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How to Confess?
Guang Hong Ji
How to Confess?

Guang Hong tries to figure out how he’s gonna confess his feelings to Leo, what music to use and exactly what he wants to say. The results are….mixed, to put it kindly. 

The songs featured in this audio are Cherry Pie by Warrant, Flesh by Simon Curtis, and Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding :)

This idea was actually the brain child of @almightysquid, who suggested I record an audio with Guang Hong trying to flirt and have it go horribly wrong. I thought the idea worked really well with the other audio I posted today, so I gave it a whirl! Hope you like it! :)

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I was asked if I shipped them because I thought they were compatible This was the answer I remember the second I saw them interact I was just like “I like you two, you two should get together” and when we learn more about them well SPOILERS There both Titan shifters Can I get DADDY ISSUES So much put on them Eren didn’t want to believe she did horrible things Eren thought of her fondly even after the whole Titan thing And I feel like if I went back and reed the manga again I would find more It’s also one of the ships that actually makes sense Now I’m just gonna say I won’t hate you for what you ship it’s your opinion However the most popular aot/snk ship is Eren x Levi which I don’t think I’m wrong in saying exists just because to yaoi lovers it’s hot I could go on but I won’t However i do kinda ship Eren with Mikasa (platonically that’s a different rabbit hole) and Historia (when ymir isn’t around) As for Annie well I have one thing to say

usuk writing 12/26

secret santa time!!!!!! heyyyy @sam-squaredd B) i hope u like this … i tried to do my best with what u asked !!! either way, happiest of holidays to you and to everyone reading <3 @xmas-usukexchange2016

Of course. Just when Arthur thought he’d had everything under control, that everything was going to go smoothly–

the troubles of air travel had to interfere.

Something that he had no control over, no way to fix (at least not without sincerely regretting his life decisions – damn airport staff), and worst of all, no way to avoid.

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i was kicked out of class for disagreeing with my teacher on something stupid and silly today and i’m actually physically shaking with rage

i ask miss a question and we get talking about feminism (considering my essay is about sexism against men and the harm feminism has done to young men)

she says “the only problem with feminism is the people refuse to use the label”

me “But you can’t force people to use a label they don’t want - as long as they believe in gender equality, sure thats the only best thing?”

her “are you not a feminist?”

me “actually i would consider myself quite anti-feminism”

her “how about the fact that i’m scared to walk down the street in the dark?”

me “i’d put that down to fear tactics spread by feminists and paranoia as a result of them?”

her “you can’t say that, you’re a privileged person”

me “i don’t understand what you mean?”

her “for example, i came out as a lesbian 3 years ago into a country that pretty much 100% accepted gayness, so i’m privileged when it comes to lgbt issues, you’re the same with womens issues”

me “no offence meant i assure you miss, but you don’t know anything about me and you can’t call me privileged because you don’t know anything about my life”

at this point the conversation was getting petty (she used the “i’m twelvw years older than you and you’re still a child” argument which i called immature) and she left looking quite upset (i worried that i’d somehow said something rude because my autism stops me from really understanding tone)

a few minutes later she storms out of the classroom and slams the door - the other students look around like ?? wtf"

eventually she comes back in, and asks me with a shaky voice and her hands physically trembling “[my birthname] i feel so uncomfortable right now, can you please take your essay, finish it somewhere else and email it to me”

me “what? no?”

her “ please just go and email it to me at the end of the block”

me “i haven’t done anything wrong except disagree with you on some silly political thing?”

her “please just go im very uncomfortable”

me: “fine fuck you” and i storm out of the classroom, punch the exit door of the building and call my mum who’s gonna get in contact

i’m never going to another one of her lessons again and i’m honestly just so angry i feel sick and my hand stings and i’m so angry that she had the nerve to act like she knew me at all i hope she loses her fucking job

The Bookshelf! #4

I have returned from the dead. I have arisen, and come forth with seven fantastically-fantastic stories to make up for it. So without further ado - adue? Whatever. (P.S. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I am having way too much writing these (not so) descriptions/summaries.)

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

I read this thinking it was just gonna be some basic he she love story. You know the one. Man and woman hate each other. Man and woman go through a test of their unrequited love for one another. Then bing bang boom they have sex and the story ends. But, no. Once again I am horribly wrong! (In the best possible way) So I’m going to beg you all to read this series so that I am no longer alone in whatever feeling this is. Sadness? Happiness? I don’t know…

(Author: @effie-w )

I’ve got you…All night!

Oh okay….so you just thought you could come into my home and make me feel like this? (I’m not upset about it, maybe just a little warning next time?) I honestly can only describe this as “After you read this you’re gonna come out at least 23% more open about your sexual needs.” Or maybe that’s just me…..Either way, you show your boobs to Dean and he loses his mind. So that’s a thing.

(Author: @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit )


This picture:

That is all, and I’m loving every bit of it.

(Author: @manawhaat )

Spotlight (Pt. 2)

Break the righteous man!

I almost forgot this story was on my list, but oh my god! I don’t know what to do right now because this story is just so fucking amazing! I have never freaked out over smut so much before….I feel ashamed even calling this smut. This is a treasure. This brought me back to life. This Menage a trois of power created something in me….ya girl is over here clutching her imaginary pearls and looking up into the distance right now, because I feel delivered……God bless…..

(Author: @saenalife )

Marvin’s room!

I’m such a Dean!girl it hurts. Watching him in the show battle with the MOC was hard enough but…..this? Oh…this ruined me. I feel like if Dean called me one day talking about how sorry he was for everything I’d either A) Hang up. Or B) Jump back into his arms and let him carry me away in a net full of other hopeless Dean!girls. (Which is more or less what happened in this story.)

(Author: @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit)

Sexual Outsourcing!

This one is dedicated to all my Sam!girls out there. Cus I know tonight’s episode is gonna sting. So once it’s all over I want you all to read this. Read about sam helping you out in the best possible way. Read about the way he loves you, and just feel better. Alright?

(Author: @jensennjared )

Good girl!

You know you gotta love Sammy. You definitely gotta love him when he just looks you in the eye and says “You’d be such a good girl for me.” So now suck up all the hurt you’re feeling because of this episode (I’m gonna try) and be a good girl….or guy..

(Author: @ilostmyshoe-79 )

In the back of the bookshelf.

Let’s pretend!

I remember waiting everyday for a new part of this series to come out. I also remember staring off into the distance after reading a certain chapter (Looks at Tesla) and just not knowing what to do anymore. This created the Dean trash I am today and I’m so proud. (She also created the Kylo trash I am today and I’m even more proud.)

And that is all! Thank you all for being so patient with me but now I have to go over analyze tonight’s episode. Until next time!

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Who really imprisoned Lapis Lazuli...

Hey guys up! I’m here up with another gem theory, on who and how Lapis Lazuli may have been imprisoned in the mirror. And this is one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the Steven Universe fandom and I’m well aware of the other theories that have been speculated, but I’m gonna do it any way. And remember this is just a theory don’t come after me with pitch forks and fire if you disagree with me, alright let’s get start… 

All right so far from what we know Lapis was imprisoned within the mirror about 5,000 years ago,around the time of the gem wars started. Many believe that it was none other than Rose Quartz who imprisoned her… Since the mirror came into possession of Pearl, Rose’s second in command. And knows of the Crystal Gems and know that “they only care about the earth” but after the episode “The Answer” I think I know who maybe the real person who actually did it…

It was Blue Diamond, after all the background information we got on the diamonds and their mannerism I believe I have enough contexts to pin this on Blue Diamond instead of Rose Quartz. And also from what we’ve seen from the Diamonds, Rose may not be Pink Diamond after-all. I myself have speculated it though I no longer do, but she maybe a “rare gem” like Sapphire due to her unique ability “future vision”, in Rose’s case it would be her healing tears. Now let’s get back to Lapis…

In “The Answer” it was said a team of diplomats were sent to earth to investigate the matter of “the rebels”, this silhouette suggests that Lapis was apart of that team of diplomats. This would explain how Lapis would know who the Crystal Gems were and how they didn’t know her since they were busy invading the sky arena to chase of the invading gems of Homeworld. And the design and color suggests that she was apart of Blue Diamond’s court, but why would Blue Diamond so this to someone of her own court.

Remember when Ruby accidentally fused with Sapphire inorder to save her from Pearls attack, Sapphire was in panicked state. Not only because her vision of the future was wrong but was afraid of what Blue Diamond was going to do to her. Now we know that Homeworld government runs on fear and power, which is emulated through the interactions of the gems with Blue/Yellow Diamond. And after Ruby and Sapphire escape; Ruby feels horrible about what she’s done feeling like she failed saying “How am I gonna save you…”, with Sapphire saying “You already saved me…” Now at first I though this was only referring to Pearl but it was also referring to Blue Diamond. Now they wanted to break Ruby but what would they have done to Sapphire for since her vision did not come true…

Yup that’s right trapped her in a mirror (just like Lapis), cause when about the function of this mirror it would seem more like an ideal prison for Sapphire in fact I think the mirror prison was made for Sapphire. The mirror use us to see what it’s witnessed in gem history. How would the mirrors function benefit the gems and we know even back then they had pretty advanced technology even back then when they went to the Diamond base up in the moon. So why would they need a gem powered mirror to show the past when they can use record it on their computers. But what if the mirror had the ability to show the future… That’s right this mirror was actually made to be a prison for Sapphire not Lapis. I highly doubt that they would let a rare gem that could tell the future go but at the same time I can’t imagine them forgiving Sapphire for fusing and saving Ruby’s life after that. So of course they probably went out looking for them to capture and punishing both of them with Ruby being broken and with Sapphire being crack but still being used for the Diamond Authority’s own purposes. I know this part of the theory is a far stretch but sapphire gem was in the shape of a circle and it could have been easily changed into a water droplet.

Alright now this how Lapis fits in to play, I believed Lapis was assign a mission on Earth and failed and was punished for it. I can guess what mission involved the creation of the colony. And why she failed, due to the interference of the crystal gems. And eventually she was placed in that mirror and how it ended up in Rose’s possession. It was probably during a raid that Rose lead and as the Homeworld gems fled one of them dropped the mirror and one of the Crystal gems found it and turned it over to Rose and eventually Pearl. With this I’m also saying that Lapis never fought in the between Homeworld and Earth. As we’ve seen before Lapis holds an enormous amount of power in her hands and she was stronger than Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet she only stopped when Steven talked her down. This would also explain her hatred of the Crystal Gems and her saying “Do you even wonder who I use to be…” and they way she presented herself “I am Lapis Lazuli…” This suggests that she was probably a high class (since she was apart diplomate) and she was demoted because of the crystal gems interference. So they kept her trapped on earth and ruined her life…ouch. 

Her demotion also explains their poor treatment of Lapis when she got back to homeworld. She was a demoted gem, and mostly likely Lapis was given a chance to redeem herself and possibly go back to the high class of she worked with Peridot and Jasper. And in Jail Break when Lapis was in her cell she says to Steven “I’m in enough trouble as it is”, I thought this was referring to her withholding information, but now I believe she was also hinting that she was pretty much walking a thin line already. And also her nature after, Lapis withheld information from Homeworld and she failed again and now she doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s introuble either way that’s why she falls into a depression. 

Okay your all probably wondering “Why would she go back to Homeworld after Blue Diamond put her in the mirror”, well it’s because she’s the gem of loyalty that’s what lapis lazulis stand for. And remember what Peridot said “We’re made to serve the Diamonds”, that’s pretty much their plot in life. All the gems refer to the to them as “my diamond”, so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t changed for Lapis either. So even after all that she would still go back to Homeworld… Lapis herself never really believed in the earth and all the poor girl wanted to go home, after the hell she’s been through. 

Well now she’s trapped at the bottom of the ocean imprisoned with a fusion with Jasper and is now fighting for her life… For crying out loud can’t Lapis get a break. With that this ends my theory and I hope you enjoyed it!

AND REMEMBER THIS IS JUST A THEORY! (don’t message me in my inbox saying you were wrong or saying what about… It’s just a theory! MY GLOB!

No but seriously the WORST thing they could do in civil war is fuck up Tony’s characterization, y'know, worse than they already have. I mean there shouldn’t be a clear good guy or bad guy, and I have this horrible feeling that they’re gonna make Cap out to be this perfect hero and Tony to be the villain, and that’s NOT how it went down. Tony was wrongly blamed for multiple things in cw and multiple times Cap was the one to attack first, not to mention he was the one about to finish Tony off, if not for the civilians pulling him off. Don’t get me wrong I love Bucky, but I feel like this movie is going to be more about Steve and Bucky than it is about civil war. And, like, by butchering Steve and Tony’s relationship already in the mcu they’ve butchered the impact of civil war. It’s supposed to be devastating because it’s two best friends fighting. It’s supposed to be devastating because it’s two people with two arguable opinions of right and wrong. And I really feel like they’re going to fuck it up, by making it good vs evil.

It’s Not All That Simple (Calum Hood Imagine) - Part 2

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Warnings: Mentions of sex and swearing

A/N: This was a series that I did on my old blog and it’s been requested again. Tell me what you think! This is badboy!calum. Sorry I took forever :-(

It’s Not All That Simple Masterlist

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Ur tags of hes so pretty & im gonna ignore the interview is the exact problem & im not blaming u im just saying its rlly wrong that everything Zayn says is swept under the rug due to his features its quite gross & again Im not attackin you for it I'm just sayin in general his fans feel entitled just because of his looks he should be called out for what he says the other boys say 1 little thing like "the paperwork"&theyr called petty & so many more horrible things but Z is ok 2 say as he pleases

Ok. I wasn’t going to answer this but I there are a few things I want to say on this topic generally that drive me mad about this fandom and about tumblr in general, and I’ve been on tumblr for a fucking long time (7.5 years) and I’m tired of it, not to mention it’s an issue that I’ve written on, studied and made art about in my professional life. 

I wasn’t sweeping the interview under the rug for the sake of his features. I was compartmentalizing my (strong) distaste for the interview - and how Z has been putting himself forward in the media lately - so that I could appreciate him aesthetically. There is no harm in this action in and of itself. 

One of my favourite poets is Ezra Pound. He was a fascist who supported Mussolini in the second world war (and went to jail for it). One of my favourite writers is C.S. Lewis, who had some extremely anachronistic views about women. One of my favourite songs was written by John Lennon, who was a misogynistic, abusive asshole at times. 

I am aware of these things. I acknowledge these things. I think critically about these things. And I can still appreciate their works of art separately from the creators, their flawed humanity and shitty actions. 

It’s a concept called the Death of the Author (best laid out in an essay of the same name by Roland Barthes) and it’s a key tool when it comes to critical analysis (the ability to both acknowledge the context of the piece when interpreting the intended meaning, and simultaneously being able to divorce it entirely from the fucked up places and things that birthed it to appreciate it in itself). So I can view the billboard photoshoot of Zayn in the context of the interview, his pr campaign, his actions, and understand it’s intended meaning, and simultaneously I can also appreciate them as some really beautifully composed photographs featuring a genetically gifted model. 

Appreciating Zayn’s looks is ok. Putting aside my knowledge of how much of a dick he came across as in that article, just for a little while, to enjoy the photos, is ok. As is choosing not to do so. Some of my best friends in this fandom have very different approaches to dealing with Zayn than mine, and I respect and acknowledge that. 

The thing is, trying to police how others choose to appreciate, interpret, and enjoy art, or entertainment, or anything, doesn’t work. It’s been proven not to work time and time again. All we can do is think carefully about how we approach it for ourselves, and be willing to explain how we got there. Which I guess is what I am attempting to do here. I don’t know if it makes sense or not, but I just…  - this “your fave is problematic” argument tumblr revels in, it doesn’t stop people from consuming culture, but it makes them guilty and defensive and less open to considering critical aspects of how they consume media. And maybe it’s the artist in me, but sometimes I feel like it takes away from the awe of art, which is that creativity and beauty and culture have this incredible ability to transcend the shitty mire from which it sprang from, to defy it, even. 

Anyway, this went from me explaining my position on Zayn and ot5 to a ramble about the transcendent power of art and beauty (I’m a romantic at heart, I guess) so lucky you, I suppose. 

If anyone is interested I have a ramble about Foucault, 1DHQ and power structures ready to go too…