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Angie’s Makeup Glamour, for days when you feel like shit.

because nothing says ‘beauty’ more than that ugly font that I adore

Okay, so I was asked some time ago to write beauty spells and confidence spells, because I’m a drag queen witch with low self-esteem, and I’ve been using this kind of spell for ages.

I’m not a big fan of fancy spells full of shit that I have absolutely no idea where to get, so I keep my spells practical and as simple as possible. The thing is I’ve struggled with body image my whole fucking existence, and makeup and drag are a super important part of my life and daily routine, so here is a quick and easy way to charge your makeup.

What you’ll need:

  • Makeup of your choice
  • Yourself

Let’s get started, what you wanna do is hold the container of the makeup you are charging and direct to it the intent you want it to have. I find it easy to say simple “orders”, it can be either out loud or with your inner voice, like “to make me glow” when charging a blush or a bronzer, for instance. The important is that you ~feel~ the energy flowing to your makeup, say your orders as many times as you deem necessary to make the energy stay in the makeup. You can visualize a flow of energy, you can breathe your energy, you can shout at your makeup (I did this once with a lipstick and I swear it works), it’s up to you, whatever works for you. You wanna leave it in the moonlight? Do it! Incense? Do it! Candles? Do it, but some things don’t go well with heat near them, like cream based shit.

I tend to charge my makeup once or twice a month., and everything that I use for drag has “I will transform” as well as something else. And here’s a list of the things I most commonly ‘order’ when charging my stuff.

“To conceal my flaws” - foundation, concealer

“To make me glow” - blush, bronzer, glitter

“To make me seduce” “to scare my enemies” - eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick

“To keep attention in me” - mascara, fake lashes

As I never go out of my house without sunscreen or primer, when I really want to go unnoticed, when I’m applying it and charge it with “I am invisible”. Instead of charging the makeup, you can charge when you are applying it, but that takes time and I’m lazy and always in a hurry.

Okay this is it. If you want anything more specific, please ask.

this was a request from moonlitwitch

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all of these pics are from a "black challenge" for using black (color) products!! its a skin cleanser!! he hasnt done blackface in any of the videos ive seen (just thought you should know!)

you’re right actually, my mistake there. deleting that post. That said it seems pretty clearly advertised as a ‘blackface’ video so it feels like… dubious to me that they didn’t at the very least have some idea what the various implications of all that were gonna be. i get it though, gotta get them clicks

That said, in the three minutes i did just researching that and looking at their twitter they seem… still not like people that I agree with socially. especially in their defense of pewdiepie, among other people. I also spent about .5 seconds in the h3h3 subredit and… i saw about five different memes with ‘TRIGGERED’ written in big red font and people complaining about sjws and.. boy oh boy that was not a good place. did not enjoy being there much. 

A lot of the time you see a celebrity get exposed for doing something shitty, and then their friends come to their aid and defend them. Obviously it’s hard to look at people’s actions objectively and see their faults when they’re a close friend of yours. I honestly don’t know what I’d do in a situation like that. 

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Hi. I love your credence x graves modern bdsm series. I'm seriously obsessed. I was wondering, if when credence tells graves that he loves him and graves merely replies 'you too' does something in that sentence worry credence? he seems like the sort to build anxiety off of a mere agreement rather than directly being told, but I wasn't sure!! if you could clear that up I would love it so so much. (I hope this didn't come off as bitchy, haha)

Oh man. So, I feel like Credence is probably of two minds about this. On the one front, he is a constant font of anxiety and I imagine would like to hear this outright. That said, most of Graves’s commands and expressions throughout the series (with the exception of “good boy” variants - something I imagine that he knows Credence just NEEDS) are nonverbal. So, Credence being used to that, I sort of see even this little bit of verbal emoting as being a Big Deal to him.

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Any thoughts on the what the crew's handwriting would look like? I feel Paps would have really big, messy handwriting.

I bet you the skelebros actually write in their own fonts. Like, it’s their natural handwriting. Let’s have a look at all of them:

Frisk - cute, bubbly letters that don’t really match in size and sometimes droop off the lines a bit.

Chara - prim and proper cursive with lots of swirls, occasionally hard to read.

Asriel - tries to imitate Chara’s handwriting, though his letters are clumsier and also much easier to read.

Toriel - has a terrible case of doctor’s scrawl, everything looks really fancy, but it’s impossible to read.

Sans - writes in comic sans, exclusively in lowercase letters.

Papyrus - writes in papyrus, exclusively in caps.

Undyne - giant terrifying jagged letters, also exclusively in caps, looks like something out of a horror movie.

Alphys - terrible chicken scratch, she’s used to only having to write things she needs to read herself.

Asgore - one of those assholes who can write in perfect gothic letters like it’s nothing, he became used to it when writing official documents and stuff back in the day before technology was a thing.

Mettaton - cute, perfectly illegible and even letters, dots his i’s with hearts and stars.

Napstablook - itty bitty square-ish letters.

Monster Kid - writes by holding the pen between their teeth, so uh, not pretty

Banding Together

So I made my first attempt at writing a fic! It’s a Mikayuu/Yuumika Idol AU story, hope you like it! Comments will be appreciated ^.^

(Apparently you’ll get cavities, proceed with caution)

Summary: Yuuichiro and Mikaela become idols to help their orphanage stay afloat while discovering their feelings for each other.


Want to be the next generation’s idol?

 The letters were in a big, bright font and were displayed on TV after the hosts of a variety show had waved goodbye to the viewers. Yuu, a teenage black-haired boy, was watching the program on a whim after finishing his homework when that sentence caught his attention.


 The word felt so nice and familiar, it made the boy smile. If only…

“Mika! Want to be an idol with me?”

 As he shouted for his blond friend, he took quick notes of the details of the audition now being displayed on the screen and grinned. 

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The Evolution of Taylor’s Trademark

Originally posted by lov-eswift

Her original trademark represents how she started off. A big loopy signature similar to that of most other country artists that would make her fit in. The font is also much younger and princess-like which somewhat represents how she and her music were at the time. 

The all caps font from Red represents how bold she had become. This was her first pop album and she really wanted to make a statement with it, hence the large font. She was taking a risk and I feel like the bigger font helped to show how serious she was about it all. 

Her current signature from 1989 is in her own handwriting which represents that she has finally found confidence in herself. She has discovered that she no longer needs to conform to society and it doesn’t matter what others think of her. She has realized that she is enough so why not use your own handwriting and make it as unique and individual as possible?

All I can say is that I couldn’t be more proud of how far taylorswift has come