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Title: Revelation
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor / Angst
Rating: T

@levihanweek​ Day 3: Sense  - - - A continuation of my Day 2 piece. The shenanigans with Pastor Nick continue. And the angst too.

Read Day 2 here.

Hanji took a long, slow breath and conceded, “You’re right. I know you’re right. But I keep going over it in my head. Analyzing every moment, considering if there’s something I could have done differently.” She laughed quietly, bitterly, “not that it matters now anyway.”

“You’re still talking like a fucking idiot.”

Nearby, the pastor shook his head, muttering under his breath, “That’s no way to talk to your soon to be wife.”

That snapped her out of her thoughts. Hanji’s head jerked up, “-your soon to be what?

“It’s not – just – fuck,” grabbing her ponytail, he forcefully turned her away from the pastor, “Ignore him.”

The pastor hummed, “You should tell her about my offer. Life is short.”

Levi’s ears flushed red. He hissed, glaring murderously over his shoulder, “Shut the fuck up.”

Hanji looked at the pastor, perplexed. An offer? Could it be - had he agreed to open up about the true nature of the walls?

Levi must have read the excitement on her face. Grimacing he shook his head. “He hasn’t agreed to help us with anything useful – yet,” he ground out the last word, an unsubtle threat.

“My ceremonies were quite sought after in Stohess, actually. I even allow time for individuals to include their own vows,” the pastor said, effortlessly changing the subject.

Levi rose in one fluid motion. “Yeah, you’re gonna wait outside.” Grabbing the pastor by the front of his shirt, he dragged him up. The pastor yelped as Levi sent him stumbling out of the tent.

Hanji watched the exchange, mouth agape. It almost sounded like the pastor was talking about,“…Levi, is he offering to-?”

“He’s an old, senile bastard and I think you rattled a few brain cells loose when you hung him off the wall,” Levi muttered. The tips of his ears were cherry red.


Hanji almost left it at that. Almost. But he looked so damn uncomfortable. She couldn’t help herself.

“Is there any particular reason why our friend Pastor Nick wants to marry us?”

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I understand your feelings about Nalu. All the other couples had important romantic moments in this last arc, except Nalu. Nalu had many moments, but no one really important, or romantic. And whenever it seemed the time had come, nothing happened (for example, the last one, when everyone expected a Nalu reunion that there wasn't). 1/2

“I thought that being the endgame couple would be the last to develop, but this is the last arc, and nothing really romantic is still happened, although they will be canon in the last chapter, it is still a disappointment, because they deserved more development. 2/2″

I don’t know, I feel like they’ve had really good development in this arc, at least from Lucy, especially considering the toll of being one year apart. Gajevy and Gruvia (for the most part) stayed together over the timeskip, while our mains were split up. Jerza wasn’t together, but hell, we already know they fuckin getting married. Anyway, my point is, the time apart could have affected them more, but I think it’s a testament to their relationship that their relationship didn’t change, or in my opinion, got stronger when Natsu returned. Natsu is incredibly encouraging to Lucy in the Avatar arc, and puts her mind at ease on several occasions. This is so important because Lucy is usually bright and positive, yet we see her as nervous and disbelieving a lot in the Avatar arc, which I’m sure Natsu noticed, and wanted to make go away. He’s not someone who “confesses”, so we have to kinda guess through his actions. Although, his after-war plans could be something along those lines??? I don’t know anymore.

In the Alvarez arc, we have seen varying gravities of Nalu moments. One of the first ones is when Natsu is no where to be seen on the radar, and everyone, especially Lucy, is pretty distraught about it, and we see the relief on her face when they say they found him. A major Nalu moment was chapter 468-69, when Natsu’s unconscious body is dropped at Lucy’s feet for the first of many times LMFAO in this arc. A lot of this arc is Lucy worrying about Natsu, bless that poor woman’s heart, and we already know all of those parts. We probably only need to go over the Nalu moments initiated by Natsu. 

TL:DR: it’s completely unnecessary to go over Lucy’s initiated Nalu moments, because we already know this bitch is in love with him okay. Let’s just stick to Natsu’s.

  • Going back to Caracol (?) Island, we can recall that Erza and Lucy were sucked away by Marin’s magic, and although Natsu of course cared about both of them, we see his arm reaching out where Lucy was
  • In chapter 477, Lucy was about to be killed by Jacob while protecting Mavis, and Natsu swoops in just in time to save his wife. And with a quirky yet sweet quote. *picks up volume 56 laying next to me* “Lucy is still Lucy, even if all that’s left is her head. But I’d feel sorry for her like that so…I’m gonna have to burn you to ashes!!” This is a great parallel to Edolas, when he says *picks up volume 21* “Just try putting even a scratch on Lucy…and I’ll turn you all into ashes!!!”
  • Natsu is a v proud husband when Lucy tricks Jacob into letting Marin out of his magic space.
  • Natsu says it is fun to mess with Lucy on their way to August, while Brandish messes with her
  • Knowing that Lucy was about to run to help Brandish, and that doing so would get her killed, Natsu fuckin leaps out and not only basically tackles her, but fuckin cradles her head like goddamn how much cuter does it get, folks
  • Nalu loses 10 points because of Natsu grabbing her tits when they wake up from that whole Universe One thing
  • Alright the next one occurs when Brandish takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy away from Gray and Juvia. Brandish grows Natsu’s tumor, causing him to pass out once again. And, as we saw from last time, waking up is difficult, and should take a long time. Yet, we see Natsu struggling and shaking to get up while Lucy fights Brandish, literally exhausting his dumb ass after trying to say Lucy’s name but only getting halfway through before collapsing again. Commitment amirite
  • Ah yes. Then we have The Moment. This part is simply not explained enough, but it is touched on in a Q and A in volume 60. *gets volume* Mira’s order of events states that: 1. DiMaria stopped time. 2. Natsu notices Lucy (and stares at her chest) (me: a joke btw) 4. Anyway, Natsu removes the ropes from Lucy ( insert another joke about him staring at her tits from Mira lmao) 5. Natsu sees an unmoving Lucy and mistakes her for dead. 5. The power of END awakens! And blah blah he punches the shit outta Dimaria and leaves for Zeref. TL;DR: He was originally able to move in stopped time simply because he’s a demon apparently, or that’s what Mira (Mashima) tried to convince us. This, and the flashback he has, convinces us that he thought Lucy was dead, cries and cradles her for a moment, turns into END, and yeah. Also, it is alleged that Lucy was the only one who could stop him from doing The Stupid Shit, based on what he says to Gray after he ends the flashback.
  • Long skip of time here before we see any Natsu Nalu moments because Lucy is giving us so much Nalu material, Mashima was probably like “eh that’s enough, I don’t want to actually give the fans anything too good” lmfao
  • The next time we have anything relating Nalu from Natsu, is when we meet Brandish and Dimaria again in Magnolia’s streets. Dimaria is scared shitless of him, and Natsu says he probably overdid it, and I think Brandish is the one who says it was because he thought Lucy had died. Not really a moment, but at least they brought it up again
  • When Lucy is forced to leave Natsu’s battle with Zeref, she tells him not to lose, and he basically promises her that he’s totally got this. Which, hell yeah he did
  • When Lucy saves Natsu’s life by rewriting the book, Natsu is aware it is her doing, and thanks her. One of the things leading me to believe Natsu thinks of Lucy as more than a friend, are usually his facial expressions. If Natsu were thanking someone like Wendy, I just feel like he’d have a completely different look on his face.

Yeah, that’s…all we got lol. I always thought it would be harder to get Lucy on the Nalu train, but she’s literally driving the fucking Nalu train. It would take me years to talk about her contribution to Nalu in this arc. Especially after Natsu’s facade of a death, I’m not worried in the slightest about Lucy’s feelings not being romantic for Natsu. 

So here’s what has to happen for Natsu to actually get on the god damn Nalu train after so long without initiating a major Nalu moment. 

1. The “Happy” Route: This is a pun and I’m proud of it. In this end, Happy’s mention of Natsu’s after-war plans is about Lucy, and everything is peachy-keen. Automatic Safe Zone

2. The “Sacrifice” Route: In this Nalu route, Lucy has to play a role in Acnologia’s death or the return of the dragon slayers, specifically involved in a way where she nearly dies, and we can just do the whole “didn’t know how much you mattered to me until you were gone” thing. But a lot of things have to go right wrong in order for this to even happen. 

NEW ONE I JUST EDITED IN: Lucy does something drastic that puts her in danger, because she believes Natsu is actually dead.

If none of these things happen, I’m afraid Nalu might not even have a “Implied Canon” ending. And all I want is Implied canon. Literally. And if Mashima refuses to give us that….I’m obviously not gonna hate him or anything…I’ll just be extremely upset for the rest of my life.

I can’t remember your question…I hope I didn’t run off the tracks but I probs did lmfao

Ed Sheeran sentence starters
  • "I saw a shooting star and thought of you."
  • "You were lying next to me, I looked across and fell in love."
  • "If you wanna put this on me, that’s fine, I never blamed you for anything at all."
  • "The world looks better through your eyes."
  • "It's only been one night of love and maybe that is not enough."
  • "If I fall for you, would you fall too?"
  • "It's not a homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be."
  • "I haven't slept for the past week, two hours ain't enough for me."
  • "I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke."
  • "You can stay with me forever or you could stay with me for now."
  • "Outside the day is up and calling, but I don't have to be so, please go back to sleep."
  • "Never been better since all the therapy."
  • "And you know, if I let you go, I'll still keep you safe."
  • "You are the one I fall asleep with but never wake up to."
  • "The worst things in life come free to us."
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed."
  • "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."
  • "I know I'll never hold you like I used to."
  • "I'll be drunk again to feel a little love."
  • "I know you'll never love me like you used to."
  • "I found your hair band on my bedroom floor, the only evidence that you've been here before."
  • "I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself."
  • "There's no chance that we'll work it out."
  • "I said that's fine, but you're the only one that knows I lied."
  • "Everybody said we'd be together forever."
  • "Everything's great and everything's sure, but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus."
  • "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts."
  • "If I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now."
  • "I should ink my skin with your name."
  • "I should run you a hot bath and fill it up with bubbles."
  • "You should never cut your hair 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder."
  • "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me."
  • "Maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale, too."
  • "This is the start of something beautiful."
  • "And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."
  • "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love."
  • "I think I love you better now."
  • "Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd."
  • "Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures."
  • "You need me, man, I don’t need you."
  • "Never be anything but a singer-songwriter, yeah."
  • "People think that I’m bound to blow up."
  • "I haven’t got a house, plus I live on a couch."
  • "They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."
  • "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady."
  • "I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
  • "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone."
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow."
  • "Give me love like never before, 'cause lately I've been craving more."
  • "It's been a while but I still feel the same... maybe I should let you go."
  • "Another love that's gone to waste."
  • "If I kissed you, will your mouth read this truth?"
  • "Darling, how I miss you."
  • "You made me scream, but then I made you cry."
  • "Maybe you should learn to love her like the way you wanna be loved."
  • "I never told her that I liked the way she dances slightly out of time and pretends she knows the words to a song she's never heard."
  • "You’re not her, though I try to see you differently."
  • "I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her."
  • "We never even tried, we never even talked, we never even thought in the long run."
  • "Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away, I’d miss you."
  • "I didn't mean to break your heart."
  • "Everybody falls apart sometimes."
  • "I know you've found another one, but won't you just hold me tonight."
  • "They don't know we don't speak anymore."
  • "I will stop trying to fall in love again... it never works out anyway."
  • "But I am not anything like I was."
  • "I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night if that's alright."
  • "I shouldn't have fucked with your mind and your life too many times."
  • "I never meant to sleep around, I was just lonely."
  • "When I see my future, it is with you."
  • "We're not friends, nor have we ever been."
  • "If they find out, will it all go wrong?"
  • "We're not friends, we could be anything."
  • "Friends don't treat me like you do."
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know, you're gonna be away a while, but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll never leave again."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend."
  • "Everything changes, but we'll be strangers if we see this through."
  • "I've been sat with you for most of the night, ignoring everybody here."
  • "Don't you worry if I disappear."
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake."
  • "I was never looking for a friend."
  • "Maybe you could swing by my room around ten, baby, bring a lemon and a bottle of gin."
  • "Baby, if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Maybe we'll go together and just figure it out."
  • "Trust and respect is what we do this for."
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed that's all."
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex of course."
  • "It's not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same fucking hotel floor."
  • "I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment, but it was never just fun and I thought you were different."
  • "This is not the way you realize what you wanted."
  • "It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest."
  • "Getting high as two kites when we needed to breathe."
  • "I'd disappear, you'd call me selfish, I understand but I can't help it."
  • "So we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a plane."
  • "You should go, 'cause I ain't ever coming home."
  • "I've been livin' on the road, but then again you should know."
  • "You won't ever be alone... wait for me to come home."
  • "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul."
  • "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream."
  • "I've been looking for a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle."
  • "I'll be feeling this tomorrow."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that."
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much."
  • "You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us."
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "Just don’t expect me back this evening."
  • "I love him from my skin to my bones but I don’t wanna live in his home."
  • "I was raised to keep quiet."
  • "I don't wanna hate you."
  • "I kind of knew you liked the dude from private school."
  • "I knew he had his eyes on you."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth."
  • "I would never lie to you but it was never fine to lose you."
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet."
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtrack so casually."
  • "You're practically my family, if we married then I'll guess you'd have to be."
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live, but would I kill to give it one more shot? I think not."
  • "I don't love you, baby, I don't need you... I don't want you anymore."
  • "I'm not cut out for life on the road 'cause I didn't know I'd miss you this much."
  • "I guess I'm not the man that you need."
  • "Ever since you went to uni, I've been sofa surfing with a rucksack full of less cash and I guess that could get bad."
  • "When I broke the industry, that's when I broke your heart."
  • "I was supposed to chart and celebrate, but good things are over fast."
  • "I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features, then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces."
  • "Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with."
  • "I know you have a day job, but mine is 24/7."
  • "I still love you and I need you by my side if I could."
  • "The irony is if my career and music didn't exist, in 6 years, you'd probably be my wife with a kid."
  • "I'll die from a thrill, go down in history as just a wasted talent."
  • "Eventually I'll be fine, I know that it was never meant to be."
  • "These things happen for a reason and you can't change shit."
  • "Take my apology, I'm sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest."
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70."
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "For four years I never had a place to stay."
  • "At 16 years old, I moved out of my home."
  • "I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm."
  • "I'll hold ya and you'll think of him."
  • "I'll never trust you again, you can just be a friend."
  • "If we should die tonight, then we should all die together."

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Or or ORRRR, you could write about Ethan coming out as gay and his reaction when for the first time in his life he wasn't shuned or told he was wrong bc the team is chill 🎶

when you’re right you’re right

[warnings: homophobia, panic attack, vomit]


Ethan felt his heart beat sync to the sound of water dripping from the faucet.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. 

He felt his face go hot; the water he’d just splashed on himself didn’t seem to be helping at all.

He forbid himself to begin crying again, but the anxious feelings building up inside him were hard to endure. 

Memories of kids in high school were racing through his mind faster than he could help. Don’t even think about what happened that night. Don’t. Don’t.

Except evidently, trying not to think about something makes it more difficult to not think about it.

He found it harder to breathe as he practically relived sprinting into the bathroom in the middle of a party at the end of his junior year. He felt the same hot tears streaming down his face as he did then, after being laughed at by his best friend and hundreds of other people.

He felt just as sick as he had when he’d quietly confessed his feelings to his best friend in the corner, then shoved and called “a disgusting f**got”.

Ethan gasped for air and harshly wiped his wet face off with a hand towel, though he was sobbing now.

Nauseated, he sat down on the closed toilet seat and shut his eyes tightly.

He remembered sobbing in the bathroom just like now at that party, his friend drunkenly telling everyone else about it loud enough to be heard through the door. 

Nobody’s laughs hurt him as much as his best friend’s did that night.

He didn’t go to another party for a year after that, but the taunting was relentless no matter how much time passed. Though most of the school had attended the party anyways, high school rumors spread like wildfire.

He’d occasionally find notes in his locker from jocks mockingly asking him out, or get disgusted looks from people passing by, not to mention the big red spray paint on his locker the following Monday, which simply read “HOMO”.

It definitely didn’t help that the school decided it could wait a whole week to be cleaned off of his locker, and that his parents just had why Jason didn’t come over for dinner anymore.

Not like Ethan could tell them the reason. Not like he could say that he’d been in love with Jason. Not like he could say nobody, let alone his best friend, would even talk to him anymore unless it was unavoidable.

As it would turn out, though, it didn’t matter that Ethan didn’t tell them.

It didn’t matter that Ethan hid everything about himself from his parents for two years after that, because his mother would end up directly asking him anyways.

She would end up yelling at him for hours to just answer, insisting she didn’t care either way. Insisting she just wished Ethan would tell the truth.

Ethan sat locked in his bathroom for hours, forced to listen to his mother’s begging for the truth.

She never mentioned that the “truth”, once it came out, would end up getting Ethan kicked out and forced to go live with his dad.

“Please mom,” Ethan had begged, “Don’t tell him why.”

He knew for a fact his father wouldn’t take him either if he knew.

His mother was gracious enough to agree, but Ethan would never forget the pain he felt seeing his brother’s face as he said goodbye.

His brother had been looking at him like a stranger.

The brief hug they shared before Ethan left was stiff and one-sided.

Then, once he was finally settled and living with his dad, there was the confused remark his dad made after Ethan dyed his hair bright blue.

“Ain’t that stuff for queers, kiddo?”

Ethan hadn’t noticed that now, in the office bathroom, his lip had begun bleeding.

He hadn’t even known he was biting it.

He opened his eyes slowly, the taste of snot, tears, and blood sour on his tongue.

Fifteen minutes, two boxes of tissues, and countless attempts at regulating his breathing later, Ethan heard a knock on the door.

“Jesus, Ethan, you done yet?” Mark called from a distance, “We’ve been out for half an hour.”

Tyler was the one at the door, though, and he knocked once more. “We got Subway, are you gonna be out soon?”

“Yeah,” Ethan’s voice was ironically cool, “One second.”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The faucet was still dripping. Ethan stood, satisfied with how he looked overall fine now, then turned the faucet knob tighter to stop the dripping.

His panic attack had made him feel like he was hit by a truck, but nonetheless, he exited the bathroom with the most confident stride he could manage.

“Can the Subway wait for a second?” Ethan asked the team, watching Amy and Kathryn look up from the still-wrapped sandwiches.

Mark began to say, “Fuck no” but stopped himself halfway through. Ethan must’ve looked as hopeless and broken as he felt.

“Yeah,” Kathryn answered softly for all of them, “What’s up?”

Tyler had turned around in his office chair, intently listening, and Mark was slowly setting down a wrapped foot-long on the table.

No going back now. 

Even if Ethan backed out and said “nevermind”, he clearly looked like shit and those kinds of friends don’t leave you alone until you tell them what’s wrong.

Ethan took his six-hundredth deep breath that day and shakily said, “I need to tell you guys something.”

His voice broke a little, but he’d already cried every tear his body could produce. No need to worry about breaking down once you’ve already completely broke.

He wished somebody would respond and say that whatever he needed to tell them, he could, but they were probably all too worried to talk now.

One more deep breath.

He’d get it out as quickly as possible, like downing horrible tasting medicine.

“I’m gay.”

He said it as clear as he could, because he felt he’d explode if he ever had to repeat those words again.

Or face the consequences.

Except, oh god, nobody had heard him.

Everyone’s expressions were just confused or the same as before. He had to repeat himself anyways.

“I,” Ethan choked back tears he hadn’t thought possible, “I said I’m gay!’ He snapped. He wanted the consequences already, he’d never had to wait this long before.

“You don’t have to yell, Ethan,” Tyler said softly, smiling just slightly, “We heard you the first time.

“I’m pretty sure the office next door did too,” Kathryn laughed lightly. 

And then all four of them were smiling and Ethan collapsed to the floor, no longer trying to hold back his tears.

Shocked by his crying, the team was immediately knelt down beside him floor.

“Ethan,” Amy tried softly, rubbing his back, “What’s wrong? You know we still think you’re awesome, right? Ethan?”

Ethan was crying too hard to answer.

Mark was trying to get their blue haired friend to look up at them. “Ethan, it’s okay,” he insisted, almost argumentatively, “This doesn’t change anything, okay?”

Ethan finally looked up, face wet and flushed red. “But I’m gay,” he croaked, saying the last word like it was a synonym for rapist or murderer or something heinous.

“Yeah, you are,” Tyler was tearing up a bit, hating to see Ethan cry so hard. He pulled the younger man into a hug and rubbed his blue hair, “And we love you. So cut it out, okay?”

Ethan said nothing, and he was still crying, but he had obviously realized the team wasn’t lying. He relaxed into Tyler’s embrace, giggling through his tears as Mark, Amy, and Kathryn wrapped around him as well in a group hug.

They stayed like that until Ethan could breathe again, then slowly pulled away. Mark patted Ethan on the back reassuringly, “Ready for Subway?”

Ethan looked down and blushed with a smile. “Actually, I have to go pee really quick,” he admitted sheepishly.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Kathryn said and groaned in unison with the rest of the team.

Ethan just laughed and insisted he’d only be a second, before disappearing into the bathroom.

He didn’t need to mention that the half hour he’d spent in there before was having a panic attack, not peeing. He didn’t need to tell them why he’d been terrified of coming out since he’d moved to LA or contemplated killing himself multiple times.

He didn’t need to tell them any of that, because all of that was behind him. He was with Tyler, Mark, Kathryn, and Amy now, and they loved him for who he was.

And he was absolutely, completely, really fucking gay.

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Things you said when you were scared

Follow-up to yesterday’s (though you could probably read it as a standalone)

She sat on the edge of Peter’s hospital bed, holding her sword towards the door as she listened to the approaching footsteps.

“Are you really going to do this every time?” Peter asked wearily.


The door opened, and the Nova Corps nurse who stepped through didn’t even blink an eye at the sword being pointed at his face. He did sigh deeply, however, as he held out his badge for Gamora’s inspection.  

“You may proceed,” she said regally, moving her sword so it was no longer in his way.

“Gee, thanks.”

She kept a close watch on the nurse as he fiddled with the machine at Peter’s bedside and examined the IV in his arm.

“Everything seems to be fine,” he said, making a note on a holopad.

“Great!” Peter grinned. “Can I go home early then?”

The nurse was already shaking his head. “We want to keep you til tomorrow just to be safe.” He glanced at Gamora. “Though if you were anyone else we would have kicked you out by now for having that.” He nodded his head towards her sword.

Gamora glared and pointed it at him on his way out.

“This is getting ridiculous,” Peter said as the door shut. “No one is coming after me.”

“I’m not taking the chance,” she said, feeling something in her chest tighten at the thought. “And it is not ridiculous.”  

“You almost stabbed Drax yesterday!”

“He shouldn’t have entered so quickly. Which he admitted.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Yeah, because he’s a nutter butter who thinks threatening everyone with a sword is a rational thing to do.”

“It is when any one of these people could be working for the enemy!” she said tensely.

“I really doubt any of them care enough to come back to try and kill me.”

“You don’t know that.”

“They weren’t even after us! We just happened to be in their way when I got shot.”

“I…” Shit. Gamora screwed her eyes shut, the image of Peter bleeding on the ground rushing back to her. 

There was just so much blood and Peter was sweating and shaking and there was nothing she could do but put pressure on it until they got to the hospital. And even then, they took him into surgery where she couldn’t follow and she had to wait for what felt like an eternity before he came back out, pale and unconscious but mercifully alive.

“Gamora?” Peter’s concerned voice made her open her eyes, realizing too late that she’d started breathing faster and her hands were shaking. “What’s wrong?” He lifted his arm to put a hand on hers, wincing as he moved his shoulder.

She took a deep, unsteady breath. He’s fine, he’s okay, he’s alive. But she felt it anyway – the water welling in her eyes, the hitch in her breathing. Dammit, she’d been holding this back for two days, why did it have to happen now?

“Hey, c’mere,” he said, tugging gently on her arm. She let him pull her into an awkward sort of cuddle, with her carefully holding her sword out of the way and laying her head on the middle of his chest to avoid his injury. He brought his good arm up to stroke her back and she sighed a little, relaxing into him.  

“What is it?” Peter asked quietly.  

Something about the way he was rubbing her back must have shorted out her brain, because she told him with no hesitation. “I almost lost you.” She felt her cheeks flush a bit and buried her face into his shirt to hide it. One stray tear fell and splashed onto the fabric.  

“Oh,” he said, tightening his arm around her. “Gamora, you know I’m terrified of losing you too, right? But no one is gonna come in here trying to hurt me, I promise.”

“Maybe it was a bit of an overreaction,” she mumbled. She felt Peter’s chuckle, heard his heartbeat.  

“Just a bit.”

She was quiet for a moment while she allowed his rhythmic breathing to soothe her fears. She relaxed even more into him, a sense of calm replacing her overprotective furor, something settling into place in her mind.  

“I love you,” she said matter-of-factly, almost without even thinking about it.

She felt Peter’s heart start beating a little faster. “Good,” he said. She could hear the smile in his voice. “I was hoping you did.”

Something Really Stupid

So here’s a little Alan and Sharna fic I wrote just for fun and because I have absolutely no chill. I don’t think anything would ever happen between them, but I absolutely adore their friendship and they are both two very attractive and single individuals and I couldn’t resist writing this. Also, I love writing Sharna and Peta (and Jenna) together, so that made it even more fun!

“I’m about to do something really stupid,” Sharna hissed in Peta’s ear, grabbing her arm to get her attention and hoping everyone around them would be sufficiently distracted by something else for a minute.

“Yeah, no shit,” Peta whispered, turning to her with a smirk. “I’ve noticed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Sharna said quickly. “Surrounded over here by all your fans? You haven’t noticed a damn thing.”

“You mean you over there flirting with Alan?” Peta kept her voice very low and rolled her eyes. “Yeah. You’re right. I was totally oblivious.” 

Sharna blushed, which she didn’t often do and which completely gave her away. 

Flirting?!” she repeated, doing her best to sound offended. “I have not been flirting!” 

“You’ve been flirting and he has, too. Don’t be so naive. So,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. “That’s the thing you’re going to do, huh? Or should I say who.” 

Sharna had no response to this. “I have not been flirting,” she muttered. 

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anonymous asked:

how are you so good at writing? my teacher legit hates whenever i write essays bc its shitty af cause of grammar or sentence level shit. how do you do it? can you teach us just a little bit or more?

Hi nonnie,

I think there are a couple of things that can be helpful, if your concern is grammar/language. First thing is to read a lot. Don’t study grammar. TBH it’s not like I ever think “is there agreement between my verb and subject?” Just, no. People don’t do that. You have to just get a sense of what is correct, even if you don’t know exactly why. And maybe some people would cringe at my philosophy, but… I have some big issues with what your teacher’s reaction to your writing, which I’m going to put under the cut because #salty. But basically you have to get an ear for what is correct, which comes with a lot of reading. Most people who call others out on shitty grammar can’t actually explain why it is wrong with any great success.

The other suggestion I will make is to read your writing out loud. Make sure when you read it, you sound like you are speaking to an authority figure, not a friend. With your friend you can say shit like “bro, Tamlin is such bleeding tool I can’t even deal but ya know whatever the spring court be goin’ down”, which is completely a run-on sentence and super informal and doesn’t conjugate “to be” correctly. But you would not write like that to an authority figure! Plus, reading things out loud can help you realize that oh, actually this sounds like literal poo, I had better change that. OR, even better, have someone else read it out loud to you. Listen for parts when they are struggling, make note of them, and revise.

If you have other questions and/or comments let me know, I teach college-level writing so I know some stuff.

OK time for some salt re: grammar and writing below the cut; you didn’t ask for this nonnie, but you got it.

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anonymous asked:

47 +14 for starmora!

14. “Can I have this dance?” // 47. “Did you get my letter?”

this is. just angst. literally, it’s angst, and the only reason there’s fluff at the end is because of the “can I have this dance?” part of the prompt haha rip. think of this one as a prequel kinda to my last oneshot

send me a ship + a number for a way to say “I love you”!!!!

“You were so reckless, like, I can’t even believe it, because you’re supposed to be the smart one, preventing the rest of us from killing ourselves out there—“

Gamora sighs, slumping a bit where she’s sitting on the bed. “Are you done?”

“As a matter of fact, I’m not, because I’m in charge of making sure my team doesn’t die in dumb ways, but then you run off to deal with the biggest, baddest threat to the entire universe ever, not even trusting your own teammates to have your back!” Peter shakes his head in exasperation as he paces back and forth in front of her, gesturing wildly with his hands.

“You know that’s not what this is about—“

“How the hell would I know, because if you actually died out there, then there’d be no way for me to know!”

“Peter,” she says calmly, slowly, “Thanos is my fight—“

“He’s threatening the same galaxy that I live in, y’know—“

“I knew he would come after the team so I was going to handle it on my own—“

“That’s not fair, and you know it, Gamora—“

“Yes, we’ve always helped each other, but my problems are different—“

“No, they’re not!” Peter exclaims, throwing his hands up. “Maybe we weren’t all trained to be assassins by people who surgically implanted cybernetic enhancements in us, but some of us also lost our parents to crazy, power-hungry dudes who tried to be our dads, which resulted in us losing our childhood lives and homes.” He stops to catch his breath, staring directly into her eyes. “I know of at least one person who gets it, who gets you, so he understands why you felt the need to go off on your own to handle it, but he doesn’t understand why you actually did it.”

Gamora presses her lips together. “Did you get my letter?”

“Of course,” he says quietly. He sticks a hand into his jacket and pulls out a folded piece of paper with “Peter” written on the outside. It looks a little worse for wear now, probably from the fight earlier when Peter had led the rest of the team to help her defeat some of Thanos’ forces and put an end to her recent rogue adventures. He holds the paper up delicately between his fingers, despite visibly seething. “So, yes, technically, I understand why, but I don’t understand why.”

She doesn’t respond.

He sighs. “I probably read this letter more times in two days than I read my favorite book as a kid with my mom on Terra in eight years.”

“I just wanted you to know, to maybe understand…if we never got to…”

As she trails off, Peter steps closer to her. “Stop saying that, stop acting like this is the end.”

“But it’s Thanos, Peter,” Gamora insists, her voice scarcely above a whisper. “I first ran away years ago already knowing it would probably end in my death. I’d never intended for it to include anyone else.”

He sets the letter back in his pocket and gently takes her hands in his, pulling her up to stand with him. “But if we work together, like we always do—“

She shakes her head, her eyes glossy and a lump forming in her throat. “I still don’t think it’s possible.”

“Well, with an attitude like that,” he attempts to joke, but she shakes her head again.

“If you think it was easy for me to leave you all, you’re wrong,” she states, her voice regaining some strength. She pulls her hands away from his, turning away. “You all lost one friend. I lost four.”

He doesn’t respond at first, and Gamora wonders if she took it too far. She forces herself to get over it, because, really, when it comes to Thanos, she’d happily lay her life down to stop him and protect her friends, her family. She’s not about to drag them into her mess.

“Dear Peter, I wish things didn’t have to be this way, but I’m afraid I have no other choice.”

She turns at his voice to find him looking at her with a crestfallen expression.

“You’re probably confused about my behavior lately, including why I’ve written you a letter, of all things,” he continues reciting, his eyes never leaving hers. “I’m sorry for being distant and cold. I wish I could be brave, like you, persisting after a lifetime of grief, but I can’t. My nightmares have returned and I don’t know how else to stop them. I know Thanos. I know his game. It’s my sole responsibility to see the mission through and stop him before he can destroy the universe, before he can destroy you and the others.

“You all taught me hope and love after so many years of loneliness and sorrow. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m still proud that I’ve had the chance to be surrounded by friends, through the good times and the bad. And, of course, there’s you, Peter, who’s managed to teach me so many things about life, friendship, and a different kind of love from the others. Never doubt how much I love you. It’s because I love you I must do this. Take care of the others for me. Take care of Groot, even though he’s nearly full-grown now.

“If we do not meet again in this life, I look forward to when we are reunited in the stars. Love, Gamora.” He takes a deep breath upon finishing, looking at her pointedly. “Do you believe me now when I say I pored over that thing?”

She feels just as rattled by her words as he appears to be. She steps closer to him. “I never doubted it. I meant every word when I wrote it.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” he insists tearfully. “You stood by me against my evil, universe-destroying dad, without even batting an eye, and I know you’d do it all over again if you had to. Why can’t I do the same for you?”

Really, when he puts it that way, she falters in crafting an effective counterargument. Tears well up in her eyes and she lets out a shuddering breath, exposing the anxiety that’s been eating her alive since everything had gone to shit recently. She struggles for words, opening her mouth and shaking her head. “I’m not…I’m not used to someone loving me enough to do that.”

Her voice sounds embarrassingly pitiful, echoing the fear Thanos had instilled in her at a young age. She hasn’t broken down like this in a long time—years, perhaps—and she wants nothing more than to just crawl into some dark hole, never to be seen again, if only to save herself the humiliation of losing her cool like this, after acting like she had some sort of control over everything. (Again, she envies Peter’s bravery in his ability to be so optimistic, despite the world constantly ending around him.)

But Peter’s never judged her, and that doesn’t change now. He holds her hand, using his other hand to cup her cheek. “Hey, hey, breathe, babe. You need air to keep arguing with me.”

She can’t help the little strange gasp that’s supposed to be a laugh that comes out at his words, the corners of her lips twitching up. “I’m—I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I mean, life is really shitty right now, so that’s not okay, but it’s okay to be upset by everything and be a little vulnerable,” he says. “Of course, that’s almost just as scary as Thanos, probably, but I’d probably be confused if you weren’t really upset about all of this, y’know?”

“You should be mad at me,” she protests.

“Uh, did you miss my whole spiel earlier? I was pretty pissed, and even though I still am a little, I love you more than how much I’m mad for you, if that makes sense? Like, the love is trumping the anger. Anyway, I’m just glad you’re back, is what I’m trying to say, and I hope you’re not planning on running away again, because then I’m just gonna sic the team on you when we get you back again, and they’re probably going to yell and swear more than me.”

“Even Groot?”

“Even Groot. Haven’t you heard the mouth on him? We really should do something about his language.”

She wipes the last of her tears away with the back of her hand. “But who taught him those words, hm?”

“Rocket,” Peter insists. “Definitely not me.”

“Whatever you say, Star-Lord.”

He smiles, pulling her in closer and pressing a kiss to her forehead. “In all seriousness, though, please don’t run away and go rogue again.”

“I won’t,” she whispers, meeting his eyes.



At that, he pulls her into a hug, just holding her. She wraps her arms around his back, resting her face against his shoulder and closing her eyes, inhaling his familiar scent. As worried as she still feels over Thanos swooping in and taking them away from her, she feels a tranquility she hasn’t felt in weeks, feeling her heartbeat slow considerably. Though she still believes protecting Peter and the others is the right thing to do, she knows she can’t bear to pull the disappearing act again. It’s not fair to any of them, even if staying endangers them a bit more.

A gentle knock, accompanied by a soft “I am Groot,” comes from the door. Peter looks up. “It’s open, Groot.”

As the door opens, Groot pokes his head in. He’s practically back to his original size now and hardly fits through doorways. He looks concerned. “I am Groot?”

Gamora smiles. “I’m fine now, Groot,” she says, pulling away from Peter enough to look at Groot. “Thank you for helping me and bringing me back.”

“I am Groot.”

“You think music will help cheer everyone up?” Peter echoes. Groot nods with a smile. “Great idea, buddy. Can you go ask Kraglin to hook up the Zune to the Quadrant’s speakers? You can pick the song.”

Groot nods again, closing the door and walking away.

“Which song do you think he’ll choose?” Gamora asks, turning to Peter.

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

The answer comes about a minute later, when the first chords of “Bring it on Home to Me” fill the room. Peter laughs as Gamora rolls her eyes, amused.

“I may have told Groot about what happened on Ego’s planet,” Peter admits, shifting his hands to take one of hers and hold onto her hip. “Can I have this dance?”

Gamora wraps her arm around Peter’s back and gently squeezes his hand. “You can.”

With that, they start swaying carefully, and Gamora breathes a sigh of relief. Her problems are far from solved now, but Peter’s words restore the hope Thanos had managed to squash recently.

She can do this. They can do this.

send me a ship + a number from this **new** list of quotes I reblogged the other day (pls specify in your ask if it’s from the new list tho hehe)!!!

((also I’m sorry for the angst but it’s ok cuz the oneshot that takes place after this one ends happily…..sorta))

Which Tintin Characters You Should Fight
  • Tintin: Oh my god. Either you've never opened a Tintin book in your life, or you're just plain stupid. What the fuck makes you think you could take on Tintin? Have you seen what he can do? He's been shot four different times and lived. He's wrestled bears in Russia. One time he got attacked by three burly men in a Chinese prison and sent all. three. of them to the hospital. Think about that. Do not fight.
  • Haddock: Ok, so Haddock's a pretty tough guy. If you tried to take him on physically, you'd probably lose. But if you got him drunk enough you could insult him into submission. But why the hell would you do that? Hasn't he already been through enough? Do not fight.
  • Thompsons: You'd think since there are two of them, it'd be a loaded challenge, right? Wrong. These two couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Go ahead, fight the Thompsons.
  • Calculus: Are you really going to fight an old man? A deaf old man? Well if you insist. Just know that this deaf old man was quite an athelete in his youth and knows savate and can probably fuck you up in old-timey ways your millenial ass didn't even know were possible. And god help you should you ever call him a goat. Go ahead, fight Calculus. But you'll probably lose.
  • Nestor: Please do not fight Nestor. Do you think that with all he's had to put up with as Marlinspike's lone butler, he'd be any degree of phased at your scrawny punk ass? Please. Look at that fucker's stone cold face. He'll knock your ass out and use your mangled corpse for an ironing board. Seriously. I'm saying this because I like you. Don't fight Nestor.
  • Chang: I do not recommend fighting Chang. Not because I think you'd lose, and not merely because he is a sweet cinnamon roll child who you ought to feel ashamed for thinking you could fight, but look at his posse. He's friends with Tintin AND Haddock. Motherfuckers went to Tibet and fought a Yeti for him. Go ahead, fight Chang, but only if you're prepared for the shitstorm that will follow.
  • Zorrino: What kind of asshole are you, anyway? You filth, don't even look at me. That's like asking me if it's okay to kick a kitten. And the answer is no. Do not fight Zorrino, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  • Bianca: "Poor, weak woman" nothing. There is nothing weak about Bianca. One time she got arrested for conspiracy and shut down her own trial in only FIVE comic panels. When jailed, her biggest concern was that her pasta wasn't being cooked properly. You think she's scared of you? She'll just tag team with Irma and take your ass down in nothing flat. Kneel before the queen, you piece of shit peasant.
  • Jolyon Wagg: PLEASE fight Jolyon. I speak for everyone in the fandom and every character in the series when I say that you'd be doing us all a huge favor. You could probably take him down with one punch. Please fight Jolyon, be the hero this fandom needs.
Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 13) Senior Year: Ransom

This is the last installment! Thanks for reading.

“I think you two should make out,” says March.

This is clearly an intervention. April is here, and Bitty perched in a corner of the locker room clutching a tray of mini-pies and looking embarrassed for everybody. Lardo brought her fucking gavel. There is a laptop in the corner, and Holster’s pretty sure someone is going to suggest Skyping Shitty any minute. Chowder’s supportive smile is already looking strained.

The only people in the room that Holster isn’t mad at right now are Nursey and Dex who are ignoring the stupidest ever session of Samwell Men’s Hockey Court to grope each other behind the We Support You Both banner.

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dragonpressgraphics  asked:

i'm gonna be cliche (sorry) DCJ - prompt : I'm Pregnant . Sorry, i seem to have forgotten what number it was and the screen disappeared when i clicked on this, oops. i think it was mid twenties? but the number isn't important, right?

“I’m Pregnant” 

“Ow fuck!” Dean pulls his hand free of the engine and glares at the blood oozing from the fresh cut on the knuckle of his middle finger.  It looks extra bright against the grease smearing his skin.

His glare shifts to the car he’s working on.  The damn thing has bitten him a few times, and in his head he’s started referring to the old Plymouth as Christine.  

“You okay?” Bobby asks from the open door to the shop’s main office.  

Dean straightens from under the car’s hood and pulls a rag from his back pocket, but realizes using it to clean the cut wouldn’t do much good since it’s filthy.  So he tucks it back in his pocket and heads for the sink at the back of the shop and turns on the water.  Bobby joins him as he starts scrubbing his skin with soap that makes the cut on his knuckle sting.

If it stings, the germs are dying, right?

He doesn’t look up from his hands when he speaks.  “What’s up, Bobby?  Did you need me for something?”  Because there’s enough noise in both the shop and the office that Bobby wouldn’t have heard him cussing over a cut finger, so he must have been there to witness it.

Sure enough, Bobby holds up a thick white envelope.  “You got mail.”

Dean freezes and eyes the envelope.  “Oh.  Uh… leave it there.” He gestures to the counter next to the sink with his chin.  “I’ll look at it when I’m done with Christine.”

Bobby gives him a skeptical look.  The envelope is unremarkable, but Bobby would have seen the return address, which means he knows at least part of Dean’s secret.  But at least Bobby doesn’t prod him for more information.  He drops the envelope on the counter, and pats Dean on the shoulder.  The gesture is accompanied by a kind look, and then Bobby leaves him alone.

Very deliberately, Dean finishes washing his hands, and takes a close look at the cut.  It’s still slowly oozing blood but it doesn’t look like it needs stitches, so he grabs a clean rag and wraps it around the wound.  Finally he lets his eyes fall on the envelope. 

It was pristine white until Bobby smudged it with his fingerprints.  Even working in the office it’s impossible to keep grease-free hands.

He wants to tear the envelope open and find out what it says right away, but his stomach twists with anxiety and he’s afraid to even touch it.  The letter inside it is going to change his life, one way or another.  He’s not sure he’s ready.  Once he reads it, he’s going to have to talk to Jimmy and Castiel about it, and they might not be happy with him for not telling them about it in advance. 

It’s shitty to spring something like this on them.  Especially since his life isn’t the only one that might change because of the contents of that envelope.

So he procrastinates as long as he can, finishing work on Christine, then hanging around the shop a little longer doing paperwork that he usually leaves for Bobby.  At least until Bobby chases him out.  He’s tempted to take a longer route home, but he’s not a complete coward so he drives to the house he’s shared with his husbands.

But he goes the speed limit, and not a mile over.

Castiel’s truck is parked next to Jimmy’s Continental in the driveway, and for once Dean isn’t irritated that they’re blocking him from getting into the garage.  He’s far too engrossed in talking himself out of a mild panic attack.  He pulls up at the curb, and drags his feet on his way into the house.

The envelope is a thick bulge in his back pocket, unopened.

When he opens the door he’s engulfed in the scent of Jimmy’s curry, and the guitar riffs of Metallica’s Black Album.  Castiel’s ruffled dark hair is visible over the back of the couch, and when he hears the door he sits up straight and grins.

“Dean, welcome home!” Castiel bounds up from the couch and into Dean’s arms.  He’s still in his scrubs, so he must not have been home too long.

“Heya, Cas.” Dean nuzzles the curls behind Castiel’s ear and holds him close.  The heat and strength of his husband doesn’t ease his tension as it usually does, because his mind keeps going through all the different ways Castiel might react to the news.

Their greeting alerts Jimmy to Dean’s arrival, and Jimmy appears from the kitchen.  He’s wearing a Kiss the Cook apron that Dean bought him as a joke when they first started living together, and his face is flushed from working over the hot stove.  Castiel releases Dean and steps aside so that Jimmy can have his turn.

“Jimmy,” Dean says on a sigh.  He leans into his other husband and inhales the spices lingering on his skin and hair.

He’s only legally married to Castiel, but the matching rings on their fingers and the devotion they all have for each other transcend a sheet of paper with a fancy stamp and a judge’s signature.  Besides, even if poly marriages were legal, the twins wouldn’t be allowed to marry each other.  So they made their own marriage, and the years they’ve been together have been some of the happiest of Dean’s life.

He just hopes the news hiding inside the envelope in his pocket doesn’t mess it up.

“You’re just in time,” Jimmy says when he steps back.  His hands still rest on Dean’s waist, and personal space be damned.  Both twins crowd him, something that took him time to get used to, but now he loves because too much space usually means someone’s upset about something.  “Dinner’s ready.  Come help me set the table.”

The three of them work together to set the table and set out the rice and fried veggies and curry chicken.  Normally Dean would dig right in to the mouth watering meal, but his stomach is still twisting with worry.  He doesn’t quite pick at his food, but he shows slightly better manners than usual. 

The brothers notice, both of them looking at him curiously, but neither says anything.  Not at first anyway.  It’s not until Dean declines seconds that Jimmy finally crosses his arms on the table and leans forward to catch Dean’s gaze.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” he demands in a tone that says he doesn’t expect any bullshit.  “You’ve been quiet, and you act like you don’t love my cooking, and if you tell me that I added too much paprika, my feelings are going to totally be hurt.”

Castiel joins in on the inquisition, but his voice is gentle, as is the hand he rubs over Dean’s knee under the table.  “Did something happen at work?”

Dean sucks in a deep breath, and let’s it out in a sigh.  “Sort of.”  He hasn’t opened the envelope yet, but work is where he received it, so he’s not exactly lying even though he hasn’t opened it yet.

They watch him silently, their eyes expectant.  Shit.

“Dean?” Castiel prompts when he remains silent.

Because he’s an asshole, he says the first thing that comes to mind.  “I’m pregnant.”

So is the silence in the room as they stare at him in confusion, their heads tilted at the exact same angle, which makes him grin.

“Um, Dean.  Sweetheart.” Jimmy reaches across the table and rests his hand over Dean’s.  “You’re very pretty in panties, but you know you’re a man right?  You’re not equipped for pregnancy.”

“Unless you’ve been keeping something from us,” Castiel adds.

The laugh building up in Dean’s chest collapses, and his shoulders sink.  He pulls his hand free of Jimmy’s and reaches into his pocket for the envelope, dropping it on the table between the plates and serving dishes.  It’s crumpled from being folded in his pocket, and has even more greasy fingerprints smeared across it.

But the KU logo is clearly visible through the grimy fingerprints.

Identical pairs of blue eyes go wide, but Castiel is the first to reach for the envelope.  He turns it over in his hands, and looks up at Dean when he sees that it’s still sealed.  “You applied for college?”

“Yeah,” Dean murmurs.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Jimmy asks.

Dean squirms in his chair.  “I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  And if I get in, I’ll have to cut down my hours at the shop and I don’t want to make things harder on you guys, so I’m not sure I’ll even-“

“Oh yes you fucking will,” Castiel growls.  He holds the unopened envelope to Dean.  “I think I can speak for both of us when I say that you’re an idiot if you don’t think we’ll support you through this.”

“What he said,” Jimmy adds.

Heat suffuses Dean’s cheeks under their reproachful glares.  Even though he’s only a year younger than them, he feels like he’s being scolded by older brothers.  Which should probably be weird since the three of them fuck each other almost daily, but since that also includes them fucking each other, it’s not nearly as weird to him as anyone else might find it.

Sheepishly he accepts the envelope and stares down at the KU logo.  He can feel the weight of his husbands’ stares, but they remain silent and let him go at his own pace.  Which is one of the things he loves about them.  And they’re right that he was being stupid by worrying about their reaction. 

So he takes the plunge, and rips the envelope open.  Inside is a fat bundle of paper, which he assumes is a good sign, but he holds his breath until he reads the cover letter.  As the news sinks in, a grin spreads across his face.

“Well?” Castiel demands when he doesn’t say anything.

Dean’s laugh is shaky with the threat of tears, but they’re from happiness and relief.  He passes the letter to Castiel, who brightens almost as soon as his eyes fall on the words on the page.  “Well,” he says, when Castiel passes the letter on to Jimmy.  “I guess I’d better talk to Bobby about those shorter hours.”

The legs of two chairs scrape across the floor, and then Dean is at the bottom of a pile of Novaks.  They’re laughing and congratulating him, and promising to give him all the support he needs, and Dean thinks not for the first time, that he’s a very lucky bastard to have them in his life.

extravag-extravaganza  asked:

I just realized I wasn't following you so I fixed that grievous mistake (also first blog to follow bc my Tumblr game is weak). And idk if there's a limit to how many asks we can pick from that fic meme list but I really want to know your answers to G, H, K, L, M, P, S, T, U, X, and Y. :D

Daw well I’m glad to have been your first Tumblr follow babes 😘 You’re too sweet :’) 

No limit, I love talking about writing and I never get to so I’m all about it! SO LONG WINDED ANSWERS AHEAD SORRY IN ADVANCE. 

G: Care to share a favorite crack fic?

I don’t know exactly what constitutes a crack fic/ship tbh lol. People call Bellamione a crack ship and I’m like fuck you fight me so ??? As for an actual crack fic, I haven’t read one of those since Glee. So I got nothing for this question basically lmao I’m sorry

H: How would you describe your style?

Umm. Descriptive, probably to the point of being excessive at some points but I’m working on that. I want people to see exactly what I see in my mind. I want them to read it and be able to easily understand everything that’s going on, be able to grasp the character’s emotions, and be immersed when the action strikes. So yeah. 

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

One that I’m still considering writing, in which Bellatrix preys on Hermione’s desire for her and uses her in an attempt to win the war. It’s still in the works but the potential for angst in it is endless. 

“Did you really think I would ever leave him, my noble pureblooded husband, for a worthless, filthy little mudblood like you? You had so many stars in yours eyes for me that they blinded you pet, it’s pathetic. Though I guess I can’t say I blame you. It’s only in your nature to worship your betters…There, on your knees. Where I’ve always liked you most, or don’t you remember? But of course you do…” Bellatrix sneered lasciviously as the entirety of the inside of Hermione’s chest imploded before the Death Eater’s evil, eager eyes. 

Or something like that ;P ANYWAY. 

L: What’s the weirdest AU you’ve ever come up with?

I don’t really do AU. And if I did I don’t think it would be weird or out there. The only one I really have on my mind is one I’m keeping a secret because I actually plan to write it at some point and it’s a long overdue gift for a friend who wrote me some stellar smut a long while back. SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER.

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Smut. Just…A lot of smut. Nothing with any real meaning. I haven’t had a real meaningful idea hit me since No Good Deed and we all know how that’s turned out so. Some “writer” I am. 

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

Somewhere in between probably. I don’t write outlines or anything like that. The most I do is jot down scene ideas or dialogue lines that stick with me that may or may not make the final cut. But I have a general idea in my head of where I want things to go most of the time. The actual action scenes usually just unfold as they go so it feels more natural, and that goes for dialogue heavy stuff as well. 

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

The dead but not really trope lmao I DO IT EVERY TIME. I’m a one trick pony apparently. It makes no sense for the main characters to never get hurt or be in real mortal danger, but like also…I don’t want them to really be dead because what an abysmal ending. If I ever actually kill the main characters, I had to have planned for the story to be tragic and end that way from the beginning. 

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

RANT TIME: I don’t know if this is necessarily a trope but I can’t fucking stand OOC. Literally it means you’re just writing an entirely different character and slapping the fandom names on them. Like ??? I came here to read about Bellatrix and Hermione or Carmilla and Laura or Clarke and Lexa. Not some entirely different character with their names slapped on and calling it “fanfiction”. Especially if it happens in an AU, then it’s not even close to anything resembling fanfiction because it has nothing to do with the original work at all, defeating the whole idea of fandom. 

U: A pairing you might like to write for, but haven’t tried yet.

Supercorp. Clexa. Hollstein. Jori. Bellatrix/Hermione/Fleur. Hermione/Ginny. 

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

I don’t enjoy making characters suffer per se. But probably Bella back when I wrote Bella/Alice Twilight fanfiction lmao. Angsty teenage days and all that probably played a part. And Bellamione thrives on suffering and angst, let’s be honest. 

Y: A character you want to protect.

Hermione Granger. Y’all can catch these hands. (Also Laura Hollis because the Carmilla fandom really irritates the shit out of me.)

Time for me to shut the fuck up, hope that answered all the questions you had well enough lmao. I talk too much some times. Woopsie. 

yes but there’s also 

  • ‘I’m hella sick but not old enough to purchase cough medicine and that sounds really pitiful coming from a college student but would you please go buy me some NyQuil???’ au
  • 'We made a bet at the beginning of the laser tag game to see who was better and guess who won. It’s time to pay up.’ au
  • 'Who keeps using my wifi?’ 'Literally everyone, your password is hella easy to guess.’ au
  • Tried to unlock the wrong car in the parking garage au
  • 'I’m on the FBI’s most-wanted list for killing a fuck ton of people, but calm down I just wanna date you bc your face is v smoochable and you give me butterflies.’ au
  • See also; 'Dating a most-wanted serial killer and never getting a heads-up before they come home covered in blood so you’ve gotta be ready to draw the curtains and hide a body every time you hear a car pull into the driveway’ au
  • 'We really should not have played Monopoly’ au
  • Life-sized version of Clue in the old manor on the hill au
  • 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ au
  • 'Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ au
  • 'I went to the bar last night bc I just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing lead to another and somehow I broke into your house thinking it was mine and now I can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles I smell?’ au
  • 'I saw that you were reading Eleanor and Park have you gotten to the part where she leaves him and if so can we talk about it because not a lot of people have read this book and I need a shoulder to cry on.’ au
  • 'You passed out in Disneyland and I’ve been taking care of you for the past two hours oh my god are you okay??’ 'Yes I’m okay but who the hell are you supposed to be?’ 'I’m the face character for Peter Pan but that’s not important’ au
  • 'I don’t really know you but I noticed that this creep has been trying to chat you up even though you’ve already turned him down, so I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend  until they leave you alone.’ au
  • Bonnie and Clyde au???
  • Attend same-sex privet schools that are right across the street from each other au
  • Masquerade au
  • 'I don’t like you and you don’t like me but our best friends just died in a car crash and left their one-year-old daughter in our custody so now we’ve got to act civil and end up falling for each other’ au
  • [Basically a Life As We Know It au]
  • 'Found your number inside of a library book that looks like it hasn’t been checked out in ages and decided to text you to see if it worked au
  • 'The biggest rule of immortality is to not get involved with mortals but whoops I was in a coffee shop one day and fell in love with you and now I’m freaking out bc in the grand scope of things we don’t get a lot of time together but fuck no please don’t leave me not yet no.’ au
  • 'I just moved into the apartment next door and I am 100% sure that it’s haunted bc this building used to be a hospital and anyway I heard I noise coming from inside the walls can I please just crash here for the night?’ au
  • 'I know that you’re really into school and probably don’t want to risk your spot on the college football team, but would you mind if I smoked in our dorm room??’ au
  • Followed by 'Nah, I don’t care, as long as I can shotgun some smoke from that pretty little mouth of yours.’ au wow that got sexual and I am not sorry.
  • Went to the beach for the first time au
  • Ancient Rome au
  • Rival team captains who know nothing about personal space and constantly get into fights where they end up face-to-face every single game until one day one of the coaches yells at them to either kiss or get back to the game au
  • 'Hey, so I might have just robbed a bank right now and I kind of need a getaway car, would you pleeeeeaaase help me I can pay you back in sexual favors but also cash.’ au
  • 'I know that you don’t know me, but you were on the receiving end of my girlfriend/boyfriend’s heart donation and being around you kind of makes it feel like they’re still here I’m sorry if that’s kind of weird.’ au
  • 'Shit I wasn’t watching where I was walking and ended up spilling my Rockstar all over your white sweater I’m so sorry here have my jacket.’ au
  • Caught yelling at Go, Diego, Go in the hospital waiting room and after an awkwardly long period of silence the other person joins in bc they’ve got nothing better to do with their waiting time au
  • 'The person living in the apartment across the wall to mine is a nymphomaniac and yeah okay they’re p hot but it’s v hard to write an essay on feminism when all I can hear is sexual screaming.’ au
  • It’s three am, I just wanted some clam chowder, and some how I ended up on Hollywood Bl. can you please tell me where a good restaurant is I think I’m going to cry.’ au
  • 'Fuck my ex just walked into the restaurant with their new girlfriend/boyfriend could you pretend we’re dating so they don’t think I’m hung up on them I swear I’ll pay you later.’ au
  • 'I work at the daycare that you drop your daughter off at every week and she got me sick.’ au
  • 'So I know we just met but it’s raining and my tent has a hole in it, could I sleep in your camper with you?’ au
  • 'Okay okay okay I know we’re just friends and I don’t want anything to change that but I may have told my mom that we’re dating so she would stop trying to set me up with people would you be up to going to my sister’s wedding as my plus one so my mom won’t know I lied?’ au
  • 'Hit me, we’re on college campus and you’ll have to pay for my tuition’ au
  • 'Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so that hardcore porn fic you’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes has been broadcasting through the bus on full volume.’ au
  • The Breakfast Club au
  • Wimbledon [the movie] au
  • West Side Story au
  • 'Constantly getting confused as the girlfriend/boyfriend of the lead singer for a heavy metal band bc I’m always going to concerts and getting backstage passes but I’ve never even met the lead singer until the day he/she got drunk and we hooked up in his/her tour bus [whoops now we’re actually dating shh]’ au
  • 'It’s two am, we’re standing outside of our apartment building bc someone pulled the fire alarm, and you look cold and unprepared, do you want to share my blanket?’ au
  • Heartache On The Big Screen au
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's au omg pls
  • 'The zombie apocalypse started two years ago I can’t believe I still have to work at this fucking book store.’ au
  • Long Way Home au
  • We like each other but our dogs don’t so I’m going to have to ask you to stop taking this walking route you attractive fucker’ au
  • 'Sometimes, your soulmate and the love of your life don’t end up being the same person. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way.’ Au
If We Were A Movie (Seventeen Preference)
  • AN: this was probably one of the best requests of all time, I felt so so inspired by it and I hope you guys like it to. I'm seriously thinking about turning this into a whole serious, where each of these is a boy x reader oneshot so pls lemme know what you think of that idea? <3
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: The Classic High School AU
  • We all know that our boy Coups would slay as the classic high school heart throb. Nobody would fit the part better than him. He is the meaning of after school football practices and making cheerleaders' panties drop with a wink and a smile. He also has the heart and the smarts underneath his muscles and good looks to bring dimension to his movie character that would surprise the protagonist in the best way and make you fall in love. (I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with him, anyway?) Not only does his character fit seamlessly into this AU/genre, but he embodies the genre itself. The cheesy romance bits of the plot, the corny jokes, and the underlying message to never give up on your dreams that always acts like a big brother to the viewing teens, just like Seungcheol does. He is the classic high school movie - a perfect way to settle into the movie marathon.
  • Jeonghan: Pre-Millennial Crime Thriller
  • That sounds like a very complicated title, but our Jeonghan is a very complicated and beautiful man. At first I wanted to call this one "1920's Mob Film", but I felt that was far too narrow. Mostly because crime dramas set in the 1960's and 70's are becoming very popular and Jeonghan fits that style very well along with the 1920's. So I believe this beauty would fit perfectly into any crime or mob movie set before the turn of the millennium. Mainly during the 1920's, 30's, or the 50's and 60's. His hair was just meant to be tucked neatly under a fedora and paired with a sharp suit that would have all his enemies shaking in their boots the moment they saw him coming. Because yes, he does have that beautiful, angelic face, but I feel that's what would make him the perfect crime boss. He would be the devil hiding in the angel's armour. Nobody would expect it from him until just a few moments before their tragic death. Slowly, over time, they would learn to fear this beautiful man, understand that this was his town and this angel was playing God not because he deserved it, but because he wanted it. I just feel like he's the human embodiment of soft music box music playing in the background of a murder scene during a movie like this, and I love it.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Joshua would be the Glenn of a Seventeen zombie apocalypse. (And because Glenn is my all time favourite character of everything I paired little Jisoo with the genre.) He'd be the good guy who survives strictly because he is good to others, and somehow manages to maintain his purity and morality even when the world goes to shit. That would be the best thing about him. He'd believe that others are still good and he'd high uphold the belief that no one should get left behind. He would be the guy who would often almost get killed trying to save other people. He wouldn't actually have many apocalypse survival skills, but his kind nature would find him with people to save his ass over and over again, no matter what trouble they had to go through doing so. Most would think that a badass type of person would embody the zombie genre, but I really think someone like Jisoo is it. He has the heart warming arch of the story, the loveable characters (you know, the ones you really, really don't want to die but probably get treated like shit anyway), and somewhere deep inside him he probably has the really dark parts that any good zombie movie has. But really he's probably more of a zombie comedy like Zombieland or Dead Before Dawn.
  • Jun: Vampire
  • Jun being the vampire genre is about as certain as the sun rising in the morning. He's a vampire through and through. But I believe he's his own breed of vampire. Not a classic, brooding dark creature of the night like Dracula, or a modern emotional sparkly lover like Edward, but a mix of sexual, adorable, funny, sassy, and something still very human that would make his vampire easily a romantic comedy or teen movie. He'd be the type to go around telling people he's a vampire, almost trying to scare them, and no one would believe him because he just doesn't seem like the type. And he'd drink blood out of those girly reusable athletic cups with straws in public, with no one actually knowing it's blood. He would be a lot like the vampires from My Babysitter's A Vampire, but with a twist of sexuality, and something a little more brooding. Because deep down he has realized his curse - being stuck between death and life for an eternity and having to kill to stay strong - and accepted it. He would just be the perfect main character, as well as the fact that he just embodies every aspect of every kind of vampire that has been portrayed on screen before.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Summer Adventure/Feel Good Flick
  • Some of my all time favourite kinds of movies are the feel good summer movies about teens going on adventures and making some kind of growing leap or major character development over that summer. Like Now and Then, Whip It, The Sandlot, or the Goonies (which yes, I know that one was set in the fall). I feel like the spirit of these kind of movies also embodies a lot of music videos, like SHINee's View, which I really love. Hoshi himself is perfect for this kind of movie because he is a feel good summer adventure in human form. He's all the happiness and bright parts, all the interesting dips and turns in the plot that really keep the movie going. He's all the road trips, all the eating snacks out of crappy gas stations, sleepovers in rickety tree houses, bon fires on the beach, the best kind of montages to a great summer song (maybe Adore U?). Overall he's just a happy, bright little puppy that makes you feel really happy and bright like a great summer vacation and a great summer movie.
  • Wonwoo: Werewolf
  • As much as Wonwoo could be the ultimate emo vampire as well, I believe that his darkness can be channeled into hairy beast of the full moon. I was torn between him and Coups for this genre, but ultimately moody with a touch of puppy cuteness won out over heartthrob. I also feel that he has the mature side of a werewolf thriller or romance, and the silly side for when the genre is targeted toward a younger audience, like the show Teen Wolf (which I love, all time fav). And I mean he's just dreamy, and doesn't everybody have some weird werewolf kinky deep down?
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Magical Fantasy Land
  • My first thought with this one is Harry Potter. Woozi would be the perfect little pastel unicorn prince, slaying enemies with spells and making them bow down just with his cuteness alone. Even if it wasn't specifically Harry Potter, maybe it would be an Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, any magical fantasy would fit his personality and looks perfectly. The adorable shell with a serious, take charge and save the world undertone would belong there and make him the leader of the group or in any position of royalty if there was one - especially if there was some kind of magical "chosen one", he'd be it. Him just generally being ethereal, wise, and talented embodies this genre and if he was in a movie like this I'd watch it over and over again.
  • DK/Seokmin: Superhero Standby
  • There's nothing better than a good, classic superhero movie. Even the ones that are being made and coming out in 2015 seem to have all the classic elements to them, and that's what makes them so easy to love. Just like DK - he's a very classic kind of guy. Classic looks, classic humor, appears very easy going and easy to be around. That's why he would fit perfectly into the world of any classic DC or Marvel superhero (personally I'd go for DC, but that's just my preference). He could slip seamlessly into the role of ordinary citizen by day, and tall, handsome, muscled city saviour by night. His hero would be charismatic, loved by all, and not only treat the citizens as victims, but as everyday people that he loved and cared for. And if we really wanted to stir things up in this genre, DK wouldn't be the hero - he could be the shy, polite damsel in distress to our heroic female protagonist. Either way, Seokmin as a person has all the qualities of this genre - the humor, the drama, the energy, and the overall childish glamour that draws us all to loving superheroes and their adventures.
  • Mingyu: Low Budget Indie/Grunge Film
  • This is a very specific style of film-making, rather than a genre, that Mingyu (especially with his gorgeous silver hair) would fit into so brilliantly. There is a bit of cross-over between this and feel good summer movies, with movies like The Kings of Summer or Moonrise Kingdom, but the more unique thing I find about this genre is that the subject matter of these movies (mostly) is a lot darker. Usually of the nature of drug use and sex and abusive relationships. And what would our happy little Mingyu have to do with movies like this? It's really more about his aesthetic. Movies like this are all about aesthetic - there's entirely blogs dedicated to grunge, and a lot of movie screen caps end up on there - and his looks fit in perfectly. The sharply chiseled jaw, dark, smoky eyes, built form, and most of all, the silvery hair that really says grunge king. That and in my opinion, in the setting of one of these movies, he could turn on a dime from happy-go-lucky into the mystery, badass, soul punk that the story calls for. With an outfit change he could slip right into the world of a movie like How I Live Now, Hick, The Basketball Diaries, or a show like Freaks and Geeks.
  • The8/Minghao: Something Supernatural
  • One of the genres I definitely wanted to use was a supernatural one. Seemingly ordinary people having extraordinary powers (like the movie Push), demons and angels living in the suburbs, basically anything that would be the everyday plot of an anime. In this world, Minghao would be perfect in the role of the protagonist's best friend, the one who undoubtedly panics when he finds out what's really lurking in his world. But the protagonist would have nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, possibly running from the government because of your abnormality, and you knew that Minghao would have your back. So you told him, disclosed to him all the freaky shit that goes on just under his nose, and at first he'd freak out. He'd deny it, he wouldn't really be able to cope. But then his heart would be right there in it. He would protect you no matter what, until his dying breath, doing anything to make sure you were safe. He would be the air of lightness, innocence, and maybe even comic relief that this genre needs.
  • Seungkwan and Vernon: Buddy Cop Movie
  • I know it might seem a little cheap to have two of them under the same genre, but you can't tell me these two wouldn't be the perfect pair of buddy cops. Just like Starsky and Hutch or the girls from The Heat, they'd have the perfect combination of bickering and die hard friendship to make their movie interesting and heartwarming. Seungkwan would be the paper work minded, rule driven, uptight cop that would be 100% about justice and putting the bad guy away, but doing it right. He would probably have some cheesy sap story from when he was a child about why he wanted to join the force in the first place that Vernon would brush off, but it would really get him in the gut. Vernon himself would be more of a dirty cop. He'd have more of a skewed idea of justice, but he'd get his bad guy no matter what it took. He would also be one to make jokes and ignore his paper work and this would bug the hell out of Seungkwan to no end. Together they would be the perfect cops, always get their man (or woman), and have a few laughs along the way. (Personally I would kill for this movie but that's just me.)
  • Dino/Chan: A Chosen One Story
  • This is the Divergent, Maze Runner, or maybe even Hunger Games type of story. Even though stories like this can vary drastically in their setting and details of plot, they usually do have a lot of aspects in common. Dino has all the traits of a protagonist in this kind of story; being young and uncertain, but having a great, strong heart and likely being able to overcome whatever is thrown at him with a smile. Even if he himself wasn't the Chosen One, he would make a great supporting character/best friend to the protagonist. I'm not really sure how else to go about explaining this, but Chan would be such a great character in a movie or even a series like this.

anonymous asked:

Ok but why does Waverly say Nicole's voicemail was sweet? How do you say "your sister, boss and dumbass boyfriend are in a hostage situation," in a way that is sweet (and, let's be honest, probably flirty).

Nicole walked away from Dolls, nervously twirling his cell phone in her hand.

It was just a simple call.

No big deal.

All she had to do was tell her crush that her sister, boss, and no-good boyfriend were being held hostage by three lunatics.

Easy peasy.

She took a deep breath, activated the phone’s touchscreen and selected Waverly’s number from Dolls’ contact list.

“Keep it short. Sweet. Professional,” Nicole muttered to herself. It was just Waverly. Kind, adorable Waverly with the 100-watt smile that made Nicole feel like she was floating up into the clouds. “Nothin’ to it.”

She thought of her mom, who could put anyone at ease while delivering bad news with nothing more than a smile and a well-chosen anecdote. If she could do it, so could Nicole. Nodding, she placed the phone to her ear and listened to it ring and ring and ring. Her nerves started to get the best of her the longer Waverly didn’t pick up and she grimaced when the call went to voicemail.


You have three new messages. To listen to your new messages, press 1.

Hey babe. I’m gonna be late to dinner. Gotta run to the surplus store with Shorty to get a clamp for my tow hook. But when I’m done, I’ve got another tow hook that could definitely use some clamping. Get it? Clamp–

Deleted. Next message.  

Hi Waverly. It’s Nicole. Um, Officer Haught. So, you’re probably wondering how I got your number. Well, Deputy Marshall Dolls gave me his phone because… [clears throat] Did you know the Energizer Bunny got arrested? Yeah, he was charged with a battery. [Nervous chuckle, a pause, then something that sounds suspiciously like a hand smacking a forehead] I’m sorry. That was a terrible joke, wasn’t it? It was. My, uh, my mama always told me to break bad news with a joke. You know, get one last laugh in before you possibly ruin someone’s day. And, well, that seems like horrible advice right now. Or maybe my execution just needs work and…  Shit, I’m rambling. Okay, so there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. Maybe you’ll want to sit… or not… whichever you’re most comfortable with…but, uh, Wynonna’s in a hostage situation at the surplus store. With Shorty. And, um, Champ. And I know that’s alarming!  I’d tell you not to worry, but you’d probably worry anyway. Hell, I would. But I want you to know that the Sheriff and the Deputy Marshall are here and we’re all gonna do everything we can to bring them home safely. Which is probably small comfort at this point, I know, but everything’s gonna be just fine. I promise. If you need to reach me, I’m at 555-0145. Bye.

This message will be saved for 30 days. Next message:

Baby girl, it’s me. Just wanted to let you know I’m safe. But I’ve got some…some news you’re not gonna like. [Sniffles.] Meet me at… at Shorty’s. Gus needs to be there too.

Waverly disconnected the voicemail, stomach queasy both from worry and relief as she processed what she’d just heard. Wynonna, thankfully, was fine. But what about Shorty and Champ? What if something happened to the officers who tried to rescue them? To Nicole?

She stared at her phone for several seconds, debating over who to call back first. Her thumb hovered over the redial button of the number Nicole had used to call her. And as much as she wanted to press down, she knew it wasn’t Nicole she had to contact.

Fingers numb, Waverly dialed Wynonna’s number instead and anxiously waited for her sister to pick up, heart beating just a little bit faster as thoughts of a particular deputy nevertheless kept going and going and going through her mind.

merlinobsessionist  asked:

ok so based on LOT pilot. imagine gideon mentioning barry because she cares about him and the others being like what and rip goes to stop her but before he can she says how she's sad that he has to die cue reactions and possible plots to save him? or just plain angst and then meeting barry and realizing he knew all along and more angst (but then they save him anyway cause they make their own fates and shit)

Ahhh but what could they say to prompt her to reveal that he dies? Gideon tends not to offer extra information (though occasionally she was a little judgy toward eobard, lololol). They would have to ask directly about Barry’s fate, wouldn’t they? 

“So how do we all die, then, Gideon?” 

“I’m sorry, I am unable to provide you with information about your own fates. The captain has forbidden me from telling you about your futures.” 

“The Captain,” Len scoffs.

Sarah glances at the AI. “So what can you tell us?”

“I can inform you about future events that do not directly involve you.”

Leonard leans back, “like about the Flash? You could tell us how he dies?”

“April 25th, 2024 – the Flash vanishes in Crisis, never to be seen again.”

They all go still. Len just meant it as an example, he wasn’t actually – he feels like ice. That’s less than ten years away. Ten years is better than two, it’s all relative, but that’s…

“What is ‘Crisis’?” Stein asks, bringing Len back to reality. 

“Crisis is the result of time paradoxes and dimensional rifts. I cannot provide further details as it may pertain some of you in this room.”

Mick grunts, glancing around. “This is bullshit.”

Leonard can’t help but agree. Sara is looking a little somber, Jax is obviously queasy, and the Hawks aren’t around for this conversation anyway, which is probably for the best. Stein’s the only one who doesn’t seem too upset. “This is fascinating. An AI that can tell us about the future, and about time rifts and paradoxes.”

“And about how people die,” Leonard cuts in, glaring.

Stein’s expression softens a little. “When you get to be my age, Leonard, you come to terms with death. I’ve had many friends pass on, by now. As for Mr. Allen, saving the world is how he would want to go. He didn’t run into a black hole for nothing.” He isn’t okay with it. But people like Barry, like Ronnie… Martin understands. He will mourn Barry’s passing, if he’s still around, but they all have a number, and it runs up for all of them, at some point.

“Allen, huh?” Mick glances at Leonard, and Len glares at Stein, who looks mildly put out.

“Oh for the love of – he didn’t know yet?”

“Some of us know how to keep our traps shut.”

“Well, it’s a common last name.”

“This that Barry kid who hangs out around STAR Labs?”

Len rolls his eyes heavenward. At least he can blame this on Stein. Jax is the one to reply, “Barry’s tight. Real nice guy, lies for shit though.”

Mick grunts, “you’re both just kids.”

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it – Barry’s just a kid? He’ll be dead before he’s even Len’s age now. “Gideon?”

“Yes, Leonard?”

“The timeline, this ‘Crisis’ – can it be changed?”

“Yes, Leonard.”

He nods, glances around. “How about it? We’re supposed to be legends, right? Gotta’ start somewhere.” 

"What actually happened" for Dummies
  • <p> <b>Sakura:</b> *remembers "thank you" scene from first time she confessed*<p/><b>Sakura:</b> if I "STILL" have a ""PLACE"" IN ""YOUR HEART"" then please don't slip any further away...if we just all stayed together forever then i'm sure things will go back to the way they ""USED" TO BE"...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *shakes at her words, calls her "annoying"(recalling the same day that made her understand that she indeed once had a place in "his heart"), instead of actually killing her (like he intended with naruto) he genjutsus her because he fears that she might get in the way(get hurt)*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *doesn't get it...yet* you lil shit all Sakura ever did was love you...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *tries to play cold;but fails* Does she expect for me to play at romance? She has no reason to love me and likewise..<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *throws chancla at him* baka--BAKA! you only need a reason when it's hate and...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> ...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> wait a diddinly darn minute...?<p/><b></b> Playing at romance? what da heck are you talking about? She never mentioned any of "that"??...she "just said" that she loved you, wanted you to go back,and for things to go back to the way they "USED" to be!<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> (shit.)<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> you sneaky lil bastard were you two playing at romance behind Sensei's back, back then?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> *laughs* they kinda looked like they were "lovers"...I feel so embarrassed *blushes*... And I cried so much when they first parted as well... OMG so much feels!...you guys should also read--<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> not now trollshimoto, I have answers I need questioned.<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> It's kishi.Kishimoto,and I think what you actually meant to say was: "questions i need answered"?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> Now...don't get all cocky of me just because you think you're the writer of this Manga!<p/><b>Kishi:</b> eh? But I am the writer...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> shhhhhh<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *turns to Sasuke* now, as I was saying...<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *not there anymore*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> WHAT? Where did Mr. "duck's-butt-hair" go? He still hasn't answered Sensei's question!<p/><b>Naruto:</b> I dunno, he said something like: *changes voice to sasuke* "those may just be chains from our failed past" and then ran away like a ninja while half-crying-half-blushing.<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> ?ah! "and naruto" how long have you been there?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> NOW THAT'S JUST RUDE!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh sorry it's just that you were irrelevant atm.<p/><b>Naruto:</b> hah? I was the one who has seen more ss moments I'll have you know!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> Naruto, have I ever told you how relevant you were?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> you changed your mind pretty quickly...eh -_-<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh common Naruto, don't be like that. Tell your most beloved Sensei what he wants to know, mmh?<p/><b>Naruto:</b> now I'm not sure about "most beloved"; but I'll tell you anyway just so you don't say I'm irrelevant to all of this...<p/><b></b> There was that time when he wanted to die for her and wanted me to carry her and run with her as fast and far as I could no matter what happened while telling me how dear she was to him; but of coarse I immediately took the spotlight away from him because I'm the protagonist and I'm suppose to save people...,anyways there was also this time where sakura was worried for him and I had no idea what was going on but<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> pfft third wheel<p/><b>Naruto:</b> I wasn't!<p/><b></b> He just admitted that "only she" could convince him of anything with the exception of revenge!... which was kinda of weird because despite having said this the moron still planned on dying, throwing away his dream just so "she could live"...<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> well I did say that sakura ("the girl who filled "his heart(lonely existence)" with the emotion called "LOVE"") was a "precious" person he was supposed to protect...duhhh that's why he broke a guy's arms for touching her, and the only one who could calm him down was sakura "by hugging him". Hello? Anyone remember that?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> and then... "naruto"?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> (was I just ignored?)<p/><b>Naruto:</b> when sakura hugged him at the hospital he made an expression that made me feel like I didn't belong in the room so I left<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> See...!third wheel!<p/><b>Naruto:</b> -_-<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *sarcastic laugh* Ha-Ha-Ha! Not so much, because later the idiot was jealous of me and decided to fight me(almost kill me)...and part of it was triggered because of sakura's grateful smile towards me...and despite wanting to chidori "me" to enter true darkness like itachi wanted him to...when Sakura got in between... he suddenly got scared!<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> welp I always knew he had a crush on her...he probably also feels strongly about her if not cutting his ties with her wouldn't have been so hard back then...<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> love is a complicated thing...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> you still here?.<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> I was just leaving<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> 685 anyone? I threw sasuke in that dimension for the purpose of eyesex, and to catch him in his cold act...let's not forget that i--<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> oh can you just be quiet!?<p/><b>Kishimoto:</b> Oh so now you're not ignoring me, huh?<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> You killed Rin! I hate you! *kicks him back to his original dimension*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> Ooo-Kaay?? Now that Sakura's words have shaken Sasuke's soul... I'm going to punch some sense into him and finally bring him back...cause that's pretty much what this story is about "when love doesn't work, punch your friend in the face until he realizes it does"<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> *from the distance* he sure is taking his time<p/><b>Naruto:</b> (my sasuke senses are tingling) *runs away like a ninja*<p/><b>Hagoromo:</b> I hope those boys get their love back...*looks at Sakura* especially Sasuke...that bootay is fine...*starts to disappear*<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> What bootay is fine? Wait, wait, waaaaaiiiit...ah aaaand he left...<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> *sighs* we don't get paid well enough...<p/><b>Sakura:</b> *suddenly wakes up from a genjutsu cast by the current strongest sharingan user* you think...?<p/></p>

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I know you haven't written this in a whike, but maybe a hospital!AU drabble? It's my favorite universe :)

you’re trying to remember how many mac n cheese sliders you had at dinner because you feel like you’re going to throw up and you know it’s not because of your excess of appetizers but that’s easier to process than, well.

yousef—your very cute, very smart date, who had taken you on the train from providence to new york city to see a live reading by david sedaris and hang out with a few of your friends at columbia—is entirely oblivious, and you’re not holding hands but if you were he would probably feel yours shaking. they’re a little numb, though, and you probably stop moving and breathing for a moment before he looks over at you, probably to share a really cool fact, and you like him, you really do, but then he stops.

‘hey,’ he says, and you meet his eyes and muster up what is apparently a terrible effort of a smile, because he frowns a little. ‘are you okay?’

‘yeah,’ you try to get out, and your voice catches a little, and you want to rub your eyes because this feels entirely surreal: there’s a girl, probably ten feet away from you, and it has to be lexa. you recognize the set of her shoulders and the way she holds her head—chin lifted, just slightly, to combat her pretty features and her soft voice, because she’s brilliant and wants to never be dismissed. her hair is different than your lexa, and the thought makes your heart drop a little: it’s shorter, falling just above her shoulders, wild and soft and you still want to run your hands through it.

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Title: Hero

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Summary: That he couldn’t remember the first time he’d protected Saruhiko from harm wasn’t really going to stop Yata from doing it one more time, again and again.

Notes: Just wanted to write something based on that ‘First Contact’ short manga from LSW, so here we are.

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Give Me Love - Chapter Five

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |

I’m still working on this, (albeit very slowly- I’ve lost my way with it a bit) so the next parts might take a while to appear. If I don’t do enough of it and it’s been too long, I can take prompts or upload the other thing I’ve been working on if you guys want me to. Hope you enjoy :)

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