i feel like posting this in a bird watchers group

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I'm starting a sideblog with a set purpose, like this one has, for posting certain types of submissions. I'm asking all blogs I follow like this. How do you work a blog like this? How do you find people for mods? How do you go about posting submissions? I'd really appreciate it if you answered! Thanks! :)

I mostly keep an eye out for bird-related content being posted on various sites (like reddit) that people would enjoy. Also, I have a lot of friends and family that know I love birds so they share stuff with me all the time. As time goes on you can see what types of posts get the most response and post that content more frequently. This blog started off mostly sharing pretty bird photos and quickly shifted to silly/cute birds once it was apparent people responded better to that.

This blog doesn’t have any mods, It’s only run by one person so I don’t have much advice about managing mods. I have had guest contributors write articles for my main becausebirds.com site but that’s a different beast. But, once your side blog is going and you have a good idea of the content people really like it would be easier to bring a mod on board and have them know exactly what type of stuff should be posted. I’d advise waiting a while before trying to make it a group effort.

On your submission page be as clear as possible as to what kind of content you are looking for and don’t feel obligated to post every submission.

Best of luck!

Also, if anyone who is a bird watcher or works/cares for birds is interested writing, send me an email!