i feel like paparazzi

I’m a typical gay who will be loyal to every actress who has been in a lesbian role and has been nice to the LGBT+ community. However, I’ve never felt the need to follow everything an actress has done.

But then I learned of Katie McGrath’s existence and now I get it. I get how and why people will go full on stan for some actresses.

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I'm so conflicted. On one hand I hate paparazzi pictures because I feel like they deserve their privacy. On the other hand those pictures killed me. They're just so cute together 💜

That’s exactly how I feel. They really deserve to rest and have a good time away from everyone after all the work they put on the show that we love so much. As much as I love seeing them together, they deserve some privacy. 

I feel like Gotham’s paparazzi and gossip columnists just have a field day whenever the whole Wayne family attends an event because they will all be like color coordinated and spiffy and Bruce tries to herd his children towards where they’re supposed to go but one always gets out of line and he has to chase them down and be like ‘dammit why didn’t I bring the child leash’. Or even when they go out shopping or something and Damian gets tired and Bruce will like carry him or hold his hand to cross the street.

I feel like I should apologize to Taylor for reblogging these paparazzi pictures of her… I reaaaaally didn’t want to reblog them…but she looks SO damn adorable that I could not resist myself


Quotes of Wisdom by TH


“It’s always very clear that on the album cover it’s always gonna be me”

“As long as there’s one boss everything works”

“We’re like brothers …like a family…it’s just magical”

“I feel like in LA paparazzi and people have to decide between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Bill Kaulitz”

“For us it’s like the biggest success to have loyal fans”

“Omg, I’m so good”


“His big hair is downstairs now” (about Bill’s hairstyle)

“Oh, I thought I have to kiss Georg now” 


“They’re all super hits” ( his fav song from KOS)


“Stormy Weather” LOL

from the TV CAPRICHO interview