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hey folks life update: 

  • i’ve spent the past six months learning about russian history from 860CE-1920s and it’s been…… wild…. to say the least. i’m done with it now!! it’s definitely opened up a large part of the world for me, i’m going to miss it. which is very un-me and if u told the me i was before these past months that i would genuinely love russian history, i would have… not believed u 
  • i’m going to a different college for spring quarter to do some archaeology/art history stuff, which is going to be good for my very bad mental health
  • the dig i’m going to be participating in this summer in turkey is still on track to actually happen…. which is also wild
  • i’m hoping to do some independent research on my own in the spring.. focusing on histories in areas of the world that i won’t get to learn about in undergrad or grad school
  • that’s it

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Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see it! Would you ever consider making a Kickstarter (or some other crowdfunding campaign)? I think you could easily make your goal and more with the quality of the art, the diverse cast and the amount of work you've put into the game already. It could be a good way to make the game bigger and more intricate than you'd hoped, and you'd be able to gain more exposure too. I would definitely back your campaign~ Regardless, good luck! <3

I have thought about it before but I wanna make sure I can get at least the full 14 episode demo ready before that. I always intended for the demo to have the full common route and I’ve been slowly chipping away at getting it done :^V plus I don’t wanna do a big crowdfunding campaign before I feel like I’ve made significant progress

At the very least I want to be able to get money for new backgrounds and partial voice acting (I kinda changed my mind abt it lately lol :’^3) so I absolutely wanna give it a try

Regarding The NG Codes (Theory)

Admittedly, I don’t have a whole lot to go off of, but I feel like out of all my DR3 theories I have come up with, this one is probably one of the easiest to justify atm. It’s not a complete theory, I feel like I’m reaching a little bit to find answers to the stuff I can’t explain, but hey maybe y’all have ideas or maybe it corresponds to stuff we don’t all know yet. Either way, I think I might have…something, personally. It would definitely explain away something that people seemed to have thought was weird in Episode 8 of Future.

Spoilers for all episodes of DR3 out atm (as well as the first two DR games, obviously) under the cut

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It doesn’t feel like I post much artwork often due to school n work, but I DO sketch quite a lot. I’m trying to maintain a digital sketchbook and sketch more before doing projects.
These are warm-ups that I’ve done throughout the summer. Most of em have been posted already on my Twitter or King and Lionheart instagram that I recently started. Those accounts have artwork that I don’t post anywhere else so check em out! I’ll post couple of links down below

So yeah, I really really enjoy sketching digitally and will definitely do more of em.

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