i feel like that one person who goes to sports games to feel cool but actually has no idea what's going on

Dysphoria Tips

To start this post off, not all of these tips will work for everyone! Everyone’s dysphoria is different and everyone has different things that help! 

Also, I am not a doctor or anything like that! And I am a trans guy, so that’s what this is all coming from, I can try to look up how other genders deal with dysphoria, but I think a lot of these ones will also help other genders

- Showering (I know this doesn’t help everyone)
Okay, so I know it may seem like confronting your physical form may not be the right thing to do, and it might not be, but for me taking a shower/bath really helps because I focus more on the routine and what I’m washing than my actual body
Also! Using products that match your gender might really help!! I use the more “masculine” smelling products for my body and it’s super nice ^^ They also have products that are more “gender neutral” if that’s more your thing

- Do something distracting that you enjoy
For example, I love going on walks, drawing, writing, and gaming and any of things things could be distractions from things that you don’t want to think about! You of course don’t need to pick one of the things I enjoy doing, there are lots of things you could do like sports, blogging, listening to music, hanging out with your pets (they aren’t going to judge you!), etc.

- Find someone who won’t judge you!
I know this might be hard for some of you, but I know that I have at least one person to talk to every time I get upset about this sort of thing! My friends will not misgender me, and they will reassure me that I am a guy and I do pass, and all that good stuff! If someone is hurting you and misgendering you and not respecting you, you can cut them out of your life! You are not obligated to keep these people around because of their feelings
Pets can be used for this too! Your animals will never judge you :3 Hell, they probably don’t even know what gender is :D

- Find things about yourself that you like
This doesn’t have to be about your body, but it can be! If you take the time to think about positive aspects of yourself, you might feel a little better. And if you can think about the positive things about your body, like the color of your eyes or the shade of your skin, or how great your smile is, or how cool your hair was in that one selfie, it might make you feel a little better about how you’re feeling about yourself right now c:
If you don’t want to or can’t think about positive things about your body, try thinking about things you’re good at or things you like about your personality! Like how great of a person you are, how nice you can be, how cool you are, or how dedicated you are! Something like that!

- Treat yourself
I know not everyone can go buy themselves their favorite dinner or anything like that due to money, but you can do simple things like watch your favorite movie! Or just let yourself eat that expensive ice cream you bought last week :3 Curl up in your favorite blanket with that one pillow that’s just right, or put on that makeup/outfit that you love! It’s in the little things

- Try not to think about “passing”
I know this is extremely hard, but “passing” is just a social construct. Nobody “looks like a boy” because boys can look like anyone, and the same goes for other genders as well! This is definitely a hard thing to tell yourself, especially since a lot of people don’t get it, but it might help some of you!

- Find inspiration!
Find someone who you look up to, or who is transitioning/has transitioned. Some people (like me) might feel resentment at them for being further into their transition than them, but other might (and should try to) be filled with hope and positivity by seeing that things get better and that it is possible to change yourself into how you want to (or do) see yourself

- Look back
If you’ve already started your transition, look back to months, or years ago! You will be surprised at how far you’ve come
You might even feel more hopeful about the future after having seen how much you’ve changed since before

- Find people to talk to
Find people who are, or have been, in the same or a similar scenario; they know what it’s like and they may be able to help you! They can share what it was like for them and what helped them

- Just. Stop.
Seriously, if you can, don’t do anything that day. Sometimes, people just need a break or some time alone. So, if you’ve been saving up those hours at work, take the day off if you can! If you know there’s nothing important at school the next day, try to stay home and not put yourself through more stuff
Keep yourself safe and comfortable during your break! Maybe use this time to use one of the other techniques at the same time ^^

- Keep a diary
This might seem silly, but I keep a diary off and on and it really helps me! Sometimes people just need to open up, but not to a person 
I named my diary Tina, so it kind of felt like I was talking to a person, though haha
Also, just getting all of this down on paper (or on the screen) might help

- Wear your favorite outfit!!
Find that outfit that makes you feel like a hundred bucks and wear it! It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in your house or going somewhere, wear that outfit and own it! Take a lot of pictures if you like the way it looks c:

- Selfies
Take selfies when you look hella good and how you want to look, so that when you’re feeling down and dysphoric, you can look back at your selfies and be like “damnnn I look hot”

- Workout
This might seem like a horrible idea, but I’ve heard that it works wonders! Just go get beefy or run into your legs feel like jelly
This might also help you sleep, which might help by getting rid of your thoughts

- Sleep
If you can take a nap, or just crash out, do it! You don’t have anything planned and these thoughts won’t stop? Go to sleep. You won’t be thinking of anything if you’re unconscious

- Avoid negativity
If you know someone is going to bring you down, avoid them
Same goes with places! If you know that a certain place is going to be negative or bring negative thoughts on, it’s probably best to avoid that place

- Drink ice water
I find that the painfully cold liquid can really wipe the mind with it’s shocking temperature

- Meditate
If you’re into meditation, or want to try it, I hear it does wonders to find that inner peace and just forget you have a body or end up thinking more positively about that body

- Watch your favorite show
Focusing on something you love, like a series filled with interested characters who aren’t you and find themselves in lots of situations can really take your mind off of things

- Burn incense or candles
Burn it right next to your bed (carefully tho) and make sure it’s a scent that you love! This way, if you don’t get out of bed, you can still have something to enjoy

- Read
Read a book, or a fanfiction, or anything that will capture your full attention, so that you have something better to focus on

- Modify your body!!
Like piercings, and hair dye, and stuff! Hell, even those temporary tattoos are pretty cool :3 This way, you can feel like you’re doing stuff to your body on your own terms
You can even just draw on yourself with a sharpie or something!

- Clean
Maybe just do some laundry or put things in neat little piles! Any amount of stress taken off will feel super good and also you might find that one outfit you lost months ago! (if you’re anything like me haha)

- Name and pronouns
Write down your name and pronouns on things to make you feel a little better seeing that that’s what you want to be called, and it can just be written down like that!
You could also ask some supportive friends to read them or just call you by them for no reason at the moment haha

-  Take up a new hobby
You could spend the time you spend being dysphoric, doing something you enjoy! Learn a new language, or learn how to do arts and crafts, or buy some gardening supplies!

- Save up money
Just stick some coins from the dryer in a jar and start saving up for your transition! It’ll make you feel like things are going faster than they are

And remember: You are valid! No matter what anyone tells you, or how you feel, you are valid! <3

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Hi! Nice blog! can I ask for relationship hc for kageyama? c:

And the milk enthusiat —that didn’t sound good 😑— it’s the opening request after the hiatus and the first one of the year, who cares if it’s almost february, rigth?😫 I’m really happy to be back guys!🙌 So I got a tad bit carried away, I’m sorry for the long post, I think this list of headcanons has more words than most of the scenarios I’ve wroten😓

I’m terribly sorry for the long wait, but I hope you like it, nonnie-chan❤ 

▶ We know he isn’t the most social person in the world and that would show. It would take a lot of courage on Kageyama´s side to open up to throw himself into a relationship. He will think thoroughly all that you make him feel, and will spend many restless nights before he actually admits that yeah, maybe he likes you as more than as a friend.

▶ That said, once he has made his mind he will be pretty straightforward about it. He won’t go around telling everyone he has a crush on you, but he will not deny it either. If someone ever asks him, all he’ll do is blush like a tomato, stutter like there’s no tomorrow and end up saying something like. “W-What’s to you, b-baka??!!” or “M-Mind your own business!!”

▶ That’s right, Kageyama is that kind of person. Once the hint is taken, is pretty obvious to know he has a crush for you. Well, at least for the people that actually know him. For a stranger it would be a little bit more difficult to realize ‘cause the only hint of him being in love is that he will stare at you with some kind of angry frown. Don’t worry, he’s not angry tho, he just doesn’t know how to put his feelings into motion.

 ▶ By the way, he’s a terrible flirter, he would ask you for a pencil and think he actually made a big step into the relationship. He won’t hesitate to talk to you —nervous and awkwardly—, but it won’t be romantic, so, when he finally says; “Please go out with me” with his usual frown, red ears, and almost a demanding voice, it would seem like it came out of nowhere; but that’s definitely not the case. He’s been liking you for a long time before confessing.

▶ At the beginning of the relationship he is the kind of boyfriend who doubts everything he does. He doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to be a boyfriend. Sure, he understands the overall concept, but when it comes to actually putting it into action… He can’t be sure of the boundaries and ways to act, so he’ll ask you before doing anything: “Should we have lunch together?” “Can I pick you up at your school?” “Can I call you and text you later?” “Would it be okay if I hold your hand?” “C-Can I kiss you?“

▶ And so on and on. You’ll need to be patient with him, but it’s nothing that can’t be worked with some talking. Once that stage is past, you’ll see that you’d built a very solid relationship. Misunderstandings aren’t something you have to worry too much about, ‘cause he’ll always be honest with you and he expects you to do the same. He doesn’t go hiding things.

▶ A very caring and protective boyfriend not in an overbearing way. He might not seem like it, but he’s very aware and attentive of what you say and do, so he’ll catch up soon to what you like and your quirks (which he finds adorable, by the way). He’ll randomly appear with something you said you liked a month ago and when you ask him where it did come from, he’ll simply say “Well, you said you wanted it, didn’t you?”

▶ On the other side, he can be completely oblivious to the most obvious things. For example, like when you are trying to initiate a kiss or take his hand somewhat discretely. Even if you are on your tiptoes, your hands around his neck and very obviously leaning in to touch his lips, he’ll stare at you in embarrassment and confusion. It won’t matter how many times you blink and lick your lips; he won’t catch up, he’ll simply go redder and redder and will finally ask what are you doing. He’ll learn to catch up on those kind of things until much later in the relationship, but he still gets easily embarrassed, so he’ll still ask; “You wanna kiss, right?” Just before taking your face in his hands as he leans down to warmly kiss you.

▶ He’s completely loyal to you. Once Kageyama loves you, he’s in for good. It doesn’t matter if you fight or if you don’t see that much because of volleyball practice. You are always on his mind and a vital part of his life. He’ll do his best to make you happy and help you. If he can’t personally do something, he’ll be there with you. Actually, in times of distress his bluntness comes pretty handy, ‘cause he can see things in a much more objective way; and that is a great help to ground you, and make you realize that the problem is not that big.

▶ One of the most important things for him is sharing. If he’s with you, it means he wants you to get involved or at least take the time to know the things he likes, specially volleyball. It’s okay if you are not a hardcore fan, but he will be super happy if you ask him about it. He secretly wants you cheering for him in all of his games, and he thinks you won’t really understand how cool and awesome he is as a setter if you don’t get to know the basics of the sport he loves. He definitely wants you to think he’s cool, and volley is his pride and joy, the one thing he’s certain he’s good at. You can expect the same from him, whatever it is you love and enjoy, he will take the time to know it.

▶ He’s so weak for you it’s not even funny. He’s not a lovey-dovey, but is painfully obvious how much he loves you. His heart goes to 100 per mile when you smile, and everytime you  compliment him he goes red. You are his anchor and he’s so proud to have you by his side. He’ll always proudly announce you as his partner,and he can get braggy when it comes to you, especially to his teammates; “They always send me a goodnight text.” “They got top score on their class.” “They’re really good at this.” “They know how to do that.” It might get tedious to the team, but in the end they are genuinely happy for him. The smile and loving gaze on Kageyama’s face when it’s about you is too good to go to waste anyways.


Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Tags: female reader, human reader, angst, happy ending, matchmaking, some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fluff, Scott-McCall centric, Reader centric.

Summary: Reader has been friends with Scott McCall for as long as she can remember. She’s also been in love with him for that long too. Now he’s single once again…

Notes: I’ve been watching Teen Wolf with my sister and tbh I’ve been in love with Scott McCall from the first episode and I finally thought, hey, I’d better write a fanfic about how much I love this adorable puppy. So here it is.

Word Count: 1,391

Posting Date:  2016-11-27

Current Date: 2017-05-31

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The Phantom Thieves Jr (Son Edition)

Whoop here’s the sons! After this please If you want any requests revolving around the kids then let me know! I’ll be opening up normal requests soon))

Ichiro (Ryuji’s son)

•Ichiro is the older twin out of the two

•he ended up joining the schools track team like his father did

•is almost better then his father

•he runs every other morning before school

•it doesn’t matter how cold, hot, wet or windy it is he’ll be running

•Ichiro swears like no bodies business

•seriously every second word is Fuck

•Ryuji has tried to scold him for it

•but it’s no use

•decent grades in school

•nothing to brag home about

•it’s better then Yoshima’s and Tatsuo though so he teases them about it

•a lot

•he’s pretty popular with the ladies, seriously he’s the cool upperclassmen

•along side his brother of corse

•Ichiro actually goes to bed super early

•seriously he is asleep by 9:30pm

•he is just unable to function if he’s tired

•Ichiro is a super heavy sleeper as well

•no one can wake him up

•it’s almost impossible

•he’s a huge flirt

•but Ichiro does it without even noticing

•just naturally flirts with everyone

•even teachers on the odd occasion

•he gets on with everyone in the phantom JR group

•him and his brother are like the protective older brothers of all the younger members

•has gotten into fights with people who bullied his sister

•also have almost got kicked out of school for fighting

•he somehow charmed his way out of it

•Ichiro lives on instant noodles and bread

•he’s eaten a whole loaf of it before  on his own

•Ichiro is also addicted to Instagram

•he’s always posting shit

•usually post work out selfies

•his siblings have begged him to stop

•won’t stop can’t stop

•out of the two twins Ichiro is the loud and outgoing one

•you can head him from a mile away

Tatsuo (Ryuji’s son)

•the younger twin

•member of his schools basketball team

•he’s the tallest out of the siblings

•Tatsuo is far more quiet then his brother

•stereotypical cool silent upperclassmen

•everyone who knows him thinks he’s nocturnal

•seriously he’s up till 4am most nights and sleeps during classes

•that’s probably why his grades aren’t the best

•Tatsuo also has a habit of falling asleep on people

•the last time he fall asleep Yuuta and Yuuto he woke up to sharpie all over his face

•once he fall asleep on Nyoko’s lap, he had never seen the poor girl look so embarrassed before

•he’s surprisingly a pretty good cook

•no one believes him though

•even after he’s make a meal people just assume someone else made it

•Unlike his brother Tatsuo can control his temper

•the last time he got into a physical fight was when he was 8 and someone stole Yoshima’s doll

•he can glare though

•and make some pretty horrifying threats

•he’s scary when he’s made, don’t let his calm face fool you

•he’s broken like twenty windows at his home with a basketball

•it got to a point where he was banned from having a ball anywhere near the damn house

•it was a seriously problem

•while he’s pretty popular with his classmates he tends to stick with the Phantom JR gang more than anyone else

•he feels like he can let his guard down around them more often

•Tatsuo is always cold

•even in the middle of summer his body is cold to the touch

•he’s always wearing a hoodie of some type of jersey

•Much like his sister he has a secret sweet tooth

•can eat a whole bar of chocolate and still crave more

•nine times out of ten he has a pice of candy in his mouth during class

•he loves the hard lemon candy the most

Yamato (Yusuke’s son)

•Yamato is an artist much like his father

•rather than panting though he leans more towards sculpting and drawing

•he’s pretty damn good at it as well

•he has longer hair, he usually ties it back most of the time to keep it out of his face

•Yamato pretty much grew up at the art gallery so he’s memories almost every pice and every artist there

•he’s like a walking, talking fact machine about art

•he gets pretty good grades, passes them without any real trouble

•he has an amazing memory so he can pretty much read something once and memories it

•because of his memory Yamato takes great pleasure in bringing up embarrassing stories about the phantom JR gang at random times

•unlike his father he’s pretty good with money

•in fact no one can remember a time where he didn’t have money on him

•Yamato can make friends pretty easily, he’s super charming

•all the teachers love him

•just one smile and he’s their favourite student

•He has a scar on his hand from when he cut himself while sculpting once

•When he got the scar Mayu was there and she started freaking out when she saw all the blood

•Yamato hardly even noticed he cut himself, he was too focused on his art

•Yamato can’t swim

•in fact he’s scared of the water

•no matter how many times people try to convince him he refused to get into any pool of water that was deeper then his knees

•he’s very close the Sakura twins

•somehow Yuuto and Yuuta always convince him to join in on their adventures

•he usually just goes along with it

•Yamato doesn’t do any sport

•none what so ever

•finds it a waste of time and energy

•but he will go to every one of his friends games

•he’s the one who always takes the photos of him and the phantom JR gang

•Yamato enjoy the job and has actually started to take an interest in photography because of it

•this kid burns whenever he’s in direct contact with the sun

•needs to wear sunblock whenever he’s outside

•it’s a seriously problem

•especially because Ichiro takes great pleasure of slapping him on the back whenever he gets burnt

Syo (Ann’s son)

•pretty boy

•I mean he is Ann’s son so of cause he’s attractive

•but Syo Hates it

•he wears glasses both because he needs then and because it hides his face a little

•he just wants to focus on school not deal with everyone else

•the only women he can stand to be around his the girl members of Phantom JR

•the rest make him feel physically ill sometimes

•perfect grades

•he wants I be a doctor so it’s excepted really

•Syo has this beaded bracelet that he always wears

•he rarely takes it off

•Ai gave it to him when he was younger

•he’s worn it ever since that day

•when Syo gets nervous he’ll fiddle with the beads and it calms him down

•he’s the rational one in the group

•telling everyone else that maybe it’s a dumb idea to do this

•not that they actually listen though

•he just ends up giving up and joining in on the dumb thing

•he use to play basketball in middle school with Tatsuo but stoped when he joined high school

•claimed it distracted him from his studies

•Syo hates mornings

•he’s not a morning person at all

•if you wake him up he will murder you

•just don’t do it

•had actually punched Yuuto when he tried

•Syo loves movies

•he goes almost every week

•it’s to the point where the staff know him by name

•him and Nyoko fight a lot

•He doesn’t hate his sister

•but Syo would enjoy her company a lot more if she didn’t try to make him over whenever their in the same room

•Syo can actually sing

•like she’s actually as good as his sister

•but hardly anyone knows about it

•he’s super embarrassed about it

•Syo openly plays piano in front of people though

Yuuto (Futaba’s son)

•he’s a mess

•someone help Yuuto

•he may be the oldest but he has no maturity what so ever

•his hair is always a mess, no one can remember a time where it wasn’t a mess

•Yuuto can’t sit still

•at all

•he always talks with his hands constantly

•has accidentally slapped someone while he was talking once

•Yuuto gets pretty decent grades, it’s near the top of the class

•mathematics and science is his top subjects

•much like his mother he is pretty damn good with computers

•him and Yuuta have competitions all the time about who can hack into what first

•Futaba has had to get her sons out of trouble a number of times before

•Yuuto is very close with his brother

•they shared a room till they were 12

•and since they look so much alike they often pretend to be each other for fun

•it’s not uncommon for the twins to take exams for each other

•will prank everyone 24/7

•no one is safe

•please stop Yuuto from covering everything in the school in bubble wrap

•the only person who can talk reason to Yuuto is Syo

•and that’s very rarely

•teachers hate him.

•please just stop talking in class

•he does make some pretty funny jokes though

•He acts all tough but he’s actually terrified of birds

•yeah birds, he hates them

•will actively run away from a pigeon

•Yuuto can not take a normal photo, his tongue is always out of he’s doing something with his hands

•Futaba is pissed she doesn’t have a normal family photo

Yuuta (Futaba’s son)

•the youngest of the twins by fourteen minutes

•Yuuta is a lot neater then his brother

•hair a little shorter, styled nicer and generally takes some pride in his appearance

•Yuuta also wears glasses, he’s got his mothers bad eyesight

•much like his brother he gets good grades, just a little higher then Yuuto

•he tends to excel in history and Japanese

•one of the ways to tell the twins apart, except the glasses, is that Yuuta has a small birthmark on his right shoulder

•he’s very good with technology as well, although he doesn’t use it for pranks as much as his brother does

•he will constantly prank Nyoko though

•it’s fun and he finds her annoyed face oddly adorable?

•Yuuta hates being cold

•its his weakness, he rarely leaves the house during winter

•is always wearing some kind of winter appeal

•wears a poorly knitted scarf that Nyoko made for him for Christmas

•Yuuta is very sarcastic

•it’s most of his humour really

•his resting face his a smirk

•Yuuta loves spicy food

•if it doesn’t burn your mouth it isn’t good!

•has been known to prank people by putting chilli flakes in food secretly

•Yuuto has been victim to many of these pranks

•has gotten into one physical fight in his life

•and that was when he saw Yuuto being bullied during elementary school

•he was suspended for a week because of that

•his brother ended up getting himself suspended as well she he wouldn’t be lonely

•loves video games

•stays up all night playing them often

•the bags under his eyes are insanely dark

Katsu (Haru’s only son)

•Katsu has It hard

•he’s the youngest of four kids and the only boy

•Katsu is a member of the same baseball team as Satoru so they’re pretty close

•Usually Katsu hang out at Satoru’s after school to avoid his sisters

•it’s not that he hates them it’s just that he hates being surrounded by the his older sisters gossip and chatter 24/7

•although he his pretty close with Ai, they often go out for workouts together

•she calls it sibling muscle building

•Katsu’s grades are average

•he’s got no real good or bad subjects, he’s just average in every way

•he does enjoy English though

•Katsu straightens his hair, mostly to hide the curls he’s inherited from Haru

•he’ll wake up an hour early just to straighten it

•hell he refuses to leave the house with his natural hair

•Katsu loves nature, will often spend his time just walking

•If he could he would just walk everywhere rather than take the subway

•Satoru created Katsu’s nickname and he hates it

•he could hunch his friend for starting the trend if calling him Kat

•he doesn’t even like cats! Why the hell would he want to be called one!

•Katsu doesn’t understand technology

•like at all

•he can barely use his phone let alone do anything else

•he’s so awkward when sending a text

Satoru (Mishima’s son)

•Satoru is a popular, cool and super social boy

•every girl wants to be with him and every boy want to be him

•class clown and super popular

•star batter of the schools baseball team

•Satoru, while he acts pretty damn cocky is actually super sweet

•always making sure the Phantom JR gang is smiling and laughing

•As mentioned before him and Yoshima are super close

•have been ever since they were babies

•he’s also super protective of her?

•doesn’t like other guys hanging around her at all

•took him a long ass time to realise he like his childhood friend

•too scared to say anything though

•so instead he just flirts with her, trying to get Yoshima to notice his feelings

•he still remembers that when the two were five they made a promise to get married when they were ‘grown ups’

•Satoru goes out with Katsu almost daily to practice baseball

•He wants to go pro after school so Satoru practices as much as he can

•he’s been know to stay out till midnight at the batting cages

•usually either his dad or Yoshima goes out to drag him home then

•He’s super close with his father, while their completely different personality wise they just get along

•this boy can’t cook, at all

•his food is completely garbage, you will get sick if you eat it

•he tries to make someone that’s at least eatable but it’s impossible

•Satoru is super protective of his friends

•he’s won’t stand for anyone speaking badly about anyone in the Phantom JR group

•will threaten them with baseball bats

•he may have done that before

•Satoru loves the sea, he loves everything about it

•wants to go to the beach very summer with the phantom JR gang

•it’s totally not because him and Ichiro wants to see the girls in swimsuits

•Satoru has two photos of all the phantom JR gang in his student ID, one when they were all children and a modern one

childhood sweetheart!vernon au
  • hansol is possibly one of the most introverted kids
  • doesn’t like going out at all. just wants to stay at home and play with his star wars toys and avoid talking to people
  • makes an exception for his favourite (read: only) friend his age, you. you’re super precious to him because he feels like you’re the only other kid who accepts his introvertedness…also because he may have a small crush on you
  • you guys have known each other all of your lives since your families are super close too
  • even so,,, hansol still gets nervous about asking you to come and play over at his (he’s awkward;;)
  • actually one of the ‘softest’ kids in the neighbourhood. doesn’t like the idea of having to go out and socialise…actually quite terrified of doing that since he’s super sensitive
  • whenever one of the local kids comes to hansol’s house to ask his parents if they can let him play sports with everyone else….hoo boy
  • let’s just say hansol locks himself in his room with his legos and puzzles and refuses to leave
  • and eventually the kids who come to ask if he can play start showing up less and less…until they stop altogether
  • hansol doesn’t care tho since he has you..like…who else does he need
  • walk into hansol’s room any time and this is all you would see
  • tbh you guys could go on forever just playing puzzles together until dark but…
  • things start to change

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