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“I don’t wanna get married” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

This is just a little something that wasn’t planned. Just got the idea inspired by my own unwillingness to EVER get married (like I had a dream last night about it, as the fateful moment of saying “I do” came, I moonwalked myself out of the wedding venue…and I have recurring dreams like that often haha, so thought I’d write a story inspired by it). So here’s a little bonus story I wrote in twenty minutes, and kinda turned out weird. And don’t worry, the “smut” is coming later tonight ;-). Hope you’ll like it : 

Warning for mentions of past abused and such things that can trigger some of you. It started in my head as a funny/fluffy story and…Well as I was writing it, kinda turned a bit angsty and heavy. Sorry ‘bout that. 

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-I just don’t understand sir. 

Bruce was too focused on what he was doing to even notice Alfred’s presence, fully concentrated on his case of the moment. It’s only when the butler throws a tray full of biscuits and tea in front of him that his attention shifts from the screen of his bat computer to his surrogate father. 

-Uh ? 

-”Uh ?” he says, not an ounce of intelligence in his eyes. 

-…Outch. What’s all that about Alfred ?

-Miss (Y/N). 

-What ? What about her ? Is she ok ?!

The sudden distress in Bruce’s eyes soften Alfred’s feature a bit. It was impossible not to softly smile, at the worries that filled his beloved “master” at the mere mention of your name in a conversation hinting at a “problem”.

-She’s perfectly fine yes. I believe her and the children are having a water gun war in the garden. You know. Having fun. Maybe you should join them ? 

Bruce winces at the mention of his family having fun without him. Ever since it got serious with you, right after Dick joined your family, Bruce made a promise to himself to always try to make some time for you and the boy. And when Jason, Tim and Damian joined, he tried to hold on to that promise even more but…Sometimes, he didn’t have a choice. 

He was the Batman. 

Sometimes, he couldn’t just “have fun”, and had to sacrifice his own life and happiness for the sake of Gotham City and its inhabitants.

It made his heart bleed, but he had to do it…and the fact that you were fully accepting of this, understanding it was definitely a big support. Thanks to you, and his incredibly strong will, he was able to handle everything.  And though he wished he could come up and play with you guys, have a silly moment with the love of his life and his sons, he knew he had a duty to fulfill before. 

Besides, if he wasn’t the one down there working, then it meant that it would be one of his boys or you, and he’d rather be the one sacrificing himself than any of you so…Here he was. 

With a sad look that breaks Alfred’s heart a bit, he asks :

-Alright then, what is happening ? What about her ? 

-Well, I have just one question sir. 

-Go ahead Al’. 

-Do you love her ? 

-Yes. More than life itself. More than anything else but you damn well know that. 

-Just making sure. And I lied. I actually don’t just have one question, but two. 

Bruce sighs, something is telling him that his butler is mad at him, and he doesn’t even know why. Or what it got to do with you. 

-Alright. Go ahead Alfred. Ask away. 

The man who raised the Batman was suddenly very serious. His face was stoic and a bit harsh, and it was clear he meant business. With a strong and resolved voice, he looks at the one he came to call “son” and says : 

-Why the Hell haven’t you propose to Miss (Y/N) yet ? 

-Uh ? 

-Here again with the stupid “uh ?”. You understood me Master Bruce. Why didn’t you put a ring on Miss (Y/N)’s finger ? 

Oh. So that’s what it was all about. With a chuckle, Bruce answers : 

-Oh I have. Or at least, I tried. Ten times in fact. 

Wh…what ? Alfred Pennyworth never felt so stunned in his entire life. What the hell did that even mean ? 

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How do y'all not feel weird and creepy abt reblogging those pictures of Rihanna w her mans? Like I know her being a celebrity means she’s gonna be followed by the paparazzi anyway but that doesn’t make it any less shitty that she literally can’t have a single thing to herself like it makes me feel really bad she can’t just do things that aren’t gonna be shared with the entire world


Harry Styles - 2468 words (Requested)


My breathing is harsh, my eyes glancing in my boyfriend’s way every once in a while. It had been awfully quiet during the day, his demeanor not as tense as usual. I wasn’t going to complain about it though, it was relaxing to not have to fight for once since we’ve moved in together. Josh was the perfect boyfriend when I first met him, the real gentleman type that when the doors of the bedroom closed he’d please me in every way possible. But over the course of time, something changed in Josh.

He became rude, disappearing for nights where he would go out with his mates only to stumble back into our shared flat in the late afternoon, reeking of tequila and his shirt completely undone. I have never actually had the guts to ask him if there maybe was another woman, or that maybe he was having some fun with other girls while he was out with his mates, because of the course of time.. I didn’t care anymore.

Whenever something left his lips towards me, it would be a command or he would be yelling at me for whatever reason he thought was necessary at that moment. He stopped taking care of himself, becoming a sleaze that hung around on the sofa all day, drinking beer and complaining about some reality show he had devoted his life to – the life that was once devoted to me.

I sigh out as I drop the towel I used to dry off the dishes, shaking my head as I pass Josh towards our bedroom. I’d let it fall into thin air that tonight was going to be a girls night, something I had been having quite a lot lately, although there wasn’t going to be a girl around. I sit down in front of my vanity, picking up a hair brush and slowly combing through the loose curls I usually sported. I was very thankful about my hair, never once did I have to do much to get it to look great, unlike some of my friends who could spend two hours taming their wild locks.

My make-up still looks okay, so I just dab another layer of lipstick onto my lips and push myself towards my closet in search for that dress he bought me. I said I’d never do anything like this, but somehow I rolled into it and I don’t know what I need to do anymore. It’s more than love, he is just more than a man and I simply cannot let him go.

“Where are you going?” Josh breathes out as I pull my dirty, ratted out shirt over my head, stepping into the dress and zipping it up myself before turning around to grant my boyfriend a glance.
“I told you yesterday, Ally’s birthday was last week so we’re going out for dinner, and later on a girls night at her place.” Of course I had checked with Ally and she reassured me for the fourth time that she would cover for me and I had been with her all night. All my close girl friends knew what was going on, and supported me to the fullest. Mainly because they knew right now I didn’t have another way out.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Josh breathes through his nose and I can see and hear that he is already fed up with me, but I do deserve some time off as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m a maid in this household mainly here to do whatever Josh pleases me to do. “I don’t know Josh, I told you this a week ago.” Mainly because I had already planned to see him tonight. He was back in town for a while and I couldn’t wait to fall into his arms again.

“And now I don’t want you to go. So you’re staying.” Josh growls and I roll my eyes when he can’t see, grabbing a pair of black heels out of the shoe rack and letting them fall to the ground with a loud thud, stepping into them as I grab my purse from one of the vacant chairs. “Y/n, fucking listen to me.”

I stop in front of Josh, trying to keep my back straight, not cowering away from him like I had done many times before when I was actually afraid he would strike me across the face. “I promised Ally I’d be there. I wasn’t there last time, so I’m going.” I recall the last time Josh got angry at me because I was ‘going out again’ and he forced me to stay home. My girls had the time of their lives and I was stuck making sandwiches and bringing beers to Josh and his mates who were gaming in our living room.

My phone buzzes on the table and I’m quick grab it and slide across the screen, his name flashing on the screen.
Where are you? I’m waiting a block down. xx H.

“Why are you smiling like that? Who is texting you?” Josh states before he takes a few big leaps and is over to my side within a few seconds. I lock my phone and push it into my purse without looking, my eyes trained on Josh as I try my best to lie through my teeth without him noticing. “Ally, of course. She said she had the perfect movie for tonight. It’s probably Disney related again.” I shrug my shoulders, turning around and prancing through the hallway towards the exit of this hell hole that had been my home for the past two years.

“What time will you be back?” Josh questions as if he is a lost little puppy without me and I roll my eyes before glancing over my shoulder to see him standing two meters away from me, unshaven, not showered and a disgusting spot on his left leg from something I don’t want to know.
“I don’t know, not that late I suppose. I’ll see you.”

I don’t want to do this anymore and to be honest, I think he knows. We had been keeping it as down low as possible, but I’m certain that somewhere out there, there is a picture of him and me together somewhere during once of our dates. I don’t think he cares. We have fallen out of love a while ago, and are just sticking around, I don’t know, for the sake of it. I don’t know why I keep returning there, or why I don’t just tell him what’s on my liver, but somehow I am scared.

My heels click against the tiles in an almost soothing manner, my brain raking over everything that could go wrong tonight. Harry gave me those cringe worthy butterflies you would normally get when you see your boyfriend. He was a true gentleman, loving, caring and I absolutely loved his humor. But somehow I realize that he is not like me, not even the slightest. I am truly one lucky woman to have met him in the first place and to be where I am this day. And I’m grateful for every single time my phone lights up with his name, when he tells me how much he misses me.

I’m pulled out of my own head as the harsh wind whips at my face, my eyes squeezing shut as I grab the side of the door tighter in my hold, a shiver running through my body. I slide my phone back out of my purse to see if he had texted again but come up empty handed, my pace quick but light as I turn the corner and already see his black Range Rover waiting in the distance. Immediately, a smile graces my lips and I actually think there is a light skip in my step, visibly to anyone who passes me as I pull my purse closer to my body and my coat more closed.

My fingers curl around the handle and as I pull, a wave of heat mixed with Harry’s cologne blows against my face and I think this grin will never leave my features again. I hop into the car, closing the door behind me with the tinted windows before I turn to the handsome man himself.
“I’m sorry, there were some troubles.. I hope you didn’t have to wait long?” I smile as Harry turns his face, his right hand cupping my cheek as he presses his lips softly to mine, breathing against my lips before he retreats just a few centimeters.

“He didn’t strike you again did he? I will murder that son of a bitch..” Harry breathes, his fierce green eyes searching mine for the slightest hesitation as I shake my head no, my own hand raising to rest is against his neck, my thumb trailing over his freshly shaven jaw. “I promised I would tell you if that every happened again, didn’t I?” Harry hums in agreement before he presses his lips to mine again, this time a bit more fierce as his tongue swipes over my bottom lip once before retreating.

“You look wonderful by the way.” Harry winks before he sets the car into gear, afterwards dropping his large, ring clad hand onto my thigh and giving it a squeeze. An immediate blush rushes towards my cheeks, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip as I let my hand rest on his.
“Thank you. You always do.” I grant him a compliment in return and I see the dimples pop into his cheeks, one of my favorite features around him.

“I have a dilemma for you though, love.” Harry turns his gaze towards me for just the slightest second before his eyes are back on the road and he pulls out of the parking lot he was waiting for me in, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tries to make his way away from my flat as quickly as possible. “And that is?” I breathe, closing my eyes briefly as my fingers toy with one of his rings, waiting for Harry to speak up again.

“Dinner at the blue Olive, or want me to cook something up?” Harry smiles as he turns a corner, his own flat nearing rather quickly. The blue olive was on the other side of town, since he always made sure the paparazzi couldn’t spot him, but tonight, I didn’t feel like dining as expensive as he always reserves. I want to be able to speak with him, unlimited. “Your place.” I nod my head, answering immediately as the sentence had left his lips and he seems surprised by my choice.

“I thought you loved the lasagna in the blue olive?” I nod my head at his statement as Harry pulls into the street where he lives, car easily parked as he hops out to open my door for me. I grin toward him as I let my lips rest on his jaw for the slightest of seconds, letting my dress fall to the ground before I grab my purse. “I do love it there, but I love being able to kiss you just a tiny bit more.” I giggle as I let Harry’s large hand on my back guide me towards the front door, my eyes trailing over the large building in front of me.

“Just a tiny bit? I am offended to say the least.” Harry grin, dimples on full show as he pushes the front door open to let me enter first. I shrug my shoulders as I step over the threshold, turning around as I walk a few steps backwards so I could watch Harry more properly. “You’re not that spectacular, Harry.” His eyes widen and his mouth opens as he stares at me and I fall into a fit of giggles, almost bend over as I try to gasp for air.

“You’re a total bitch, I’m telling you.” Harry groans as me pushes past me, his fingers brushing over my arm before he grabs a hold onto my wrist and pulls me along with him to the kitchen. He turns around so swiftly I can’t even blink before both of his hands cup my face and his lips are on mine again in the most gentle, loving manner. I smile into the kiss, stepping closer to Harry to rest my hands on his chest, rubbing the defined skin underneath the light blue dress shirt.

“What does my lady want for dinner?” Harry winks as he turns towards his fridge, taking a few steps and turning back to see my tap my chin. “To be honest, you have given me a craving of your lasagna, Haz.” Harry lifts his pointer finger in the air, “Aha! Then that is what she shall get. Sit, dear.” He motions his head towards one of the bar stools, grabbing pasta sheets and other necessities out of the fridge, stowing them all onto the counter. “Let me help though.” I state as I pull a glass oven plate out of one of the cup boards, Harry shaking his head with a smile but saying nothing.

“I’ve missed you.” Harry breathes as his arms wind around my waist while I cut up some tomatoes, his lips pressed against the hair on top of my head. “I missed you too H.” I smile as I take another full tomato, sinking my knife into it to cut it in half. Harry’s lips trail from my hair to my neck, lightly kissing the skin there as his hands rub soothing circles on my stomach. I had discarded the floor length dress as soon as I started prancing around for materials, grabbing one of Harry’s shirts laying around to cover just the necessities with. I told him to get me a pair of his boxers half an hour ago, but he won’t listen and keeps grabbing my bum at random moments.

“We shouldn’t have to miss each other.” Harry breathes again and I feel the shiver running up and down my spine, but I hum at his answer. “You mean?” I breathe, dropping all of the chopped up tomatoes into a bowl so Harry could put them into the pot when it was heated enough. I rub my hands on the towel nearby before letting my hands rest on his wrists, loving the way he holds me, his lips pressing to every bit of skin that is revealed to him. He takes some time to answer me though, as if he is anxious as to if what I am about to reply.

My breath catches in my throat and I think I might have actually squeezed his wrists as well as I hear him speak the next words.
“Be my girlfriend. Move in with me.”


I hope you enjoy,
Lots of love,
L. xox


Requested by anonymous

You were having a rough day. First, you tried to buy something but found out your card was declined. It was likely because you went traveling and didn’t let your bank know, so they thought your card was stolen. And it’s Sunday, so you can’t even call them to fix it until the next day. After that, things just went downhill. Crying babies, screaming kids, jerk drivers… At least you had a case of beer in your hotel room.

You sat on the balcony of your hotel room, beer in hand, watching the city. You briefly wondered who was in the room you shared the balcony with, but didn’t think much of it. That is, until you heard the door open.

“Mind if I join you?” the person asked. You looked, jaw nearly dropping when you saw it was Miles Teller of all people. He had a beer bottle of his own.

“Uh, no, go ahead,” you replied, gesturing to the empty chair next to you.

Miles walked over and sat down, taking a drink of his drink of choice. When he lowered his bottle, he looked over to you. “So what are you doing up here and not sightseeing around?” he asked curiously.

“Bad day. Needed to relax. And I have no money until I get my card unfrozen,” you replied. “You?”

“I don’t feel like dealing with crowds of fans and paparazzi right now,” Miles replied. “Normally they don’t bother me too much, but they get tiring quickly.”

“I can almost imagine,” you replied, a hint of humor to your voice.

“Walk outside with me tomorrow and you’ll see,” Miles replied. “I swear, they knew what hotel I’d be at before I do.”

You laughed a little. “They just have eyes everywhere. They’re like little spies,” you replied. “Especially in big cities.”

It was Miles’s turn to laugh. “Tell me about it,” he said. “I like just chatting like this. Helps to remind me that not everyone is a crazy fan.”

“No, I’m just a normal fan. Remind me to ask for an autograph and picture a bit later when I’m over my day enough to care that I’m talking with a celebrity right now.” You took a drink of your beer.

“Will do,” Miles replied with a chuckle.

I feel like Gotham’s paparazzi and gossip columnists just have a field day whenever the whole Wayne family attends an event because they will all be like color coordinated and spiffy and Bruce tries to herd his children towards where they’re supposed to go but one always gets out of line and he has to chase them down and be like ‘dammit why didn’t I bring the child leash’. Or even when they go out shopping or something and Damian gets tired and Bruce will like carry him or hold his hand to cross the street.

anonymous asked:

I loved the Disney pics, but those weren't personal pics taken by G. The fact that she posted that first pic of the 5 of them was so emotional. They've definitely turned a corner. They've been together almost two years. Apollo trying to give Blake his chewed up gum was adorable. KL tweeted that it was a surprise trip! What a guy!!! Then he turns around and takes the boat out for an evening ride and dip. B is going for the World's Greatest Dad award today 😂

These photos and snaps are definitely 100x better than creepy paparazzi pictures. And I feel like they’ve spent 90% of the last two and a half weeks on that boat… It’s quite impressive 😂 But yea Blake sure planned a fun day for them. Seems like they’re all enjoying small town Oklahoma as much as possibly can… I mean they sure find more to do than I could. I didn’t even know that Oklahoma had things to do 😉

bane-of-brooklyn  asked:

Hey <3 Now that my comment-spree is over, I just wanted to tell you again how amazing that fanfiction was, I'm very grateful <3 I knew it would be great (I loved Addicted to you and that one where Magnus relives Christmas so so so much as well), but it still sat on my reading list for months. I'm kinda glad I got to read most of it in one go though :DDD Next week I'll start reading everything else you've written, just fyi :DDD Expect more late night comments ^.~ bye <3

Heeeey! <3 Thank you so much for your comments, I loved reading them! I feel like now is a good time to be getting into Paparazzi honestly, you get to binge through all the major angst and get to good things so I totally understand letting it sit on your reading list until now. YEES. I will take all the late night comments you want to leave! I’m glad you’re enjoying my stuff and thank you for the kind words <3<3<3

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Is it me or does Shawn not get swarmed by paparazzi? Because I feel like with Harry there was always candids and I'm really not trying to compare but with Shawn it's mostly fan pics ????

No he doesn’t really have that problem. There’s some pics but it’s not a swarming situation. He doesn’t really do anything interesting lol plus there’s not really paps in toronto.

You're sick.

You’re sick.

Harry: You awake, your throat hurting and unable to breathe through your nose. “Shit” you mumble, before coughing a little. “Woah what’s going on in here?” Harry walks in, “I’m sick” you cough, in a bit of a coughing fit. “Are you contagious?” he jokes, and you throw a pillow at him. “I was kidding, I’ll call in work for you, I have the kettle on already for some tea. Do you want me to buy you medicine?” he offers sweetly, he was meant to go to the studio. “No, go to work”
“no I don’t need too. Do you want something to eat or what?”
“Harry… Will you rub the vapor rub on my chest, I can’t breathe?” you ask, your voice sounding stuffy,
“you sound so cute, yes love I will” he nods instantly getting the small blue container of vix and rubbing it on your chest before kissing your forehead. “Do you want me to make you some soup? Tell me what you want so I can help” he instructs, and you wiggle about a bit. “Cuddle with me? It’s cold, and you’re always warm” you mumble, opening your arms. He chuckle lightly before climbing in bed next to you, bringing you into his arms. “Better love?”
“much” you reply, feeling his warmth. “I love you even though you’re going to get me sick” Harry chuckles, brightening the mood a little. “I love you too, even though you got me sick” you comment, reminding him you were looking after him only A few days ago.

Louis: You kick your heels off, sliding your jacket off of you, you left work early, your headache turning to a migraine. “Hey you’re home early” Louis greets, your vision goes blurry and you stumble around. “Woah careful” he grabs you, and you just fall into his arms. “What’s up with you?” he asks, but you don’t answer. He frowns before picking you up and placing you on the couch. “What’s going on? Did you have a bad day?” he sweetly asks, having interest in your day, and how you are. “The lights” you cover your eyes with your hands, the lights adding pressure to the pain in your head. Louis turns them off, before moving your hands. “Not feeling well ey?”
“migraine again” you huff,
“alright love, come on” he whispers, picking you up, carrying to your room. He places you down before closing the curtains, making the room completely black. He throws the duvet over you. “I’ll be right back up with your medicine, a neck heat pack for your neck, a cold glass of water, and a Kiss” Louis smiles, walking out quietly to fetch the items he knows always helps. He comes back up with a nice and warm neck heating pack, that has a hint of a lavender scent to it. He places it around your neck, before handing you the pain meds. “Thank you” I softly say, before he kisses your lips. “no problem now get some sleep” he instructs, watching you as you instantly fall asleep.

Niall: Niall sits on the couch doing something. You sit at the kitchen table, your head in your arms. You’ve been feeling off all day and it’s starting to sink in. “What are you doing over here Hm?” Niall chimes, coming over, his hands placing at your shoulders, massaging you lightly. “nothing”
“why? It’s not like you to sit here doing nothing. Something botherin’ you?” her asks, you lift your head, straightening your posture. “I don’t feel well, I’m going to go to bed I think” you answer slowly standing up. “oh, uh Hm what am I meant to do?”
“stay down and do whatever, I don’t know” you shrug not caring what he does. You walk away and walk upstairs, you get changes into your pajamas getting in bed. You move around a bit hating this feeling. Niall walks in and gets in bed with you. “Your mum called by the way” Niall starts to say, you push the covers back to get out of bed but it was too late, “shit” you mumble getting sick on the bed and on you. “Well that’s a pretty sight.” Niall comments,
“shut up, I’ll clean it just shoo” you mumble, wanting him out. You quickly clean up, changing the bed sheets and the duvet cover. “Can I come in now?” Niall asks, “yes” you answer getting back in bed. “oh god” you sigh your stomach turning again. “Get me the trash can in the bathroom quick” you instruct, covering your mouth. He hurries and gets it for you, before placing it in front of you. You throw up before groaning.
“You alright?”
“yep.” you pop the p, even though you weren’t. “why didn’t you get up?” he questions,
“if I did I wouldn’t have made it” you sigh.
Niall gets in bed, and leaves the lamp on, he kisses your cheek before closing his eyes. Just when you thought you could go to sleep you were wrong. Everything starts getting released. “Damn girl what did you eat?” Niall yawns sitting up and rubbing your back, “I haven’t eaten much that’s the thing” you groan catching your breath before you release yet again.

Zayn: You cuddle up to the 3 blankets that surround you, pushing the pile of tissues to the floor. You move a little in the bed before coughing, “You sound terrible”
“no shit” you dryly respond, your voice sounding as bad as your terrible cold. “Tale your medicine” Zayn forces, handing you the red liquid. You look away from it before he grabs your attention. “This or another shot from the doctor” he threats, before you quickly swollow the terrible tasting liquid. “Argh” you shake your head, the taste making you want to gag. “That’s a girl, now another bit come on” Zayn encourages handing you another bit of the liquid. “no” you whine childishly, but he doesn’t take it. He makes you take it before you start to cough. Your chest cold kicking In at it’s worst. Zayn takes your temperature doing his best to keep it down, and to keep you from getting worse. “Any higher and you have to go back to the doctor my love.”
“this sucks”
“I know, next time you’ll wear shoes outside when getting the mail.”
“don’t give me a lecture” you comment before sneezing, “ouch” you whine, your chest feeling like it exploded along with your throat as you sneezed. “I think I’ll pop a blood vessel soon holy shit this hurts.” you croak, and Zayn pulls you in for a cuddle. “you’ll get better, just listen to what I say. Now go to sleep, and illkeep and eye on” he instructs, striking your hair, and keeping you nice and relaxed.

Liam: You follow liam around the party, your dress on your nerves. You don’t feel like associating with everyone here, they are all famous and you’re just a girlfriend. Nobody really special. You groan wishing you could go home, you’re not feeling well anyway. You tug Liam’s shoulder and look at him with pleading eyes. “Can I go? I don’t feel great”
“Can you wait a little longer?”
“I guess” you sigh, forcing yourself to follow him around. You start to feel dizzy, and nauseous, you hold onto Liam before tugging his arm, “please” is all you say, he takes a look at you and nods, quickly saying goodbye. You both walk away and get outside, only to be swarmed with paps wanting pictures. “Stop and pose please” they all instruct, and you both do as they say. You fake a smile looking at the camera, before you turn away and lean on the your forearms on the stair railing, bowing your head down. Liam’s hand rubs your back “what’s wrong?”
“I feel like passing out” you answer taking deep breaths, ignoring the surrounding paparazzi. “Uh take deep breaths” he instructs before you turn and look at him. “Can we have another picture?” someone asks, “I can’t” you shake your head towards Liam, “no mate” liam answers the man. “Let’s go”
“I need to sit down” you let out, feeling your body working up to passing out. Liam looks around, you feel your knees give way, but Liam grabs you, lowering you to the floor gently. You don’t completely pass out, but you were close.

The Perfect Night Niall Horan Smut for Kayleigh (Nutellaxwifix)

I had a lot of fun writing this one so I hope you have fun reading it! I hope you like it and if don’t just let me know I’ll totally fix it! Enjoy!

“Love are you ready?” I heard my boyfriend of two years call me as I finished putting on my earrings.

“Almost done!” I yelled before coming down the steps. He looked up at me and I almost fell down the steps.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He said as he easily caught me and I felt my cheeks blushing. After two years my boyfriend still makes me blush.

“I’m glad to see that you’re wearing the tux I bought you. I love seeing you in a tux.” I said as my arms wrapped around his neck.

“I’ll start wearing it more often. Maybe when I cook breakfast?” He said with a laugh and I shook my head and slapped his chest playfully before we left my apartment. We got to the resteraunt and Niall planned the whole evening. I offered to help considering he was busy with work but he wouldn’t let me, but nonetheless it was fantastic. We sat in a little booth in the back and had a wonderful candelight dinner.

“Niall this is amazing. The paparazzi hasn’t bothered us all night and I feel like we haven’t been able to be together like this in a long time.” I said and he smiled and took my hand.

“Kayleigh I just wanted to plan this night to show a small appreciation of how grateful I am to have you as my girlfriend. You’ve dealt with two long years of something that no one should ever go through and every day I feel so selfish because I want to keep you with me but I know you go through hell and back just to do it. I just…I just—“

“Niall it’s okay. You can tell me anything. And yes it has been hard but I would do it all over again if I had to because you make the hard stuff worth it Niall. You are the goal that I absolutely am thankful for every day. I—“

“Let me finish please. I had this all planned out and I don’t want to mess this up. And I really do love you, I know this isn’t anything great but I promise that every day for the rest of my life to make it up to you.” He said as he got off the table and went down on one knee.

“Niall I—“

“Kayleigh will you marry me?” He asked and I gasped and smiled, tears started flowing down my cheeks and I couldn’t breathe.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” I yelled loudly causing for some people to stare and I put my hand over my mouth.

“Oh thank god.” Niall said with a breath of relief and I looked at him confused as he placed the ring on my finger.

“Did you think I was going to tell you no?” I asked and he laughed.

“Just nerves is all.” He answered and we both sat back at the dinner table. We had a wonderful dinner and I couldn’t help but look at the ring. We went back to my apartment and I looked down at my hand as we entered. We grabbed and drank multiple bottles of wine and by that time we couldn’t really walk straight. We sat on the couch getting sober and we were really content. I looked down at my ring again and wiggled my fingers and I saw Niall look at me.

“You like it? If you don’t you can go pick out one that you want I just—“

“Niall breathe. I love it.” I said with a small giggle and I kissed him lightly. He laughed and kissed me back. The kiss got heated and I smiled and brought him up to my bedroom.

“Babe. Maybe I should go.” He said and I shook my head.

“Niall no! Please stay it’s such a great night! Come on.” I whined as I dragged him to the bed. He shrugged his shoulders and fell on top of the bed and I laughed. I kissed him and he laughed and flipped us over so I was on top. The kiss got really heated and I started to undo his shirt and he stopped me.

“Babe we don’t have to. Just because we had such a great night and a defining moment doesn’t mean you have to do anything.” He said and I smiled and kissed his neck.

“Niall I’ve been wanting to have sex with you for a while but you were busy with work and trying to plan your break and stuff so I decided to wait.” I said and he kissed me.

“Only if you want to.” He said and I nodded my head. He turned us over and was now on top of me.

“Tonight it’s going ot be all about you.” He said and in a deep tone and I felt myself getting wet. Niall and I have done some stuff but never had sex. He kissed down my chest and I gasped as he reached my core through the cloth and my hands flew to his hair. He moved my underwear aside and attacked my core and I yelped and moaned at the same time. He did it so quickly and roughly that I reached my orgasm before I knew it. He smiled and kissed my neck.

“Love are you ready?” He asked in a whisper and I closed my eyes and felt my heart rate increase and I nodded my head.

“I am. Niall I’m ready.” I said with a more confident tone and he smiled and kissed my lips lightly relaxing me a lot.

“If you want to back out at any time seriously let me know. Promise?” He asked and I gave a small smile and kissed his lips.

“Promise.” I said and he seemed more relaxed to. He reached over and grabbed a condom, we always had them there just in case and I’m glad we did.

“Alright love.” Niall said and I smiled as he placed the condom on and put it on himself. He aligned himself with my enterance and slid in. I gasped in both shock and painful. Niall stopped and I looked up at him.

“Niall keep going. Please.” I said and he nodded his head and slowly started to move. Niall was holding in his moans and I could tell that he was really feeling great but he didn’t want to show it.

“Babe are you okay?” He asked and I nodded my head feeling a tear come out of my eye and my hands went to his back.

“Niall it feels good. Go a little faster.” I said in a small moan and he listened and sped up his paste. I gapsed and knew that I wasn’t going to last long. He moaned out loudly and my orgasm hit my really hard and I yelled. He panted and came right after me still riding out our highs. We were both panting and he laid down next to me and smiled.

“How did it feel?” I asked a little nervous and he was the goofiest grin on his face.

“Great. Wait are you asking me if you did good?” He asked and I hid my face in the blanket.

“No…” I lied and he smiled and moved the blanket to show my face.

“You were amazing. Now the more important question is how did it feel for you? Are you okay?” He asked placing his hand on my stomach while giving my forehead a small kiss.

“A little sore but it felt great. I love you Niall.” I said with a small yawn and he smiled and tucked me into the blanket and kissed me.

“Goodnight love. I love you to.” He said and I smiled and felt my eyes start to drop.

I woke up the next morning and had the biggest smile on my face. Everything felt like a dream and I heard something in the kitchen. I wore one of Niall’s shirt and walked to the kichen to find Niall cooking in boxers a bow tie.

“Niall.” I called and I scared him and he turned around and smiled.

“Love how did you sleep?” He asked and I smiled and walked enxt to him.

“Like a baby. Why are you wearing the bow tie?” I asked and he smiled.

“I was going to cook in my tux but I didn’t want it to get dirty so I just got the tie.” He explained and I laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Niall that’s cute. Well the next time you’ll be wearing the tux is on our wedding day.” I said and he smiled and brought me a plate of his famous pancakes. I laughed and he kissed me.

“I can’t wait to call you my wife.” He said and I smiled and kissed him back , the kiss got heated but I stopped him.

“I’m sorry love are you still sore?” He asked holding my waist and I gave a small nod.

“We might have to wait on the sex tonight.” I said and he laughed.

“Of course future Mrs. Horan anything you want.” He said and kissed me. This was such a great moment.