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Simon Imagine - The meeting (mentions of Joe Sugg, Dan and Phil, etc)

REQUESTED:  “Hi!! I have a quite different imagine request but one where y/n is a beauty you tuber who lives in america and has a beauty release or something like that “think zoella” and her and Simon have been dating for a while and he surprises her at her product launch party”

The minute I entered the room a giant smile erupted over my face. Everything looked beautiful. The polished wooden floors were sprinkled entirely with glitter, sparkles and confetti, leaving my heels completely covered in a coating of shine. Over every wall were photos, polaroids, all from the several shoots I’d done in the past few years building up to this very moment. Pastels and neons, metallics and glitters, the entire room screamed colour, and it was very reflective of the way I felt in this very moment. I could not believe the job that had been done, and as I thanked everyone I was ecstatic; nobody could have done a better job of promoting the launch of my first ever beauty range.

It wasn’t long before people started arriving. I stood at the door for a while, welcoming those I had not yet met, admiring the clean city streets of London whilst I did so. The entire atmosphere was worlds apart from what I was used to back in LA, and I couldn’t help but feel like I knew which one I preferred. London was smaller, more comforting, less dramatic - there was a definite home vibe to it, and it was massively enjoyable.

“You must be Y/n, right? This event is incredible congratulations!” 

I turned around at the mention of my name, and was instantly greeted face to face by Zoe Sugg, the woman who had inspired me most to construct this event. I felt the blood rush from my face.

“Oh my gosh, Zoe! Thank you so much!”

“Aw it’s okay! Come on, let’s go inside, you shouldn’t be missing out on all the fun!”

I complied politely, taking her arm and walking through the hallway towards where my event was taking place. Inside everybody had arrived. There were youtubers everywhere, taking photos, vlogging, testing out the products lined up along the stands and tables. Zoe turned her head towards me.

“Have you tried anything from the sweet table yet?”

“There’s a sweet table?” I asked, astonished. Her face softened into a humoured smile and I couldn’t help but feel envious of her beauty.

“Yeah, I thought I as much. I know when you’re planning these things it’s hard to actually experience them. Let’s go get food!”

She tugged on my arm slightly, taking me in the direction of where three tables stood consecutively. Each one was decorated in different types of confectionery; jars of brightly coloured sweets, plates of cupcakes, bowls of marshmallows and chocolates. I picked up a mason jar of pink lemonade as Zoe pulled me over to her group of friends.

“Y/n, I want you to meet Alfie, Joe, Louise, Dan and Phil. Guys this is Y/n, the creator of this event and it’s products.” 

I was greeted with a chain of hellos and hugs, and it occurred to me how attractive the British vloggers truly were. I sipped on my straw to suppress my nerves as I made small conversation. I had met so many lovely new people tonight, and yet still there was one left; Simon Minter. I had met him over twitter, and skype, and facetime and Snapchat and every other social media currently existing, however face to face was still yet to happen. Despite our lack of actual human interaction I felt hugely attracted to the boy, something that was no secret to my fans and followers, who had been tweeting me since sunrise asking if today would be the day of our meeting. Secretly I had been hoping for months that it would - I was desperate to see him, hear his voice without the robotic alterations, touch him for the first time. Even my managers were keen, set on the fact that the presence of someone with that large of a following would do nothing but good for the sales of my products. However, realistically, a place as pink and glorified as this would be no place for a fifa youtuber. I tried to shake this thought in order to keep up my high spirits.

“So Y/n, what made you decide to host your event in London, why not LA?” Dan asked with genuine interest. 

“It’s where most of my following is,” I smiled. “And I’ve always wanted to visit anyway, so it seemed to make sense.”

“Ah. Yeah it’s a decent area!”

“Does that desire to visit correlate in anyway with a certain Fifa youtuber? Someone who’s name perhaps rhymes with Dimon?”

I blushed as everybody laughed at Joe’s comment. “There is that, I suppose. May I ask how you know of mine and Simon’s interactions? Big fan of my Q&A’s?”

“Well of course Y/n!” Joe laughed, a flirt of light hearted mockery laced in his voice. “Although it definitely helps that I’ve been blessed with the privilege of playing cards against humanity with the Sidemen, so I’m pretty clued up on the extent of your relationship, actually.”

My face heated as I squirmed. “I won’t ask anymore on that one!”

“Probably for the best.”

The conversation continued for a while. Louise complimented me on my dress, Dan and Phil quizzed me on my life and I tested out some of my scrubs and moisturisers on Joe’s face. As I l talked, my eyes turned to Zoe and Alfie, who were whispering just beside me, Alfie’s eyes down at his phone. I raised an eyebrow as Zoe looked up at me.

“You know what Y/n, I think you and I should go and take some photos in the photobooth.”

“Um, sure..?” Her spontaneity threw me off slightly as she took my arm once again, speed walking me out of the room. There’s a photobooth too now??

“And here we are!”

I admired the golden machine, my name sprawled on the side in large, sparkly letters.


“It’s pretty, isn’t it.” She smiled. “And talking of pretty, you look amazing, so get your bum in there first!”

I smiled. Someone like Zoe was impossible to say no to. She watched me eagerly, Alfie not far behind as I pulled back the red curtain..

“Oh my God!”

Sat on the swivelling stool inside was none other but Simon. He looked outstanding, all clad in a black and white suit, his collar opened slightly missing a tie. His hair was still red toned, and it looked surprisingly good as he climbed out of the machine and picked me up off of the ground. 

“Hello Y/n.”

His voice sent shivers down my spine. It was much deeper than what I was used to, although still just as soft and comforting, especially whilst blessing the syllables of my name. My cheeks ached from grinning.

“Simon! I didn’t think you’d be here!” 

“Why would you think that? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I didn’t exactly think face masks and bath bombs were your thing, funnily enough.”

“Hey, you don’t know my lifestyle.” He joked, and I smiled.

“Very true, I don’t.” He released me from his arms. “But I’d like to.”

“Well, if ever there was a moment I was more sure of wanting you to find out, I think it’s this one.” My cheeks heated for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight as Simon held me at arms length, his eyes scanning up and down my body, focusing on the curves of my silky red dress. “You look..incredible, Y/n.”

“And you, Simon.”

We stood for a second, just watching eachother. I paid particular attention to his eyes and their deep blue pigment. He looked younger in real life, his face fresher, a lot brighter without the dim of a computer screen in front of it. I felt zoe touch both our arms.

“Right you two love birds, let’s go back to where the party’s at, come on!”

We both grinned as her and Alfie shuffled ahead.

“11 million subs just touched my arm. I’m gassed.” Simon whispered, and I hit his arm playfully.

“Aren’t you used to it? You live with the KSI.” I quizzed him as we walked along.

“Oh trust me Y/n, 15 million subscribers touches you in a very different way.”

Beat 1 Interview with Matty

Zane: Do we really need to do introductions, we’ve surpassed that. For those people listening all around the world right now, we capture Matt Healy from the brilliant band The 1975 at a magical time, at a time of transition and of celebration because everything you’ve achieved thus far as a band. Getting towards the end of this touring cycle at some point this year, and feeling like you’ve achieved on album number two. Congratulations man. 

Matty: Thanks man. 

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Jews Being Allowed To Love Jews - by Natalie

So, I wanted to write a piece about a trope about Jewish characters I’ve seen a lot in the media (and specifically, in original fiction and fanfiction, as well from many asks on here.) that has been leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. The trope in question is: Jews marrying out. The thing is, that I need to put a pretty big disclaimer first.

1. I am an ashki Orthodox Jew-ess. White passing, from London. (My matrilineal side is displaced Lebanese, but being Orthodox, I believe I get my tribe from my patrilineal side, which makes me ashkenazi. I’m happy to talk to people about having displaced mena/Lebanese culture though. Just know that it’s part of my history, but not part of my identity). 

2. Interfaith marriages are totally legit, not at all something that should be looked down on, and in fact need representation! Like, interfaith families are super important. So many Jews - even Orthodox ones - I know are from interfaith backgrounds, and they need representation and need to be made to feel as if they are loved. Nothing here should be taken as an attack on actual interfaith marriages and couples.

-So, you might be asking, what’s the problem?

The problem is that any old representation is not always good representation. There are a number of problems with this trope, but the first & more glaringly obvious one being: it’s super common for gentiles to write about Jews marrying out.

(This may be applicable for other minorities too btw, but I see it for Jews all the time.)

You’ve all seen it. The two star crossed lovers: Julia McEnglish & Aaron Jewson. Aaron’s Jewish parents don’t like that he’s dating a goy, Julia can’t imagine giving up Christmas, but they just love each other anyway. Nearly always the minority character’s (although, sometimes it’s both characters as minorities) entire culture is eroticised and Orientalised. It’s their culture that throws up boundaries and difficulties to the relationship. And the tensions and upheaval of the stories are all found in the Jew’s culture being in the way. 

Now, does Judaism get in the way of interfaith marriages? Well, yes. Sometimes. Definitely in the Orthodox community. Do I think that this needs to be written about ad nausea? No, and definitely not by non-Jews. 

Other reasons why this trope should be put to rest is that it lies close to two other tropes: (1) the Jew marrying their oppressor & (2) Jewish men being repulsed by Jewish women trope.

(1) That first trope is a sliding scale, I’m sure many of these stories aren’t actually about Jews marrying their oppressor. Not every British person represents the dominant Christian society that oppressed Jews, denied them the ability to work, or obtain justice & periodically expelled them. The point is, that when you start putting your stories in vague sort-of history settings (fantasy or not) Jews reading it start feeling a bit uncomfortable. 

“Like sure… that Ottoman-esque empire definitely would be best friends with our Jewish coded minority character, everything looks totally legit here.”

“Hah - like, it’s 15th Century venice, but not. Super romantic, artistic, and beautiful. And the Jews are definitely not living in a ghetto.“ 

Jew’s have a long memory of their relationship with non-Jew’s throughout history, it is very easy to fall into this trope. (If I need to explain to you why this trope is bad, something has gone seriously wrong. Just don’t do it. It’s not even a new idea, it’s been done many times before.)

(2) This is an intra-Jewish issue, and something many Jewish women are speaking about in their own communities, but Jewish misogyny often manifests itself in Jewish men artists (writers, actors, producers, you name it) portraying Jewish women as the negative stereotypes hurled at us by antisemites. There’s a long narrative on this, one that I don’t think is appropriate for this audience. But the point is, even if you’re using what you think are Jewish sources to justify your men-marrying-the-pretty-non-jew story, it probably reeks of sexist antisemitism. 

So what should you be writing?

Well, the first thing is: let Jews fall in love with other Jews! What’s wrong with that? We’re great, we’re multifaceted, we deserve to get happy endings. Romance stories are wonderful, and although there definitely need to be more stories with female leads that don’t involve a romance plot (or even subplot) writing romance can be incredibly fulfilling to read. It’d be super awesome therefore  if you let us Jews actually feel valued and represented in it, and not make us feel like our culture is something to be fetishised for non-Jews. Or worse, that if you’re a Jew that is interesting/pretty/charismatic/worthy of someone falling in love with: then you’re not going to some lowly Jew to marry. “No-no, you’ve been elevated to non-Jew worthy!” (You get the idea?)

You can even have some exciting Jewish based tension: ashkenazi verses sefardi practices over pesach: “You made RICE for my OMA!?” “What? I checked every grain!” Or, “In my family we daven Nusach Ari.” “I didn’t know you were chabadniks, we use the artscroll siddur in shul, but we have koren at home.” “Oh phew, I worried you were going to say you read from the Birnbaum.” “Hey! We may be Baal Teshuvas, but we’re not stupid!”  See, the drama is endless. Jews literally love to crack open their practices and find out how what they do is significantly different. 

But what if you really want some interfaith representation?

Now, maybe you’re Jewish and from an interfaith background. Maybe you’re just itching to use some fun creative interfaith holidays for two communities to celebrate. Well, sure, I’m not banning you from writing it. (Although really, you should check yourself a little bit if you’re a non-Jew. Just why is this so important to you?) There are some one ways you can do it:

Make the interfaith relationship already established, this will work best if it’s instead the parents of the main character, but it can work either way. (Extra kudos is said child of interfaith couple gets to marry a Jew.)

Slice off all that creepy fetishisation, and show a loving & already thriving interfaith relationship, over coming hurdles and hardships from the outside world, succeeding because of the strength of their interfaith relationship.

Try to keep in-law drama to a minimum (especially if it’s only the Jew mother in law who is the problem. Don’t do that, it’s awful) and instead show that Judaism in a beautiful and intricate ethno-religious identity, that can survive and exist in an interfaith relationship.

Maybe write a story where there are other Jews also having adventures, and falling in love, but this time with another Jew! So the interfaith relationship doesn’t dominate the story, or make it seem like this is the only way Jews get to be romantic, or happy, in fiction.

One last thing: people, please write more Orthodox Jews. We love adventures too, and there’s so little Orthodox representation in media, that people don’t even know the difference between Orthodox, Haredi & Hassidic. All Jews are great though, y'all the best. 


Shira’s note:

It’s not just our women who are supposed to be undesirable, it’s also our men. There are more books out there than I’d like that pair our women with, and I am regrettably not exaggerating, literal Nazi officers. So obviously: don’t do this, but I think at least part of the reason it happens is that gentiles think our men are all Woody Allen or something. They’re not. As I’m fond of pointing out every time this comes up, slash fanfiction became a mass movement in fandom as a result of two of our men, Shatner and Nimoy, being too conventionally attractive to ignore. Natalie seems to have run into more of the other way around than I have, whereas I’ve see more of Jewish women with gentile men, but either way, the point stands.

Again, none of this is meant to say interfaith relationships shouldn’t be represented–heck, I’m in one since mine never went through with conversion and is a “Jewish-adjacent atheist” now–but when they’re all over the place to the point where we start feeling like gentile authors think all our genders are racing as fast as they can to avoid partnering up with another Jew, something is off kilter.

Remember, there are many scenarios that there is nothing wrong with in a vacuum because they exist IRL but when they’re overrepresented in writing by outsiders, they start to twist.


Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

In celebration of the newest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood, I drew my character, Y’shenn Tia, in the new monk gear! I definitely overestimated myself trying to get this done before Stormblood early access, haha. I’m still very happy with how it came out so far, and will probably go back to colour it for real when I have time!

I haven’t properly drawn anything in over a year, and it’s been even longer since I’ve been happy with a sketch. A few years ago, I lost confidence in my art, designs, writing, and character development. I stopped for a while as a result. It feels like I’ve been in a slump ever since. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and for sticking by me over the years! It really motivates me to take art more seriously again!

anonymous asked:

I have a bunch of stories that I'm working on but none of them feel... good? Like original or something that people would want to read. It makes me sad, and not want to work on them... do you have any tips for feeling like this? Have you ever felt like this? I'm frustrated with myself

I feel like that all the time. It’s hard not to when you spend so much time reading and watching Tv/movies. It seems like every thing I want to write about has been done before in a more interesting/more cohesive way.

But let me tell you why that’s definitely not the case.

You, as a writer, have your own historical perspective. You have values and opinions that differ from everyone else’s, events in your life that no one else has experienced, and you place importance on different parts in a story as a result. 

In little Red Riding Hood, what’s the most important part of the story to you? That her mother let her go through a wolf-infested forest in her own? That she wore red into a wolf-infested forest? Or is the most important part the way the woodsman bursts in to save her? Is it important what they do after the wolf is dead? Or do you think that’s all to tell?

Where are you going to start? Where will you end?

My advice is to take joy in what’s going to happen next. Write as much as you want on scenes that are important to you and as little as you can on those that aren’t. Your passion will change the shape of the story, make it something that feels new and exciting.

(actually, go ahead and try to rewrite a story like Little Red Riding Hood as if it’s one of your own stories. Then read someone else’s telling, then read yours. I think that’ll illustrate this point better than I can explain it.)

Be interested in what you write. Don’t just focus on Point A to Point B to Point C. Everyone can write Little Red Riding Hood, but only you can write The Tale of the Crimson Adventurer and her Unfortunate Foray into the Forest.

It’s not always about being unpredictable when you write. It’s about being compelling and the best way to be compelling is to be passionate.

So I have every confidence that you do have a wonderful story that people want to read. I have every confidence that you have a gorgeous story that needs to be told. The hard part is going to be finding the best way to tell it from your perspective.

arcpitia  asked:

What do you think Ouma would have been like if he survived to the end of the game? Or what about just outside of the game, like in an au where this game didn't happen? (I'm sorry I just love his character and I want the next game(?) that says no one ever died and they're all living happily)

There’s no need to apologize! I really love these particular questions, and it’s not exactly a secret that Ouma is my favorite DR character—I would honestly have loved to see him survive, moreso with what an important, vital character he was to the whole game even after his death. The fact that even after dying, Ouma was essentially “present” at both the Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 trials (first because of the Exisal plan with Momota, then because of all the clues, hints, and mysteries surrounding him that led to them finding out so much of the truth) has always struck me as very, very interesting. And he had so much potential as a survivor, especially with his cover blown and his plans against the mastermind made clear.

I’ve actually talked a little bit about my ideas on this before, in a post here a while back! And some people like @klepotmaniac and @ouma–kokichis have also expanded on the idea and been interested in it! I still feel like there was real potential to take the Exisal plan in Chapter 5 and take it in another direction entirely. It was still incredibly amazing with how well done it was in-game, of course, but I feel like there was definitely a very noticeable opening there where Ouma could actually have been one of the survivors.

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She’s No Angel

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A/n: Hi, I’m back. I tried something different.I don’t know how to explain it but Matt, a merely radar technician, seems to enjoy bullying and pushing the much-beloved reader to the edge. (I also apologize for the errors) Also, I changed some of the things but yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Part 2

“Did you hear about the new guy?” Lucky said. You shook your head. He knew that you would never know about these people with the hours you work. You were lucky to actually have friends at all, even if there were mostly troopers because of Lucky. They continued walking down the hall as he filled you in about some guy named Matt. With a sudden halt, you snapped out of it, with Lucky’s blaster stopping you.“There he is.” He cocked his helmet. You saw a rather large blonde man folded up on the floor trying to rewire a calcinator. You could obviously tell he was confused and didn’t know what he was doing. “Angel, watch this.” Lucky puffed his chest out. Instantly, you grabbed his arm. “Lucky, no! Stop!” He turned to look at you, even with the helmet on, you knew a smirk was plastered on his face. Lucky was definitely one the most sociable and admirable by many of his peers. Ranking top 5 in his class and working directly under Phasma, Lucky carried himself with a certain authoritative stride. Being lost in your thoughts, it was too late to stop his bullying. “Whaddup Matt?” Lucky said as he kicked a wrench away from Matt. Oh, and if looks can kill. Quickly and quietly, you made my way to retrieve the wrench. Even though you didn’t see him, you could feel his eyes watch my every move. “I-I’m sorry. I apologize on behalf of him.” you stuttered. His brown orbs seemed to peer into my soul. “Here you go.” You handed him the wrench. Soon a throbbing sensation was felt in your head. He just kept staring and never taking the wrench. ‘Ok take the wrench please, my legs are aching and this weird look is scaring me.’ He quickly snatched the wrench out your hand and glared. Rude. You stood up brushing your uniform off and walked down the hall. “Urgh!” You tripped in the vacant hallway, turning around to see if there were others. Only to see Matt smirking. He was an odd one.

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OMG!  I have over 100 followers.  I’m super excited and humbled and in celebration, I wrote this instead of working.  Inspired by a bit of makeup shopping I did on my lunch break. 

Description:  Reader x Bucky.  Bucky seems to appreciate your favorite lipstick.

Word Count: 658

Warnings:  None

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Seventeen Love

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m so proud of SEVENTEEN. They’ve come so far in such a short amount of time and it’s unbelievable. I’ve been with these boys almost since their debut. I was a bit late but I like to consider myself a semi-original Carat. They have changed so much since their debut in 2015. First doing energetic and cutesy love songs and then coming back with BOOM BOOM which definitely had a different feel from their songs before. And then they came back with their mini album just yesterday, AL1. It’s so different and very aesthetic compared to everything else they’ve done. It’s got a more mature feel and you can tell that they put a lot of work into it (not that they don’t with all of their other albums). SEVENTEEN makes their own music and they make their own choreography. They’ve got so much potential and I’m so happy for them. Please check out their new album. It’s so amazing and each song sounds perfect. They’re  such a pure group of funny, savage, cute, and silly boys. They deserve all of the love in the world. <333

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Title: I Wanna Be Yours

Title: I Wanna Be Yours

Pairing: Michael Jones/Reader/Gavin Free

A/N: IT’S HERE! After 4 months it’s finally finished! This is the longest fic i’ve ever written and I am so incredibly proud of it, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
It took a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of editing and planning, and I’m very very happy with the final product!

Thanks to my betas: the-baewoodchronicles and saucysag !!

I hope you all enjoy! :D <3

Prompt: Could I request a sexy-ish(not smut but like Bond villan-ish sex appeal) fic with Michael set to the tone of I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys?

WC: 18,957

T: Mentions of suicide attempt, Minor mentions of death, Angst, Fluff,  Mentions of drinking, Cursing
(If I’ve forgotten any let me know!)

Rating: PG-13


and so, it begins


He was breathtaking.

You watch as he enters the room. A suit that fits him perfectly in every way hugging his body and a smirk on his lips that sent your stomach and mind into a frenzy.

He moves through the room with a stride that says he’s confident in himself, in every way. His auburn curls styled to look like they took a week to get perfect, but in the same way, looked like it took him seconds, you didn’t know this was possible.

His eyes scan the room, and then land on yours. He had moved from the entrance to the small table holding snacks and other things such as drinks. His gaze holds on you for a second, and you suddenly feel like the smallest person in the room, feeling almost invisible in your new black dress that went right above your knee. The idea of strapless was suddenly a bad idea as shivers go up your spine, then again, that may not be the dresses, or the temperatures fault.

His eyes leave yours and continue through the crowd. You feel like you can finally breathe again. He acts as though he’s studying every last person in the room, his head turning to the right, and then his left, and then back to you.

No one else in the room had noticed his demeanor, or maybe they had and you were too focused on him to notice, but that doesn’t matter.
Then he starts that stupid, sexy, stride towards you. You feel your muscles tense and you prepare yourself as he nears closer. You let in a small breath of air and he finally is in front of you, taller than you expected up close.

“You’re blockin’ the way, sweetheart.” He says lightly, leaning down to whisper in your ear. You realize your lack of answer quickly, and nod, before stepping out of the way.
“Sorry..” You whisper lightly, and he straightens back out.
“No worries, babe. See ya sometime.” He sends a wink to you, before walking out of the door that you were previously standing in front of. Your shoulders drop, and you let out a sharp breath of air, before turning to find your friend you had showed up with.


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The one time I did molly it was under slightly weird circumstances and I had been told not to eat beforehand but I was SO hungry I had to eat before, which prolonged the comeup for like a good hour. If you have never done it, the comeup is HARD and FAST and very uncomfortable and I’m a pretty chill person so I was calm while it was happening because I knew it would pass but omg. Next time (errrr I would NEVER do that again, I mean) I would definitely eat AFTER. But it was fun. You feel suuuuuuper calm. Kissing feels nice on it too.

Astro | Rookies

Genre: fluff

Pairing: reader x sanha

Word count: 1,834 (I got so carried away omg)


“Three minutes until we’re live.” your manager warned you as you sat in the chair in front of the makeup artist. It was a radio show, so you didn’t know why they were doing your makeup but someone told you there’d be photos and you weren’t going to object to having your makeup done nicely for free either. You nodded at her as she ran around making sure everything was ready for your interview. You’d debuted a couple of months ago as a solo singer for a newish company and so far you’d been doing pretty well. People seemed to be really enjoying your music and you gave off this indie school girl vibe that lots of people seemed to like.

You’d been on a radio show before and loved it. They usually consisted of some silly games, some questions from fans and a live performance. It was always really fun but you were nervous for this one. This particular radio show had you paired with a rookie group that had debuted soon after you. Instead of two hour long segments, they’d given you a two hour long one and decided you and the group Astro would share and do all the fun games and questions together. You knew some of Astro’s songs and were familiar with the members. From what you knew you were younger than most of them but fell somewhere between Rocky and Sanha, the youngest two.

Before you’d gone for your makeup, you met the boys briefly. They were all incredibly nice and you were excited to be hanging out with them for a couple of hours even if the nerves of performing in front of them were really getting to you. The youngest member in particular had caught your eye when you first met. He seemed very sweet. He was tall, bubbly and loud and towered over you upon meeting you telling you a dumb joke and then laughing too much to finish it. You hoped maybe this two our radio slot would be enough to start off some kind of friendship between the two of you.

“Everyone to their seats please.” One of the radio presenters called and the seven of you stood up and walked over to the table where the mics were sat with your names at each chair. For some strange reason, they’d placed you in the middle of the group between Moonbin and Eunwoo. You thought it would’ve made more sense for you to be on the end but assumed they just wanted you to feel included as you were here alone after all. The six boys smiled at you in reassurance as the radio show started and the presenters did the usual intro to the segment. Once that was over, you all took turns in introducing yourselves and pictures were taken of the seven of you smiling for the radio companies website.

You were relieved by how friendly the presenters were and how quickly everyone eased into conversation. It felt so natural and you were really beginning to enjoy yourself. You, Rocky and Sanha all laughed together with the presenters about the struggles of being an idol whilst in school and then came the time to talk about yours and Astro’s new mini albums.

It was nice hearing all about the new summer vibes album and listening to snippets of song but then came the time to talk about your album called Rewind. The songs were of a slightly older style that you’d enjoyed back home and decided to bring over to Korea when you moved to the company. Some you’d written yourself and you explained this to the presenters who “oohed” and “ahhed” over your talent. Then came the moment you dreaded.

“A little birdie told me that you’re going to perform for us today Y/n.” One presenter asked and you nodded shyly ignoring the sounds of surprise coming from the boys next to you who had no idea beforehand.

“Umm yes,” you agreed standing up to move to where your other mic and guitar were set up on the end of the row you were in next to where Sanha sat. “This song is called The Game and it’s about how things were so glossed over and perfect as a child and the happiness kids could find from the smallest things. It makes me think of my childhood back home and all the silly games I’d play.” You blushed feeling everyone’s eyes on you as you picked up your guitar.

“For those who have heard it, you’ll know this is a great song and for those who haven’t we hope you enjoy.” The other presenter explained to the listeners as you positioned your guitar on your lap and looked over to your manager for the signal to start. Once she nodded, your fingers began to pluck away at the strings naturally playing the same tune you’d come up with once upon a time in your room at night. As you sung the first line, you shook a little from the nerves but held it together delivering the song perfectly. As it progressed, your fear slowly ebbed away and you began to get into the song. All eyes were on you and yours were on your guitar not wanting to look up because you didn’t want to get over confident and mess up. However, due to looking down the whole time you failed to notice one of the six boys enjoying the song far more than he was letting on. Sanha sat on the end facing you silently mouthing all of the words perfectly. Once the song was over, you set down your guitar and smiled up at the six boys in front of you trying to hide your blush as you saw their smiles, Sanha’s being the biggest by far.

“That was great, what a brilliant song right?” one presenter said to the other.

“Yes!” the other agreed. “Thank you for that y/n.”

“No worries thank you for enjoying my work.” You smiled before returning to your seat.

“That was really good y/n.” Eunwoo whispered as you sat down next to him.

“Really? Thank you!” you whispered back. He smiled back in acknowledgement before the presenters began to talk again. They continued to ask you about you album and the individual songs you’d sung and the meaning behind some of them.

“So,” one presenter turned to the boys. “Do any of you have a favourite song on Y/n’s album?” The boys sat in silence not knowing what to say. It was evident none of them had really listened to much of your music which was understandable. They were problem busy a lot of the time and you had very different styles in music from each other and in all honesty you weren’t all that familiar with their music either. It was almost at the point of being awkward before Sanha piped up.

“I really like the style of The Game but I’d say my favourite song on the album is Memories. I love the contrast of the guitar style with her voice.” He said confidently smiling at you. You sat their slightly in shock. Not only did he know your music well enough to answer but his favourite song was the same as yours. You blushed at his words.

“So it sounds like you know the album well?” the presenter asked. “Are you by any chance a fan of y/n and her music?” Now it was Sanha’s turn to blush.

“Well actually yes.” He explained. “I listened to her album when it came out just by chance and it’s really the style of music I like so I’ve been listening to it a lot. It’s actually really cool to be sat here talking to her so normally as well.”

“I think someone is smitten.” Moonbin added making everyone laugh and Sanha blush even more.

“Sanha, you play guitar don’t you?” the other presenter asked. He nodded in agreement. “Do you think you and y/n would ever consider doing a collaboration one day?”

“I would really like to yes.” He answered looking at you.

“How about you y/n.” they asked turning to you.

“I think that would be really cool! Our managers should definitely get on that.” You giggled feeling almost as embarrassed.

The rest of the conversation flowed well and soon the presenters told you about some fun games they wanted to try on the show which other idols had done before. Stuff like guessing the song from the backing track and trying to sing at twice the speed. It was really funny but before long, the two hours were coming to an end.

“Well, it’s been awesome having you on here but I’m afraid our time is coming to an end.” One presenter said sadly.

“Yes, you’ve been great company and we hope to see you back soon!” the other agreed. Once you all said your goodbyes the light on the wall turned off signifying that you were no longer live. You and Astro stood up and left the studio walking out into the sitting room where you all sat and talked for a while. You’d had fun meeting them and were positive that you’d stay friends after this. As you eventually packed up your guitar and things to leave, you felt someone tap on your shoulder from behind. When you turned around, you were met buy a chest and looked up to see Sanha towering over you. You’d only just noticed how tall he really was.

“Hey.” He said blushing.

“Hi.” You smiled.

“I just wanted to say it was really cool meeting you today and that I really like your music.” He stumbled over his words slightly.

“Thank you so much! I definitely want to check out your stuff some more Astro seems really cool!”

“Well I definitely am.” He laughed.

“So were you serious about maybe doing a collab sometime?” you blushed at this question. He actually wanted to? You didn’t expect him to be serious but you were definitely up for spending more time with him.

“Yeah I think it’d be really fun. I’ll ask my manager to call yours or something I guess.”

“Awesome! I’m definitely holding you to that.” he grinned.

A small while later everyone began saying their goodbyes and leaving the building when you felt someone shove something in your hand and looked up to see Sanha give you a small wink and then walk off with the other boys. He gave you a small wave before getting back in the car they arrived in and drove off. You looked at what was in your hand and realised it was a scrumpled up piece of paper. You opened it fully and read it. Written in somewhat rushed and messy handwriting was a phone number and a short sentence at the bottom which made you blush upon reading it.

I’d love to see you again y/n, don’t leave it to the managers :)

Straight White Male Showrunner: I have the best idea, it is revolutionary, never been done before, totally new, totally original, definitely never used before, 100% My Idea™

The Writers: ok what is it

Straight White Male Showrunner: let’s kill off the gay character that you guys have spent so much time and hard work developing, and let’s do it in the worst way possible

The Writers:

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- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

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Sugg Sibling Day - Joe Sugg (Requested)

Everything was set up. You went out yesterday and bought about two carts worth of snacks to make sure you would have enough to last you through the day. The water balloons were completely filled and ready to be fired. You had about 4 cartons of ice cream in the fridge enough for the two of you. Plus, you had the living room set up like a mini movie theater so you would be comfortable for your movie marathon.

Today was the day that you and Joe had set aside last week to hang out. Joe has been busy lately with YouTube and going here and going there. You never got to see him anymore. You missed your older brother. You needed some Sugg Sibling time. Zoe was supposed to come along too, but she called you the night before telling you that she had gotten sick and couldn’t make it. You were sad, but perfectly okay with it.

Out of all the Sugg siblings, you and Joe were definitely the closest. You guys were practically inseparable from the very beginning. He was only about 2 years older than you, so you guys basically did everything together. Your friends were his friends, and his friends were your friends. You were absolutely elated when you had found out that your brother had made it big on YouTube. You were one of his biggest supporters.

You have been looking forward to this day for a week now. You went into the living room and popped in the first movie. You weren’t going to begin it yet, but you just wanted everything to be perfect to maximize the potential of this day. Saying you were excited was an understatement.

You went and sat down on the couch and waited there for Joe to arrive. Before you knew it, you realized Joe was supposed to be at your place about 3 hours ago. You tried calling Joe’s phone, but you didn’t get an answer. He always answered your calls…Where was he? Surely if he had gotten sick he would have called you to let you know. Maybe he had gotten hurt? No, the hospital would have called you. You had decided you were going to call Caspar while you waited. Next to Joe, Caspar was your favorite person in the entire world. You called him up and he answered after the first ring.  “Yo Y/N, what’s up?”

“Hey Cas, you wouldn’t happen to know where Joe is, would you?” You asked. “He was supposed to come over 3 hours ago and I’ve been waiting for him.”

“No, I’m not sure, why don’t you give Marcus a call? He might know more than I do.” Caspar suggested. “Joe was out of the house before I woke up this morning.”

“Okay, thanks anyway Cas.” You sighed.

“Sorry I couldn’t be much help.” Caspar apologized. “I wish there was something more I could do for you.”

“It’s alright,” You said. “I’ll give Marcus a call, thank you!”

“Peace out girl scout.” Caspar said and hung up. He always ended your calls the same way. It was weird, but it never failed to make you giggle. You decided to follow Caspar’s advice and call Marcus. Who knows, maybe he did know were Joe was after all.

“Hello?” Marcus greeted. “What’s up Y/N?”

“Hey, do you know where my brother is by any chance?” You asked, not expecting a positive answer.

“Yeah, he’s right here with me, Alfie, and Jim actually.” Marcus said, much to your surprise. “You want to chat with him?”

“Oh, no.” You sighed. “No that’s fine. I was just checking in on him, that’s all. Thanks, Marcus.” You didn’t even wait for him to respond before you hung up. You felt tears come to your eyes. Your own brother would rather hang out with his friend than with you. He ditched you for Marcus, Alfie, and Jim. Suddenly you felt your phone vibrate against your leg. You answered the phone without even checking who it was. “Hello?”

“Y/N, are you alright?” You hear your brother ask, his voice filled with worry.

“No, Joe. I’m not alright.” You snapped. “Why would you just ditch me like that? I got everything ready for us and everything.”

“Ready for what?” Joe asked confused. “Oh my god that was today wasn’t it? Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s whatever Joe, I’ll just ask Caspar to come over.” You sighed.

“Y/N, I honestly thought that was tomorrow.” Joe persisted. “You know I would never stand you up like this on purpose. Especially not for these buffoons here!” You heard a chorus of protests in the back of Joe’s call.

“Then why didn’t you answer your phone when I called you earlier?” You cried. “I’ve been waiting for 3 hours, Joe.”

“Y/N, my phone was off. I guess I must have sat on it weird.” Joe told you. “You’ve done it before, you know how easy it is. I’m sorry you’ve been waiting. Why don’t we do it tomorrow? I promise you I’ll be there.”

“You swear to me?” You sniffed.

“Definitely.” Joe said. “I feel absolutely awful.”

“Well, you should.” You said. “But I guess we can do it tomorrow.”

“Of course. I’ll find a way to make it up to you, I promise.”

“It better be good, Suggy.”

“I promise you, it will be.”

“Alright, well I’ll let you go then. I’ve got some cleaning up to do around here.” You said. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Joe.”

“Once again, I’m sorry, Y/N.” Joe apologized one more time. “I can’t wait to spend some time with you tomorrow. I’ll talk with you then.” With that you hung up the phone and proceeded to put everything away.

You waited for a week, you were sure you could wait just one more day.

"Shut up.”

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 (CACW) Peter Parker x Reader

Request: In honour of Tom Holland’s birthday, is it possible you could do a fan fiction in which the Avengers tease the reader about her feelings for Peter Parker? And in addition maybe some girly chats with Wanda and Nat that involves even more teasing?(You can choose whether the reader was already aware of her feelings or if she didn’t realize she liked/loved him until the Avengers said something about it) also they are both best friends before this discussion happened. I know you’ve kinda done things with this but I want more details! Also I adore all your stories and head canons and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was an unusually peaceful day at the tower. Surprisingly, there were none of the usual explosions or loud arguments. It seemed like everybody was too busy doing their own thing to be shouting at each other. You were extremely grateful for this. The Avengers may have been older than you, but they definitely didn’t act like it. You often had to break up petty fights between your team members, whether it be about who had better hair or the best fighting skills.

So, as you sat down at the table with your bowl of cereal, you let out a pleasant sigh. Maybe, just maybe, you could have a nice, quiet meal without any snarky remarks or food fights. Yes, that would be perfect. As you scooped up a spoonful of soggy cornflakes from your bowl, you heard the sound somebody entering the kitchen.

You glanced sideways, to see Tony, standing there in all of his usual smug glory. You tried to ignore him, knowing that smug Tony was never a good omen. From what you could see, he was wearing his usual Ray Ban sunglasses (Even though he was indoors. You could never understand that man), and his Black Sabbath shirt. With arms crossed, he strode over to where you were sitting and pulled out a chair, promptly sitting on it, still smirking at you.

“So, Y/n,” Tony said, lacing his fingers. “Parker, huh?”

You, who hadn’t really been listening (Whoops), simply nodded, savouring the sweet taste of your cereal. It had been so long since you had had a serene meal, and you really could not be stuffed letting Tony ruin it with his prying questions. 

“Really?” the billionaire asked, still staring at you intently. “I didn’t think you were into the bumbling, dorky type.”

“Mhm,” you mumbled, mouth still full of cornflakes and milk. You still had no idea what Tony was saying. And quite honestly, you couldn’t care less. 95% of the time Tony said something, it was about how generous and amazing he was.

Tony kept on asking you questions, where your answers would usually be a grunt or a shrug. Every now and then, you caught on to the words ‘Peter,’ ‘Spider-boy’ and ‘I can’t believe it’. Tony, obviously dissatisfied by your unintelligible answers, stood up and exited the room with his usual dramatic flair. You were a bit weirded out, but you put it off as Tony just being his ordinary, nosy self. Hopefully the rest of your day wouldn’t be as weird as your morning had been.

But, of course, it only got stranger.


You punched the red boxing bag repeatedly. You were in the training room, running, punching, kicking, climbing, repeat. Of course, Tony being one who especially enjoyed extravagance, had installed a heap of unnecessary equipment in the gym. Anti-gravity treadmills lined the walls, some even hanging sideways on the walls for a bit of an ‘extra challenge.’ You had tried running on one of the sideways treadmills, but, unluckily for you, you only ended up with a severely bruised back. Some of the equipment in there hadn’t even been invented for the public yet. And you definitely did not want to try them out.

You continued to strike the poor bag over and over again. You had nearly knocked the bag off its hook, when an arrow whizzed past you so closely that you could feel the fletching graze over your ear.

“What the- “ you hissed, spinning around. Maybe it was just you, but getting shot in the head by an arrow was not your idea of fun.

Clint Barton, with his bow still aimed, folded his arms, grinning at you. “Now, Y/n. Better not be caught using bad words.”

You stuck your tongue out at him, glaring in his direction. “Then don’t aim your arrow at my head. I’d prefer to be alive in time for lunch. What are you doing here anyway?”

Clint’s Cheshire cat smile grew even larger. “I know your secret.”

You froze. Millions of thoughts raced around your mind. Did he find out about your secret stash of pop tarts? Oh no, he probably learned about the dead rat you put in Tony’s bedroom. Crap.

“What secret?” you said, blinking innocently.

“I know you like Parker. Peter Parker. The spider kid.”

Silence filled the air. The tension in the room was so thick you could have cut it with the knife. You gaped at the archer, your jaw hitting the floor. How… how did he know. How the hell had he found out. Yeah, sure, you found Peter attractive… and funny… and adorable… and dorky…

“What are you talking about?” you smirked warily, trying to recover from your moment of weakness.

Clint rolled his eyes, sass radiating off of him. “Kid, don’t even try lying. Mainly because you suck at it.”

You closed your gaping mouth, narrowing your eyes at Clint. “Alright, let’s say I do like Peter. How would you know?”

“I stalked you when I was in the vents.”


“Ow!” Clint whined, rubbing the back of his head. “What was that for?”

“That was for stalking me, you creep,” you grumbled, hitting his arm. “You tell anybody I like Peter, your arrows will die.”

Clint could only nod meekly as you strode out of the room.


You glanced around the corner, looking around for any sign of human life. After your conversation with Clint, you didn’t want anybody else asking you anymore awkward questions. You especially didn’t want anybody else to know about your crush. Or, even worse, for Peter to find out. Unfortunately for you, you were surrounded by a bunch of intrusive adults that acted like pre-schoolers.

You had just about figured the coast was clear, when a warm hand grasped your shoulder. You yelped slightly, whipping around in a defensive stance. You were ready to break the neck of any intruder that had broken into the Avengers Tower.

“Whoa, Tiger,” Natasha steadied, raising her hands. “It’s just me. Calm down.”

“Nat,” you breathed, relieved. “What are you doing here?”

Natasha crossed her arms (God, what’s up with all these Avengers always crossing their arms?). “Why’ve you been avoiding everyone today?”

“W-what?” you stuttered, trying to recover from shock. You knew Natasha was a super spy, but could she really tell you were trying to become invisible for the day?

“Y/n, I’m a trained Russian elite spy. Do you really think I wouldn’t know you’re trying to avoid everyone because you like the Parker boy?”

Darn. You knew Natasha was good, but not this good. First Tony, then Clint, and now Natasha. Were you really that obvious about your crush? You hoped not.

“Sweetheart, come into my room,” Natasha smiled, opening her door. “Let’s have a talk.”

You walked into the spy’s room, looking around. You could see Wanda, hovering cross-legged in mid-air, beaming at you. You could tell the two women couldn’t wait for you to spill the beans.

“Well,” you started, emotionally preparing yourself for a whole lot of drama. “Th thing is…”


Chilling on the couch, you let out a big huff. Today, there had been too much drama for you to handle. At the start of the morning, you had been foolish enough to think the day would be peaceful. Ha, ha, ha, no. One of the disadvantages of being an Avengers. No peace, not ever. Not even if you buried yourself in a hole on the other side of the world. The Avengers would still manage to find you.

You picked up the TV remote, casually flipping from channel to channel. You couldn’t be bothered to move from the couch. You were wearing your ‘don’t give a crap anymore’ clothes. Meaning and old shirt and old sweatpants. And also slightly old leftovers. Whatever.

You were just about to shove in another mouthful of pepperoni pizza when somebody covered your eyes with their hands. “Guess who,” the person behind you laughed.

Your body went rigid. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It couldn’t be. It was impossible. You turned around, praying to God that it wasn’t who you thought it was.

“Hey, Y/n,” the one and only Peter Parker greeted excitedly.

You wanted to bury yourself in a hole. And shrivel up and fade away into oblivion. You suddenly became self-conscious about your old clothes and stinky pizza. Your face changed from thirty-two different shades of red.

“Uh, Peter,” you said, rubbing the back of your neck nervously. “What are you doing here?”

“Just thought I’d visit,” he chirped in his usual happy voice. “Mr Stark also invited me as well.”

Tony, who had been casually sipping some alcoholic concoction, raised his glass to you behind Peter’s back.

You smiled rigidly, trying to listen to Peter’s voice as you thought up of ways on how to strangle Tony when Peter left.

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Why I Personally Support Bellamy Blake and Bob Morley

I was originally gonna reblog this from this post by @magicalice but I just decided to post this by myself. I just wanted to give credit to her post for inspiring me to write this post.

Now I know I’m not a big blog and I don’t have that many followers but I just wanted to voice my opinion in general even if it’ll just get swallowed in the whirlwind of other posts, but what saddens me the most is Bob will probably never see this and will never know how thankful I am that for once there was someone who can represent me and advocate problems I have personally gone through. 

I remember reading his speech on “What Men Really Think About Their Body” and I know that the majority of the speech was about body image but the first part of his speech where he talked about his racial identity was what struck me the most. Because for once in my life I felt like someone out their has finally understood and has gone through similar racial and cultural identity problems that I have faced. 

My body - my physicality - has both protected me and isolated me. As a child, primary school was unkind to me. Growing up in a small country town where coming from a mixed-race family was alien, the racial taunts were abundant, and my thick black hair and my dark complexion were a dead giveaway that I was different, let alone my proud Filipino mother.

Emotionally too weak to deal with the racial slurs, my body responded and became my savior. I learned to use my physicality as a means of defense. I was the kid so puffed up with bravado and aggression, yet so full of pain. And I carried this big posture all throughout high school, making sure I was the biggest, strongest, and angriest as a device to ward off the would-be tormentors. Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger hung on my wall - my inspiration to keep up the the facade of the alpha male. My heroes. My idols. Both strong and indestructible, if there was a problem, it was resolved with a clenched fist.

I live in Japan and even though I’m half Japanese I look pretty “white” so no one ever refers to me as “Japanese” until I speak to them or tell them my I’m half. Which comes with a lot of unwarranted racism and stereotyping thrown towards my way. I have personally had more rejection and racism thrown at me in Japan than I have in the states. So when I was little and was stuck in Japanese schools I didn’t know how else to face racism and rejection from my own culture so I resorted to my physical strength. I didn’t know how else to defend myself against unrelenting people who called me “foreigner”, said my blood was “tainted” and blamed me for world war 2. Eventually that didn’t get me anywhere and before I realised it I became the bully that I hated and thought I was defending against all those years and that’s how Bellamy has represented me and I think a lot of people in terms of self loathing. Even though I have personally not taken any lives unlike Bellamy I still struggle with my own self loathing. Yes some of it was from the racist things I’ve been told but a lot of it also has come from my guilt from bullying people, in general shitty things I have done to people, and feeling rejection from some of my family members. I know that I am not conventionally what people say is feminine or “what girls should be like”. I cuss, I’m loud, I can’t give a shit about how I look half of the time, I’m blunt and I’m argumentative. Which now that I’m on tumblr I know that these are qualities that I should actually be fine with and that I’m definitely not the only one but before going on here I hated myself for being like that since most of the time people had a negative reaction to it. Which is why I relate to Bellamy’s self loathing of himself so much because its exactly like what those voices tell me on a usual basis. 

However, the reason why I truly love Bellamy and his story is that he showed me yes it is possible to heal and try and come in terms with yourself. I know that a lot of people were frustrated with his arc in 3A (same as me) but now that I see how everything played out I loved how Bellamy finally got to face his own guilt and to try to let go of his anger. 

This is why I’m always sad and disappointed that Bellamy gets a lot of hate, I am fine with constructive criticism and it would be immature not to. But it saddens me when exaggerated crap like “mass murderer” shows up, yes Bellamy has done a lot of horrible things but you can say that about almost any other character of the show, and that is basically the whole point of the show. “There are no good guys”

However, what angers me is when Bob gets hate over what he beautifully portrays on screen. For the billionth time, he’s doing what his job is requiring him to do, and he is a wonderful person so why should he have to receive hate. What saddens me is that he has to see irrational, immature people send hate to him everyday just because his character doesn’t meet their agenda. What also saddens me is that Eliza and him can’t publicly celebrate being nominated for the Teens Choice Awards. What saddens me is that they have to censor what they want to say to please a crowd of people who don’t even represent the rest of this shows fandom. 

So, to Bob if you ever see this:

Thank you so much for representing and giving strength to us mixed asians, Filipino, and people who have problems with body image, and cultural rejection. Thank you for fleshing out the complex and amazing character of Bellamy. No one else would have done a better job and we all thank you for doing it amazingly. You represent a lot of us that usually don’t get a voice and it is refreshing to finally have someone who is amazing as you to represent us considering for some you are the only representation we have. So please remember that even amongst the negativity that there are people who support you and people you have had a very positive affect on. 

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Most of the banner thing was bc crunchystims defended maps, if it was someone who hadn't done something wrong it would have been rude but.. if someone defends pedos idc if they are made fun of

Oh, dear. 

I don’t want to go here on my blog, but I feel like this is something that needs more understanding. 

Harming a child is never okay. I am 100% against sexual abuse, of course, considering I’m a survivor. By definition, a pedophile is someone attracted to children. At first, I thought all of them were bad, but I was educated by this post. 

I recognize this is a highly controversial topic, and I apologize. Before I get flooded with asks, I want to restate my disclaimer. I do not support abuse. I never said that. I believe somebody should not be punished for a crime they did not commit. 

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SAVE ME (General Idea but I believe it was via a icon.)

Have I been here before? I feel like I’ve been here before.’ Archer thinks to himself as he drew back his arrow. He then lets the arrow fly. It zips across the air, and nailed Caster’s opponent between the eyes.

As he lowered his bow, he mused himself.

“I’ve definitely done this before.”