i feel like no one is going to understan d this

Drive Me Crazy

Written By: Admin T.Pot
Summary: Y/N has asked Sehun to teach her how to drive cause she just got her permit and her driving test was in 2 weeks. Sehun agrees to teach her, and although she says she knows the basics, she doesn’t really know how to actually drive a car.
A/N: Sorry for the long wait guys TT I didn’t know which was easier to finish cause the fics and shots I’ve started to write offline were all just starters and I didn’t really think them through;; but I finished this one TT I’ve been really stressed and busy I couldn’t really bring myself to write cause of the exhaustion and part laziness;;; But here you guys go TT one is finally finished;;; And since it’s Sehun’s birthday still LOL … I promise to come back soon ! So wait for me !!
Word Count: 3000

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