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I’ve seen a lot of good posts detailing why you should read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue but I feel some things are being left out, so:

-Important messages about learning to love and value yourself
-it shows how being privilaged in some ways and at a disadvantage in other ways (regarding identities and circumstances of their lives) affect and interact with each other but don’t negate each other
-Adresses white privilege and race issues in the time period
-the main character is flawed. Like, man he says some stuff in the beginning that makes me go “????” But that’s the point. He’s not a great person, but his character development is SO GOOD. None of his actions are excused, but he gets to learn and grow and become better and it’s so cool to watch
-honestly all the characters are so good and well developed
-and people have already pointed out how funny the book is but, in particular for me, Monty getting lowkey turned on by Percy accidentally playing footsie with him is hysterical

Give me 2 weeks...

Hey guys, I feel like I should’ve put this up like, probably a month ago but eh, better late than never I guess. 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the lack of update recently save for a few fan submissions. What I’m going to say isn’t really anything new, but yeah, school’s taking quite a toll on me, so much so that I just don’t have the drive to actually draw any Hamiltots or to answer asks. And if I come onto the blog, I’ll just feel guilty because I’m getting to any of your questions. 

Don’t get me wrong, Hamiltots isn’t stopping, it’s just probably going to be on hold for a while. A hiatus I guess. But only for two weeks, at most a month. Hopefully, once I’m done with school, I’ll get my drive back to draw more Hamiltots. The ask box and submissions would be closed for the time being (cuz I’m afraid of feeling overwhelmed with asks still piling up.) 

Thanks again, so much for sticking around, guys. And to all the new people who followed recently, sorry you joined at such a slow period of time. 

This picture should give you a better idea of what I’m going through at the moment. 

Fun fact: I’m 23 years old and I’m studying animation at an art college.

And that’s not some random anime character, my hair actually looks like that. I also have an actual jacket like that.

Edit: If you still want to see me post art and school stuff other than Hamiltots, you can follow me on Instagram. It’s Cattlingarts_

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Notes (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Requested by @jaredflyingsolo : “Excuse me, would you like to read that note in front of the whole class?” “Sure why not but I’m warning you it’s not exactly PG” 

Warnings: a little smutty, cussing, risqué things, mentions of sex 

w/c: 950 (short bc I have so many more to do) 

A/N: This is my first smutty ish fic and I hope I did a good job but who knows. Sorry for not posting yesterday (I was not feeling 100% and I was in a terrible mindset) but I’m back to submit more of the requested fics. Oh yeah also not proofread whoops

Dating Connor Murphy was kind of like walking on the moon. It was amazing and life changing- but you were playing with fate; any second your suit could run out of oxygen. 

Why? Because your boyfriend was very, very, into public displays of affection, and his teasing was the stuff of legends. Doesn’t sound like a huge problem right? Not really, until you’re in your third period history class and your boyfriend won’t stop whispering things in your ear and passing you notes that would make your parents faint. 

It was really easy for him to do it too, since he sat right behind you and you were both in the very back of the class, so no one really noticed. Which right now was a pretty good thing because you had at least three balled up pieces of paper on your desk and a very pink face. 

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Well hello, hello! Today I am sharing my very first upload with you guys! It also happens to be my 200 followers gift :) So thank you to every single of you, you’re all amazing and awesome and I am so grateful for y’all!

I made you guys a bar, as suggested by @shysimblr (go follow her if you aren’t already she’s perfect) but I put my own lil spin on the idea. I love the 1920′s, roaring 20′s whatever you wanna call ‘em. And where I live, I’ve been to a 1920′s themed bar and I loved the atmosphere, so that’s what I built.

Moretti’s Books & More – a bookstore facade hiding a rowdy bar behind a hidden door.

It fits on a 20x15 lot. I have it in old town in Windenburg.

It is CC free! I however do have all EPs, all game packs, and most of the stuff packs. I primarily used Vintage Glamour & Vampires for the interiors. The TV for the lot requirements is hidden in a basement, for period accuracy. 

However, feel free to modernize the lot a bit and make it just a contemporary 20′s themed bar, instead of historical!

I also made a lil 20′s themed short story to show off this lot, which I will be posting shortly, and will update this post with links when I do!

EDIT: Here’s the links to my short story if you’d like to see how I used this lot! :)

Part I

Part II

Click HERE to download the tray files! :)

Hope you guys like it!

FInished those goats up!  I feel like I did a lot better with the markers on this, haha.  It’s not PERFECT by any means, but drawing on this paper felt a lot easier than the stuff I was using at Bronycon.  I’m really proud of this!

Emi the Goat still belongs to @sugaryviolet

ALSO this is the 4100th post on this blog, so as is custom, it’s time to gather some statistics!  Data will be given in a (past total + current period = new total) format.

Posts:  4000 + 100 = 4100

Followers:  5310 + 86 = 5396

Date Began: September 11, 2012

Current Date:  August 21, 2017 (seven days before my birthday!!)

Elapsed Time:  ~56 months

Total Pictures Posted: 6947 + 190 = 7137

Unique Pictures Posted:  6239 + 180 = 6419

Non-Art Posts:  684 + 12 = 696


im sorry if i worried anybody last night but im in a better mindset now ☺️ i have a lot going on rn w school, mental health + some very personal stuff and i think the best thing for me is to take a slight break from tumblr! thank u to everyone who has sent me nice mssgs and thank u to my mutuals, i rlly love you guys 💕 feel free to ask for my sc or kkt or follow me on twt @/taeilovz! ill still come on periodically but just not the same amount i used to? nyway ty for reading, have a great day 💕

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Holy crap, a psychic?! I was thinking the other day how fun (and by fun I mean gut-wrenchingly painful) it would be to have a mind reading episode where it's a side effect of a spell so that Sam can hear Dean's thoughts and vice versa but all Sam gets is just angst and and guilt and regret from Dean. So this is perfect XD

Yep: “A high school over-achiever, Patience’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother (and season one Supernatural character) Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family.” x

And she’s in 13x03, when 03 of the season usually gives us great Cas stuff, in what seems to be right in the middle of Dean’s mourning period (but heck, I don’t know, that’s just speculation based on what we know).

I posted what feels like a million years ago as crack please can we get this kind of expositional character:

I mean, who knows, but *when the shoe fits* I cannot help but speculate… it doesn’t mean I’m right but man… if 1+1+1+1+1 doesn’t = 5 it’s such a wasted opportunity and totally unnecessary to have it right here, in the mourning period, when we know that they are using Cas’ death to explore the different ways that Sam and Dean process it, when we know that Dean is going to be acting like John/Sam when they lost the people they loved, when Dean is going to be in his depression arc after the denial, bargaining and anger of 13x01?

Why not have her introduced after we get Cas back? In the other wayward episode later in the season? Why have her introduced right here, where these feelings are going to be so raw and Dean will be probably trying to repress them but they’re just so strong and he doesn’t want to hide them anymore after 12x22 and who cares anyway, he’s dead and gone and he can’t cope and…

Hmmm….I have strong feelings about this.

the-dweeb-life  asked:

School au please 🙏🙏 Like seeing each other for the first time or peter getting bullied and wade saving him ✨✨ I also just want to say I absolutely love your drabbles they give me the energy to get through the day 😊👌😊

I love posting like a year later and letting everyone down. thanks though!

Peter carded his fingers through his hair, feeling sleep pull on his eyelids. It was only second period, but something about waking up too early combined with Mr. Brian’s boring math’s class had Peter’s brain mixing up his desk with his pillow.

He yawned and briefly glanced at the whiteboard. Easy stuff, he could do that in his sleep- which coincidently, is how he planned on spending this lesson.  He pressed his face in his arms and tried not to look like he was snoozing.

He heard the classroom door open, but let his mind doze. This was a safe class, he could relax, even just a little, he was always on guard, and it really took its toll on his mental health. He heard a scuffle before his shoulder got bumped, making his eyes fly open. His heartbeat kicked up, but he told himself to relax. It was just an accident, just someone walking past. The bell had gone and everyone was in a rush to leave. He turned and froze at the sight of a stranger smiling down at him.

“Oh please, don’t let me stop you, sleeping beauty.”

The boy was gorgeous, big bright grin and cheeky eyes. He started a wildfire in Peter’s stomach. The guy laughed, apparently he had started a wildfire on Peter’s face too, he could feel it heat up in a telltale sign of blushing, and oh my god. This totally cute guy just caught him with drool on his face.

“I’m Wade.” His smile stretched impossibly wider, he held out his hand, and Peter shook it tentatively. He noticed that everyone else had left the room except for the teacher.

“And you’re Peter right? I heard the teacher call your name a few times, but then he gave up. You’re a deep sleeper, huh?”

Peter felt like squirming but forced himself to stay still. He didn’t know what to do or say, he didn’t have conversations with people for this long. His silence went for way too long, but somehow, Wade didn’t make it awkward.

“Well, you’re my first friend here. Congratulations! I decided to pick you because you look like easy prey.”

“Oh…are you…sure?” Peter mumbled in surprise. “I’m not really popular”

“Puh-lease! I don’t care about being popular! Don’t you see this leather jacket? I’m obviously a rebel. And you have this whole hot ass nerd thing working for you…”

Peter stood up, holding his books close to his chest. He could feel Wade’s eyes checking him out.

“Rebels and nerds are meant for each other. Our native tongue is sarcasm and we both feel too good for this place, stop me if I’m wrong.”

Peter smiled a bit. Wade pointed at his grin and laughed. “See what I mean? Best friends already. Show me to the cafeteria?”

Peter loved Wade. He was edgy, funny, witty. He was smart, but didn’t care about getting good grades. He didn’t care what people thought of him. He liked both boys and girls. He smiled at Peter when he told stupid jokes and didn’t feel put off by Peter’s own sarcastic sense of humor. He liked similar music, thought Gwen Stacy was hot, but not that hot. He told peter that he was cute when he helped him with his homework.

Wade was well liked. Whenever he was with Wade, people didn’t laugh behind his back, people even spoke to him, remembered his name instead of the nasty nickname he had been stuck with since middle school.

He liked Wade a lot. He didn’t want to mess things up. Wade liked him too though, it was clear from all the unsubtle comments and compliments. They had an unspoken agreement that they wouldn’t discuss yet, but they liked each other.

Days without Wade sucked. Especially days without Wade, when Flash was in a grizzly mood.

His bullying died down a lot, but he was still terrified every time he had to walk past flash.  

He was alone in the hallway when he heard a knocking on a locker nearby his. He felt anxiety flood him. He knew before he turned around that Flash was standing there, waiting for him to be alone.

“Puny, it’s been a while. Having a good time sucking your boyfriend’s balls?” Flash snickered and stepped close, big and threatening.

“I bet you like fingering his dickhole.” Flash said, and Peter forced himself to take in a breath. Don’t reply Peter. Don’t make him angry. He wanted to bite back but he swallowed his words.

“You don’t finger a dick, Flash.” Peter heard a voice behind them both. “You would think you’d know that since you watch so much gay porn.”

Flash spluttered, turning to look at Wade angrily. Peter choked back a giggle.

“Now you had better step away from my boyfriend. I don’t want to hurt him when I kick your ass.”

Flash glared furiously. He let go of Peter and stepped close to Wade, fist raised. Before he could do anything, Wade pushed him hard against the locker, pinning him down.

“Look, Flash, it’s just like in your search history. Should I kiss you now?”

“Ew, fuck off. You’re a fuckin maniac.”

Wade held him harder for just a second, close in his personal space. “Don’t make me hurt you next time. I am bigger than you, stronger than you, and angrier than you. I have a shitter backstory. Trust me, I won’t hesitate to knock out all your teeth. You mess around with Peter, I’ll do the exact same thing to you, but ten times worse.”

Flash looked horrified. Peter felt horrified, but also slightly turned on. What was wrong with him seriously?

Wade let go of Flash, and he booked it, running down the hallway and out of sight.  Wade turned to Peter, walking over to him and scooping him up in a hug.

“Are you okay?”

Peter blinked, breathing in Wade’s spicy smell. “You called me your boyfriend.”

Wade froze up slightly. “Uhhhhhhhh, well…that’s because…you are my boyfriend…?”

“Since when?”

“Since…now?” Wade pulled back and smiled hopefully. Peter laughed and pinched his bicep, trying to hide how happy he was.

“On one condition, the only person you hold against a locker from now on is me.”

Wade grinned, boxing him in, hand pressing him against the locker gently.


I have so many questions and words and I can’t really find a way to express myself about this but here we go. I remember the day louis wore his first givenchy t-shirt for the dmd video like it was yesterday. I remember the custom speckle suit at the ama’s, that trip to chicago with sandro coats, the early margiela sweaters. I remember these louis fashion moments like they were mine because they were rare, and shining and so so so precious after wwa and that period where him wearing stuff for public outings wasn’t correlating with who he actually was and stories we got from bts. so now when he’s proudly posting what he’s wearing all the time and one of a kind garments are all over his instagram, I just feel so happy that it’s where we are right now? I don’t know how to say it so that it would fully translate but I’m really… happy that  we get to see it now, after all this time. 

Sorry for this post uhh

In this period I don’t like the things I make

I mean, how I draw

In this period I have so much insecurity of everything, more for the drawing

I don’t know, I think my art is really horrible with not talent, I feel so inferior, I don’t see I can be a good artist

Ughh, I really hate this stuff, sorry for this but, really, I have so mucj stress about it

I’m really sorry my Tumblr has been so…well, abandoned recently. I don’t have any excuse except that I have simply been so, so, so tired. And my creative muse is sleeping along with me. 

I honestly don’t know why. Might be the drastic change in the weather, might be my nutrition, might be the stress of this transition period before uni starts again…I really don’t know. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon and will be able to create again and actually follow what’s going on here. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of wonderful stuff my mutuals post, but I just don’t have the energy to catch up atm. Sorry guys, you are all wonderful and you know I love you <3

Also, hi to my new followers! Much love <3

Gynecologic Cancer Warning Signs

Warning Symptoms:

I kind of feel like I need to post this every few months. Keep an eye out for this stuff, ladies. 

  • Indigestion, heartburn, nausea, or gas
  • Abdominal swelling or discomfort
  • Pelvic pain or cramping
  • Bloating or a sense of fullness, even after small meals
  • Backache
  • Painful, frequent, or burning urination with no infection
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Loss of appetite or unintentional weight loss or gain
  • Vaginal bleeding or irregular periods
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge after menopause
  • Pain during intercourse

I’m gonna start tutorials people!!!

So, due to the fact that her thighs spread just like: peanut peanut peanut peanut ♪ you guys kind of want me to teach you what I know and all that jazz… I’M GONNA START TUTORIALS AFTER I FINISH THE OTHER 6 ART RAFFLE PRIZES!!!!

I’m really psyched to do this because as much as watching a speed painting may help or someone posting the stages of their art in picture form may be useful, I feel like the most direct and effective way of teaching would be by recording everything I do and explaining why I do it, how I do it and what effect it has overall. That way I feel like I’ll be showing you guys more intimately what I do in order to create the stuff that I create??? You get what I mean, right?

In no way, shape or form is this a post directing negative feelings to those who post periodical pictures of pieces that they’re working on, or those who do post time lapses and speed paintings. I’m simply suggesting that as great and useful as those things are, there is another way to go about showing how you make stuff.

Thanks Team and I can’t wait to get started

so uh since I hit kind of a milestone I feel like there’s a few blog maintenance things I should do:

  • hello, my name is Lise, my basic “about me” information can be summed up by my sidebar and I guess also this post
  • if you don’t feel like clicking that link though: here’s a guide to my tagging system, which is a bit idiosyncratic 
  • I’m pretty chatty, my ask box is open and anon is on and I have a lot of opinions. 
  • calling this blog multifandom is probably a stretch because mostly I spend a lot of my time on MCU Loki, but there’s some other stuff around too, like “dogs” and “periodic book blogging” and “my emotional issues”. I guess basically this is one of those “I just kind of post what I want when I want to” blogs but if there’s a theme it’s probably “fight me about villains”, at least lately
  • I write fic. not all of it is crossposted to my AO3 but the longer stuff is and everything on AO3 is linked to from this blog

and unrelated to all that: on account of that follower milestone I mentioned, I’m going to do a drabble writing blitz! next week at some time yet to be determined, I’ll start accepting prompts and will be responding to them with an actual drabble (i.e. 100 words). so if that sounds like fun, keep an eye out for it. 

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I really want to get into the adventure zone but I have problems sitting still and listening to something for a long period of time but didn't you mention that someone like transcribed a few episodes? I feel like I could listen to it better if I could read along with what's going on.

here’s a link to the blog which does and posts transcripts!

something i did while listening to help me better stay focused on it was like, watch sims house speedbuilds or speedpaints muted on youtube? something that just kind of holds my attention without distracting too much from the audio! i also did stuff like doodle relevant info or take simplistic notes like i do in lectures about what’s going on. good for stimulation and future reference! whatever works for you, my dude. go forth and listen however you feel comfortable listening.

also, to note, you can play around with better listening strategies freely during the first few episodes – they’re important to listen to because it’s where everything starts but it’s also a bit slow because it mostly consists of the mcelroy gang getting used to the rules of dnd, so you don’t super have to worry about missing critically important information.

hope this helps! :>


We go where no one goes

We slow for no one

Get out of our way”-x, x

ENFP and INFP characters (part 1, because tumblr sucks.xD (part 2)) for the amazing @gakuenkaoru.:3 Ne-explanation: Listen to the song and imagine the lyrics to be about our Ne (and Fi).x3 We go where no one goes in our minds, sometimes so fast that no one can follow.xD But no one can stop us, and we know that we always have a home there.:)

Anne and Paul both knew “How fair the realm, Imagination opens to view”, and both knew the way to that happy land. There the rose of joy bloomed immortal by dale and stream; clouds never darkened the sunny sky; sweet bells never jangled out of tune; and kindred spirits abounded. The knowledge of that land’s geography…“east o’ the sun, west o’ the moon”…is priceless lore, not to be bought in any market place.“-Anne of Avonlea

So thank you, my dear, for our wonderful trips above the clouds, to Neverworld and beyond, for always supporting me with your truly kind and compassionate words, and brightening my life with your presence.:’3<3<3<3 And special thanks for your heart-warming and highly detailed comments/tags (you know what the xNFP-heart desires.xD) on my personal posts, making me feel heard and appreciated.:’)<3<3<3

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Hi santi, new follower here! I keep hearing about your jeongcheol discourse and their iconic fight and makeup, and as a new jeongcheol shipper i feel like i missed out on a pretty important period! can you please give me a summary of what happened?

so many people ask for the run down so ive decided to just make one big masterpost………here i tried putting them in like chronological but its still so messy and some stuff got left out cuz i couldnt find it and i left a lot of the memes out and this took me 3 hours so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy,

This Post Planted The Idea In  My Head

then all this  happened and ppl were like hey ur right

the discourse slowly gains steam


the speculation that followed #whatdidjeonghando

Shan formally enters the conversation 

95 line sat next to each other on the 160501

jeonghan and joshua were asked to make a heart at the fansigh but they refused


pledis uploaded an old selca of jeonghan and scoups

joshua and jeonghan fansites were not having it

speculation on why so many fansites dont like the drama

honorable mention

even more honorable mention  

kbs uploaded pics of scoups and jeonghan kissing the members and but only mentioned scoups in the description and i just went off for no reason (i cant find the original insta post so i linked the videos)

jeonghan said ‘ur the only one who cares about meand i still think about it


just speculations and stuff

after that i didnt even need to say anything jeonghan and scoups started doing the Absolute Most……..being #touchy, scoups bit jeonghans shoulder and jeonghan looked at the camera like he knew EXACTLY what everyone was thinking, jeonghan indirectly kissed scoups, the titanic scene………..theres nothing left to say…….we only watch now

Im going to be not using Tumblr much for a day or two for self care because I feel like things are getting really charged up and I don’t want to be posting and have people to mistake my personal blog for a political one. Hopefully will crank out some zine stuff. I’ll be checking messages periodically. Shalom y'all.


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This list will be updated each time I upload a new post so I won’t have to make another one lol Hope you guys you like our stuff and please feel free to request.