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So i read your tonyxstephen part 2 and i love the idea of tony cutting the toxic people out of his life. But could you imagine the avengers when Tony stops funding them, not completely cut off, so the team actual realise what Tony did for them.

i am a firm believer of letting toxic people out of your life. and the avengers might not be bad people but they certainly take Tony for granted. Like imagine the avengers or team Cap come back from hiding and they go to a press conference.

the press shouting questions at them because obviously they didn’t get the full story like we do in the movies. so the press start asking the real questions.

“Captain Rogers, why did you attack those police officers?”

“Do you know how many people were hurt or injuried during your chase in the streets. And who’s going to pay for the damage to their cars? I don’t think they have insurance for Captain America ‘borrowing’ and then flipping their car.”

“Their are claims that the airline is suing for the cost of their destroyed plane, will you go to court to fight this suit?”

and then their like fuck where’s Stark when you need him.

But lets just talk about the team for a second. I’ll just go through Team Cap real quick.

Scott. He just got into the super hero business and the suit doesn’t even belong to you. It’s Hank’s suit, he just asked you to wear it but it’s technically not your suit. Also your trying to do better by your daughter… how is jumping blindly into a fight you have no real prier knowledge about a smart idea. And then when you get arrested and see Stark, “Hank always said never trust a Stark.” tf??? Your just pissed cause you ended up in jail again. But tell me when did you ever go up to Tony and ask or talk about whats going on? Or even spoke to him before everything that happened. You still don’t even know the guy! I really don’t like people that make assumptions about people based off what others said without having meet the person. But im ranting so ill stop.

Wanda. She started out in this universe willingly working for the bad guys. Out of some crazy revenge you let Hydra, the crazy Nazi people experiment on you for evil purposes. Let’s talk about the weapon thing real quick. We saw in Iron Man the very first movie that Tony was hit with his OWN weapon. So obviously other people were able to obtain his weapons. Which i’m sure is what happened with the Maximoffs. Also that second weapon that didn’t go off but had Stark’s name on it im sure was stolen from him as well. Yes he made weapons but he saw what he did was wrong and changed directions. But didn’t you help a crazy murder bot destroy and hurt people. So you feel guilty for the bomb going off in Lagos but don’t feel bad about unleashing the Hulks rage in Wakanda (was it Wakanda?? i cant remember) and then you have no problem living under his roof and eating his food while you live illegally in America. okayy….. 

Sam: from the beginning Sam has done everything cap wanted no questions asked. which is odd. A military man like Sam should have seen what the Accords really stood for but was so blinded by Cap that he looked past it. While he was going back and forth with Rhodey about the accords he could have continued to discuss it like adults but then suddenly Cap runs off to deal with something else so you had to drop everything and help him. Sure whatever, being a blind follower doesn’t make you a hero.

Clint: Seriously what the fuck? You leave your family behind, turn your back on your friends for what? Cause Wanda was on ‘House Arrest’ and Cap asked you too? Do you even know what your fighting for? Did you get handed a copy of the Accords, talk to your ‘teammates’ about this whole thing. Nope.

Bucky: i love him and still believe him to be a victim.

Steve: very selfish in this movie. I see a man so desperately clingly to his past that he disregards the reality around him and abusing the power he was given. Captain America is a very great title and takes a lot of responsibility. And in this movie i think he showed a lot of american traits that we over look. Americans sometimes don’t look at the big picture. so caught in being the greatest country yet we have so many flaws. Discrimination being a big thing. but seriously this isnt the government trying to control you Cap, this is over a 100 countries telling you that you need to look past catching the bad guys and think about the homes you’ve destroyed. When a people officer acts even within the law, sometimes things happen that they are held accountable for. Car accidents, property damage. What happens when you beat the bad guys and go home. Those little people, who’s going to pay their hospital bills, clean up the mess that was left, or even replace their destroyed homes/cars. Well????

That’s really what the Accords where about. Responsibility and Respecting Nations. I’m sure America would be in an Uproar (which they were) when Thor caused damage in New Mexico. Or what if T’Challa came to America and had a fight against a villian and some people got hurt and things got destroyed and then he went home and hid behind his Wakandan borders. Would we really accept that??? Nope.

But we dont realize a public figure like Tony can’t ‘hide’ from responsibilities and fall outs like team Cap does. We sit it with the mother in the beginning of CACW. she found Tony and told him she blames him for everything.

Where are the people angry with Wanda? Or has anyone ever gone up to Steve Rogers and said “I hate you, you killed my child.” or called him a monster. Normal US soldiers get hate all the time.

I just want Team Cap to get a fucking reality check without Tony sheltering them from it. And then i want them to be the adults they are supposed to be and deal with everything on their own.

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I come back to Twitter and have TWO WHOLE chapters to read. I was so worried how Bucky was going to react to a heat... obviously not good. I'm impressed that Bucky remembered the Hulk room mid heat. Also for Tony being able to resist him. Altogether awesome set of chapters!!

Yeah, I never really mention it, but Bruce made such a big deal about his Hulk proof room when he talked to Bucky the first time, I just decided that was something Bucky would hold on to. Like Bruce specifically told him that Tony had said Bruce Banner could live in the tower, that the Hulk could live in the Basement, and I feel like Bucky would take that and realize that there was a safe place for him if he needed, something that would protect both him (with the furniture and food etc) and protect the others (bomb proof glass, vault door etc) 

of course it makes me sad that bucky feels like he  needs to be in there at all, but thank god there was as safe place for him. How much worse would it have been if he didnt have a safe place and dropped into his Soldier? 

Halloween Special!

Wow, this is my first fix in a while, and really I am sorry guys, but life has just been crazy and I’ve felt really uninspired as of late. However, now that the play is over, hopefully I can get around to writing more! Also, Rouge makes her first ever appearance in this fix, however brief it may be! Enjoy!

“Well, obviously I’m being the best superhero out there,” Sonic stepped out from the closet, revealing his blue and red jumpsuit, complete with full hood.

“Wait, you think that SPIDERMAN is the best superhero?” Tails asked incredulously, pulling on his lab coat and racking his hands through his fur to mess it up. “Not, like, The Flash or something?”

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