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#find yourself someone who looks at you the way dominic sherwood looks at matthew daddario


f(x) has deserved better since 2009

hey guys I sure do bet you care about my opinions on this season since I’ve not been on tumblr for over six months! but I’ve been vague-anoning on itsalwayssunny’s tumblr, and I haven’t seen anyone considering the things I’m talking about. so I feel like yelling random thoughts at the tag and then disappearing into nothingness, while everyone’s too busy being happy about mac to care anyway.

SO first of all, some quick ‘hero or hate crime?’ meta: 

there’s so many little things that made the impact of that ‘coming out’ scene so strong. aside from the obvious, like how it was his choice and how rob played that beautiful moment and everything that’s been giffed and covered up to now but also -

I love how mac has so clearly been doing his research, even though the etymology he quotes of the ‘f’ slur is a myth (but he probably googled it or something). he’s saying thoughts and arguments that anti-bigotry groups say (’why is the idea of sucking cock offensive?’). he’s quoting an urban legend that’s most famous from a chuck palahniuk story (a gay author who writes a lot about masculinity). I feel like he spent the last year ‘back in’ the closet marinating over it privately, and then - 

I mean, they say he came out over $14. but actually he didn’t come out over anything. the ticket wasn’t scratched off yet. the ticket could have been absolutely worthless, but three different characters talk about how it represents something else. it’s a blank page, the potential for new possibilities and a new life. mac came out because he’s clearly thinking about it, and maybe his life would be just a little better for it. and a lot of the prize is swallowed up by the arbiters and the petty in-fighting and refusal to grow the arbitration represents, but in the end mac has his day, and he comes away richer than he was before, literally and not.

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I have a lot of feelings about damon and graham and at least 82% of them have to do with the gif of them kissing

if by feelings you mean GRAMON FEELS then yeah, i too have a lot of feelings about damon and graham. they have such a lovely relationship and it has been through so much but they are like soul mates and it is really beautiful, they both seem so grateful to have each other in their lives again and AHHHH FEELS!! SO MANY FEELS!!!! :’)))))))))

i mean..

you mentioned this

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AND they are just so…

freaking adorable and sweet and lovely

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gramon is the most beautiful thing :’))))))

(oh and lastly, this is them at glastonbury in 97? i can’t remember which year BUT AHHHHHHHHH)


A Letter

Jughead Jones
Quote: Somebody asked me if I knew you, a million memories flashed through my mind and I just smiled and said I used to. 

Dear Jughead,

It’s crazy to me that I’m writing to you right now. I couldn’t honestly tell you how many times I’ve backspaced this very sentence. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to email you this because it’s been years since we’ve exchanged any kind of words with each other. Funny how that is, isn’t it? We both live in this godforsaken town and go to the same school, how is it that we’ve hardly said a word to one another? It’s mind blowing how friendships can die within such close proximity. 

But, we both know I’m to blame for the end of ours. I won’t deny it and I will never deny it. It was my fault. I left you. I left you high and dry like you were nothing. And for that, I’m truly sorry because even with the friends I have made in this small town. The friendship we shared will always be my favorite because you understood me. You never judged me, never scolded me, never told me what to do, and most importantly accepted me and my flaws. Granted, we were a lot younger back then but it didn’t matter. You liked me for me and I liked you for you. The simpler times, right?

Earlier, I was searching through old photo albums and a picture of you and I surfaced and I was reminded of all the mischievous things we’d do. The picture was of us at that carnival the town over had, you remember, right? The one that used to scare me to death because of that over sized clown cut out? I laugh at myself now because it such a ridiculous thing to be scared of. But, in this picture, we were hugging. You were wearing your famous crowned beanie and I, well, I was wearing my hair in my famous braided pigtails. I cringe at the thought of how my hair was day in and day out for seven years straight. I’m really glad I outgrew that. But, that beanie always looked good on you, though. I could never imagine you without it and still couldn’t. 

As I sat in the middle of my room staring at this picture, a friend asked if I knew you. Like actually knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind and all I could do was smile and say I used to. 

I want to apologize, Jughead. Because I feel like I never did and you deserve that. And with all the crazy events that have been happening in this town, I feel like you and I both need closure. After everything you went through, the last thing you needed was for me to walk away and abandon the friendship we had. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I know that now. And I know that you probably will never forgive me and I don’t blame you. But, I want you to know that I really am sorry. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you when your father failed you for the millionth time and got arrested. I’m sorry that I’m not there to tell you that you’re better than what you think. I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize that I had loved you a lot more than a friend all those years ago. 

 I hope that you’re doing better because you deserve that and so much more. Surround yourself with your friends, Jug. They won’t desert you like I did. And don’t feel the need to reply, we don’t have to pretend to mend a broken thing. I just needed you to know what has been locked up in my stupid brain. 


[Your name]


Continuing @fear-is-nameless and @hufflepufftrax‘s posts on recent video titles, I feel like there might be something interesting in this episode as well. “It’s a race against death” hit me as a sentence: it might have been said in the heat of the moment but it’s rather fitting for Anti, don’t you think? A race against death.. so Anti is fighting to get what he wants from us? To.. kill Jack? To kill us? And “down with the sickness: is the disease already spreading?
Also: have you guys noticed that Jack has been scratching his eye a LOT recently? Almost as if something is wrong with his body..

a letter to mcr and my followers

hi it’s jenny aka frankierosghost

i have had this mcr blog for abt two yrs now, and i feel like ive rlly grown through this community of ppl who also like mcr and stuff. (sorry im not good at being sappy). mcr idk has always been a good part of my life and lots of good memories and stuff. however, i feel like im moving on to different hobbies and music tastes. mcr will always hold a special place in my heart and i still love them to pieces. but for now im going to be a kpop blog (monsta x!!!) and i understand if you want to unfollow or it mutuals unfollow too. i just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around for two yrs and reblogging and liking my edits and gifs and using icons i made. its been a great two yrs and i didnt even expect to get followers but wow ppl follow me and its so weird to think abt. but rlly thank you thank you thank you!

haha i hope you can all forgive me for being a kpop blog love you all!

- jenny (used to be frankierosghost now monstox)


She’s very pragmatic. That’s what Lexa is. She’s a pragmatist. I don’t think she’s cold-hearted. It’s just she’s realistic and she’s been taught to be that way. It’s a very harsh world she comes from and she’s had to grow up with a lot of — that culture is so gritty and violent and raw and so she just has to go along with that. But I think she feels greatly but it’s like to do the best job you can to protect people, you shut off or you try to make it so people can’t see your feelings.

Newsies Live, a review of sorts

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So it’s looking like the reply I wrote up last night for @party-with-books on mobile, during a wifi issue, is just not going to ever post and is lost to the netherworld, which is unfortunate because, even if nothing I said was coherent, I wrote it while everything was still fresh and I was still on the most beautiful ecstasy high - the kind you can’t get arrested for. But I’m gonna try to do the play justice here, and using a lot of gifs, XD so we shall see.

Guys. Guys. Guuuuyyysssss. I just can’t. Let me start by saying I have never seen a stage production of Newsies. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months, but for a lot of the bits the stage show has added or edited from the original film’s story, I had absolutely zero context for, and the soundtrack is sadly missing like a crap ton of reprises. Therefore, if you care about spoilers, I suggest you stop reading this and wait for the dvd to come out or something, because I don’t feel like holding anything back.

After that note, where the heck do I even begin? The production itself. And by that, I don’t just mean the sets and the cast and the lighting and the camera. Nah, primarily at this point, I mean Spectacle.

I’ve now seen a good number of shows, in various formats, but none of them have been so energetic, alive, and overwhelming. The dancing is superb. I know for the filming they pulled out all the stops, with bigger leaps, more twirls, and a larger number of Newsies on stage, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. A stage filled with forty or more singing, tap-dancing, leaping Newsies is a sight to behold.

I mean, there was this:

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This is Ryan Steele, as Specs, doing the full-out twirl. Our Specs was played by the amazing Jordan Samuels, but it’s a different cast member entirely who performs this move, and we get a sky high view of the spin, which I’m pretty sure is faster and longer, and the entire theater gasped and applauded.

There were hundreds and hundreds of flips, spins, cartwheels, splits, jumps, tricks, and moves I cannot name. There was tap dancing on tables. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DANCING TROUPE OF THIS LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE IN SUCH AN EXTRAVAGANT SHOWING EVER.

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The set and staging was absolutely dynamite, and it will never cease to astound me how theatrical productions can amass an entire world on a few hundred feet of stage.

Near the end of “Once and For All” the Newsies completely drop out on the vocals and then come roaring back in, and again, my entire theater gasped in awe and delight, and I was crying and covered in goosebumps.

As for Jack…

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Jeremy Jordan is the definitive Jack Kelly for me, okay?

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If you’re a die hard Christian Bale or Corey Cott fan or anyone else, I’m sorry, but it’s true. There will never be another player who so fully encompasses that role for me. His Jack is so intense and passionate the. entire. time. Every single thing he says and does. The only moments we see him physically relax at all are when he’s with Crutchie (and we’re too busy crying to notice) or sharing the stage with Katherine.

And that brings me to Katherine Plumber. I was not especially anticipating her role, I have to admit. I love my Denton too much, and I was horribly concerned that the romantic angle between her and Jack would be too strong, taking away from the real love story of the play, that of this family whose name is Newsies. But I couldn’t be happier with her character and Kara Lindsay’s performance. She was amazing, and I could feel the rest of the audience connecting with her too. “Watch What Happens” is just one of her shining moments, and I am in love with her, and so happy of the way the writers brought her character in.

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It’s also beautiful to weave in the feminine vocals of Katherine with the only other female singing cast member, Medda Larkin (our very own being played by Aisha de Haas) in the middle of all those guys. Don’t get me wrong, because the Newsies chorus is the epitome of what makes the show so great, but having those softer moments and the gals singing brings enough of a change that it completely enlivens every other male vocal in the story.

Okay, enough being calm, rational, and technical for a minute. Let me “be real.”

I Am Not Okay. Not in this or any other universe will I ever be the same.

(The rest of this post is probably going to just be me screaming at random about different things.)

CRUTCHIE. HOLY COW. CRUTCHIE MY BABY. “Letter From the Refuge” absolutely killed me. THE FREAKIN ATTACK ON CRUTCHIE FREAKIN KILLED ME. Just him standing with Jack in the prologue with “Santa Fe.” THERE ARE NO GIFS FOR THIS. Andrew Keenan Bolger is of such high caliber, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him in this role.



Little Les is amazing. Like, in the old movie, he wasn’t so much a character as a plot device. He was literally the little boy with the cute face who could sell the papes. In this, Les is the one who strikes up the deal with Jack, and Les is the one who shouts a message for Pulitzer as the guard closes the door in their faces. He is so precocious and adorable and perfect, and so much more a character in his own right, I am so pleased.


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HIS SINGING. HIS ACTING. HIS CHARACTER AND INTERACTIONS WITH JACK AND LES. The confrontation between him and Jack later on when Davey is trying to get Jack to rejoin the Strike, and he says “it’s not like anyone died” and Jack whirls on him in rage, because of what happened to Crutchie, who could very well die at that point. I COULDN’T HANDLE. And when Davey reminds him what they’re fighting for, and why they shouldn’t stop. PERFECT BOYS, PERFECT.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT RACETRACK LAJKDHF. Race is my favorite Newsie from the old movie, and I was not disappointed by him here. Benjamin Cook is an adorable angel and my favorite bit of him probably has to be when he is staring wide-eyed at Governor Roosevelt at the end, so happy and in awe. Unfortunately I can’t find any gifs of him either arg.

AND SPOT, HOW COULD I MISS SPOT CONLON Tommy Bracco’s performance left nothing to be desired, he was as spot-on as his character’s name. WE ARE BROOKLYN NEWSIES

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Oh, and then there was This:

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I HATE/LOVE THIS PART OF THE STORY SO MUCH. When Pulitzer forces Jack’s hand, makes him face the Newsies and turn on them, in order to save them and save Crutchie and Davey and Les, but Pulitzer also gives him money to go to Santa Fe and that is all the Newsies ever see. LKDJFLHDHFAJDHFLA MY HEART HURTS

I love Jack Kelly more than Raoul or the Phantom, or Dimitri, or Valjean or Marius or Enjolras, or even arguably Fiyero. I feel every single beat of “Santa Fe” as it blooms and changes from dream to dust to dream.

I adore how the stage version plays up the affect the Newsies strike had on child laborers everywhere, how Jack proclaims it isn’t only Newsies’ rights they’re striking for.

The singing was absolutely flawless. Flawless I tell you.

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This is on par with the night I saw Wicked on tour. I will be buying the DVD. I will watch it at least once a year. I guess, if I wasn’t before, I’m a Fansie now.

So, yeah, to close: I don’t think I will ever find another thing on this earth that impacts every bit of my soul as much as musical theater does. That is a part of me I will never outgrow, and never give up. Doesn’t matter if I ever make it to see a show on Broadway, or if I ever get on behind the scenes at a theater company. This is me.

This is an experience I want to relive every day for as many days as I have. I laughed, I cried, I came home to my roomies in such a state of embarrassed, blissful exhilaration you’d think I just came home from my first date with the love of my life - which is a completely accurate comparison.

I cried so much, I laughed so hard. #NewsiesForever and all that. There is so much more I could say, so much I feel like I am completely leaving out. But truthfully, when it comes right down to it, there are no words in the human language to describe this experience and how thrilled I am that I was able to go, that I live in the same universe as this caliber of artistry and storytelling. This phenomenon is beyond anything I can say, so I’ll stop trying. ;)

I hope that answers anyone’s questions to whether or not I enjoyed Newsies Live.

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I recently hit 2K followers and I just wanted to thank you all for following me. It means a lot, especially those of you who support the gifs/edits I make and put a lot of time into. You all are the best and I appreciate every single one of you! I’ve made quite a few friends having this blog and it’s been a great way to talk to people who I have common interests with. I wanted to give a few people a shoutout because I’m so grateful that we’ve connected and I love them all dearly. Everyone I mention here whether I talk to them or not is definitely worth following and you should check out their blogs. :)

Special shoutout to my cousins @mandiiigurllll and @simplylaurahollis who are the reason I have a tumblr and who I consider sisters at this point. They mean the world to me and they’re some of the best people I know. I definitely recommend following both of them.

@cavanaughstobias: Elena, I love seeing you on my dash. I relate and agree with so many of your posts and I love the Spoby gifs you make. You’re hilarious and awesome, don’t ever change.

@danielle-panabaker: Bonnie, you know how much you mean to me but I’m so glad we’re so close and I love talking The Flash and everything else with you. You’re the best.

@disbemyshit: Lizzy, we may not talk like we used to but I still wanted to include you on here because I miss you and how close we were and I will always want the best for you and hope you’re well.

@dylanobrienstyler: Tracy! We’ve been following each other for a looong time now and even if we don’t talk often, I always enjoy when we do. I’m so glad that we not only have Spoby in common, but now Snowbarry and I absolutely adore your writing. You’re an amazing writer, no matter what couple you’re writing for and I hope you know how extremely talented you are. And last but not least, an absolute sweetheart. :)

@graintgustin: Bruna! I will forever be in awe by the edits and gifs you make. They’re so pretty and you’re so talented. I’m glad we’ve gotten to talk a few times and I love how much you love Grant and that we can bond over our love for him. You deserve all good things in this world.

@hastingsandcavanaugh: Susannah, we’ve been friends for a while now and even though we met on Twitter, I’m glad you have Tumblr too. I always enjoy talking to you about everything and even if we don’t talk as much as we used to I still think you’re amazing and so sweet and nice. Talking to you about Keegan and Spoby is always something I enjoy doing. :)

@iwasalwaysaromantic: Aurelie, even if you aren’t into PLL anymore or into Spoby as much I will always enjoy the gifs and posts you made when you were. You were one of the first Spoby blogs I followed on here. Even if you have different interests now, you’re super sweet and make pretty things and I like seeing you on my dash.

@owcnhunt: Ana, there’s so much I can say about you but I’ve probably gushed about you already enough to last a lifetime. ;) We’re Sana, simple as that and even if we don’t talk as much as we used to because life gets in the way, I will always love how much we have in common and how quickly we connected. You were an instant friend and always will be no matter what.

@shyesplease: Ashley! There’s so much I can say about you honestly but the main thing is that I’m so glad you messaged me that one day over me getting anon hate because ever since then we’ve pretty much talked everyday and I’m so lucky to have you in my life now. Getting to talk to you about all things Flash and everything else has been amazing and I feel like we just get each other and have so much in common. You’re a talented writer and just an all around awesome person and I’m so happy we’re so close and hope it stays that way. You’re the best.

@sparklebubbleblonde: My name twin! You’re also someone I talk to a lot, mainly on Twitter but I love how you just DM me about the randomest things at times. I love talking Spoby and PLL with you and even if you ship you know what, I still think you’re awesome. ;)  Thank you for also always requesting gifs and giving me ideas to make gifsets out of, you’re the real MVP for that.

@spobyficstalker: Laura, we’ve only talked a few times but I’ve always admired you from afar, mainly for your amazing Spoby fanfic but also because I would always see you answer questions about Spoby/PLL in such an elegant way and you were always able to put into words how I was feeling about certain things. You’re so sweet and a talented writer and I enjoy seeing you on my dash.

I love every single one of you, thank you for following and interacting with me!

To my mutuals who I haven’t really spoken to/aren’t that close to, thank you for following me and hopefully in the future we can talk and become close because I adore all of you!

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And last but not least, these are the people I follow that I enjoy seeing on my dash and recommend following. All great blogs.

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Are you posting sensitive media? My tumblr says you are but I don't believe it. I feel like Tumblr is not letting me look at a lot of posts that aren't actually sensitive so I just wanted to ask.

nooo i’m not!!! this blog is 100% SFW don’t worry! Idk why but with this tumblr update one of my gifset has been marked as nsfw as well :(( look

and the same happened with my main blog, my gifs (more than 20) have been marked as nsfw too ToT. As you said, with this “safe mode” thing, tumblr has blocked graphics/art/gifs/etc that are not nsfw :(


A/N: Recently on my dash there has been a lot of hate towards certain body types and I just want to say that all of you are beautiful no matter what size you are or who you’re attracted to. And if any of you want to talk about something like that you can come talk to me or bandsandfands or anyone else you feel comfortable talking to. 


AU where Ruby has been trapped in the Underworld and Archie saves her with True Love’s Kiss.

Once Upon a Time, Red Cricket

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phil how much of parks had you seen before you started watching it this time? also you're making me really want to rewatch parks even tho that's like...a constant Mood u kno

i’d seen the first three episodes of season one a couple years ago, and i’d seen innumerable gifs and memes on tumblr over the years

I knew a lot of the characters, if not super well – i knew who they were and what kinds of relationships they had. so a lot of my experience has been like a delightful re-affirming of everything Good??? like i knew it was good but i didnt know it was THIS good, u feel? esp with the character relationships – i didnt realize how incredible ben and leslie’s relationship was, or how beautiful leslie and ron’s friendship was, or how much fun i’d have with tom and donna, or how warm my heart would feel every time leslie and ron mentored april, or how full of love i’d feel when leslie and ann hugged, or how adorable andy and april would be. i didnt realize how strong the female friendship support system would come to grow and how delighted i’d be as a result!!!

i definitely didnt realize the genuine depth of how incredible leslie knope is until i watched the whole show

so like, i’m glad i got to experience that, u know?

hello friends! Since I haven’t posted a general update in a few weeks I figured it was about time.  Running-wise things are going pretty well.  I’m closing out April with 132 running miles. This is within my normal/healthy range from last year, so I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m also looking forwards to running the Mini next week (and hopefully meeting up with @running-engineering-cats at some point)!  I’m thinking that with good weather I’ll be able to run a 1:44-42, which is pretty solid after 4ish months of being in injury/recovery mode.  Speaking of which, my foot has been doing pretty well.  I still notice a stiff feeling sometimes, especially after sitting still for a few hours, but as long as I keep moving/stretching it feels pretty good. =) (If I were good at adding gifs I’d insert that Rob Lowe parks and rec gif here. You know, the one where he says he has to keep moving to avoid sinking into a pit of despair or something.) I’m thinking I’ll get a cortisone shot after the Mini and see if that gets rid of the last bit of inflammation that’s left.  But yeah, definitely feel like this plantar fasciitis thing is just about done… at least for now.

Outside of running things are fairly busy… I’ve been traveling every couple of weeks for work, which is a lot for me.  I should be home all of May though which will be nice. And I got some more wedding stuff done this weekend which is good, since we’re kind of behind on some things.

you can ignore this i’m just dumping my thoughts here lol

Walls Chapter 1

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Characters:Sam, Dean x Hunter!Reader (eventually), some mysterious characters…

Warnings: Graphic(ish) violence, smut (kinda, its very mild), angst (lots), a couple more maybe but I don’t want to give anything away

Word Count:1.5k

A/N: So this has been in my drafts for a little while and I couldn’t wait to get it out there so here it is. Plus I just gained quite a few followers in the last week so this feels like an appropriate time. Like I said before, I don’t want to give anything away so no description and no aesthetic thing yet so have a semi-appropriate gif for now. I’ll add it to the next parts but it’s a huge give away. I felt so evil writing this but I loved every minute. So hold on tight, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


“Cheers!” You grin, clinking your glass with the guys. For once, a hunt had gone smoothly; no injuries, no fuss, no taking 7 showers to get rid of suspicious gooey substances that had exploded all over you. So you’d decided to treat yourselves to a night of drinking at the local bar. It was crowded, buzzing with people finishing work for the day.
“Hey, Y/N!” Sam half whispers, nudging your arm.
“What’s up Sammy?” you smirk, watching him sigh at the use of that name.
“4 o'clock at the bar. Red tie.” He nods his head in the general direction. There at the bar sits a not-too-shabby gentleman in a navy suit. His grey eyes are fixated on you. Out of politeness, you smile and nod then look back to Sam.
“I don’t know Sam, isn’t he a bit creepy? You know, staring like that.” While it is true that you aren’t interested in a one night stand, Sam doesn’t really know the reason why. That reason why is sat between the two of you, making eyes with a tipsy blonde across the bar. And he isn’t the least bit interested in you.

Deep down, you know nothing will ever happen between you and Dean. Hunters don’t get happy endings. But that didn’t stop your mind from thinking of the what could be’s. Almost every day, you dream of him confessing his feelings to you, kissing you, holding you in those muscular arms. Although then again, it has been a while since you got laid.

Sighing, you muster your sweetest smile, adjust your top to show more cleavage, and strut over to the suit at the bar. He eyes you up and down, lingering on your chest.
“Hey,” your voice is lower, in an attempt at seduction.
“Well hello…” his eyes continue to wander. You pick up on his accent immediately. British. You’d be lying if you said he didn’t become more attractive after hearing him speak.
“It’s late, how about we get out of here? I have a motel room across the street…” You have no time for small talk. He nods quickly, placing his hand dangerously low on your waist as he escorts you out into the fresh air. He’s a total sleaze, but right now you don’t care. You just want to get your mind off Dean and have some fun.

Dean’s POV
It only takes her two minutes to convince some suited asshole at the bar to leave with her. Not surprising since everyone finds her so damn hot. I can’t lie, I did stare at her ass as she left. It’s not my fault that she was wearing those skinny jeans that look so good on her. But, I shouldn’t think like this. We’re friends. That’s all we’ll ever be. Hunter’s don’t get that fairy tale ending. It’s fact.

I sigh into my bottle. The blonde chick with the mini skirt has been staring all night. All I have to do is switch on the Winchester charm, buy her a drink, and she’d happily follow me back to the motel. Y/N is getting some action tonight so why can’t I?

I look over to Sam. He’s pissed and still easily hustling a game of pool. With him doing his own thing, I approach the blonde, smiling and signalling the bartender for a drink. Tonight, I just need to get Y/N out of my mind.

Your POV
You don’t even know this guy’s name as he rips your shirt over your head before pulling you into a kiss. You begin unbuttoning his shirt, ignoring his hands constantly squeezing your ass. You may be about to sleep together but he his one handsy dude. Making all sorts of groans, he leads you to the bed and pushes you back with more force than you were expecting. He’s swift, removing his pants and underwear till he’s in front of you in all his glory. Feeling the familiar throb from between your thighs, you quickly unclasp your bra before he leaps on top of you.

Clearly not one for foreplay, it isn’t long before he’s thrusting inside you. Judging from his moans, he’s clearly having a good time. That makes one of you. You close your eyes for a moment and when you open them, it’s not the suit on top of you- it’s Dean. He smiles at you. It’s infectious, as you begin to smile back.
“Oh, Y/N…” he breathes, leaning down and kissing you passionately.
“Oh…” you moan, catching yourself before saying his name. Because, unfortunately, this isn’t Dean. It’s a stranger. Meaningless.

He flops to your side, panting like a dog.
“Well you sure know how to help a man blow off steam…” he says smugly, resting his hands behind his head.
“Mmhmm” is you response, you feign enjoyment. Not wanting to have an awkward chat, you roll over to go to to sleep. Your dreams consist of you and Dean in various states of undress.

Dean’s POV
The chick from the bar was fun. But she wasn’t Y/N. How I wish it could be her next to me, exhausted from a night of wild sex. I wish I could turn over and pull her closer. Breathe in her sweet apple scent from her shampoo she loves so much. Stare into her Y/E/C eyes and lose myself in them. But I know I can’t. Not only is Y/N not next to me, she’s next to another man right now in the room next door. Probably happy. Not torn up inside with feelings for her best friend.

Your POV
Rolling onto your back, you feel a harsh white light shining on your closed eyes. Morning already? You wince as your eyes slowly open. Nope! That light is too bright when you have a hangover. Scooting yourself off the bed, you shuffle to the window to close the curtain, eyes still closed. You fumble around for the thin drapes but all you feel is the smooth wall. That’s odd. You rub your eyes, preparing yourself to open them.

White. That’s the only way to describe the room you find yourself in. The bed, the walls, the light. Everything is white. You’re even wearing a white t-shirt and pants. Opposite your bed is another room, the exact mirror of yours. The only thing separating them is a red line across the floor, up the walls and along the roof. It splits the space in half. Panic rising in your chest, you sit back on the bed and breathe slowly. The last thing you need right now is a panic attack.

Suddenly the door of the opposite room swings open. A man is pushed in onto his knees wearing a similar outfit to yours. He looks up for a moment, green eyes full of fear.
“Dean!” you shout, rushing over to him. As you reach the red line, you feel something solid smack you in the face, bouncing your entire body backwards. You try again, only to feel an invisible wall stopping you.
“Dean!” you yell again, smacking the solid air.

The door opens again. Two men in white scrubs with surgical masks covering their faces enter Dean’s side of the room. Everything about their appearance is unsettling. They stop either side of Dean like sinister guards. In unison, they throw punch after punch at Dean, his blood spattering the white surroundings. You scream in horror, punching the clear wall in a futile attempt to break through. They continue their onslaught of punches and kicks, over and over and over again, turning Dean into a bloody pulp. Blood has splashed onto the clear wall, dripping onto the floor. Your side of the room remains clean. Like sadistic clockwork figures, they both stop, pick up Dean by his arms and drag his lifeless body out of the room, leaving a bloody trail.

Sobbing, you drop to the floor, still seeing the bloody mess when you close your eyes. All of a sudden, you feel drowsy.
“Dean…” you sniff one final time before slumping to the floor unconscious.

??? POV
Interesting,” says the doctor before scribbling something on his clipboard. He pushes his glasses up his greasy nose before observing some more. “This is quite the emotional reaction, wouldn’t you agree?” he directs to me.
“Yes, quite.” I respond. The girl falls to the ground, crying like a baby. “Initiate the serum. Sleeping Beauty needs her rest after what she’s seen.” The doctor complies, turning the dial on his control board. Almost instantaneously, the girl drops sleeping to the floor. “How soon can we move on to phase two?”
“Well, we need to run a few more simulations first, get her used to things, but I’d estimate she’ll break in about a week’s time. Maybe less if we up the intensity.” I nod approvingly. Ma'am should be happy with these results. I turn to Stevenson,
“Good job bringing her in chap!”
“No problem sir, it was rather enjoyable.” He smiles, adjusting his red tie.
“Good job everyone,” I raise my voice for the rest of the team “We’ll let her rest for 5 hours and resume testing then. In the mean time, every body take a break…”

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