i feel like my cas is a bit off today

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry you don't feel good. ((((((hugs))))) My cat has taken over my bed, so today I am recouping on the couch. Demanding little princess is her.

P.S. Cas is in the new epi tonight! With jealous!dean! I hope that perks you up a bit.             

Yay!! I would love to be home snuggling puppies. Yeah, I basically have a medical hangover. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s like coming off of something, but not quite the same, since that implies taking drugs recreationally for fun- which I do not do. I don’t even drink. Boring sounding, I know.

It’s the day after a bad migraine when loads of meds are in my system, but nothing helps except to knock me unconscious. Like, please remember, I work in a medical facility, so I am getting treated as I try to do my job, and their next COA was the ER. Like, they tried pills first, then shots, then wondered how I was still standing and functioning, and I’m like, dude, my mom did straight lines of coke while pregnant, on top of alcohol and her other DOCs (seriously. My mom- and sperm donor(wham bam thankyou ma’am)- did hardcore drugs) - I have an extremely, excruciatingly high tolerance to both pain and medications- thus with the whole not doing drugs or drinking bit. My mother has horror stories. (Luckily, she went into rehab after having me and has been clean since: 30 years, and now works as a rehab counselor at the same rehab center she went through. So, happy ending.).

So finally, I got off work, went home, took a medicine cocktail and went straight to bed with my husband petting my hair. Slept all night. Woke up with medical hangover from the meds leaving system on top of not being able to drink or eat yesterday due to being so sick with a migraine. Seriously. Throwing up in my office between patience. So downing lots of water and a little food here today until it passes. Lots of water and toast. Mostly water. And some coffee. Lots of coffee. Coffee and water.