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Can I just say how relief I feel to know there are Christians here? and the fact that you're one of my favorite artist makes it all better! You really give me a lot of hope so, really, thank you. I would love to talk to you, but I'm a little bit shy lol but I would definitely going to be checking your tags again (if that's ok with you) it really helps me when I feel lost in here. Sometimes I feel like if Tumblr is not the best place for a christian, and then, I find amazing people like you :)

Can you believe @geek-fashionista and I were just talking about being a Christian on Tumblr when you sent me this ask?

You’re right. Tumblr can be a very unsafe space for Christians especially with the general culture here, but you know what? That’s ok. We continue to support each other. We have to be bold about our faith as well, that’s what Paul and all the missionaries have done for years after Jesus died on the cross. Of course there were..*coughs* hitches throughout history, but remember not to be afraid of being a Christian, no matter where you are. 

Also, keep in mind that we are all works-in-progress (when you mentioned amazing, I couldn’t help but think of all the mistakes I’ve made and continue to make in my life ^^;). Love God, love others. That includes exercising grace.

And it’s totally fine if you check my tags! I really don’t mind! If you want to talk, you can message me on chat if you want ^^ I don’t bite xD


Comparison between my fancy!grimoire and my working!grimoire. The working one is where things go first. I’ve written down a lot of useless information. Anything I frequently refer back to gets a post it in the page. And then when I really really frequently refer back to something, I copy it down into the fancy one, complete with fancy lettering and illustrations and colors and gold ink. 

My fancy grimoire gets reblogged with tags like “goals” and “inspo” (which makes me feel so fluffy inside 💙) but I also want you to know that I don’t just crank out those pages perfectly on the first go! You want a fancy book? Get a fancy book! I’ll help you decorate! But the first thing you need to have a fancy book? A messy book.

A rant

No. No. Fuck you. Fuck you to all the hateful anons that attack @imagineham.
I can’t believe how many ignorant and blatantly stupid people there are, sending you unnecessary rude and stupid asks.
Fuck them. They have zero place in your blog, and I can’t believe that they keep coming.
Stop making Steph feel like a shit person. She is not, absolutely not and will most likely never be. She is one of the kindest people I met here on the Internet, and that means a lot because most of my friends here on are kind.
Fuck you to all of you who are saying she wants a lot of feedback, compliments, attention whatever.
You know what. Even if she solely asked for people to compliment her, IT’S FINE. She deserves it. In fact. It’s absolutely normal that people enjoy hearing good stuff about themselves. It’s normal that people like compliments and it helps them build up their confidence.
It’s even okay to not want any criticism! THAT WOULD BE OKAY TOO,YOU HEAR ME. NOT EVERYONE LIKES CRITISM. I’M ONE OF THE PEOPLE AND I’LL OPENLY SAY THIS. I can’t deal with it very well and therefore only accept it when it comes from mutuals.
Are you fucking braindead? What is wrong with you people?
Why are you picking on someone who’s never done anything to you but writing lovely fics and asking you for feedback you shit head?
I dare you haters, anyone. Come off anon and tell me your problem, and I’m gonna piss into your apple juice.

Because honestly, like I already said, Steph is just a really sweet person and the way you make her feel gets on my nerves.
She deserves nothing but the best. Nothing.
You fucking pricks.
Not gonna lie I cried a bit scrolling through her blog this morning.

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I need to say thank you. I feel like not enough people appreciate your posts and the way you keep us updated on all things Padalecki. You're amazing! (And I totally just confessed my not-so-secret admiration of you in the tags of that last reblog... oops). - impalaimagining's main blog <3

#Jared Padalecki #I literally refreshed my dash #six times #waiting for this #because I rely on Jamie #like… a lot #umm is this weird yet? #yeah probably #*whispers* #Jamie you’re the best

*whispers* i’m a fucking mess but i’m glad you appreciate it

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Here's a plot bunny for anyone who wants to pleaseplease write it: HG ends up staying longer in Australia because her parents want to continue living there. She gets an interest in the magical creatures there & pursues her job. There she meets DM. Most or all of the fic is set in Australia while they get to know each other & fall in love, making them decide to live there permanently where there is no discrimination against them. There isn't enough Australia!DHr fics, especially novel length!

I actually agree. I feel like I know a lot about the terrain of Britian, but Australia has this really exotic landscape and culture that we don’t get to hear enough about.

If you haven’t checked out our Australia tag, though, I totally recommend it.


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Will I get better at this I really want to get better at this. I'm sometimes too shy and awkward but I know I can give a good service. Just feeling hopeless about improving as a FSSWer. Wish there was a course I could study or something. Do I just have to live through a lot of awkward sessions and strained conversations in order to get better and feel more comfortable doing this?

The answer to that, unfortunately, is yes. There are sex worker guides out there (and like, hundreds of posts here under the advice and tips and tricks tags), some of which have good advice and others of which are completely pointless or outright scams, but, to be honest, everyone I know who’s been successful in sex work over a long period of time didn’t really do much of that kind of research. There’s probably no real substitute for just living through the awkward until it is first funny, and then boring.

One thing that I find still helps me, especially in a medium or high volume environment, is to have a couple of canned conversation components – just one or two small-talk hooks that you can fall back on when your brain does a fart, which hopefully prompt the punter to get talking and give you valuable information about himself.

so from what I can gather, the broadway production kept all the costumes the same, with the exception of changing the hair colour for Christy’s wig (i’m actually in love with it, it looks a lot like the real Anastasia’s hair now!)?

if anybody in the tags saw the preview tonight, could you please respond to these questions?

- which songs did they keep/which ones were taken out?
- did they change any aspects of the set from the Hartford production? (I was so hoping they would get rid of the tiles…)
- how was ramin as gleb?
- were the lyrics for any other songs changed like they were for my petersburg? (super sad about this one actually. heard the new lyrics at broadway con and they feel a lot less personal now for dimitry’s character? :/)

im so bored this is such a good activity yes….
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rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better
a - age: seventeen oh boy
b - birthplace: denver, co
c - current time: 10:13 am
d - drink you last had: currently drinking a shot in the dark w/ cinnamon i feel Alive
e - easiest person to talk to: my love @alienbrains
f - favourite song: i have too many but i have Sparrow by St Vincent stuck in my head rn
g - grossest memory: uhhh ive blocked out all the gross things ive seen but ive seen a LOT of roadkill on this road trip… i feel bad for all the babies but its kinda cool
h - horror yes or horror no: horror yes yes im a scaredy cat but i love the thrill
i - in love?: a slow fall you feel me
j - jealous of people?: when i hated myself? yes… i am trying to like me so i try not to be jealous yanno
k - killed someone?: myself, on the daily
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: wat does this mean….
m - middle name: tempest chaoswitch bugbaby wolfling
n - number of siblings: i have a bunch of weird half siblings that i never talk to
o - one wish: its still to be on T and chop my titties off geez
p - person you called last: sweet darling @harleqaint
q - question you’re always asked: “are you LEO cos youre a LEO?” i just wanna say ITS COS IM A TRANS FAG MOVE ALONG THANKS =)
r - reason to smile: im almost to fucking new york!!!!!!!
s - song you sang last: fsgsgsgdd fuckin… wild world by cat stevens….
t - time you woke up: 7 am ish
u - underwear color: forest green
v - vacation destination: anywhere but the US but mostly some place like india or rural japan or spain ooh or like… just take me to siberia and kill me thanks
w - worst habit: the Constant need to chew. ooh also how much i hate myself and tell myself i should die
x - x-rays: ive had like 3 broken bones so ya, a coupla xrays
y - your favourite food: avocado/fruit. this used to be my favorite question to answer but now i have no desire to eat and an eating disorder lmao
z - zodiac sign: FML leo sun taurus moon cancer rising
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Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your post about not giving up. I feel like it's always the same artists getting chosen for zines and it makes me really anxious because I'll probably never be good enough but I'm really glad your post acknowledged that, so thanks

It’s no problem!! I’m glad that that post has helped you a lot! While scrolling through the zine tag I realised that for many zines there are always limted places, but the number of people who apply are always thrice as many as the number of places available. And that has got to suck bc that means that there are so many people that are rejected. And since most of the people following me are artists/writers themselves, I decided to create a post to encourage people to not give up. Also if anyone wants to talk about it, then I’m always here to listen!!

Is it bad that i just unfollowed and blocked somone ive never even interacted with i feel guilty as shit but shes recovering from an ED and she talks abt it a lot and i really wanna avoid that topic from other people right now like…unfollowing is one thing but i feel v guilty for blocking too but im just paranoid right bow


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5

Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

to what do i owe the pleasure
  • Person: *mentions otp*
  • Me: *rises from the depths of hell*
  • Me: i have been summoned

ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru

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Heyyyy Andrea so I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on Blaise Zabini's mom? Like, I'm always love how you occasionally slipped her into your stories with Blaise, usually just some passing mention but the descriptions always got me very intrigued - so just want to ask what's your thoughts/views about her? Thanks <3

HA HA it’s not like I’ve been waiting my entire life for someone to ask me about blaise zabini’s mother or anything that would be dumb that would be i ns a ne im fine let’s do this:

  • for nineteen years, her name is elizabeth.
  • lizzie, her father calls her, with the same sort of simple, incredulous affection he directs at her mother—her mother, the witch, who brews potions that smell like anise and cinnamon, who wrinkles her nose at the rolling green hills of the english countryside, who wears a gleaming silver scorpion pendant around her neck and tells elizabeth bedtime stories about hot desert nights and crumbling pyramids and brilliant, scheming queens who spilled blood and conquered continents and stole thrones—and all with small, secret smiles on their faces.
  • elizabeth isn’t lizzie.
  • elizabeth goes to hogwarts; lizzie does not.
  • elizabeth is sorted into slytherin; lizzie is not.
  • elizabeth slinks through the halls, learns how to listen and how to lie and how to levitate a peacock feather; lizzie does not. elizabeth collects lipsticks she’s too young for, slick crimsons and glossy violets, highlights the arches of her cheekbones with burnished bronze powder and lines her eyes in liquid, velvety black; lizzie does not. elizabeth speaks and says nothing, lowers her gaze and sees everything, enchants as effortlessly as she entraps; lizzie does not.
  • instead, lizzie goes home for the summer, braids her hair into two neat plaits and picks wildflowers with her father, laughs pretty and easy and loud, loud like she can’t when she’s at school, because the dungeons have high ceilings and long memories and an alarming tendency to produce variables she knows she can’t control; not like elizabeth can.
  • elizabeth doesn’t make mistakes.  
  • lizzie does.
  • lizzie is eighteen and punching her time card at the ministry and dreaming about palm trees swaying in a heavy summer breeze, about pillows of sand slipping through her fingertips, about crystal blue skies and sheer linen dresses and skin tanned a dark, silky brown by the heat of the sun.  
  • and she meets a boy. a man. a visiting diplomat with a lilting accent and a fan of laugh lines around his eyes and a luxuriously appointed suite at the savoy that starts to feel like home—too much, too soon.  
  • “you’re beautiful,” he tells her, and it’s elizabeth whose mouth curves up slyly, invitingly, as she replies, “i know.”
  • “you’re perfect,” he tells her, and it’s lizzie whose heart races, whose breath skips, whose lips tremble as she replies, “i know.”
  • “i love you,” he tells her, and she doesn’t know where elizabeth stops and lizzie begins when she replies, “i love you, too.”
  • and he buys her extravagant gifts and he makes her extravagant promises and then he unceremoniously leaves; goes back to italy—to his wife, to his children, to his peach-pink villa on the mediterranean coast with the sweeping balconies and the sparkling turquoise swimming pool—the day before she realizes she’s pregnant.  
  • the ensuing rage—it’s quiet, really, a low, sad, gentle simmer deep in the pit of her stomach that could rock her to complacency if she let it.  
  • she doesn’t let it.
  • instead, she considers her options. she sends a letter. she opens her own gringott’s vault. she calmly answers, “morning sickness,” when her nosiest coworker asks why she’s been late all week. she sends another letter. she moves into a nicer flat, the kind with a doorman and a concierge and a lot of wealthy neighbors. she develops a strange craving for candied dates. she bides her time.
  • elizabeth calls it justice; lizzie calls it blackmail.
  • the day after she discovers she’s having a boy, she sends one last letter, dusts the slow-drying ink with a gold-tinged powder that smells like anise and cinnamon, and she thinks about hazy, blistering sunsets shimmering red and yellow and orange, about wide-open limestone palaces and gods that expect you to start wars for them and buttery leather sandals caked brown with old blood.  
  • elizabeth calls it justice; lizzie calls it revenge.
  • five months later, she’s gritting her teeth and squeezing the midwife’s hand and desperately wondering if the pain will ever end.  
  • it does.
  • and then she’s staring down at a baby—hers, hers—and he’s impossibly tiny and impossibly warm and impossibly helpless. his mouth relaxes into a pout, and his eyes slit open, glassy and unfocused and so dark they might as well be colorless.  
  • she names him blaise.
  • she names him blaise because blaise is a name that can’t be cut in half, and she watches him sleep while the midwife lectures her about feedings and nappies and the bare spot on her finger where a wedding ring should be. there’s a tightness in elizabeth’s chest, fierce and fearful, both, that does nothing but multiply the longer she looks at him, her son, and she understands—suddenly, and with a perfect stab of clarity—why her father had wanted her to be lizzie.
  • no one has ever hurt her twice.
  • no one will ever hurt him at all.

@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah