i feel like my insides are potatoes

Did you know that in Germany the word “Potato” is also used as a term of platonic endearment. Like something to call your friends. A Platonic Potato if you will. That’s why I sorta headcanon that sometimes when Romano just calls Germany a “Potato” sometimes without the bastard part (wether he forgets to or not I don’t know) Germany feels a little warm inside because finally he’s starting to warm up to him. Germany wants to make many friends he just doesn’t know how. So he tends to feel happy when Romano calls him a “Potato”. My Big Buff German Puff deserves all the love and friendship that he desires. Sorry if this was a waste of time for you. I’m sorry.

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There’s no need to apologize my dear, I love it. Germany being socially inept is important to me as are headcanons that involve fun facts like this.

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Arthur has so much control, if I was him, dealing with these damn humans who keep poisoning my kingdom and killing my subjects, and some douche potato guy came up to me smelling like aftershave and trash, than insulted me with a fucking fish joke, the entire continent would be under the sea. I SWEAR TO GOD

we know batman inside out and he still sometimes manages to come across as the most controlling, annoying, too type A mary sue on the block but can you imagine how arthur must be viewing this guy he hasn’t met before? this rich ass dude who’s apparently a big deal in gotham, who decides to sniff him out because he feels entitled to creating some sort of justice league and wants him to join. and instead of saying PLEASE, he makes a fish joke? he makes a damn fish joke. he didn’t even try to make a pun. he could’ve gone with literally anything else that shows even the smallest hint of trying to play it cool, passive-aggressive, non-chalant, too experienced to be phased by guys who breathe underwater. but no? nooooo. “i hear you can talk to fish”. what the fuck. what the fuck. you’re the world’s greatest detective. what hte fuck

This little sweet potato resting inside of me keeps getting the hiccups and I can feel them. It feels like small little butterflies flying around in my tummy, and it’s the weirdest feeling. I can’t wait till we get back next week so we can figure out what we’re having, but I just have the strangest sense it’s going to be a girl.

                WOW. so i recenty reached 1k and i just keep thinking WHY. you’re all so wonderful and talened whilst i’m this awkward potato grateful for having you all here. I’ve had this blog for good 5 months now since rebooting and it’s been such an amazing experience so far. i love this character so much, maria hill is my precious baby and it just makes me feel warm inside to know you people like my portrayal of her this much that you’ve stayed with me. i wish to be around exploring everything that makes her be HER and i wish to have you guys along the way. 

but ok ! i’ll make this short so just let me do some special mentions.

drippingredledgers | em ! wife, love of my life. i’m so glad we met and i’m so glad to have you around to shot out at you on skype about everything. you’re so amazingly talented and i’m so incredibly happy to just call you a friend. your writing in just breathtaking. everything you do leaves me in awe and it’s just inspiring. just writing with you, plotting and crying about out babies lights up my day. i love you darling. 

telocvoviim | cass ! my lovely wife, you’re so gay for me <33 i mean ! i just want to thank you because you’re always so incredibly sweet and lovely. another talented potato and just mind-blowing. i always love reading your stuff because your writing is just perfect. you’re just amazing and i hope you know you mean a lot to me, i love you a lot ok ?

oftargets | ok nanniekin ! you, and your perfect clint and your sweet personality and just everything about you. you’re a blessing omg, everything you write is gold and i’ve said this before but i’ll say it again. your clint is just everything i ever wanted omg. i love u potato.

ironarmored | claudia darling ! you, i believe, are the first tony i ever wrote with in here and i am so in awe everytime i read one of your replies. you allowed me to explore this beautiful yet complicated relationship between Tony&Maria as it is on the comics and i just can’t wait to keep burying myself deeper into it because i’m sure you’ll make it worth it.

lonelyembitteredsoul | ok you ! miranda omg i think i should thank you just for the existance of this blog because you’re so supportive and encouraging. you’re just beautiful and sweet and i hope you save this because it doesn’t happen everytime ok. i love you.

and to you all who’ve been with me and have made this just so perfect. thank you.

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