i feel like rogue

okay fun fact Riz Ahmed has been one of my endless Potential Rincewind Fancasts for a couple of years and the fact that he’s now got exponentially more photos and that Bodhi Rook looks quite a lot like I would expect Space AU Rincewind to look is like, such a great fringe benefit to Rogue One’s existence

chirrut and baze roasting each other as though the other isn’t standing right there 👌👌👌🔥🔥 meanwhile the person they’re talking to is getting v strong 3rd wheel vibes and isn’t sure why

I feel like if the rogues ever got in a fight with each other but didn’t want to have shoot outs or extreme violence they’d passive aggressively call the police on each other like

‘GCPD, what’s your emergency?’

‘Hello? Yes, I’d like to inform you that Edward Nigma is going to rob the Gotham City Bank at 8 pm tomorrow.’

'Alright, and what’s your name?’

'This is Jonathan Crane.’

’…sir, is this a prank call?’

Rogue One as a Star Wars movie

I feel like the difference between Rogue One and the rest of the Star Wars franchise is kind of like the difference between Poe and Cassian; they’re both charismatic latino pilots of the Rebellion, but still very different.

Poe is the original Star Wars. A charming, heroic posterboy, with a cute beeping droid, idolised and loved by everyone. He remains untainted and innocent all along, despite going through like 8 types of different shit during just that one movie. Of which each of them would be enough on its own to cause a total nervous breakdown; He gets chased through the galaxy, gets physically and mentally totured, is lost in the desert after crashing and escaping custody just before his execution, and losts several dear friends in battle. He’s still a beaming light of hope, trusting and befriending Finn the first chance he gets, and still saving the day in the end.

Cassian, on the other hand, is generally distrustful and careful with people he’s just met, with a sarcastic murderbot for a companion, not a puppy-like one. He warms up slowly to people and has no illusions about them and the word. He doesn’t even gets an on-screen “reason” for that, as it is often demanded in blockbusters; he’s been fighting this fight since he was 6 years old, of course he’s gonna be in the moral grey-zone sometimes, duh. Still, he’s a genuinely good and nice person, who believes in a bigger cause and fights the good fight, for the people he loves and for the better future he believes in. He’s willing to go to the end of the line, to give his life for hope, for others. He’s the Rogue One himself; a little less obviously lovable and naive, but more human, more real.

Also, you love them both very much, don’t you?