i feel like this a pretty good representation of this show

I know lot of people don’t like Jorge R Gutierrez’s “El Tigre” because some people didn’t found it as a good representation of Mexican culture (I really can’t comment on that topic since I am NOT mexican so I can’t tell what counts or not). Though I can’t 100% affirm it… In Latin America the show was kinda popular?

I mean,  I know in mexico it got to the point of having like.. 2 or 3 different sets of “Tazos” (i think they are called slammers in english?) and some other merchandise, and it my country it was pretty popular!! I’ve heard for a few Mexican pals that they actually used to like it a ton mostly because of the style and the fact that the creator was a Mexican trying to do cartoons that weren’t on the US. 

But y'all, in all honesty, if you watch the get down, you should go and watch 3% on Netflix. It’s a Brazilian show, so they speak Brazilian Portuguese, but it’s so good!!!

The show is very diverse and the have representation for physically disabled people and, because it’s usually what gets me into shows, it’s also VERY colorful. Like, bright colors all over the place.

As for what it’s about, it’s dystopian, kinda similar to the Hunger Games. There’s a resistance and a main cast full of morally ambiguous characters.

(I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a side blog for it so keep that in your sights lol)

Anyway, go watch 3%!!!

You know what, Danny Phantom was, imho, one of the best shows because it had so many things that make me think back and reflect on how genuinely awesome the female characters were.

First of all, they were great. I personally admire the fact that the creators had a Mexican girl be the popular, pretty girl that everyone wanted to go out with and everyone wanted to be friends with. I know she’s Mexican because I distinctly remember Paulina going out to pick up her dress for her quinceañera, which is a Mexican tradition for girls who are having 15th birthday parties. Instead of having a typical, expected American girl be the popular girl, it was this girl with dark skin and an accent. As a Mexican girl, I loved Paulina, even if she was superficial and somewhat fake. It makes me feel good to see that kind of representation because she was pretty and everyone liked her, which break a lot of stereotypes about Mexican girls.

We also have Valerie, a black girl who is utterly amazing and very smart. She is made out to be the villain on some occasions, but she had legitimate reasons to antagonize Danny. She was a do-gooder in her eyes for wanting to take care of the ghost boy. But her character received a lot of development, which I’m very happy for because she was shown to be strong and fun and interesting. She and Danny even came close to being a couple! The romance didn’t define her character, but her courage and boldness did. She took on ghosts on her own and she kicked ass! I’m so happy she was given so much depth!

Jazz is also pretty great. We would expect for her to be useless, but she’s so clever. She figured out Danny’s secret all on her own and early on in the show, and she respected her brother’s privacy. She took interest and looked into ghost stuff to look out for her brother, and she’s pretty brave! She even took on her brother! I like her because she’s the smart one, but she’s not Ms. Perfect, even if everyone paints her to be that. She is a major support to her brother and she cares so much about him. She’s not the obnoxious know it all sister, either. She is really interesting.

And then, there’s Danny’s mom, Maddie. This one kicks ass so hard. She’s so cool, she can fight a bear and win. She’s not the typical housewife. She’s a genius and can build equipment and keeps her husband in line, and she’s such a delight because people like her presence. She’s not very silly like her husband, but she still has fun. She’s such a strong mom. She’s an acrobat and she’s so ready for anything and she doesn’t need anyone to help her be a badass. She just chooses to be by her husband’s side.

Sam is a ride of a character. She is like the embodiment of the phrase “fuck the system”. She doesn’t give in the gender roles or society’s expectations of being a peppy, preppy feminine girl that wears the frilly dresses her mother buys her. She’s very independent and doesn’t let people convince her to stop being a vegetarian or a goth girl or herself. She likes dark things and black and she wears things that make her comfortable and doesn’t get affected by people if they make fun of her. She even feels uncomfortable being girly and that’s great! She even dislikes being in the sun. And she’s not a rebellious girl ,though she gets caught up in the messes Danny gets her and Tucker into. She’s kind of a brilliant character. She’s very resistant and strong-willed and tough. And even with her crush on Danny, it doesn’t make her love-struck or distracted. She’s focused and she’s always ready to help and she’s a real friend who has Danny’s and Tucker’s backs.

These ladies are so precious because they’re unique and have a very special touch to them. I could go on about the rest of the girls, but I’m tired of typing on my phone. I just wanted to point out how awesome these ladies are and how Danny Phantom let them all shine. None of them depended on men to get where they wanted to go or to take care of what they had to do. They’re very A+, which makes DP A+ as well. 👌👏👏👏


A More “Effy” Bedroom

Anonymous said:
how would you imagine effy’s bedroom to look if it reflected her personality more?

Anonymous said:
since effys rooms isnt really a good representation of her… how do you think it would be decorated in ways that symbolize effy? I feel that the only things in her rooms through out the show were the sex collages & vodka bottles lol

Anonymous said:
You said ‘Effy’s entire bedroom isn’t very Effy’ and I completely agree. So if you had to design an Effy-esque room (that actually represented her personality) what would it look like? Thanks!

Anonymous said:
hey im sorry if you already got my question and youre just putting an answer together at the moment, im not trying to pester you! :) but incase it didnt send the first time: What would effy’s bedroom look like if it reflected her personality more? xx

While Effy’s generation 1 room is a pretty good reflection of her, her generation 2 bedroom has always looked to me like a bedroom for the daughter Anthea wished she had.  Above are some interiors that I think suit Effy’s personality much better.  I also have a post on bedding for Effy’s style here.

I kind of love the idea of Effy having a room that’s filled with clutter- posters and paintings and books and just stuff everywhere.  Effy’s mind seems to be a cluttered and chaotic place, but she keeps it all bottled up.  I like the idea that maybe her bedroom is a place where she feels safe to let all of those things out into the world, because it’s her space and nobody else will ever see it.