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I,, I don’t even know alright. John just gots a lot of batman merchandise in my imagination.
And Bruce can’t handle the sight of his majestic boyfriend in the morning
(get him some coffee☕️)

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Hey Fifth! Don't know if you remember me but I'm an oldish Inazuma fan just coming back after being away from the last 7ish years. You're probably one of the few inazuma fans with a name I actually recognise! I was wondering if you could recommend me a few Inazuma tumblr blogs I could follow here since most of the people I used to follow are dead :( I also heard there was an Inazuma discord floating around here, but although I'd like to try it, I'm kinda too shy to go on haha.

Welcome back to the fandom! Your name looks super familiar! A lot of my old fandom friends don’t follow IE anymore so I know how you feel! 

Here’s some awesome people who have A+ content and will literally brighten up your day when you see them on your tumblr feed/ the IE tag (probably missed a lot but these are some of the ones I can think of from the top of my head):

@aishakami-arts (and all blogs) @ygreczed @linabigface @inazuma-eleven-translations @inazumaelevenconfessions​ @inazuma-eleven-lover @atsuyafubuki10 @iuniu @huyandere @zafiro-satoshi (and all blogs) @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 @lynneryon @xsakulumix @tsuri-ouji @minty-ocean @kiarikakawaiii @vraberika @shiroporn @ichiroutas-other-eye, @fuujinnomai @inavember

And there’s no need to be afraid of joining a discord server - the people of the IE Fandom are probably the nicest fandom people I’ve met! There’s a link to the the first one on @inazumaelevenmoments​ somewhere a couple of posts back when someone was asking the same thing and new one for writers that I recently reblogged on IE moments too. 

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So I read somewhere that milk was not humanly digestible past age 3-4 about 2000 years ago so I can only imagine vampires like Vladimir and Stefan feeling best fed when drinking from people with minimal lactose foods/beverages in their systems and getting nauseous or even sick when feeding from someone who recently ate or drank a lot of lactose rich edibles. Thoughts?

This is interesting to consider!

One of the tests for lactose intolerance just monitors blood sugar. The reasoning goes like this: if you have the enzyme lactase, it’ll break down lactose in dairy to glucose, which is used for just about everything in the body. As a result, if your lactase is working, your blood sugar will rise a few hours after having dairy. 

Conversely, if your lactase is broken, the sugars in dairy just hang out and ferment in the body/are converted into fatty acids. That’s where the indigestion kicks in. 

In short, the main difference for a vampire between people who have and don’t have lactase is blood sugar. 

All that said, I’m not sure whether lactose intolerance would meaningfully register to a vampire. Our blood sugar is… complicated. It rises after we’ve eaten, because of hormonal changes and stress, and after physical activity. Diabetes is characterized by blood sugar regulation problems. So, while a vampire might be able to taste all that, I don’t know whether it would really affect them beyond personal preference.

Don’t let me discourage anyone from commenting how dietary changes impact the taste of blood, though! I’m sure a dairy-free diet causes certain biochemical and physiological changes– isn’t that the point of all those comparison studies between various diets around the world?– and perhaps they’d have an impact on vampires, beyond the immediate taste of blood. 

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I laughed like a hyena when I saw your "deeply inappropriate chemistry" tag on the Heroes post, because that is the GREATEST DESCRIPTION EVER (and I also feel like half the shit on my blog should be tagged as such because whooooops deeply inappropriate chemistry is apparently my jam)

HEROES WAS NOTHING BUT DEEPLY INAPPROPRIATE CHEMISTRY OH MY GOD. (I was more on the Claire/Peter side of things but the Nathan/Peter was, uh, unmistakeable)

And, like, everybody should do what they want, but I don’t think shipping is fun if at least some of your ships aren’t a little bit (or a lot) wrong. How exactly they’re wrong is up to you, but a good mix is necessary.

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What if there was some remnant carried forward through all the day repetitions in ghd to all the other characters? They still don't remember it, but it changes them. E.g. the ones who see Phil die lots of times are slightly traumatised. Actually this theory kind of works with 'Playing Nancy'.

I like to think they have subconscious memories of the loop that become clearer after it by way of dreams. During the loop, they just start the day with certain gut feelings about Phil. In Philandering, they feel he’s a gross dude to look out for. In Hope, they feel pity and concern for him. And in Philanthropy, they feel all of the growth he’s been making in becoming a better person.

So yeah, it’s not till after the loop that they start getting flashes of things that actually happened. Some are funny or sweet, some are really dark and Phil is very uneasy whenever they tell him about them, because they don’t know what it means but he does.

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Hi! I've recently just truly noticed I was ftm and have always felt a connection towards masculine appearance my whole life. I was considered a tomboy for the longest time and in 5th grade I realized I didn't feel like a girl. I then told my mom in 6th & 7th grade I didn't feel like a girl and I felt masculine, and now, in 8th grade, I've done a lot of soul searching and discovered I do identify as a male. So, I don't know how to tell my mother I am trans. Maybe say I soul searched?

Hey there. Saying you soul searched is definitely a good option. If thats what you think will get thriugh ti her, do it. The FAQ and our coming out tag has a lot of good info for you too. Good luck


do you ever think about how elodie was SO awestruck by enid and complimented her easily and probably said a lot of really encouraging and kind stuff to her and enid is sooo self-concious and isn’t used to that kind of attention

do you ever think about how enid thought she FINALLY had a friend who appreciated her and like, i bet LOVED her, only for said friend to basically tell her “jk actually it was all a lie!!!! you were the only one feeling all that!!!!!”

do you ever think about how elodie lied, yes, but not about their friendship and now their relationship has become much more complicated than she ever expected, and for all she knows enid still despises her (for good reason) and she might never get back her first and possibly only friend

because i do

Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5


infodumping about the ocean

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

when the canon is awful so you decide to do your fave character right by writing fanfiction

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when the fanfiction turns into angst and you end up causing more problems for your favorite character

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when your fanfiction causes more damage to your fave than the canon does but you publish it anyway so others can suffer with you

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((OOC: Okay, so I filmed this ages ago coughlastnovembercough but I never really finished what I had in mind for it, but also thought it was a shame to go to waste. So here is a minimalistic version of the scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 22 - “After the Burial”. sorry ‘but dark gifs))

In Hagrids hut around his enormous table sits three shadows. The biggest of them is heavy asleep with his giant head against the wall, snoring loudly. Across from the young boy with the round glasses sits an elderly Hogwarts teacher who finally pulled himself together and asked questions, which have tormented him for so many years.

“I don’t—don’t suppose you remember it, Harry?” he asked awkwardly.

“No—well, I was only one when they died,” said Harry, his eyes on the flame of the candle flickering in Hagrid’s heavy snores. 

“But I’ve found out pretty much what happened since. My dad died first. Did you know that?” 

“I—I didn’t,” said Slughorn in a hushed voice. 

“Yeah… Voldemort murdered him and then stepped over his body toward my mum,” said Harry. 

Slughorn gave a great shudder, but he did not seem able to tear his horrified gaze away from Harry’s face. 

“He told her to get out of the way,” said Harry remorselessly. 

 “He told me she needn’t have died. He only wanted me. She could have run.” 

“Oh dear,” breathed Slughorn. “She could have… she needn’t… That’s awful…” 

“It is, isn’t it?” said Harry, in a voice barely more than a whisper. 

“But she didn’t move. Dad was already dead, but she didn’t want me to go too. She tried to plead with Voldemort… but he just laughed…” 

“That’s enough!” said Slughorn suddenly, raising a shaking hand”


Voldemort played by the grossly talented @sirussly

Happy Friday the 13th!

Sleepy septic boys after a long day of doing stuff.

And then Anti drew dicks on their faces and Jackieboyman almost kills him for that. How dare he ruin that cute moment.


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark + parallels (requested by bericdondarrion)