i feel like these lyrics are perfect for her

The Signs As Ed Sheeran Lyrics
  • aries: "don't fuck with my love" (don't)
  • taurus: "it burns so bright i wanna feel your love" (i'm a mess)
  • gemini: "we push and pull like a magnet do" (shape of you)
  • cancer: "we are still kids but we're so in love" (perfect)
  • leo: "kissed her on the neck and then i took her by the hands" (galway girl)
  • virgo: "i feel safe when you're holding me near" (hearts don't break around here)
  • libra: "had my first kiss on a friday night" (castle on the hill)
  • scorpio: "no i just wanna hold ya" (give me love)
  • sagittarius: "don't call me baby, unless you mean it" (dive)
  • capricorn: "raise a glass of wine for the last time" (i see fire)
  • aquarius: "let my love in, lay your heart on me" (lay it all on me)
  • pisces: "i didn't know i'd miss you this much" (the man)

Okay, but why didn’t Moana win anything????? It’s a cinematic masterpiece that perfectly captures Polynesian culture, something that isn’t seen in mainstream media. It’s songs held meaning and we’re powerful, especially ‘How Far I’ll Go’, you can honestly hear Auli'i pour her heart into it. How the shits did 'City of Stars’ beat Moana?? The song itself was bland. It’s like what, a 5 note chord progression, and the lyrics talk about making it in Hollywood show business? I can see how that’s relatable to struggling actors, but that’s about it. 'How Far I’ll Go’ was Moana dealing with the image being that perfect daughter, something that was expected out of her by her parents and her community, she goes on in the song to question why she’s supposed to fit this mold that’s been cast for her, and shedding light on what she feels drawn to and passionate about. HOW DOES THIS:
“City of stars
Just one thing everybody wants
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants”
“I can lead with pride, I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me?

I’m so fucking heated over this, and if anyone wants to disagree with me go right ahead. Disagree but I’m not listening and I don’t give a flying fucking shit.

**sidenote, dont get me wrong I loved la la land, but I still feel like Moana did better when it came down to song

Here it is, PART 1 to my Voltron Indian AU art series, starting with Indian Princess (Rajkumari in Hindi) Allura.

Each part comes with a bollywood song, so please   LISTEN TO THIS FOR THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
– I love this song (and danced to it in a performance) because it captures an ethereal feeling in the music and beat, perfect for Allura to do a native classical dance to in her castle/cosmic space while manipulating the stars.

Also my piece can be interpreted as SHALLURA, because the lyrics of the song translated are “Beloved, detangle my hair locks / The dot on my forehead is spread…Correct it with your hands / Fulfilled to the heart / This fulfillment feels good in my heart.” You can imagine it like you wish :) 

I am really ecstatic with how this came out, though making a ‘quality’ gif with the big Allura above killed me. Damn tumblr size constraints Plus, wasn’t it about time I made an Indian Allura? I’m gonna roll with this idea. More to come soon! 

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I’m not sure what love is , but I think it’s hearing her say “you’re an asshole.” while her smile betrays the words that just came out of her mouth. It’s getting a FaceTime call at 8 o'clock in the morning so she can show her outfit bcs she thinks she looks really cute that day. I think love is blurting out exactly how you feel about her when she asks you why you’re looking at her “like that”. It’s unplanned and sloppy , the exact opposite of how you wanted it to happen. But the smile on her face tells you that it was perfect in it’s own way. Love is being afraid to let her know about certain parts of yourself , but telling her anyways. It’s making breakfast with/for her in the morning , dancing with her despite your two left feet and passionately singing the wrong lyrics just to hear her laugh. I’m not sure what love is , but it just might be magic comming from her. The feelings that she gives you , the reason why I do those things for her.
—  From the heart.
Rescue Me

Prompt: Hello love, for an oneshot can you do it so denny and the main character meet in a bar. Denny is kinda sad (doesnt have heart problem anymore) and the main character just got dumped and they meet at a bar. And its super cute, and can you incoperate the song ‘sometime around midnight? By the airborne toxic event’ Thanks -Anon

Authors Note: this is my first time writing a one-shot. let me know how you like it :) and thank you @starshinesupergirl for making the coverphoto and proofreading.

Warnings: fluff, stupid friends, drinking

Pairing: Denny x Ana

Break ups are never easy. No matter what side of the line you’re on, you’re either left guilty or hurt. But being cheated on brings the hurt to a whole new level.

Being cheated on sucks, but what sucks more is the aftermath. The couples you once hung out with still invite you places and looking at them makes you feel sick. People pitying you and dragging you from your house. Your girlfriends making you go out to the clubs and trying to set you up is all too nauseating.

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i’m not sure what love is, but i think it’s hearing her say, “you’re an asshole,” while her smile betrays the words that just came out of her mouth. it’s getting a facetime call at eight in the morning so she can show you her outfit, because she thinks she looks really cute that day. i think love is blurting out exactly how you feel about her when she asks you why you’re looking at her “like that.” it’s unplanned and sloppy, the exact opposite of how you wanted it to happen; but the smile on her face tells you that it was perfect in its own way. love is being afraid to let her know about certain parts of yourself, but telling her anyways. it’s making breakfast with her in the morning, dancing with her despite your two left feet, and passionately singing the wrong lyrics just to hear her laugh.i’m not sure what love is, but it just might be magic.

I’m not sure what love is, but I think it’s hearing her say, “You’re an asshole,” while her smile betrays the words that just came out of her mouth. It’s getting a FaceTime call at eight in the morning so she can show you her outfit, because she thinks she looks really cute that day. I think love is blurting out exactly how you feel about her when she asks you why you’re looking at her “like that.” It’s unplanned and sloppy, the exact opposite of how you wanted it to happen; but the smile on her face tells you that it was perfect in its own way. Love is being afraid to let her know about certain parts of yourself, but telling her anyways. It’s making breakfast with her in the morning, dancing with her despite your two left feet, and passionately singing the wrong lyrics just to hear her laugh.

I’m not sure what love is, but it just might be magic.

Perfect (Stiles x Reader)


Different inflection when you say my name
Kiss me, but your kiss don’t taste the same
Is it real or am I going out of my mind?
Curious ‘bout the company that you keep
‘Cause I hear you talking 'bout her in your sleep
And now you’ve got me talking 'bout her in mine

Ooh, and I bet, she has it all
Bet she’s beautiful like you, like you
And I bet she’s got that touch
Makes you fall in love, like you, like you

I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it’s like I’m kissing her, too
Ay she’s perfect
Ay she’s perfect

                                   ♡                   ♡                      ♡

 I am laying down next to Stiles whom is asleep while I am trying to focus on the book in my hands.“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,” I read out loud, and smile a little. I stare at the boy next to me, and repeat the quote again, adding at the end, “I really love you.” That’s when I hear it , “Lydia,”Stiles mumbled and I felt my heart broke in million pieces right there.
“Lydia,” he repeated again.

I decided to ignore what just happened, maybe I was overreacting. “Yeah, i am overreacting,”I tell myself, “You are overreacting about what?,” Stiles says with a sleepy voice, “Ehh, about something i just read.” I answer rapidly. He looks at me with some doubt, but I am fast enough to change the topic. “Do you feel better?,” He nods and places his hand on my cheek ; “Thanks, thanks for staying with me.” I grin, and peck his lips.
“Well, it’s kinda late,” He says looking at his watch. “Yeah, I should head back home. Mom must be freaking out.” “Well, I am sorry for her but I won’t let you go at this hour. We already know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.” “Yeah, but you only had to say that you wanted me to stay,” I tell him. “I know how much you love stating the obvious.” Stiles says staring directly into my eyes. I laugh a little, he kisses me. Every time our lips touched, it felt as if time stopped.
“We should sleep,almost 2 in the morning,” I say and he nods and makes me cuddle up with him.
I didn’t realise until that moment how tired I really was, I had been so focused in the book. I closed my eyes, and muttered “Goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Stiles replied back.

I woke up to the sound of Stile’s alarm, I get up being careful enough to wake him up that’s when it happens again. “Ly-dia, Lydia…Don’t leave me,” He mumbles and this time I couldn’t let it pass.
“Stiles, wake up,” I shake him softly. He yawns a little, sits downs in the bed, and open his eyes then gives me that cheeky smile of his. “Good morning,” He says and tries to kiss me, but I stop him.
“Did you any interesting dream?,” I mention. He stares at me a bit confused but answers “Well, I did have a dream. Why?”
“You were sleep talking,” I try to choose my worlds wisely. “But…” I begin to say; he stops me mid sentence, “But what?.” “You mentioned Lydia’s name both times. You begged for her to not leave you…” My voice kinda breaks a little at the end. He sighs, noticing what is going on.
“In some way… I always knew it, I knew it. It’s not your fall at all. Blame it all on me, I was silly enough to fall for you. Everybody could see it, they used to say it was obvious. Still, I decided to cover the world with one finger,” I say, it was notorious how much each world was destroying me inside. “Every time you look at her, it’s with admiration with love. You love her, not me.”
“Y/N, let me…” Stiles begins to say ; “Stiles, there’s nothing to explain. I always knew. Lydia, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, almost every guy is after her. She, is some way, has the world at her feet. That’s the way it is, but I can’t hate her either. She’s my best friend, and I love her for being her too. I’m between the wall and the sword. Trapped,” I said almost in tears. “Let me talk!,” He said already exasperated.

-“Y/N, I won’t sugarcoat things for you. It’s true, I did have feelings for Lydia. I was crazy for her, all that is true. But do you know what else is true?.” I stay quiet waiting for him to say that he still was crazy in love for Lydia. “I met you, in the most unexpectedly way and I fell for you. I fell so hard, out there we can find so many girls that are ¨perfect’, but they are not you. I don’t want Lydia, I don’t ask for any of those ´perfect girl´. I only want my imperfectly perfect Y/N. Y/N, I love you. My heart belongs only to you,” Stiles tells me, tears were rolling down my face. Tears of joy, by the way he said I knew he meant it. “Lydia, is my friend. She’ll always be my friend, and I love my friends. But the way I love her, and the way I love you, it’s very different. Like I said, the only one to break my heart are you.” I lay my head in his chest, and he puts his arms around my body.
Stiles cups my face and kisses my forehead, then wipes the tears of my face. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure,” He quotes the book I was reading. “My heart is with you, you are my treasure.”

The Author

Pairing: Y/N/Author!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 5.100+

Summary: With a notebook in his hand, Calum always explored the imaginating world of authors expressing stories through words. What his best friend Y/N never knew was that the amazingly girl in his story always based around her.

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The Exile: Kesha, Interrupted

“TiK ToK,” she told me, was written to be more nuanced and more definitively ironic at first. But her producers and co-writers on the song, Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco, had to keep her image in mind. She says of Dr. Luke: “I remember specifically him saying: ‘Make it more dumb. Make it more stupid. Make it more simple, just dumb.’ ” She tried, joking around with some lyrics she found silly. “I was like, O.K., ‘Boys try to touch my junk. Going to get crunk. Everybody getting drunk,’ or whatever, and he was like, ‘Perfect.’ ”

The problem was, she said, there was no balance. Every song was a song about partying, and yes, that was who she was, Kesha says that was definitely who she was, but she’s a real person having a complete human experience, and she wanted her album to reflect that. “To this day, I’ve never released a single that’s a true ballad, and I feel like those are the songs that balance out the perception of you, because you can be a fun girl. You can go and have a crazy night out, but you also, as a human being, have vulnerable emotions. You have love.”

When the album was released, Kesha says, she was surprised that people criticized her for singing about the same things that her heroes, Bob Dylan and the Beastie Boys and Iggy Pop and Fugazi and Johnny Cash, had always been celebrated for. She thinks of the Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)” as the soul sister of “TiK ToK.” “You know, when I first came out, I was saying I want to even the playing field. I’m a superfeminist. I am an ultra-till-the-day-I-die feminist, and I am allowed to do, and say, and participate in all the activities that men can do, and they get celebrated for it. And women get chastised for it.” It soon became clear that people thought she was something she truly wasn’t. They didn’t get that the dollar sign in her name was ironic — that it was not an image, but a kind of comment on image.

I’ve never really liked this scene with ARISE commenting on everything they know about muse. I feel like it sort of… undermines Nozomi, in a way? Like that was Nozomi’s whole thing in season 1: she watches over everyone, and she knows things about them that they have yet to figure out. Then ARISE shows up and does the same thing, but more vocally, and it almost feels like they’re bragging about doing it because they’re superior where Nozomi kept quiet because her knowledge came from a place of caring. You could argue that everything ARISE says is superficial (Umi’s lyrics, Hanayo’s voice) while Nozomi focused on more emotional things like Maki’s insecurity, but I don’t think that makes it better. The show spent a long time building up to Kotori’s maid job and Eli’s ballerina past, but these side characters apparently know those secrets too. 

ARISE has always been that untouchable and perfect rival. I can’t tell if this episode is trying to enforce that (which it doesn’t need to do, because they’re more perfect if we don’t get to see them be characters) or if it’s trying to make them more human and equal to muse (which this scene does the opposite of).

anonymous asked:

I've seen people send in music that made them think of Never Say Never and Now Or Never, but I was wondering if you have songs for it or that make you think of it?

I do.  But keep in mind I focus more on lyrics instead of genre.  I included a snippet of lyrics for each song but please look up the entire lyrics ! 

“Something” by the Beatles was in Never Say Never and I feel like it's ‘their song’ if you really listen to the words.

You’re asking me will my love grow
I don’t know, I don’t know
You stick around now it may show
I don’t know, I don’t know

“Perfect” by My Darkest Days feels like it was written for Ketch in Now Or Never when she leaves him at the beginning. 

I was fine right before I met her
Never hurt and nothing could control me
You know I tried but I can’t regret her
She’s the first, ask anyone who knows me
Terrified that she’d find my heart and break it
Paralyzed by the thought of her with someone else

“Shameless” by Garth Brooks is perfect for Ketch as well.  It sums up how he feels at this point in his life and what he’s willing to feel and do for his woman.

You see in all my life I’ve never found
What I couldn’t resist, what I couldn’t turn down
I could walk away from anyone I ever knew,
But I can’t walk away from you

“Now Or Never” by Elvis Presley is clearly an influence in their story, enough to earn the title of the sequel. 

It’s now or never,
Come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
Be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
It’s now or never
My love won’t wait.

When I wrote the first chapter or Never Say Never I intended it to be a one shot and the title came from “Never Say Never” by Queens of the Stone Age.

I might like you better
If we slept together
But there’s somethin’
In your eyes that says
Maybe that’s never
Never say never

If you have more suggestions I love hearing music inspirations ! 

anonymous asked:

i dont care about harry but i love how u describe MoM "that album very clearly came from a place of zayn finding his sound via trial and error, risks and rewards" this is just great :) I can't wait for Z2 !!!

yeah! i think what i love so much about MoM is that, sure this can kinda be a critique but it also works as a huge compliment to the album ya know? like yeah it was a little experimental and maybe somethings didn’t work as well as others but that album holds such a special place in my heart because you can just FEEL where that album came from for zayn. it’s atmospheric and intimate. it’s imperfections kinda make it perfect which i know sounds soooooo cliched (and also exactly what you’d expect from someone who has lyrics from that album tattooed on her ribs lol) but i genuinely believe that!

whatever z2 is and whatever it sounds like, i just hope it comes from that same place within zayn, that place of speaking truth through ones music. if it does i know i’ll love it!

Nervous Wreck


{Alex’s POV}

As [Y/N] entered the bus behind Jack, her older brother, my thoughts immediately turned to her instead of tonight’s set. I couldn’t help how distracted I was by her presence. She was just so beautiful. And sweet and talented. Honestly she was my perfect woman. But I couldn’t have her because of her brother.

Jack has been my best friend since high school, and has always been overly protective of his sister. I don’t think she’s ever had a long-term relationship because he scares away any guy that comes close to her. If he ever found out that I had feelings for her, he would promptly try to kill me in the most vicious way possible.

“[Y/N]’s here!” Jack yelled even though the entire band was sitting right in front of him. Something about his younger sister always made him beam with pride. Maybe it was how successful she turned out to be as a singer. Or how many people liked her as soon as they saw her. Or even just the fact that she was his baby sister.

“We kind of noticed. Hey, [Y/N],” Zack said glancing up from his laptop and giving her a friendly smile. I froze when we made eye contact so I just gave her a small wave and pretended I was busy.

I felt bad for blowing her off, but I didn’t know how to act around her. I mean, I did know. I just couldn’t get my brain to function around her. There was no way I could be normal around her without accidentally slipping up and letting her know about my feelings.

“Hey, Alex. I was thinking that maybe [Y/N] could be our featured singer during Love Like War,” Jack blurted out. I looked up and she smiled weakly while hiding behind her brother. Her face was the lightest shade of pink I had ever seen.

“That sounds great. You know the song, right?” I asked her. She gave me a look that said “Duh.”

“Of course I do. Jack made me learn it forever ago,” she said sounding a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry. We have had guest singers who didn’t know the song until five minutes before they were on,” I defended myself. [Y/N] sighed.


The opening band thanked the crowd for listening and singing along and ran off stage. We were all pumped and ready to play as soon as they were done. However, there was the small amount of nervousness that flowed through my body before every show.

[Y/N] came out of her dressing area. She looked drop dead gorgeous in her stage outfit. She walked up to Jack and said, “Knock ‘em dead, jerk. Good luck,” she said to the rest of us. I gave her a friendly smile and wave and ran out on stage with the guys behind me.

The concert was going absolutely amazing and my nervousness was gone like it usually is. We were onto Love Like War, one of our last songs when a bundle of nerves hit me again. It was because [Y/N] was in my view and getting ready to join me out onstage. I almost forgot the lyrics because of her, but I recovered.

[Y/N]’s part came on, and I tried my best to ignore the electricity that coursed through my veins when she was near me. I played and tried not to look at her. She made my heart pound faster and my head swim. It was like I was literally at war with my feelings for her.

She sang the lyrics so beautifully. I didn’t comprehend what I was doing until it was too late. I pulled her in and kissed her perfect lips with everything I had.

The song ended and I let her go. Her eyes were wide with shock and maybe a little bit of adoration. She ran of stage and the crowd was a mix of “awes” and “boos” as the fan girls reacted. I could feel Jack’s burning gaze and I stood frozen in place.

“Sorry about that,” I apologized. “We still have one more song to play, so let’s get back to having a blast!”

We finished the set and thanked the crowd for giving us an awesome night! I ran off stage looking for [Y/N] and trying to avoid the wrath of Jack.

I finally found her about thirty minutes later sitting on the bus. As soon as she saw me, she stood up and took a few strides towards me. I honestly wasn’t expecting her to slap me straight across the face.

“Why the hell would you do that?” [Y/N] demanded with a anger in her eyes.

“I am honestly so sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I mean, I’ve liked you since the first time we’ve met, but I could never tell you,” I said. The words stumbled out of me and I had no control. “You just look so beautiful and your voice is the best thing I’ve ever listened to. I don’t know. I’m s-” I was cut off when she pulled me close and crashed her lips to mine. I faced total embarrassment that night, but at least I wasn’t totally rejected.

We kissed each other with such force I was worried about hurting her. Eventually, our kisses became gentler and softer until we were both out of breath. “I’m glad you told me. But Jack is probably going to have your head.”

As if on cue, Jack stormed onto the bus in his violent rage. “ALEX! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so angry. It was kind of scary.

[Y/N] jumped in front of me as he charged towards me. He had his hands outstretched like he was going to throttle me. I instinctively jumped away even though I probably looked like an idiot. I would probably be dead if [Y/N] did not come to my rescue. “Jack, stop!”

She calmly explained everything for me and I hid behind her frame like a coward. Jack calmed down and I came out from behind her.

I noticed Zack and Rian hiding at the bus doorway as if they were hoping for a show. This was going to be exciting for them.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know how to tell you,” I said stepping forward. He looked at me and I thought I was going to get smacked again.

Instead, Jack wrapped both of us into one big hug. “My best friend and my sister!” He said excitedly. “Although you probably could have kissed her earlier if you had told me.”


HEY ANGEL ;  “Hey angel, tell me do you ever try, to come to the other side?Hey angel, tell me do you ever cry when we waste away our lives?” 

DRAG ME DOWN ; “Baby you’re my only reason.”

PERFECT ; “If you like having secret little rendezvous” 

INFINITY ; “How many nights does it take to count the stars, that’s the time it would it would take to fix my heart.”

END OF THE DAY ; “Just me, her and the moon.”

IF I COULD FLY ; “I can feel your heart inside of mine, I been going out of my mind. Know that I’m just wasting time and I hope you don’t run from me.”

LONG WAY DOWN ; “I try to forgive you, but I’m struggling cause I don’t know how. We built it up so high and now I’m falling.”

NEVER ENOUGH ; “I swear I could give you everything.”

OLIVIA ; “When you go, and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime, and butterflies, all belong to your creation, I love you, that’s all I do.” 

WHAT A FEELING ; “What a feeling to be right here beside you now, holding you in my arms, when the air ran out and we both started running wild, the sky fell down.”

LOVE YOU GOODBYE ; “My hearts already breaking baby go on twist the knife.” 

I WANT TO WRITE YOU A SONG ; “Everything I need I get from you”

HISTORY ; “You and me, got a whole lot of history. We could be the greatest team, that the world has ever seen.”

TEMPORARY FIX ; “Let me touch you where your heart is and if you’re feeling the weakness.”

WALKING IN THE WIND ; “Just close your eyes and see I’ll be by your side, anytime you’re needing me.”

WOLVES ; “Your beauty could start a war”

A.M. ; “You know I’m always coming back to this place, you know I’m always going to look for your face.” 

Can't Do Better*REQUESTED*

She was sitting on the love seat in her living room, her legs up to her chest, staring in space. Empty beer and Red Bull cans and an empty bottle of tequila was scattered around her, a few tissues here and there. She still can’t believe he moved on so fast. They’ve only been apart for a month and there’s pictures of him all over magazines, twitter, and instagram with some new blonde bimbo he probably met in the club. Calum and Avery were together for exactly two years, four months, and two weeks. She remembered it all perfectly. The day they first met, every anniversary, all the times they’ve spent together, how she walked in on him cheating on her, the big argument they had, and now. Her feeling like she has no purpose, like she wasn’t good enough. She’s sitting at home alone and broken while he’s out with his new girlfriend, living a happy life. Avery was beyond drunk at this point, drunk was an understatement. So when she picked up the phone, dialing the number she had learned by heart and waited for him to answer, she didn’t realize this was a stupid mistake. It was on the fourth ring when he picked up.

“Hello?” He answered, his voice raspy from sleep. Avery was also so drunk that she didn’t realize it was three in the morning.

“C-Calum?” She whimpered out and he sighed deeply.

“What Avery?” He questioned and she heard shuffling on his end and a door open and close. He was probably leaving the room where his girlfriend was in.

“How could you.?”


“How could you cheat on me and then stay with that bitch like it’s nothing? Did you love me at all? Was I worth anything to you?” She questioned him, eyes tearing up and she sniffed.

“Avery.” He sighed. “Why are you calling me?”

“Because I want to know why you don’t love me anymore!” She cried out. She knew she looked pathetic. Hell, she felt pathetic.


“No! What did I do that made you hate me, Cal? Why am I not good enough for you?” She was full on sobbing and honestly it broke his heart. Yeah, he cheated on her and stayed with the girl, but he did feel awful about it. He never wanted to hurt her like this at all, and he doesn’t want to be with this girl honestly, but he has his reasons. It was all for a good cause. His heart was still with Avery and probably always will be, but he has to move on eventually. It’ll be hard and he’ll be in pain, but it’s all worth it for her safety.

“Avery, just calm down. Stop crying… please.” He spoke and waited until her crying subsided a little.

“Can you come over?”

“You know I can’t do that.” He told her, rubbing his hands over his face in frustration. All he wanted to do was to go see her, comfort her, explain why he did what he did and why they can’t be together, but he can’t. She’ll find out and then do what she had planned form the beginning and that was just something Calum would not let happen.

“P-please.” She cried and he physically felt pain in his chest.

“I can’t, Aves.”

At the moment he heard his bedroom door open and went into panic mode.

“But Cal-”

“I have to go.”



Then the line went dead. She felt the tears pool at the bottom of her eyes and screamed out, throwing her phone. She didn’t even care when she heard it shatter against the wall, her cries causing her body to shake. Avery stood up, walking slowly into the kitchen, going into the cabinet to find the bottle of Jack. She opened it and took a long chug of it.

She needed to find a way to cope with this pain. Usually she would talk to Calum, but that’s not an option anymore. Maybe if I…write my feelings? Poetry, a letter, maybe a song. She thought and grabbed a notebook and a black pen. Avery sat back on the love seat and just stared at the paper in her hand, waiting for her mind to think of what to write. After five minutes had passed she finally had figured out what to write; a song.

I’ve been up three days
Adderall and Redbull

She wrote thinking of how she honestly has been up for three days straight, drinking and taking it with her ADHD medicine even though it was dangerous. At this point she didn’t care if she was didn’t dad or alive, because since Calum is gone she feels dead inside anyway.

This call is a mistake
There’s something strong in this water bottle

She’s not sure where that part came from, but it sounded right with the lyrics so far. She began thinking about his new girlfriend who now that she thought about it reminded her of a barbie doll. Long blonde, perfect body, caked on makeup, pink everything. She had no personality and just followed what was mainstream. In Avery’s opinon she was completely irrelevant.

I hear you got a new chick
A dancing little Barbie doll
I feel so pathetic
But you still haven’t heard it all

At this point the lyrics were just flowing naturally from her brain as if she’s been writing songs her whole life.

Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me I bet you like that

She was now writing about little Ms. Barbie. He always used to tell Avery that he loved how hyper she was and that she was so exciting and adventurous. Now he’s settled for someone who considers shopping as a sport and shopping sprees adventurous and would rather not go hiking in fear of messing up her shoes. A full out girly girl and not someone like Avery who would do girly things, but didn’t mind getting dirty.

I Said Fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her I know I’m in your head

She drunkenly laughed at herself for those two lines. Reaching over to pick up the bottle of Jack and chugging it down. She sat the bottle on the table once again and picked up the pen once again. Avery knew that Calum still thought about her, no matter how hard hell deny it, he does.

I’m just saying you can do better
Always turned you out every time we were together
Once you had the best you can’t do better
Baby I’m the best so you can’t do better

Of course she was beyond drunk, heartbroken, and jealous, but she was lying. Calum will never find anyone who loves him more than her, he would never find anyone that would top her. She knows she sounds crazy and possessive, but that’s just facts. Especially when it comes to his new girlfriend.
Avery fell asleep on the love seat, notebook and pen in her hand. She was beyond grateful that the Jack knocked her out cold. She was tired of thinking, tired of hurting, but she knew once she wakes up it would just start all over again.

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i did actually like SEVERAL things about new beauty and the beast even though the original is untouchable:

-Gaston is a perfect song and I’m so glad Luke Evans had a good time making this movie. Bonus points for reminding me that “I use antlers in all of my decorating” is maybe the best and funniest lyric in history

-running gag about Belle not actually getting to eat anything in Be Our Guest

-“have you thought about growing a beard” and the growl!!! oh my god!!!

-Belle getting her books from the priest’s sad library instead of constantly scamming the bookseller, that always bothered me so much

-the scene on the bridge with the ice poem, so great