i feel like they say 'i love you' a lot without really saying it

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I get really sad when i see people saying shipping yourself with characters is dumb and stupid ans stuff and I start to feel bad for doing it but Then I see your art and My mood does like a complete 180 and I feel so much better cause your confident in doing it and drawing yourself with hanzo that I feel like I can with my fav characters, so Thank you star You're wonderful!!! <3

haha several years ago I wanted to draw selfship art but was so afraid of getting backlash for it that I just drew it for myself without sharing it online

all those years I could’ve just…..not give a crap what ppl had to say and just do my thing and have fun lmao

plus a lot of ppl who are against selfship talk about how hot X character is and how they’re their husband/wife but suddenly feel repulsed when ppl actually draw/write selfship content lmao the hypocrisy

selfshipping is beautiful because it shows how much you love a character and everyone deserves to share that with others and not feel ashamed for it 💞

I’m happy to be able to give you the boost you need /)v(\ 💖

Thank you for your request, it means so much to me.
I really , really hope that i made this right for you.
If it’s NOT what you wanted feel free to say in my ask, i will do it again without thinking twice.
Any grammatical error please you can tell me.


  • Ok this baby really like receiving love
  • And giving it
  • But he feels like this relationship is one sided
  • He say how much he loves you, he hugs you, kisses your cheeks, etc.
  • But you only smile back
  • Where are his kisses?He wants to receive too!
  • He really starts to think that HE IS THE PROBLEM
  • He was crying at night because of that
  • He wants to know what he can do
  • Well…He is definitely not going to ask  Seven, or any RFA member for help
  • He can be a little jealous when they know a lot about you
  • So …he know that he has  only one way to go
  • Hm…Interesting
  • You may be a person that feels uncorfortable with so much love
  • Ok
  • May be hard but he will do anything to make you feel happy and comfortable
  • So he is now..
  • Hell yeah!
  • He is dying inside
  • Omg her cheek, don’t kiss it
  • BE A MAN
  • But then he starts to notice that your face is filled with sadness
  • What did he did wrong?
  • He then  he  goes to you and sit beside you on the couch, with a worried face
  • “…MC?What’s wrong?”
  • You just sigh and look at him
  • “You’ve been  so distant lately..You don’t even hug me..What’s wrong?”
  • Yoosung just froze,wait you were missing it?
  • OH SHIT!
  • He just gave an awkward tiny laugh ,he understood everything now
  • It’s not that you didn’t like it
  • You just…Struggle to show it
  • He just laughs and cuddles with you on the couch for the rest of the evening
  • You may not give love to him like he did to you
  • But those shining eyes looking at him when he does it just..
  • Makes everything worth it
  • And when , rarely , you hug him, or kiss him,it’s like
  • The best thing in the world
  • He just loves you, and if she’s happy that he is showing all his love


  • He needs to be appraised
  • He needs it
  • Ok ok a little compliment here and there 
  • He accepts 
  • But he needs sometimes a little emotion
  • He can be a gentleman but his princess needs to show that she can do it too!
  • Oh no…
  • Is it so hard for her to just not jump in his arms?
  • Maybe you have a beast too
  • And showing love, may unleash it
  • He knows how hard it is to  keep looking at him and not kiss him every time
  • Understandable
  • But maybe if you has this beast
  • EVEN if you are his princess
  • Maybe just maybe..It would not me so bad?
  • When you woke up from your little nap in the couch
  • Your eyes just stared at Zen’s red ones
  • You were shocked
  • “Z-Zen…?Why are you observing me?”
  • “Mc, i can’t let you pretend anymore, i will let you unleash your beast”
  • What the hell is he talking about?
  • “My beast Zen?I don’t know what you’re talking about Zen”
  • Without even thinking twice he just  kiss you deeply
  • When their lips finally parted he just smiled
  • “I know it’s hard to control  yourself when you are close to me, but don’t worry, i won’t think that you’re a freak”
  • “Zen…It’s not that, i don’t do well with affection”
  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • This cannot be possible
  • “So…You don’t like when i give you love?”
  • You just sigh laughing a little, while he’s still confused
  • “I like, i love it actually,but…I’m not good at showing it”
  • He just looks like a idiot
  • How come he never noticed?
  • But he is happy
  • That she likes
  • “Then..It’s okay if i unleash my beast?”
  • He say with a little smirk
  • Zen, stop


  • Ok,you are definitely trying to push him away
  • Why?
  • After YOU didn’t let him push you away
  • He is so confused
  • You are a bit cold to him
  • Looks like you don’t want these hugs, these kisses
  • You don’t look angry, or say insults like Saeran
  • And threats too
  • But he is worried, what has he done wrong?
  • Maybe you’re tired of him, maybe you just don’t like that much love?
  • Ok, he will give you space
  • Cut the love ropes 
  • This is going down
  • Then with this in mind, he’s the same when he tried to push you away
  • Jokes?Was there. Conversations?Was there too
  • But the affection, love? Not there
  • Even Saeran thinks this is strange
  • Then MC decides to have a little courage and ask
  • “Seven..?”
  • He just spins his chair and looks at you
  • “Sup Mc”
  • “….You want me to go away?”
  • What?Why is she asking it?He shoulded ask this question to her
  • She is acting strange
  • “You want to go away?”
  • She look confused, why is he heasking this question?
  • “I never ever think of leaving…Why are you asking me this kind of question Saeyoung?”
  • Confused stares 
  • “You kinda seems that you’re pushing me away, don’t seem angry when i give you affection, but you never seem to return it”
  • Mc just smiled, what a dork
  • “It’s hard for me to show love Saeyoung..”
  • Oh..Ok
  • Now that makes sense
  • So you liked it, but showing it is difficult
  • Seven just smiled back to her
  • “Good to know…I’m missing our kisses so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ”


  • You must already know that for him feelings were a myth
  • When he starts to feel love, everything was so strange
  • But now, he understands it
  • He wants to cherish you, love every part of your body , every bit of you
  • He wants all of you to be his
  • May seem selfish
  • But he loves you so much
  • Everytime he comes to home , he caresses Elizabeth
  • And then kisses you
  • Saying he had missed you
  • Everytime is the same thing
  • He never showed emotions in his entired life
  • But he is so intense now with this
  • He really really loves you
  • But he don’t feel the same from you
  • You don’t jump in his arms or are so intense with him
  • He feels sometimes neglected
  • But he loves you
  • But he is very afraid that you might leave him
  • He knows that he will never love someone like you
  • If you leave him…He…Will not know what to do
  • He will be lost
  • Not even Elizabeth could make him smile again
  • In one night, you wake up with a sound of someone crying sofly, not wanting to make any noise
  • It was Jumin?
  • Yes
  • You almost jumpet out of the bed to sit beside him
  • “Jumin?What is wrong?Did something happen to Elizabeth?”
  • When he notices your presence he just wipe his face quickly
  • “No my love…Go back to sleep, is everything alright”
  • “Jumin i know you  were crying, tell me , why?”
  • He just looks at her, with a little of tears in his eyes
  • It was very rare to see him like this, some people think it’s impossible to see him like this actually
  • But he doesn’t know where he went wrong with you,and he is very, very afraid that he might lose you
  • He can’t hold these type of emotions
  • He is a human too
  • “Are you…Planning to leave me?”
  • What was he saying?
  • You were shooked
  • Why?
  • “No, never Jumin, why are you asking such a thing?”
  • “…I always give you kisses, hugs, all my love, you don’t seen to hate it, or try to stop me, but you never ever give me anything, not even a declaration”
  • Oh…Now you get it
  • “Jumin it’s difficult to me to show my love…Emotions…But i do like when you do this”
  • Difficult?
  • Ok, he can help you
  • After that, they’re asleep ,cuddling peacefully
  • He will have patience
  • Show you all his love
  • And you will try your hard to show yours too
  • Of course, at your pace


  • She has some struggles showing some love
  • After finally stop with the “friend” thing
  • Stop Jaehee
  • She is more happy, and she takes MC with an open heart
  • More calm, gentle, romantic
  • Yes Baehee
  • But MC does not return all of this
  • What?She wants that kind of Jahee back?
  • You just regretted that you chose her instead of the boys?
  • She was more boring than them?
  • But she is trying her hardest
  • You are not gonna leave her after everything
  • Right?
  • She even looks even more romantic
  • Looks like she wants to please you
  • You don’t mind it
  • You even liked 
  • But you knew something was up
  • “Jaehee.”
  • You said behind her, while she was making, i don’t know, cookies? Coffee?
  • She looks at you, smilling
  • “Say it darling”
  • “You’re acting in a strange way,what is wrong?”
  • Ok
  • She could just smile, say it was nothing
  • But Jaehee learned from you that she have to speak up when something was messing her little head
  • So she just sigh, and look at you again, without the smile this time.
  • “Mc, i know this all started with the word friends , but is this what you want to be?Only friends?”
  • Before you can open your mouth to ask why,she starts to speak again
  • “Mc when i try to be romantic or show you some love you accept,but you never try to do the same to me,if you don’t want this kind of Relationship, i understand.”
  • “…Jaehee,it’s not that, i love you, but…It’s hard for me, i love your touches, seeing you give me love..But i just can’t, it’s so hard for me”
  • Oh
  • How can she be so dumb?
  • She don’t know why MC is like this, maybe she is just antisocial, shy, she just don’t mind at all
  • But after that day, Jaehee stops being so romantic
  • Of course a little kiss here, there ~
  • She knows you like when she give you a tight hug,or a simple kiss
  • You sometimes do it on her
  • She just looks so cute when she is caught by surprise


  • V has a big problem
  • If something is wrong, strange
  • He puts the blame on himself
  • And that’s it
  • He never realizes that maybe, just maybe he did nothing wrong
  • V is perfect in this relationship
  • But he realizes that you don’t give him affection
  • You don’t complain about his affection
  • But because of that he starts to get wrong ideas
  • He don’t think you just…Have a little problem with showing your love
  • He thinks he did something wrong
  • That he is a burden to you
  • Of course
  • Everything is making sense
  • He is slowly turning blind
  • Now he can see a bit, it’s blurry, and it’s still hard
  • He knows you have a kind heart
  • But he can’t make you stay with a blind man
  • If he is just a burden.
  • But V doesn’t know what he would do without you
  • You’re his life
  • His light
  • He don’t want to lose another person that he loved
  • So he just can’t be quiet about it and let things go with the wind
  • You’re leaving him?He is scared just to think about it
  • He has to speak up
  • He has to speak with you
  • He has to do something
  • You’re in the kitchen, cooking
  • V leaves the bedroom, making his way towards you
  • “The food smells great,Love…”
  • His voice sounded like…He had been crying
  • You just look at him, he seemed tired
  • “Thank you…Is something upsetting you?”
  • Ok V
  • Speak up
  • Don’t start with those secrets
  • Or i swear to god i will hit you with this pan
  • “Yes”
  • Ok he will say it
  • So you focus on him
  • “If you plan on leaving me…Because…I’m a burden”
  • He says slowly, looks like those words hurt him so much
  • “I understand…But i will still love you”
  • You keep looking at him, he was holding back tears and with his head down
  • So you put your hand in his chin and makes him look at you,looking at your eyes
  • “Why would i do such a thing V?”
  • “You are cold with me.”
  • Oh
  • It’s this
  • “V i love you, but i have a little problem, i have difficulty to show love,affection,but i really like when you do this, actually, it’s like a fuel for me to start the day”
  • His eyes just got brighter
  • It’s not his fault
  • Never is V
  • Stop with that
  • He’d just kiss you , a kiss with all his love in it
  • And you kissed him back, with all your love in it
  • Looks like everything is good ~
  • “Love…it smell as if something is burning..”
  • Well
  • After this day he still the same 
  • And you’re slowly being more affectionate
  • Everything looks good
  • Except the food


  • This gonna be complicated
  • He is exactly like you
  • Want love,but has difficult in giving, showing it
  • Yes, he needs love
  • So this is awkward
  • Looks like you are living with a friend, even with a stranger
  • And he thinks the same thing
  • This relationship won’t have affection
  • Only when he grabs you at night, to cuddle
  • You two had enough
  • This is bullshit
  • You are so sad, you need love, affection
  • You can’t let this go further
  • And he is secretly thinking the same as you
  • So,at the same time you two go talk to each other
  • And when you were so close
  • You asked
  • “…Why are you so distant from me?”
  • “I should ask that”
  • Looks like he is thinking the same as you
  • “I find a little hard to show my emotions, and love”
  • “Looks like we have the same problem then princess.”
  • This was going to be hard
  • But you two will slowly open up together, you’re feeling it
  • So the two of you hug each other tightly
  • You two need it
  • And need much more ~
  • This got better after the realization of the problem
  • The two of you grew more affectionate towards each other
  • He loves your little smiles when he hugs you or kisses you
  • And you love the brightness in his eyes when you do the same
  • And you both love when you’re cuddling, on the sofa, eating ice cream
  • Everything is perfect now

I really hope i got this right, and that you liked it


I really don’t make posts like this, or take selfies without hats or a wig but I want to take a moment and say I’m really proud of this growth?? That whole thin spot used to be TOTALLY bald.

I see a lot of recovery posts in the Trich tag on tumblr, and I know a lot of times in my low times they made me feel worse, because I really didn’t believe I could ever get there, or do it. Ive pulled my hair since I was 7 years old, so that’s 16 years of picking. The spot in the front doesn’t even grow anymore. I know sometimes when you fall back into a picking spell, or start a new bald spot it can be severely disheartening, but please believe me when I say it can get better!

I’ve had a bald spot for as long as I can remember, and to be honest part of me fears I will always have one? But sometimes things can surprise you. I love you guys and don’t let your spots define you!

I’ve seen a lot of reactions to Dan’s new video and I just want to address it. I think I can speak for the whole phandom when I say, we really don’t mean half the things we say or do. Like the peace signs. I’ve seen a lot of people feel really bad about mocking it because they never really thought about it being a coping mechanism. Truth is, I don’t think any of us truly mind it. Dan, if anything we do is ever bothering you, please tell us. You’re a real person who deserves to be happy without the ridicule of the internet. That being said, I really hope that you know that what we do, we do out of love. You mean so much to us all. For instance, the sparkly suit. Yes, it was hilarious, and yes, we totally made fun of it, but that was only a small part of our reaction to the BONCAS. Half of us just cried tears of joy, and the other half had their dashes so full of happy, proud messages. So we’re always going to mock and you will live an eternity as a meme, but, Dan Howell, you mean so much more than that. Personally, you have the ability to make me smile when I feel like shit and you can make me laugh when all I’ve been doing is crying. There’s very few people on this planet who can do that for me. I really hope you know how much we truly love you, @danisnotonfire, because it’s endless.

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would you recommend smoothies as a PSD breed? (pls feel free to ramble - I'd love any and all information you think might be even tangentially connected)

i really hope you don’t regret saying i can feel free to ramble on this one because oh boy… this ended up being a lot. 

i would say yes, they are a great alternative for people who don’t want a retrieving breed like a lab or golden, or need a more medium energy dog, or a dog that’s more aloof with strangers, but not a breed that would tend towards being defensive/protective like a german shepherd.
i got fox because labs irritated my allergies, and i knew a lot of goldens that died around 8. also retriever personality had never clicked with me. i mean they’re nice dogs, but they always been just too much? i needed a dog that matched my energy level, was flexible, could easily settle and let me rest when i’m sick without extensive training on the matter, and very tuned in to my emotional state. i found all these things in collies.
task training always came easy for him, he actually knew to be aware of my breathing without any training required so all i had to do was encourage the behavior, and teach him to alert me without barking. 
if anything would wash a collie from service work i think it would be fearfulness (and anything related to that such as fear aggression) or that they can’t keep quiet. 
collies are sensitive and when they miss key socialization when they are young it can make public access training a real uphill battle if not impossible. this is one of the reasons i’m not keen on finishing fox’s pa training, because it’s hard to tell what’s going to spook him. for instance, a guy throwing boats of the dock: fine. flag: scary and bad. he does best outside and in large buildings, but small spaces still trouble him. 
i didn’t have fox as a young puppy, i got him at 10 months, so i can’t give sure fire advice on what’s most important to do, as desensitization is extremely important to an sd of any breed and fearfulness can make or break any dog. 
so just when your working on socialization and desensitization just make sure you’re covering all your bases and if you get to something that is really spooking your puppy, take your time and work on it as soon as you notice it. (if i had fox as a puppy knowing about him what i do know i would focus primarily on strange noises, not necessarily loud, unfamiliar terrain, and things “moving on their own”)
and as for the barking, collies are vocal dogs known for being good guard dogs with no aggression. if there’s something they want to tell you they’re going to try barking first. this can pair up badly with fearfulness if you happen to get a nervous dog. the work you do on socializing and desensitizing your pup to strange and unusual things should help with how often your dog feels the need to tell you what’s going on. 
collies can be slow to mature and when they go through fear periods man do they really go through them. just keep standing by your dog, try to keep public access outings as positive of experiences as you can. if fox was having a bad outing, i would just pet him, praise him and rough house with him to then work on “fun” tricks, (anything that came easy to him) and give massive rewards then go home. 
also while i’m mentioning collie’s being sensitive and being able to pick up on your emotions, if you’re training feeling frustrated or angry they will know and probably start shutting down. when i first got fox and i had no idea what i was doing, my frustration would often drive our training sessions into the ground. taking breaks to play and keep things light when you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall will do a lot of your relationship with your dog. i wish i had known this when i started with fox, a lot of things would have gone smoother for us. as fox has gotten older he’s learned to immediately redirect to play when he’s sensing that i’m angry, which helps with my mood even when we’re not training.

i think this covers pretty much all i have to say on the matter… collies are amazing dogs, and i hope i’ve helped you on whether or not they might be the right dog for you! 
if any other collie people have anything to add feel free!

Omg , you’re so lovely, good luck too! i tried my best, any mistakes feel free to say (i love this odd theme) and i hope i did it right, i’m a bit insecure.

I hope you enjoy just like i did!


  • He was gaming Really?
  • Gotta go for that special loot baby!
  • When he decided to take a break and go grab some water he hears someone singing
  • It was MC
  • The curiosity took over him and he go there
  • He finds MC in tears singing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a Cinderella Song
  • He look a bit confused why you are watching this at this age you can’t say anything Yoosung
  • He noticed that in your side was a lot of films abouts Disney Princess related stuff
  • “Mc…?Why are you watching these?”
  • You finally look at him, pausing without even looking at the remote
  • “I just love Disney Princess stories…It’s so romantic..Incredible”
  • You sigh, lost in your own world, and Yoosung is just like:
  • What?
  • Mc go to sleep
  • Then he just sit beside you, and you don’t waste time and start to  watch the Cinderella film again
  • 15 minutes passes and Yoosung is just cuddling with MC almost in tears with her
  • “I can relate so much to Cinderella when my mom come to visit us”
  • Yoosung, stop


  • You’re his princess already.
  • And he is your knight in shining armor, beutiful hair, shining ey—
  • Ok that’s enough Zen
  • He just got back from jogging
  • And he finds MC, singing Let it Go
  • He don’t mind at all
  • He finds it cute in a way
  • But he is a little sad that you’re not singing his songs all the time !
  • “Wow MC, i dind’t knew it you liked kids stuff, you want one?”
  • You jump in surprise to look at him, your face is all red and he already came closer
  • “W-What?N-No!I just…Really like disney princess…That’s all!”
  • He just laughts and he gives her a very tight hug
  • “Baby..That’s why your room is filled with this kind of stuff, i would prefer it’s was my photos instead”
  • Tipical Zen..
  • You just look at him, giving a wicked smile
  • “Maybe…If you put an Elsa costume..You will look just like her!”
  • WHAT
  • His jaw just hit the ground
  • Was because of the hair?
  • He is not a cold guy, Jumin is, he is more warm than a furnace
  • “Don’t call me a princess!You know i’m the knight!”
  • “So don’t say it is childish”
  • After a long time, he just..Accepted your obsession
  • The neighbours will have to endure two people singing Disney Songs, but SPECIALLY Let it go


  • I don’t even know if he really know any Disney Princess, so i put in a way he didn’t  know
  • If he knows, it’s not my fault , i keep forgetting some important info
  • Ok…What the hell is going on?
  • He just came back from work and he founds his penthouse filled with those cartoon girls that look just like a princess
  • And Elizabeth with and odd pink dress
  • Ok , Elizabeth is cute in these, but his penthouse?
  • No,no,no
  • He was wondering, what the heck did MC done?
  • He knows it was you, because he already has seen one of those cartoon princess in your phone
  • And then you gets out of the bedroom and look at Jumin smiling
  • “Honey, you’re home!”
  • You give him a quickie kiss , smiling , you look really happy…
  • “Mc…What happen to the penthouse?”
  • “Oh..You already said to me that i can decorate this place anyway i want…So i just did this”
  • Ok he said that
  • But he didn’t think she was going to do this
  • After a long conversation, he convinced you that this was a little too much and you agreed, but in one condition
  • He has to watch some disney princess movies with you
  • He agreed, it didn’t seen that bad
  • “Why she is living with 7 men ?”
  • “Why midnight?”
  • “She just sell her voice to see a man?She don’t know the value of a family?”
  • “Jumin just watch the goddamnit movie”
  • After some days he finished his promise, and MC was taking off the decorations,Jumin said that you don’t need to take it off, he would pay someone to do it, but you insisted
  • Meanwhile,Jumin is talking with Jaehee trought the phone
  • “Yes, cancel all the meetings tomorrow, and arrange everything for my Disneyland trip tomorrow”
  • You just look at him while he turn off his phone, surprised
  • “Really?”
  • He just laughts and give you a little kiss on your forehead
  • “If my princess love other princess that much, why don’t go to their kingdom?”
  • Besides he needs new princess fantasies for Elizabeth..And for MC


  • Wait what was he hearing?
  • Disney songs in his bunker?
  • Omg!
  • This is just…
  • Just…
  • MC was singing and dancing really noisy songs from a few Disney Movies
  • He loves it
  • He already know about that little obssesion of yours
  • A few minutes went by and Seven just entered the room
  • With a dress…And with a blonde wig, she looks just like Aurora, but with glasses
  • “Seven?!”
  • MC said between laughts, seeing him like that was the funniest thing ever
  • “Oooh weeeell…My beautiful wife loves those princess more than me, so i thought, why can’t i be one of them?”
  • He said smiling, spinning
  • “Besides, i look stunning in this dress,don’t you think?”
  • MC couldn’t even say anything, you was relieve that he was not angry at you for liking this things, you got worried about it
  • But he did what he always do
  • Makes jokes about it
  • Without you realise Seven got  pretty close to you
  • “And a dress is much more easy to take off than pants and a hoodie”
  • He said in your hear, that makes you shiver and look at him
  • “You know one thing Seven?You would be my favorite Disney Princess”
  • “Oh really my love?This is one kinda of info i didn’t know!”
  • You laughts and hugs him
  • “And yes, you are stunning in this dress,as always”
  • The rest of the nights mas that dress switching to one body to another, with the two singing off key
  • Saeran just was in the kitchen hearing that sound…
  • Gosh…
  • Maybe kill himself is not a bad idea at all


  • Ok hear me out
  • Jaehee never had time for such thing as princess and this things
  • So when she discover that MC was obsessed over it
  • She was pretty confused
  • She was like..
  • Why Mc?
  • WHY MC
  • For Jaehee was childish, but MC always tried to make her love it
  • She finds pretty cute MC singing and her happy face when she was watching one movie
  • Ok, she tought :
  • Why don’t see Zen instead?She have a bunch of his performances filmed ready to make a marathon for it
  • But MC prefer this cartoon woman
  • She was not seeing the sense of art, the sense of beauty
  • Ok,ocurred a little fights in that house
  • Who gonna watch?Zen or princess?
  • Util the two of them make a pact
  • One day Disney Princess, another Zen related things
  • With this pact she realizes that was not so bad at all watch this
  • But watch Zen was a lot better
  • Things got better


  • MC was watching Pocahontas
  • Singing the song that was playing in the moment
  • V can’t see,well he can a little, but now to recognize the movie
  • But he can listen
  • He make his way to the couch and sit beside you
  • “Sweetheart…What are you listening?Seems familiar”
  • You laughts and cuddle with him in the sofa
  • “I’m watching Pocahontas”
  • It takes a while to him understand and remember but when he realizes he thinks that it is pretty cute
  • “But why are you watching these kinds of movies my dear?”
  • “Oh…Ugh…I kind have a little obsession with Disney Princess related things”
  • You said with a red face and he just laughts
  • Little?He swears that he already hear that song before
  • “A little dear?”
  • “Ok a lot.”
  • You quickly said and he laughts again and kiss her forehead
  • “You’re just too cute to me handle…The film has some sort of…Books for children?”
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • You said looking at him confused, and he just gives that smile that make you melt
  • “I want to know more about it love, perhaps you could read for me, if it makes you happy , i’m willing to know”
  • He is just too precious


  • Ok
  • No just no
  • He really just stand up and unplug the TV
  • Not this shit
  • Be more considerable?
  • You want him to commit suicide?Yes or no?
  • You want to continue watch this close to him?Then yes
  • You want to keep this thing to yourself?Then no
  • Simple as that
  • He don’t think he ever  want to listen to that music again or see those cartoons again
  • Ugh
  • But he can listen to you sing…He would like this
  • And see you in a few dress
  • Ok, plug the tv back on
  • Maybe is worth it

Please i don’t know if this was what you wanted, if it’s not, sorry, request again

Different Anime and What They Say About You
  • Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: You came here wanting to see gore and honestly you didn't realize that you'd be crying so much rn.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!! Arc V: You have a lot of oppressed emotions and feelings, don't you?
  • No. 6: You made a lake- no, an OCEAN in your backyard from your tears.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: In your head, everything will be suffering.
  • Watamote: You really like cringing a lot.
  • Soul Eater: You got a thing for cats, don't you? Also, Halloween MUST be your favorite anime.

affection is a hard thing for me to show and feel from other people b/c a lot of the people in my life have always been really outwardly affectionate while not really caring about me like I’m so used to my grandma saying she loves me 50 times a day but then proceeding to criticize everything about me and not know or understand me in any way and me knowing she would flip her shit if she knew I was trans…

it’s hard for me to take ppl seriously when they’re affectionate like at least at an emotional level like I can, logically, accept that someone likes me and doesn’t hate me w/e but on a psychological level I’m CONSTANTLY just like “no you fucking don’t don’t lie to me”

and then like showing affection is really awkward for me because for me I have to like… really really mean in without a fraction of a doubt. I can’t lie to people and I can’t say something I might regret or say something that would be humiliating or w/e idk

I just wish I could be a funcitonal human being


I do love drawing, love a lot, yet, for more I try it’s still a hobby where I can’t draw without passion or anything else easy, I draw assclass alot because even if the anime (let’s be real it’s a shit ) It’s really inspire me to draw stuff, and I really want to everyone from the bottom of my heart that knowing that I can still draw while having fun and there’s people to look at it and say it’s nice?? that’s.. that’s just amazing, it’s worthy every like/reblog or just knowing theres people besides me enjoying it, make me feel glad and (gosh im a crybaby god)

I really didn’t expected a lot of you really come say something , I dISlIKE TO Beg for COmplIMeNTS I KINDA FEEL “I’m gonna say it as a joke” but,maybe inside i was really needing it?? thank you so much for everyone nice words (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )  aaaaaaa i wasn’t having the best day and that changed everything,  i hope you guys stay with me for more stupid drawings and takaokas in the future too, (im gonna keep it on my phone and look everytime i feel sad tbh.) thank u thank u aa

Soul mate.

I just really want a friend who will talk to me and not get bored or think I don’t like them and go on adventures in art gallery’s, museums and on road trips with me without saying how i seem sad or distant and just sit in comfortable silence or talk about everything without either being weird. But I really wish someone would enter my life and fill the huge gaping hole in my chest and soothe my anxiety and lift up my spirits and ease my stress and be happy for me perhaps. So that I can do the same for them. But I feel like everyone I know loves someone else more than me and settles for less than they deserve and doesn’t love themselves enough but sadly they don’t want to trust another person to pick them up or tell them where to go and be happy but the truth is you have to make happiness for yourself because nothing in life is handed to you on a silver platter. But I guess what I’m saying is that I have a lot of happiness to spare at times and I want a soul to brighten and entwine with mine.

anonymous asked:

Can i have a ship for WWE? I'm 5ft6. Brown curly hair and brown eyes. Fair skinned. Plump lips. Big boobs and booty. British. Comes from a rich family. Sometimes can hurt people's feelings as she says things without thinking about it. Can speak 6 languages (guten tag!). Loves to sing and dance.

Ooo I think Cesaro would be a good match :) he likes wearing a lot of suits so you coming from a rich family I’d say you’d be able dress up really nice and fancy to match :) he’d LOVE your accent and think it’s adorable when you say certain word or English phrases and get you to repeat them as he giggles at how cute it sounded. I also think Cesaro would be an ass man. Don’t get me wrong he ld love the fact you have big boobs but he’s all about your booty ;) as for saying things without thinking I think to begin with he’d be a bit unsure about about it but overtime it would grow on him and it’d be a trait he’d love about you because not may people speak their mind. Moving on to languages… oh lord he’d love that you two could have your own private convorsations in different languages and I think he’d defiantly want to use that in the bedroom too and find it so hot. When he sees you dancing that’d be the moment he falls for you even more. I think he’d get really interested in dancing to and insist that you teach him and it becomes something you both do when you have some time together.

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Wow at your tags on that post about the white knight. So what I got is that you think she will go to the bad side? And that would be the right choice? Interesting....

i don’t necessarily think she’ll turn evil. i just think she’ll have to consider everything. after all, she’s a genius. she wouldn’t do something drastic without thinking about each possible outcome.
siding with her family would give her a sense of belonging, which it seems like she’s wanted since she was a child. it would give her the “white knight” advantage (making use of all the opportunities, opinions and views that her family shared with her while she was growing up and making the first move against the kryptonians). if she gave that up, she would have to unlearn everything they taught her. if she gave it up, she would be back to ground zero and losing her first move.
but then again, maybe she is making the first move by turning against her family. it would give her the clean start she wants, it would solidify the public’s trust in her, and would hopefully bring her closer to supergirl. plus, it would give her a new purpose - to undo her family’s wrongs. she would be able to prove her worth, to prove that she is more than her name.
so either the luthors are making the first move by attacking the kryptonians, or lena is making the first move by turning on her family. i think (i hope) that lena’s choice will depend on which advantage she decides will be of greater value to her and the people she cares about.

Okay so I’ve always really appreciated Marlin’s character in Finding Nemo and now in Finding Dory. He is, admittedly, a very flawed character. He’s overly cautious, a bit controlling, and often very anxious. He says things without thinking sometimes and has a temper. Despite all of this, he is a very loving and fantastic character. He values family more than anything else in the world. Even though he says some things he doesn’t really mean, he always apologizes and tries to make sure that both Nemo and Dory are happy. He always works to make sure that Nemo and Dory both feel like they are capable and important. As a person that really struggles with anger issues and anxiety, I love seeing a character like Marlin. He is still a lovable and great character even with all his flaws. I relate a lot to him and I love seeing a character show that having a temper and anxiety does not make you any less of a loving and caring person.

Hey guys! So maybe I’m in my feelings right now, idk lol...but I really want to say thank you to all my amazing followers. I feel like I don’t say it enough. I started this blog 5 years ago and honestly did it on a whim. As the years have passed, I’ve gotten sooooo much love and my inbox stays full of kind words. It means a lot to me because it tells me how involved you guys are. Without my dope following, ZodiacCity wouldn’t be what it is. I appreciate you guys, for real.

okay so a lot of people’s tags on this quote are something along the lines of ‘no Seb das gay’, ‘so heterosexual of you’ or ‘my precious bi son’ and I was so on board that when I first saw that clip but like… can we please forget about it and just enjoy the fact that he feels no embarassment at all talking about how hot some guys are like ??? I want all straight men to reach that level of confidence in their sexuality to be able to say that a guy was hot without going all ‘no homo’?? 

I just really love sebastian stan


The truth is, we don’t know what love really is. It’s hard to define something we can only feel. But we do know how it makes us feel. Sometimes it hurts so much we need to get it all out before it’s too late. Sometimes we act like stupid kids who can’t stop smiling because of something silly, but that something silly really means a lot to us. Sometimes it’s so complicated we think of giving up because how come something so big take control of our lives? Anyway, there are many definitions, we don’t know which one is the right one. But we do know that without love maybe we can’t see what our future is going to be. Risking everything is also what love means. Taking chances, thinking not just about yourself… the whole package also defines love. We can also say it’s the scariest feeling in the world. But without it, nothing would ever make sense.

Taylor i need you now...

Hey Taylor, here it’s Laura, your huge crazy brazilian fan. I’m writing to you bc i’ve been through a hard time again. My parents got divorced when i was 6 and since that my dad and i stopped being close. I always lived with my mom and she (and you) are my best friends and i feel like he’s jelous about that…. You know, we always argue bc he says i don’t love him and he always said that i was the worse daugther in the world bc he wants me to call him a lot of times per day just like i do with my mom, but i can’t! For me my mom looks a lot like Mama Andrea, she always taught me to be independent and to always say the truth and i think she taught me really well and he hates that bc he said to my mom that she couldn’t take care of a girl without him and that she’d never be happy but that isn’t what bothers me bc i know my mom did took care of me really well and that she’s happy (she told me that), what bothers me is that he lies to my grandma and she’s on his side! He says a lot of lies to her like on my last bday (February 19th) he came here and i thought he had come to wish me happy bday and eat some pizza but instend of it he didn’t even asked me how was my day and what i’d gotten from my bday but he was just there, talking with my uncle in a coner. My cousin and i (her name is Kelly and she’s for me like Karlie’s to you and she loves you and Karlie so much, she always says how much you are pretty and flawless) we tried to talk to them but they didn’t talk to us, he just talked to my uncle the whole night and i was literally on the outside. He always acts like this but everytime he puts me down i think of you and i write a letter to you (like this one) he’s going to study in USA and i won’t see him for the next six months… I hope when he comes back he’ll stop doing that but if he doesn’t i just want you by my side and i know you’ll be there,
Love you more than ice cream (and i really love ice cream!)