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Stumbled across your art recently, and I totally admire your work! As a complete noob to the digital art scene, I'd just like to ask whether you have any tips on colour picking (like for skin tones, under varied/dramatic lighting and such!). I have a ton of other things I want to ask, but I'll limit myself to one question and then try to google the rest, haha/ Thanks for sharing your art with us! ^^

ahh thank you so much! ♥ welcome to the digial art scene friend, i hope you enjoy your stay and ctrl + z

now onto your question! (if you don’t know what layer and layer modes are and how they generally work you should probably google that before you continue reading)

we all perceive colour differently (thx science) and i trust my intuition a lot when it comes to colour picking because of that, and also because i feel like you can make pretty much every colour combination work within the right context. context is key! but still, remember that all of this is about how i perceive colour, so you might not agree with everything i say.

here’s a quick rundown of terms you’ll see around a lot in reference to colours and shading: the hue, which is the ‘colour’ itself, the saturation aka the intensity, and the brightness [or value] which describes how dark or bright we perceive a colour to be.

rule of thumb: when you shade don’t just add black (or white) to your base colours, that will make your drawings boring and lifeless. use different hues and saturation!

now first things first: which skin colour does the character have?

you’ll mostly be navigating in the red to yellow spectrum for the skin tone. so when i pick the base colours i usually start with the skin and adjust the rest of the colours accordingly. if you’re not sure where to begin it might help if you first determine the values (brightness) of the base colours in grayscale.

and here are a few colour variations—i stuck to the approximate values but played around with a lot of different hues and levels of saturation.

now compare 3 and 5: you’ll notice that 3 is very bright and leans towards orange hues, whereas 5 has a pinkish tint.

on the left i gave 5 the hair colour of 3 and in my opinion the pink hue of the skin doesn’t go well with the orange undertone of the hair. you’ll have to experiment a lot to find out which combinations work for you.  

ctrl + u is your biggest friend (or image >> adjustments >> hue/saturation in photoshop, the shortcut works in sai and clip studio paint too). play with the sliders and see what happens. i do that a lot myself, because it’s easier to coordinate the colours like that afterwards instead of trying to manually pick perfectly matching ones right away.

for further adjustments i like to use an extra semi-transparent layer on top of everything with just a single colour to add atmospheric light. this unifies the colours and makes them more harmonious, if that’s what you’re looking for. this is about as far as i’d go if i didn’t want to shade the drawing.

if i do want to shade, especially with high contrasts and dramatic light, i darken the base by just adding an additional black layer, here set to 40% opacity. of course you could add a colour layer like the ones i mentioned previously too.

to create an impression of dramatic light you need a high contrast between light and dark areas (1). if i want additional visual intrest i often add secondary light which falls onto the main shadow areas. here i picked a faint greenish blue to balance out the yellow (2). and since light is at least partially reflected when it hits a surface you should add a faint glow that goes across the shadow/light border. i uses a mid-brown with a very soft brush on a layer set to overlay here (3).

for this shading style i like to use the layer mode colour dodge with lowered opacity + fill settings. for some layer modes opacity and fill do the exact same thing (e.g. for multiply or screen). however for colour dodge there’s a big difference:

a lowered opacity merely alters the transparency of the entire layer. that looks pretty awful sometimes, because the bright orange affects the dark of the hair much more intensely than the already brighter skin. but when you lower the fill percentage you primarily lower the amount of light that falls onto darker colours. so the layer’s opacity setting treats every colour equally whereas the fill setting takes their values into consideration. it might be hard to understand if you don’t try it out yourself, so just play around to get a feel for how it works!

and to summarise, here’s a process gif:

colour is an extremely big topic and i’ve only barely scratched the surface but i hope that still helped you out a little! the fastest way to learn is always to try things yourself, so grab a sketch and experiment. 👍

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But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.

    A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

    Oh gosh. Please blame this on @larvesta ‘s wonderful Chloe/Alya art and @miracufic ‘s fluff phase

    1.But don’t you have a more flattering one?

    Saving face is something Chloe’s has always prided herself on. She’s always strutted her way through life on gilded steps, silver spoon stuck firmly in her mouth as she steps over obstacles and often people.

    But being a hero doesn’t give her much room to save face when her transparent wings are still new and stubbornly clinging against her yellow suit. She’s barely an asset on her good days and more a liability to the team on days when Pollen is being particularly stingy with her abilities.

    The initial excitement of it all is waning in the face of her shame, as she is yet again, spirited away from a rampaging akuma in Volpina’s capable arms. She maintains what little gravitas she can, her chin lifted high and her gaze set forward as she shouts-

    “Put me down you mangy fox! I can totally help Ladybug! Just give me a chance!”

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    Because of the amount of questions regarding the white border and shadow I always edit around my sims, I decided to make a tutorial to explain it thoroughly!

    For the record, this is a tutorial that explains the process thoroughly. I often have trouble when tutorials skip over steps they find obvious, whereas I do not. So this tutorial will be a lengthy one!

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    Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars

    So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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    can i ask you a few q's about your beautiful art? digital art is something i'd love to get into but i don't know where to start, i'm kind of overwhelmed. what program do you use? how do you get the drawing to look realistic without tracing over it? do you use reference photos? and lastly what's the best method for blending? thanks a lot if you can answer these!

    Of course you can!! Don’t worry my friend, I know digital art can seem really daunting at first but if you approach it one step at a time I’m sure you’ll be fine!

    Personally, I use PaintTool SAI for sketching and colouring, and Photoshop CC for colour tweaks, effects, text and all that final touch up stuff. If you’re using a mac, I don’t think you’ll be able to use PaintTool SAI since it’s windows only but I heard that FireAlpaca is an alternative that you could use! I haven’t personally tried FA out but I’ve heard good things c:

    Getting something to look realistic without tracing over it requires a lot of reference images and a lot of patience. I have 581 reference images saved for bangtan alone (sorted by member) and I use them mostly to get their facial features down as close as possible. There are two ways you can use these images:

    1. Draw up a grid

    (excuse the sketch lol I just whipped this up for this ask right now haha)

    This method is useful if you’re redrawing an image or you can only find one reference image for the angle/pose you need. The way this works is that you have the same number of squares for the grid on the image and the grid of your drawing. By observing where lines/shapes start and end in each square while drawing, it’ll hopefully keep any major proportional errors from occurring. One of the issues with drawing purely by eyeballing everything is that sometimes the end proportions go out of whack and the resulting image just doesn’t look quite right. I reckon this is a good way to start if you just want to familiarise yourself with drawing a new person in a more realistic style .

    2. Reference multiple images for one drawing

    (This sketch was from my 1am art process post lol so it’s a little old but it shows the reference images that I used for that sketch)

    The multiple image way is my preferred way because then you gain a better understanding of the proportions of the features which makes each person distinct. In addition to this, this method means that you can be a bit more flexible with the angles/poses that you choose to draw. Essentially, how it works is that you observe how certain features look and interact with each other in different situations, and apply that to how you draw them. I’ll be honest, not every sketch turns out right on the first try. Since you don’t have a concrete reference to base everything on, it’s kind of hit and miss. With continual practice though you’ll start to see better results more often :)

    As for blending, I use a combination of the colour dropping tool and the water tool on sai. For colour dropping, you start with the two colours that you want to blend. Taking a lower opacity brush (I usually use around 30-40% opacity for this bit), take one of the colours and draw it onto the other colour where they meet. This should result in a third, middle ground colour. Now select that intermediate colour, and draw over where it meets with the original colours - making sure to leave a bit of the original intermediate colour in the centre - which will produce another in between colour. Just keep adding the intermediate colours to the colours either side of it and repeating, and you’ll eventually get something resembling the image below.

    You can leave it like that for a “painterly look” if that’s what you like, but sometimes I like to have a softer, even blend. In this case, I’ll select the water tool on sai and blend it out with that. This is usually the case for skin, where I prefer it to look soft and even. However, this is just my preferences - feel free to mix and match and see what works best for you!!

    Good luck with digital art, and feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions! c:

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    OH OH, some hakizana jealousy, modern, or not whatever u want. and you can choose which party is jealous. maybe both are. ;)

    Haki would like the record to show that despite what some people might say, she was not trying to start trouble.

    She’s just so bored.

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    Body Bundle

    Elliot woke up Christmas morning with a stretch. He walked through his little apartment from his room to the living room and saw the little bag sitting on his dining room table. The big man up north came through again. He excitedly approached it and tore through the tissue paper. At the bottom of the package was a small pair of blue striped briefs.

    He went to back to his room, peeling off his own underwear as he did so. He grabbed his reading glasses off his bedside table and prepared to watch his goodness this year get rewarded. This pair would be difficult to fit into, he thought, as he stepped into the briefs. His worried were unfounded, as his larger frame seemed to suck in just as he sucked in and his curves flattened to fit into them. Immediately as it cupped his groin, he jumped in shock as he felt his member inflate and elongate. His ass inflated and lifted and he reached around and massaged his new muscle. His newly flattened torso and chest also rose in new muscle. Elliot grunted as he body inflated, his younger voice startling him. He felt pain in his face as he watched his jaw sharpen and his hair thicken and darken.

    It pays to be good, he thought as he took off his glasses, realizing he wouldn’t need them anymore. He reached into the briefs and rubbed one out in his new body, He had a nice collection coming along. He went to his closet and unlocked the safe on the floor. He started to take the briefs off to use for later when he looked at his collection: a button down that made him a comically stereotypical dopey blonde and buff surfer, a pair of socks that made him a built hairy slow-spoken Russian, a pair of jeans that made him a brunette twink, a tank top that made him a Spanish soccer player. He stopped taking off his new briefs. He had a large enough collection to be fully clothed. What would happen if he went out in all decked out? Elliot could feel himself getting hard. He would have a very eventful Christmas night.


    “Can you believe this? These people celebrating the holidays when it’s hot and sunny like this?” Heidi asked her friend as they were sunbathing.

    “Truly a wonder of the world, Heidi,” Margo answered sarcastically, “I’m baking over here. I think I’m going to go up and shower before tonight.”

    “So soon? Suit yourself. I’m going to stay out a bit longer. I’ll be up soon, though.”

    “Fine, see you in a bit.”

    Margo and Heidi were vacationing in Australia during the holidays. They had each just gone through a divorce and they thought a trip together would be better than each of them going back to their families to talk about their recent divorces. Little did they know, each of them was planning a little sympathy gift for the other. What each of them didn’t expect was that they would both be giving each other their gifts at the same time.

    Heidi turned around to make sure Margo had gone into the hotel. When she was sure, she stood up and searched around. After a little walking, she saw a complete stunner taking a nap alone on the sand. She could only assume he was sleeping due to his sunglasses, because he hadn’t responded to her staring. She looked around to make sure no one was watching her. Everyone was either preoccupied or also sleeping. She turned out to face the beach in front of him, took a deep breath, and fell back onto him. He jolted awake just before she landed, but she went right through him. He convulsed a bit, but eventually relaxed. Heidi stood up in her new body and caught her breath, looking down at what she snagged.

    She checked out what he was packing, flexed his muscles to examine them, and decided he was perfect. She went back to where she was, collected her things, and went up to their room to surprise her friend. She got a lot of second-takes and winks walking back from guys and girls alike. He was perfect. She flexed her abs as she walked to give people something to take home, chuckling as she walked.

    Meanwhile, Margo was walking through the halls of the hotel, looking for someone to take. After a little wandering, she found someone on a floor below hers on his way to the stairs. She slowed her approach and he looked up from his phone to nod his head hello to her. She smiled back, and when he passed, she turned to run and dove right into his back. He grunted with the impact and convulsed a bit, but eventually relaxed. As though she were mirroring Heidi’s process, she collected herself from the possession, opened his shorts to check out his package, looked at his abs and other muscles. He was perfect.

    Margo hurried to their room to prepare for Heidi to come back up.

    The elevator opened on Heidi and Margo’s floor as Heidi stepped out in her borrowed body. As she exited, one member of a group of girls slapped her muscular ass. She turned and winked, “Cheers.” The girls giggled among each other as the door closed. She began walking to their room, slid her card in, and opened the door.

    Propped up on one of the beds was a muscle-bound man in the nude. He tried to cover himself, realizing it wasn’t who he was expecting. Heidi felt the unfamiliar sensation of something growing in her shorts, “Woah, mate, sorry, I was looking for Margo!”

    “Margo?! Aw, shit, did Heidi put you up to this?”

    “What the fuck, no, I’m-“

    They both paused. They both understood what was going on at the exact moment.

    “I guess great minds think alike,” said Heidi and they both laughed.

    Margo stopped covering herself, letting her member hang free as she approached Heidi in her borrowed body. “Well, you’re fit as a Mallee bull, aren’t you?” she grabbed Heidi by the belt of the shorts and pulled her into the room.

    “Merry Christmas to me.” Heidi said slyly, tugging on Margo’s borrowed cock, closing the door behind her.


    It was Christmas Eve and Henry found the pills when he was packing up from the gym in the locker room. They looked like any standard white pill. They came from a red bottle with a tiny leather belt around it. Nice, he thought, some joker is passing around steroids as some Christmas gift. Nice, but weird sense of humor. He picket it up and examined it. No discernable labels. He popped the bottle open. What the hell, he thought. He took one.

    He walked to the mirror to check himself out. He couldn’t feel much of the pill. Must be some sugar pill. He started to imagine what he would look like bigger. He flexed his arms to see. It would definitely look better with more meat. A lot of meat. Hell, he could see it now. He paused looking at the mirror. He could ACTUALLY see it now. It was like his body was growing with his vision of himself. He flexed his pecs and abs and imagined what size he would like to see them and after a couple of seconds of flexing, they were the exact size he wanted. He took out his phone and texted a picture to his roommate, Tate, reading, “You’re not going to believe this.”

    “WHAT,” he replied.

    “Dude, I found some fast acting roids or something. It’s crazy.”

    “Bullshit what’s the photoshop app b/c I want it STAT.”

    “Not bullshit, man. Coming home now.”

    “Bring whatever you found. Let’s do some testing.”

    “LOL k.”

    Henry arrived home with the bottle in his hand. As soon as he opened the door, Tate shouted, “NO FUCKING WAY.”

    Henry smiled and shook the bottle in display. Tate took the bottle and popped one in his mouth. He waited. “… So what?”

    “I don’t know, man, I was just thinking of what I’d like to look like, and it happened.”

    “So you’re trying to tell me that I just imagine what I’d like to look like? Sounds like some Jedi bullshit.”

    Henry shrugged and Tate shrugged in return. Tate looked down at himself and closed his eyes. Immediately, Henry noticed that he was growing taller. Henry let out a laugh of delight.

    “What’s happening?”

    “You’re gaining like a half a foot in height, dude! Closer to a foot now!”

    Tate kept his eyes closed and smiled, his jeans dropped to his ankles as they wouldn’t fit on his tall, lanky frame anymore, left in just his red briefs. He opened his eyes, shocked at the height he had gained, let out a laugh and popped another pill.

    “Another, dude…?”

    “Shut the fuck up, man, just go with the flow.” He looked down and watched as his body gained width with muscle all over, his arm, legs, abs, chest, and ass all inflating simultaneously. He began panting with ecstasy. He looked over at Henry and smirked. He reached down and popped another pill. He looked down and Henry could tell that his groin was growing bigger and bigger and Tate was moaning. “Think it should be thicker?”

    Henry could feel the same growing sensation in his own shorts. “Hold up, dude, I want to get in on this,” Henry said as he started to disrobe and pour more pills into his hand. He and Tate would be doing a lot of roommate bonding this holiday season.


    Ben was woken up with his boyfriend’s hands down his pajamas, caressing his dick. Ben let out a pleasured moan, “Morning, baby.”

    “Morning to you,” a deeper, unfamiliar voice answered him.

    He shot up in bed, yanking the stranger’s hand out of his pajamas, “What the fuck?!”

    A very muscular stranger was propping himself up on the bed, “What do you think?” he asked.

    “The fuck you mean what do I think?! Who the fu-“ Ben stopped yelling and began realizing what was happening. “You didn’t.”

    His boyfriend, Miles, shrugged in his new bodysuit, “Just a quick glance at your search history. Babe, if you really wanted to try out new bodies, you only had to ask.”

    “It must have been a fortune though! How is it?”

    “Anything for you, honey. And I’m surprised how much I like it. What I want to know is how do you like it?”

    “You didn’t!”

    Miles gestured to the living room. On the couch lied a motionless blonde with the best body Ben had ever seen. He looked over at Miles with excited eyes and tried to pick it up. He was shocked at how heavy it was. He set it down, disrobed and turned to Miles.

    “So… Um, how do I… you know… like do I go in through the butt… or the mouth?”

    Miles cracked his neck, “Well, your guess is as good as mine. I went up the other end,” he rubbed his ass and winced, “Still kinda feel it. Wouldn’t recommend it. Try the mouth.”

    Ben shrugged and opened the bodysuit’s mouth as it stretched like elastic, “Haha! Like sweatpants!” He slipped one foot and lost feeling of it as it went down the throat. He tried moving his leg and the bodysuit’s leg responded with his motion. He looked up at Miles and chuckled.  He fed his other leg in and then his waist. The sensation that he felt in his dick nearly tripled to match the enormous size of his suit’s package. Next his torso fed in, then he fed his arms in, then only his head remained. “I guess just pull it over like a hood?” he asked to no one in particular. He closed his eyes, grabbed the mouth of the suit, and pulled it over his face. Instantly he felt like the sensations of his face were amplified to every corner of the suit’s face and features. He opened his eyes and laughed, flexing for Miles.

    “Aw man, I’m fuckin’ CUT!” Ben exclaimed with a new deep, Southern drawl.

    Miles, who was already rock hard watching his boyfriend slip into this god of a suit, laughed a bit, “Oh my god, your accent!”

    “You like it? I think it’s kinda hot.”

    “Real hot.”

    “Glad y’all like it!”

    “Haha! ‘Y’all’. God, your arms are huge.”

    Ben gave him a huge flex with a grunt, “Glad y’all like that too! You got some pecs yourself. Pecs for days.”

    Miles bounced his pecs for Ben as he strutted towards him. “Well, I’m glad YOU like them. And speaking of days, you got something I’d like to ride for days.” He looked down at Ben’s package, cupping his own.

    Ben grabbed himself, “Oh my GOD, y’all ‘bout to make me cum.”

    “Well, let’s take care of that,” he grabbed Ben by the hand and started leading him back to their bedroom. He leaned back and gave Ben a kiss, “Merry Christmas.”

    “Merry Christmas, babe.”

    Learning to Love

    part 1/23

    a supercorp fake dating au where everyone is a movie star and they have to fake date because reasons

    tw: homophobia

    Chapter 1: Lena

    6 months ago

    In hindsight, there are a lot of things that Lena could have done differently. There were big things, like how she could have chosen not to audition for Sunset five years ago, and there were small things, like how she could have chosen not to invite Jess over to her place that night. Mostly, she thinks, the thing she regrets not doing is closing the curtains. She thinks this because, at the sight of open curtains, the paparazzi got everything they had ever wanted from her: a secret.

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    Surprise - Part 1 (Dedication for Rob Benedict’s Birthday Today!)

    Pairing: Rob Benedict x reader
    Word Count: 3,498
    Warnings: fluff, drinking, surprises, smut
    Authors: Sam, @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ (Becca), @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll​ (Caitlyn)
    Request: This anonymous request was passed onto me by @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ — reader is Rich’s sister and has known Rob for a while. One night after a party at Rich’s, Rob confesses his feelings for her and it ends up in some cute smut ;).
    A/N: I was so excited to write this! It was a lot of fun! There will definitely be more parts to this!

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    November 24th, 2014 - All About That Bass

    ARITST: Em

    AUTHOR: The-Literalist

    24th of November, 2014 - All About That Bass

    Arthur could not recall the last time he was this stressed out. With his university-supplied headset firmly in place, microphone poised for optimal communication with other club members, Arthur took another look around the huge room. The square stage was set up with a runway jutting out into the front, where rows of chairs were branching off to ensure maximum seating capabilities. Rainbow flags and streamers decorated the walls with brilliant color, Arthur felt his heart swell with pride as a counter to the nervousness flooding his system.

    Being the president of the LGBT club at his university, Arthur wanted this show to be absolutely perfect. It was the annual Drag Show his club hosted year after year, always successful and entertaining for the audience. This year, there were multiple men from the club dressing in drag and performing their own acts. The lineup of the Drag Show had received overwhelming excitement, as this year’s performers happened to have a bit of a fanbase. Francis, Sadik, Gilbert, and Alfred were of the most popular performers. Francis was known to be a bit of an overzealous flirt, so naturally students would find him endearing, Sadik had all the chiseled, tan muscles anyone would fawn over, and Gilbert had a sharp, unique look to him, giving off a bad-boy impression. Personally, Arthur did not see the appeal of any of these performers, especially the most well-known performer, the beloved Alfred Jones. Don’t even get Arthur started on Alfred Jones. He had been a thorn in Arthur’s side ever since he joined the LGBT club two years ago, before Arthur assumed the presidential position.

    When Alfred had signed up as a drag queen for the show, Arthur hadn’t been surprised, of course the moron would jump on any excuse for attention. Just imagining everyone’s eyes on Alfred during his act made Arthur’s blood boil, but not because Arthur was jealous or anything, mind you.

    Watching his club members rush around brought his mind back to the present, making sure the tables were set up for snacks and drinks, ensuring the ticket window was ready, decorating the stage and aligning the spotlights; yes, this was going to be a spectacular show.

    There was only one, slightly problematic, concern gnawing through Arthur’s sanity. The performers and hosts had not had a chance to practice with one another. Each person had practiced alone but none together. Due to scheduling conflicts, there had been no dress rehearsal, which meant…the actual show would be the first and final run-through of the acts. Arthur felt faint. He hadn’t even seen the acts himself! And he was the president! Praying to any and every god, he hoped none of the performances would be too provocative or inappropriate. Well, he couldn’t worry about that now. Smiling eager university students began to file into the room; thirty minutes until show time.

    So far so good, Arthur thought from the darkened corner beside the stage. There were no empty seats after the students had come in, the show had started, and the hosts had given their introductions perfectly eliciting cheers and applause from the audience. Before the event began, everyone had told Arthur he should be up on the stage as a host, but in all honesty he was much too afraid of being in front of that many people, so instead he moderated from the sidelines, giving instructions to other club members through his headset every now and then.

    The acts began with relative ease, Francis up first. Too much frills Arthur pondered upon seeing the performance. Francis had worn a frilly pink dress to accompany his French number, with many inappropriate gestures and kisses blown to the audience. Well it could have been worse, all things considering it was pretty tame for what Francis was capable of.

    Sadik’s act was a combination of showing off his rippling biceps whilst wearing some sort of masquerade outfit, complete with ornate white mask. Then onto Gilbert’s performance, which was overbearingly loud and much too intensified for Arthur’s taste. Then finally! It was time for Alfred’s act, not that Arthur was excited for it or anything.

    The lights dimmed and the song began playing, All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor, an interesting pick Arthur thought, wasn’t that the song centered around body image? He knew Alfred wasn’t the skinniest man ever, constantly eating junk food all the time took a toll on his figure, but he was in no means obese (or unattractive). Alfred emerged from the backstage curtains in a stunning blue gown, makeup done to perfection and sparkling high heels. Arthur gulped.

    Because you know I’m all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, no treble. I’m all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble.

    The lyrics reverberated through the speakers as Alfred strolled down the runway, swinging his hips seductively and eyeing the crowd like he knew he embodied the very definition of sex and temptation. Arthur couldn’t tear his eyes away.

    Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two. But I can shake it shake it, like I’m supposed to do.

    Alfred pivoted his body so that his back was to the crowd and shook his ass like it was no one’s business; twerking, was it? Hands on his hips, he jutted his butt out to the audience, his head turned sideways so there was a good view of his profile.

    Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase, and all the right junk in all the right places.

    Facing the audience again, he ran his hands down his dress-clad body, accentuating his curviness.

    I see the magazine workin’ that photoshop. We know that shit ain’t real, c'mon now make it stop. If you got beauty, beauty, just raise 'em up, 'cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

    With these lyrics, Alfred grabbed the top of his gown and ripped it apart so it fell to the ground, emerging from the fallen gown in an extremely tight sparkling dress. Arthur’s heart stopped. The crowd became a cacophony of whistles and cheers.

    Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size. She says “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

    Alfred then proceeded to spank his own ass before grabbing it with both hands and shimmying downward, his hips gyrating and eyes fluttering and stupid smirk permeating those beautiful red-lipsticked lips. Holy shit.

    The rest of Alfred’s act passed by in a blur, Arthur’s mind clouded with desire and disbelief. He had never been so aroused in his life. In fact, he barely even registered the rest of the show, still completely taken by Alfred’s performance. Luckily, the show went on beautifully even without Arthur’s engagement.

    After it was all over, most of the members gathered together to gush about their post-show excitement, all relieved the acts had gone so well. They were huddled around Antonio, the designated photographer for the Drag Show, basking in the pictures he had taken from each performance. As he clicked through all the pictures, he stopped on a certain photo of their president, Arthur, who was caught gazing up at Alfred from the side of the stage with a look of pure wonder, green eyes wide and mouth gaping. Suddenly, everyone began to giggle at the prospect of their president being so mesmerized by Alfred. Francis especially took a lot of humor in it. He called Alfred over to see the picture, and when Alfred glanced at it and blushed profusely, Francis grew even more amused. It didn’t take long for Arthur himself to wander over to find out what the commotion was about, and when he realized what Antonio had taken a picture of, he screamed in an ungentlemanly fashion and attempted to grab the camera away. But even if he had managed to succeed in deleting the picture, the damage was done. Alfred must know Arthur’s feelings by now, even though he had tried so hard to bury them under layers of denial and aggression.

    Bullocks, every bone in Arthur’s body was telling him to escape this humiliation, so he made to flee but was stopped by Alfred. Alfred, who was still wearing that short sparkling dress from the performance with absolutely no shame on his face at all. In fact, his expression was quite warm, still blushing pink and ruby red lips curved upward in a tentative smile. Arthur’s heart stuttered.

    “I’m glad you liked my act, Artie,” Alfred began, “If you wanna see what else I can do, you should come over to my place tonight.” He finished with a wink. All of their friends and fellow club members started to catcall and snicker around them. Arthur cheeks turned even redder as he pushed Alfred aside and quickly walked away from the teasing words and looks. Such a pompous wanker, Arthur thought, but I am definitely taking him up on that offer, another part of his mind supplied. Arthur allowed himself a small smile, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on all that bass.

    I Didn’t Have A Damn Choice

    ((A/N: So I’ve had a few drinks and I wrote this thing. I don’t hate it. I kind of like it. It’s got some serious Winchester mojo going on and who doesn’t like that? And as we know… death never stopped a Winchester.

    Warnings: Language. Death.

    Word Count: 2010

    note: gif is not mine. ))

    “C’mon, don’t you die on me, Y/N!” Dean was hovered over you, alternating between chest compressions, as you lay, lifeless. He was frantic, green eyes wide with fear and fright, leaning down to breathe into you, attempting to force life into what was appearing to be less and less hopeful as each second ticked by.

    Sam watched, desperate. The hunt was supposed to be easy. Quick. It was the three of you and you had even waved it off as being more than simple. Werewolves had thick skulls, you had boasted, and you had sharp knives and speedy bullets. Dean had said you were cute and to stop it or else he’d throw up. Sam had agreed.

    Keep reading

    Loud Neighbour vs. Short Tempered German.

    Warning: This story is very long but well worth it. Also there is “Too Long; Didnt Read” at the bottom of the story.

    This was about a year ago. I had just moved into my new flat because the previous one was quite uncomfortable, as the owner and other flatmates were generally dicks. Lots of clashes with them and LOTS of leassons learned on how not to deal with people. Your usual college experience stuff, you know?

    Now I had a job and money: Time to live on my own!

    I move in and all is fine for a month. But I am exposed to loud gaming noises. I’m a gamer myself, so naturally I am not too annoyed about this. But these game noises would normally not stop until 1am/2am. Which is kinda shitty for my sleep-cycle and the enjoyment of weekends.
    Trying to do the civil thing I ask the neighbour to turn it down. Turns out my neighbour is from New Zealand and doesnt speak German. (Hint, this is all taking place in Germany)
    My english is good enough to have some chitchat and I try to build a friendly “bond” by idenitfying that he is either Aussie or NZ. He’s amazed by my english and confirms to be a Kiwi. He concludes with saying that it is no problem to game quietly; says he can do that definitely.

    Keep reading

    Behind The Scenes (17/???)

    Author’s note: I know this part will only reach half of the members, but the rest of them will be mentioned in the next post. Sorry for any errors.

    Genre:… Fluff? Or like friendship fluff??? Fluff? (Jhope, Rap Monster, Suga)

    Word count: 2306

    Other parts: HERE

    Summary: Day 2 of tagging along with BTS to their photoshoot. This time something goes wrong and Rap Monster has you help them out.

    This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

    You headed over to the dorm the same time you did the previous day. Jin handed you your food and gave you a small good morning. You said it back and walked over to Suga.



    “What was up with you last night? I know you said you were tired, but you seemed upset about something.”

    “Like I said, it was nothing. I was just stressed about something.”

    “Why didn’t you talk to me? You always talk to me when you are stressed.”

    “I just felt like being alone.”

    “Hm, okay. Do you feel any better now?”

    “A bit now that you are here. Maybe you can get Hoseok off my back. His pills must have kicked in already, cuz he’s too loud too early and I’m too hungover.”

    You looked over at the rest of the guys. Jin and Rap Monster were talking with one another. Jhope was with the rest of the guys and they were just really loud and joking around a lot.

    “Hmm… I’ll just stick here with you”

    “Fine, but I won’t be talking”

    Soon the van came for you all and you sat in the usual morning order. Jin tried to start a conversation with you, but you told him you were really sleepy and you pretended to nap the whole way to the photoshoot.


    At the new location, the guys went straight to their stations to get dressed and then went to get their make-up put on.

    The day hadn’t even begun and you noticed many of the crew members looked panicked.

    “What do you mean she’s not going to show up?!?” you heard the photographer scream.

    “Sir, she called in sick. She can’t come in because she got food poisoning.” One of the crew members told him

    “Well go get me another model!”

    “We tried, but all the other models are booked.”

    “Well who the fuck is going to model with the boys? Today is the only day we can do this shoot!”

    The crew looked at each other not knowing what to do.

    “Okay, okay, okay… Do any of the women here want to be the model?” he asked, trying to calm himself down

    No on offered. Many of the women, including some of the stylist, were either too busy and/or refused to model.

    Rap monster was done with his make-up first and he went over to the photographer. You couldn’t hear what they were talking about. Whatever Rap Monster was telling him seemed to calm him down a bit more. Suddenly, they both looked over to you and began walking towards you.

    “This is y/n. She’s my assistant.” Rap Monster told him.

    “Well she’s pretty enough.” The photographer moved up closer to you and began analyzing you. “Hmmmm. Depending on how things go I can always Photoshop another model’s face on her body, considering that Ms. Y/n is the best we got.”.

    The photographer went over to one of the stylists and told her to get you dressed and ready for the shoot.

    You turned to Rap Monster, “Namjoon, what the fuck is going on?”

    “You, Y/n, are going to model with us today.” He said giving you a smile.

    You started to freak out, “What? Why? I don’t want to do it!”

    “Hey, hey, hey. It won’t be that bad. Plus, if you don’t do it you’d just be sitting around for hours. I’d rather pay you for actually doing something.”


    The stylist came over and took you into one of the dressing rooms. They handed you a dress to change into. The dress was a beige color with a floral lace pattern. Then they handed you matching heels.

    They made your hair a bit wavy and placed little red flowers in your hair that matched the lace flowers in your dress. They removed the make-up that you already had on and redid it. They did your make-up in a way that gave you a more natural look.

    “Wow! Look at our y/n!” Jhope said sitting next to you as they finished with the smaller details. “You look so pretty!… uh, not that you weren’t pretty before… now you’re just a different kind of pretty.”

    You laughed. “Don’t worry Jhope. I get what you mean.”

    “You look good Y/n”. Rap Monster commented

    “You look so beautiful!” V said. He came closer to you to get a better look, but he mostly focused on the flowers in your hair.

    “I agree with Tae, you look beautiful” Jin added.

    Jimin and Jungkook stayed back. They couldn’t care less about how you looked.

    “Huh. Who knew Y/n could actually look pretty!” Suga teased coming to your other side.

    “Shut up!” You slapped him on the shoulder.

    “Let’s go guys. the set is done” Rap Monster called out

    Today’s photoshoot was rather dark and a bit more dramatic. The set was mostly grey and the guys were dressed similar to the mood of the set. You were the only one dressed “cheerfully”.

    “What exactly is the theme of this?” you asked Suga.

    “Um, well, I had the idea of a good side and a bad side… sorta…. That’s why yesterday’s set was so bright.”

    “So why didn’t you guys have a model yesterday?”

    “Uggh! I don’t want to explain everything! It’s too long to explain!”

    “Fine then Mr. Grumpy” you told him giving him a distorted face

    “Okay!” the photographer began. “’So based on what Yoongi’s idea was, this is going to be more of a mature photoshoot. Don’t worry Ms. Y/n I’ve thought of ways that we can hide your face so you don’t really have to worry about your facial expressions.”

    You were relieved your face wouldn’t be showing, but you still hated the idea of having to model with the members.

    “Who wants to pose first?” he asked

    “Oh! I will!” Jhope shouted raising his arm and pushing his way to the front of the group.

    “Ok, so my idea was that Y/n would be kissing you on the cheek and you would be looking dramatically into the camera.

    The photographer handed you a tube of deep red lipstick and told you to put on a lot of layers and kiss Jhope on the cheek to leave a lip print.

    You did as he said. You walked over to Jhope. He smiled at you. He turned his head to the side and began pointing to his cheek. You gave him a peck on his cheek giving an obnoxious “muah!” sound as you took a step back. You left a perfect deep red lip print on his cheek.

    “Oh my goodness! Y/n kissed me!!!” he shouted. He pretended to faint from being overwhelmed with emotions

    Your lip stick was fixed and then the two of you moved onto the set.  Jhope’s hands were placed on your hips and your arms were draped around his chest. Your face was placed behind his to give the illusion that you were kissing his other cheek.

    The pictures were taken at multiple angles all around the two of you. In between each angle change Jhope would whisper funny comments into your ear. “Oohhh Y/n! Look at us! We look smokin’.”, “You better not fall in love with me after this”, “It feels like someone has been working out!”

    You played long with him, “I could say the same thing”, “If I were a vampire you would be dead by now” or you would suddenly gasp, scaring him a bit.

    Then you two were positioned a bit differently. This time you two had to stare into each other’s eyes. It took a while for you two to stop giggling, but eventually you guys were able to keep a straight face long enough for the pictures to be taken. Every time they stopped taking pictures to change angles, you and Jhope would make derpy faces to each other and then burst into laughter.

    The photographer got after you guys a few times but was still able to get good shots. It was fun posing with Jhope. It surprisingly wasn’t awkward at all.

    The next member you posed with was Rap Monster. With him you did feel a bit awkward. You felt you had more of a professional relationship with him in comparison with the rest of the guys.

    He was positioned to stand behind you. His arms were put around your waist. The photographer turned your head to the side. Then he draped your hair to cover most of your profile and your hair was parted to expose your neck

    Rap monster moved his face down to the crook of your neck, his lips hovering over your skin. You were relieved that your face wasn’t showing because you could feel yourself turning red. He was so close to you. You could feel his breath on your skin every time he exhaled.

    As the photographer took a moment to change angles, Rap Monster put his head on your shoulder and began laughing.

    “Y/n, calm down. Don’t be so nervous with me. I can feel you holding your breath. It’s just me, don’t be scared.”

    After finishing that pose, Rap Monster and you were repositioned a bit more. One of your arms was brought up to the back of his head. Your hair was taken away from your face and you head was leaned back over his shoulder. One of his arms was brought up so that he was now hugging you from under your chest. His other arm was placed over your shoulder to be “pulling off” the strap of your dress. His head was still positioned to be “kissing” your neck, but at this new pose, it felt as if more of his face could be seen on camera.

    You definitely felt more awkward than before, especially with the possibility that all the other members were staring. After the photoshoot was over you two were able to take a look at the pictures at Rap Monster’s request

    “Damn Y/n, we look hot as fuck” he said walking back to behind the cameras.

    You went back to the set and Suga was the next one to pose with you. You threw him a smile as he walked toward you. You didn’t feel too weird about posing with him. You figured that you were closer to him than Jhope, and things went great with Jhope, so things should go great with Suga too.

    This pose was a bit more elaborate that the other ones so far, you and Suga were posed so that Suga was dipping you as if you two were dancing. In the first pictures your hands were on Suga’s shoulders while he was holding by your waist, supporting you on his knee. To give the illusion that you were dancing, you held your leg out in the air and your dress was taped to your leg to was it look like it had just been swung up.

    Suga’s head was placed similarly to Rap Monster’s was. He was posed to look as if he was kissing your neck. However, his lips were much closer to you. His lips were actually touching your skin ever so lightly. You got goosebumps feeling Suga’s unpursued lips touch your neck.

    The pictures were taken at all angles once again. This time before you two were moved into a new pose, you were given a chance to relax a bit before taking pictures again.

    “Damn Y/n. You’re so heavy. I feel like my arms are going to fall off.”

    “Fuck you! I’m not heavy! You’re just a wimp with noodle arms!”

    Suga turned to you. He grabbed one of your shoulders and with his other hand to your chin so that you were looking up at him.

    “Y/n…. Y/n, y/n, y/n… my poor, little Y/n. You’re in denial, you and I both know that I am strong. I’m like super strong, almost as strong as superman. Please stop lying to yourself”

    “Oh my gosh, Yoongi!” you gasped grabbing his face and mushing his cheeks. “I think all that alcohol finally killed the last of your brain cells. You’re fucking delusional!”

    You both laughed and then moved into the new pose. For the second pose you two were in roughly the same position. He was still dipping you, but this time he had to be “kissing” you. The photographer placed his head so that you two were at the moment just before a kiss. He reassured you that even though your face was exposed, he was going to take the pictures up close, mostly focusing on Suga. If your face came out they were most likely going to Photoshop it in post.

    You and Suga were really close, too close, way closer than you’ve been with the other members so far. This wouldn’t have been so bad if you two were able to look away from each other, but no. The photographer emphasized that you two had to maintain eye contact.

    You could feel yourself go a bit cross-eyed trying to maintain eye contact with Suga. He on the other hand didn’t seem bothered being this close to you. He looked at you with soft eyes, not blinking even when the lights flashed. Although his gaze was soft; It was also very intense. You could feel your face growing red. Half of you hated being this close to him. You knew that he was going to make a stupid comment when you two were finished. The other half of you didn’t mind this closeness at all. You didn’t mind seeing Suga this way. You had to admit, he looked really handsome and you didn’t feel too weird about him touching you like this.

    Finally, the photographer was done and he told Suga to call V over and unexpectedly, Suga walked off without telling you anything.


    • his positivity and smile pretty much was like a magnet and you were drawn to it hella fast
    • when he first met you his already big smile got even bigger and even brighter that the members had to wear sunglasses bc he WaS SO HAPPY THAT HE SAW U AND U LOOKED REALLY NICE N LOVELY
    • when it came to asking you out, he was the most extra he could ever be like everything about him just all went up 100 entire levels like his aegyo was overflowing and his teeth were like extra white and his smile was huge and he had 10,000 things to give u, flowers, chocolate, clothes, books, cards eVERYTHING BC HE NEEDED TO CONVINCE U TO B W HIM COZ HE LIKES U LOTS
    • but you honestly kept thinking he didn’t need to go over the top w it all bc you liked him back all the same aw
    • and when u said yes his smile grew sosososo big and his mood just increased 100x and he like shoves all his presents in ur hands and gives u the biggest bear hug in the world bc he’s so hapPY
    • your first date with seokmin consisted of playing laser tag and eating food. you two were in opposing team for laser tag and pretty much ignored your other team members and just missioned yourselves to shoot each other lol it was really easy to find him bc he couldn’t stop laughing so u sneak up to him and shoot him and he’s all like aW DAMN IT
    • then after the game u two went out for pizza but couldn’t decide what topping to have to you just had everything lol and u washed it down with Coke yas and had burping competitions as to who could burp the loudest and all the other customers that were eating there just gave yalls the stank eye and left the store but whO CARES U HAD THE TIME OF UR LIFE
    • but you two ate too much that you both felt sick aw how cute
    • as for nicknames, he likes to call you the worst things in the world.
    • “hey my little cutie patootie”
    • “honey snuggles!!! yooHOO!!”
    • “darling o’ mineeeee”
    • “sTOP OH GOD STOP”
    • your first kiss with him wasn’t as romantic as others but it was rlly cute all the same, I guess he got real impatient that it had been like ages and u haven’t had ur first kiss yet so like one day he just yells out of the blue “jAGIYA WHEN ARE WE GONNA KISS????!!1!1!” and ur sooo thrown off guard and start to stutter bc ?? but u still find urself nodding bc idk and he’s like actUAL and ur like yeAH and then he just takes ur face in his hands and kisses u and uR A FLISTERED MESS ON THE FLOOR CRY
    • public skinship? yessss, he likes to hug u all d time and hold ur hand and kiss u because he doesn’t see u a lot so when u two are together he wants to spend it being close as f to you, even public.
    • “get a room.”
    • he has a habit of being greedy towards things that he likes aka wenchang chicken (he doesn’t like to share that) and more importantly, you (he def doesn’t want to share you and wants u all to himself) but he knows he should but whY??
    • lee seokmin lives for kisses all over ur face he lOVES TO SMOTHER U EsPEICALLY W KISSES like you’d just be standing somewhere and when he sees you he’d yell your name and come charging at u and u think your gonna get run over but noP he’ll stop to kiss you all over the face bc hE MISSED U
    • his favourite kind of hug is the kind where he goes up from behind and wraps his arms around your waist… really tight, with a big smile, and he lifts u up and ur just dangling in the air while he holds u there and starts swinging from side to side and ur like a little doll while he cooes at you
    • will whine like a baby when in need of affection “JAGIYA STOP TALKING TO HIM AND COME LOVE MEEEEE” and you’d like run to him bc lee seokmin stooop
    • tends to tickle you a lot to get you to do stuff for/with him. like he’d want you to say that you love him but you won’t just to tease him so he begins to tickle you mercilessly until you say it
    • also likes it when you show him your aegyo bc he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world
    • he ALSO likes it when you take care of him bc it makes him feel special when you do it COZ u don’t do it to anyone else but him anD OH GOODNESS WHATTA PRIVILEGE like sometimes he’d pull a fake sick just so you could spend the entire day feeding him and cuddling w him but sHHH YOU DONT NEED TO KNO THAT
    • dislikes it when people don’t take him seriously at the times where he is serious, which is why he loves you so much bc you understand that he can’t be happy all the time and treat him right whenever he needs you aw
    • he secretly leaves little positivity notes around the house for you to find to make your day like he’ll wake up at 2 in the morning as many mornings as he can so that he can grab 5,000 post it notes and scribble down 5,000 reason why he loves you and confidence boosters just to make you happy :)))) you always ask if it’s him leaving these notes and he’s just like whAAA NO
    • has an addiction to his bfffffff kwon soonyoung like those two are inseparable he’s pretty much in a whole other entire relationship with him, when he’s not practicing or spending time with you, he’s with him and it doesn’t help when soonyoung keeps teasing you and saying seokmin loves him more ::(:(:(:(:((
    • “he loves ME”
    • constantly pesters you to buy some more bc your ‘in need of spares’ and you need to be couple goals and you need to look kwl in front of the members… seokmin what’s ur defintion of kwl
    • you don’t want lee seokmin to ever get jealous, and it’s not because he’s scary, and it’s not because he’ll get offended… no, he’ll just WHINE. “YAH JAGI WHY WERE U TALKING TO THEM?? WHY WOULD U EVEN LOOK AT SOMEONE LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE LIKE ME?? IS IT BC OF MY SHOES COME ON JAGIYA TELL ME”
    • and ur like chill bab ily
    • his phone background is a collage of pictures of you that he took in the most inappropriate times, like you in the middle of yawning, sneezing, sleeping and you literally started to cry when you opened his phone and that photo came up. LIKE DELETE THISSS
    • your phone background is a photo that he personally made, it was a photo of a sun with his bright, smiling face photoshopped onto it, this was because he was the light of your world, off your life and everyone needed to know that lmao
    • competitions on who can sing higher yas
    • his role as a main vocalist for seventeen does tend to stress him out bc he always needs to be the best he can be, it’s usually him with the high notes so one single voice crack could ruin the whole performance, that sort of burden always rests on his shoulders but you always make sure your there for him in the times he needs you.
    • because seokmin is usually happy, you find it hard for him to express some of his feelings to you. like if he’s upset, he won’t tell you, because his job is the 'mood maker’ so if he’s upset, everyone else will be too. which brings me to your first fight, you got a little mad and upset about the fact that he’s always keeping his upset feelings bottled in, you two bickered, yelled back and forth and eventually he cracked and started to cry bc someone cared about him, nobody took the time to ask if he was ok like you did and God he loves u
    • and you ended up apologising to him for yelling like that and he promised to be more open about his feelings
    • “sometimes, you don’t have to be okay”
    • he sends you to sleep by singing the most softest sweetest lullaby in the world then proceeds to whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you fall asleep aw
    • wakes you up by yanking the curtains open and letting the sun blaze down on you and when you open your eyes to yell at him your blinded yet again by his smile.
    • lee seokmin trusts you with his life, he would do absolutely anything to see you smile and loves you with all his heart. you are so lucky to have him, and he sure as hell is lucky to have you
    • “jagiya, I loVE U” - seokmin, said with the best English

    Accepted CSSSA animation 2014 portfolio analyzed

    Hello friends! Soap here! Just yesterday I learned that I was accepted into CSSSA this summer for animation! A dream come true!

    I also learned yesterday that some amazing artists got rejected, they and myself are confused as to why. Seriously. Amazing artists got rejected. I’m still bummed out.

    To help you guys out, I thought that I would analyze my own portfolio, and try to dig out ideas and traits that might help people who were accepted/rejected possibly realize why they were accepted/rejected. Maybe this will even give next years applicants some tips on what to include!

    Just to let you know, I just figured out yesterday that I was accepted, so I am no means a CSSSA veteran. I just wanted to possibly help out my fellow friends!


    Let’s start with a bit about me…

    Name: Madison, but you can call me Soap

    Age: 17

    Year: Junior

    Gender/Sex: Female

    Location: Michigan

    I’m a pretty standard applicant. I’m a junior going into my (yikes) senior year, and will be applying to colleges next year! Ahhh! I’ve heard from some people that CSSSA likes to accept people going into their senior year or junior year, so that may or may not have given me a bonus. Really, I think it comes down to skill level. I am from out of state, so I was one of the 20 people who were chosen. CSSSA only accepts up to 20 out of state each year, across all majors.

    This year, I’ve heard people say that 260 people applied. CSSSA accepts about 50 into the program each year. Yikes! A 19% acceptance rate!

    It’s competitive yes, but I think CSSSA wants to weed out the people who are too  terrified to apply. Seriously, GO FOR IT! SHOW YOUR STUFF! YOU ROCK!!!

    Let’s get to my portfolio for animation…

    With my application, I was largely focused on these two statements

    “The applicant is highly encouraged to include submissions that explore a wide range of fine arts styles and ideas other than cartoon art.”


    The review committee insists that all work is presented with the utmost care and attention. The artwork / animation you submit should be original and from your own experience and imagination. The committee wants to see YOU reflected in the content and distinctive style of your artwork. Be yourself!

    So, I mainly focused on the use of different media, and expressing my own style, staying far away from any other artist’s style. Largely, I wanted to just BE MYSELF. If I love lizards, I LOVE LIZARDS, and CSSSA needs to know that!

    This piece is called “The Creator.” I used it for assignment A for the prompt “One drawing or painting that shows what you feel is unique about yourself” This is a digital piece, drawn (err, painted…)  in Photoshop.

    What I aimed to show here was the following…

    -My characters/creations

    -My digital art skill

    -My optimism and excitement for creating

    With my characters, I wanted to show diversity in them. I tried to make all my characters distinguishable from each other, especially my human characters. I also included my creature characters, which I feel to be original and interesting. When digitally painting them, I was largely focused on their form, and how I could manage to relate it to realism.

    I spent a total time of 2 weeks on this piece, and it is still the best digital painting I’ve ever done. I really wanted to show my chops here, and show CSSSA “this is what I can do!” Do this! Really! Apply with your absolute best work! Or knowing the deadline, put something together a few weeks/months in advance that you know you can spend a lot of time on. I painted an environment for myself to be placed in, which is important! Characters in environments is a great thing to include! DO BACKGROUNDS.

    I know that many animators are optimistic and fun people, so I wanted to show that here. I heard from an interview from a Sheridan professor of animation that “characters with guns make me nervous.” Make your apps happy and fun! Animation is fun! Animation is imaginative! Yeah! Animation! Yeah! Creating things!!!

    Documentation wasn’t a big issue here, because the work was digital.

    Now onto assignment B… which is “One drawing or painting of any subject that interests you. You might consider an emotion, memory, song, place or thing. Provide an explanation of the work on a separate sheet of paper, and include the poem, or lyrics if appropriate.”

    This is an oil on canvas painting of my bearded dragon lizard Alfredo. I call it “Portrait of Alfredo.” Here, I wanted to change up my medium. I wanted to show that not only did I know how to paint digitally, I know how to paint with oils! That’s important! CSSSA wants to see variety! “Wide range of fine art styles.”

    Here’s my prompt for assignment B:

    My lizard Alfredo is an essential part of my life. As an only child, he acts in the place of a brother. Alfredo’s actions, expressions, and small adventures always manage to brighten my day. Having him as a pet makes me a more optimistic person. To immortalize my lizard, I set out to paint a portrait of him. For this piece, I stretched a canvas, and then painted Alfredo using oils. My main goal was to make the portrait have historical elements, as well as comedic ones.

    History plays a very large role in my work. I draw history both from my own observations, and accounts from textbooks and novels. I’m very interested in the ideas of character relationships and cause and effect. History holds many stories that largely explore these elements. The characters presented in history are all real and unique. I love reading about how historical figures interacted with each other and dealt with the situations at hand. Almost all of my stories contain deep history, or are inspired by a historical period. For example, one of my narratives is largely based off the Gilded Age. Politics also influence my stories, tying right along with history, where the process and the outcome are both very important

    I also have a strong interest in reptiles and birds. Many of my characters are based off these animals. I enjoy taking features from reptiles and birds and combining them with other things. These other things may range from inanimate objects to other animals. My creations can either be something serious, like an anthropomorphic businessman eel, or something goofier, such as a strawberry bird.   By playing around with combinations, I feel that I open up many possibilities for interesting and unique combinations.

    The main topics I focused on were my love for my lizard, history, and hybrid creatures.

    I especially wanted to hit on history, because I feel like it relates to story telling, which is an incredibly important part of animation! Personally, I’d put story before artwork any day.

    The lizard head is painted from a photo, the fabric and salad bowl are painted from life, and the rest is painted from my imagination.

    Documentation was a bit more of an issue with this piece. When taking a picture, my painting would get a nasty glare, as you can see. In Photoshop, I tried to minimize this to the best of my abilities. Try to stay true to the actual color of the work when color correcting! Documentation and display of your work is just as important as the piece itself!

    This was my piece for assignment C… “One drawing or painting that you feel demonstrates your technical skills.”

    I included a collection of figure drawings! All of them are in a different media, which I felt was important. I have a line drawing, a colored pencil figure, a marker figure, and a watercolor figure. Once again, variety is cool!!!  Figure drawing is very important to animation. CSSSA probably wants to see your observational skills with a figure! Go out! Take a figure drawing class! You’ll be glad you did! Sadly, my class can’t do naked models D: I aimed on showing form, and hopefully some movement. Ha ha… our models are really never in dynamic poses D: Yay! Observational life drawings!!!

    For my animation I used this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWfJpVyMCHM

    Don’t worry! Your animation does not have to be a 2 minute ordeal! It can be a simple action! Like, a few seconds. This also doubled as a final for one of my classes, that’s why it’s so long. I spent 2 months working on it, maybe even 3… Yeah, the animation is really choppy, I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER since submitting this. This animation does contain (choppy) movement, and a story, and my own personal music! I think possibly the story was the thing CSSSA was probably most interested in? Stories are really important!

    These were my other prompts I submitted:

    Madison Stubbs E #1

    Last year, I applied to Interlochen Arts Academy, a well-known art high school in Traverse City Michigan. For my application, I had to piece together a portfolio out of nothing. I had never taken a formal art class, primarily being self-taught. To combat this, I enrolled in my first art class at my local community college. Throughout the semester I saw major improvement in my work. With new and better art in hand, and after an interview with the visual arts director, I was accepted into Interlochen.

    The visual arts director suggested that I’d take on the summer program to push my art further before the fall. I did so, attending the advanced drawing program over the summer at Interlochen. The program was three weeks long, classes being six hours a day.  Our class was challenged to create several major drawings in a short time period. I was very proud of what I accomplished, once again seeing a major improvement in my art. Overall, I produced five major pieces, as well as three smaller exercises, which helped me be much more prepared for the school year.

    This app focuses on challenges that I experienced with my artwork, and challenges that I faced at a similar summer camp. I wanted to show my dedication to my art, as well as my experience working hard at a 3 week camp with CSSSA’s similar expectations. Write about something that you truly worked hard on, or an experience that made you work really hard. I think if it’s an art experience, that’s a bonus!

    My other prompt was..

    Madison Stubbs E #2    


    To me, animation is the ultimate vessel for story telling. It allows for an escape from everyday life, leading to a fantastical adventure. My personal stress relievers are my stories, untangling me from my anxiety. By focusing on the problems and conflicts of my characters, it helps me take my mind off of my own problems, and even helps solve them. By telling stories, I become a much more optimistic person.  

    Animation is a medium that can definitely affect people’s lives. I aim to tell stories that will have the same effect on audiences as they do on me. Animation is wonderful, due to its ability to depict emotion and movement that ties right along with narratives.  I want to tell stories that will impact both young and old audiences. Also, I aim to create characters that stick with people well after a viewing. Hopefully those who view my films will pick up something they can take with them, anything ranging from laughter to a life changing moral.

    My love for animation!!! Animation is great! Animation is awesome! Let CSSSA know this! Relate it to yourself, relate it to others! JUST TALK ABOUT HOW PASSIONATE YOU ARE!!!

    My letters of rec were from my painting teacher and my digital arts teacher.

    I hope this helps some people out who are planning on applying next year! Best of luck to all of you! I apologize if I sounded stuck-up and a know-it-all. (which I probably did, OMG I’m so sorry)  Just doing my best to help! If you have any questions, send me an ask!




    Title: More to Love
    Request: “can you do a Crowley x reader oneshot where the reader is really self conscious and insecure with her stretch marks and curves and Crowley helps her feel better with lots of fluff and kisses?:)” - Anon
    Pairing: Crowley x Reader
    Words: 1,092
    Warnings: self-hate, low self-esteem, fluff?

    “Well, that sucked,” you sighed, falling face first onto your bed.

    It had been a very unsuccessful day of shopping, more specifically, swimsuit shopping. You already hated this time of year, since you couldn’t hide yourself under your sweaters or coats unless you wanted to risk heatstroke. Granted, you could still find a loose fitting shirt or dresses that completed your curves, but with a swimsuit, there was no hiding.

    Every curve was amplified by the form fitting fabric, not to mention most places only had suits that would fit much smaller girls. Bikinis were all string, and showed too much skin for you to feel comfortable. A one piece either looked too old or was cut in a weird way that showed off the stretch marks you’d rather hide, and you didn’t even wanna think about the tankinis.

    And the worst part was you had even tried the plus sized stores as well, but most of those were too big. Nothing fit. You must have tired at least a dozen stores and nothing made you look the way you wanted. You groaned into your pillow, just wanting today to be over with, not wanting to think about those stupid swimsuits any more.

    “Hello darling.”

    “JESUS CHRIST!” You jumped at the sudden voice and fell off your bed.

    “Quite the opposite I’m afraid,” chuckled the King of Hell himself offering you a hand to help you to your feet.

    “Damnit Crowley, don’t scare me like that,” you clutched your chest. “You almost gave me a damn heart attack.”

    “Not my intention, I assure you,” he grinned as you let out a sigh, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

    “What do you want, Crowley?” asking as you rubbed your temples.

    “Moose told me you had been shopping today for a swimsuit. I couldn’t resist the chance of see you model a few,” he said coyly.

    “Yeah, well, you’re out of luck,” you looked away from Crowley, not wanting to talk about the failure of a shopping trip you had just been on. ‘Note to self, kick Sam’s ass later,’ you thought.

    “Yes, I did notice the lack of bags,” he said while looking around your small room. He picked up an old photo of you that was sitting on your dresser and inspected it closely. “When was this taken?”

    You looked up to see which picture he was talking about. It was from high school, years before you had met the boys and learned the truth of the world that full of things that went bump in the night.

    “I was 17, so like 8 years ago.”

    “Hmm,” he nodded thoughtfully. “You’ve lost weight since then.”

    You had managed to stay away from the hunters life, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t helped out a few times when the need arose. This meant a lot of running and getting a bit more in shape so that you could keep up, and keep from getting yourself killed. But being in shape and being thin were two very different things. You were healthy, no medical problems to speak of, and you had more endurance than most people, but that didn’t seem to help much.

    “Not enough though,” you muttered, mostly to yourself, absentmindedly poking at your stomach. An action the king did not fail to notice, and caused him to quirk an eyebrow.

    “Something on your mind, Dove?” He put the picture down and sat next to you on the bed.

    “It’s nothing.”

    “You’re a very bad liar…”

    You sighed yet again, you had been doing a lot of that today, and looked over at Crowley. You were surprised to see his brow knitted in concern as he look back at you. He placed a hand on your knee, in comfort and tilted his head as an invitation to tell him what was going through your mind.

    “I just hate…this,” you said, gesturing to your body. “No matter what I do, I just don’t look…right, I guess.”

    “You humans, always concerned about looking the ‘right’ way,” Crowley shook his head. “Don’t you lot get it yet? There is no ‘right’ way.”

    “Easy for you to say, you can look however you want by possessing a different person,” you grumbled. Of course he wouldn’t get it, Crowley hadn’t been human in hundreds of years, you shouldn’t have expected sympathy.

    “And yet, you don’t see me hoping from meat suit to meat suit. Because I don’t bloody care,” he said sternly. “Neither should you. Bollocks to the sods who say otherwise.”

    “Except those ‘sods’ are the ones who basically dictate the entire population’s perspective on how a person should look,” you thought back to all the pictures of models in swimsuits you had seen earlier.

    If trying them on hadn’t brought down your already low self-esteem, the photos certainly had. Sure, you knew full well that most of them were photoshopped to shit, and that no real person actually looked that way, but it didn’t help. After being told so many times one thing, you can’t help but to start believing it yourself even if you knew deep down that it wasn’t true.

    “If it bothers you that much, we can make a deal.”

    “Excuse me?!” you looked at the demon king, horrified.

    “It was a joke,” he sighed.

    “A pretty bad one if you ask me…” you looked down again, wishing this conversation would just end.

    “Y/N. Look at me,” Crowley placed a hand under your chin and you met his eyes. “There is nothing wrong with you. I have seen ugly and horrible things, I’m a bloody demon for hell’s sake. And compared to everything I see on a daily basis, you are stunning.”

    You felt tears prick your eyes. This was definitely not what you had expected him to say, and it stunned you that there was such sincerity in his voice.

    “You don’t need to change anything about the way you look, because it means there is more of you to love,” he grinned, having used the cheesy line. But what you had picked up on was that last word, love.

    “Did you just…use the ‘L word’?”

    “Did you not hear me right the first time? Yes, Y/N, love,” he kissed your forehead gently.

    Tears now escaped your eyes, but they were ones of joy, not sadness. Crowley wiped them away and gave you a true smile, not one of his scheming ones, but one you rarely saw.

    “Thanks Crowley, for everything.”

    “Anytime, Dove.”

    anonymous asked:

    If you ever feel like writing some angsty spideypool, just know that there's someone who will read it *wink wink*. Btw, I love you and your writing, you've gotten me hooked on jegulus, jegulily, and now spideypool. It makes me love and hate you all at the same time.

    Why does everyone hate me for getting them into really awesome things? I don’t understand it! 


    Wade loved them smell of gunpowder. It was hands down one of his top 5 favorite scents. It just got him going, wanting to un-alive a few more people so that he could smell it some more. 

    He finished up the job, leaving the bodies stacked for easy cleanup. He might have been a merc, but he knew what a bitch a blood stain could be. He was about to high-tail it out of there when he heard the landing of soft feet behind him.

    {Ooh, it’s Spidey!}

    (Can we play with him? Please?)

    Wade turned around and holstered his guns. “What’s up, Spidey?”

    He was shocked when Spider-man ripped off his mask and stared at him with such confusion and heartbreak. “You promised,” Spider-man said, looking at Wade with an expression like a kicked puppy.

    “Whoa, Spidey, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Wade said, holding his hands up. “But I gotta say you’re looking good. I never imagined you’d be such a fox under all the spandex. I mean I knew you had a great ass but I didn’t think the rest of you would match.” Wade gave a whistle of appreciation.

    “Why are you being like this?” Spidey asked, taking a step forward. “Why are you pretending you’ve never seen my face before?”

    “Um, because I haven’t…” Wade said, raising an eyebrow in confusion. “Are you playing some kind of joke on me, Spidey? I didn’t know we had that kind of relationship, but I’m more than happy to go along with it. Hey, pull my finger.”

    “Wade, stop,” Spidey said, grabbing Deadpool by the shoulders and shaking him. “It’s me, it’s Peter.”

    “Oh, um, nice to meet you Peter,” Wade said, looking around for the nearest exit. He wasn’t sure he was liking Spidey getting all touchy-feely with him. Normally he would be all ecstatic to have someone this hot freely touching him, but Peter kept looking at him with such expectation and Wade felt like he wasn’t in on the script. 

    Peter’s face fell even more. “Wade…tell me you know who I am.”

    Deadpool shook his head slowly. “Can’t say that I do, Peter, but I’d love to know more of you.”

    Peter dropped his hands and covered his mouth. His eyes were welling up with tears and that just wouldn’t do. 

    {Do something, you idiot!}

    (We made Spider-man cry!)

    “Hey now,” Wade said, taking a step towards Spidey. “Maybe you’ve got me mixed up with someone else. Lots of Superheroes are wearing red these days.” Wade snapped his fingers. “Maybe you were thinking of Daredevil. You know, we’re both red with D names. I can see how you’d get us confused.”

    Peter lifted his head and stared at Deadpool in defiance. “I know who you are,” he snapped at him, reaching into his suit and pulling out a phone.

    “Whoa, where were you keeping that?” Wade asked, pretty sure the Spider-man suit didn’t have pockets. “Do you have pouches because that’s kind of my thing.”

    Peter ignored him and tapped on his phone for a moment until he found what he was looking for. Then he raised the phone up and showed Wade a picture of the two of them with their arms around each other. Wade cringed when he saw his face without the mask, but Peter in the picture didn’t seem to mind. Peter in real life swiped his hand over the screen and a picture of the two of them kissing popped up. He kept swiping and more and more pictures of the two of them were shown to Wade.

    “Hey, that’s pretty good,” Wade said, shuffling nervously. “You must be handy with photoshop.”

    Peter stared at him in disbelief. “It isn’t photoshop!” he exclaimed indignantly. “It’s us.”

    “Look Peter, I’m flattered and all, but you and I never locked lips,” Wade said, backing away. 

    “How could I have photoshopped this when no one has any pictures of you without your mask?” Peter called out desperately. “Wade, please.”

    “I don’t know you kid!” Wade shouted before taking off running. It couldn’t be true. How the fuck could it be true and Wade didn’t remember any of it? 

    {Those pictures were pretty convincing though.}

    (Plus we kissed Spider-man! He willingly kissed us!)

    {Why are we running away?}

    “Because this kid is loopy and I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re in love.” 


    (This is like the best thing that’s ever happened to us!)

    Wade heard the unmistakable sound of Spider-man’s web shooters and he turned around just in time for Peter to drop onto his shoulders like a damn spider-monkey. “Wade, stop!”

    You stop!” Wade said, throwing Peter off of him. 

    Peter rolled and quickly got onto his knees, shooting his webs and sticking Wade’s wrists to the wall behind him. 

    (ooh, kinky!)

    {We’re so screwed}

    (Spidey is pissed)

    Spider-man straightened up and walked over to Wade. “What happened to you, Wade?” he asked softly. “How could you forget me?”

    Wade slumped in defeat. “I don’t know, Spidey. I remember you from before. I remember you as Spider-man.”

    Peter sighed and began to pace in front of Wade. “This isn’t right but I can figure this out. There’s got to be something wrong with you.”

    Wade laughed. “You want me to make a list?”

    Peter gave him a look and continued pacing. “The last time I saw you, you were going down to South America to help out a friend. You wouldn’t tell me who, but you promised you’d come back.” 

    “What else did I promise?” Wade asked, interrupting Peter’s flow.

    Peter stopped. “What?”

    “When you first found me, you said I’d promised,” Wade reminded him. “What did I promise?”

    Peter looked away. “You promised no more killing people,” he said quietly. “You were trying to be a real hero.”

    Wade snorted. “That doesn’t sound like me.”

    “Well it is,” Peter snapped at him angrily. “Now, I can figure this out. I can figure this out!” 

    “Good luck,” Wade said with a shrug. 

    Peter narrowed his eyes at him for a moment and then broke the eye contact in favor of pacing again. “So you went to South America. Do you remember time-traveling at all? Maybe you’re a Deadpool from the past.”

    “Nope,” Wade said, shaking his head. “But then I wouldn’t take my word for it. Apparently my memory is a bit on the fritz.”

    Peter groaned and scrubbed his hands over his face. “Fine then, what’s the first thing you do remember?”

    Wade thought back to before he’d returned to New York and gotten this new job. “I was down in Chile with Gambit. He’d gotten into some heavy shit with some card sharks down there, needed my help intimidating them. They ended up having more muscle than we’d expected. Apparently I got shot in the head several times, or at least that’s what he told me when I finally came to.”

    “But you heal,” Peter said, chewing his bottom lip. “Why wouldn’t your memories have healed too?”

    “Couldn’t tell you, Peter,” Wade said honestly. “But I’ll let you know if they come back.”

    Peter cocked his head to the side as if debating something with himself. “Can I try something?”

    Wade writhed a bit, unsure if he should let Spider-man do whatever he wanted. But then he remembered that this was Spider-man, for Pete’s sake (Ha!) and he wasn’t going to do anything weird. “Um, sure.”

    Peter stepped forward and gently rolled up Wade’s mask to his nose. Wade made a pathetic whimpering sound as his skin was revealed. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” Peter told him softly. Then Peter surged up onto his tip-toes and pressed his lips to Wade’s. There was a good six inches difference between them but Peter didn’t seem to mind the strain. 

    Wade gasped and moved to touch Peter in response, but his wrists were still bound by webs. Peter put his arms around Wade’s neck and climbed him like a tree, using his super spider grip to stick to the wall with his feet. 

    Peter licked against Wade’s lips, asking for entrance into Wade’s mouth. Wade felt his mouth opening of its own accord and then Spidey’s tongue was flicking against his own. Wade moaned and shifted as much as he could.

    “How could you forget me?” Peter whispered against his lips. 

    “I’m sorry,” Wade whispered back. “I want to remember, I really do.”

    Peter sighed and pulled back. Wade licked his lips and smiled at him. “What do we do now?” Peter asked, using the knife on Wade’ belt to cut the webs.

    “Couldn’t tell you, Peter,” Wade said, rolling his mask back down. “I guess wait and see if the memories come back.”

    “Oh,” Peter said, putting his arms around himself like he was giving himself a hug. It was damn near the saddest thing Wade had ever seen.

    {Oh come on, give Spidey a hug.}

    “Not now,” Wade growled to himself.

    Peter swallowed thickly. “So you’re not coming home then?”

    “Home?” Wade echoed incredulously. “We live together.”

    “Yeah,” Peter said, kicking a small pebble by his foot. “We do.”

    Wade shuffled nervously. “I don’t know, Spidey. Maybe we should keep ourselves scarce until I remember some stuff.”

    “Right,” Peter said, dropping his head forward in defeat. 

    “I’ll, um, see you around,” Wade said, heading towards the opening of the alley.

    “Petey,” Peter called out after him.

    “What?” Wade asked, turning back. 

    “You call me Petey,” he informed him before shoving his mask onto his face and swinging away. 


    Wade didn’t think it really counted as breaking and entering if he actually lived in the place he was breaking into. Just something felt a bit off about Spidey’s story and Wade wanted to investigate it. If he had gotten shot and lost some memories, why would the only thing he couldn’t remember be Peter? Maybe he would have to pay old Professor X a visit and see if he would go rooting around in Wade’s fucked up brain.

    He climbed in through the window and landed none too gracefully on the floor of what appeared to be the kitchen. He cringed at the loud noise he’d made and hoped that Spidey wasn’t home. Wade wasn’t sure if he wanted to see Peter or not. 

    He stopped short when he reached the bedroom door and saw Peter sitting on the bed crying. Wade froze and thought about backing away slowly. The sight of it damn near broke Wade’s heart. 

    Peter glanced up and quickly wiped his face. “What are you doing here?”

    Wade looked around. “Just getting a feel for our place, you know,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. 

    “You probably don’t know this,” Peter said with a heavy sigh. “But I can tell when you’re lying.”

    “Okay, so I wanted to see if you were telling the truth,” Wade admitted, walking more fully into the room. “Why would our relationship be the only thing I don’t remember?”

    “I don’t know,” Peter said angrily. “I wish I fucking did know. Maybe you forgot me on purpose.”

    “Why would I do that?”

    “Because you’re a piece of shit,” Peter said, chucking something at Wade. He caught it easily and opened it the small box to find an engagement ring inside. 

    “Did I…” Wade began, staring at the ring in disbelief. “Were we?”

    Peter shook his head miserably. “I found it in your stuff,” he explained, dropping his head into his hands. “I was looking for something, anything, that might help jog your memory. Instead I found that. You told me you had something special planned for when you got back from your trip. I didn’t think it would be a full memory wipe of me.”

    Wade slid down the wall and sat on the floor, staring at the ring in his hand. “I’m sorry,” he choked out, closing the lid of the box and turning his face away. “I’m sorry this happened. I’m sorry I don’t remember you. If I could fix this, I would.”

    Peter got off the bed and crawled over to Wade, climbing into his lap and burying his face in Wade’s neck. He began to sob all over again, clinging to Wade’s suit with such need that Wade didn’t dare try to push him off. 

    {Comfort him, you jackass}

    (Give Spidey a hug!)

    “Petey,” Wade said, trying it out. He put his hand on Peter’s back and rubbed it soothingly. “Tell me about us.”

    Peter sniffled and lifted his face up. “What do you want to know?”

    Wade smiled. “Everything.”


    Wade and Peter ended up talking through most of the night. He could see how he’d fallen in love with Peter, the kid was easy to love. So energetic and smart as a whip. Wade was halfway back in love with him already.

    Wade had ended up leaving and although he could tell Peter wanted him to stay, he didn’t push it. Wade promised to come back and they would talk some more. That seemed to appease Peter enough to not argue.

    But Wade kept coming back because spending time with Peter was like the best high Wade had ever experienced. Being around him was like rainbows and kittens and unicorns, just so unbelievably unreal. Deadpool wasn’t used to anyone wanting him around and yet here was Peter.

    It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Peter obviously craved what they had been to each other before. He wanted the old Wade back but for now it didn’t look like that was likely. He would touch Wade in a familiar way, casual touches that hinted at their previous relationship. Neither of them brought up the ring.

    Wade was over at Peter’s, enjoying some Mexican food and some Halo. It was an enjoyable evening and the time had gone by so quickly that Wade hadn’t even noticed it was nearly one in the morning. He put his controller down and stretched lazily. “Well, I better be off.”

    Peter visibly crumpled. He took the empty bags of Mexican food and threw them out in the garbage a bit too forcibly. When he looked back up at Wade, he was seething. “Well go on then,” he snapped at Wade. “Go.”

    Wade blinked a few times and then stood up. “What do you want from me, Petey?”

    “I want you to stay!” Peter shouted, tugging his fingers through his hair. “I want you to fucking be here when I wake up in the morning. I want you back. I don’t care if you’re different. You’re not that different! You’re still you. I don’t care if we have to re-live everything until you trust me again. At least give me a chance!”

    “I am giving you a chance,” Wade insisted, stalking over to Peter. “Why do you think I keep coming back here? Do you think I like the way you look at me when you’re so disappointed that I don’t remember?”

    “Then why are you so careful around me?” Peter challenged. “Why do you push me away every time I try to get close to you?”

    “Because I’m not the guy you’re in love with!” Wade argued, crossing his arms over his chest.

    “Yes you are!” Peter rejoined with a humorless laugh. “You’re Wade W. Wilson, aren’t you?”

    “Of course I am.”

    “Then you’re the guy I’m in love with,” Peter told him stubbornly. “It doesn’t matter how much you try to tell me I’m not, I am!”

    “You’re an idiot, Petey,” Wade snarled at him. “Can’t you see I’m not the same?”

    “Can’t you see I don’t care?” Peter shouted, grabbing Wade and hauling him forward. “You kill me every time you leave.”

    “How can I stay?” Wade asked, gripping Peter. “The guy who loved you and fucked you and wanted to marry you is gone.”

    “No he’s not!” Peter screamed, his fist connecting with the side of Wade’s face. Wade went sailing back over the kitchen counter and clocked his head on the edge of the table. “Wade!” Peter called out, hurrying over. 

    Wade could feel the blood pooling out of his mask and onto the kitchen floor. “Sorry Petey,” he said before everything went dark.


    Wade woke up staring up at the familiar soft yellow of the kitchen ceiling. He groaned at the splintering headache and promptly closed his eyes again. 

    “Wade?” A small voice said from beside him. 

    “Petey, what happened?”

    “I might have, um, accidentally killed you a little bit,” Peter said softly. 

    “You killed me?” Wade said, laughing. “I knew you had it in you, baby boy.”

    “Wade?” Peter said, moving closer. “You haven’t called me that since…Wade, who am I?”

    Wade crinkled his nose. “You picked a hell of a time to have an existential crisis. Don’t worry about killing me, sweetums. I always bounce back.”

    “Just answer the question, Wade.”

    Wade opened his eyes again and looked into Peter’s forlorn yet slightly hopeful face. “You’re Peter Parker, aka, Spider-man, aka the love of my life, aka Mr. Perfect Ass.”

    “Wade!” Peter said, throwing his arms around him and hugging him tightly. “You’re back. You remember me.”

    Suddenly the last month came rushing back and Wade felt his stomach clench painfully. “Oh Petey, I’m so sorry.”

    “No,” Peter said, pressing kisses to Wade’s face. “Don’t be sorry. You’re back. It’s okay now. I missed you so much. You were here but you weren’t and you wouldn’t let me touch you. It was terrible.”

    Wade carefully sat up, grunting in pain, and pulled Peter into his lap. “How could I forget you, sunshine?”

    Peter huffed. “I don’t know, but you did it, you jerk.”

    Wade grinned and captured Peter’s lips, kissing him fiercely. “Well, now you know how to reset me. Just a good, old-fashioned killing.”

    Peter flinched. “I didn’t mean to kill you, I swear.”

    “It’s okay, baby boy,” Wade said, kissing him again. “No harm, no foul. I’m more pissed off that you found that engagement ring.”

    “Oh that,” Peter said, blushing prettily. “Sorry.”

    “No worries,” Wade said, running his fingers through Peter’s hair. “I was going to hide it in a burrito.”

    Peter laughed. “I probably would have choked on it.”

    “That’s true,” Wade said, chuckling. “I’ve seen the way you eat. You’re like a vacuum cleaner.”

    “Hey, I’m nothing compared to the master,” Peter mumbled, pressing his lips to Wade’s again. 

    Wade lifted Peter up and carried him into the bedroom. He grabbed the little black box from where he’d left it and opened it up. “You wanna marry me, Petey?”

    “Yeah,” Peter said, nodding emphatically. “Fuck yeah I do.”

    {Aww yeah! We’re going to be such a beautiful bride!}

    (Where should the honeymoon be?)

    {Somewhere hot and sunny so Petey wears as little clothes as possible}

    (Good thinking!)

    Wade hummed and kissed Peter deeply. “It’s good to be back,” he said, sucking on Peter’s lower lip.

    Peter smiled against Wade’s lips. “Welcome home, Wade.” 

    chinashio16  asked:

    Okay, people may call me crazy but it's just a theory. Remember those photos from MAMA 2015 in which Jongin is holding Kyungsoo's waist? (I actually had this theory even before you made that compilation with kaisoo photos taken my media) What if someone from newspaper though it was kinda weird? And so they decided to look into it? And they found proofs? (Maybe took photos of them even tho I know it's not very likely) And so they wrote that thing about same-sex same-group couple and they (1)

    called to SM to say “Hey bro, you know what? You’re in pretty deep sh*t right now” and since the whole post was already released they couldn’t take it down and SM started to sweat. They had to react quickly so they brought KxK sooner than they wanted. (2)

    For me, this is actually possible, but since im delu my opinion doesn’t matter.

    It’s not like my theories are backed up by facts / shit that does exist / has happened… like for ex; that 2012 post that predicts shit correctly or the pict/fancam of kadi looking hella odd and sad and almost burst into tears when the news were out during lotte secret night. 

    My words/opinions are not credible bc im a ghei couple shipper. 

    What am i doing here right now is a huge blasphemy. 

    it’s a wrongdoing to have a strong assumption about this DP thing being fake shit to gain publicity. 

    SM+DP words are the truth, those statements and confirmation share the similar stratum as the 10 commandments that Moses had gotten from God in Mount Sinai. (religious ppl pls dont get offended)

    Big companies can’t lie. They don’t use media play. Everything is a coincidence.  

    Im a sinner here, we are all, for not believing in SM and DP, and choosing to believe in our ghei otp instead. 

    anyway shit is gonna get so fucking delu, so prepare ur wine or if u r underage, prepare the orange juice ur mom has bought and stored in the fridge and pls do enjoy my delusion. 


    All those things aside IF it was indeed like that, i dont think that somebody called SM (saying, ‘yo u r in big shit now cuz we have proofs’)

    i think SM just knew. 

    I mean they [SM] have lots of connections everywhere and keeping tabs on their target audiences (meaning us – the fans – and k-media outlets), isn’t that hard. 

    I’m not saying that they have full control of their target audiences bc obv it’s impossible, 

    They can influence us by directing us into certain drift with their statements, photos etc, but they can’t control us–the mass, they can’ t control the shit we would say/post 

    if they could, there wouldn’t be any ‘dangerous/name-ruiner’ photoshopped pictures in the first place and there wouldnt be any delu ppl making theories lol

    Im sure that they have known already about our delu assumptions (of the couple being legit) since a long time ago

    And thus i think they have known that few of k-media outlets also have the same assumption 

    (bc believe me gurl/boii, it is not only us [int'l. fans] who have the assumption of kadi being legit, k-fans too, including those who work in media

    tbh its kinda pompous to think that kfans dont see the same shit that we see [about kadi]… 

    i mean, we get info from them… how could someone think kfans dont see it as well?)

    Perhaps somehow they’ve [sm] sensed the k-media outlets were onto the accused pairing [kadi] during these recent months (cuz dem kadi x k-media pictures were booming)

    Then suddenly the rumor about ‘same sex couple dating in the same group’ was blasting out in twitter (internationally – cuz it was in engliseu) a month ago (march 2016)  

    The rumor could make them [sm] being extra cautious on ‘guarding/hiding’ this couple

    According to another ‘conspiracy theory’ lol the ‘gay couple’ rumor came out in s.korea in sept 2015…  2(?) days before exo went to fiji for vacation 

    idk if this shit is true, altho the sudden vacation is kinda weird imo – 

    bc wasn’t exo busy about LMR japan debut at that time? why the sudden vacation? 

    and at that time d.o x irene got rumored together just bc d.o helped her lmao

    If you see the comments on the rumor page on twitter [i dont have the link, sorry], 

    ppl were being hushed2, saying things like… “ah, i think i know who..” or “i have two people in mind" 

    and those kinda comments got replied like this “then keep it to yourself, don’t mention their name..”

    Nobody mentioned kadi, for real, no one mentioned them (i fucking scrolled to the bottom), 

    but the comments did mention other couples, yet those ‘i think i know who but i aint gonna tell’ comments got the highest vote. 

    [i voted those comments too bc i thought they were talking about kadi lol, somehow those comments seemed to be very discreet and they reminded me of the couple – bc the couple is subtle and known as backstage couple] 

    And for me, it’s quite weird… bc our fandom is big, right? (I was expecting to see ‘kaisoo’ being written there, but nope.) 

    kadi at that time was considered the last otp that SM hadn’t ruined…yet. gdi SM u had one job

    in other platforms such as tumblr, YT, twitter ppl were preaching how fucking real the pairing is, and how they can’t wait for them [kadi] to get married etc

    but when that rumor came out, NOBODY mentioned their name on the comment section of the rumor 

    and it was quite bizarre for me. but im delu…so.. hahahaha. 

    the rumor was also stated along with these sentences; 

    “The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.” 

    It implies that the group is big, powerful and famous enough to cause such reaction in the industry, and i think we all know which group is the “babe” in kpop/hallyu world right now

    “The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.“ 

    This implies that these people aren’t afraid, they have nothing to lose. They know they have solid proof thus the lawsuit would be futile –  

    Im guessing that the company of these idols would sue the media outlet bc the reporters have ‘tainted’ the idols name for ‘spreading false info’,

    but the media outlet prob would counter back with ‘well we have solid proof so it ain’t false, we only state the truth, we ain’t defiling anyone’s name here, we only share the truth to public’ bc they’re assholes

    about the 'solid proof’ tho…

    idk if it would be indeed something the media outlets have taken by themselves 

    or something that they have taken from fans… you know, those moments we share to each other online

    i mean, they’re media outlets, they’re legit journalist. 

    some ppl still believe those photoshopped pictures and those shit dont have credible sources

    if a legit media outlet does make a news about kaisoo they don’t have to use something strong imo (like legit kissing picts?)

    they could’ve just put kadi moments (like that eskimo kiss, the kisspering pict etc), then add words about kadi being legit, put their company logo and ppl would def buy it.

    they buy DP shit. why would it be any different with other k-media outlet?

    What im trying to emphasize here it is not necessarily has to be a blackmail (some shady ppl called the-equally-shady-SM to get money[?]), bc it seems lots of ppl assuming it this way. i was too but then i changed my assumption.

    SM perhaps has known already about it [the gay rumor] from little birdies who told them 

    they have ppl who monitor fans reaction, what the fans would like, will this concept work, what kind of style members should wear next time, what is 'in’ right now, etc

    This gay couple rumor might be only empty words.  It might be untrue, but it was/is still nerve wrecking.


    Because the rumor implies that the media outlets aren’t afraid, we can feel that they don’t give a shit about what would happen next through their words. 

    They are indirectly threatening (the idols and the company) with their words. 

    Something had to be done in case the rumor comes true. 

    Thus perhaps bc of those things above they [sm] decided to take an action 

    which is fast-forwarding the 'couple’ to be outed in April, not in June, like the Pann post have stated. 

    That’s why unlike BY who had quite few of 'clues’ (like IG posts) KxK couple only has a minimum amount of it

    Krys uploaded 1 pict when she was presumably shooting her drama. 5 days before the news. 

    Why? Why she did that when she was busy? Why not right after she took the pict? Did she even take the picture? 

    Would it be possible someone else did and then later on sent it to her and told her to upload it? 

    Bc i still dont understand why she uploaded it at that day – when she was busy filming. 

    Also, why they went out at 17 Feb (when DP took picts)? 

    Kai had a flight to US on the next day 18 Feb and at that time Gaon chart award happened.

    Gaon award started at 7 PM KST time, means the show must be held until late at night.

    Why went out at such late time even tho tomorrow he had to take a flight?

    Taking a long flight is fucking tiring – i couldnt even stan 2 hours flight (jetlag etc)

    also idk if u notice it, but kai’s face looked sour on DP picts… he didn’t smile in any of those pictures

    and then later on ppl uploaded KxK photoshopped pictures inside the pool

    Why? Ppl said it was anti-fans who did it But is it really? 

    Those pictures than 'backed up’ by a screenshot  text that belong to 'the hotel’s staff’

    The timing was too precise… The picture got posted soon after the news came out

    Why such pictures?

    Let’s be real here, BY couple had faced lots of shit than KxK does rn

    But no one never made such pict of them doing that kinda thing before (as far as i know ppl only photshopped pictures of them going out on date)

    Why these photosopper want to make Kai looks like “the dude who did sexual thing with his girlfriend inside the swimming pool”

    Why they also made a rumor about them living together ?

    They didnt do this shit with BY even tho BY couple faced worst of it. (ppl booed at baek during live show, tae apologized to fans in the airport)

    Why they go this far to show us that “kai exo isnt interested in dude –kyungsoo– bc the fake shit he had 'done’ implies he prefers chicks”

    and the weird thing is… lots of fans have thought that kai was into dudes before this… 

    even there’s a post about exo sexuality analysis that was made by a gay man, he basically said kai was relatable bc kai’s shy demeanor reminds him of his younger self. (and he noted that kai and kyungsoo probably have something going on even though he wasn’t kadi shippers)

    lots of ppl also have claimed that kai has 'pinged’ them as gay, especially when he’s with kyungsoo but then this shit happened and some fans immediately say things like 'get over it ppl he’s straight' 

    also this is prob just me but the photoshoped picts of them in pool and him smoking make him look ‘though’ now (he used to be seen as the cute/shy boy nini right? but those picts make him legit look like ‘kai’), 

    kai is now your typical korean dude who’s into pretty chick and smokes thanks to those photoshopped pictures

    but is he really?

    ofc this is just IF, mkay? im delu. dont believe my words.

    Besides the Pann post might be not true–but we’ll see about that soon i suppose.  

    TL;DR: i agree with u but i dont think somebody called SM, i think SM knew/sniffed about the gay news, got worried, then they went ‘let’s rush outing our fabricated couple that was supposed to be outed in june’

    sorry for bad engliseu, remember, im delu so my words aren’t credible

    i reread this shit and holy fuck i sound so delu… but hey i dont give a shit lol it’s not like i know those bitches who judging me irl, they’re strangers anyway. 


    5SOS Preference: High School Sweethearts


    It was only a few years after high school when things started going wrong. The two of you began fighting over the smallest things. After constant fighting you were both completely drained. So instead of arguing, you just didn’t speak to each other. That was even worse though. You felt alone, even when he was right next to you.

    As you thought about everything, it became clear. You and Luke weren’t together because you loved each other. That’s how it used to be, but now, it was obvious that you were together because it was easier that way. You were familiar with each other. Being with him was easier than having to look for the one person you’re supposed to be with. But you didn’t want easy anymore, you just wanted to be loved and cared for by someone that was as madly in love with you as were with them.

    When Luke came home you told him that you needed to talk. He was confused by the seriousness of your tone, since you hadn’t had a serious conversation with him in so long. It was hard. You still cared about him, and deep down you still loved him. But you also knew it wasn’t enough.

    Silent tears streaked your face as you came up with the right words. But no matter what you said it would still feel wrong. Luke was shocked at first, but it was something he had seen coming for a while. It was incredibly obvious that the two of you weren’t as happy as you once were.

    You spent one last night together. Secretly hoping that maybe this one night would rekindle what was left of your relationship. But it didn’t. There was nothing left. You kept telling yourself that it was just bad timing. You were still young, you had a lot of growing up to do. As did Luke. So maybe, just maybe, someday that fire would be lit again. Maybe you would get married and have a family with him. But those are only what ifs and hopeful thoughts. More than likely, you would never be together again. But no matter what, he would always be your first love.


    He never forgave himself for what he had done. It was something he had lived with for three years. Guilt weighing him down, for three years.

    It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, Michael had brought you out to a big field where he had a picnic set up for the two of you. You had spent a few hours just cuddling, kissing and talking about the future. A few rain drops fell, making you look up at the sky, Michael doing the same. You smiled, somehow feeling like the rain made it even more romantic. It started raining harder and you both ran to the truck, leaving the blanket and basket of food behind. You were both laughing and just feeling so happy being with each other. By the time Michael had made it to the road, the rain was pouring down so bad that you could barely see the road. Thunder roared loudly and you unbuckled your seatbelt leaning over the back seat to look for your phone.

    “Babe, what are you doing?” Michael asked while turning the wind shield wipers up a notch. “I’m looking for my phone, so I can check the weather. This storm looks like it’s gonna get pretty bad.” You replied, rummaging around in your bag. Just as you clasped your fingers around the device, Michael let out a gasp. Suddenly he hit the breaks and jerked the steering wheel, trying to avoid hitting the massive eighteen wheeler head on. But the car began to slide sideways, making the big truck collide with the passenger side of the vehicle. Michael’s vision was blurry but he blinked a few times, making it clearer. There was blood and shattered glass everywhere. He looked down to see your body on his side, lying halfway in his lap. Everything was happening so fast that he could barely process what was going on.

    “Y/N” he suddenly choked out when he seen that you were out cold. He placed his hand on your shoulders and shook you trying to wake you up, but it was no use. He cupped your face and began to sob, begging you to wake up. The other driver had called an ambulance and ran to check if you were both okay, he had only sustained a few scratches and bruises. Michael hadn’t even noticed that his leg was broken in three places, and he had a massive gash to the side of his forehead.


    Michael walked through the quiet, white hallway, with a bundle of fresh flowers in his hand. He slowly opened the door, seeing that no one else was in the room. He made his way over to the vase and took out the flowers that were already occupying it, only to replace them with the new ones. He sat in the chair next to the bed and took your cold hand into his own. He began talking to you. Telling you about things that have happened recently. Telling you about his life and about your family and friends. Just talking to you. Even if you couldn’t hear him, even if you’d been in a coma for three years, he would still talk to you. Because he loves you with every ounce of his being. He would give up anything for you. And as long as your still in there somewhere he won’t give up, because you’re the love of his life. Because he wants you and only you, and he won’t let something like this change that. He won’t give up on you, because you are, and always will be, his high school sweetheart.


    ‘Has Calum Hood finally moved on after ending his five year relationship with high school sweetheart Y/N?’

    You take in a shaky breathe and set the magazine back down. You wanted to know if it was true, but you knew it would hurt to much to read about. After picking up what you needed from the store you head back to your dorm. After the break-up you just decided to move onto campus because you didn’t have the money for a new house. Calum offered to help, but you told him no. You didn’t need anything from him, because he broke you.

    You had been fighting over some picture of him kissing some girl. At first you thought it was just photoshopped, but then you found a video of the same girl at the club Calum was at. On the same night. Only a few seconds into the video you noticed her and Calum were really close. Not kissing, but he had his hand on her waist and she was leaning against him. It was enough for you. You couldn’t handle watching them together anymore, so you closed the laptop and thought about what you were going to do. After 5 years, how could he do something like this? You thought both of you were happy, but after watching that, you weren’t so sure. It was a difficult decision, you leaving. It was something you knew would hurt even more than watching that stupid video. But what else were you going to do? Cheating was something you didn’t tolerate. It happened to your mother and father. It tore your family apart.

    Once Calum got wind of the situation he was quick to start defending himself. But you wouldn’t have any of it. You were done. He told you it wasn’t true and you told him you had seen a video but he had no idea what you were even talking about. So you left, leaving both of you heartbroken.

    After getting back to your room you put away the things you bought and sit down to finish up some work. About thirty minutes later there’s a knock on your door. When you open the door you feel like someone just knocked the breath out of you.

    “I know what you were talking about” He says. You look at him confused and shake your head, but before you can ask, he continues, “I saw the video. You know you said you saw one of me and some girl. But did you watch the whole thing?”

    You look at him in disbelief, why is he here telling you about the video that ended your relationship? “I didn’t need to watch it all, Calum. The sight of you two all cuddled up was enough.” You answer angrily.

    Suddenly he walks into the room and plops down on your couch, pulling your laptop closer to him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You ask still standing at the door, puzzled.

    “I’m showing you that I was telling the truth. This girl, I thought she was a fan, but now I know she was just using me for attention from the media. Anyways, she’s the one from that picture, it was photoshopped by the way. And here, watch the video, the reason we were like that is because she asked for a picture.”

    As you sat on the couch looking at the screen you see them both turn and smile towards someone, and then you see a flash. As soon as the picture is taken Calum releases her and starts to walk away. When you look back at Calum he’s looking at you with pleading eyes. Begging you to finally believe him. You take a deep breath and frown your eyebrows. “How do I know that the picture was fake?”

    He quickly pulls up something else from his twitter. It’s a tweet from a fan, with the picture of the girl and Calum, but it’s in a collage with a picture of the girl and some other guy, kissing, and a picture of you and Calum kissing. The fan explains that she found the picture on Instagram, and clearly the girl used it to photoshop herself kissing Calum.

    You look at him with wide eyes feeling guilty for not believing him. “Cal, I-I… I’m so sorry, I should’ve be-”

    “Don’t apologize. If I had seen what you had, I would’ve believed it too. But now that you know the truth will you come home? We can forget about all of this. Just please, please come back home.”

    You quickly throw your arms around him and bury your face in his neck. “Of course I’ll come home. I’ve missed you so much.” You mumble, letting a few tears fall from your eyes. He wraps his arms around you as well, “I love you so much Y/N. I swear I would never cheat on you. You mean the world to me.”

    And just like that, you went back home with your high school sweetheart.


    Her long hair blew in the wind as she made her way towards the school building. The sixteen year old boy couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He had never seen anyone more beautiful, and he knew that one way or another, she was going to be his. He hadn’t wasted a second before introducing himself to the new girl. And she had him wrapped around her finger as soon as her lips curled into a smile and she spoke her name.


    As his frail fingers sort through old photographs, there’s a longing deep in his chest. Every image in the box is burned into his mind forever. He doesn’t even need the pictures. Every moment spent with her is still fresh in his mind. Tears burn his eyes as he thinks back to their wedding day. That beautiful white dress hugging her body perfectly. The bright smile lighting up her face as her glistening eyes meet his. The fluttering feeling in his stomach as her small hands slid into his. Every moment was clear in his mind. All to soon her beautiful hair started turning gray, her porcelain skin started wrinkling and her memory started fading. She remembered him, though she always became confused when looking at the eighty-four year old man. She always remembered a younger boy, a high school boy, with fluffy strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes filled with love. A boy she fell head over heels for. Everyone said it was just puppy love. Two teenage kids living in the moment, but it was so much more. He never once in his entire existence regretted spending his life with her, nor she with him.

    Sixty-eight years may seem like a long time for anyone else, but it just wasn’t enough for him. If he could have just one more moment, no matter how short, he would take it. Even if she had no idea who he was, he would still cherish the time. But that’s not how it works.

    “Granddad, are you ready? The service is going to start soon.” A young girl in a black dress asked from the doorframe of their bedroom. He took one last glance at the photo in his hand before wiping his cheeks and closing the box. He gave a weak smile to the girl who had let a few of her own tears fall. Heaving himself off the end of the bed and walking over to her, he was ready. He wasn’t happy about it, but he knew it had to be done. He was going to say his last goodbye to his high school sweetheart.