i feel like my entire life has been validated

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UT/UF/US/SF Skelebros who has a S/O that's always near them, like you'll rarely see the skeleton without their S/O, but the S/O understands personal space, but wants to at least be in the same room. S/O is only like this because they've been replaced and liked by someone better their entire life, and they just for once want to be the better liked person

Like. Honestly me tho. I get replaced ALL THE TIME. That’s why I love comments. It makes me feel validated. Like. I hate being alone. Just going to buy food I ask my friend to come with me.

Also, I’m updating the rules with a 6 character limit because 8 is too many. So, I’m dropping Underfell. Sorry, if you want Underfell, please request them separately!!



  • He just goes with it at first. Like, whatever ya know? He likes being around you too.
  • Once he finds out why you’re like that though, he’s going to up the affection. He’s actually going to come up to you for cuddles instead of laying there and you coming to him. He might even wrap the two of you up in a blanket burrito together.
  • He’s also going to reassure you that he loves you and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s too lazy to anyways lolol


  • He is happy with the situation because you’re his datemate and he loves you.
  • When he finds out, he’s going to shower you with so much love and affection and spaghETTI–
  • He’s also going to make sure you know he loves you with plenty of dates.



  • The bab does not mind. It’s literally his dream come true.
  • A wonderful datemate who loves him so much that they always want to be in his presence?? Sign him U P.
  • When he finds out why, he is instantly concerned. He is going to make you so many tacos now and reassure you about how much he loves you and that you’re the best ever datemate and he’s never going to leave you because he loves you.
  • Also, prepare for many cuddles and skele-kisses.


  • He doesn’t do much so, like Sans, he’s like whatever. He loves you and he doesn’t mind you being along him. He likes having you around. You’re smol and precious to him.
  • He finds out about your issue when you refuse to leave the room even though you’re getting woozy due to the cigarette smell. ((The smell of cigarettes gives me a headache so I know.))
  • He puts out his cigarette, changes into a not smoke smelling hoodie and cuddles you to let you know how much he loves you.



  • Of course you want to be in his presence. You’re his datemate. Why wouldn’t you want to be around him?
  • When he finds out why, it takes him a bit to understand. But once he does, he’ll show a bit more affection.
  • When I say show more affection, I mean he won’t yell at you when you hug him without permission when he gets home. He’s also going to be cooking for you even more often now than he did before. Enjoy yourself.


  • He won’t judge you for being an attention ho because he’s one too. He loves your affection and knowing that you love his is amazing.
  • Once he finds out why, he’s just- “S A M E.”
  • He feels the exact same way because of  d e p r e s s i o n and  a n x i e t y. So he lets you know that you’re not alone. Now, you never have to worry about being left because you’re so much better than him. He doesn’t deserve you. You could do so much better. So why would he ever leave?

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From someone who has lived their entire life feeling like they're under the thumb of their emotionally/mentally/physically abusive mother. I am so fucking sorry that you went through whatever clearly happened again yesterday. I understand. I get it. I've been there and your feelings are so valid. My heart is with you, and I hope you can give yourself a break. You are an incredible person and your feelings matter and are justified. Please, please remember that.

I’m trying. I’m trying really hard. It’s not working? But I guess it kind of is because I’m dressed and at the library and when I’m done with asks, I’m gonna get all my work done so I guess it’s working?

But I guess my point is… thank you. Thank you so much.

I’m sending you so much love, sweetheart <3 <3 <3

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Hi! So I've been thinking about destiel lately (what's new?!) and I just don't see how people don't see it? I mean? All of season 8 and 9? The parallel between Cain and Colette and Dean and Cas? So many other instances but logically, my brain knows there's a high possibility that they won't become explicitly canon and I just... Have a lot feelings and needed to tell someone. Haha! *cries*

I always tell the story of one of my friends from grad school when people doubt the existence of Destiel subtext. She grew up in a literal cult in Montana–like a full-on no television, no pop culture, no doctors, no homosexuality, no leaving the compound, no women in pants CULT. Cult. She got out of the church when she went to college, but she was still the most sheltered person I have ever met in my entire life when I met her. We watched all of Supernatural together over the course of like 6 months. 

And she saw it. SHE SAW IT. IN AN INSTANT. SHE CAUGHT ON LIKE A FUCKING PRAIRIE FIRE. Every time they were on screen together, she would look at me with wide, haunted eyes and our conversations would turn into–

“Oh my god?!?”

“I know.”


“I know.”


That’s how gay they are. That’s how gay. Their gay transcends religious boundaries. It’s the great unifying force our world has been waiting for.

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of asks about my identity as a bisexual lesbian (which is great!), so I decided to make a quick Q&A about it to reference so I don’t have to explain myself every time.

What is a bisexual lesbian?

I made this label up. It can mean different things to different people, but this is what it means to me: I am fluid. Sometimes I am attracted to more than one gender, sometimes only women, but I am always attracted to women. Additionally, I do not choose to act on my attraction towards men. Attraction wise, I am either bisexual or lesbian. Action wise, I am lesbian.

Why not just call yourself bisexual, then?

I used to do this, but “bisexual” is an extremely broad label. It is defined as the attraction to two or more genders. But which genders? And how often? To what preference, romantically and/or sexually? You could have a bisexual who prefers men romantically and sexually, but occasionally gets a crush on a woman, but is not sexually attracted to women. You could have another bisexual who feels equal attraction to men, women, agender, and non-binary people, not feeling any specific preference. You could have yet another bisexual who is only romantically attracted to men, but is sexually attracted to all genders. And they all use the same label! When someone identifies as straight or gay, you know exactly their preference - it’s defined right in the label. “A romantic and sexual attraction towards [x] gender.” Bisexuals do not have this convenience, so we are either forced to live in ambiguity or come up with a more specific label.

Ugh, but do you HAVE to have lesbian in the title? That’s offensive.

I’m sorry if it offends you, but I feel as though I am part of the lesbian community due to only acting on my attraction towards women. To not call myself a lesbian would be erasing part of my identity, and I have erased it for a long time, I never want to go back to that.

This is getting so confusing! Why do you even have to use a label anyways?

Good question - I don’t. Nobody has to use a label if they don’t want to. But, everyone is entitled to a label. If straight and gay people get a label, so do we!

Are you maybe a homoromantic bisexual/biromantic homosexual?


Are you the only person who uses this label?

Nope! Since I put my label in my blog description, I’ve gotten dozens of messages from other women saying they finally found the right label for their sexuality. It’s an amazing feeling to finally have a label after years of trying on ones that don’t feel right (I would know), so the fact that other people identify with this label is absolutely fantastic.

If I did not answer your question here, feel free to inbox me, but please do it off anonymous so I can answer privately. Have a great day!

Update: I stumbled upon a post that hit very close to home, and I’m adding it in here because it’s very relevant.

When I was questioning whether or not I was a lesbian, I would’ve loved someone telling me that it was okay if I still liked men but had no intention of dating them, or that it was okay if I wasn’t sure if my attraction to them was genuine or forced. We need to support questioning girls and girls who feel drawn to the lesbian label who haven’t figured it all out yet or who don’t know what compulsory heterosexuality is or who have only dated and crushed on men but don’t want to anymore. Not everyone knows everything 100% at first, or ever, and they’re still allowed to be a lesbian. Just because they don’t know our buzzwords or haven’t figured everything out doesn’t mean that we should act like they’re ruining the lesbian label. If they feel like “lesbian” is right, that’s because it probably is.” [x]

This has been me for my entire life. I am still unsure if my attraction to men is compulsory heterosexuality or genuine. All I do know is that it does not hold a candle to my attraction to women, but there is still something there that I cannot quite figure out. My “end goal” is not to figure this out, to figure out if I am bisexual or lesbian, because I truly don’t believe I ever will. I accept that I fall somewhere in between and that my identity is still valid.