i feel like the guy wasn't expecting it

I love every emotional interaction between harry and eggsy but don’t ship hartwin because they have a much more obvious father and son dynamic

I think that ship is creepy and feels really wrong. The age difference is too uncomfortable and Harry literally knew Eggsy ever since he was a kid. Idc if your morals are ok with it but it’s not of my tastes.

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Honestly a lot of you creators are so inconsiderate and rude af. Like wcif stuff is such a simple thing, the anon wasn't even being rude, just asking if you could answer since you said you were bored. Everyone gets so frustrated in this community because creators are entitled little pricks. You expect to be paid, have a ton of followers/support, people to download your stuff so you can make money. Yet can't even be kind and considerate of our time, money, or feelings. Fuck you guys.

omg???????????????? i dont even use adfly????????????????im against ppl who expect money for their cc through patreon???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lmao i swear u guys are as much pricks as u think of us to be like do u realize that it actually takes time to put together the wcif preview and find the link ??? anyway feel free to not download my stuff have a WONDERFUL tuesday night and i hope u go look at some wholesome memes lmao

so far I haven’t met a single person who wasn’t surprised to learn that kafka was 6 feet tall and not a tiny guy. a smaller amount of people have expected him to have a “high-pitched fuckboy voice” (to quote one…memorable anon) but contemporary descriptions explicitly say he was a baritone 

I feel like this says something about how we associate personality traits with physical traits and what qualities are seen as “masculine” or “feminine”

Sadiq Khan slays May and Trump on UK TV...

Watching Sadiq Khan being interviewed on ITV news. If you’re not from the UK, he’s the Mayor of London, and happens to be Muslim. I mention this only because he’s recently been the subject of rude and uninformed tweets by US president trump, straight after the London Bridge terror attack on Saturday. Today, Trump again contnued to tweet in ignorance, accusing Khan of making light of the incident.

 Khan, of course, mentions he’s voting Labour for investment in police services. when the interviewer asks him whether he thinks the Prime Minister should resign because of cuts to police services.

I expected him to gracefully say it’s not his decision, or perhaps agree with Corbyn. But, without missing a beat, he simply says

“I hope she won’t be Prime Minister on Friday”.

What a way to answer that question. You have to hand it to him for wit.

Also, when asked about Trump’s recent rude tweets, he states that he has little to say on the issue; during the immediate aftermath of the attack, his focus was on more important things; and he stated that he doesn’t have time to trade tweets from the US president.

I feel sorry for the US; we get someone like Khan, who is capable of acting like a grown-up and prioritising their actual job. And they get someone with no reading comprehension, complete lack of basic decency and respect,  and who can’t admit that they misread tweets. And who can’t stop picking fights with people instead of sending their condolences.

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Look English is not my first language and I'm very angry so sorry in advance... but like you know what pisses me off so much?? Eva, noora and vilde acting like they are this saint little angels when they know ALL of them have done shitty things towards other people (noora? Hello she did that with William and she KNEW vilde was crushing so hard on him, and let be honest it wasn't to protect vilde/ eva cheated on Jonas/ and dont even get me started on vilde) I'll continue in another ask +

The only like her when she’s passive or live up to their expectations of her being a badass cool person? But as soon as she’s struggling and feel lost they don’t like her anymore? What kind of friends are that? Also I haaate seing Sana cry but then again crying is good, crying is dealing with emotions.

honestly i agree!! all the girls have done shitty stuff. NOORA LITERALLY STARTED DATING A GUY VILDE WAS OBSESSING OVER but vilde was just like its ok :) <3 WTF IM LIVID

GM a Christmas Maya Live Taping
  • MJ: We resolved this triangle last week.
  • The audience claps.
  • MJ: Yeah, me too. *claps too*
  • MJ: Yeah, that absolutely resolves everything. We did this episode in where I begged the audience not to say any spoilers.
  • MJ: The taping wasn't over when spoilers were already posted. I was expecting that. I wanted a reaction out of you guys and I got it.
  • MJ: Spoilers were out, the death threats flew in. I even got pictures of a puppy holding a knife. You know what.... I don't care.
  • MJ: I told this story the way I felt it was right and honest and if you disagree, I don't know what you've been watching.

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When you're 15 and sexting a guy and it's great because it's self affirmation in your appeal to Males and you're just responding in an expected way and don't actual feel anything but that's fine bc boys like sex more than girls. But when you actually see them the next day and they want real life follow up you feel sick, panicked and fully stressed with a sinking pit in your stomach. Must just be really frigid shit I wish I wasn't so immature, I'll go talk to my girl friends about it....

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I'm kind of upset that there isn't an official kataang week like this. Why don't you run that as well? A lot of people would probably join in and then all the shippers would feel happy and included.

Nah, that ship is honestly repulsive to me. 

I mean, you guys have canon. Isn’t that enough?

EDIT: apparently there is a Kataang Week! I think I read it’s happening in July.