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omg pls do mermaid¡bts i love your writing so much

i have one!!! yoongi’s got deleted tho,,,,but im in the mood to write some namjoon since it was his bday!!! 
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  • is a deep sea mermaid,,,,,,literally he has the ability to come up for air like all other mermaids but he doesn’t see the point in it 
  • has silver underlying his gills and in the darkness of the water, you can see flashes of them like little sparks
  • his ribs are marked with pretty scales and his jaw is accented by the same glittery effect  
  • keeps his hair clipped to the side with pins his mother made for him out of corals 
  • enjoys swimming among sunken ships and reading any of the old parchments or books he finds
  • the pages get ruined in the water though,,,,,and he absolutely despises seeing a good book ruined
  • which is why it’s the only reason he e v e r comes up to land
  • he’s got this one spot - secluded by rocks and shallow pools of ocean water
  • where he’ll emerge and lay on the beach, the tide tickling his tail when it comes in, reading whatever he’s found among wrecks or that has been dropped from boats
  • and you,,,,,,,know namjoon. 
  • how? you’ve seen him, numerous times
  • and at first you couldn’t believe your eyes,,,,,,,,,you’d thought a large dolphin or something had washed up on shore
  • but to your amazement it was a person,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,,,a mermaid
  • perched on the other end of the rocks,  you’d wanted to take a photo, call out, do anything to prove that it was real,,,,,,,,
  • but for some reason you couldn’t do any of that - because when the mermaid turned his face to the side
  • you were frozen,,,,,,,
  • a sharp jaw, only made more handsome by the silvery textures on his skin
  • you had almost stopped breathing when you saw him, and then - there was the book
  • on the sand, was a wet-wrinkled book. but the mermaid was eagerly turning it’s soaked pages
  • you wondered quietly to yourself,,,wouldn’t a wet book be impossible to read. wouldn’t the ink be bloated? pages torn out?
  • the mermaid didn’t stay long, he hid the book behind one of the smaller rocks and disappeared with the incoming wave
  • not being able to help yourself,,,you’d rushed down to the spot you’d just seen him in, taking the book out between the wedged rocks and gasping,,,,,,
  • it was a book you knew,,,,,,a book you loved
  • in fact,,,,,,you had a copy of it back home.
  • without a second thought, you rushed back to your house. pulling the book off the shelf and grabbing some rope with you and a plastic bag
  • strategically, you tied the rope and the bag around the rocks, safely placing your copy within the bag so if a tide came over it - it would still be dry
  • and with that,,,,,every day,,,,,,you came to watch the spot and waited
  • and the mermaid,,,,,,,showed up
  • namjoon was perplexed by the bag hanging on the rope, but even more so where the book he’d hidden away had gone. for a while,,,he didn’t think to look in the bag
  • but when he’d stuck his hand in - he was surprised to feel the hard cover of a book
  • pulling it out, it was the same book he’d been reading - but this one was in better condition
  • the words weren’t smeared, pages weren’t missing, he didn’t have to handle it with the utmost care in case something would tear or the back of the book would break
  • he was,,,,,,in love,,,,,,,,,,
  • the weight of the book, the beautiful cover drawing, the thick ink
  • it was amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,he was sure he’d been blessed
  • when suddenly he looked up and there you were
  • perched on the same rock as where the bag had been tied
  • “you can borrow my copy, it’s a limited edition.”
  • namjoon’s shoulders slightly twitched,,,,redness crawling up into his cheeks by your sudden appearance
  • and by the fact that you were smiling down at him,,,,,,,in a way he wasn’t used to be smiled at
  • “how far along are you?”
  • still silent, namjoon’s hand gripped the book slightly
  • “,,,,,,,chapter 6,,,,,,,,”
  • clapping your hands you exclaimed that that’s one of the best ones! excitedly you asked who was namjoon’s favorite character and what did he make of the drama in chapter 4
  • namjoon,,,,,,,still shocked by your arrival didn’t answer either of those questions but went 
  • “are you a human?”
  • “yep!”
  • you introduced yourself and namjoon barely stuttered out his
  • “i didn’t know mermaids liked reading, but i assume you guys have books of your own?”
  • namjoon shook his head
  • “mermaids upkeep an oral tradition of story telling, books can’t survive in water,,,,,,”
  • you tilted your head,,,,,,saying that that was true - so what then was namjoon’s favorite mermaid story
  • he hesitated,,,mumbling that humans weren’t supposed to know and that he’d spent too much time at land - his trip back would take long and would alert his friends
  • you nodded in understatement, namjoon lifting the book back toward you
  • “oh no, im letting you borrow it!! also here-” 
  • you shuffled around in your pocket, pulling out a slightly bent bookmark
  • “this helps you keep your page, like this.”
  • you took the book, putting the mark on where namjoon had been keeping his finger
  • dropping it back in the bag with a smile you went
  • “you can keep it in the bag, safe from the water. whenever you’re done just let me know and ill bring you another one.”
  • his eyes light up,,,,,,,,,,, “another book?”
  • “yeah, i have tons!!! i even have more from this author!!”
  • namjoon’s eyes were now shining, looking upon you like you had just told him the best news of his life
  • the tide was coming in high,,,,and the sky was turning dark
  • and namjoon said again he had to go
  • but before disappearing into the water, he pulled the coral clip from his hair
  • bangs falling into his face, but he pushed them back with one hand
  • “here, a trade”
  • he dropped the coral into your hand and you looked at it
  • “i can’t take this, im letting you borrow my book it’s noth-”
  • but namjoon’s cheeks burnt red again
  • “n-no,,,,you can borrow it,,,,,,,while i borrow the book. that way it’s fair.”
  • you weren’t so sure, but namjoon sounded almost like he was pleading so with a shrug you smiled and thank him
  • clipping it right into your hair you giggled and went “does it look cute?”
  • namjoon’s blush was really seeping into his skin now
  • “yes,,,,,,” 
  • giggling again you thanked him, waving as the tide came closer to take him away
  • “ill see you again!”
  • you shouted, just before namjoon was gone in the waves
  • as he swam deeper and deeper into the water he smiled to himself, ill see you again too 
Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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