i feel like the guy wasn't expecting it


The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

When Marilyn died, I was in Japan making a movie and I remember being so sad because it seemed to be our loss. But she lives forever on film; she gave so much, she had a deep caring for her work and cared a great deal. Actors care about the parts they play, but Marilyn cared even deeper. She was glorious, something else. She stands alone and is incredibly unique. When I need cheering up, I was  “Diamonds” or the opening number of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and it lifts my spirits.  Marilyn was a lovely, kind person who wouldn’t hurt a fly; she was adorable but that isn’t even a good enough word. She was so gifted.
George Chakiris