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Just Don't Let Go- Chapter 4

Sorry it took me longer than I thought it would to get this chapter up.  As always feel free to let me know what you think! I hope ya’ll don’t mind that I replaced Lydia with Y/N for some of this.  I love Lydia but this story isn’t about her.

If you missed chapter 3: http://emmalovesstiles.tumblr.com/post/81660660590/just-dont-let-go-chapter-3

“Isn’t this a little stalkerish?”

Y/N sat in the passenger seat of Stiles’ jeep staring out the window at the house in the distance.  It was a single story light blue house with a dark car parked out front.  They had been sitting there for almost an hour and she wasn’t sure why she was here.  She glanced over at Stiles who was watching the house with intense eyes. The hood of his hoodie was pulled up and the end of one of the strings was between his teeth.  She reached over and yanked it out of his mouth.

“You’re not even listening to me.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

She laughed.  “I feel like a stalker.  Why are we here?”

He had picked her up over an hour ago and said they were going to do some more work on the case of the missing girl.  She listened to him explain how he and Scott had gone out to where the remains of the crashed car were.  They had found an old doll and Scott was able to pick up a scent. 

“I told you, my dad’s in there talking to Malia’s dad.  Scott’s gonna go in through the back and try and pick up a scent, see if Malia’s been there.”

“You really think she would come back?”

He shrugged his shoulders.  He had told her that Scott had had a run in with a coyote out in the woods and they were 100% convinced that it was Malia Tate.  If it was her, that meant she had survived the accident, maybe even caused it if she had changed unexpectedly.  Stiles was convinced she was out there in the woods somewhere, and they could find her.

“So we just creep out here until they meet us out here?”

“That’s the plan.”

“And then what?”

Stiles looked at her again.  “You ask a lot of questions, you know that?”

She rolled her eyes.  “I just want to know what’s going on.”

He turned his attention back to the house and she leaned forward and began to mess with the radio.  If they were going to sit out here for God knows how long she at least wanted to listen to some music.  Most of the stations came through with static but she settled on one that played Love and Feeling by Chet Faker.  Settling back into her seat she began to softly sing along to the words.  She rested her feet up against the dashboard and her head against her hand.

Stiles took a quick look at her and saw her mouthing the words to the song playing. She was dressed in a denim button up shirt and a pair of white denim shorts and a pair of brown boots.  Her hair was in a messy braid over one shoulder, many of the dark strands were out of the braid by now.  The look on her face showed that she was bored.  Not that he could blame her.  He just wanted Scott to tell him he had caught Malia’s scent in the house, then they could actually begin to do something.

“Hey, um,” Stiles began, “I know I’ve said it before, but really, thank you for helping me out with this.”

She sat up a bit and turned to look at him and a soft smile played on her lips.  “Of course.  I know it means a lot to you to help your dad out.  And it means a lot to me to be able to help you do that.”

Stiles smiled and then laughed a little.  “Are you sure you’re related to Jackson?”

Y/N laughed and shook her head.  “I mean, I’m pretty sure.”

“I never would have guessed.”

In the months she’d been in Beacon Hills she had heard plenty of stories about what a douche Jackson had been to everyone.  He treated Lydia like crap, something that made her want to kick his ass because Lydia had become a great friend to her.  He was horrible to Scott and Stiles and everyone seemed to think he was almost pure evil.  Everyone but Danny.  He was about the only person she had met that seemed to like Jackson.

“I know he wasn’t always the nicest person,” she began and Stiles scoffed.  “But that’s just because he’s so guarded.  He’s been through a lot, a lot that doesn’t have to do with becoming the Canima.  I think it’s easier for him to only worry about himself sometimes, it doesn’t hurt as much that way.”

“Well if it means anything I preferred Jackson to Matt.”

She laughed a little.  “That’s good I guess.”

They sat in a comfortable silence for a few more minutes.  She looked over at him and could tell that there was something he wasn’t saying.  She could read it on his face.  He opened his mouth like he was about to say something before shutting it again. “You look like you want to say something,” she said.

“Can I ask you something?” Stiles asked.  “I mean I feel like now’s a good time for us to really get to know each other.”

She nodded.  “You can ask me anything.”

“Are you still in love with Isaac?”

She thought about it for a moment.  Her mind instantly went back to all the good times with Isaac that made her heart race and she felt herself missing him.  There were so many times she saw him at school and all she wanted to do was wrap her arm around his waist and wait for him to press a kiss to her lips.  She used to love the feeling of being in his arms.  He was so much taller than her and being close to him always felt safe.  But then she had to remember that they weren’t those people anymore.

He wasn’t the guy who would sneak through her window just to lay next to her and hold her.  He wasn’t the guy who would kiss her and tell her how much loved her and get her heart racing.  They were barely even friends at this point.  That broke her heart all over again.

“I think I’ll always love him,” she replied, finally.  “I mean he’s the first boy I ever loved. He’s my first everything.”

Isaac was the only boy she’d ever been with and she could never take that back. Not that she would.

“Do you regret that?”

He wasn’t sure how they’d come to this topic, and he wasn’t really sure he wanted to hear any details about her with Isaac.  For some reason that thought just didn’t sit well with him.  Definitely not.  And he hoped she didn’t think he was trying to pry into her personal life. But for some reason the thought that she might still be in love with Isaac had been plaguing his mind lately and he had to ask.

“No,” Y/N replied and shook her head slightly.  “I mean obviously things with us didn’t go the way I wanted, but I don’t regret it.  I know some people think sex is something you should wait for until you’re certain that you’ll be with that person forever, but I trusted him, I still trust him. And I loved him.  And even though we’re not together anymore… it’s ok.”

“At least you’ve had the opportunity to actually have sex with someone,” Stiles said and she could hear the self-deprecating tone he used.  She laughed a little and turned in her seat so she was completely facing him.

“You know what?” she said.  “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you being a virgin.”

He scoffed and turned to look out the window.  She reached towards him and placed her hand under his chin before directing him to look at her.  He felt the electric shock of her touch run through his body as their eyes connected.  “I’m serious,” she replied.  “You shouldn’t have sex with someone because you feel like you have to.  Just cuz everyone else is doesn’t mean you should.  Sex should be special and important.”

“I feel like this is something a parent would say to their kid,” he joked.

“But I mean it,” she continued. “Stiles when you decide to have sex with someone, I hope she’s worthy of it.  I hope you trust her.  When you trust someone that’s when sex becomes amazing,” she could feel the blush painting her cheeks but she continued on.  “And besides,” she said and their eyes locked once more.  “Some girls like virgins.”

He took in a deep breath and stared at her.  Her lips were slightly parted and he was so tempted to lean in and kiss her.  Kissing her had been in his mind for days.  He wanted that feeling of her soft lips on his again.  He wanted to feel her hands grip his shoulders while they kissed.  He wanted her. 

There was a knock at the window that broke them both out of their haze.  He jumped back slightly and saw Scott and his father standing beside the car.  He cleared his throat and rolled the window down.  “Hope we’re not interrupting anything,” the Sherriff said. 

“Of course not,” Y/N replied from the passenger seat.  “How did that go?”

“Well, I think Mr. Tate was just short of telling me to go to hell,” he replied. “He’s made it pretty clear he doesn’t want this case opened up again.”

“Why?” Stiles asked.  “Doesn’t he think it would be a good thing?”

“I don’t think he wants to get his hopes up that she might be alive if she’s not.  It might be like losing her all over again.”

“But I know that was her,” Scott said, joining the conversation.  “I just know it was. Maybe we can find her.”

“And then what?” Y/N asked.  “I mean how are you going to talk any sense into a coyote.  If that is her, she’s spent so much time as an animal how do you know she can even turn anymore?”

“I don’t,” Scott replied, “but I feel like we have to try something.  I could smell her in that house; I know she’s been there.  That means it has to be her.”

“Well you’re not the only one who knows she’s been there,” the Sherriff said, “Mr. Tate said he’s noticed a coyote on his property every few days for the past few weeks. He keeps a shot gun on his porch and he’s set traps out in these woods.”

“He’s gonna kill her,” Stiles said and then ran his hand over the back of his neck. “So we have to find her first.”

“I don’t want you kids out in these woods,” Stilinski replied.  “Those traps are no joke I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Stiles nodded his head but didn’t say anything so the Sherriff spoke up once more.  “I can practically see you thinking of all the ways you’re going to disobey me.”

“We’ll stay out of the woods,” Stiles replied and looked at his dad. 

The Sherriff nodded his head before walking back in the direction of his cruiser. Scott took a few steps until he was beside the Jeep and he rested his arms on the open window.  “What are we gonna do?” Y/N asked.  “I mean your dad wants us to stay out of the woods but I have a feeling that’s the opposite of what we’re going to do.”

“We can’t let Mr. Tate kill his own daughter,” Scott spoke up.  “There has to be a way to get her to change back.”

“Maybe she’ll listen to an alpha,” Stiles said, looking at his best friend.

“You want me to try and reason with her?” Scott asked.  “I can’t even change into a wolf how am I gonna do anything?”

“I think maybe you can take what the twins taught you and use it in a little better ways.  Maybe without getting the shit beat out of you this time,” Stiles replied.

“I can’t believe you let them beat you up,” Y/N said and shook her head.

Stiles had brainstormed with Scott different ways that might help him change and so far none of them had worked. They even used the twins to help get him angry, like they had done in the past.  But all that had done was allow Scott to get his ass kicked in Derek’s loft. 

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Scott said and shrugged his shoulders.  “So when are we gonna go out there?”

“Why not now?” Stiles replied. 

“Yeah,” Y/N agreed.  “I mean if there’s a chance Mr. Tate’s gonna shoot this coyote if he sees it we can’t wait.  But I also don’t know if this is a job for just the 3 of us.”

“You think we should call Allison?” Stiles replied.  “Maybe if she sees her she can shoot her with like a tranquilizer thing and we can take her to Deaton’s?”

“I guess it’s worth a try.”


Y/N rested her back against the outside of Stiles’ jeep near the entrance of the woods.  Stiles had called Allison and told her to bring her bow and stop by Deaton’s for something that could tranquilize Malia if they found her.  Then he called Lydia.  He wasn’t sure how she was going to help but she was always good to have around, her banshee skills were really helpful sometimes. Y/N picked at her nails and let out a sigh. She was happy that she was there to help, but she wasn’t really sure how she was helping.  Sometimes being around all these people who had these abilities really made her feel useless.

Allison was the great shot and she was strong, Lydia was smart and she could sense things before they happened, Stiles was a genius and he could piece together all the weird things that went on, Scott was the alpha, enough said.  What did she offer? Who knew being human could feel like such a disadvantage. 

She ran her hand over the back of her neck and looked up when she heard the sound of a car pull up.  Allison’s Toyota parked behind the jeep and she watched as she and Lydia, along with Isaac made their way out of the car.  Great.  The last thing she wanted to see was him and Allison together right now.  She shook her head and let out a deep breath.

“Hey,” she heard from beside her and looked over to her left and saw Scott standing a few feet away from her.  “Are you ok?”

She turned on her feet so she was now facing him and she pressed her shoulder against the car before crossing her arms over her chest.  “Yeah, I’m just… I don’t know. I’m not really sure why I’m here.”

“What do you mean?” he asked and stepped closer to her.

“Just… I can’t do the things that you guys all do.  And you’re all so good at this weird supernatural stuff and I’m just… me.  I don’t know if I’m helping you or if I’m just getting in the way.”

“You helped Stiles figure out that Malia might still be alive.  If we didn’t figure that out we wouldn’t even be here.  You helped him piece together the case the other night.  We need you here.”

“Whatever you say, Alpha.”

Scott smiled and wrapped his arm around her before walking with her towards where the others were waiting.  When they reached them Scott began to tell them about how they would spread out over the forest and try to find her.  Isaac and Allison could take the back trail behind Mr. Tate’s house, Lydia would go with Scott back down to the car wreck and Stiles and Y/N would stay around the opening of the forest.

Isaac and Allison headed in the direction of the trail and Lydia and Scott went down to the wreck leaving Stiles and Y/N near their cars.  Y/N paced back and forth, trying to listen for any sounds of… anything really.  All she could really do was listen and watch.  Neither she nor Stiles were able to pick up a scent like Scott and Isaac.  They could only be look out.

“Your pacing is starting to make me nervous,” Stiles quipped from where he sat on the hood of the jeep.

She stopped instantly and faced him.  “Sorry.”

She stood still for a few minutes before beginning to pace again.  Every once in awhile she thought she heard the sounds of crunching leaves and sticks in the distance.  It sounded like the steps were light, like an animal.  But she wasn’t sure if it was just her mind playing tricks on her.  Another few minutes passed before they heard the sound of a howling in the distance.  “That sounds like coyote,” Y/N said.

“I think you’re right.”

Stiles jumped off the hood of the car and she walked up beside him before they started to make their way farther into the woods. They stepped around tall trees, Stiles watching the ground for any traps.  Y/N froze in her steps when another howl sounded, but this one was much different.  It was a wolf, a wolf in pain.

Her head whipped in the direction of the howling and her heart began to race in her chest.  “That’s Isaac,” she said, panic clearly evident in her voice.  Little did she know that just a few miles away Isaac and Allison had seen Malia and in their attempts to chase after her, Isaac had stepped right into a trap. 

“Where’s that coming from?” she asked, as if Stiles would be able to tell her.  “Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly. “It sounds like it’s coming from that direction,” he said and motioned behind them.  He was about to speak again when something behind her caught his attention.  He saw the form of a coyote just yards away.  She turned her head and saw what he was staring at and before she could say anything Stiles was running in its direction.

“Stiles!” she yelled. “You can’t catch her yourself!”

She shook her head before taking off behind him, running farther into the woods.  Soon they were so far in she wasn’t sure what direction lead back to their cars.  She stopped and looked around her, nothing was helping her figure out the way back.  And what was worse was that they had lost sight of Malia.  They could only hope she decided to make her way to the car wreck, where Scott would be waiting for her.

“I lost her,” Stiles said and placed his hands on the top of his head.  “Did you see what way she went?” he asked.

“No,” Y/N replied, “but I have a bigger problem right now.”

He turned around quickly and saw her standing stock still staring down at her foot.  He followed her line of sight and saw her brown boot placed on the middle of a large metal trap.  Metal teeth encircled her foot and he knew if she moved her foot off the trap they would snap shut before she got out of the way.  He looked up at her face and saw her breathing heavy, her bottom lip was wedged between her teeth and she looked terrified.

“Fuck,” he mumbled and hurried over to her side.  “Just… just try not to move.”

“I thought I was doing a pretty good job of that so far,” she replied.

Keeping her weight on her right foot, the foot in the trap, she left her hands at her sides. Her hands were balled into fists and she was trying not to panic, but that was hard to do when you were seconds away from having a large metal trap crush your ankle.  “There has to be a way to disarm this thing, right?” she breathed. “Please tell me there is.”

He crouched down beside her and brushed some leaves out of the way.  “I know there is I just don’t know how.”

After the words left his mouth he saw the instructions printed on the side of the trap.  But the letters were all jumbled.  He let out a frustrated sigh.  “We have a problem.”

Y/N looked down at him and saw him staring intently at something on the side of the trap.  His eyes were squinted and his head was tilted slightly. Fear began to race through her whole body and she could feel goose bumps cover her skin.  “What is it?”

“I can’t read any of this.”

She dropped her head back and could feel tears lining her eyes.  Shaking her head she looked back down at him.  “Stiles,” she said and he looked up at her.  “You can figure this out right? You’re smarter than this. You’re the smart one, right? And I trust you. Just please… get me out of this.”

He took a deep breath and looked at the turn gear under the sticker instructions. He placed his shaking hand on it and looked back up at her once more.  Her hands were still in fists at her sides and she looked pale. “I’ll get you out of this,” he said suddenly and she looked down at him and their eyes locked.  “I promise.”

He gripped the gear tightly and looked away from her.  “Are you ready?”

She nodded her head and released a shaky breath. He began to turn the gear and he could feel the parts beginning to tighten.  He looked up at her and instructed.  “Jump.”

Ignoring the pounding in her chest she chose to trust him. He stood up quickly and she jumped away from the trap and right into his arms.  The sound of the heavy metal snapping shut echoed around them as he held her in his arms.  Her eyes were shut tight and hear breathing was heavy.  She gripped the material of his shirt firmly in her hands and his arms were wrapped tight around her waist.

Strands of her dark hair had fallen in her face and raised a hand up to her cheek and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Are you ok?” he asked softly.

Her eyes were now open and locked with his. She nodded her head, “yeah.”

His hand still rested on her cheek and she didn’t know why but it took everything in her to not lean closer to him and press her lips against his.  Instead she let out a deep breath and said, “thank you.”

He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the sound of a deep howl.  It was loud and it vibrated through the woods.  He smirked and watched a smile form on her lips.  “Now that’s an alpha.”


Scott had found Malia at the wreck and used everything inside him to become the Alpha he knew he was.  He let out a deep howl and felt the change take over his whole body.  But what blew his mind even more was that as he let out the deep howl, Malia’s body changed.  Instead of a coyote in front of him, a girl took its place.

The look on her face showed confusion, not that he could blame her. He watched her sit back and use her hands to cover herself.  He shrugged off his jacket quickly and walked over to her before placing it over her shoulders.  “Malia?” he asked.  She looked up at him and he could see the fear in her eyes.  “It’s ok,” he told her.  “I’m gonna take you home.”

He, with the assistance of Lydia, helped her stand on shaky legs and make her way through the forest.  When they reached their cars he saw Allison and Isaac, who looked like he was trying to pretend he wasn’t hurt. But the blood covering his leg said otherwise.  After a few minutes Stiles and Y/N joined them.  Seeing Malia with Scott brought a look of shock to their faces.

Stiles couldn’t believe they had actually done it.

He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called his dad.  It seemed like only minutes before his father and half the police department, along with Scott’s father showed up.  The thought that Malia Tate might be alive was something most of them had let go of years ago. But now they say her standing there, very much in the flesh.

The Sherriff was about to scold Stiles for going into the woods even though he had told him not to, but part of him wasn’t surprised that he had done it.  And besides, they helped find a girl who had been missing for years.  Things like that didn’t happen that often and he just couldn’t be mad at him.

Stiles leaned against the side of his dad’s cruiser outside of the Tate’s house and he watched as his dad and a few other officers walked Malia up to the door where her dad was waiting.  He stared at his daughter for a long time before tears fell from his eyes and he pulled her into a long hug.  That reunion had been years in the making.


Stiles looked away from the scene playing out in front of him and over to where Y/N was standing, just a few steps away.  She smiled at him and nodded her head back towards his jeep.  “Ready to go?”

He nodded his head and shuffled his feet through the fallen leaves and towards the driver’s side of his Jeep.  Y/N had buckled herself into the passenger seat and he couldn’t help but notice how good she looked there, like it was made for her.  He started the car and looked into the rearview mirror to check that it was clear for him to back out.  But what he noticed first was the message in the mirror.

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

A large smile broke out on his face and he cheered.  “I can read that!”

“What?” she asked with a smile. “You can read what?”

He pointed to the mirror and she smiled.  “Looks like everything’s getting back to normal?”

“God I hope so.”

Ugh.  This chapter is crap.  I’m sorry. I hope that I’ll be able to get chapter 5 up sooner and I’m really sorry about the wait on this.