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oh my god so many aus, its like ive found my fuckin drift partner, i’m known in my friend groups as the au powerhouse and its embarrassing?? do you ever get that??

anyways let me hit you with this: the post thats going around about the soulmate au being what you draw on your skin showing up on your soulmates? and theres the real cute early-life stuff like fingerpainting bitty as a kid covering himself in a motley of bright colours, jack bored in class with his chicken scratch handwriting on his arms,

but shit goes down when jack ends up in hospital and rehab. not much gets on his skin besides stuff like nurses writing on his arms (they do that sometimes im just spacing and cant think of an example lol), and like, when he gets his IV out and theres a drop of blood trickling down his elbow, he watches it, transfixed, before smearing it across his pale skin. 

but through the entire time bitty has been doing stuff like writing notes for himself on his arm, shopping lists, and some days all jack could do was repeat these lists in his head, admiring the cramped but neat handwriting that appears on himself? he Doesn’t Think About Soulmates, he just. likes having a constant amidst the chaos

meanwhile bitty has been slowly getting nervous about it all because who wouldnt? (surely in this culture where its The Norm, people would b more casual about writing on themselves, do it more often, yknow?) and while jack hasnt really ever been a Writer, he would do enough that bittle was still satisfied that he was around, y'know?

so theres essentially radio silence from jack, and then there’s this bright red streak, smeared across his arm and he cant scrub it off and he knows that’s not paint or ink or anything like that he knows and he cant lose the one constant through his life, not like this

eventually the skin stuff from jack falls back into a muted regularity, small things, hockey plays, notes to himself, just casual things to kind of, pay back the favour? he knows its a Big Deal to not have the Writing anymore, that aspect of popular culture wasnt lost on him, and he feels a weird sense of obligation to pay back the stranger who has kept him company through his lonely stay at rehab

time skip to when bitty is at samwell and ?? somehow jack never manages to see bittys handwriting and vice versa, they still write little things now and again, but in more hidden places? the older you get the more secretive ppl get of it i suppose? idk. whenever something new appears on jack he covers it with long sleeves. he doesnt like people seeing what shows up on him, he wants it to be for his eyes only.

so they never see the writing on one another, but one day theyre going shopping for baking supplies, (and jack still has the habit of memorising the ingredient lists that appear on his skin, its an old habit that calms him like nothing else) and somehow jack doesnt realise that theyre buying the exact things on the list, until theyre heading to checkout and jack is like, “bittle, didnt you forget the cinnamon sticks?” and bitty is like!! *pulls up sleeve, checks wrist* “thank you jack! you were right!!”

and it fucking hits him like a freight train. the writing is bittle. how could he have not realised?? how is he supposed to bring this up?? whats the protocol here?

and he notices that bitty has this unconscious nervous tic, he traces down his arm, elbow to wrist, with a broad stroke in the middle. he knows that motion, its one of the clearest moments in the weeks after the overdose. he didnt realise that it transferred? fuck

hoo boy anyways i didnt mean to fill your inbox with this, i’m real sorry that its not capitalised and that theres massive paragraphs and everything, sorry if theres any spelling mistakes!! its almost 2am and i had to get this out

feel free to add or change or fix up any dorky ooc stuff lmao

cheers on the awesome blog!!! :-)

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Opinion on Reverse Falls?

its a cool au….. i think it was like, the very first really popular gravity falls au as we know them, right? i remember it being created pretty soon after “the hand that rocks the mabel” aired. anyway i think its a rly neat idea, i love weird little monster hunter gideon and 90s fashion pacifica and i think the whole idea behind reverse bill is hilarious. and i like the twins too but im not always a fan of how the fandom portrays them and especially not how it seems like mabel is sexualized a lot… + i feel like theres a lot of humor to be mined here that ppl arent taking advantage of bc they want to focus on the scary stuff. overall i love it in theory and in its original form but i wish i saw more ppl drawing reverse paz and gid/remembering that theyre part of the au at all and i wish it felt less gross to like the twins. thats how its gonna go with any fandom thing tho so *shrugs*

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Why do I feel like WayHaught are made for a coffee shop AU in which Nicole panics the first day and orders a cappuccino because there's a pretty girl behind the counter and she doesn't even LIKE coffee but Waverly remembers her order and gives her one EVERY DAY and Nicole is too embarrassed and smitten to correct her.

BECAUSE YOURE RIGHT omg that’d be gold

waverly: want a cappuccino?
nicole, never having had a cappuccino before in her life: i love cappuccinos
waverly: :D
nicole: :D