on it. 

I liked the idea of having flowers on my dress because it reminded me of one of the only happy places of my childhood, the castle gardens. The flowers there were beautiful and if I couldn’t be married there, then I at least wanted something on my dress to remind me of that. Plus, the ring that Robb had given me was shaped as a rose.

But of course, all good things had to come to an end. Word came from Kings Landing that Robb’s father had been attacked by my very own Uncle Jaime. He had pierced his sword through Lord Stark’s leg due to Lady Stark’s capture of Tyrion Lannister. 

Robb wasn’t sure what to do. Theon kept urging Robb to act on what had happened, saying that he should defend his father when he wasn’t able to defend himself.

To get his mind off of things, Robb decided to take Bran out into the woods for a ride on his new saddle that had just been finished. I decided to stay back at the castle to have a fitting for my dress, but Theon rode with them, much to Robb’s dismay.

I had been there, though, when Bran had gotten into his new saddle for the first time. The joyous look on his face as he rode around was enough to make anyone’s day. I hadn’t seen him smile like that in ages. 

Robb kissed me goodbye before the three of them rode off into the woods as I made my way to my dress fitting.

A few hours later, I was sitting by the fire in my chambers, reading one of the books that I brought with me from Kings Landing. Robb had been gone awhile now and it was getting dark now.

It had been quiet around the castle this afternoon, but it was at that moment that I heard some yelling from down in the courtyard. I walked over to my window and glanced down at the commotion outside.

I gasped when I saw Robb carrying Bran into the castle and Theon roughly dragging a wildling behind them. I rushed out of my room and down the stairs to the main hall, picking up the skirt of my dress slightly so I wouldn’t trip.

I burst into the main hall, where I walked into Maester Luwin patching up Bran’s leg, which seemed to have a gash in it, maybe from a sword. 

“Robb!?” I exclaimed as I approached him, gaining his attention. “Are you alright? What happened?”

“Some wildlings decided to attack Bran in the woods,” he answered gruffly, pulling me closer. “Bran got a little cut up, but i’m alright.”

“How many were there?”

“Four. But there’s only one left,” he answered, gesturing to the dirty woman that Theon was holding. 

“My Lord!” the woman exclaimed, attempting to come forward. “I just wanted to thank you again! I-”

“Quiet!” Theon shouted at her, dragging her back towards him as Robb shifted so that I was slightly behind him.

I went to go check on Bran then. 

“How are you feeling?” I asked him, swiping his hair out of his eyes and stroking his cheek slightly.

“I can’t feel a thing, actually,” he replied quite cheerfully considering the situation.

“Well that’s good then,” I laughed slightly, patting him on the cheek before making my way back over to Robb, who had just sent Theon and the woman away.

“It’s getting late, Leina,” Robb said. “Why don’t I walk you back to your room?”

“Alright then,” I answered. “Goodnight, Bran!”

“Goodnight, Leina!” he said back as Hodor carried him back to his room.

Robb was quiet as we walked back to my room. And when we finally got there, he still hadn’t said anything.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to wait any longer to marry you,” he answered after a beat of silence. “What if something had happened in the woods today and I had died? I don’t want my life to end without marrying you. And with all the tension between the Lannisters and my father, I don’t know if war is avoidable or not.”

“But what about your mother? Shouldn’t we wait until she gets back?” I incredulously asked him.

“We can have a small ceremony in the Godswood before she gets home,” he replied. “And then we can have a huge wedding party with your father and my family when things settle down.”

“Do you really want to do this?” I asked softly.

“Of course, my love,” he whispered. “I love you and I cannot go another day without being your husband.”

“Well, my dress isn’t quite finished yet….”

“As soon as it’s done then!” Robb exclaimed before he pecked me on the lips as he picked me up and swung me around happily. 

What I pictured Leina wearing:





Cersei x female!reader...

Imagine being the sister to Rhaegar Targaryen and having a moment with Cersei Lannister after Rhaegar turns her down.

((I went ahead and put this one shot in pre-Robert’s Rebellion so I could have more free reign with it. Also, the request asked for smut but….once I got so far into it I liked how it was without the smut and, also, I have several other Cersei x Female!reader smut requests that after all of them they’d be about the same so…just some fluff and such for this one. ))

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: None

“She’s at it again,” just though four words from your handmaiden’s mouth made you groan and turn to watch as Cersei Lannister, the daughter to your Father’s Hand of the King, heading across the court yard to where your brother, the Prince of Dragonstone, stood with Arthur Dayne and Jon Connington. “I don’t understand why she continues to do this. Everyone knows Prince Rhaegar and you are to be wed soon enough,”

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Why does this book still own my ass [part 2]

part 1

  • Ari is actually noticeably shorter than Dante
  • Hugs from behind are gr9 bc Dante can comfortably rest his chin on top of Ari’s head and feel and smell his nice hair 
  • Ari and Gina end up being the same smol height (5'4’) but Susie just fucking shoots up to maybe 5'10 (these numbers mean nothing to me use the metric system please) 
  • Susie wears a hijab and Gina has very tight curly hair 
  • Ari is def stronger than Dante so in most cases he’s able to pin Dante down but when Dante manages to pin Ari down Ari just kinda goes weak and his limbs becomes jelly and just kinda melts under Dantes weight and doesn’t fight back much after oh mannnnnnn
  • -*stares at linette* beefCAKE
  • Sometimes he lets Dante win
  • A lot of times actually
  • What a fucking child Dante you’re a year older please
  • Dantes physical affection rubs off onto Ari and in time he starts kissing his parents on the cheek more often and Jaime/Santiago is the first to notice it but doesn’t really object to it or say anything
  • Dante gives those super jovial and tight hugs that completely envelop you (he is big and with a broad back I’m sure he would wrap you up) and sometimes lifts you off the ground bc hes taller and  sometimes he just tackles I love how uncensored he is (giant golden retriever)
  • Whereas Ari’s hugs are the slow kind that you melt into like youre being consoled and warmed from the inside and he slowly brings your closer to him as the hug progresses and he presses into the person and the other person nuzzles their face his hair bc he’s got very nice hair
  • [yes those are from that post i drew that post]
  • They both really suck at dancing tbh like they think they’re good bc they don’t dance with other people but one night when they do go out with gina and Susie to dance or party they look like complete idiots oh my God
  • And Gina and Susie just slowly back off
  • “I’m sorry who are you I don’t recall coming with you???”
  • No amount of good looks can save you Dante
  • Dantes Cathedral classmates like to tease Ari (all good hearted) bc Dante probs never shut up about him before they kissed and probably didn’t after
  • Dante can’t grow a beard lmao his facial hair is so shit
  • And sometimes he takes it personally bc what if he isn’t macho enough by Mexican standards
  • Ari can grow a decent beard but probs keeps or clean shaven so Dante doesn’t feel bad
  • Soledad used to be a swimmer [probs despite her parent’s protest] before Sam and a few years after Dante was born.
  • She sounds rlly stubborn and headstrong from how she upped and left her family [probs dante got that too that lil shit]
  • She also wears big bifocal lenses those thick thick ones
  • That’s probs where Dante gets his closeness to swimming from
  • They probs go clean up aunt Ophelias house during the school holidays and they discover all the weird shit
  • And Ari starts to sniffle and tear up
  • He swears its the dust but Dante knows its a lie and just holds him again
  • They stay there while cleaning up bc driving back to El Paso probs takes too long and dante never actually keeps his promise to drive 
  • (maybe he doesn’t like cars I wonder why)
  • he just sleeps [i think someone else had this HC too]
  • Aris hair is actually lighter than dantes hair like maybe a chestnut brown, just a shade darker than his own skin compared to dantes almost black hair
  • Aris leg scar becomes less sensitive to touch but he still winces out of habit when something grazes him
  • Dante has scars from being beat up
  • Over the years they get a lot more scars bc theyre reckless and stupid and their bodies become an album of all their adventures together (ty izzy!)
  • Dante really enjoys sleeping on Ari (when the weather isn’t too hot) he likes listening to his breathing and the warm and everything
  • Even when they’re so close together Dante needs to be closer
  • And not just his chest ok sometimes he just drops onto Aris legs and falls asleep how annoying
  • Ari likes Dantes big sweaters and keeps taking them and returning it when they don’t smell like him anymore
  • “Ok you’ve worn it long enough it smells like you I want it back”
  • It’s not even the detergent that Soledad uses its Dantes smell whatever the fuck that is
  • His /musk/
  • And when Soledad gives him a sweater as a gift he makes Dante wear it for the smell again
  • Dante (secretly) likes brushing Aris hair??? Sometimes he braids it when Ari isn’t paying attention to piss him off
  • “I’ll shave your head if you don’t start doing this yourself”
  • (a very empty threat bc beautiful hair and Ari being his little che guevara)
  • Ari rebuts “that’s my mum’s job” in an attempt to make it awkward
  • This was the boy who replied “one night my parents had sex” when asked where he came from
  • Liliana is thankful that someone brushes her son’s hair bc it would be a fucking mess if he was left alone
  • You know what was popular I the 80-90s
  • Crop tops
  • u know who probs wears crop tops
  • both of them
  • When Dante walks he always has a slight bounce and always seems to be walking to a beat and Ari just loves that about him he’s so full of energy and life
  • And likes to jump around places like from 2 steps down or across a curb
  • On Aris 21st dante serenades him with LA BAMBA
  • Ari gets so red its incredible
  • They instinctively hold each other a lot everywhere like the hands the arm shoulder the clothes sometimes their bags.
  • More often Dante than Ari
  • Ari regularly tells Dante that he can’t fight for shit and that saying fight me means people will actually fight you
  • Ileana comes up somehow probs bc Gina blabbers and Susie is like oh fuck but in the nicest way possible tbh
  • Aris neck is very sensitive 
  • And Dante knows this 
  • You know where I’m going with this
  • Thigh hickeys 
  • Ye

marambl  asked:

For the writing prompts, perhaps 47? (For Jon/Sansa of course ❤️)

“When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”

Sansa pulls her cardigan around her stomach and takes a deep breath, one which seems to rattle in her lungs, shaky and shallow. There’s a chill in the air, the sun just finished sinking below the horizon, and the light on the porch is that dusky shade of blue where the night seems to stretch and fade but never end. Sansa watches the house across the road, the warm glow of light from their windows, and feels a deep desire to join them, break into whatever banal evening she’s sure they’re having; take a seat at their happy family dinner, slide onto their sofa, subsume herself into their lives instead. Anything but go back inside to the dinner party still chattering on behind her. 

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anonymous asked:

Yes, I hope we get a shot of those burnt lannister army that just destroyed the Tyrell army. I wonder if any of those Tyrell army men were expecting a child too? Probably

You know I’ve been thinking about numerous ways to answer this … maybe make a statement about how you are completely (and I believe deliberately) missing the point, maybe go on a long rant about how not a single one of Dany’s enemies so far has been sufficiently humanized for us to actually care (compared to many antagonists our other heroes faced), and some more blah blah blah, but it I think you actually put an interesting thought in my head … so thank you 😘 

I think that having one of the ed-sheeran-squad soldiers turn up dead at the Field of Fire would be far more emotionally involving, if not challenging, than having a equally “developed” Tyrell-soldier show up dead at after Jaime sacked high garden. It would make way more sense for the narrative and let’s call it “viewer-engagement” as well.  

War is an ugly affair. The books show this much better than the show, but even though GoT loves it’s bloodshed in an almost perverse degree and I’m pretty sure D&D get off good to gruesome revenge and violence, it has depicted the horrible realities of war several times. War is ugly. Really ugly.

But Grrm is not making the point that war is always wrong, no matter how ugly. There are things worth fighting and dying for, maybe, probably, even sending other men to their death for.

The important question is what are those things? How do we know?

Fiction and especially visual mediums have a rather easy solution for this: Show us the consequences after we know about the motives and intentions and let our gut decide. Those feelings can sometimes be hard to articulate, but you can and should try (I mean we are on tumblr here after all). But war-battle-sequences are a bit tricky: We get lost in all the spectacle and the amazing visual effects. At some point you just don’t see “people” anymore. We really need a “human face” to produce a real emotional connection. I think that the best way to achieve this is the pov-battle-sequence. You follow one character through the chaos, the bloodshed, the killing, a la Jon Snow in the botb. Draws you right into the horror that is war, you don’t even need tragic backstories for it. They tried to replicate this with Jaime and/or Bronn but it didn’t feel quite as “intimate” as it did with Jon. I am not exactly sure why, maybe it’s just me, but the botb is still the BEST FUCKING BATTLE SEQUENCE IN THIS GODDAMN SHOW ! I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THIS! THE FUCKING EMOTION BEHIND IT! THE FUCKING CAMERA-WORK! LIKE FUCK IT WAS … but I digress. 

War is especially ugly if the party we are rooting for is in the offensive. We tend to be far more forgiving towards people in the defensive, after all they didn’t “choose” to fight. So far, we have already witnessed two wars in which our hero could be seen as the “aggressor”, sort of. One of them certainly more than the other, but bear with me for a minute. In this case we really have to be down with this issue, we really need to agree with what “we are going to war for”. 

1. Robb’s Northern Campaign

I don’t know if it’s really fair to call him the “aggressor” (it isn’t, btw), considering everything that lead to his decision, but I hope you get the parallels I’m trying to draw here. He took his army south - into “foreign territory” - and went in for the attack on people that wronged his family. The show did not shy away from showing how ugly it was. We got this nice little scene of a Lannisters soldiers foot being cut off. A poor lad from a fishing-village near Lannisport who had no choice in any of this. In the beginning Talisa’s entire character more or less resolved around throwing shade at Robb (and de facto the audience) for being YASSSS KING IN THE NORTH! FIGHT THOSE FUCKERS! DEATH TO JOFFREY! DEATH TO THE LANNISTERS! As much as criticism Talisa’s character received, she did serve one important role. She put on her best disappointed mom-face, looked us straight in the eyes and asked “Now look at the mess you’ve made, was that worth it?”
In this case both the narrative and most, if not the entire audience agreed: Yes. It failed, but Robb was right for trying. Our conscious was tested by an “innocent” enemy soldier being crippled, but Robb’s “honor” came out of it intact. We understood his motives and intuitively decided that this war might be ugly (as all of them are), but not necessarily “wrong”.

2. Dany’s Invasion 

Side-note: About the dead Tyrell soldier: There is no reason to put in a dead lovable Tyrell soldier, because we already know that Cersei is driven by nothing but powerhunger. How would that influence the audience? Hah, Cersei evil doing evil shit, what else is new. We know that she (on the whole) is bringing death and destruction to the Seven Kingdoms for completely selfish reasons. The only thing that would accomplish would be to flash out Cersei as “tha villain™” and that really isn’t necessary at this point… We are not rooting for her, we do not have to ask ourselves whether her motives “justify” all this. We already know the answer to this: No. (Though I suppose there are some weirdos who are genuinely rooting for her, most are just fucking cynical … I hope, I neither want her nor Dany anywhere near a Throne). 

It feels like until this point, both D&D, Dany and the audience have been “selling” her invasion as a glorious endeavour, quite similar in many aspects to Robb’s Rebellion actually. They are both trying to avenge their father, they are trying to overthrow an illegitimate ruler, both have armies at their backs that fiercely believe in them, both said that they do not want the blood of innocence on their hands. Among the differences is that Dany clearly is the main aggressor of this war and that her motives might not be as “pure”. She is not trying to save her siblings, her father was rightfully disposed and most importantly: She is a conquerer. She is fighting to gain power over others. She is waging war for her “birthright”.

I would simply love for one of those ed-sheeran-squad lannister soldiers to show up dead because it would put Dany’s ideals and her crusade to the same ultimate test: How are we feeling about the mess Dany is causing? Is that worth it? Do we start to question her after being faced with an innocent real human victim we are at least a bit familiar with? Someone we can actually empathize with instead of the anonymous mass of soldiers she sets on fire? This is less about the poor soldier himself and more about our reaction to it. And how it does or does not change our perception of the person responsible for it. 

Also Dany does not have her own personal Talisa right now. Varys and/or Tyrion might involve into something similar, but since they are still on Dany’s side … let’s just wait and see.

I know that my original post was a bit snarky, but why do you even assume that we would automatically blame Dany for his death and not Cersei for sending him to the Reach in the first place or simply the universe for “the world” being such an awful, awful place. I’m sure after giving on of her inspiring speeches, all would be forgotten. Maybe the reason that you, anon, and so many others are that sensible and defensive to this suggestion (you are not the first ask and I doubt you’ll be the last), is that you yourself are not sure if Dany’s “purpose” justifies this? Is that it? Maybe? 

If Dany’s conquest is only worth fighting for if no lives are lost (or at least none that we care about) … is it really worth it at all? Should we cheer for her to win if one dead father leaves a bitter taste in our mouths? Have you lost faith in Dany’s cause and can’t stomach the consequences once they have a human face? In that case, welcome to the club. I can’t neither. Come to the dark!dany-side! We appreciate and love her character as the interesting, multi-faceted “villain” she really is and we have cookies. 

A Lion’s Friend and a Viper’s Love

A Wattpad request. I do not own Oberyn or Jaime. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: angst and little fluff, Modern AU

Pairings: Oberyn Martell x reader x Jaime Lannister

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You laughed at Jaime’s lame attempt to flirt with you again.  Jaime Lannister was your best friend and the two of you flirted back and forth all the time. It was how you communicated most of the time, although most people thought there was something going on between you. In truth, you were looking for someone else. Someone…different. And, from the looks of it, he’d just walked through the door of the Lannister’s club, Casterly Rock.

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Set Up - Jaime Lannister x Reader

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Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Jaime Lannister {Also includes Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon}

Word Counter- 832 Words 

Request- okay then thank you! Um a jamiexreader fic (set in season 4) where the reader is good friends with margery. during her time in kings landing margery is trying to set the reader up with jamie because she thinks they suit each other saying “doesn’t she have a lovely figure” when the reader is in a new dress or something like that. Jamie is always getting flustered and walking away until one day she has a chat with him and he admits to how much he has wanted the reader since he first saw her? xx

You were walking with Margaery when you saw Jaime Lannister coming your way. He flashed a smile at you both as you walked past him and your cheeks heat up immediately. 

“Jaime Lannister huh?” Margaery asks and you laugh.

“No,” You say, trying to sound sure on your answer, but your voice shakes. 

“I’m sure you’d make a lovely couple, you and Jaime,” Margaery says, her arm looped round yours. 

“No, we wouldn’t, he is too strong and I am too fragile,” You tell her and she smiles. 

“Opposites attract though, right?” She asks and you sigh, looking away. 

“He is handsome,” You say and she nods. 

“That, he is,” She says and you laugh, you come to a stop and you know she’s going to see the King, and of course she would be talking of their wedding which was soon to come. 

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The King’s Daughter...

((I REALLY liked this request!!))

((Word Cont: 2,099))

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He…actually he wasn’t sure how it happened. He had watched you grow up, hell he had been in the hallway dressed in his white Kingsguard armor when you were born. It wasn’t the age difference that made it uncomfortable for him. After all, in Westeros age didn’t matter. It was the fact he had known you as a little girl. He had helped you learn how to ride a horse and he had cheered you on when you finally got your way and was allowed to learn archery and the art of sword fighting. It was wrong and it made him feel so dirty, but you were sixteen now and so beautiful. Your Baratheon black hair fell in soft curls down past the middle of your back and your Baratheon blue eyes with specks of Stark grey shined so brightly with laughter and joy. It was contagious and he had never been able to stay upset when around you. And he was always around you. He was, after all, the Kingsguard Knight that had been chosen to act as your personal body guard on the direct order (and threats) of King Robert, your Father.

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Everything is Going to be Okay - Kaldur x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Requested by Anon -  a part two of Everything is Going to be Okay where it’s been 8 months and you guys tell the team.

You were resting on the couch in your living room, waiting for Kaldur to get home. A giant cardboard box laid in front of you, filled to the brink with baby items sent to you by your family. You decided to wait for Kaldur before you opened it. Placing your hand on your heavily pregnant belly, your heart skipped a beat when you heard the front door open.

“Papa’s home,” you whispered to the baby inside of you. It kicked happily at your words. You heard Kaldur marching up to kneel down beside you.

“(Y/N), you’re supposed to be in bed,” Kaldur scolded sternly. “The doctor ordered strict bedrest.”

“Kaldur,” you sighed, leaning over to press a kiss to his lips. “You know the doctor said I can move around now as long as I’m careful. Besides, I can’t stay in that bed any longer.” Kaldur’s eyes softened, but his face still betrayed how worried he was.

He laid his hand on your stomach, smiling at the baby’s kicking. “I am only concerned, my love. I don’t want to risk losing you both again.” When you were five months pregnant, something broke inside of you almost killing you and the baby. You had been on bedrest ever since. 

“We’re fine, Kaldur,” you reassured, resting your hand on top of his. “How was your day?”

“There was a minor incident with the team,” Kaldur explained, moving to sit next to you on the couch. He wrapped an arm around you while keeping his hand on your belly. “Jaime, Cassie, and Garfield failed their mission, and I was a bit harsh towards them.”

“I’m sure they understood what with you being so stressed about the baby and me,” you answered, studying his face. Your eyes narrowed when a guilty look appeared in his eyes. “Kaldur, why are you looking at me like that?”

Kaldur rose quickly to head into the kitchen. “I will prepare our dinner.” 

“Kaldur’ahm, answer my question,” you demanded, struggling to a standing position. You waddled over to confront him. He froze halfway to the kitchen when he heard you use his full name. 

He sighed as you stood in front of him with your hands on your hips, glaring at him. “I haven’t informed the team about…the baby,” he admitted, watching your face crumble. You turned away from him to sit tiredly at the kitchen table. Kaldur followed you, kneeling next to your chair. He grabbed your hand tightly as tears fell down your cheeks.

“You are ashamed, right? You are ashamed about getting me pregnant,” you cried. 

“No, it is not that, (Y/N). I’m am so proud of you and the baby,” Kaldur soothed, pulling you into his arms. You buried your face into his strong shoulder. “I wouldn’t have this any other way.”

You sniffled a bit before sobbing, “Then why didn’t you tell them? They’re your friends, Kaldur. They should have known months ago.”

“I know I should have told them,” Kaldur agreed, biting his lip. “But I was too afraid of having to inform them if something happened to you and the baby. I just couldn’t have handle telling them if…” You hushed him, understanding what he meant. Kaldur held you tightly as you felt his own tears dampening your shirt.

Holding each other for a long time, the baby kicked reminding you both of the time. “I know, little one. It’s time for dinner,” Kaldur chuckled, rubbing your belly. The baby kicked again at the sound of his voice. 

“I think the baby just wants us to stop crying,” you suggested as Kaldur rose to start dinner. You started to get up to help, but Kaldur’s pleading look kept you in your seat. 

Kaldur avoided speaking about the team, asking you about your day instead. You allowed him to get away with it until you finished dinner. Then the both of you lounged in the living room, going through the giant box of baby stuff your family had sent. 

“What is this?” Kaldur asked, holding up small machine with several tubes connected to it. You gave him a small smile.

“It’s a breast pump,” you explained. “It’s so I can pump breast milk into bottles, so the baby doesn’t always need me to eat.” You began to dig out the mountainous amounts of clothing out of the box, while Kaldur stared at the breast pump in wonder.

Sorting through most of the gender-neutral clothing, you wondered if you should have found out the gender of the baby instead of wanting to be surprised. The poor baby was going to be wearing a lot of yellow. Kaldur got over his fascination with the beast pump to help you with the clothing. 

After a long moment, Kaldur cleared his throat to speak. “The team planned a beach party on Saturday,” he stated, glancing at you cautiously. You paused in your folding, eyeing him curiously. 

“Are you planning to go?” you asked as Kaldur played with the yellow onesie in his lap. A sharp edge came into your voice. “Actually, I should ask if you were planning on bringing me with you since I’m partially off bedrest now or were you just going to leave me here?”

“(Y/N), I have a right to be concerned about your health,” Kaldur protested in a strained voice. You took a deep breath to calm your anger, knowing he didn’t deserve it all right now. “However, since the doctor did suggest you should get outside of the apartment, I thought, if we are careful, we could go together.”

You stared at him for a long moment, not believing that the overprotective father of your child was actually letting you take a risk. Tears flooded your eyes as you trapped Kaldur in a tight hug. The baby kicked happily. “Thank you, Kaldur,” you whispered excitedly. Kaldur freed himself from your hold enough to wipe your tears with his thumbs. 

“Don’t cry, my love,” Kaldur soothed, kissing your lips lightly. “I didn’t know it meant so much to you.”

“We can tell the team together,” you said, laying your head on his chest. His heartbeat roared in your ear. “It will be perfect.”

Kaldur smiled into your hair while feeling the baby kick against his stomach. “Just promise me if you don’t feel well, you will tell me,” he mumbled into your hair. 

“I promise,” you replied, staying in the embrace for a few more seconds before pulling away. “We need to finish sorting this stuff out, or we’ll never get done.”

“Very true,” Kaldur agreed, going back to folding the clothes. He stopped when he came upon a Aquaman onesie. Holding it up for you to see, Kaldur found himself chuckling at the adorableness of the outfit. You started laughing along with him. The baby kicked at your laughter, reminding the both of you that no matter what happened with the team, you would still have a new life to look forward to.

Finally it was Saturday, and you found yourself standing just outside of the team’s view with Kaldur pressed to your side. You held his hand tightly, nervous about how they would react. The worst part of this was that they would know the minute they saw your pregnant belly. 

“We can still go home, my love,” Kaldur remarked, studying you with worried eyes. Frankly, you were surprised you were here at all since Kaldur tried everything in his power to keep you home. 

“We’re going to have to tell your team sometime, Kaldur. It might as well be now,” you answered, stepping forward. Kaldur sighed hopelessly, feeling a wave of dread come over him. He believed you should have stayed home today. “Besides, I haven’t been out of the apartment in three months.”

Kaldur opened his mouth to response, but closed it when you sent him a chilling glare. Keeping a tight grip on his hand, you walked out into the open and towards the party. Several team members swam in the ocean while the others played volleyball on the beach. Roy and Dick, who were grilling hot dogs, spotted you both first. 

“Hey Kaldur, I thought you weren’t coming,” Dick shouted, running up to meet the both of you. He stopped, wide-eyed, when he came close enough to see your pregnant belly. “Woah, (Y/N)…it’s nice to see you.”

You bit your lip at his reaction, giving him a small wave with your free hand. “Hi, Dick,” you squeaked as Kaldur dropped your hand to wrap his arm around your waist protectively. You put your hands on your belly to try to cover it from Dick’s stare. The baby kicked as if it felt Dick’s eyes on it.  

“Congratulations,” Dick stammered, blinking several times at your overgrown belly. Due to Dick’s initial shout, the other team members stopped their activities to walk over to you. They froze beside Dick in shock. 

“I’m sorry,” Kaldur whispered into your ear. “I didn’t know they would take it this badly.”

“It’s alright, they just need time to recover,” you mumbled back. You met their gazes awkwardly as a wave of dizziness came upon you. “Kaldur, I need to sit down.”

M’gann flew forward, being the first to recover, and took your arm. “Come on over here, (Y/N). I want to hear everything,” she cooed, pulling you towards a lounge chair shaded by a giant umbrella. You were about to follow her only Kaldur wouldn’t remove his arm from your waist. 

“I’ll be fine, Kaldur,” you reassured. You turned to met his eye, sensing his worry and concern. Giving you a tight smile, he relented letting M’gann drag you off with the female members of the team. 

The girls started bombarding you with questions once M’gann got you safely into the lounge chair. You answered their questions happily, glad to speak to other people. While you loved Kaldur, it was nice to talk to different people for a change. It was wonderful to be outside as well, something you missed since you were placed on bedrest for three months.

“So, (Y/N),” Artemis began when the conversation fell into a lull. “Why didn’t you and Kaldur tell us about the baby before now?” You bit your lip, hoping they wouldn’t ask that question. 

“I honestly thought he told you,” you said, glancing across the beach to find Kaldur. He was standing with Dick and Roy by the grill. Even though he looked as if he was in a deep conversation with them, you could feel his attention was on you.  You rubbed your belly. “Kaldur was just scared to mention it.”

“Scared? To tell us?” Rocket commented, raising an eyebrow. 

You took a deep breath before responding. Another dizzy spell hit you, but you ignored it. “We thought I was unable to have children, so finding out I was pregnant was a surprise. It has been a difficult pregnancy. Kaldur didn’t want too many people to know in case something bad happened.” The girls froze around you. 

“Did something bad happen?” M’gann asked carefully as she handed you a glass of water. You took it gratefully. Taking a sip, you gathered your thoughts before speaking.

“He almost lost both of us about three months ago,” you stated, flinching at the gasps of the girls around you. You glanced over at Kaldur, knowing he saw your flinch. He started to run over to you, but you shook your head at him. Kaldur listened to you, the strain of ignoring his instinct to protect you showed on his face.

“Oh my, so that time when Kaldur sprinted out of a mission briefing was when you…,” Artemis realized, her mouth dropping open. You took another sip of water, giving them a uneasy smile. A long moment of silence followed, leaving you to play with the cup of water in your hand. The baby kicked at the quiet. 

M’gann broke the silence with a grin, having felt your discomfort. “We have to throw you a baby shower,” she announced enthusiastically. The other girls joined in her excitement, buzzing about plans. You half-listened to them, relieved and over-joyed that Kaldur’s teammates didn’t judge you too harshly. Of course, you didn’t know how the boys reacted, but they seemed okay with it from where you were at. 

The rest of the day was great. You didn’t move from the chair, since every time you tried to get up, a dizzy spell came over you. While you knew you should have told Kaldur about it, you knew he would have taken you straight home. Watching him interact with the others, you knew he was enjoying himself even if he kept a constant eye on you.

You didn’t notice anything was wrong until the baby kicked harder than usually as if warning you. An odd feeling came over you while you were chatting with M’gann, who sensed something was wrong.

“(Y/N), are you feeling alright?” she asked, studying your face with concern. You literally could feel yourself paling in front of her. The baby started kicking repeatedly.

“Hmm…Can you get Kaldur for me?” you insisted with an edge of panic in your voice. M’gann nodded before pressing a finger to her temple, calling Kaldur with the mental link. Kaldur was by your side in seconds. 

“What’s wrong?” Kaldur questioned, breathless. His hands cupped your cheeks as his eyes scanned your body, checking for any sign of distress. 

You took several deep breaths, the odd feeling growing. “Something feels odd in a bad way,” you gasped. Suddenly, a sharp pain roared through your body ripping a scream from you. Kaldur jumped in surprise before scooping you up in his arms. He barked orders at the rest of his teammates, who had gathered when M’gann called for Kaldur. 

The pain increased to the point of being unbearable. Terror filled you as the baby’s kicks faded, growing weaker and weaker by the second. Another wave of pain flowed through your body as you lost consciousness. 

Everything was a blur. You could only remember the pain, the urge to push, Kaldur’s voice and the cry of a baby. 

When your mind became clear, you woke in a white hospital room with the beeping of several machines around you. Blinking your eyes to adjust to the light, you noticed Kaldur sat in a chair beside your bed, staring into space. You touched his arm.

“My love,” he whispered, focusing on you. The relief in his eyes shone brightly. He took your hand, pressing it to his lips. 

“The baby?” you asked, your voice cracking from lack of use. The joyous smile that broke onto Kaldur’s face soothed you to no end.   

“He’s fine,” Kaldur assured, his eyes sparkling with tears of joy. Tears of your own spilled out of your eyes.

“He? It’s a boy,” you sobbed. You ached to hold him in your arms. “Can I see him?”

Kaldur wiped away your tears with his thumb before pressing a kiss to your lips. “Later, after you have rested,” Kaldur answered gently. You nodded weakly. “Go back to sleep, my love. Our boy will be here when you wake.” Trusting Kaldur’s words, your eyes fell closed as you returned to the restful darkness of sleep.

Hours later, you held your baby boy for the first time and attempted to breastfeed him. It wasn’t going well, but the nurse assured you the baby would take to it eventually. Kaldur hovered by your side, staring down at you and your son with love.

The baby was beautiful with his father’s hair, and gills. You had to laugh when you noticed he had your nose and mouth. When your son finally began to breastfeed, Kaldur laid down next to you, tucking you underneath his arm. You snuggled into him, watching your son.

“What will we name him?” you breathed, scared that raising your voice will disturb your son. Kaldur hummed for a moment, gently touching one of your son’s tiny fist. 

“I do not know. We discussed so many names,” Kaldur murmured as your son captured his father’s finger in his tiny fist. 

You pursed your lips in thought before an idea popped into your head. “How about Calvin? After your step-father?” you suggested, glancing at Kaldur to see his reaction. 

“It is perfect,” Kaldur agreed, a pleased smile growing on his face. You cuddled closer to Kaldur, kissing his cheek. Your son, now Calvin, let out a small cry as if he was agreeing to your choice as well. Kaldur chuckled when Calvin immediately went back to your breast.  “Our son agrees.”

“That he does,” you commented, resting your head on Kaldur’s shoulder. Letting out a content sigh, you knew that everything was going to be okay. 

Interoffice Relationship

Anonymous asked: Hello! I’m new to this whole request thing and I’m sorry for any mistakes. Can you write me a one shot with Podrick Payne from GoT? Like he and reader are friends and both are working for Tyrion. Then they fall in love and for months they just acting like it’s nothing. But one day Pod confess to reader and they kiss and FLUFF, please? Thank you so much dear:) you and your blog are awesome!

Here you go, lovely! Apparently, I’m on a Modern AU kick. I do not own Podrick, Tyrion, Tywin or Jaime. They belong to George R.R. Martin.

Warnings: Fluff! Modern AU

Pairings/Characters: Podrick Payne x reader; mentions of Tyrion, Tywin and Jaime Lannister

Originally posted by yronwood-archive

You sighed heavily as you pushed your chair toward another filing cabinet. “Long day?” the voice of your friend and co-worker came from in front of your desk. You turned and flashed him a smile. “Long week, more like. Does Tyrion need something?” Podrick nodded and handed you a slip of paper with everything your employer needed. Tyrion Lannister was both the best and the worst boss you’d ever had. He insisted that you all call him by his first name.  He treated all his employees wonderfully, but he was tough. He expected 100% best effort all day every day. Luckily, you had Pod to keep you from getting too stressed.

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