i feel like this is an unflattering picture of her

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Pangur, as you know, is an extraordinarily beautiful cat, and yet so many pictures of her are so unflattering. Is this a conscious choice you make when deciding what pictures to post, or is she really just that good at making terrible faces? Like, it's possible to be drop-dead gorgeous AND still be one of those people who just always happens to be making the worst faces during pictures and I feel like this is the case for her.

she’s a white tube with good cheekbones - when she’s doing something & it makes me think ‘I love my cat’, I take a photo & post it

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Just because you’re carrying a baby, it doesn’t mean you get to act like one.

Rebekah Mikaelson Starters | @amongthcwreck

                      ❛ I’ll do whatever I PLEASE, Bellamy.  You haven’t got the slightest clue what it feels like to be carrying a baby. ❜    There is SPECULATION in the tabloids that she might be pregnant, the newest issue of US Weekly ran a story about it, complete with a rather unflattering picture of Rebekah on the cover.  As if her day couldn’t get any worse, her fat pants wouldn’t even zip up anymore.  She had them pinned shut beneath her shirt.  PINNED SHUT.  So yes, she was a bit — over emotional.    ❛ Sod off, will you? ❜

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GoM+Hayama+Takao+Kagami's reaction when they found out their gf secretly took unglam pictures of them while they're sleeping thank you!

KUROKO: He wouldn’t care that much about ugly pictures of him, as long as she doesn’t use it to make fun of his bedhead.

KAGAMI: “Give it back!” He’s doing his best to snatch the camera out of her hands. “It’s embarrassing, ok?!”

KISE: He’s surprised to hear the camera click, but his girlfriend frowns when she sees the photo. “Dammit, why do you still look good, Ryouta?!”

AOMINE: He knows that his sleeping face is weird, but he’s more upset that she caught him at such a vulnerable time. “Just delete them, ok?”

MIDORIMA: He feels vein pop in annoyance as she giggles and fawns over the photos. “Aww~ Shintaro, you’re like an angel when you sleep!”

TAKAO: He’s putting on his best puppy dog face to get the camera back. “I’m sorry about last time! I won’t take pictures again; just don’t do it to me!”

MURASAKIBARA: He makes a face at the unflattering pictures of his sleeping form. “____-chin, do I really look that dumb when I sleep?”

AKASHI: He seems ridiculously serious about deleting those pictures. “My reputation is on the line.” He tells her, but she only laughs in response.

HAYAMA: He bursts out laughing when he sees himself in the photos. “Ah, it’s fine if you keep them! They’re great!” He’s good-natured about it all.