i feel like rewatching this show again

13/9/16– It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

I’m having the strongest urge to watch TRC as a tv show… like the feeling as if it’s a tv show I’ve already watched, but I want to rewatch it over and over again.
I want to see Ronan’s face when he looks at Adam, Gansey’s face when he looks at Blue, I want to see Ronan’s tattoo and I want to cry looking at Noah’s face and looking at Henry being the cutest nerd and I want to watch Kavinsky destroy the world and Ronan bring cabeswater to life and Gansey sitting on the floor of Monmouth constructing his miniature Henrietta and Adam riding in the passenger seat of the pig, and Blue sitting in Fox way with the ladies and I want to see aglionby uniforms and tarot cards and the gang sitting around at nino’s and the dream pack burning shit to the ground, and I WANT TO SEE TRC AS A TV SHOW AND I WANT TO WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

(I don’t have a Sherlock tumblr, so I hope you don’t mind this long submission)

Weeks ago you were talking about non fandom person’s thoughts on 4th series, so I thought I’d share this: 

I have a work friend that’s what I would call a devoted casual in that she adores Ben, so owns and rewatches the series DVDs, but is not in any fandom, doesn’t read/watch press, and relies entirely on me for info on when the next series comes out.

We’ve talked about the show before- superficially and for only ~10 min each series. But after she’d finally watched the 4th series, she made a point to seek me out so she could talk/vent. (Highlights of that conversation include ‘Well, Ben looked and acted great as usual.’ And ‘It was ok while I was watching it…but looking back it didn’t make much sense.’)

She ended with expressing huge disappointment with the whole series, and regretted that she’d bought the dvds because she didn’t want to rewatch them again.

Pervious to this, I’d never talked about the show real in-depth or ‘fanish’ with her, but seeing as she was so disappointed, I just couldn’t resist. I talked about the things that I’d read ‘on the internet’ that made me feel better about the series- namely the concept of unreliable narrator (edited footage with Magnussen; the memory altering drug T12) and the theory that TFP was in John’s mind- like TAB was in Sherlocks.

We only talked for a few minutes, but I could see something click for her and she was super excited to rewatch with these things in mind.

A week later, after rewatching the series x3 with those things in mind, she sought me out again. ‘I think I know what happened in last season of Sherlock! Want to hear my theories?’ Of course I did!

So, what follows is what she came up with. Obviously, I influenced her, but overall I think what she came up with (on her own outside of fandom) is interesting.

John killed Mary, and T6T is the ‘cover story’ of events. John and Sherlock were working together to find out the truth about Mary- John didn’t love or want to stay with her, but that was the easiest way to keep track of her. The plan wasn’t necessarily to kill her, but to get her and the danger around her out of their lives.

There was no ‘woman on the bus’ that John had a thing with. That was a readymade lie that John could admit to if he got caught in inconsistencies on the cover story or if Mary became suspicious over John’s behavior. Admit to the small lie to hide the big lie- that sound like something Sherlock would suggest.

Smith had zero to do with the drug T12- that was just a bit of ‘overflow’ from Sherlock and John choosing to take it for *reasons* (better cover story? John needed to sell the grief, but couldn’t?)

It’s Sherlocks idea to take T12, and he sells it to John as necessary. John learns that Sherlock had this done before but not the reason why. He only learns that are code words associated with these sessions, and Sherlocks previous code word was ‘Redbeard.’ The code word for their session is of course ‘Eurus.’

They take it, and it has some unexpected consequences. It worked perfectly, but the lie that John loved Mary and was devastated when she died was too big for John to handle- it was too far from the truth. John’s mind told him he loved Mary and was sad she was dead, but his heart knew that was a lie. That internal conflict started John drinking, which further complicated the issue. Now John not quite remembered, but somehow knew that it was Sherlocks fault for this (Sherlock got John to take the T12) and that is why John blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death.

And so both John and Sherlock are abusing their substances, which further messes with both their memories- i.e. John also ends up thinking that the woman on the bus is real -and they end up estranged.

The case with Smith happened mostly as shown- but it is thru John and Sherlocks substance abusing POV so it’s unreliable. Fake!Faith and the therapist were real and the same woman- but the reason the woman on the bus had the same face was because John mind wasn’t very creative when it made her real.

Fake!Faith/therapist is a bad guy- either tied to Moriarty or on her own. She knows about the T12 and manipulated both using that knowledge- maybe even drugging them with more.

She shoots John, and TFP is all in John’s head as he’s dying. It’s a mix of the movies John likes (she pointed out to me the bit from T6T about John knowing the horror stories) and John’s assumptions about Sherlock. ‘Sherlocks sister’ of course has the same face as the woman that shot him, becasue again- John’s mind isn’t that creative. John in the dream thinks it’s real, but a part of him knows he’s dying- that part is Victor, and that shows how much John is worried that not only will Sherlock will fail to save him in time, he’ll also forget about him when he is gone.

And that was her theory. I was pretty impressed, and she was pleased to have thought it out like that.

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Hey Lovely!

Oh gosh, I don’t remember which post you’re referencing, so I’m just going to assume it’s any of the many I get LOL. Thank you very much for this interesting theory from your friend! My own theory differs slightly from your friend (ie. I believe that the Bus Stop Lady is the “one true face” who was an agent for Mycroft / MI5 and John integrated her into his TD-12 fuelled story, much like Sherlock did with Lady Carmichael and the Airline Stewardess), but we both believe it’s a faulty narrative, TFP is John’s TAB, and that TD-12 has a LOT to do with the unreliable narration. 

I really love all these theories. Thank you for sharing!

caerulaen  asked:

i love your s12 spn meta post, i love how you've analysed things and looked through different angles, but i have to admit. sometimes i feel that us fans of the show think more complexly about the characters and scenes than the writers themselves. they've shown continuity errors and character development mistakes time and time again, and the queerbaiting is frustrating as fuck. it doesn't make sense to me that these people are the same ones orchestrating such fantastic plotlines.

(i ran out of space for that previous ask) but again, i sincerely mean no disrespect to you or to the creators of the show. it was just my two cents. i’m sorry if you find it offensive in any way, i definitely did not mean for it to come off as rude! :(

Hi… I didn’t take it as rude, so you’re fine. :P

(I probably wouldn’t have posted it on anon, though, just because I don’t see the show as being fully of continuity errors and character development mistakes, and “queerbaiting” is in the eye of the beholder and seems a harsh statement to level against a writing staff that is comprised of several LGBT writers. Especially when they have been addressing queer characters and issues in serious ways, and absolutely not making them the punchline of a joke or dismissing them. It’s a word I would not throw around so casually.)

***On second thought, after typing ALL of this out, I feel like having spent the whole morning on it, it should be on my blog… I hope that’s okay.

Half the point of my rewatch (which, oops, I’m behind on because TNT showed a ten episode marathon the morning after a new episode aired, and the new episode had to take priority over the old) is to point out how consistent ALL of these things are.

There’s a post I like very much that I just saw again yesterday:

People should probably learn the difference between “plot holes” and “things I didn’t like” or “things the franchise plans to explain in the future” or “things film makers didn’t think they needed to explicitly explain because they thought you had critical thinking skills”

I didn’t reblog it because it’s already somewhere on my blog from ages ago, but especially relevant to s12, because of the way they’re telling the story.

99% of the time what looks on the surface like a “plot hole” is actually an expansion of canon, and yelling PLOT HOLE! or RETCON! just because something seems different means there’s a reason for the difference now.

Like the fact we’ve seen several shapshifters who don’t shed their skin like puddles of goo and can just *poof* into a new form. We’ve had shifters like this since s6 when we learned about the alphas. Truly powerful shifters don’t need to shed to change form.

(on a practical level, it makes the prop department’s job easier because they don’t have to create goo puddles, but also they’re able to use a shifter’s ability to change instantly as a plot point, and have done so several times very effectively. Like in 12.20 when Ketch was torturing “Mary” and punched her, so the shifter took on HIS form. They couldn’t have done that if they hadn’t introduced this more powerful strain of shifter before.)

Technically, everything that’s happened since 4.01 would fit the strictest definition of plot hole, because it had already been established that angels did not exist. And yet… here were angels.

Cas said in the past that angels were now walking the earth for the first time in two thousand years, so the fact he’d been down here in a vessel in 1901 must be a plot hole too… unless you assume that Cas’s previous statement was both specific and hyperbolic (which really isn’t a stretch, angels have always avoided certain truths in order to manipulate us). Angels as a whole hadn’t embarked on a unified mission to earth in the last 2000 years, but we know that Lily’s first encounter with Ishim in 1901 was because SHE SUMMONED HIM. She performed a magical spell that BROUGHT AN ANGEL TO EARTH. And the events of their relationship unfolded to the point she felt compelled to summon yet another angel (Akobel) to protect her from Ishim. Well, suddenly there’s a whole flight of angels coming to kill her, you know? It’s not the sort of story that any of the angels involved would be cheerfully chirping on about.

Point being, if Lily Sunder was capable of summoning an angel, there’s probably been OTHER people over the course of human history who’d tried it too. All of heaven may not have descended like they did in s4, but here and there, angels very well may have been watching over us.

It’s not a plot hole, it’s an expansion of canon. It refines our understanding and reminds us that we don’t know everything about the entire history of that universe.

I think there’s two kinds of people: Those who see something they think is a “mistake” in canon and scream PLOT HOLE! and get upset about it and think the writers are idiots, and then there are those who see that same thing and wonder how does that fit with the information I already have and then try to understand.

Sometimes a plot hole is just a plot hole (like the time travel nonsense in 12.13 that turns into a strange loop of infinitely decreasing returns), but most of the time it’s really really not.

As for characterization “errors”, most of the time they are incredibly purposeful. Like the whole scene at the beginning of 12.15. People are STILL shouting, “Out of character! Dean hates germs! He would NEVER do that!” and therefore MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF THAT SCENE.

Which was SAM standing there staring at Dean THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING.

Dean was putting on the performance FOR SAM. He KNEW Sam was lying to him about where the cases were coming from, and Dean’s not a moron. They visit the MoL, and suddenly a few days later Sam’s got a “magic phone app” that finds cases for him? Yeah, Dean wasn’t about to let Sam keep lying to him, and yet Sam was STILL lying to him even after two weeks of hunting, so he kept upping the Disgusting Quota trying to get Sam to break and confess. Because if he just comes out and asks Sam directly, he continues to lie and give him weak excuses. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basics right there…

The one characterization thing that actually bugs me was the scene in 9.04 where Sam and Dean are watching Game of Thrones with Charlie, and Jensen and Jared DECIDED TO SWAP LINES because they felt that Sam was the one who would read the books, and not Dean… (Robbie Thompson, who wrote the scene, is still grumpy about it, too). Because DEAN DOES READ. And in this scene HE was the one who was supposed to be mirrored to Charlie through their mutual love of this particular brand of nerdery. It sort of wrecks the entire characterization of the episode, in which Dean’s usual “performing Dean” persona was SUPPOSED to fall down in Charlie’s company, and he would casually and comfortably admit he enjoyed reading the epic fantasy series (which, really, we know Dean reads fantasy novels… he’s a huge effing nerd).

Why do you think in 11.04 (also by Robbie Thompson) he wrote the line about Dean knowing that the phrase “god helps those who helps themselves” was from Aesop and not the bible? Because Jensen COULDN’T JUST HAND THAT LINE TO JARED. He HAD to admit he read. Because Performing Dean is one thing, but when he’s not trying to project that facade, he’s brilliant.

So yeah, 99% of it is 100% intentional. It’s our job as viewers to think about why. You can absolutely watch the show as a passive casual viewer (and the most casual viewer wouldn’t even NOTICE the things that get called plot holes or characterization mistakes), or you can see those things that seem not to make sense on the surface and look for the reason they struck you as being slightly wrong. Because if you dig just a little bit deeper, it opens up an entire new level of understanding about the show.

The writing is NEVER going to hand you all of that deeper characterization on a plate. That would make for TERRIBLE writing. All they want is for the characters and the plots to stick with us, so that we DO turn these issues over in our heads, so we DO think critically about them, and hopefully come to some compelling and fascinating conclusions. Or at the very least we’re eager to tune in again the following week to see if our suspicions are confirmed.

This is a hook that writers have been using since writing was a thing. This is how stories are told. Not just in the words, but in the negative spaces. We’re not just supposed to consume stories, but in the very best way, the best stories also consume US. They make us into an active participant in the narrative, and force us to consider the world and characters on our screens as real people.

That’s how all of this works.


I’ve been rewatching the EAH webisodes on youtube for the last few days. Honestly watching them has made me so sad, and so happy at the same time. I’ve miss the webisodes like every other EAH fan. I also miss how each new webisode made me feel creative and inspired. Today I ran into the Date Night webisode and fell in love all over again. I’d forgotten how much I loved this webisode, not only because I’m a diehard Raven and Dexter shipper, but because I always loved the webisodes that showed off the backgrounders. This one had some amazing images of the beloved backgrounders…and of Raven and Dexter of course! The End…is just the beginning!

(I gave in- I am doing all the LU Chapter covers cause I need something nice and fluffy and happy that doesn’t make me want to punch things) 

(Rewatching the finale of HIMYM was a horrible mistake. Usually if I give something a few years and rewatch/reread it again I still won’t like/love it but I won’t feel viciously betrayed… clearly not the case this time) 

Anyways I am on my 6th picture for the project and clearly my inner CLAMP fan is showing because I am starting to plot out all sorts of alternate outfits and hairstyles for Mari… 

Anyways this is a WIP for chapter 7

Not totally sold on it yet… trying to decide if I need to change it before I do the rest >_> @geek-fashionista any thoughts? (It is your story) 

(So far I have finished Chapters 1, 9,19, 21, 23 will post a collection when I finish for the night) (OH I have also set up a new tag LU Chapter Art. Will be going back and making sure everything is tagged that way tonight as well for anyone who wants to follow along) 

Me: Welp, that’s the last episode of the show! Again. Now that I’ve finished my rewatch maybe I can start on that other thing–

My ADHD brain: watch it again

Me: I mean sure but I’ve already seen every episode three times now and there’s this show I’ve been trying to watch for a couple months–

ADHD: no, watch it again, I like it

Me: … a’ight, I guess I could go for another rewatch.

5dollsforanaugustmoon  asked:

omg, so hi! I was really in love with Inuyasha in middle school and somewhat through high school and I recently began rewatching it again for nostalgia and forgot how much genuine joy the entire show gave me. I feel like I'm discovering it all over again and going thru your blog reminded me how much InuKag was my fave OTP for such a long while 😭 anyways just wanted to say I loooooove your blog and everything on it!

awww thank youu !!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog :’) 

I think Inuyasha is universally known as the “feel good” anime haha ♥♥♥ and ofc inukag is love, inukag is life!  ♥ 

Her Words Not Mine

Well just finished up my Buffy rewatch and now that it’s over, I forgot how much this show effected me. I have watched every night for the last month and just like the first time I’m devastated now that it’s over. I think it clear to everyone that the final season was all about redemption. I’m not just talking about Spike either. Willow was on her own quest for the horrible things she did and Zander tried his best to make things right with Anya. Buffy was just coming out of a very bad depression with the help of Spike and needed to to feel a purpose again. In the end I feel that everyone found their solace. I love the evolution of the Spuffy love story and I firmly believe that in their last moments together Buffy meant what she said, only Spike still feels he doesn’t deserve her love. It’s fair to say that their final scene was the most epic romance scene ever and they didn’t even kiss. Their something that can be said about that whole love is pain symbolism that Spike was always going on about. As she said those words and interlocked her hand with his, I think Buffy finally understood his words. She held on as long as she could, feeling the searing flames burn her flesh and yet his last words to her hurt far more. After Spikes big sacrifice I think it’s safe to say Buffy took her pain and turned it into pride that she could have allowed such a brave man into her heart. Her words not mine, now I’m off to continue their love story in the comics.

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Edmund x Reader: Not Going To Be Easy

Anon asked: Could you do one taking place in VODT where Edmund is basically jealous of Caspian bc he sees Cas & the reader talking & laughing although neither Caspian or the reader are interested in each other & in the scene where Ed finds the treasure it’s really bc he wants to impress the reader & when Caspian and him start fighting Ed acts like he just wants power and a kingdom when it’s bc of his feelings for the reader & when the crew camps at the island at night there’s fluff between Ed & the reader?

So sorry I took so long! Besides being incredibly sick it took me forever to get my hands on this movie to rewatch what I forgot what happened.

Also in this Caspian never showed any feeling for Susan, since it would get in the way of Edmund thing they liked each other. All but the follow the events of the film since I haven’t been able to read the book again.

-During the Voyage of the Dawn Treader-

Edmund was thrilled to be back in Narnia. He was glad to be back where he wasn’t treated like a kid like he was back in England. He remembered that before he, Lucy, and (Y/N) had gone to get groceries for his uncle. (Y/N) had gladly gone with them. He had tried to enlist into the war to help, but couldn’t since he was underage.

Lucy and (Y/N) smirked once he came out grumbling. He kept rambling about how he has fought wars and lead armies.

“Not in this world,” (Y/N) told him.

(Y/N) was very well educated on Narnia since she had luckily been sent to the Professor’s house with the Pevensies during the aerial bombings. She was also there last year when they returned to help out Prince Caspian overthrow his uncle. She was Queen (Y/N) the Loyal. She remembered clearly her crowing alongside the Pevensies in what seems like so long ago.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” Crowned after Lucy and before Edmund. She and Edmund had nearly gotten together but then they came back to England and those feeling seemed strange at the age they returned to. Both were the same age actually.

(Y/N) had realized she had drifted off in her memories until she heard Edmund ask Lucy, “What are you doing?”

Lucy seemed to snap out in wherever she was and told him they should head back.

“Are you coming (Y/N)?” Lucy asked her. (Y/N) nodded and smiled.

Now they were back in Narnia and abroad the Dawn Treader as Caspian told them.

He would’ve been ecstatic and overjoyed, but something came into his mind instead. Jealousy. They had been lead to Caspian’s office as he showed them there was peace all over Narnia for three years since they’ve gone.

“And in those years have you found yourself a Queen?” Lucy asked him.

Caspian chuckled and shook his head. “No, I haven’t.” He smiled at them and inconveniently stopped his gaze on (Y/N) which made Edmund a bit suspicious.

If only that had been the only thing that had happened to trigger his jealousy. Yes, after they first got back from Narnia his feeling for (Y/N) had diminished, but after the time had passed he seemed to rekindle those feeling for her.

Whenever he would see (Y/N) and Caspian talking and laughing an unsettling feeling in his stomach would surface. He couldn’t get past his jealousy to realize they didn’t like each other at all. They had just become good friends the last time they were here and great friends now. They saw each other like as if they were the siblings they never had.

Edmund sat by himself on the ground. They had decided to dock on an island for the night. (Y/N) got up from where she sat with Lucy and Gael.

“Hey Ed!” she smiled as she sat beside him.


(Y/N) frowned. “You seem off. Is anything wrong?”

“Fine. Why do you ask?” he told her rather harshly. (Y/N) looked hurt and looked down. Edmund sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s okay. I get it. It’s been rather exhausting. Just being on a ship and islands.”

“Yeah, that’s it” Edmund mumbled even though that wasn’t the reason he was upset.

Just seeing them together would rattle him up inside. In the morning when she and Lucy were captured by some creatures with huge feet he had gone hysterical. Both his sister and (Y/N) were gone. He had been so relieved when they found him. He however became again very jealous as Capsian hugged her when they were found.

Edmund then would try to impress (Y/N) every chance he got. Except one of those times had gone to far. The four of them had found an enhanced pond that turned things to gold. Edmund had saw this as an opportunity to impress (Y/N), but he couldn’t do it so obviously since Lucy and Caspian were there too. So he devised a plan to do so.

He retrieved the sword and handed it to Caspian.

“He mustn’t have known what hit him,” Lucy told them referring to the lord in the water.

“Maybe,” Edmund said, “Or maybe he was on to something.”

“What are you talking about?” (Y/N) asked him.

The three watched as Edmund bent down beside the pool of water and got a shell and dipped in into the water. He quickly took it out and placed it on the ground as it turned completely into gold. He picked it up and stared at intenty as his plan hit him.

“What are you staring at?” Lucy asked him.

“Whoever has access to this to this pool, could be the most powerful person in the world.” Edmund told them. They all looked at each other puzzlingly.

“We could be so rich. No one could tell us what to do or who to live with.” he said as he looked at Lucy and (Y/N), but mainly the latter. “We could be treated like the king and queens we are,” he stared intently at (Y/N) as he spoke.

“You can’t take anything out of Narnia Edmund,” Caspian said.

“Says who?”

“I do.”

Edmund stood up and stared at Caspian. “I am not your subject.”

“You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you, to challenge me? You doubt my leadership!” Caspian told Edmund.

“You doubt yourself,” Edmund snarled.

“You’re a child!”

“And you’re a spineless sap!”

“Edmund-” Lucy tried to grab him and stop him but he pushed her away.

“I’m tired of playing second fidle. First it was Peter and now it’s you. You know I’m braver than both of you. And why did you get Peter’s sword? I deserve a kingdom of my own! I deserve to rule!” All Edmund wanted was to impress (Y/N) but he wasn’t realizing the look of confusion and disappointment she was giving both him and Caspian. They were letting the evil mist consume them.

“If you think you’re so brave-prove it!” Casian challenged him. Both he and Edmund had drawn out their swords ready to fight.

Before they could clash swords, both Lucy and (Y/N) rushed in between them.

“No. Stop it! Both of you!” (Y/N) yelled. Edmund’s eyes softened at she glared at him and Caspian.

Lucy the spoke, “Look at yourselves. Can’t you see what’s happening? This place has tempted you. It’s bewitching you. This is exactly what Coriakin was talking about. Let’s just get out of here.”

Lucy stormed out of the cave. Caspian followed after her. (Y/N) looked disappointedly at Edmund and followed them.

Edmund frowned. His plan hadn’t worked and now he had caused this unnecessary problem. Even though he was trying to impress (Y/N), he couldn’t help but the things he said weren’t a total lie. To make himself feel even more terrible he had learned his cousin had been obliviated, but luckily wasn’t and just turned into a dragon.
That night as they camped on the island he looked up the stars. (Y/N) layed beside him copying his actions.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N),” Edmund murmured as he fixed his gaze on (Y/N). “You’re not mad anymore?”

She turned her head to look at him and frowned. “No. At least not as much as I was. And I was upset not angry,” she told him. She turned back to look at the stars. “And you forgot something.”


“Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” She hummed. “You can’t get rid of me even if you tried. I’ll always be here for you Edmund.”

“I know.”

She turned her head to look at him again. She was now smirking. “I don’t think you do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m not as oblivious as you think, Ed. I know you haven’t been off because of our surroundings.” She was glad they were far enough from the others not to be heard. “Now I’m not going to say why because I want you to tell me yourself.”

Edmund knew exactly that she knew he was jealous, but she had always been way too nice to him to tease him about it.

“Just don’t take a long as you did the first time because after you finally admitted it to me, we went back to being kids,” she smirked. Guess she wasn’t as nice to him as he thought.

He couldn’t help but smile. “If that’s the case then why do I have to admit it if you already know?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I can’t let you go off that easily. I’m telling you Edmund, I’m extremely loyal. I don’t like Caspian and I would never because I’m loyal to you.”

“Prove it,” he challenged her with a smile as he leaned forward.

She giggled and backed her face away. “I may be loyal to you but like I said, I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

“Fine,” he smiled. He looked down at her hand and held it. He looked up at her and smiled. “Is this okay, at least?”

“It’s perfect,” she smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Edmund definitely knew she wasn’t going to make this easy for him, but that wasn’t going to stop him from treating her like the true Queen she is.

Thoughts about last night's episode...

**spoilers below**

I love seeing Ressler talk to Liz, and about her with Gale! Aaah, all my Keenler feels! I also love seeing Samar and Liz working together and getting a bit of banter - “Here I thought you’d gone all pink and perfect on me”. My two gorgeous, badass ladies!

Ressler looks so good (!!!) and he’s so great talking to that witness. Never ceases to amaze me how patient and comforting he can be.

I’m glad they brought Dr. Orchard back.

Red on the train is adorable, lol. Love that he and Dembe are total bros again :)

Gale. I do not trust that dude, and I don’t like him, but I’m glad he’s advancing the storyline.

Omg, Liz’s whispered “Ressler” and punching the creepy doc when he talks about how “pliable” he was? YES, THAT’S MY GIRL. Okay, wow, she’s willing to go all out if this dude doesn’t talk. I love it. She 👏 cares 👏 about 👏 Donald 👏 Ressler 👏 so 👏 damn 👏 much 👏 and 👏 you 👏 can’t 👏 convince 👏 me 👏 otherwise 👏

Oh, Ressler… don’t get into trouble, my baby. THANK YOU LIZ FOR SAVING HIM, YES, SAVE YOUR HUBBY. #wifey mode activated

Okay, seriously, I am l o v i n g Liz tonight. She hates Hitchen just as much as Ress does now. All we’re going to get you” and “I stopped him for him, not you” and “Ressler represents the best and someday you’ll be in jail while he’s in a lake house at sunset with me Seriously, she’s pissed off. Don’t go after Ressler, y'all, or Liz will be coming for you. Also, I’m feeling some parallels here, with him going behind bars and her determined to clear his name. Love! It!

🎶can you feel the keeeeeenler tonight… 🎶

Okay, so with the memory wipe two years ago, I’m thinking she found out Red’s her father. Seems most likely? Otherwise, this could like feed into people’s crack theories that 3B never happened and was all Liz’s dream lmao. Anyways, very intriguing, and I love that even when she wants answers about herself, she’s still focused on exonerating Ress.

Aww, Red in that trailer with the animals and kids. He’s so adorable with children, honestly.

Gale, Gale, Gale… don’t mess with my Liz. I still don’t like you, dude. But again, I’m very glad the show is dealing with past seasons.

So, okay, I LOVED this episode. Like, I thought I loved last week, but I loved tonight even more. Everything just feels so much better. I’m definitely getting hooked back into the show. I wasn’t sold on 4A and 4B, but 4C so far has been FANTASTIC. I’m feeling a rewatch coming on…

And once again, I do not miss Tom. I wonder if the reason the show has felt so much more like “classic” Blacklist is because of his absence. Lol.

I’ve started rewatching the digimon series last week and ugh the memories and feels are once again coming back. For a kid’s show, I come to realize how deep the story and situations it presented (death, divorce, loss, courage, friendship, love, responsibility, honesty, and all the other crests lol) and I came to understand the morals and lessons much better than when I first watched it. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much into it but seriously, my love for this series just keeps on going.

So I know I usually don’t like doing vector, but for the sake of practice and digimon I tried to create this fanart based from my previous work on their crests XD Here’s the first two of the batch: Taichi and Yamato. Next will be Sora and Mimi once I finished them :)

— EDIT: I’ve finish the second set! Here’s the link with Sora & Mimi: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/157006428849/this-is-the-second-part-of-my-digimon-fanart-set Koushiro & Jyou: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/157553144994/heres-the-third-part-on-my-digimon-fan-art-set

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My lovely friend sent me the trailer and I stood up (I was at a campfire thing so I was outside.) I walked a few meters away, fell on the ground and cried while rolling back in forth. 

After that I walked back to my chair, watched it again and had a heartattack when Lotor spoke. 

This trailer got me, which is weird because I don’t get into shows like that. 

Message me if you wanna talk about the trailer! 

I will never get tired of watching s3 of Skam over and over and over again hell I still get shook when even looks straight at isak while kissing sonja, my heart still stops when they almost kiss in the kitchen, i still freak out when e5 starts with the cutest cuddling scene there ever was, i still get feelings towards even when isak sees him kissing sonja at the party and breaks down on the sidewalk crying, I still get excited when even shows up at Isak’s door like 2 minutes after he gets the text, still have to make myself watch the entirety of e8 and still cry at the end because isak cries, and omg the o helga natt scene is still the best thing I have ever seen in my life…. it. never. gets. old.


Welp, it’s time to show some stupid digimon oc stuff again. Everyone else seems to be in a pokemon mood lately, but nah, I’m not feeling it.

These are some sketches I did a couple of days ago, featuring Black Agumon (aka Blahgumon), his tamer Yori, and Akira. But Akira’s not important. My sis and I are currently rewatching Gravity Falls, so some of these are just some “what if Blahgumon sounded like Gruncle Stan”-doodles, because I think this would be hilarious. I don’t think Blahgumon’s actually that old, but whatever.

Also, fun fact, Gruncle Agumon is actually farsighted and needs reading glasses \o/

Little thoughts on JTV finale

So when I first started the show I shipped Jafael so hard. I fell in love with them the very first second and I thought : this is a ship I will go down with.

Later I rewatch the show with my family and it was so obvious the show was not rooting for Jafael I was heart broken.

But then Michael… This guy could make anyone fall in love with him. He was so sweet and perfect for Jane. His death… His death made me cry so hard. I watched it so many times because his death didn’t feel real or maybe it did. Like I, in real life, had lost some one so precious.

Honestly I didn’t think I could ship Jafael again after this. Beside, their friendship is so cute and nice. Buuuuuuuut…. OMG, the way Rafael looked at Jane while she was doing her speech. And even Xio saying “maybe he’s your destiny”. Like… How can I resist to that ?

In one second my love for them was back. Ten thousand times stronger.

But… I’m feeling so confused. What about Petra ? I love Petra and I want her to be happy. And what about Adam ? I’m so excited that Tyler’s joining the JVT cast.

Jesus this show is so good and knows how to torture me well.