i feel like she would be a wonderful hale

Teen Wolf?

She was very familiar with death. She was death. Derek knew that from the beginning. He saw it in her eyes. He smelled it on her skin. Yet he saw something else. Something hidden behind her souless eyes. The pack never believed him when he said she could be saved. He knew she could be saved. Derek was to old for high school so he was late to learn about the bodies in the woods. He didn’t know that y/n was missing most of the day. His pack did though. They saw the monster that tore in her soul but not the pain that brought the monster there. They came up with a plan to finally rid beacon hills of the person destroying it. The pack spilt up into pairs. Derek and Isaac walked side by side.
“I know you think she can be saved, but if you had seen the bodies in the woods you would think differently.” The werewolves came across the beautiful girl in the clearing looking lost.
“If it isn’t the people who always ruin my fun. I guess you guys aren’t as bad as the human and the alpha. If you came for a fight I shall grant you one.”
“What are you y/n?”
“A vampire and a werewolf. I’m much stronger than the both of you.”
“You can’t win against both of us.”
A smirk graced the pretty girls lips and he wondered what it would look like with a smile instead.
“Do you want to die Derek Hale?”
“You won’t kill me. Something is off with you. It’s like you can’t feel anything but there is no way someone can’t feel anything at all.”
“As a vampire I have a switch. When the pain of life becomes to much I can just click them away. The feelings I had before just disappear.”
“Why did you turn yours off. What you get your boyfriend stolen?”
A flash of pain settled on her eyes at Isaac’s words. She seemed far away like she was remembering a memory that horrified her to no end. I stepped closer to her.
“You remind me of him. I’ve heard you use sarcasm against that stiles boy. He use to make me laugh so hard at the sarcasm he tossed around.”
“Who the boyfriend? What kind of person shuts off there humanity over something so childish?”
Y/ns eyes changed darker and she had black veins under her eyes and the canines and fangs she held in her mouth sharpened. She hissed at Issac.
“He wasn’t my boyfriend! You arrogant fuc-”
Her breath caught in her throat has the arrow stuck through her heart. Derek rushed to her side.
“Allison! What is wrong with you!”
“I thought..I th-”
“Go get help!”
“It’s okay Derek.”
“Why did you turn it off?”
“They- killed him. I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”
“Killed who?”
“My brother. He was….He… Burning.”
The hybrids skin grew grey a sure sign of death. The werewolf picked her up in his arms and carried her to the burnt down place that was his old house. Derek knew grief of loosing family. He to would have tried to stop the pain. And the killing she did, yes it was wrong but if you couldn’t feel you couldn’t stop yourself. The pack glanced at Derek but looked down knowing he was angry. All of them stared at the dead vampire on the couch. When the door to his house banged open.
“Where is she? Where is my sister!”
“Sister? Are you talking about y/n?”
The man’s eyes made contact with her body and he rushed over and ripped the arrow from her chest. His eyes turned gold has he dug his fangs into his wrist and held it up to the dead girls mouth. Slowly but surely her skin became the vibrant color it was before. She sat up and gasped and then started to sob.
“Where is kol! Why would you do that? I saw him! Bring me back!”
The distraught hybrid that seemed more like a little girl than before held the arrow out to the first person she saw which happened to be stiles.
“Here put it back in.”
“Y/n, love…”
She finally realized the other presence in the room and she leaped into the arms of the blonde.
“Nik I couldn’t stop them.”
“I know. I couldn’t either.”
“ You didn’t let me kill Elena or Jeremy. Why! Did you not…Do you not miss him?”
The man cradled the girls face in hand.
“Of course I miss him. He is my brother to! No one was as close as you two were. I know this is hard sister, but let us help you. Elijah is worried and so is Stefan.”
“No! Stefan helped that bastard doppelganger and I know it! Keep him away from me Klaus!”
“Okay I will. I promise. Listen we found the cure but Katherine took it.”
“So keeping them alive was for nothing?”
“No Jeremy is dead.”
“Good. I will not miss him. Take me home Klaus. I just want to go home.”
Klaus picked up y/n bridal style and she fell quickly to sleep. The older vampire looked at Scott’s pack.
“Which one of you amateurs killed my sister?”
“That would be me.”
“Learn your history before you go in without thinking. My twin and I can not be killed. We are the first hybrids and over 1000 years old. A silly arrow won’t keep us sedated long. Now which one of you turned on her humanity?”
Derek took a tiny step forward and looked at the girl who seemed to be at peace as she slept. He was worried about the state she would be in when she woke up.
“Thank you. Our brother kol was killed that is why she shut off her humanity. Y/n and him were way closer than me and her ever were. I think watching Elena and Jeremy kill him was proven to be to much on her. This is the first time my sister has ever let her emotions get the best of her. She will want to see you when she wakes up. Would you mind accompanying us?”
“I don’t even know you.”
“My name is niklaus mikealson. But most people call me Klaus.”
“Okay Klaus. I’m Derek Hale.”
A grin stretched on the hybrids face.
“A Hale. My sister and I have known many of your ancestors. That is probably why you were the one to get her to return back to her self.”
“I’ll come with you.”