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darling, I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I wrote this really quick for you. I’m not sure what you had in mind, but I went to a 100 % unicorns place, so I hope this makes you smile a little.

A shadow falls across Stiles’ worksheet and he looks up to see Lydia, mouth pursed, staring down at him. She says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

“About as much as the average eleven year old boy,” he says, which is: not much. Horse-like, pointy horn, something to do with virgins.

Of course, he goes home and finds out everything he can about them immediately. Both because Lydia asked, and because now he can’t stop thinking about it.

Lydia has forgotten all about their conversation by the time he’s ready to dazzle her with his knowledge, so alas, his mad unicorn skillz lie dormant for years, until all the shit with the werewolves.


Stiles is cat-napping in a spill of sun when all his warmth is blocked—he makes an irritated sound and opens his eyes to find Derek looming over him, frowning.  Stiles kicks out a foot and rolls over onto his side in the grass.

Derek says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

Stiles yawns and says, “A surprising amount for a teenage boy.”

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Bts ignoring you and you calling them “Daddy” to get their attention

A/N: Second day of everyday doing reactions with Li. I had a very stressful day, but I’m happy I managed to finish this. All reactions are requested. <3 Li


As per usual Jin was too absorbed in thinking about the other members and their health in the form of a nice menu or a place to eat that won’t damage his boys health. That made him forget about you. It was uncommon for him so it made you feel strange-less appreciated. But there was something that always got his attention “Daddy…” the word slipped of your tongue so easily. Jin eyes widen at the beginning and you thought that he’ll react unusual but he didn’t. He just put back his calm face and opened his legs so you could sit on his lap. “Did daddy neglect his princess?”


When Yoongi was working usually meant he waas working so he ignored everything around him. You too. And that was literally the only thing you didn’t like about Yoongi. But he had his weak points,one of which was “Daddy…baby girly is bored.” Yoongi would turn around an evil smile covering his face “Is she now? How sad I have work so she’ll have to find something to do for an hour and after that Daddy is hers. But until then,baby should behave.”


Namjoon was from those people that were getting so absorbed in a book they forget everything around them. It was around 7 o'clock in the night when you understood that if you let him he’ll read all night long. So that called for a good distraction. And the only better thing to do with your free time is…“Daddy?” Namjoon didn’t even move his eyes from the book but his lips did. “What baby?” drastic times, drastic measures “I need you.” this time Namjoon did move his eyes hidden behind Harry Potter like golden glasses. A serious expression has taken his usually soft features. “Very good then. On the couch Y/N. Next to me. Good girl. Now open your legs. Good. Now leave it to me.” his hand made contact with my hot thigh and his eyes with the book.

*I know it’s a picture, but look at him*


Hoseoks attention was always on you when he was with you, so you didn’t understand why now, in your shared bed, cuddling,it was obvious his mind was somewhere else. And obvious the comeback choreography. You loved that he had so many roles in the group and the others called him the base. But you felt the pressure starts to gets the best of him"Daddy?“ Hoseok attention returned to you so fast. "Daddy is sorry baby. I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. I’m sorry. Daddy is in special need of cuddles and a little something else because this nightgown will be the death of me.”


Jimins love and pation beside you was dancing. So it came natural to you that sometimes he would dance all night long, but you haven’t seen him in three days and when you finally saw each other he excused himself and asked you if he could practice while you were talking. That made you bratty af. “Daddy!” Jimin stopped moving, turned around slowly, licked eyes with you and you noticed their color changing from the warm hazelnut color to dark moca brown. “Are you being bratty Y/N? True, I haven’t seen you in few days and it’s true that it’s my fault, but I won’t tolerate that bratty tone. Have you forgotten your manners baby? I think we’ll have a learning session tonight." 


Tae and shopping. Shopping and Tae. Galleries and Tae. Tae and galleries. Tae being aesthetic little piece of ignorant shit. Why did he choose a bratty princess like you? "Daddy…Y/N wants to go home.” you said pounting your face at him. “Y/N will wait half an hour.” said Tae with look of warning. It was way more thab half an hour and you knew that. Lately with all the tours, songs and varieties you were barely been able to see him and him not paying attention to you made you salty “Daddy!” Tae hand wrapped around your waist bringing you to his chest.“Be careful Y/N. My patience is wearing thin and knowing that I haven’t touched you in a while makes me go crazy. So behave little girl.”

*masculine Tae, with meat on his bones is a religion, get used to this gif*

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Jungkook training was the hottest thing on Earth. His hair was slicked back and little drops of sweat were painting his face. His shirt was nowhere to be seen and his expression was one of total concentration. But in reality his home fitness was taking away him from you. And that, no matter how much you liked sucking flowers on those muscles,was a problem. So one day it all became too much. “Daddy.” it slipped without you even realising it. Jungkook stopped in the middle of the push up, amazing you one more time. “Come here Y/N.” You walked to him and the difference was funny, but it was because of him laying on the floor. And in the next second he wasn’t. He was right in front of you. “Say it again.” his expression was wild and holding in the promises of all those times you couldn’t be together.

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Dirty Admissions

Summary: You use a jealous Pietro’s ignorance to your own advantage to get him to admit your relationship
Warnings: swearing, almost smut
A/N: I was reading through old requests at 1:00 because I couldn’t sleep and this happened #sorrynotsorry

“You’ve been fucking each other for how long now?”

“Four months, three weeks, and five days,” you answered Natasha’s question, taking another sip of your drink and running your hand across your face in an attempt to conceal your embarrassment.

“And neither of you are fucking anyone else?”

“No,” you said, pressing your lips together and regretting your existence. Natasha had caught you sneaking from his room early Thursday morning, your hair a mess and your shorts in your hand. “Neither I nor Piet are fucking anyone else, Nattie.”

“Yet no one knows and neither of you will admit you’re together?”

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-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List C Edition

Carbokinesis - Control Carbon

  • As someone who happened to buy a lot of coal, I end up with a lot of diamonds.
  • You know those carbon filters in fish tanks? I never have to change mine now. I just sort of wave the guck out? It’s an easy chore.
  • Don’t forget, there’s carbon in steel. If I take it out, this whole city’s going down.

Cardiokinesis - Control Hearts

  • I don’t know why you think this has to do with love. Hearts are organs that only pump blood. I mean, I guess if your heart beats faster, you feel like you’re in love.
  • I spent years in medical school specializing in heart surgery just so I could discretely fix people’s hearts much faster than they should be able to. But whenever anyone asks me what my secret to fast and perfect surgery is, I have to lie and it’s eating me inside.
  • I can see everyone’s relationships, but sometimes it gets really distracting. All these fibrous lines keep obscuring the cinema screen.

Caelestikinesis - Control Celestial Bodies

  • Is it weird I can tell you’re an aries? I’m getting that you’re an aries. 
  • Okay, so making the night sky spell out “will you marry me?” was awesome but I think I ruined a bunch of aliens’ homes. I really hope they don’t know I did that.
  • Being a god of the stars is generally really boring. Nothing’s ever been happening. But this little planet seems to be starting something… Better get closer to watch.

Caelumkinesis - Control the Sky

  • I can hide as anything that flies. So if you happen to see a bird in my room, don’t chase it out with a broom. 
  • If you’re going to be like that, I can make sure you always get rained on.
  • The world is so boring. I finally found out how to make dragons and I’m gonna take the initiative and just making this happen.

Chemokinesis - Control Chemical Substances

  • If it’s on the periodic table, I can mess with it. People generally aren’t ready for their oxygen to become iron.
  • The hero can’t come and vanquish me if I’ve given them depression.
  • Now that I’ve trapped you in my moat… It’s acid.

Chromokinesis - Control Colors

  • A magician’s biggest trick: Turning the entire performance center blue.
  • I have a grudge against someone who somehow muscled their way into my personal art show. I’ll makes sure they never see color ever again.
  • So I can fly… But it’s very… Flashy. Yeah, it’s a rainbow.

Chronokinesis - Control Time

  • So, even if I manipulate time, I can’t manipulate space. And Earth moves, so… I kind of killed most of the population. They’re either in space or the mantle. 
  • I’ve been stealing time from everyone and it’s all stored deep underground.
  • I’ve tricked a constuction crew through a time-portal and now they’re building me a castle in 16th century France. I’ll be king and my castle will never fall.

Cibumkinesis - Control Food

  • You don’t even know how much pretentious people like to eat my ‘innovative’ foodstuffs. Milk jerky is as weird as it sounds and only comes in 2%
  • I’ll win every cooking competition, no matter how much I mess up. 
  • May your harvest be blighted and your water poisoned. Think twice before crossing me again.

Cthonikinesis - Control Nether

  • Powers adapt to new meanings for the word. I’m gonna send you to minecraft hell.
  • Your nether regions are so fucked.
  • How do you feel, facing your own late father in battle?

Cukinesis - Control Copper

  • When NYC falls into peril again, someone with the ability to manipulate copper calls upon the ultimate defense… The statue of liberty.
  • Yeah I can make a shield, but it’s gonna be copper. Sorry I can’t do anything else. 
  • I’ve gotten into the habit of driving by old neighborhoods and making all the copper wiring and pipes be sucked into my truck. It’s only slightly villainous. 

Cogitokinesis - Control Thought

  • If you’re going to be so angry about my favorite song, enjoy it in your head forever.
  • I make quite the racket erasing unwanted thoughts. Where those thoughts go though is only for me to worry about. 
  • My robots seem too mechanical. I should steal someone’s thoughts to give them a bit of personality. 

Cognikinesis - Control Perspectives

  • Most of the time I just force video games to let me play first person, I’m not sure what you expected.Forcing people to look at what they’ve become is a lot like judgement day.
  • When people make me upset, I like to make them see my actual point of view. 
  • It doesn’t matter how far away something is, if I can see it, I can touch it.

Comakinesis - Control Hair

  • My stage production of rapunzel is the best in the world. How I found a continuous 20 foot braid is anyone’s best guess. I’ll never tell.
  • I’ve created a new breed of naturally pink poodles. I’ll be in the lap of luxury for all my days.
  • No I only have one of these wool sweaters. I can just change it’s color because it’s technically hair.

Combokinesis - Control Combat

  • Any battle goes may way, from a simple argument to an election. I’ve become the most influential person in the world.
  • My personal feelings are always above any actual evidence of winning, so seeing that I may be wrong is terrifying. What if I was wrong before?
  • Now that you’ve shown me what your attack will be, let me eliminate that possibility.

Coronakinesis - Control Corona Energy

  • Yes, it’s basically like that one godzilla. No, I’m not secretly the kid of godzilla. 
  • You think you’ve seen global warming? You’ve seen nothing yet. 
  • Stars tend to move with their corona, so don’t mind the new stars. They were already there before.

Corrokinesis - Control the Power of Corruption

  • I really don’t like corruption, so I keep combing the internet for instances of corruption to take it out, hitman style.
  • I’ve condensed corruption into these special bullets. I want you to shoot all this list, no matter how nice you think they are.
  • Wait, I can basically make this into a hell-dimension? Awesome. Sin for everyone.

Cryokinesis - Control Ice

  • If you keep annoying me all the liquid in your body is gonna freeze.
  • I’ve got the polar ice caps fixed, Antartica is looking good, and I’ve got enough snow cones today’s day at the park. 
  • You’ve gotta believe me, officer! The icicle just plain fell on them! It skewered them!

Crystallokinesis - Control Minerals and Crystals

  • My modern witchcraft store is stocked full with crystals and stones. And it’s all homemade.
  • If I really tried, I could get my crystal healing techniques to go towards a doctorate.
  • You picked the wrong mineshaft to battle me in. You’be basically given me the battle. 

Cytokinesis - Control Cells of Organisms

  • My friend wanted to be a cryptid so we brainstormed for a while and they decided on their form. We still chat when I’m in town.
  • Even if I’m terminal, I can just fix it. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to fix you too.
  • Changing what shape my cells take is the ultimate camouflage. No one suspects the dog.
I think i’m in love - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Prompts 1 and 14; Based off the song “I Think I’m in Love” by Kat Dahilia

Y/N doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden and strong feelings that have been wracking her brain for weeks, and neither does Peter. But, he decides to take action.

-1. “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?”

-14. “I swear to god if you ever do that again…”

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language; VERY FLUFF

Here’s another request:) and I added this song bc it fit it so well! You can listen to it HERE:)! I hope u guys like this one!!



Time’s a ticking, hearts are running. Think that Cupid’s up to something. You ask me how I feel, I say nothing.

“Y/N/N? Are you okay?”

The sweet, scratchy voice that belonged to your best friend, Peter Parker, awoke you from your dreamy, afternoon daze.

“W-What? Oh, yeah yeah, I’m good,” you wave your right hand in his direction, as if saying that everything was fine and not to worry about.

The only consolation was, everything wasn’t fine.

Your wondrous mind had been slipping into an endless whirl-wind of confusion, guilt, and numerous other categories for the past couple of weeks. It seemed as if you didn’t know how to behave around anyone anymore, especially Peter for that matter. Every time someone would ask you a question, snapping you out of yet another daze, your state would jump into a lost one, confusion taking over as to what they were asking you. But, your mind was preoccupied with something, or someone else.

Peter Parker was the problem, and you hated it. Everything about him flooded your thoughts, day and night, all day, every day. You didn’t know how to control it, it just jumped upon you one day as he was speaking feverishly to you about one of his “Stark Internship Retreats". His eyes filled with excitement and wonder as he told you about his thrilling second life.

It seemed as at that moment, something inside you clicked, something that has never happened in the past seven years of your life with Peter. It scared you at first, your body and mind not knowing how to act in such a sudden and exhilarating situation.

Immediately, as you took notice of every little quirk and feature of Peter, your brain couldn’t help but make you blush and smile as the things popped into your head, over and over again.

And at that moment, you knew how your feelings were quickly laying themselves out. And you had no idea you wouldn’t be able to stop it.

But lately color seems so bright and the stars light up the night. My feet they feel so light, I’m ignoring all the signs.

’‘The sky is such a vibrant blue today, don’t you think?” you dazedly lean over to your friend Michelle, lying your head on her shoulder.

Michelle’s brown orbs tear away from her book,rolling her eyes at the interruption. Her eyes then narrow confusedly towards you, “Uhh, sure?” she questions, oddly looking down at your slumped figure.

Your lips turned up into a huge grin across your face while your Y/E/C eyes looked up towards the vibrant sky in a low haze. Your arms lay limp by your sides and your veins pursed with loving dreariness as the day went on. You couldn’t describe it. It was as if your thoughts clouded with no external thoughts of anything or anyone else. All that replayed in your head was…Peter.

Peter, Peter, Peter…

“What?” Michelle questioned you, her hand grasping her book as it fell by her sides, her attention fully faced to you.

Your eyes widened in confusion, eyebrows furrowing, “What?” you asked back defensively, wondering if you had made a strange noise or something that awoke her intent attention on the book.

Oh fuck, did I just say his name out loud?

Her finger pointed at you as your head shot up off her shoulder, “You just said Peter’s name like three times, out loud,” she pronounced loudly to you, your sudden thoughts just easily being exposed.


You shook your head vigorously back and forth, attempting to make your doubt evident to your friend, “No, no I didn’t. I said-”

“Noooo, you didn’t. You said Peter,” she came back instantly, not allowing you to let the topic go, “What is up with you?”  she tagged on, her head titled in your direction, bewilderment displayed across her features.

Your teeth grabbed your bottom lip in guilt and uneasiness, not knowing whether you should allow your new beheld secret to slip through your chapped lips. It was Michelle, you’ve been friends for awhile and you trust her with everything. She and Peter are the two you tell absolutely everything to, and of course you couldn’t tell Peter this.

Guilt subdued and you sighed before, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her to a nearby vacant spot in the park, “Okay I need to tell you something, but you have to swear you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

Her hands flew up in defense at your statement, “I promise, my mouth is completely shut,” she pretended to zip her lips before easing you to go on.

You inhaled deeply before shutting your eyes tightly, releasing them slowly as all of your thoughts for the past few weeks came flooding back, “Okay… I just sorta realized I’ve been in love with Peter for a really long fucking time and I don’t know how to deal that’s why I’ve been acting so weird and hazy lately okay it’s because Peter makes me go fucking insane but in a good way and it’s just freaking me out so that’s why okay I’m done-” you completely rushed out in a span of ten seconds, no pauses or breath being taken in your spill.

Michelle watched you oddly as you sucked in a new breath of air, regaining your previous state before rolling her eyes and throwing her hand up, “Uhm, obviously? I thought it was pretty mutual between you two?”

I keep on frontin’, yeah, I stay bluffin’. I keep you wonderin’, keep you huntin’ for my lovin’. But I crave us huggin’, yeah, I stay stubborn. ‘Cause I can’t admit that you got all the strings and know just how to tug 'em.

 “Are you kidding me? How is dangling from a twenty story building, safe?” you screamed out, face red with anger and concern towards your best friend.

“Y/N I’m fine!” Peter hollered back at you, eyes lit up with excitement once again as he came to your window still dressed in his attire, “I only came here to tell you how bad ass I was!”

You felt your protective instincts kick in as Peter blabbered on about how some bad guy tried to kill him once again. You couldn’t help it. Every time Peter approached you with yet another Spider-Man story, you couldn’t help but feel regret for that second persona he takes on almost every night. The risk of him getting severely hurt, or even killed put you in such a protective and weary state you didn’t know how to act or respond to his exciting stories.

These feelings have been immensely growing at a rapid rate ever since two days ago when Michelle spoke to you about her mutual sights and views between the two of you.

“Well, whenever I’m with both of you, one of the two of you always seems to be staring at the other. I mean, most of the time it’s you drooling over him in a lovey looking daze,” she laughs at your actions.

“Ha, very funny. Now, what else?” you pressured her, folding your arms over your chest and biting your lip.

She sighs, hand on her hip, “At lunch, when you'e always going on and on about how hard your math test was, he smiles a little, almost as if he liked seeing you talking non-stop.”

Your heart did a gigantic leap at the seemingly little yet grand gesture he felt towards you. God, that just proves how much of an impact this boy had on you. That small set of information from Michelle made you swoon for days.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true. Let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love).

You’re so pathetic, Y/N. Pining after someone who only sees you as a friend.

You slide out of yesterday’s conversation and back into reality, only to have Peter still jabbering on still about his greatest moment.

Tired of hearing him brag about how he almost got killed tonight, you put your hand up in front of him, cutting off his talking, “I swear to god if you ever do that again…” you glare at him annoyingly, shaking your head in disappointment.

He smiles brightly, rolling his eyes playfully, “I promise I won’t. Who else besides you is gonna keep me on the ground if I’m not here?” his play on words and sarcasm knowing exactly how to tug at your heart.

Smiling widely at his flirtatious comment and gesture, he leans over and wraps his arm tightly around your frame, his head digging into the crook of your neck, “You’re such a good friend, you know that?” he mutters softly into your neck.

Your heart aches a little as the word 'friend’ slips from between his lips, Masking your defeat, your hug him tighter, “I know.”

 My heart’s pacin’, I’m confused, I’m dazin’. I saw something I never seen in you, It’s got me shakin’. I must be hallucinatin’, I hear it happens, I’m just sayin’. Babe, I’m just sayin’. Someone give me some paper, someone give me some crayons. I’m feeling like a child, I need something to play on.

One thing you didn’t know was that, Peter’s head had been occupied twenty-four-seven as well.

But, with thoughts of you.

He couldn’t describe it. I was as if everything in the world suddenly had a purpose, and that purpose was you. He knew it sounded crazy, of course it did. You were his best friend, the oe he confided everything to, and all of the sudden you went from closest confidant to someone Peter couldn’t slip out of his mind for just a second.

When you spoke to him, it was something that connected on a whole new level. Your beautiful Y/E/C eyes sprang into his with such admiration that he felt his veins pulse with nerves. Your pretty lips that moved feverishly as you yelled at him for getting himself into more danger, became something he could stare at all day.  And when you touched, oh. That set his whole body on fire. Your sweet, caring touch would send him into a daze of bliss as your bodies held each other in a hug.

He knew what was happening to him, and he knew he needed to act on it, fast. Unlike you, Peter was sure there was something magnificently mutual between you two, and he needed to show you.

 I’m trying hard to trust you when you say, “Give me your hand.” Baby, I’m fallin’, I hope you catch me when I land.

New Message

Pete:): Come over as soon as you can. I need to tell you something.

You stared down at your phone wearily. It must be important, Peter never texted you without ending it in a smiley face or something. Nerves instantly wrack your body as you decide to make your way over there now, curious as to what could be so important.

Oh fuck, did he find out? No, there’s no way. Michelle would never and you hadn’t made it obvious, had you? Oh god, had you?

Shaking off the nervous energy, you grab your jacket and earbuds before heading out the door. Once outside, you slip in your earbuds, clicking shuffle on your most recent playlist. 'I Think I’m In Love’ by Kat Dahalia came on as you began the few block walk to Peter’s apartment.

 "In my dreams you’re the dutch and I’m the duchess and your blunts are always loose, so I’m in charge of rollin’ dutches. And we getting so high, we always get the munchies. And we go for early brunches that turn into late lunches.  And we ain’t gotta label, we’re just rollin’ with the punches, I make fun of your belly and tell you to do some crunches. And you say, “Yeah, well, your ass jiggles, go and do some lunges.” I say, “Fuck you,” while I’m thinking of you as my husband. I think I’m in love…“

Damn, my girl Kat knows what’s up.

After ten minutes, your face comes in contact with Peter’s front door. As your hand began to knock, your phone buzzed in your pocket, signaling a new text.

Pete:): The door is open when you get here. Just come in.

Your hand redirects to the doorknob, twisting it open you walk inside his vacant apartment. Quietness hits you as you make your way to Peter’s bedroom door. As your feet make way to him, your nerves begin to buildup once again, your mind wracking numerous terrible and nerve wracking situations that could possible happen within the next two minutes. Your knuckles daringly hit the door twice, stomach churning as you impatiently wait for Peter to open the door.

And once he does, you are taken in by his state. His beautiful brown eyes looked to be a nervous wreck. Hell, he looked to be a nervous wreck.

Well, guess that makes two of us.

His hair was sprawled in all different directions, looking as if he had been running his hands through it for a while. Confusion swam over you and you looked oddly at him, stepping into his dark room.

“Pete? Are you okay?” you question him as he walks behind you to shut the door. He sighs heavily, his thin lips forming a small line across his face in intense concern.

He walks back towards you, standing awkwardly in front of you, his eyes scanning everywhere in the room except to pass yours, “Uh, what? Yeah, I just wanted to…” he trails off, voice slowly becoming distant as you look down at his nervous figure to his hands rubbing themselves together roughly.

What is he doing? Why is he so nervous? You’re the one that’s nervous! Hell you’re the one who’s been nervous around him 24/7.

You dared to speak, interrupting his sighing session, “Tell me something? You sounded kind of urgent in your text.”

His head popped up in your comment, eyes meeting yours in a weary yet odd look. You felt as if he was freaking out about something serious, and you had no idea what. Stepping closer to him, you lied a hand on his shoulder, expressing excessive comfort to him.

“You can tell me anything, you know that,” you urged him, head leaning closer to his. His eyes continued to stare into yours, little fleck of light brown swam around your gaze, heart now caught in your throat.

You showed him that you’re here, can he take a hint?

He stuttered out his next response, leaning closer to you almost in a whisper he muttered, “I know that. Its just, I don’t think I can tell you this. I need to show you,” his voice got quieter with every word. His intense gaze and proximity caused your body to flood with those feelings. Those feelings you couldn’t seem to get rid of. Those feelings that were so evident right now you were shocked he couldn’t tell .

Attempting to receive a response from him, you slowly asked, eyebrows furrowing at what his last statement meant, “Peter, what do you mean? You can just tell me, I’m not going to judge-”

Your reply was cut short, not by a comment, nor a statement, but by your lips being enveloped in someone else’s. You had to keep your body from leaping back at the sudden change in atmosphere. You were standing here, eyes shut tightly to absorb the unbelievable, enticing feeling of Peter’s lips on yours. You didn’t care as to why it happened, you just wanted it to never end. Your body lit on fire from the feeling as his hand reached up and cupped the side of your cheek as your hands unknowingly grabbed his cheeks in an attempt to pull him closer.

You felt the smile you loved so much play across his lips at your actions, your closed mouth turning up into one of your own. The room became weightless, the air turned warm and you felt as if you were flying. Nothing, could beat this feeling you had right now. It felt as if everything you had sensed in the past weeks was all coming together now. And you knew, finally, that he felt the same.

You finally realized what that feeling was, and it was incredible.

I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). Baby, I think I’m in love again. I think I’m in love again (in my head, yeah, you’re in my head). I didn’t think it could be true, let alone that it would be you. I think I’m in love again (I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love). I think I’m in love again.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure do you want to write it, because it's a little bit connected with wet dreams of RFA and Saeran's fic when he spies on MC's phone call, but maybe you want to write a request where RFA+V+Saeran and MC not together, but are very close, and s\o overhears how MC tells her friend about a certain nsfw fantasy about them and try to fulfill it. Btw, I love your works! You are amazing!

Wet dreams again! And with this one, the “wet dreams” trilogy is now complete! I did this one as mini-fics to celebrate, LOL (not really, I just got carried away as usual)

RFA + Saeran and V overhearing MC talking about her wet dreams with them (NSFW-ish?)


“Ah, MC! Come on, you don’t have to blush so much! You know you’re probably not the only girl in this country that had wet dreams about Zen, right?”

“I know… but it’s different.  I’m not just his fan, I’m his friend. And he was a fucking butler, for fuck’s sake!”

“So what? You have a thing for butlers. Big news: we all do after watching Kuroshitsuji.”

“Yeah, and my mind keeps playing a hentai version of it. With Zen! And… less wet, you know how hentais are all wet and the censored version shows a girl being fucked by a bunch of pixels? Yeah… my dream was nothing like that.”

“Oh… no pixels? So how… how did it look?”

“Perfect… just like him…” you sigh and chug the rest of your beer, watching as she laughs and says you’re a dirty little bitch, and that’s why she loves you.

Zen feels… oddly embarrassed. His fans have no chill in talking how handsome and sexy he is, and how he is always in their dreams, but you’re right, you’re not just a fan, you’re his friend. And though you never really hid you think he’s attractive, you never told him you think he’s perfect, that his… dick… is perfect! Oh my… so much information to deal! He was just trying to find you two in this after party with some of his colleague actors, and here are the things he found out: hentais are all wet, girl talk is kinda funny, girl talk makes him feel oddly shy when he happens to be the subject of it, you think he’s perfect. He and his perfect dick serving you in your dreams… oh, dreams are such powerful happenings, aren’t they? He has psychic dreams once in a while… what about you?

“Hey, I finally found you two, ladies. Ready to go home?” he tries to act casually, but he’s seeing you on a whole different light.

“Yeah, let’s go. It’s kinda late.” Your friend says, getting up of her chair. “Oh, but let me just fangirl a little over that guy who played salesman #2. I’ll… meet you guys outside.” She doesn’t even give you time to say anything and just vanish out of there.

“Enjoying the party, babe?” oh… even calling you ‘babe’ feels differently now. What did he call you in your dream? Madam?

“Yeah, it’s been great, Zen! Thanks for letting us crash into this party, the musical was… fabulous, you’re so talented.”

“Thanks. Here, let me help you with your coat.”

“Oh, no need to, I’m fine.”

“Come on, it’s a pleasure to service you.” Your eyes widen as you look away. Oh… he had no idea his little tease would make him feel as aroused as you. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“N-no, I’m fine. Let’s get my friend before she ‘accidentally trips and falls into some of your colleagues arms.” He chuckles at your attempt of brushing it out whatever wild thoughts your mind is going through. What wouldn’t he give to hear them all?

You let your friend at her place and then he walks you to yours. Somehow you managed to go back to your usual, funny, bubbly self. You two stop at the door of your building.

“Thanks for the night, Zen.”

“My pleasure.” He bows before you, smirking as he sees you pressing your legs against each other. “So,  what about joining me tomorrow night to help me practice my lines? I think you’ll really like this new project.”

“Sure! I would love to! Who will you play?”

“A butler.” He says bluntly, trying not to laugh at your eyes blinking non-stop and your half ajar mouth, your reaction is…ugh, perfect. “Good night, babe. Have sweet dreams.”

Your answer comes out almost in a whisper. And as he starts walking, hearing you go inside your building, he sighs in amusement. Your friend loves you because you’re a ‘dirty little bitch’ and he loves you because… wait! He loves you?


“You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such impure thoughts about such a cinnamon roll, MC!”

“Don’t you think I don’t know that? Ugh… he’s really cute, isn’t it?” you sigh “But you know what’s cuter? His balls that I shamelessly sucked in that dream!” you two laugh mischievously.

“Well, you’re so altruistic even in your fantasies, aren’t you? Giving blowjobs instead of getting eaten, I mean…”

“Well, you’ve met him, haven’t you? He’s so shy, I think a blowjob would really make him loosen up. He was definitely not shy in my dream, you know?”

“Bet he whined like a puppy.”

“Girl, no! He was groaning, and trust me… it was hot!”

Shit shit shit! Yoosung should have stopped listening to this when he heard “balls”. And yet, he kept standing there behind the bathroom door as you and your friend walked to the hallway of the house she was throwing a little get together. He felt so special about her inviting him, since he was one of your closest friends by now. Well, as close as you two are now, it will never be close enough like you and her talking about such… intimate things like you’re discussing this new color of nail polish or… other stuff women talk about that he doesn’t really understand. And though he appreciates it the hint of concern and desire of him loosening up, your methods are… gahhhh! His face is all hot! Hot… like his groans in your dream? No! What is he thinking? This is so naughty, Yoosung!

“Hey, MC…” he does his best to not show you his embarrassment as he goes to you a little later, at least not too much embarrassment.

“Are you okay? You look so red… you don’t have a fever, do you?” your friend asks, trying to reach his forehead, which makes him even redder. “Oh, poor thing!  Hey, there’s a thermometer in the first aid kit in the kitchen, why don’t you pick it? MC will help you.” He looks at you, and… well, it would be impossible for you to get more flustered as him, but… you looked pretty embarrassed… which made him feel a little relieved and very aroused.

“Sorry for the trouble, MC. I… don’t really wanna feel like a burden to you or your friend.”

“Nonsense! If you’re sick, I need to help you and make sure you’re feeling ok.” Helping him… making him feel ok… gahhh! How come everything you say takes him immediately to the conversation he overheard?

“See? No fever! I told you I was fine, no need to worry! Now let’s go back to the party!” he says, yes, he’ll definitely shake these naughty thoughts if it isn’t just the two of you.

“Are you sure? Or we can just go, you know?”

“Ah, now that I was starting to loosen up?” oops! It slips from his mouth before he even realizes. But your shy smile is so worthy… “I mean… I mean… I…”

“You’re right. Let’s go.” You turn your back on him. So he won’t see you blushing, maybe?

And he did loosen up, making you and your friend really delighted. At the end, people were sad for seeing you two calling it a night and he saying goodbye to walk you home.

“Did you have fun, Yoosung?” you ask when you two stop by the door of your building.

“Yes! I gotta say, your friends are… really handful at first, but then I got more comfortable and had so much fun. Thanks for the night, MC!”

“Oh, I should thank you for joining me, I know they can be really loud and… hard to deal if you’re shy and…”

“Oh, you should know that I’m not really that shy…” well, he is. But he needed seeing your cute flustered smile at least one more time before he leaves.

So worth it! Loosening up, getting less shy, making you smile… he loves how much he’s changing because of you, he loves… you?


“Never would’ve took you as a boob girl, MC! I was so sure you were more the ass type…”

“Girl, I thought I was, but… her breasts are just… beautiful. I feel like a horny dude by thinking so much of them to the point of dreaming about them, but… they are beautiful, especially from the angle I was seeing in that dream, you know?”

“Well, they are pretty big, I’m almost jealous…”

“I wish I was jealous, all I can think about is how warm and smooth it must be…just like her whole skin… and I seriously need to stop talking like a creepy guy, don’t I?”

“Well, you lose a little bit of prudence when you get a crush that big…”

“Ugh, my crush is bigger… bigger than her boobs…” you mutter shyly as your friend tells you’re fucking hopeless.

Well, this is embarrassing, to say the least. She knew you were slightly different when you hang with your best friend, but this is on a whole another level, she wonders if your friendship with her will ever get to the point of sharing such personal thoughts. Oh… she’s not sure if she’ll ever feel like talking about her erotic dreams… have she ever even had one? No, that one with Zen wasn’t really erotic, oh, but she remembers waking up one night really sweaty… she doesn’t recall much, but it was a dream about you… Oh… is talking about wet dreams a normal thing between girlfriends? How will she ever talk about them with her closest friends if the dream was about the closest friend? Her closest friend has been dreaming about her, about her… boobs. Do they really look that great?

“Hi! I decided to touch up my makeup too.” She says stepping to the bathroom of the bar that you insisted on bringing your two best friends.

“Oh, great! Here, you can borrow my lipstick. This bitch here will tell you to watch out for herpes, but don’t mind her, she’s just jealous of my pursing lips.” You roll your eyes and laugh, making them both chuckle. “I should get going, somebody needs to watch our table, see ya girls in a minute.” She walks out of there humming loudly.

“I’m sorry, she’s just… I hope she’s not making you embarrassed or anything…” oh, nothing is more embarrassing than you liking her boobs. What do you like them beside their size?

“It’s okay, MC. I’m having lots of fun!”

“Oh, I know the name of this fun, it’s marguerita, right?” you two laugh as look at the mirror, adjusting yourselves. “Ugh, I’m so tipsy I think I’ll smudge this lipstick before I even put it on.”

“Oh, let me help you.” She promptly goes to you, holding your shoulders for you to face her. So close… like you were in that dream of hers. Yes, her boobs are pretty big, aren’t they? You’re not that close and they are almost touching yours, yep, you noticed that too as you quickly glanced down and cleared your throat, facing her again.

“You know what? It’s… it’s fine. I mean, I’ll drink more, so I don’t really need lipstick.” You say, backing away. “Let’s go back before that bitch drinks all the beer!”

And it was so much fun! It was so good to be around other women like that, it feels even more special because she never had that before. It’s new, and it’s unpredictable and it makes her feel like… well, like a woman again. She couldn’t stop feeling this even when you called it a night and offered to walk her to her place.

“Are you sure you’re not the one who needs help to get home, MC?” she asks when you two arrive at her place.

“Yeah, I’m okay! All that fun I drank it’s no match for me!” is she a match for you? Wait, what? “Anyway, I should get going, I can’t wait to get home, these shoes are killing me, and don’t even get me started in this bra!”

“Yeah… I can’t wait to take mine off too…” she feels her face heating up as she notices you basically staring at her cleavage.  But her embarrassment turns into amusement as she watches you shaking your head after saying goodbye. Ohoho…if you could, you would definitely slap yourself right now, wouldn’t you?

She looks to her boobs when she goes inside her place, chuckling. How could you make her feel so good about this part of her body that made her feel so self-conscious for so long? Yeah, you make her feel like a woman, and you know what? Your breasts aren’t bad either… just another great part of you that she… loves?


“Aren’t you a little old for school fantasies, girl?”

“Well, he could be a professor in university. It’s not like it would be less hot anyway…”

“Were you wearing a pleated skirt and piggytails?”

“Girl, no! Jumin is a classy man, I would never have a wet dream about him that could be a video you can see on Redtube!”

“Oh, so you’re saying he spanked you with a rule, then fucked you over a desk and called you ‘his naughty girl’, but with class?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. He does everything elegantly… even, you know, cumming on my breasts.” You both chuckle.

Well, uhm… this wasn’t a very elegant conversation, and it definitely wasn’t elegant of him to keep listening it, even if he was the topic. Well, not him per say, a… professor version of him? How did you even come up with that? He never even considered a career in the teaching field… your imagination really is… quite something. How would this work? You were a student of his? Oh, but that would be really unprofessional… he asking you to meet him after class, he needed to go over your last essay and how disappointed he was because he knew you have so much potential and can do such a better job. And you would tell him you’re really sorry, because his opinion really matters to you and you’ll do anything to prove you’re worth of his trust. Anything?

“Oh, there you are!” he says, walking into the balcony you and your friend were talking in this party at his dad’s house. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Of course not! Actually, I… I feel like I’m interrupting something, I should… taste a little caviar. You two… get along, will you?” you roll your eyes and he smiles softly. She’s so unsubtle even he can see what she’s trying to do.

“How can you interrupt something you’ve been doing from the beginning? I’m sorry, Jumin, I have no idea what I was thinking when I told she could come over.”

“She is funny, and she is your friend. Any friend of yours is mine too, MC. How long have you been friends, again?”

“Oh, we went to the same college.”  Oh… more school talk?

“I would love to have met you in college, it would have been priceless.” Oh, you’re looking so intently at him… what if he teases you a little? “Even though you would probably avoid me, most colleagues would mistake me as a professor.”

“I… don’t think I would avoid you.” Oh… not the reaction he was expecting, to be honest.

“Well, I’m pleased to know that. Let’s go back to the party, shall we?” yeah, he got  a little frustrated you didn’t really get flustered. He’s always amused by your flustered face…

He kept thinking about this even after Driver Kim let your friend at her place and now that you two were alone in his car. Actually, he would like to know what you were thinking. It almost sounded like you were trying to tease him as well back then. Did he… did he get flustered? Probably not, if he did, you would giggle and tell him he is cute, like you usually do. Oh yeah, just remembering makes him feel… well, flustered.

“Well, this is where I stay. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Don’t mention it. The pleasure was all mine. Did you have fun?”

“I did! I was so worried because everything was so fancy and… elegant, but I…”

“You’ll get used to elegance, it would be a privilege to teach you all about elegance from now on, if you allow me to be your teacher, of course.” There it is… your lovely blushing face.

You say a quick goodbye before getting off the car and almost running to your house. Ahh, you never fail to amuse him, do you? He just loves you so much and… oh…


“So, just to make it clear, he would be the one to crossdress, or did you crossdress as a guy too?”

“No, he was the one crossdressing. And let me tell you, what a hot girl/boy he is. I was almost sexually confused.”

“Yeah, a guy wearing your panties and a cat maid outfit while he fucks you? That can be confusing.”

“You say that because you don’t know how hot he looks in a dress. He looks… he looks even better than us…”

“Nah, you’re just blinded by your crush, I suppose.”

“Yeah… and very sexually confused.” You two laugh and keep talking about guys wearing panties and how hot this is, you kinky little perverts.

Saeyoung accidentally listened to that phone call as he was checking a little bug in your phone, as you requested him to do so. Of course he didn’t need to listen to your private conversations, but he listened his name, crush, maid outfit and wet dream and… well, he couldn’t stop it.  It was wrong, but why did it feel so right? Like most of his feelings for you, to be honest… oh, if you only knew that there was nothing to feel embarrassed, because… well, he had even filthier dreams with you… no, but he could never tell you that, he’s not a girlfriend with who you can open up to and tell your deepest fantasies and desires. What if he disguised as a woman and tried to get friends with you? Oh… but if you’re so kinky for his crossdressing, you two would end up more than friends, huh? Lol

He called you because… well, just because. And watched as you jumped when you saw his name on the screen of your phone. “I’ll call you later, girl.”

“Oh… your little girlfriend is on the other line, right? Don’t worry, I won’t be a third wheel. Talk to you later!”

“Hey, Saeyoung, what’s up?” Oh, after that conversation? There is something definitely up with him…

“Just calling to let you know I’m still trying to fix the bug on your phone remotely, but if it gets too tough, I’ll probably need to go to your place and fix it personally.”

“My place? Ugh… let me know so I can clean it up before, it’s a mess!”

“Or I can come over and clean for you? Like a good maid?” he listens to you gulping lightly. Ohoho he got you good, huh? Well, he would like to get you, you know?

And much to your surprise, he did show up at your place. He considered showing up as a maid, but… maybe he wouldn’t be able to resist to your lustful eyes when you would spot him standing at the door. So… nah, he would be the only one struggling to resist you, he was pretty good at it.

“Hello, miss. Did you request my services?”

“I did. But no uniform? Ugh… such an unprofessional maid!”

“Oh please, forgive me, madam. Shall I change right away?” he says taking off his hoodie and making a motion to his bag so you’ll think he actually brought the costume.

“Or maybe you can work with no clothes on?” you smirk, and he immediately stops, blushing. You look at him and start laughing. “Come in, stupid, I’ll make some popcorn for us.”

And as he joins you in the couch to eat that popcorn and find something for you to watch, he can’t help feeling… happy. Yeah, sexual fantasies are fun, but his innocent fantasies about you are so much better, and he’s glad to make this one come true. He would love to make all of them come true, because he… he loves you.


“… and I mean, I know it’s bad, but I… I can’t keep an innocent vision about him getting ice cream after that dream, you know?”

“What flavor was the ice cream?”

“I… I don’t know, it was pink, I… seriously? I just told you about how I dreamed about Saeran licking ice cream off my whole body, and you’re concerned about the flavor? What the fuck?”

“Hahaha, I’m just messing with you. Don’t get so upset, I bet you don’t get mad when he messes with you like that.”

“He never messes with me… unfortunately.”

“Awww, someone is feeling a little M, huh?”

M? What does that mean? Oh… his brother calls Yoosung an M sometimes, could it be…? Masochist? SHIT! What’s wrong with you girls? How can you talk about stuff like that so shamelessly? He feels like a nerve-wracking talking over the most trivial stuff with you, and here you are vividly describing to your equally crazy friend how he told you how yummy you are and how he would eat you all night, even when there was no ice cream anymore. Girls are insane! But still, it’s fun to see you so comfortable, he wishes you would get this comfortable around him and not being so worried about hurting his feelings. Okay, but don’t get too comfortable… not like in your weird dream!

“Hey!” he says, walking back from the bathroom and joining you two in the cafeteria’s table you invited him. He probably wouldn’t have accepted if he knew you had another guest, ugh… it’s still weird being around your crazy friends…

“Hi! So uhm…  I’m sorry if my presence here makes you uncomfortable, honey. MC said she was just very excited to introduce you to me, but I… I should get going. No hard feelings, okay? Take your time and don’t worry.” Ah great! Now he feels like a prick.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asks you as she walks away.

“Oh… no, not at all! She is just giving us some space, I mean… you, she’s giving you some space. Don’t worry, she thinks you’re really nice and sweet.”

“Sweet like ice cream?” he ask, more ou of curiosity than to actually tease you, but your nervous smile is just… priceless!

“Nah, you’re sweeter.” Shit! Now he’s blushing! Humph, he looks away grumpily, hating how you always manages to fluster him, somehow.

You two are walking to his place when you spot this popsicle little store. And he is wondering if you’re teasing him. Nah, probably not, you just know he likes ice cream. You know him so well…

“I want anything that is pink.” He says, smirking. And you just nod, avoiding his gaze. Hahaha, cute dork!

He notices your quick glances at him as he runs his tongue along the popsicle. He feels so stupid trying to be sexy, but at least you’re stupid enough to fall for it.

“Ahh, brain freeze!” you say flinching slightly before starting to lick it again. He finds it funny how you just complained about the bothering sensation and didn’t even hesitate to do it again, kinda like an…

“You’re just a little M, ain’t you?” you choke on the popsicle, which… makes him feel really aroused.

And as you walk him home all flustered, he can’t stop smirking, he finally got the upper hand on this flirting thing. He’s getting better and you’re allowing him on it, probably because you like him, and he… really likes you, he… probably even loves you.


“You’re such a narcissistic hoe, MC! Admit it!”

“No! It’s not about narcissism! It’s about… body praising! He was praising my body by taking photos of it and my reactions to his dirty talking,”

“I seriously can’t imagine that guy doing dirty talk, MC.”

“I can’t either… that’s what makes it so sexy, you know?”

“You are… so dirty for covering such an elegant man with your impure thoughts!”

“Ugh, I know… but I can’t help it, he’s just… he’s just elegantly sexy, I guess…”

Sexy? You think he’s… sexy? Well, it’s not like he haven’t heard this before, but coming from you makes it even harder to believe. He’s flattered, but he doesn’t feel like he’s sexy… oh, but the taking pics of your reactions while he talks dirty is very sexy, actually. Yeah… what would he say to you? “I love how your body shivers in anticipation for me.” “You’re so beautiful,I want to see everything, show me everything, MC!” no, too formal… “You like this, don’t you? You like being naked as I watch you with my camera? Dirty girl…” okay, better… “I can’t wait to turn this camera off and go to you, your body is driving me crazy, I won’t be able to control myself.” Okay… “I need to taste you, then make you beg for me to feel you, I’ll make you beg for my cock, my slutty little gi…” oh no, too much, and he would never call you a slut. Ugh… your friend is right, he really sucks at this.

“Hello, ladies!” he says walking into the kitchen of your place, you and your friend were grabbing more snacks for this little get together and he overheard this talk when he realized he needed to help you two. “Can I help you with that?”

“Oh, I’m good, but you can help MC.” Your friend says, shoving the packages in your arms and running out of there. He chuckles as you glare at her.

“You… really don’t have to do that, V. You’re a guest, don’t worry.”

“Oh, please allow me on helping you being a good hostess, would you? It would be an honor…”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t reall know how to say no to you.” You admit chuckling.

“Really now? So I suppose you wouldn’t say no if I ask to take a picture of you?” oh… the dream… he didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… you look really beautiful under this light and… ahh, your blushing face is so adorable, it only makes him feel like taking a lot of pictures! “I’m sorry, I got ahead of myself. Let me help you with this.”

And he keeps helping you being a good hostess for most of the night, some of your friends even remark on how it looks like you two are a couple celebrating a little housewarming, which makes you both blush and delight at each other’s flustered expressions. Of course he stayed to help you cleaning afterwards.

“It was a lovely party, MC. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Oh, I was really glad that you came, you know? Even though it’s embarrassing, my house is such a mess and my taste for decoration is so… all over the place!”

“I know… well, I suppose that’s just one of the things that makes you really sexy.” He quickly looks away, not daring to stare at you and your reaction to his sudden boldness. “I… should get going, it’s getting late.

You nod and walk him to the door. And as he looks at you to say goodbye, he finally sees your expression, and it is… breathtaking! Oh… he would love to get a pic of this! He would love to take pics of every single one of your reactions. For example, how would you react if he ever confessed that he loves you?

anonymous asked:

Can you do 53 and 33 for Montgomery de la Cruz?

Hell yeah I can! Also bless your soul for requesting something and giving me something to do ily 💕

33. The door’s locked.

53. Take your shirt off.

The door’s locked,” Montgomery relays apprehensively, his head turning to glance at the girl standing behind him. 

“The fuck you mean it’s locked,” she hisses, pushing past him to see for herself. Sure enough the handle jingles tightly in her hand but does not completely twist. The music is too loud for anyone to hear them pounding on the door. She had come upstairs to take a breather from the party, not to get locked in Jessica Davis’s bedroom with Montgomery De La Cruz. 

“You gonna talk to me now? Ya know, since we’re kind of stuck in here together. Or are you gonna continue to avoid me?” he asks, leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“I’m not avoiding you,” her eyes drop from his face to the floor, voice wavering. Lying has never been her strong suit.

They had been partnered together for a project in biology, and much to her surprise they got along great. She was cold towards him at first, since her prior interactions with him had been him checking her out in the hallway and her rolling her eyes whenever she caught him, or when she would stumble across him getting aggressive with someone who did or didn’t deserve it. 

She didn’t want to like him. He’s a dick of the douchiest variety. But not always, not all the time. After many late nights of doing research he got comfortable around her and relaxed. He would crack stupid jokes and make lame puns that made her laugh in-spite of herself. He would randomly ask her questions like “what do you think about multiverse theory?” and “What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” He would let her nap on the couch if she got tired while he continued to search for articles and would wake her up when he came across something that he found particularly exciting. He could be endearing when he wanted to be.

They got close. Closer than she could have anticipated. One night the previous week they were making final edits on the project, laughing about this and that. She can’t remember what he said, but she playfully shoved his chest in response and he nudged her shoulder back and she kicked at his leg and then they were rolling around on the floor when he quietly mumbled, “come here,” and she teasingly responded with, “I don’t think I can really get much closer,” to which he whispered, “I think you can.” And then he kissed her.

She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t wondered what it would be like to kiss the infamous Montgomery De La Cruz. He was a prick, but a gorgeous one at that. All of the eye rolls and shit talking in the world couldn’t change the fact that given the opportunity, most of the girls at Liberty High would sell their soul to kiss the devil himself.

It was sweet. He had pulled her flush against his chest and let his hands play at her sides while she climbed onto his lap, resting her one hand at the side of his neck and letting the other run down his arm. It wasn’t what she would have expected. But he wasn’t what she expected either. 

That was all it was. Just one kiss. Nothing more. He didn’t push it further and neither did she. When she pulled away he had this soft smile on his lips and a serene look in his eyes that she had never seen before. He looked so calm, so at peace. And it made her heart melt. 

But he was still Monty, and she knew what everyone in the school thought of him, and what they would think of her if this progressed into anything more than a one time kiss. It was hypocritical, to desire someone but damn anyone who actually got something. Nonetheless, she pulled away. Avoiding him since then. She didn’t want to be the type to care what other people thought, but they could be so damn cruel, and she had kept such a pristine image so far. 

“Seriously?” Monty snaps, pulling her out of her thoughts, “I’m literally the only other person in here and you’re still pretending like I don’t exist.”

“I’m very much aware of your existence,” she quips, sitting on the edge of Jessica’s bed. She notices a variety of colored sharpies on the nightstand.

“You’re just choosing to ignore it,” he rolls his eyes.

“I’m talking to you right now, aren’t I?” she raises an eyebrow, feigning casualty. 

He snorts, running a hand through his hair. “I’m all you’ve got right now, so it doesn’t count for much.”

“Didn’t think you’d care all that much,” she shrugs, leaning over to grab the colorful assortment of sharpies.

“I kissed you and then you started avoiding me like the plague. How could I not care?!” his voice raises in exasperation.

“Because you’re you,” her tone is serious as she looks him straight in the eye.

“Yeah, yeah my reputation sucks. I’m awful,” he glowers.

“Only sometimes. You can be sweet when you want to be,” she offers.

“Not sweet enough for it to matter apparently.”

Take your shirt off.”

“What?” he asks, taken aback. This conversation has taken an abrupt turn.

“I’m gonna draw on you,” she shakes the sharpies in her hand, “Gotta pass the time somehow.”

He’s somewhat startled and confused by the request, but his shirt still comes off as he makes his way over to the bed. He lies on his back as she straddles his lap, dragging the tip of a green sharpie down his side. She draws twisting vines with sharp thorns that could tear your skin if you got too close. But she also draws blooming roses that smell so sweet you can’t help but drift closer. It’s dangerous and beautiful, terrifying and inviting. It’s a lot like Monty.

“You’re sending out some mixed signals you know,” he looks up at her as she shades in a petal. One minute she’s ducking around corners to bypass his gaze and the next she’s straddling his half naked body.

“I’m sorry,” she mutters, her lip stuck between her teeth in concentration, “I like you, but your reputation is hard to swallow.”

He nods in understanding, watching her use him as a canvas. “Can I draw on you?”

“Sure,” her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Where?”

“Your back,” he explains as she rolls off him and he sits up, switching places.

She turns away from him, sliding her shirt off and unhooking her bra before laying chest down on the bed. He picks up a sharpie and she feels the cool ink on her skin. A shiver runs down her spine at the sensation. It’s a large design that takes up a majority of the two sides of her back. It feels like he’s drawing wings. 

“Angel wings?” she asks, twisting her head at an attempt to get a look at him.

“Good guess,” he grins, nodding in affirmation. 

“Why?” she laughs, “Cause I’m so etherial?”

“Something like that,” he laughs, his one hand gripping her side tightly to keep her still. She likes the feeling of his skin on hers.

“Can you keep a secret? she asks, biting her lip as she waits for a response.

“What kind of secret?” he asks, sitting back so his weight isn’t holding her down as much.

She rolls over so she’s facing him, reaching up to place one hand at the back of his neck. Her lips press against his in the most inviting way, making his eyes shut instinctively as he leans into it.

“Yeah,” he breathes out heavily, moving to hover over her as his arms wrap around her back to press their bare chests together tightly. “I can keep a secret.”

*Sorry that turned out to be way longer than a drabble, I got a little carried away*

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Right of Way || five

Summary: You and Jungkook face the consequences of last night. 

Story Summary: Things were simple: your best friend was Jungkook’s girlfriend while your boyfriend, Jimin, was Jungkook’s best friend. In reality, things weren’t always that simple. And mutually exclusive.

Genre: Angst, smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Part: 5 of ? || Prologue || One || Two || Three || Four

Music: Simple Math by Mancester Orchestra

Words: 7,066

Chapter Five: Undercurrent

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My birthday present - A Carlisle Cullen imagine

Could I have a Carlisle X reader story please? If possible could it be a smuty story about him and his human mate and he is telling her how much she means to him because he’s waiting almost 400 years for her and he’d do anything for her? Thank you!!!


I have been working for Dr. Cullen for about four years now. I started as an intern while studying medicine at the University of Washington college in Seattle. I shadowed Dr. Cullen for about five minutes before I fell in love with him.
I try to keep a low profile about it, but somehow I think he knows. He must be used to all the ladies fawning over him. I still couldn’t help but blush when he compliments me.

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Friends with Kids

I see your friends with benefits fics and raise you friends with kids.

A/N: So this started out as a list fic and then turned into 5,000 words.

For your consideration. Picture Holster as a coach for peewee hockey and there’s this little girl, let’s call her Piper, and she’s super cute and her parents are literally always late to pick her up from practice. Once Holster had to call them and remind them to come pick her up cause practice had ended an hour ago - and just, this girl is so awesome and loves hockey even though she kind of sucks at it and she carries this little Dora the Explorer backpack with her everywhere. 

So whenever she’s waiting for her parents to pick her up she’ll grab a book or toy or coloring book out of her back pack and at first she’d just play quietly while waiting, but then Holster tells the other coaches they can go on ahead (cause they’re always anxious to leave once practice is done since it’s unpaid volunteer work) and he starts talking to her. Eventually one day after practice she just sort of climbs up into Holster’s lap while they’re waiting in the lobby and gives him her book to read to her and his heart just? melts a little honestly

And he legit always comes home to Ransom - they’re roommates, again because Holster tried the whole nine to five thing three states away from Ransom and he would rather be barely making ends meet by working at the local hockey rink than making six figures if it means he gets to spend every day with his best friend - but that’s a whole other story. But anyway he is always talking about how smart Piper is and what funny thing she did that day. Ransom even feels like he kind of knows her because Holster talks about her so much. 

One day when they have a game on a day that Ransom has off from the hospital he surprises Holster by showing up. He talks to the other parents in the stands and quickly figures out which kid is Piper, because when they come out onto the ice Holster is practically carrying her and it takes almost a full three minutes of coaxing before she lets go of him and skates over to her spot on the ice. 

Ransom thinks that’s like the cutest thing ever. He asks the parents who are sitting near him whose kid she is and all the parents are saying she isn’t theirs and Ransom is confused before one of the moms sitting nearby asks who he’s talking about again. He points to number three on the ice and the mom tells him that Piper is in foster care and the parents – “are a steaming pile of shit.”

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Study/Homework Tips Volume 2

1. Study with books. Avoid the computer as much as possible so that you don’t get the urge to look at social media, email, and other websites that probably won’t help with your homework/studying.

2. Try to avoid studying or working on homework in your bed. This way, you should have less of an urge to just fall back on your pillows and go to sleep when you should be studying. I recommend sitting at your desk (if you have one), on the floor, or at your dining room table.

3. In essays or informational papers, color code your dates, terms, people, words that have some sort of large connection to your topic, events, places, and quotes. Try to make sure you have some of each because these will normally help make your papers stronger.

4. When writing an essay, make sure you acknowledge the opposing side’s point of view. You shouldn’t agree with them, just make sure you acknowledge that they have reasonable feelings about this topic, too.

5. If you’re having trouble writing an interesting essay introduction, try starting your intro paragraph with a quote that relates to your topic. Even though I’m a straight A student, I had trouble with these, too. This has helped me so much in the past!

6. Use different notebooks for each class. This is another great way to help separate your notes to help prevent all of them blending together.

7. You’ve probably heard this one before, but study each subject with a different flavor of gum/hard candy. When taking your test, chew or suck on the same flavor of gum/candy that you studied with.

8. Clenching your fist helps you remember the word that’s on the tip of your tongue.

9. In class, don’t doodle all over your note papers. Instead, put some sort of little doodle by important things like maybe a little flower is a symbol for a date, or a little smiley face for a key person in an event.

10. When studying a foreign language: study with flashcards, don’t be worried about your pronunciation but try to speak your words/phrases out loud, write down that language’s grammar and conjugation rules, and PRACTICE!!

11. Study from videos if you need to. There are a lot of different YouTube channels run by people who know a lot about the subjects you are learning. This is how I learned most of my math skills ahead of my grade. It’s also helped me write essays about the ancient Roman emperors for my world history class.

12. If your friends are trying to text you about the latest gossip or whatever you like to talk about, try spinning the conversation to talking about what you’re studying. Who know, maybe they understand your homework or study topic a lot better than you?

13. Change study positions. If you’ve been sitting at your desk for the past hour, try sitting or laying on the floor.

14. When in doubt, Google it! If you forgot something that your teacher taught you in class, Google what that was or just the topic in general and go to a site you know you can trust. Please don’t use Wikipedia! Seriously, one of my old teacher’s friends was know as the inventor of haircuts for like 5 years before someone figured it out.

15. Try not to stay up super late at night or even all night studying. If you’re really that worried, study on the bus on the way to school. You can also study when you get there before your first bell rings and maybe even for the first few minutes of your class.

Good luck! I hope this helps! Follow me for more and/or comment what lists and tips you would like to see next! I love hearing from you guys!

Typical (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Typical fuckboy Park Jimin, with the dangerously black hair tucked into his hat, the khaki tight joggers that he purposely wears to show off his length, and the countless black and white long sleeves he owns, has a mind as dirty as his pair of white Vans can get. Yet he’s exceptional in one thing: academics.

Genre: tutor!jimin, fuckboy!jimin, college!jimin, soft smut

Warning: blowjob, handjob, (a bit of) cumplay

Word Count: 6.2k

A/N: This is short and something I wrote on an impulse  (edit: 10/15: i had my friend help me write the smut part because oh my frickin god i am terrible at smut)

Jimin’s often known for lingering for a little bit after his evening classes to flirt with a voluptuous girl; his type. He’ll usually wait for her to pack up her things while tossing him signs with carnal glances. The fuckboy doesn’t even need signals to know what she wants because he already knows that they both want the same thing.

It doesn’t take long for Jimin to catch up to his type, walking her back to her dorm. Jimin usually gets invited in and sneaks out at one in the morning. One in the morning is his time to catch up on his homework that he didn’t do until the sun rises. Once the sun rises, he’s knocked out till noon.

Here comes a time when Jimin needs to start earning money to pay for his college tuition because his younger brother of two years is entering college next semester. His parents can’t possibly afford paying for two wild sons, so Jimin has no choice but to look for a job on campus.

And he finds one that he’s good at: tutoring.

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Sunny Days-chapter 8

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Negan and Sunny deal with the effects of their argument. Who will bend or break?

Warnings- Angst, Smut, Edging, Daddy Kink, Squirting, Language

Author’s Note- Sorry this took so long to get out. Flu, bronchitis, and plot bunny in shape of Max from The Resident took over my life. However, since you guys waited so long, I combined what would have been 3 short chapters into this much longer one. Also, I planned this story out before the episode with sad Amber aired. So my Amber is a bitch. And I’m gonna screw around with the time line to fit my story. It shouldn’t make much difference since it’s hard to tell how much time passes between episodes sometimes.

Word Count- 5.7k+

Tag List- @aalexandra2712 @adreamemporium @ali-pennell @alyisdead @andrealind24 @artemisxeros @ashzombie13 @blondesouthsquad @breemacen24 @negansqween @coolgh0st @daintyunicorn @ericuhlohrain @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @flissworld @ladylorelitany @loliftingg @melodicdolls @memphisgirl1977 @miiraal @narcoleptic-moose-winchester @natjm13 @negans-dirty-girl @negansbby @negansxlucille @negans-network @ninjacuddlepile @peachtickler69 @rune-skyjumper @sassyfiedscribbles @shinydixon @starshinesupergirl @superanonymousreader @suzumebailey @thatwriterizzy @thealphaofmultifandoms @vendekk @vivalafuckingpluto @xomissi

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Negan sat in his office staring at the new bedroom door. He swirled the scotch, the ice gently clinked against the glass, and brought it to his lips. He swallowed the last mouthful in one large gulp feeling warmth spreading down his throat. He had everything ready. All he was missing was Sunny.

She’s too fucking stubborn for her own good. She has no fucking clue how damn vulnerable she is out there on her own. She’ll come the fuck around. She has to. I’ll fucking make her. God fucking damnit.

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Theory of Relativity - Part 1

ao3 | ff.net

Summary: In which Dick Grayson gets de-aged and everybody freaks out

Okay, so let me just start off by saying that, yes, this is going to be more than one chapter long. I’m thinking about five or six. The only thing is, updates are going to be sporadic because of Teach Me to Dream, I just really wanted to get this story out because of a prompt I received asking for this specific story. Since I already had this written I figured I would post it.

Thanks to @laquilasse for helping with (and inspiring) this story.

When Dick wakes up cradled in Bruce’s lap, he immediately knows that something’s wrong. One, Dick doesn’t remember ever leaving the manor after falling asleep last night. It had been a school night and he’d already used up his weeknight patrols for the rest of the month.

The second is that he isn’t wearing anything. He’s wrapped up in a big leather jacket like it’s a blanket or something, and it dwarfs him so spectacularly. He’s small for his age, sure, but this is ridiculous. Only his knees down are bared to the cold—plus the parts of his face that aren’t smooshed into a shoulder or covered up by the jacket collar. And even then, it’s not too cold.

He doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s sure that this is Bruce who’s holding him—Batman, really. But he doesn’t think there’s much of a difference.

The way Bruce holds him is familiar, arms wrapped around Dick tight, but not too tight, like he’s not completely sure of his grip. The Kevlar armor plating and the cape under Dick’s cheek, the rough fabric of gloves as Bruce’s fingers card through his hair, the familiar rumble of the Batmobile humming from underneath them. This is Bruce, of that Dick has no doubt.

“He’s too quiet,” a voice says, and it’s low and soft, but Dick’s sure he’s never heard it before. “I don’t like it.”

It’s weird, because Dick thinks it’s coming from the driver’s seat. Since when did Batman let anybody but Robin get into the Batmobile? It’s only supposed to be Bruce and Alfred and Dick. Not even Uncle Clark is allowed to touch the Batmobile.

“He’s unconscious,” Bruce lectures, his voice maybe a touch deeper and gruffer than Dick is expecting, but it could just be Dick’s imagination. There’s a pause, and then Bruce huffs an exasperated breath. “Or are you?”

Busted, Dick think and he peels his eyes open. He doesn’t move his head from Bruce’s shoulder, though, just pulls the leather jacket tighter around him and pushes his face into the crook of Bruce’s armored neck. Bruce’s arms automatically tighten around him.

It’s only then that Dick asks, “How’d you know I was awake?”

“You know exactly how,” Bruce says, but it sounds nothing like when Bruce had said it as a joke the other day over a cup of hot chocolate. It sounds all growly an intimidating. It doesn’t—It doesn’t really sound like Bruce.

Dick frowns, choosing to file that piece of information away for later. He has more questions, after all. “Why aren’t I wearing any clothes?”

Bruce pauses. Dick can’t see what he looks like, so he can’t guess what he’s thinking. Probably wouldn’t be able to with the cowl on anyways. He can, however, see the stranger in the front seat, the one with the domino mask that looks like he wants to be anywhere else but here. Yeah, Dick can see him, and he thinks that this guy has to be on the same level of trust as Alfred to be sitting there, and that’s when Dick knows something is up.

Bruce doesn’t have anybody that he trusts more than Alfred. Dick doesn’t even think he makes the cut. Close, sure, but is Dick driving the Batmobile? Bruce probably wouldn’t even let him sit behind the steering wheel.

But the stranger, even with the mask on Dick can tell the guy’s shooting furtive glances at Bruce every so often. More and more the longer Bruce stays silent. They both know something, and neither of them are inclined to spill. Great.

So, even though he’s frustrated about it, Dick moves on. There’s no getting an answer out of Batman without a lot of hard work, and Dick’s not really feeling up to prying Bruce’ secrets out of him at the moment.

Instead, he says, “Fine. Then who is he?”

The stranger’s face twists up strangely, like he hadn’t been expecting Dick to say that, and honestly, Dick’s just about as confused as he can get. The stranger shoots Bruce another look, and then his gaze drops down to meet Dick’s from behind the mask.

Dick makes sure to meet the white lenses evenly, having enough experiences with masks to figure out where the guy’s eyes are. Besides, he’s already huddled in what’s probably this stranger’s jacket, looking like a little kid. There’s no way he’s going to show any more weakness in front of someone he doesn’t know. Even if Bruce seems to trust him.

“You don’t know me?” the stranger asks,, tone matching his expression.

“No,” Dick says honestly, and he feels it when Bruce heaves a sigh.

“Of course you don’t. Lucky you, then, I guess,” the stranger snarls. “Everybody’s just looking for an excuse to forget I exi—”

“Red Hood,” Bruce snaps, and the stranger snaps his mouth shut. Dick tries not to flinch at the shapr tone, and he succeeds, but his limbs lock up. He freezes. Because the last time Dick had hear that tone hadn’t been a pleasant experience, and it had led to the biggest argument Dick had had since coming to the manor.

Bruce catches on quick, but the stranger catches on even quicker. A sharp, mirthless laugh leaves his lips, and he gives Dick a sneer. “Well, that was a surprise. Didn’t think that the Golden Boy would ever be afraid of Batman.”

“I’m not afraid of Batman!” Dick protests, sitting up straight, even as his cheeks flush with ager. Bruce’s arms never leave him, but they do pull him in closer so that Dick’s back is up against Bruce’s chest. If he were afraid of Bruce, he would never even let Bruce near him. “What do you know?!”

“I know a lot,” the stranger says as they leave the city behind them, and he doesn’t sound like he’s joking. “I know that Batman’s actually Bruce Wayne. I know that you’re Dick Grayson. I know that being Robin get you fucking killed.”


“How would you know anything about being Robin?!” Dick yells over Bruce’s reprimand.

“I’ve been Robin, kid.”

Dick sucks in a sharp breath, eyes burning and a tightness in his chest that doesn’t make much sense. That can’t be right. He’d made a mistake before, yes, but Dick’s Robin. He’s the only one that’s ever been and ever will be Robin.

“I’m Robin,” Dick insists, because it’s his name, his colors, and Batman is his partner, and the stranger has to be lying. Trying to get under his skin or something. He turns to Bruce, who watches them both silently. Dick demands, “Why is he even here anyways?”

“Bruce needed my help,” the stranger sneers. “And you’re both lucky I was there or we’d have two incompetent rich kids.”

“Yeah?” Dick asks, because that’s another thing. “And how do you even know our identities?’

The stranger snorts. “Told you, kid. “I’ve been Robin. Bruce adopted me.”

That something is back again, telling him that whatever’s going on it’s so, so wrong. And Dick swallows past the lump in his throat. Because Bruce wouldn’t. He wouldn’t adopt anybody else. He hadn’t even been able to adopt Dick. And besides, this guy has to be in his late teens, or maybe even in his twenties. The stranger is lying.

And so, Dick tells him that, and he makes sure his tone is ice cold. “You’re a liar, you know?” Dick seethes. “I’m robin and I’m the only one Brue has taken in. Right?”

He turns to Bruce once again, but the cowl is still doesn, and while Dick is getting better at it, he still has trouble readin the visible half of Bruce’ face for any emotion. For some reason, it seems especially hard now.

After a moment, Bruce inhales deeply through his nose and peels off the cowl, and Dick can’t help but flinch this time. Because—it’s Bruce, but it’s not. He’s older and broader and the hidden twinkle of kidness Dick used to be able to find isn’t there anymore. This is someone else with Bruce’s voice and personality, and Dick think that if they weren’t in the Batmbile right now, he would probably be half a block away by now.

“Dick,” Bruce says, and it’s tired. “There’s a lot that we need to tell you, but I don’t think now is the best time.”

“No.” Dick’s stubborn on a good day, and there’s no way he’s letting this go without a fight “Why is the guy—” he nods to the stranger “—saying he was Robin? I’m Robin.”

“Not now,” Bruce repeats.



Dick wants to shrink away. But Bruce’s hands are still holding him in place as the atranger weaves the care down the long winding road to the entrance to the Cave. Bruce is looking at Dick, swaddled in a stranger’s jacket, like it’s been such a long time since he’s seen him, and it doesn’t make any sense.

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” Dick says, just because he doesn’t know what else he’d supposed to think, and the anger’s back full force. “Why aren’t you telling me that he’s lying? Are you trying to replace me? Are you firing me again?”


The stranger jolts in his set, slamming on the breaks just as they make it to the Batmobile’s parking spot—and it probably would have been fine if Dick had been wearing a seat belt, but he’s still sitting Bruce’s lap, curled up in a leather jacket without his own hands to stabilize him, so he jolts forward with the momentum, too. Bruce barely pulls Dick away from the dashboard in time to keep him from getting a concussion.

“It wasn’t about Two-Face,” Bruce says once Dick is pulled back into Bruce’s hold, and Dick tenses at the use of past tense. Wasn’t. What is that supposed mean? “Trust me, Dick. Firing you for a situation I hadn’t prepared you for wasn’t your fault, and I’m sorry.”

Dick slumps back into Bruce’ comfort. “Then I don’t get it.”


“Make it uncomplicated, then,” Dick demands. “Who is he? Why is he saying he was Robin? And why aren’t you disagreeing?”

And why is Bruce so old? He looks like he’s agd twenty years in between last night and now, and Dick just doesn’t know what to make of it. At all. Maybe this is all some drug-induced hallucination, or something. It really wouldn’t surprise him at this point.

Maybe fear toxin. His worst fears had been his parents—and then Bruce—falling to their deaths. But ever since Two-Face, he’s had a sort of different fear on his mind.

And yet, everything seems so clear. Bruce’s touch feels so real. He just doesn’t get what’s going on.

“Let’s get you something to wear first,” Bruce says softly. Then he turns to the stranger. “Go upstairs and get some of Damian’s old clothes.”

Dick doesn’t know who Damian is or why he would have clothes upstairs, but apparently the stranger does, because Dick watches him leave without a word. There’s just a glance between Dick and Bruce and he’s gone. Then, it’s just Bruce and Dick alone in the car, and Dick has a sneaking suspicion that Bruce had wanted it this way. Wanted to talk without the stranger interrupting them again.

“What’s going on?” Dick asks in a small voice. “Why was that guy saying all that stuff? And why aren’t I wearing any clothes? Why do you look so different?”

Bruce’s expression is grim, but his eyes are honest. “Dick, before we left for patrol, you were twenty-four.” Dick opens his mouth to say something, to deny it, to say that’s impossible, but he can’t get anything out before Bruce is speaking again. “We ran into some trouble. A gang had access to drugs that are able to manipulate age and memory. You were hit with a dart containing the drug.”

“I don’t understand,” Dick says, and he feels empty inside. Blank. Numb. The sense of wrongness takes over, and this—this can’t be happening. Dick doesn’t remember being twenty-four at all. He’s eleven. He’s the Robin to Bruce’s Batman. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“It’s true, Dick,” Bruce says.

And Dick can see it now, kind of. He’s been trained to put clues together since he became Robin, and he sees it all adding up. This isn’t his Bruce. If what he’s saying is true, then this Bruce is thirteen years older than what Dick remembers. And Dick knows that if he’d changed so drastically in just the two years Dick had been living at the manor, then there’s no way he hadn’t changed in six times that long.

But Dick shakes his head violently, backing up into the dashboard to the best of his ability. No matter how many signs are telling Dick that Bruce is right, he won’t accept it. Not yet. Not until he can get this straight in his head.

Because Dick wouldn’t have just given up being Robin. It’s who he is, and Dick would never let it go. Not in a million years. So the stranger has to be lying. Bruce has to be lying.

But Bruce’s eyes are clear, and his gaze is steady. His hand comes up to push Dick’s hair back from his head, and Dick relaxes into the touch. He remembers this touch from when he’d woken up, too. He’d been so sure that this was Bruce, just by his touch. Because Dick knows Bruce. They’re partners. It’s Dick’s job to know.

So Dick slumps, and he decides that, for now, he’ll believe Bruce, and hope that whatever storm comes from it, from losing thirteen impossible years, doesn’t destroy them.


A/N: This was not planned and I should totally be studying now but I’m fed up with stuff I’m reading these days , coming from the inside of the fandom mostly and these type of situations just trigger my inner crazy EXO-L so I’M GONNA SPREAD LOVE TO ALL THE MEMBERS I DON’T CARE.

Originally posted by nikaiv

->Kim Junmyeon (Suho):

Originally posted by suhomysuho

-this boy trained for 7 years ok?

-i’m obv biased but one of the best kpop group leaders out there

-actually is thinking about EXO all the time

-sincere eyesmile

-takes care of all members

-big sense of responsibility

-probably blames himself if anything bad happens to EXO

-is prob very pressured by the company

-LOVES all the members, i’m sure of it

-also loves fans with all his being

-never dissapointed us

-defends EXO all the time


-learned to be more himself on camera

-is always improving

-one of the most handsome guys out there

-doesn’t care about fanwars

-carries everything on his shoulders

-tries to make EXO-L happy all the time

-comforts members  

-underrated talent

-dad jokes 

-but it comes from his heart

-is always teased af but everyone loves him too much

->Kim Minseok (Xiumin):

-has always been amazingly precious

-works hard

-cute af

-sexy af


-amazing laugh

-great vocals

-everyone respects him

-is always teased by baek but secretly loves it

-Suho’s partner for dad jokes

-can have a lot of facial expressions

-is always the one chosen to talk by the other members

-is much more popular than SM expected him to be (suck it losers)

-looks good all the time

-is much more than just looks though

-performs af

-simple with a touch of too much

-mature guy with a fun side

->Zhang Yixing (Lay):

-someone hold me up while talking about this boy


-cutie pie sweetie

-so talented

-underrated vocals

-cares SO much about EXO 

-works too hard 

-like all the time

-has an amazing soul

-look at this smile

-puts too much pressure on himself

-is the link between present ot9 and old ot12

-broke a bunch of records with his solo

-feels comfy around the members

-sometimes is shy

-can be straighforward

-is always trying to contact fans

-reads fan letters at airports

-husband material

-also sexy af

-look at those hips ok?

-literally never stops practicing

-because he always thinks he is not doing good enough

-musically gifted

-how can someone not like him??????????? i’ll never understand

->Byun Baekhyun (Baekhyun):

-popular line

-extra af


-vocals that make me cry

-for real

-always tries to lighten up the mood

-can get angry

-it’s a light

-king of dance improvement

-knows what EXO-L think

-lowkey everyone’s bias

-don’t deny it


-after you are too into EXO, you can just know what he’s thinking by observing his facial expressions

-little shit

-in a good way

-Yixing protection squad president

-doesn’t deserve all the shit he gets

-laughs and smiles 


-so talented

-he literally trained for like 6 months

-somehow still manages to always surprise us

->Kim Jongdae (Chen):

Originally posted by overnightprincess


-prob one of the best vocalists out there

-king of dance improvement part 2

-where’s his solo?

-admits to have a dirty mind

-and knows we all do too

-laughs a lot

-screams a lot

-whines a lot

-passes a lot of emotion through singing

-i don’t think i’ve ever seen this boy sad

-sometimes underrated talent

-has a good relationship with all members

-gets awkward sometimes

-gets annoyed 


-mature guy with a fun side part 2

-always gives his all


-high notes

-knows the limits when teasing

-helps others

-defends his members

-> Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol):

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

-musically gifted 

-can do anything basically

-works so hard

-is always putting pressure on himself

-but it is silent about it

-popular line 

-goes with the mood 

-best rapper of SM (sorry not sorry)

-appreciates everything fans do

-wants to be loved

-loves back

-can be really really cute

-even if he is a giant

-gets stressed easily


-underrated vocals


-family oriented

-still reaction king

-supports everyone



-very handsome

-is prob making music rn

-sleeps late

->Do Kyungsoo (D.O.):

Originally posted by tokyo-inn

-hold me up when talking about this boy part 2

-one of my favorite voices for real

-you can swim at his vocals

-is so genuine

-is friends’ with all the members

-very gifted actor

-maybe doesn’t express that much but you can see he appreciates everything fans do with all his heart



-wants to murder Chanyeol and Baekhyun

-but actually loves them too much to do so

-his smile>>>>>>>>>

-and laugh

-everyone loves him

-is actually really fun

-is naturally cute

-even if he doesn’t accept it


-cute eyes thing

-really really handsome

-generally doesn’t die his hair

-because he is superior


-actually loves being EXO

-RnB/Soul king

->Kim Jongin (Kai) :

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-I might get a little too ahead of myself rn so i’m sorry in advance

-overworks himself all the time

-is literally always practicing

-cries when he doesn’t get to perform

-literally just wants to dance and sing 

-is thankful

-is a baby 

-family oriented

-puppy lover

-underrated vocals

-genious dancer


-best laugh ever

-looks good all the time

-really really cute

-king of facial expressions on stage

-has two personalities

-hip thrusts generally on point

-looks great in suits

-has the kindest soul


-observes a lot

-can be quiet

-thinks a lot

-gets nervous before performing

-puts too much pressure on himself

-100% potential to be sexy at any time

-king of smirks

-is always dramatic when dancing

-can be deep if you understand what he is saying

-boyfriend material

-is very soft 

-kim kai


-> Oh Sehun (Sehun):

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-do i even have to do this? everyone knows i love him

-is always improving

-underrated actor

-honestly i laugh at all interviews he is in because he is so random i luv him

-is also a baby

-popular line

-needs company

-gets lonely

-loves Suho

-most loyal of them all


-unique in his own way

-really good laugh

-has died his hair of every color ever

-likes to comunicate with fans

-is very fun when not on awkward interviews

-loves EXO

-lowkey king

-can be shy

-sometimes doesn’t know how to speak what he’s thinking

-ocassionally writes cute letters

-really really really handsome

-we all get proud when he gets his solo dancing shots

-sleeps late along with Chanyeol

-has a really soft heart

-lowkey makes fun of himself

-all the members are his brothers

-is precious af

BONUS: (i’m a hardcore ot12 stan, what did you expect?)

->Wu Yifan (Kris):

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-very talented

-obv underrated

-looks cold

-is actually kind

-loves his mom

-hard worker


-very very handsome

-doesn’t regret his time with EXO

-has a lot of opinions

-is a really nice guy for real

-appreciates his fans so much

-really great smile


-says he gets all the girls

-is actually a dork


-speaks a bunch of languages

-boy is smart


-> Luhan:

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-is an actual prince

-i’m not even kidding


-is shy on camera

-has been much more natural nowadays though

-is conquering the world

-defends himself

-loves soccer

-family oriented

-extroverted + introverted

-really shiny eyes

-great smile

-is awkward

-gets anxious while doing interviews

-is constantly improving

-underrated dancer

-probably the only one that still contacts every EXO member ever

-mature but fun guy part 3

-is willing to give his all

-has something to say to the paparazzi and stalkers

-still gets shy often

-you cannot not like him

-i’ll say it again, actual prince

-> Huang Zitao (Tao):

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-is also a baby

-has grown up a lot though

-really sincere with the fans

-wants to tell us everything

-admits his mistakes

-wants to be loved

-appreciates the fans too much

-loves the members

-specially close to Sehun and Suho

-very talented



-martial arts king

-is happy now and that’s all that matters

-loves to perform

-has a burning passion for it

-is also always improving

-easy to know when he is tired or annoyed

-great laugh

-works hard

-precious part12

-is heartbreaking to watch him cry

-overcomes obstacles

-lowkey diva

-in a good way

-protect him

A New Beginning Part 3

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2508

Warnings: Fluffy and secrets.

Thanks to @widowsfics for being my beta

Credits to the gifs owners


When Steve got home he felt drained. Sure the date with you had been perfect. It’s been a long time since he was so relaxed and joyful. Unfortunately, the feeling didn’t take long to disappear, why did he have to answer the phone?

He looks around, the place is exactly the way he left it. That is the funny thing about living alone, nothing ever changes and things are always the same way that you left them.

The clock says it’s almost midnight. If he could he would sleep for 3 days straight but he knows that he can’t, he has to show up in the office in the morning. He has too many things to solve out but at least he is going to see you at night.

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after you got finished with texting jungkook, you pulled into the local supermarket parking lot and got out of your car. you already knew what you needed so, this trip should be quick.

you grabbed a shopping cart and walked straight to the baking area , grabbing about three boxes of cupcake mix and three different types of icing.

“hey, you’re that famous boy’s wife!” you turned around after hearing the voice of an older woman.

you slowly turned around and put a smile on your face. “well, my husband is…an idol yes.”

“he’s jeongguk from bts right?! i never thought that he’d end up with someone like you. my grand-”

“look, are you just gonna insult me? because if you’re planning on doing that, i’ll just go now.” you cut her off but kept a calm tone of voice.

“oh no no! you’re beautiful, i just thought that he’d marry a woman of his own race. but it’s okay, you two make a great couple and your daughter is so beautiful!” she reassured you.

you bowed slightly. “thank you and sorry for the misunderstanding. it’s just…people insult me all of the time. it’s a shame that they can’t see past the color of my skin-.”

before you could say anything else, she pulled you into a hug. it made you smile since it was your first time in a while receiving a hug and positive comments from an ahjumma.

“you’re too pretty to stress over these ignorant people. they’re too stuck in their traditional ways.” she paused and fanned herself. “ah those people, they’re so old and mean i’m so sorry.”

she literally looked like she was shopping for her last meal. she had a good soul though.

“alright, i should get going. it was nice talking to you.” you bowed again and proceeded to walk away until the lady grabbed your arm.

“you’re baking aren’t you?“she asked you in which you nodded in response.

she looked into your basket and took the mixes and icings out. “you can’t use these, they suck.” she lightly chuckled.

“i have so many grandchildren, they love this kind! they always fight over my bakings even when it’s enough! those kids..” she smiled, while thinking about her grandkids.

you watched her as she grabbed replacements from a more expensive brand. it didn’t even bother you since you were always going for the cheaper things. you never had a budget but you always acted as if you did.

“here you go.” she tossed a container of sprinkles in your basket. “your daughter will love those. take care.” she said before patting your back and walking away to another aisle.

“you too..”


you drove home happily after your small encounter with the ahjumma at the supermarket.

jungkook was standing outside, waiting for you just like you had asked him to. you lied to him and told him that you had got extra things and that there was a bunch of bags ; so you’d need help getting them out of the car.

that wasn’t the case though. you only had two bags sitting in the passenger seat.

you had figured that if he was busy getting the bags, you could get into the house before he could. one time, the kitchen and hallway was in a complete mess and he tried stalling you until yuri could clear it out but you caught them.

that time, you didn’t tell them when you were coming but this time, you showed a little mercy.

“baby! baby! kiss! kiss!” kookie came running up to you with puckered lips. he wrapped his arms around you and pulled your face to his, pressing his lips against yours.

you pulled your face away and scrunched your eyebrows. “you think i’m stupid huh? let me go.”

“no i don’t think that. can i just kiss my woman?” he nervously followed behind you after grabbing the bags from the car.

you couldn’t see him, but he did a small prayer ; hoping that when you two walked into the house, it would be clean.

well, he must’ve been out of luck or prayed too late because when you two stepped inside, yuri was stopped in her tracks, holding a blanket and bowl of mixed candies (there were some scattered acrosed the floor too). another blanket was somehow hanging from the ceiling fan and a bunch of dolls were everywhere.

“yuri-yah..” kookie sighed as he dropped the bags and face palmed himself.

you shook your head, turning around to face him. “you can’t be serious kookie i told you to have this house clean. you’re a grown man you know? you should know better. i’m dissa-”

“it was my idea mommy. so it’s my fault right? punish me instead of daddy.” yuri stepped in front of you and tugged on your shirt.

you looked down into her eyes, they held too much of an innocence ; you couldn’t do anything to her even if you wanted to.

“no one’s getting punished. i just want to know why daddy thinks that it’s okay to have a dirty house.” you looked back up at your tool of a husband, waiting for an answer.

“we we’re cleaning up what are you talking about?” he looked down at yuri. “why are adults like this? always nagging..”

you rolled your eyes and walked away when yuri laughed. “whatever.”

“mommy! you’re baking!” yuri shouted when she noticed the two bags on the floor.

“no, i’m returning those.” you lied.

as expected yuri and your husband that couldn’t accept that he was grown came running up to you with sadness written all over their faces.

“is this about what i said earlier? you can bake baby you’re the best baker there is even if you burn every batch of cupcakes you make i still eat them because they’re delicious!” kookie said without taking a breath.

“even if your cupcakes are usually rock hard i eat them because they’re delicious and i need strong teeth anyways!” yuri added.

you giggled a little even if they were coming for you and your baking. “i’ll think about baking today if this living room gets cleaned. what were y'all doing anyways?”

“we made a big fort and played with my dolls. we ate sweets too!” yuri responded, she was happy to tell you what she and jungkook did. “oh and daddy has a good girl voice.”

“i bet it was his cringey aegyo voice.” you laughed at yourself, just thinking about his aegyo made you feel weird.

“i’ll have you know that my aegyo voice is the shit!” he walked away after he realized that he had just cursed in the process of defending himself.

“the shit?” yuri shouted as she chased after him.

“yuri! don’t say that! it’s a bad word!” you told her in a serious tone but inside you were dying at her pronunciation.

she put her hands over her mouth and looked down. kookie noticed this and picked her up. “it’s okay, it was my fault for saying that around you. let’s clean up alright?”

“okay.” she wiggled out of his arms and started to pick up candies from the floor. kookie followed.

you watched them for a few seconds before pulling the contents of the bags out and placing them on the counter.

“we’re gonna die..” you overheard them say to each other.

“shut up!”


honestly how can you deal w/ them?

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 4

“Tell me, my Blue Prince, about your favorite Earth cuisines.”

I smack my lips and rest my hands behind my head. “Well, that’s a hard question because I love eating. Pizza, for starters, ice cream, definitely and mama Mcclain’s garlic knots.“ God, I miss home so much. If I somehow am allowed an out to defending the universe, whether I’m replaced or I’m no longer needed, I doubt I could go back to the Garrison. I’d just want to go back to my family. The effort of testing into such a prestigious academy loses its appeal when you’re actually faced with the possibility of never seeing your family again. It’s just… awful.

Lotor, upon my request, has pulled his hair into pigtails and at first I couldn’t stop laughing (my stomach cramped up and I slipped off my chair), but now that we’re talking, I think it looks kind of cute. With such a nice structured face, it’s hard to look ridiculous even with a little girls hairstyle. His eyes strongly remind me of Keith’s, but more slanted and narrow. His cheekbones could probably cut glass and you bet your ass I’ll demand we use his jawline to cut our wedding cake.

It feels so much lighter when I’m talking to him versus me talking to the people on the ship. I have so many things to hide when I’m talking to them, but with Lotor, there doesn’t have to be any secrets, except for my endeavors with Keith, which we haven’t done since we had that awkward talk. I can tell him of my family for hours and he’ll never grow bored of me talking and it feels so good to be lathered with attention and affection, even if we don’t even know each other in real life. Lotor… he says his new quest to make peace could use someone like me. He says I should come with him, and holy shit do I so desperately want to. I’m going to be replaced anyway, so what better way to waste my time than with a Prince who adores me, helping him restore the universe?

“Ice… cream?” He tilts his head cutely, curiously and my heart gives a pitiful series of fast beats. “Is it cold, like ice?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty cold, but not too cold to eat. It comes in a bunch of different flavors and if you eat it too fast, your brain freezes.” Lotor’s expression morphs to that of horror and I quickly back petal. “No, no, not like, actually freeze, it just gives you a headache for a minute and humans call it a brain freeze.”

“Fascinating!” He looks completely awestruck. It’s so sweet. “Rest assured, replications of your ice cream will be made, as well as with your other earth cuisines, and you will be fed well when you are mine, my Blue Prince!”

He’s always telling me how much he’ll spoil me once he makes me his, which he’s systematically doing. I’ve never been more pliant with another. And Blue claims I’ve never been more emotional dependent on anyone as well. He’s making it all sound like a paradise. Maybe he’s making me his loyal victim, but when I feel this light, I really don’t care if he’s feeding me lies built off of bad intentions. “I can’t wait. Hunk… he’s tried to turn the ship’s mediocre ingredients into something edible, but lately I’ve just been getting tasteless food goo. It sucks.”

“My love, once you are in my grasps, you will never feast on tasteless goo again! Only the best for my beloved Blue Prince. The best clothes, the finest place to rest right beside me, the best treatment from my guards and servants. Anyone who offers you less shall be imprisoned, my love!”

That’s awful, that’s malicious and cruel to imprison someone for offering me something that isn’t up to my standards. But, my head is so sick, the thought is pulling my mouth into a wide smile and I laugh and clap my hands excitedly. Why does that make me happy? Maybe it’s just his dedication, or his sparkling eyes, or the way he speaks so fondly about me, praising me so confidently, worshipping me. It feels so good to be WORSHIPPED. I can’t help it. I’ve spent most of my life feeling second best, seventh wheel, not good enough, useless, but he’s offering me everything I’ve ever wanted and I’m happy hearing it all, being listened to, being treated right. He wants me. And that’s what I’ve always wanted.

“I can’t wait to be by your side, Princey!” Maybe he’s not the only one who is delirious. Maybe it’s me too because I’m living in the same illusion he is and I’m fucking loving it. “I can’t wait to be owned by you, to be happy like this all the time, to not cry so much. To live in that,” Prison, Blue tells me, It will be a prison, no matter how much he convinces you it is your choice to leave or not, it will be a prison, don’t succumb, please, my Paladin, “in that paradise, Lotor.”

“A paradise, just for you and I.” He claims so lovingly, looking even more consumed by the thought of eternal happiness with each other than I am. “A paradise, where no one will make you feel alone, worthless, or unwanted again.”

My helmet speaks up. “Paladins! Please, report to the control room, as there is dickery afoot!” I can vaguely hear someone chuckling in the background and have to assume Matt and Pidge are teaching Coran god awful, but hilarious, terms like ‘dickery’.

All at once, the color along with the joy, drains from me. I’ve been feeling worse and worse nowadays. Talking to him is the only release I find in life. Seeing his smiling, sharp mouth forming kind words. I’m tired of cold lips undermining me so innocently. The facade is harder than ever to keep up, of stability. “I… gotta go, Princey. But, I’m really down for just blowing this popsicle stand. I’m really, really done being an extra. A stand in.”

He looks confused. I should probably start teaching him some Earth terms too, as much as I love his impeccable English, it’d be nice to work some slang and metaphors into his vernacular. “I’m going to take an escape pod and leave.” He lights up at once and says his fair wells before the connection times out.

I pull on my jacket and take my sweet time getting to the control room. As much as I love going on missions, I feel like no one even wants me on them. None of our missions have gone as smoothly as the one I wasn’t on, according to Shiro, not that he knows I heard him say that to Allura. Why wouldn’t they want to replace me? If everything’s so much better when I’m oblivious and sad at the castle. What should they care if I’m living happily ever after, not piloting Blue? Though, I have to admit, I’m going to miss her and I feel bad. She keeps saying that I’m her pilot, that I cannot abandon being a Paladin, but I’m done. I can’t keep living with people who I’m pretty sure hate my guts. Even she can sense that I’m so much happier when I’m with Prince Lotor.

She doesn’t deserve feeling my sadness all the time and worrying over a cargo pilot that doesn’t deserve her. In a way, she’ll be better off too, even if she doesn’t realize that yet. Everyone else is already in the control room when I arrive and I struggle to crack a smile.

“Lance, what the hell? Do you have weights attached to your ankles or are your clown feet just getting harder to pick up?” Keith bites as soon as I plop down at my station.

“I don’t know Keith, you look like you just sat down. Your fat head getting harder to keep up? Or are the planets orbiting around it making it harder to see?” I shoot back through a sigh, forcing myself to grin cockily. He’s probably just pent up because we haven’t been fucking. I’ll admit, I’m a little frustrated too.

Shiro lets out a groan. “Are you guys serious? As soon as you’re in the same room, you have to argue. Keith, chill out. Lance, you only make it worse when you respond. We talked about this.”

I don’t know why, but I feel like talking back and I’m an impulsive guy with little self control. I’ll be out of here soon anyway, so what’s the point in holding back. “Okay, next time I’ll just let Keith treat me like a bitch because he’s your favorite. Got it.”

Hunk chokes and Pidge lets out a bark of laughter. Matt shoves them in the back of the head with reprimand. Why is he even here? Slav doesn’t get to join when we discuss missions. They’re probably preparing him for the position of the Blue Paladin. Whatever. He can fucking have it.

“I don’t have favorites, Lance.” Shiro responds, sitting up straighter and catching my gaze. I don’t look away. He doesn’t even see his own bias? This is too much. “I’m simply pointing out that you were both at fault. Do you have a problem with how I lead this team?”

I chuckle bitterly and shake my head slowly, wiping my palms on my pants. “No, you’re a fine leader, except you have to treat Keith like the princess he is. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be thoroughly convinced you two were fucking. And we both know that if Keith wants a fight, he pushes and pushes and pushes until he gets one, so there isn’t such thing as ‘don’t respond’. If I don’t respond to him being a dick, you know what’ll happen, Mr. Great Leader? I have to shut up while he acts superior.”

“Lance, I don’t - ”

I have no clue what’s coming over me, maybe my ego’s been overfed and the confidence from being wanted is all consuming, but I cut off whatever he was about to say. “Keith, sorry if your head is so fucking huge that your ears are too small for it, but no one was talking to you, especially not me. Though, the conversation will shift to you eventually, Daddy will always cater to his princess before he listens to anyone else, after all.”

They’re both bright red, maybe will embarrassment, but probably with anger and I’m proud, too proud, this isn’t me, but I’m not sad somehow. Hunk looks like he might pass out and Keith, oh fucking Keith, looks like he’s about to open his big mouth, but Allura interrupts just in time.

“Paladins, keep your personal matters to yourselves. There is a mission to attend to. This… disgusting amount of insubordination and disrespect will be dealt with after the mission. For now, clear your minds of it and focus on the task at hand.”

Shiro and Keith both numbly nod, though the latter sends me a glare that might’ve made me cry if it didn’t suddenly feel so good being so horrible. I can’t help but stretch my lips into a wide, curling grin as the mission proceeds. I feel lighter, having screwed into their heads like that. I’ll be gone soon anyway, so what else can I say?

Though, it occurs to me now that I just might get my skinny neck wrung once the mission has ended. I call it the Lotor effect. Knowing he is out there, wanting me, is making me fearless. The aching sadness is draining. Instead I feel…

Absolutely fucking evil.

Chapter 5: https://langst-mccpain.tumblr.com/post/163355067940/a-blue-prince-to-own-chapter-5

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Enjoy! feedback would be class😉 (p.s. I️ took way too long to write this, therefore it’s like miles long) much love, dee💕


She places her bag and long, worn out trench coat on the corner table. The big floor to ceiling windows looking out into to the sleepless city, clammer with rain. I sit on the bed with sweatpants on and the tv remote, flicking through useless channels as I lose the attention of the colorful shadows that play on the screen.

Her gorgeous satin eyes never leave mine as she takes her short, thick hair out of her mothers old clip before setting it down on the furnished wood. The thousands of strands of dark brunette hair bounce back like an elastic as the damp, loose cork screw curls fall perfectly around her flushed face. Her endearing eyes let me know that I would be completely and utterly stupid to let her slip out of my grasp.

Her delicate, petite hands slowly and shyly work the buttons out of the slotted fabric one by one, untucking the crinkled blouse that she’s too lazy to iron from her pencil skirt.

She works at an office. And I know it seems like everyone does here at the age of 22 in the city, but it was the only thing she could find that paid good money really. Or is it that she’s actually been thinking about sitting behind that office desk. Her own little space where she can file papers and run endless coffee orders with no time to spare. She would sit at her desk and between piles she would dream about returning to her cramped apartment where her fiancé lays. Going home to him must be a thought that fulfills her picture on what she wants her life to be like. The good ole American dream. Just being old enough to drink in the states. Good memories would be made. And that’s what she would have. But of course 22 year old women tend to get bored of the repetition, and that’s how she would find me.

Her beautiful shoulders hunch up and the blouse pools next to her feet. She still hasn’t taken her eyes off of mine and just by looking at her, I realize how much I’ve missed her since last time.

God the heat of her unbelievable body so full and supple, as she tries to get away from the topless pleasure. The smell of her softened skin, incredibly sweet and ripened with arousal. The taste of her, oh god the taste, was something I never wanted to get off my tongue. It was something I savored, something that I often begged for. Just to taste. Her lips, her throat, the flesh of her thighs.

I mindlessly shut the tv off and I sit up straighter on the bed, my eyebrows furrowed as her aesthetic feet dressed in black take their seductive steps towards me. My heart starts to thump and the blood rushes straight to the tip. Her hands reach to the back of her as she swiftly unzips the thigh hugging skirt and pulls it over her curved hips. Her rounded breasts are pushed together by her maroon fitted bra with white lace going up the sides. And I look her down, eying her matching panties that hug her wide set hips. Fucking irresistible.

She was meant to be no more than a fun time, no more than a fling. But I craved her, she had this force that kept me from letting go. I couldn’t keep myself from going back for more. Time went on, we had our own lives, but when we would meet up randomly late at night, those long weeks seemed like it was yesterday. As if, even for those few hours, I was the only one and she was meant to be with me. Meant to be mine.

She straddles my lap and I attach my hands to her captivating hips as she settles down. Her elbows gently coming down on to my shoulders as her nimble fingers wrap around the hair on the crook of my neck, pulling me close to her face.

I close my eyes and breathe her in, I missed her scent, I missed her. She has that smell, It’s a smell that would linger on my sheets for weeks. Making it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning because it leaves me stranded every time. She’s a wildflower, an untamable weed that spreads throughout the room.

She brushes her dipped pink nose against mine. “Please.” She whispers, as she nods her head, begging. “Just take me, Niall.” And I envelop her plumped lips onto mine, finally feeling like i’m home and that i’m not alone anymore, that she’s mine and I’m hers. I’m the one who takes care of her. And oh how I am proud of this moment. My callused fingers that have been worked from endless nights of playing, wrap around the short, soft hairs that are tucked behind her ears.

Her bottom lip sinks in between my teeth as my grip tightens and I lower her head back. My lips painted to her throat, sucking at the sensitive skin right under her chin that drives her insane. In a matter of mere seconds I already have her in the palm of my hand. And god I love the feeling of control. All up until I loose it for that matter. I can already feel her writhing beneath me, her deep core sweetening up as she begins to plead for the friction.

I remember when I first met her, it was at a bar in Wales and I didn’t think i’d ever seen anything more beautiful and complex. She held her own with such confidence and class that it made her absolutely enticing, like she didn’t belong to anybody. Boy she was the sexiest thing that ever walked in and at that moment, when I laid my eyes on her, I knew I had to approach her. It was something that I put on myself to do and I would’ve crowned myself a coward if I didn’t.

Our eyes met and I almost dropped my drink as I slowly watched the glimmering light reflect off of her engagement ring. My heart sank to the bottom of my fucking chest and the adrenaline kicked in on high gear. But it didn’t stop me. I gave her a sly smirk as I downed a B-52, patted ollie on the shoulder and had her number and address down in minutes.

Her partner was on a business call for a week.

My thoughts are interrupted as her petite hands peel the baggy t-shirt off of me, her lips arranging kisses up and down my shoulders leading down from my neck. And I black out for a fraction of a second, here she is, the woman that’s not mine, tackling the tie of my sweatpants.

It’s amazing what can fit in her mouth too, she’s beautiful, opening wide for me, sitting back on her heels patiently waiting for me to dress her face like a fucking canvas. She’s a work of art I tell ya.

But that’s not what I want. She lets out a small whimper as I make a quick v-line and flip her over on to her back. She has again melted into me as her bra and thong are scattered around the comforter, hanging half way off the bed in dismay. My mind is set on her and only her. I’m already half way down her torso before her hands find my hair, her fingers running through my scalp. She watches me crawl further down towards her hips like her favorite scene as her teeth scrapes at the leftovers of me on her lip. ‘What a deprived little girl’ I think to myself as I notice her breathing’s already staggered.

She flinches at the sloppy kisses that are drizzled down her inner thighs, teasing at the raised skin as I get closer to her core. She’s absolutely soaked and I take a moment to look at her. Her eyes are begging, blaring into mine, pleading for me to do something.

She’s frustrated and I love it.

I plant a kiss on her clit and she jumps. Sensitive. Her chest caving in as her breathing immediately switches tempo, it’s uneven and ragged and I can’t help but think about feeling her unravel into a ball of nothing, coming hard as she relapses right beneath me. Hovering over her as she comes down from her high and tilts her head back deep into the pillow to arch her back, her chest raising towards the ceiling. Her lips parting and her eyes fluttering as her hair floods around her face as a long hollow whine leaves her mouth.

I would do anything to be in the position i’m in right now, anything to get the girl. I continue to eat her out, licking and sucking on her soaked walls. Toying around with her swollen clit. Her head starts to stir and she holds her breath, forgetting to breathe as it comes out in hot, hard spurts and that’s when I know she’s close. I adjust myself as I go down on her with more pressure, rolling her clit between lips as I swirl my tongue up her folds. She tightens her thighs as I weave my tongue up and down as I pump. She lets out a moan as she watches me work her, her eyes, much bigger than before.

Her stomach and chest twitch in pleasure as she sloppily fucks my face, grinding to get the most friction out of it. Digging her hands into my scalp, she holds me there. Her hips rise again and I wrap my arms around her to keep them down, making her upper body imitate the movements. She lets out imprisoned groans as she starts to yell, continuous pants fill the room as she unravels. Her thighs and stomach are shaking and twitching as her fingers comb through my hair, sending me into fucking oblivion.

With every touch her stomach jerks in over stimulation. I lick up her heat one last time and leave a quick red splotch on her hip. I just hope her boring as all hell fiancé doesn’t find it… At that second everything in the room stops. Her breathing heightens down and her flushed cheeks get redder and redder.

Removing a thumb that was keeping her spread for me, I raise my two fingers to her mouth and she grabs them as she licks up the side of my index finger before taking both fingers into her mouth. She sucks and the feeling of her soft mouth around them messes with my mind. I gently leave kisses around the soft skin of her stomach as she slowly draws back, a string of spit attached to her chin.

I kneel before her on the bed and prop her thighs on my hips, running my hands down her skin and over her chest as I line myself up. I kick off the rest of my pants on to the floor and she rises on to her elbows as she focuses on her breathing, watching my tip glide against her glistening slit before slowly pushing in.

She whimpers a bit and I finally feel her start to relax around me as I give her a second to adjust. My fingers hook around the back of her knees as I drag her into me further, starting to pick up some movement and I moan at the feeling of her around me. It’s one of those feelings you kinda forget. Instant euphoria.

Her lips find mine in the blur of body heat as the pressure builds up, good pressure. I try to fight back the feeling of already reaching the peak. She’s fucking tight, and it’s killing me. I watch her and all of her expressions. Her intricate features that make her fantastically gorgeous. I want her. I continue to rock and sway my hips back and forth, in and out as I circle her clit with my thumb, knowing exactly what can drive her mad. Her hands grab her chest, rolling her nipples between her fingers, and I’m already there as I attach my mouth to her, licking and sucking feverishly at them as I start to pick up the pace.

"Oooohhhh yes, yes, yes.” She hisses out as my abdomen tightens. and that’s when she really starts to lose it. Her head begins to stir around the pillow and he mouth gapes, eyes blown wide with fire as she stares at me pumping in and out, concentrating on just how good I can make her feel.

“Let it out baby, I wanna hear ya.” I beg, as rapid hollow breaths radiate out with every pound. Her hands tuck the hair out of her face as she groans with every slam, I swear they’re straight out of a porno. Her hands find their way back to my hips as she drags me into even more, her fingertips digging into my skin.

She gives me a fucked up look when I pull out.

“Get on your stomach darling.” I coarsely say, trying to catch my breath as she rolls over. Her body twists and stretches, still horny as ever.

Before she can fully get into her position, I drag her by the hips up towards me; her ass high in the air with her back curved. Without hesitation I slide in and begin to pound as I toy around with her center. Taking her from behind as she lets out whimpers and moans into the comforter. Her arm reaching behind her here and there to help push into her harder. My hands knead into the flesh of her ass, softly bruising up the bare skin as she lets out a large breath of air. “Oh shit, you feel so good baby.” She moans as I bend down and attach my lips to her temple before I whisper in her ear.

“Your perfect little cunt feels so good around me, ya know that? Tight and wet. Just like I want.” I say as she hums a yes. Her head nodding along with it.

“I only save it for you Ni.”

I continue to pound into her, driving her hips into me as the loud hollow sound from skin to skin fill the room. I place a few quick slaps to her ass and she flinches, popping up with each contact as she lets out a yelp and smiles, biting her lip, my movements starting to get sloppy.

Her body goes limp and she lets out a whine when I pull out before falling down onto the bed, my head and back propped up against a pillow and the headboard for support.

Her eyes are wild, hair a mess, hand marks spread across her body. She quickly climbs on top of me as she pinches at her chest again dragging her breast up and together as I easily slide back in. She starts to grind as she swivels her hips back and forth. And oh how I love it when she gets off on me. I sit and watch her for a few, watching as she sucks her lips in and she leans forward; using my chest for leverage. God this is so hot I think to myself. She’s so. Fucking. Hot.

I grab her by the crook of her neck and pull her in for a kiss. Attaching my hands to her hips I start to move her up and down my shaft, I’m already starting to twitch and I know she can feel it with every moan she lets out. My hands continue to knead into her plush skin, creating more red splotches around her hips. When she gets the tempo on her own I try to focus on my own breathing, it’s short as I watch her bounce up and down, breasts jumping, heat writhing.

"Harder” She moans and god I do just that. My fingers push into her skin, gripping her hips I lift her up and down as I throw my hips forward, my thighs clenching as I lift myself up. Her head sinks back into her shoulders with her mouth agape, coming undone quickly as she starts to get sloppy with her movements. I continue to pound into her, her over sensitive clit in my thumb as I flick and rub, constantly changing tempo.

Her mouth forms a large "oh” as she begins to squirm away from the pleasure, it’s topless as she heads into overdrive. And god how I live for this moment. That utterly raw, completely uninhibited look in her eyes. Pupils blown wide, the hungry darkness filling the brown. This was the look, the moment right before she lost all control she ever had. She clenches around me one last time. She can’t hold back anymore as lets out a large breath, her stomach seizing.

I attempt to support her posture as she tries to catch her breath. The stars have started to fade as I finally come to. Her hot breath leaks down my shoulder as her head rests in between them. Her eyes closed, grip loose.

“How ya doin petal” I ask, and a barely audible hum comes from her lips. She starts to chuckle as she comes up and plants kisses on my neck, back to my worn lips. “You have no idea how much I needed you.” She replies, her throat dry. “I needed a good fuck, I needed you.”

A smile spreads across my lips as I rest my forehead against hers “ditto” I reply as she rubs my chest. She gives enough space between us so she can talk, giving me a slightly concerned look “Can I stay?” She whispers as if someone might hear her.

“You already know the answer love, what will your fiancé think.”

She throws her head back and lets out a hearty, broken laugh as I plant a kiss in the valley of her chest. “He thinks I’m with my sister, he watched me leave too. He just doesn’t pay enough attention to know that she lives in the other direction.”

She fucking kills me, I shake my head back and forth as I admire her smug look. “You sly fucker.” We exchange a good laugh before getting cozy and she nestles into my chest, playing with the patch of hair there.

I️ kiss the top of her head, feeling her slowly start to drift off. “I️ love you” I️ say quietly, but she’s already gone, her breath at a steady rhythm and her hand still.