i feel like sleeping

when you can faintly hear Chanyeol laughing at you like


“LAFfinG @ uR oNW misERyyy!!!1!!1!11!/!/?”


Wanted to do some more Steven Universe fanart since I don’t do enough, so the gang’s heading out for some beach time! AW YE >:V 


friendly reminder that in 4x10, uriel implies that anna removing her grace to become human was worse than sam sleeping with ruby and it takes approximately .000004 seconds for castiel to develop a serious case of Guilty Puppy Face™. 


“‘little ball of light’? are you fucking kidding me? please tell me hermione punches him.”
“let me read, buck”

everyone wants to see bucky in soft things and cuddled, and who am i to deny what we are so rightfully owed

kind of a part one


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

In lieu of fathers day can we agree that Bog carrying around his fast asleep toddler during a Fairy Ball would be the cutest thing ever.

Like a little kid who’s trying desperately to stay awake and ends up falling face first into the bowl of strawberries, and he just picks her up casually and holds her the rest of the night. And in fall he uses his cape as a blanket, keeping this little kid warm while he glares at all the other people who are chittering nervously from their spaces just like, yeah. Go ahead. Say something. I dare you. 

No one dares. No one even tries to go near the Bog King. But they’re all very confused as to how they should feel about the scary Goblin with the adorable little Fairy child snoring away in the crook of his neck. 

[ humanmarionettes ]

Simon really had no idea what to say anymore about his relationship with Felix. He gave up trying to label it and just focused on the good aspects of it: how well they got along, how no matter what they seemed to always have time for each other, how things just seemed simple and at ease when they were together. As the semester went on, he didn’t let himself get bothered by rumors or stares; he enjoyed the spontaneous moments where the two became fixated with each other’s lips and didn’t realize that each kiss was making him fall harder and harder. Next thing Simon realized, Spring Break was approaching and he hadn’t made any real plans. That is, until his parents called. And just like that, the entire week was set out for him: all he had to do was get some friends. And of course, the Reed siblings were first on his list. And so, one afternoon a week before break, Simon walked into Felix room (without knocking as he had gotten into the habit of doing), “So, I’m going to say something and the only answer you’re allowed to give is ‘yes’.”

I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours
And this is been
One of the hardest days of my life
But I think the worst part
Was sitting in an empty living room
Crying because I’m still not ready
To let go
I think I’ll always be in love with you
Unfortunately sometimes
That just isn’t enough
—  to a recent ex on moving day