i feel like sleeping

Sleep-talking Grantaire

I like thinking about Grantaire talking in his sleep. It’s usually just gibberish and unintelligible murmurs, but he often says words or complete sentences out loud.

Enjolras found out the worst way possible: one of the first nights he and R slept together he woke up hearing his boyfriend whisper:
“..Who’s the little girl standing in the corner?”
He obviously freaked out and switched on the lights, just to see Grantaire peacefully sleeping next to him.

Obviously Grantaire never remembers anything in the morning, so Enjolras reports his gems:
“What time is the swan leaving?”
“I can’t remember where my kidney is”, “Don’t turn off the light while I’m dabbing”…

It’s not always that fun, though. Many times Enjolras wakes up hearing Grantaire cry. “It’s not my fault…”
“Please, don’t leave me alone…”
“I’m trying..I swear I’m trying”…
Those times, he holds Grantaire as close as he can, stroking his hair trying to calm him down.

Once Grantaire was almost screaming in his sleep, so Enjolras woke him up to make the nightmare go away, and tried to reassure him in any way he could. He waited to hear Grantaire’s breath slow down again before allowing himself to close his eyes and go back to sleep.
Just then he heard the whisper:
“Thank you for staying always by my side. I love you so much.”
Whether Grantaire was sleep-talking in that moment or not, he didn’t really care.

Monsta X “Little Moments” (Scenario #2)


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- Dancing with eachother and exchanging funny looks in the mirror

- Your head resting on his chest while he plays with his phone (you know the way he plays with his phone and theothers tease him for it)

- Teddybear Shownu hugs after a long day

- Him teaching you their choreography and giving you dancing lessons


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- Workouts together and him begging you to go with him everyday

- Livestreams together, answering fan’s questions and giving them disgustingly cute moments to be in awe of

- Him falling asleep on your chest while you play with his hair.

- Taking a million selcas everywhere you two go


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- Singing contests (he’d obviously win HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE)

- Diss battles (I feel like Kihyunnie is really competitive)

- Cooking together, or you watching him cook because he prefers to cook on his own

- Him singing you to sleep


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- I feel like Minhyukkie would love to bake with his S/O for some reason

- Movie nights pigging out on everything remotely unhealthy 

- Him kissing you all over your face at bed time

- Visiting many local events (carnavals, festivals, street fairs etc…)


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- Naps together

-Reading to eachother or in comfortable silence next to eachother

- Him being really cuddly when he’s tired and out in public

- Teasing you for your height wether you’re taller or shorter


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- Rap Battles

- Sitting on his lap while he works in the studio

- aegyo battle (He wins everytime and you’re just like how?)

- Matching outfits


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- Prank wars

- him writing songs with you

- weird inside jokes no one else understands

- Constantly texting eachother memes

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*Warning complaining ahead* This week hasn’t been the best. My anxiety is awful which makes sleep hard to come by, which makes my anxiety worse. Awesome sauce. I try to play some Overwatch, ya know, for fun (it’s a game it’s supposed to be fun people) I’m doing pretty well, gold medals and cards all around. So I think, Eh, one more game before my wrist starts to hurt (I am old) I don’t play great, but not exactly horrible either. We don’t win and then these two bitches (they were probably guys, but I’m sticking by my juvenile name) specifically call me out and blame me for the loss and then are real condescending dicks about it like they were playing great and I’m some infant mashing the keyboard with my fists. No one was playing great for the record. So yeah, thanks a-holes being publicly called out is great for my sleep deprived anxiety. I love it. Can’t get enough. I bet it made you feel like a big man. I hope you spill a glass of soda onto your keyboards and then step on some Legos. 

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Alright guys I'ma try to take a break from drawing and tumblr today because my Idiotic self stayed up to PROBABLY 3am passing out in a discord vc COMPLETELY disregarding that I get sick if I stay up to certain amounts SO YEA I MIGHT BE AROUND LIKING THINGS HERE AND THERE BUT MAIN PURPOSE IS JUST TO RELAX XD

It’s 2am and I have a massive headache and can’t sleep. And I also feel sad ??? Like I miss one of my friends bc we don’t see each other or talk as much now that he has a new job and he’s busier. And I’m also sad in general?? Idk, feelings are weird.


theres a reason sonny makes vanessa’s coffee

(this is right before usnavi definetly calls nina for help with complex cinnamon mathematics, to which shes like “…you know i study english right? but its like a sprinkle?”)