i feel like such a creep rn

i saw so many puppers today and pet many while climbing on rocks it was good

and i am about to go home and that is very nice because yes it’s been a fun few days aaaaaand i can feel a lot of shit creeping back in and would like to sleep in my bed (but…. actually sleep instead of having nightmares 85% of the time) and deep clean my room and go to soulcycle (like it’s fine that i was away for a while but now i’m like ok i miss soul i wanna go back!!) and have therapy (ok like i don’t enjoy session atm bc i talk about hard things but i like bp and i trust him and need him rn) and hopefullyyyyyyy skate on thursday and go to the gym and do some upper body stuff bc it’s been a while and look into getting my learn to skate certification so i can coach this summer and make $$$ and get new skates that don’t kill my feet and yeah i have things to do this week

and also i don’t want to go home bc my dad sux and my sister dislikes me and i just feel a lot of tension!!!!

and also ok i need to post more shit under a read more on another post brb

madamredwrites  asked:

This will sound like i'm a total creep and I swear I'm not but... is that El Ateneo Grand Splendid as your header? Also, someone else who likes Superstore, hi! <3

Hi love! You’re not creepy don’t worry.
It is! I am 100% in love with the place.
Superstore is my life rn and the Amy and Jonah feels are killing me!❤



• jungkook admits that he thought you were super cool during the matches that you took part in but then he was like “but damn ,,, my wrestling match tho ,,, did you sEe how i took that guy down ??? good lord i gotta control my own strength”

• overconfident hoe half the time you interact but the second you reach over to touch him or kiss his cheek, he will stop mid sentence all like, “wh-wh-wh- wHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING”

• ‘jungkook, please calm down there’s something in your hair and im trying to get it out’

• ‘you gOTTA WARN ME tHo’

• you and him coincidentally have the same taste in fashion w plain shirts, jeans, and timberlands but jeon is convinced that you want to go for matching looks

• 'jungkook, no, i just really like plain shirts, jeans, and timbs okay’

• jungkook:

• you always gotta stop him from making a fool out of himself but no matter how hard you, the members, or anyone else tries, all your efforts are for naught bc jungkook himself is a walking meme

• during the first month of your relationship he was so hesitant to jUST HOLD YOUR HAND NVM KISS YOU DAMN BOY

• you were walking along the streets of seoul at like six in the evening when you met him after practice and your hand was just wiDE out in the open and jeon is like 'it’s just screaming for me to hold it’ so he slowly reaches over and when your fingers touch, there was some static thing going on so it sHOCKS the both of you

• it wasn’t even that big a deal but this kid frickin yELPS AND you’re like wait did u just try to hold my hand

• doesn’t like being called cute, prefers getting called manly, or mature or grown up things like god damn son

• he was acting like hot shit one time so you decided to just break it to him like babe ok i know that you’re 20 here in korea and i hate to burst your bubble, but ,,,,, you’re 18 everywhere else so pls ,,, act like it

• but he refuses to acknowledge this fact bc no matter what you or the others say, jeon jungkook knows in his heart that he is 20

• after his failed attempt at trying to hold your hand, you just pranced along the street like 'awh ur so cUTE AWHAWH’ and this made him so mad bc he !!! is not !!! cute !!!!!! he is a man !!!!!!!!

• so he aggressively grabs your hand, laces your fingers together, and holds it up in front of you like 'iS THIS STILL CUTE TO YOU’ with a completely serious face on and you’re just trying not to snort

• he just really wants to be seen as a man

• but the first time you kissed, it was you who had to do it 

• jungkook wanted to make the first move and you knew this so you’ve been subtly putting yourselves in the right atmosphere with the intent to let this boy take the initiative to kiss you 

•  but every time you find yourselves in the perfect atmosphere, he’s like ‘ohOhoHO LOOK AT THE TIME GOTTA HEAD BACK TO THE DORMS FOR DINNER’

• it just got to the point where you ONCE AGAIN were in the perfect atmosphere and you’re fiddling w your hands and you’re like ‘well ,,,’ and jungkook is like ‘ahaha wELL, her E WE AR E’ and you just kinda cup him in the face and kiss him like yolo too bad ik you wanted to make the first move but :))))) 

• this slightly injured his pride and he remains low-key salty abt it up until this day but after you kissed him he just brought a hand up to his mouth and was all like, ‘you wanted to kiss me that bad huh ???’ like jeON JUNGKOOK ISTG I WILL STAB YOU

• but he was embarrassed and flustered af and everyone was wondering why he was giggling all throughout dinner

• taehyung and jungkook share a room in the dorms so at some ungodly hour in the night, tae is half asleep and wakes up to the cell phone light, those clicking sounds the iPhone makes when you type, and quiet giggles of none other than jungkook 

• the more you guys hang out, the more initiative jungkook takes regarding skinship so when you’re both out again and lets say, eating somewhere you’re gonna be looking at the menu all like ‘wOw look at this !1!!11′ jungkook is gonna :)))) just subtly :)))))))) put his hand on your thigh :))))))))))))

• you look at him like ohymgod whats this and you expected that he’d just be looking at you or his hand like is this okay pls tell me this is okay but hES NOT DOING EITHER, HES JUST LOOKING AT HIS MENU ALL INNOCENT AND MUMBLING STUFF LIKE ‘MHM’ AND ALL THAT I-

• probably encourages riding down a flight of stairs using a sled

• once you compliment him, he will actually never forget what you said and will start paying much more attention to that thing you pointed out that you liked about him

• you told him that you liked his teeth bc they’re so straight ???? so he constantly asks his hyungs like ‘my teeth are nice right ?? are you sure ???? are you just messing w me ????? stop mumbling so i know you’re listening’

• he’s pretty strong so if he’s feeling affectionate or generous, he’s probably gonna give you a piggy back ride

• when you ask, he acts all hesitant saying stuff like ‘but i haven’t been to the gym in a while idk if i can carry you’ but on the inside he’s like ‘yeayeA get on my back rn nvm if my arms feel weak i will carry you to another country if i have to’

• when he kisses you, he doesn’t kiss you straight on the mouth, he does it on the corner and you dont know whether he is teasing you or is just shy to dive in str8

• kisses the back of your head a lot

• mostly likes it bc 1) your hair smells nice and 2) you won’t see a blush creep onto his cheeks when he does so

• insists that the timberlands the both of you have are a matching couple item even though you keep telling him that you bought the same style coiNCIDENTALLY

• but to jungkook, there are N O such things as coincidences, you mustve planned this, 100%

• he went shopping w you one day and you passed by this store w some crazy sale and they were selling pokemon onesies so both of you bought a pikachu onesie and thats probably the only item you ever bought with the intention to match w jungkook

• but that onesie is his most prized possession i shit you not

• his snapchat stories are not just stories okay they are a fucking harry potter 7 book series 

• there was one day while he was on tour and in europe and seeing as this is the first time the boy has ever stepped a FOOT in places other than asia and north america, obviously he was going to put every :)) single :))) thing :)))) on snapchat :)))))))

• his story reached over 500 seconds so you’re like no bye and he texts you all like ‘did u delete me off snapchat’ 

• bc of this, jungkook jokingly posted a picture on ig w the two of you and you were blurred out and the caption was ‘sometimes you just gotta leave the fake people behind #newyearnewme’ like jungkook pls

• you, jungkook, jin, and namjoon have like this little inside joke wherein jin is the mom and namjoon is the dad so you call jin, ‘mommy’ as a joke and he scolds you for it

• but probably the worst mistake you made in this entire joke in itself was accidentally calling namjoon ‘daddy’

• you visited the dorms while jungkook was sick so you could take care of him bc jimin, tae, or hobi wasn’t there and it was just you, jungkook, and the hyungs

• so while you were preparing the maknae some like chicken soup or whatever, you asked jin all like, ‘mommy can you go watch over jungkook and give him an extra blanket or smth lmao ty’ and you turn to namjoon all like, ‘hey daddy, can you- wait ohmygod no im s osoryr i didn tmean to i swae  ri-’

• jungkook overheard this but never brought it up but he has held an everlasting grudge over this moment and namjoon always feels a chill resonating through his spine whenever him and the maknae are alone in one room

• insists that he is not the jealous type 

• you didn’t text or call him for a whole day because you were busy babysitting a three year old child and jungkook knew this but all your attention was on this child ,,,, and not him ,,,, jEON JUNGKOOK AKA GOLDEN MAKNAE JEALOUS ???? OVER A THREE YEAR OLD CHILD ???? DONT BE RIDICULOUS

• also insists that he is dark and mysterious but you can read him like a book and usually he’s like aww man but his transparency can come quite in handy sometimes

• he doesn’t share his problems w you and its not bc he doesn’t trust you

• if anything, thats the last reason on earth why he wouldn’t tell you his problems

• but you’re the type of person who gets sad when he gets sad so he tries to remain upbeat and happy bc your smile just lights up his day and he feels slightly better just seeing you all bright

• but one day you’re all like ‘jungkook i know something is up pls tell me I’m here to listen’ and he’s v thankful bc even though he tries to keep everything to himself, he low-key wishes someone would notice that he’s having a hard time so he could vent

• so he just tells you everything about how his schedule is so busy, he never has time for himself and when he does he gets mobbed, he has to travel from like korea to japan to singapore in like five days and he is just so tired but this is the life of an idol so he feels like he has no room to complain bc he chose this path

• and you’re there w him, nodding and offering your input in some situations and tbh you feel like its not much but to jungkook it helps a lot so he just kinda lies on your lap w his back to you with an arm over your thigh so you won’t see him smiling

• probably one of the greatest milestones in your relationship was during your birthday when jungkook took you to an amusement park that had a fireworks show at the end of the night

• you expected that he just takes you to a few rides and a hella crowded place to see the fireworks but nope, this boy takes you to a ferris wheel and right when the both of you are at the top, the fireworks are lit and he takes the initiative to kiss you all like, ‘this is the do-over of our first kiss okay’ and honestly just accept it 

mentozandcola-deactivated201607  asked:

Hey hajimama! U know, ur just so endearing. I'm ace but I'm having this super severe platonic crush on u. The fact that u said u got hurt from all the hate in the fandom kills me. Ur just such an awesome person with so much depth that doesn't seem to be packaged by articulation. ur so awesome and I just have so much affection for u (or at least the way u portray urself on tumblr xD) thanks so much for existing ❤(Hope I don't sound like a creep i really feel like expressing my affection rn :P )

Oh my god! This is not creepy at all! This is so lovely and I wanna thank you a thousand times!

anonymous asked:

Recommend me some sad songs please, I feel like everything is so wrong rn :/

I’m so sorry you’re feeling sad. That really sucks, and if you need to talk, I’m always here. I’ve got a lot of sad songs because music is what I listen to when I’m sad, to have something to relate to, so here you go, I hope you like these songs and I hope they help:

- Ed Sheeran: Even My Dad Does Sometimes/Autumn Leaves/Everything You Are/Drunk/Lego House/UNI/Give me Love

- Colbie Caillat: Fearless

- Radiohead: Creep (amazing song)

- All Time Low: Therapy (this is the best song for sadness in my opinion)

- Coldplay: Warning Sign

- The Fray: How to Save a Life

- A Great Big World: I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else/You’ll be Okay/Say Something

- Ingrid Michaelson: Over You

- Kings of Leon: Use Somebody

- Nina Nesbitt: The Hardest Part

- Taylor Swift: Baby Don’t You Break my Heart Slow/All Too Well/Last Kiss/If This was a Movie

:) Feel better soon!!