i feel like my back was lit on fire


✨ A wise woman once said: “F*ck this shit.” And she lived happily ever after.
I feel like this was the attitude I had when starting my plant based journey. I was so FED UP… with feeling like shit, looking like shit, treating people like shit and most of all - treating myself like shit!
I found this lifestyle, it peaked my interest and I went for it.. and never turned back. Years later and I’m just as passionate as I was the first month.. this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. It set me free and it lit my soul on fire 🔥! plant based rocks! (And so does yoga 😝) .
Shorts by: @unalomedesigns ✨✨ a little warm up this morning - my body felt SO tight and sore! maybe the rain?

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the boy has open arms and you’ve got
two bloody fists and a busted-in heart.
you’ve always been like this,
out of breath and clinging to anything
that looks like a fresh start,
so you come in, full hurricane,
and shake the walls down in
search of something to make
you feel less empty.
so you make a battlefield of it all,
set the house aflame, ruin all the
chances you might still have.
a girl that looks so much like
disaster shouldn’t be so surprised
when the house fights back,
when the boy disappears,
when the walls just finally
—  girl named disaster // sarah kate o.

She was like satin and lace. She felt so fucking good in between my finger tips. Her tongue felt like silk when it was gliding up my neck and her teeth felt like nirvana as they grazed against the underside of my jaw. The way her fingers traced patterns on my hip bones and her sighs landed on my collarbones. I wanted to feel her against my chest. Wanted to feel her body pressed against mine until the heat between our skin lit us on fire and burned us to the ground.

She made me want her body more than I wanted to fucking breathe. A parched man who needed her lips on mine like she was the god damn amazon river. She made my body arch like electricity was running through my veins. Panting like I’d run 5 miles just so I could taste the back of her shoulder blade.
She made me crave her while I was in bed alone, staring at the blackness of the ceiling and pretending it was the sky.

But it wasn’t just her body, it was her fucking mind. She was brilliance in the most beautiful form. The way her eyes relaxed when she talked about earth. She spoke like a trucker but my God, the sound of her voice wrapped around those curse words made my fucking bones quiver. She’d snap and snarl at me just to see my face contort in shock. When she spoke, she spoke of politics and science and the book she read last Sunday. Her mind was tinged purple but her vocal cords red. And her laugh, oh God her laugh was liquid honey, I’m surprised she didn’t drown in it. She was everything I needed. Dramatic, exotic.

She made me fall in love with everything she was and then she left. She drifted away like gravity had been turned off and she’d always wanted to visit outer space. She put her shirt back on then wouldn’t call me for almost fifteen days. She didn’t want my love, wasn’t looking for it in the dark corners of my mind. She didn’t want to hold my hand or meet my family. She wanted me kiss her breathless then erase the image of her from the back of my eyelids.

She’s is the most desired creature and she couldn’t care any fucking less.

Hell Hound Part 7

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, with 1 semi appropriate gif

Requested ? nope

notes: A big surprise is coming at the end of this part and go check out my collab with @rejectcentral it’s also a Peter Parker story but starts out as a Bucky x oc.

And also @rejectcentral went ham on the fighting scene, and she did amazing!!! So please go check her blog out it’s amazballs!!

German Airport 3 days later…

My palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t focus.

The day has come where I fight my boyfri- I mean Spider-Man.

I really need keep that in check, I just need to focus on ‘fighting’ Spider Man to keep him occupied so we can both impress our leaders. I see Peter across the strip from me and the rest of the team, waiting to attack. You know, he really does look good in that suit I mean it just shows off his cute little butt so much like- Oh what am I saying! Focus, focus!

“Are we really going to do this?” I whispered to Wanda, sweat now collecting on my hairline. She nodded her head and gave me a sad smile, knowing I wasn’t ready for what we were about to face. It was the destruction of the Union, and no one was going to be able to stop this collapse.

“Let’s go!” Steve shouted, and we all started running towards the carriers, as that was our main goal point. As Peter became closer and closer my heart pace increased as well. Suddenly, Iron Man and his team start running towards us. I see Peter and Tony exchange a few words before the first collision of metal rings through the air. Black Widow pinned against her best friend, Vision against Wanda, Iron Patriot against Sam, it was all so wrong. This was not what the Avengers were for, this is not what peace looks like. Suddenly I feel a hard collision into my shoulder and I see Iron Patriot flying by. As I struggle to get back up, I can see Peter going after Bucky and Sam. Thinking that Bucky and Sam could hold their own while not hurting Pete too bad I emerged myself in the real fight in front of me. I focused all of my energy towards keeping the beast inside of me under my control, and as I slowly lit up into flames, the hot embers engulfing my body.

“Holy shit,” I hear Vision say. “Is that girl on fire?” I look up to see that Bucky was not doing so hot against T’Challa, so he was my first focus. Running straight towards the two powerhouses I pummel into the side of T’Challa, but soon feel a razor sharp scratch against my calf as he digs into my skin. Letting out a groan of pain I release the royalty and Bucky throws him against the side of a plane. Slowly making my way off the ground I can feel the cool breeze against my flesh wound, but the cold feels good and I relish in the feeling for a few moments. Until my thoughts are cut short by a boyish scream and the sound of glass breaking coming from the airport building. I see a flash of red and blue being dragged across the sky before colliding with a bunch of boxes set on top of one another. I immediately run over to Peter to make sure that he’s okay. He’s fast to get up, the adrenaline in his body has to be on an all time high. I can see his eyes widen at my flaming form but I smile and slap him upside the head.

“You had me worried for a second Spider-boy.” I say jokingly. I know that I can’t see his face under his mask but I can just see him rolling his eyes. Peter grabs me by the arms and brings me close before pushing me back on the stacks of boxes, my landing padded by the cardboard.

“We really have to do this, don’t we?” He asked timidly. I nodded my head as I got up from the boxes and put myself into a fighting stance. He let out a sigh and mirrored my position. I was the first to throw a punch, well I wouldn’t really call it a punch because I never intended for my fist to ever land on Peter, nor to cause him any serious harm. As this went on for a while we both became a little more goofy with our moves, making them less about actual fighting and more about who looks the dumbest. At one point I had actually began to laugh at Peter’s nonsense during this serious situation.

All of the laughing with Peter just reminds me of all of the fun memories that I had with my mom, like our Friday game nights where we would cheat so much but neither cared because winning wasn’t everything, or when she stayed up all night with me binge-watching Criminal Minds because I was too scared to watch it after dark by myself. I got so caught up in the memories of my mom and I that I didn’t realize that Peter was screaming my name until it was too late. I felt strong arms grabbing me around my waist and then I was flying through the air. My body came to a bone chilling halt when I collided into the cement side of the airport building, my head cracking in the back. As I landed on the ground, I tried to catch my breath but nothing was working. My vision became extremely blurry, I felt no center of balance, my head was absolutely throbbing and my left arm felt like someone was stabbing a knife repeatedly into the tanned flesh. I could hear Tony in the background yelling at the top of his lungs at T’Challa.

“That was my daughter you just hurt you fucking ass-hat. I told everyone that she was off limits!”

“I don’t take orders from you, metal man.” T”Challa responded before running off to find Bucky.

I closed my eyes momentarily to try and find some type of relief for my body, but to no avail. I opened my eyes slowly but I saw a figure in front of me that just couldn’t be real. My eyes widened before slowly rubbing them. She smiled and her brilliant teeth were shining miraculously in the sunlight.

“Hello my sweet little Samara” I hear a familiar voice call out. I raise my head off of the concrete and see my angelic looking mother standing there before me. This can’t be real, this can’t be happening.

“Mom,” I questioned cautiously. “Is that really you?” She nodded her head and opened her arms before me. I ran straight into them and laid my head onto her smooth, silk shirt, missing the way that she embraced my body whenever we would hug.

“I miss you so much my little matchstick.” She said smiling while grabbing my face between her two calloused hands. Mom was always a hard worker, she never got the time to treat herself right.

“I missed you too momma.” I said, my voice cracking in the middle of the sentence as I could feel tears now forming in my eyes. I let the salty drops roll freely down my scratched face as I took in my mom’s appearance.

“Mom, you’ll never believe what’s happening. Right now I’m fighting the Avengers with the Avengers, how weird is that? And Peter is on the opposite team but he promised not to hit me too hard.” She smiled at my running mouth, I always blab alot when I’m nervous oddly enough. But as I looked back at the airport, I saw a burgundy and gold suit flying around and I could feel anger bubbling inside of me.

“Mom,” I said with a sharpness in my tone. “Why did you never tell me that Tony Stark was my father? Don’t you think I have the right to know where the other half of my DNA comes from? Do you think it’s fair that I’ve had to grow up without a dad that actually wanted me? No you had to keep him  away. Why mom, why did you do that!?” I became more angry, and a fire begins to burn deep within my soul as I keep ranting with my mother. I understood that she was trying to protect me, but does she think that I’m that much of a baby that I can’t handle that?

“Honey calm down, you’re getting warm on one side and frozen on the other, you need to settle down okay? I know that I kept a lot from you, including your name but I did all of this to protect you. Someday you will learn why I did these things but today is not one of those days okay?” I could feel her starting to slip away from me, her faze becoming a haze.

“No mom wait, you can’t leave me, not again.” I whimpered as I clutched onto any piece of my mom that I could grab. All of my attempts were futile though as my hands were met with air instead of the beautiful figure that was my mom.

“In due time my darling, in due time…” her voice faded away in the whistling wind.

“No, no, NO MOM COME BACK. I CAN’T LOSE YOU AGAIN MOM PLEASE!” I begged, now full on sobbing as I tried to run with the voice but tight arms wrapped around my waist as I felt the familiar feeling of spandex drawing me back into the world.

“No let go of me, that’s my mom!” I yelled struggling against Peter. “Peter I can save her this time, I can.. I can save her Peter just LET ME GO!” I wiggled and prodded and begged but Peter’s iron tight grasp on my body would not budge. Finally I fell against his chest, sobs racking through my body.

‘“Why couldn’t I save her Pete?” I asked him. The pain in my head was back and bolder than ever, it was burning so bad that I could feel my body start to shut down, growing weak in my limbs.

“Samara,” Peter said, shaking me slightly. “Samara, Sammmm, Sammsies. C’mon babe don’t pass out on me, stay awake, keep your eyes on me okay.” Peter ripped off his mask and I could see a black eye forming on his right eye, even then he still looked like the most gorgeous creature that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but let myself slip into the darkest part of my mind that held the promise of no pain.

“No, no, no. Please baby, I- MR STARK HELP” Peter was now shaking my body violently as my eyes fluttered shut. The last thing I heard was a heavy metal suit landing hastily again concrete and a small, teenage voice whispering,

“Please, let her be okay. She’s the one thing that holds me together.”


I wake up in a panic.

I shoot up from a hospital cot, my body heat went up at an excessive rate making me sweat. Whenever my body does that it means that its rapidly healing to self.

No longer do I feel pain, now I just feel the biting sting of betrayal. My mom kept pretty much my identity from me, I see no logic in her reasoning.

And since she can’t say why herself I’ll go Tony, he has to have something…anything.   

“Hello Samara. I’m FRIDAY your father made-”

After the initial shock of hearing the voice of the AI system I cut her off. “No, Tony Stark is not my father.” I said stubbornly.

“Yes Miss Stark, I-Miss Stark I advise you not to get -okay.” FRIDAY said as I completely ignore her and get up. I started to pull at wires off my body, the machine beside started to do a long beep sound and the heart monitor turned flat.

As I was pulling out my IV Tony Stark and Peter come barreling into the room.

When they saw that I was okay, they calmed down.

“Why did you do-”

“Where am I?” I asked looking around and I see a lab with different stations.  

“You’re in the Avenger Tower, the medical wing.” Tony said with his arms crossed as he watched Peter comes over to me.

“Sam, you-you’re healed. I’m so sorry I should’ve been faster, I-” I stop him by giving him a hug tucking my head into his neck. “I’m okay, I heal fast, I must’ve missed so much Homework.” I said still into his neck. “I did it. Don’t worry about that, and I talked to Corrine and she has been Captain till you get back to school.” He wrapped his arms around me tight, I move my head back and roll my eyes, “So you wrote my 10 page paper in english? You read Pride and Prejudice?” I asked with a raised brow.

Peter blushed, “Well I think Sparknotes is just as good as reading it.” I smiled, I completely forgot what was happening. That was until I heard someone clear their throat behind us.

Reality had an annoying way to pull me back towards earth.

“You know, I’ve been here the whole time. And really? What is it about you two and Homework?” Tony said once he caught our attention.

I rolled my eyes as Peter let me go as fast as possible, like he just noticed Tony’s existence.

“Sorry, Mr.Stark sir…sir.” Peter said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Now it was time for Tony to roll his eyes. “Wow, okay cutting to the chase I have intel where the Cap and Tin Man are and I’m going to help them, so you,” He pointed at me, “FRIDAY will show you around since you’ll be staying here now, and you,” his finger turned to Peter, “You Spider-ling, I have a car for you, ready to take you home, cause I don’t trust you two alone, mostly I don’t trust you. You stare too much.” Tony said in a egotistical tone. Peter blushed a dark red and replied with his usual, ‘Yes sir’.

We all stand in silence for a moment.

“I meant now, move it people.” Tony shooing us out of the lab. I started to go one direction and Tony went the other, Peter followed me.

Once Tony noticed Peter was following me instead of him he groaned in annoyance and grabbed the boy by the collar.

“Nice try.” Tony said, I waved and laughed as Peter had a sheepish look on his face.

Once they both left FRIDAY started to talk and show me other places throughout the tower. By the end of the tour it was dark and I laying my room Tony designed for me, with a walk in closet that as the latest trends on the hanger.

I laid on the bed feel tempurpedic mattress mold to my body. As I was contemplating the meaning of life, like all adolescents do, when my phone rang. Already knowing who it was I answered it without fail.

“Hey Pete,” I said with a chirp, “Hey Sam, what’s up?” He said his voice sorta muffled and I can hear the distant sound of New York, he’s on Spider-Man patrol.

“I know you’re in Spider-Man gear, swing by and we can hangout.” I said hopefully, looking at the ceiling.

“What about Mr. Stark, I’m not allowed over.” He said with a unsureness edge to his voice.

“Okay first off, I might be related to him by blood but he is not my father so he doesn’t control me or my boyfriend, and secondly who are you more scared of me or him?” I asked now sitting up.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Both..but you more.” He said and I can hear the smile on his face.

“Good, now come over, I’ll leave the window open.” I said once he agreed we hung up.

I got off the comfortable bed and opened my large window that sits above my huge day bed.

I was dressed in small shirt that had the stupidest cat pun that said ‘Get Meowster Here!’ with small black shorts.

I sit back on the bed and swing my legs back and forth in boredom.

“Miss Stark you know Mr. Stark won’t approve.” I jump at FRIDAY’s voice and let out a breath, “don’t tell Tony please.” I asked fluttering my eyes, after a few seconds she answered, “Okay, but just this once.”

I did a small victory dance, then I thought of something,”Hey FRIDAY, can you play Girl/Girl/Boy by Panic! At the Disco please?” I asked

“Sure thing.” FRIDAY said and the song came on loud and clear.

I started to dance like a spaz and embraced it. I was laughing and singing along at the top of my lungs. After the song was done I collapsed on the bed in fit of giggles that was until I hear Peter slowly clapping from the windowsill. I shoot up from my spot from the bed in surprise. He of course had his full Spider-Man uniform on.

“You have a gift!” He said over dramatically

I roll my eyes for umteenth time that day and smiled while walking over to him, when got to him I gave him a peck over his mask.

“Aren’t you going to buy me dinner first?” Peter said as a joke, he always had this new found charisma and swagger when he put of the suit. But we all know he looks better with it off.

With that in mind I put my hands at the base of his mask and pull it off. “Just kiss me you idiot.” I said before bringing him into a searing kiss. I weave my fingers through thick chestnut locks and bring him closer.

I start walking backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress and I sit down which caused us to separate. We both were taking deep breaths.  

“Are we? Like now? Here?” Peter asked in flood, I bite my lip and looked at the spider emblem on his suit, “I guess.”

“Okay um alright, wow.” Peter said in a stutter rubbing the back of his neck. “If you don’t wan-” I started but Peter cut me off. “No no no, I want this, I want you. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this…wanting you.” Peter said in a shy voice and suddenly he finds the floor fascinating. I smile and lifted his chin with my finger, “I have-” again this time Peter cut me off with a kiss.

And the kiss was hot and heavy, felt the back of the of his suit for the button that causes it to come undone. Once I found it I clicked it, and the suit effortlessly fell to the floor. I detached my lips from his and slid back from him to give him room on the bed. Once he completely stepped out of the suit and crawled up to me until he was hovering over me.

“Hi” he said before kissing me briefly, I smile and replied, “Hi” I then placed my hands on his muscular pecs and slowly moved them to the back of his neck and top of his back as he gave me open mouth kisses on my neck, trying to find that spot that makes my toes curl. After a few attempts he found, and how he found out was when I arched my back and digged my nails into his skin out of pleasure.

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I felt one his hand travel down to my thigh and gave it a small squeeze, than he began playing with the strings of my pajama bottoms.

“Y-you can can ugh, take-oh god- them off,” I said in a moaning mess.

When Peter leaves my neck I whimper at lost of contact. He hooked his pointer fingers at the band of my shorts and looked at me again, still unsure, I jerkily nod my head and watch as he takes a breath and pulls them down.

He gasps as he sees I have no underwear, I bite my lip as Peter grows pink. I feel something go from hard to solid rock in his boxers.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as he gently places his hands on my knees. “M-may I?” Peter asked and suddenly all of this becomes real and I don’t have any regrets. I love Peter Parker, and I’m giving him a piece of me that no one can take away nor steal. It will forever be his.

“Yes.” I said laid back down watching him as I hold my breath. He slowly opens my legs, and I can feel how wet I was down there, I become embarrassed when Peter is just staring at it with an expression I can’t name.  

“You’re stunning Samara, perfect even” Peter said in a whisper. I smile and my fears quiet down.

After a moment nothing happens, “Peter, aren’t you..?” I asked looking at him expectedly.

“Ye-yeah, sorry, where exactly?” he asked embarrassed. I gave him a reassuring look and grabbed his hand, I slowly guided it to where he needed to be. And once I told him what to do we were back in business.

He started to move in tight circles and I let out a cry, “Peter!” I grip the sheets beneath me tight and arched my back again, with my toes curling. I start to pant as Peter gradually picked up speed.

“Peter, Peter, Peter” I moaned like a prayer as I felt something inside me was about to snap. I didn’t notice Peter lowering his face.

All of a sudden it stopped, I was about to say something when I felt Peter has put his mouth over my clit and gently started to suck.

My hips started to buck as pleasure took over my body, “PETER! I’M CLOSE!” I yell as I grip his hair firmly in my hand. As if like a switch Peter goes even faster, and after one more buck I completely come undone and twitch a little, I feel myself violently as Peter lets me go.

I look at Peter with lust hooded eyes, “How was that?” Peter said licking his lips, sliding a finger up and down thigh. Instead of answering him I move forward and grab onto him, we started to kiss again.

After kissing some more and all clothing has come off we both stare at eachother. “I love you  Samara.” Peter said holding my hand tight, I squeeze it back and said for the first time while he was wake, “I love you too.”

He smiles wide and gives me a sweet kiss once he pulled away I looked down, I don’t know how he’ll fit, I’m just hoping it doesn’t hurt. As if hearing my thought he said, “I’ll go slow.”

I nodded my head and watched at Peter slowly positioned himself at my entrance, with one final look Peter slowly pushed himself inside of me.

I was expecting pain, but nothing, all I felt was pleasure, I’m glad I broke my hymen during sports. Once Peter was all the way in he sighed in content.  After a moment of adjusting to his size, I signaled him to start moving.   

And when he did the sensation felt amazing almost unbearable. Mine and Peter’s groans mix together as he pumps his hips slowly.

“F-Faster, fa-oh-oh god!”  I was beginning to ask but Peter started to go hard. The bed was rocking in time to Peter’s thrusts and you can hear our skin slipping together when they meet. “Fuck Samara” Peter groaned as he held my hips tighter moving hard against me, I know I’ll marks on my hips after wards.

By this time I’m a moaning mess and I feel the familiar edge that’s about to be met.

“Babe, d-darling, I’m g-” Peter started, “Me too” I moaned out with an arched back. I didn’t think it was possible but Peter started to rock even harder and after a moment for the second time I open myself like a flower, “PETER!” I screamed in ecstasy I feel myself grip him tight, at the sound of me screaming his name Peter comes undone and feel him unravel inside me. I pant as he pulls out, he fall beside me and brings my naked body to his chest.

“I love you Sam,” Peter whispered before kissing the shell of my ear. I smile and whisper ‘I love you’ back before I fall asleep myself.

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Defiance - Chapter 1

Chapter 1-

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I never wanted to be apart of his circle, I never thought I would end up in this place with these people, but here I am.
Working with The Joker.

He wanted to rob a large bank and he had all the details planned out except he needed someone on the inside.
He needed me.

I knew one of his guards, Aaron, and he had told me that The Joker was looking for someone to help out but he would never ask for help and I knew that’s why Aaron came to me.
I didn’t go running to him though, I knew that would make me look weak. Instead I taunted him a bit, I showed up at his club frequently and danced for him on many occasions.
I worked here part time as a bartender in a tight corset, small shorts and heels but on my off nights I would make it a point to get anywhere near his line of eyesight.
I waited and waited until this night that I had my hands holding the couch behind him and hips grinding down in his.

“I know what you need.” I whispered in his ear as I rolled my hips harder.

“Mmm, yes you do doll.” He groaned in reply, his hands snaking up my body.

“No, I know what you need to finish the job.” I leaned back so I could look at him but I let my hands run down his chest.

He grabbed my hands and gave me a look that ordered me to stop, “Is that so? Well, what are you waiting for?” His grin starts to appear, “Tell me what I need to finish my own work.”

“Me.” I don’t hesitate in the answer, “I work there, you need me to cut the access to the silent alarm just before you get there and you need me to open up the safe in the back quickly and effortlessly.” I pull my hands from his grip and bite my bottom lip with a hint of a smile.

His smile disappears slowly though and I can tell he’s trying to keep his cool because he knows I’m right, he does need me and he hates being in a position where he needs someone.

“And what are you asking for in return?” He eyes me up and down raises what would be his eyebrows.

“A percentage, a small percentage and protection after.” I hold my hand out to shake his, not like I really expect him to keep his end of the deal.

He wraps his arm around my back and pulls me into him, I feel the cold tip of his gun pressed against my stomach. Our eyes meet and he has that smug grin on his face, his eyes gleaming and blue.

“How about I just let you live to see daylight again?” He whispers closely to my face.

I nod with a smirk and he’s caught off guard, he inhales as he was about to give a snide remark but instead he pulls me close and kisses me.
I don’t pull away, instead I press in.
After trying to win over, Mr. J as he likes to be called, I’ve grown to need his touch at night. His cool hands against my warm skin, his lustful gaze as he watched me dance and the occasional remarks about taking me home I wish so badly he would make a promise on.
I bite his lower lip and his gun disappears and his hands run against my thighs.

“Promise me this time?” I speak against his lips and kiss down his neck.

“Promise you what doll?” He groans as my lips travel down his neck and my hands down to the waist of his jeans.

“That you’ll take me home tonight.” I hold onto his face as I kiss him, “Make me scream your name.” I grind my hips on his, “Because you’ve been making threats about it and I haven’t slept since. Now, I know you’re not the kind of guy who doesn’t pull through with his threats.” I kiss him softly.

“Well, well, well…” he breathes out, “You don’t have to ask me twice.” He holds my hips in place and lifts me to my feet, “Frost! Car!” He yells out but keeps his eyes fixed on me.

He holds his arm out for me to link up with him, I accept. We begin walking into the active part of the club, glances are made and at first I think it might be because of the risqué outfit I have on but then I realize it’s the man leading the way. I glance up at him, his face neutral and a small snarl on his upper lip as we walk out the door. The car door is open and he allows me to go in first as he slides in next to me on the leather seats in the back of a stretch limo.
He’s on me once the door closes, his hand around my throat, his tongue in my mouth and his fingers pressing on the outside of my shorts.
I’d let him this time, I’ll let him get comfortable, after all he is a power house so I know I’m going to have to use a different kind of approach with him.
I run my hands through his hair and press my hips up against his hand and moan in his mouth and I let his tongue rule over mine.
His taste was distinct, unbreakable and full of lust.
His hand pressed in the sides of my neck and I moaned a little louder, he pulled his mouth from mine and my eyes opened to meet the dark hazed blue eyes that traveled up and down my body before opening the car door to let me out.

“This won’t be long baby, come on.” He cackles and walks up to the front of his mansion.

The house had an old time feel, it was definitely a mansion and I can only wonder what some of the rooms hold. It’s the kind of house you would walk past on Halloween but at any other time of the year you’d be curious to step inside.
As I met him at the front door I feel the touch of him at my lower back, a faint smile comes on my face but once I enter the house my mouth hangs open a bit.
It’s lavish, a five start hotel with light colored marble floors, a kitchen to the right and a large dark set of stairs to the left. In front of me was a living room that looks like it’s never been touched, a fire place lit and a large black leather couch in front of it. The decor is something you would find in a home with too much money, things that didn’t always go together but were set out to prove a point.
I took a few steps inside and got a better look at the pristine white kitchen and a hallway under the stair case, it was dark and I was too consumed by everything else to care right now.

“Let me show you where you’ll be staying.” The low growl enters my ear.

Before I move I look at him, my eyebrows raised and my eyes open wide, “Staying?” I put my hand out to his chest to stop him for walking past me.

Another growl from his throat, deeper, “Yes.” He grabs my wrists and pushes my hand away from his chest, “People saw you walk out with me, usually I wouldn’t care but you’ve got an important job lined up with me and I’m going to need to make sure that the work of art stays valuable.” His head slowly tilts as a grin appears on his face, his capped teeth in full show.

I let a small sigh out, not wanting to fuel his already lit fire. His hand pressed on my lower back to walk and I do, towards the stairs. They are solid and a dark brown with small gold flecks in the railing, as I look over towards the kitchen I see another hallway on the other side of it, I’m making mental notes of everything here because it’s just far too much to consume at once.
As we get upstairs it’s a full balcony that hangs over the living room, the house is a very open concept for someone so recluse.
There are three doors upstairs and he leads me towards the third one that is closest to the kitchen, he opens the door and it’s like a private suite. A large bed with a dark red comforter, an opening to a full bathroom with no doors and a large horizontal window that goes from one end of the wall to the other.

“But you won’t be staying here tonight doll.” His hand reaches around my waist as he turns me out of the room.

He palms himself as we walk and my mind flutters with what I could of done with that, but I’ll play along with what he’s used to for now. He walks us back to the door closest to the stairs and opens the door.
An even bigger bed, easily four people could fit in it, the blankets are tossed about exposing the black sheets with the non-contrasting dark purple comforter. The marble floors follow through the entire house, the lighting is dim and I smirk as the reflection of the mirror on the ceiling catches my eye. The furniture is dark to match the stairs, a long dresser against the wall next to the door and a small nightstand on what I’m guessing is his side of the bed.
He adds pressure to my back and I walk in, the bathroom has no doors and has just a shower that is about four feet long and probably three feet wide, it has three shower heads coming from the ceiling and I can only imagine why he would need a shower like that, I look past the shower and it’s another door which I assume to be the closet.
I’m thankful for the moment he let me take in the scenery but I feel his hands getting impatient as he pulls down on my bottoms, I move my hips with him to help get them off.

“So I’ve made a few broken promises to you huh?” As the bottoms fall to the ground as he walks around me like he’s stalking his prey, I raise my eyebrow at him as he comes back in front of me and I nod, “I’ll make it up to you tonight baby girl.” He purrs and I try to ignore the chill down my spine.

He reaches behind me and unsnaps my bra with ease and I smile, he’s had his practice. His fingers graze my skin as he slides the straps off my shoulders and his hands follow down my chest. He moves his hands to my waist and walks me back to sit on the edge of the bed, he grabs my chin and kisses me, I can feel his caps against my lips and it hurts but feels good, he tastes so good.
He pushes my shoulders back and I grin at him as he stands between my legs and lifts them both up to his shoulders, he rests them there while he pulls his jeans down just enough.
I have felt his bugle from dancing on him so I knew what I was getting into, but I also knew this was going to be a lot more than just grinding on him.
He spits in his hand and runs his hand over his length, the sight alone has me bite my lip. He spreads my legs a little further and spits again and I feel it land on my clit. I close my eye my head is pounding, I’m not used to this and I almost hate that I’m enjoying it.
He slides his cock between my spread folds, his spit mixing with how wet I am has me grabbing my hair at the top of my head.
He has his eyes on what he’s doing, watching him rub himself over my clit and back down, he presses his tip inside me and he snarls.
I give him a look with my eyes wide thinking I did something wrong.

“You’re tight.” He growls and shoves his cock in me.

I scream out, my back lifting off the bed, my hands gripping the bed sheets above my head. He holds himself there, his head rolls back and he purrs and his thumb runs circles against my clit.

“Relax.” His voice is demanding and low as his eyes work up my body till he meets mine.

I take in a staggered breath and let it out, my back slowly settles and my thighs shake from him on my clit. He notices and moves his hands to my knees as he holds my legs against him. He finally moves and my breathing pick up again, his motions are quick as he slides in and out of me, my body bouncing against his every thrust. I grab onto my breast and massage over them, letting my fingers graze my nipples and he groans, I give him a smile as a loud moan escapes me.

“That’s it baby girl.” He growls and pushes my legs towards me and slams into me harder and faster.

The bed shakes beneath me and my moans are screams of pleasure as I feel him press deep inside me, I’m tightening up around him involuntary, my nails are digging into my own thighs as I hold them.
The room is filled with the smell of sex, lust and power. I can hear him groan, grunt, and give me an occasional snarl.
My back arches when he does that and he’s drawing me closer to my climax.

“Fuck!” I cry out, my hand cover my face as I clench around him and come, my stomach spasms with each hit of my orgasm.

He doesn’t stop, but I feel him throbbing and I know he’s close as each wave hits I tighten around him and he smacks my ass once as he pulls out and lets my legs fall.
He strokes himself a few times just letting himself spill out on my stomach.
I let out a laugh, knowing how I would of handled the situation, how I would of handled him.
Thinking of having The Joker under me, under my heels send a visible chill over my body and I moan once more.

“There’s more of that baby, whenever you’d like.” He pushes his hands under my back and under my thighs and lifts me up and surprisingly gently puts me down on the other side of the bed.

The thought of him doing this again definitely doesn’t sound bad and I’m kicking myself for it. He’s good, but I won’t let him get too far without me breaking him.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I sluggishly pull myself up and put my feet on the floor, my heels are still on and I laugh a bit.

“There’s a door across from the shower.” He glances over to me as I bend over and take my shoes off.

The cold marble feels good on my feet and I curl my toes and stretch my back as I stand, I look over at him as I feel his eyes on me but his face is straight. I can’t read him but I’m not really trying.
I walk past the bed and into the open bathroom, I close the door where the toilet is hidden and go pee.
I run my hands down my face, not completely realizing what I’m getting myself into.
The bank thing I was ready for, this though, this living here until then is not what I had planned and I was going to get Aaron for even getting me into this mess.
I finish and walk out to one of the two sinks and wash my hands, I splash the water on my face trying to get rid of some of the black makeup under my eyes. I grab the rag off the counter and wipe my face.

“I used the rag on the counter, I hope you don’t mind.” I come walking back in the bedroom and sit back on the edge of the bed.

I hear him move and I take a deep breath, his arms wrap around my waist and he slowly pulls me back into bed. I oblige and pull the blankets over me and turn my back to him.
I hate sleeping with men, I hate sleeping period. I swallow hard as I feel his arms wrap around me but I push him back.

“I, I don’t do this.” I get up and get out of the bed and almost run across the hall naked into the room that’s claimed mine for now.

I know he’s more than capable of breaking down this door and killing me but I’m not worried about that, I’m not worried about him I hear him growl as he gets up and slams the door but it doesn’t bother me, I have my own demons to worry about.

i feel like wrathia and pedri would have been fun to hang out with back when they were alive. I’m like 90% sure their parties would have been top notch carnal raves.

you saw what wrathia can do with potions, wait til you see what she can do with the vengess equivalent of hard liquor


A/N: After the blow up of I Hate You I Love You, I decided Peter Hale needs some love too. Here’s a wonderful smut about the lovely Hale. Enjoy y’all

Shoutout for song inspo:  

‘Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe
Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space
'Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too

“Absolutely not”.
Peter crossed his arms and walked away from Y/N.
After the attack of the oni, someone would have to keep guard to make sure that nor void Stiles or the oni would come after her.
Derek had his own problems, the pack needed to solve the riddle, and Y/N was the next one on their list.
Y/N was a fairy and that made her useful.
Her light magic came in handy with any enemy but something happened.
After a huge fight her powers began to wane.
Between being a teenager in high school and a supernatural creature, there was no time to rest.
Light magic required a resting period, one she hadn’t been able to get.
“Peter please. You’re the only one who can help”
“Why am I always dragged into your teenage drama? Is that really what it all stems down to? ”
“They’ll kill her Peter”
Peter stopped walking and turned to face Scott.  
He had an unreadable expression, but it was blank.
She decided that he was going to say no.
There’d be no way Peter of all people, would try to protect her
He hated her, at least that’s what she thought.
“No one can know I’m harboring this fugitive, and I mean no one, not even your strange and pathetic pack”
“Thank you, Peter”
“Let the door hit you on the way out”
Scott hugged her, said a few encouraging words, then left her alone with the menace.
Twenty minutes went by and she was still standing in front of the door, watching as if something was on the other side.
Peter walked into his living room with a cup of tea and a newspaper.
“He’s not coming back”
She ignored him and watched the door.
“Please sit, you’re making me uncomfortable ”
Still stood there.
“Y/N! Sit down, it’s bad enough I have to babysit, don’t make this horrible for the both of us”
She turned around and threw anything nearby at him which happen to be a stapler.
“You didn’t have to do this, so why are you?! ”
Peter put his eyebrows together and picked up the stapler.
“I’m honestly lost here. I thought you needed someone big and strong to protect you ”
“Listen here baby dick, I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’m fully capable of helping myself. Bye Peter ”
She walked out of his apartment faster than he could process what just happened.
Y/N headed for the elevator until large hands grasped her from behind and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming out.
They dragged you into a room.
Y/N tried to break free of their grasp by squirming and thrashing all over the place.
The person pinned her up against the wall and she looked at her intruder.
The bastard.
Y/N opened her mouth to speak but he clamped a hand around it.
He nodded his head towards the fire escape and put up a finger against his lips.
She understood and stopped moving.
Y/N slowed her heartbeat just the way Scott taught her to do in case of emergencies.
Peter went back inside and opened the front door.

Peter’s POV

I opened the front door and leaned against the frame.
A little boy with a lollipop in his hand stood there with his free hand in his pocket.
“Hey there creepy Wonka, what do you want? ”
“You’re eating it”
The boy smiled and turned the corner, he came back with a wagon filled with boy scout cookies and candy
“Oh I see, I don’t want any. Makes my teeth all gray.”
“Maybe your girlfriend will want one”
“Girl– You mean my lady friends? They’re not here today”
“But I saw one go in your apartment”
Peter struggled to keep his heart steady.
Someone’s watching.
This kid was a set up.
“You know what, I think I might buy one today, just in case she comes back”
Peter handed him five bucks for thin mints.
The kid thanked him and walked away.
Peter listened for a heartbeat that he could distinguish.
When he heard nothing, he moved toward the fire escape to let Y/N know she could come back in, but he stopped when he remembered what she said about him.
Baby dick.
Yeah right, I’ll show her.
I’ll show her.


I waited for Peter to come back.
I thought of who could want me dead or for personal use and the list was long.
After about half an hour, I got more worried by the second.
But maybe the person or thing came for Peter.
Is he okay?
What if he’s hurt?
Wait, why was I thinking of him like that?
Peter is a despicable, evil, conniving, bastard, who uses everyone to his advantage.
I kind of want him to use me.
I want him to take my– stop!
How can I think of him like that?
My brain said I despised him but I started to feel something in-between my legs.
It was like I was, dripping.
Jesus, Y/N, get it together.
That’s it, I can’t wait anymore.
I opened the window and climbed back into the apartment.
The lights were closed except for a sliver of light, peaking from what must be Peter’s room.
What if he’s in the bathtub drowned in his own blood?
My hand started to shake as I got closer to the door.
Counting to ten, I turned the knob, opening the door.
A butt naked Peter turned around and smirked at me.
“If you wanted to see me naked, you could’ve just asked”
My lust turned into anger.
I threw up my hands and walked away from him.
Peter followed me out the door.
“Well that is how people get things isn’t it? You ask, I give”
I shoved him but he only moved an inch backwards.
“I thought you died or something. You were gone for so long, I started having an anxiety attack only to find out you were in the shower the whole time”
“I did leave the window open”
“I’m going to hurt you Peter”
“Insults hurt, Y/N. I don’t appreciate you calling me a baby dick. Clearly I do not have one”
I hit him again, but this time Peter growled.
“Stop hitting me or else”
Curious about what would happen, I punched him.
He hauled me over his shoulder and carried me to his room.
I kicked, screamed, and slapped for him to put me down.
He threw me onto his bed and smashed his lips against mine.
The rough kiss turned me on.
His boldness took me surprise.
Without wasting time, Peter ripped off my shirt, and pulled down my pants with ease.
He took in consideration of me, and unhooked my bra all in one move.
I sat on his bed topless and in my underwear.
Peter kissed me again but with less aggression.
His ran a thumb over my clothed clit making me moan.
I wanted him so bad.
He pulled away slightly so he could watch my reactions.
He took his whole hand and palmed me through my panties, earning a satisfied sigh from me.
His hands move towards my hair and he tightens his grip, pulling me off the bed to get me on my knees.
“Be a good little girl, and suck it for me”
I made eye contact with him and gently stroked his member all the way down and up.
I lightly peck the head and slowly began French kissing it.
Peter moaned and rubbed my hair.
I licked along his shaft then took him into my mouth.
“There you go”
Bobbing my head up and down, Peter held my hair so I could do it better.
Letting him go with a pop, I looked up at him and started stroking him up and down.
“Do you like this? Do I make you feel good Peter?”
Not giving him time to respond, I swirled my tongue around the head of his member.
He bucked and cursed under his breath in response.
I fondled his balls in my hand playing with his perineum.
I tasted a sudden burst of salty cream as he came into my mouth.
I swallowed everything and licked all around, cleaning him up.
Peter picked me up and laid me on the bed.
He slowly pulled down my underwear and walked away.
I heard a few drawers open and close.
When he came back, he had a condom on and held a blue bottle of lube.
He spread my legs open and applied the lube in the most sensual way as possible.
Lining up himself at my entrance, he looked into my eyes.
“I would be kind to you, but you really hurt my feelings earlier. I have to teach you a lesson, you get how that works right?”
“Your jokes are so – Ahhh!”
Peter cut me off by shoving his full length into me.
He was so big I thought I was going to break in half.
Peter pulled himself out and shoved himself back in, making me clutch the bedsheets.
He didn’t give me time to adjust and kept going.
Once he picked up speed, we both gasped and I involuntarily clenched around him.
Peter rubbed circles around my clit with his thumb.
I screamed at the sensation.
My body felt like it was being lit on fire as the pain and pleasure mixed beautifully.
A knot formed in my stomach and I came with him still inside.
Peter pulled out and stretched my right leg over his shoulder.
He slammed himself back into me with the same force.
I went from 0 to Jesus Christ in ten seconds.
“Does this feel like a baby dick?!”
I couldn’t even respond because I was screaming so much.
Peter’s thrusts got sloppy as he let out a loud groan, coming into the condom.
He still kept going until I reached my second orgasm.
My body shook from the aftermaths, my breathing was erratic, and Peter breathed heavily next to me.
He got up and threw the used condom into the trash then handed me some fresh clothes.
“I don’t want that”
“I can’t have Scott upset about me fucking one of his pack members”
“He’ll smell it on me anyways”
“Y/N don’t be stubborn”
I took the clothes away from him and pulled him into me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him sweetly.
At first he didn’t kiss back, but placed his hands on my hips then kissed me with the same force.
I slipped my tongue between his and we fought for dominance.
I pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him.
I held a finger against his lips and lined his member up to my entrance.
“I want to feel you Peter”
I slowly sank myself down feeling him.
No piece of plastic to shield him away from me.
We both gasped once I lifted myself and slammed myself back down.
Peter gripped my hips and helped me bounce up and down.
After a little bit, I lifted my hands off of his chest and rubbed my tits.
He moaned at the sight and I moaned along with him.
Something started to form inside of me.
My stomach lifted and separated.
The hairs on my skin rose, my head swam in euphoria, the room began to lightly glow.
My powers were coming back.
We locked hands and I shot the energy flowing in me through him.
Peter moaned loudly and soon I felt what he felt.
Every stroke, every sensation, my heat felt alien.
Our moaning became in sync as we started to speed up.
We both let out a small cry as we came together.
The light from my fingertips faded as I collapsed on top of Peter.
Mustering up the strength, Peter and I managed to pull the blankets over our bodies and went to sleep.
Completely distracted, a shadow moved across the room.

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Church of the Poison Mind Ch.2 (Trixya) - Dahlia

AN: Writing this was honestly like pulling teeth, I’ve forced it all out of me and it’s been as cathartic as it has been terrifying. I would not have made it through without the l i t e r a l s t e p m o m to my fic Lale!! Also the lovely Matilda, and Bromeoandjooliet!! Thank you everyone for all of the lovely feedback on the last chapter and don’t be afraid to drop a line by my Tumblr DahliasForKatya!!

Even from a young age, Trixie spent a good chunk of her time in the water. She couldn’t wait to get home from school and retreat to the bathroom; a towel draped over her shoulder. She’d draw her golden hair back in a high bun, and sit haphazardly at the bottom of a stalled shower. The water beat hard against her freckled back, until the cold tile settled into warmth beneath her skin. She’d sit until the water ran cold, and the pads of her fingers pruned. When the mere act of breathing became relentless, Trixie would find herself craving the stinging spray of scalding water across the surface of her body. There wasn’t a problem in the world a that hot shower couldn’t solve, or at least postpone. Sanctuary.

Trixie’s mother would often scold, “You’re running up the water bill!”

And of course, as with most things, a terrible guilt would run through her. She’d resign herself from that happy place and apologize, from there, she’d retreat to her small bedroom. Sitting for hours in a towel, contemplating going back in anyway. Things weren’t always like this, her room used to be sanctuary enough, her home, her mother’s touch; but now she felt distanced from herself, vague, like navigating life through a video game. Have you ever looked down at your own hands, and hardly recognized them? Trixie could feel the meaning of every word she spoke hitch on her lips, each consonant skipping on the beat of its own arrival. Words scattered, wandering across time, lost in the hollows of the space between her ears. She’d wander the halls of her school, a ghost in a shell, auto piloting her way from class to class. Mindless. That sour sting was all that could revive her, all that could bring her back down to land.

The sun peered in rich that morning, and Trixie was reminded of how much she hated wearing sunglasses. She hated the feeling of wearing sunglasses because they were too distracting; she didn’t like the weight on her face, on the bridge of her nose. She’d too often find herself staring at the rims, missing what lie right in front of her. She found the distortion of color irritating, like she was dreaming half of the day away. Lately, removing sunglasses felt no different than leaving them on.

Trixie’s mother used to make blueberry pancakes every sunday morning, but always mixed way too many blueberries into the batter. They were especially runny that morning, especially bitter. Trixie choked them down as she always did, with a warm smile to acknowledge her mother’s hard work. From her seat at the table, she peered around the stairway, willing her father to come down. Her eyes landed on her mother’s pursed lips, and she sunk down in her chair, too nauseas to eat. He hadn’t come home last night. Again.

Trixie’s stomach was churning quietly in anticipation of the day’s classes. She could hear Jinkx’s words still, flowing in and out of her mind. She carried those words with her throughout the day, to her first class, Acting and Stage Presence with Professor Del Rio. A heart of gold, but definitely not the kind of person you’d want to rub the wrong way. This rang true, mostly. She took comfort in the way Jinkx played a witty banter with their professor, she aspired to that confidence.

And then on to Vocal Studies with Professor Minj, where Jinkx had left her outside the door with a smile of warm wishes; She’s a real tough broad but her class can be a hoot if you play your cards right. Trixie worried then about how she’d find her next class without aid. She turned a small glance in the direction of a pale haired girl seated adjacent her own desk, a first year just like Trixie. She seemed friendly enough, quiet, with a smile of gleaming teeth and thin lips. Trixie thought maybe she’d introduce herself, but discarded the idea. Maybe, she’d come to Trixie a bit later on and they’d hit it off. Maybe she’d never even learn the girl’s name.

Trixie gathered her things at the end of class and began down the narrow hallway, headed toward the staircase. She assumed the two in room 203 meant the second floor, at least that’s what she had hoped. Trixie wasn’t keen on being late, but she had terrible navigation skills. This was part of the reason she frequently bummed rides off of Kim.

Trixie, so consumed with the prospect of getting lost, became lost, quickly. Suddenly, she was looping circles around the second floor, passing the same doors, full of the same people and their watching eyes. She couldn’t seem to leave her headspace; that class is crazy, absolutely bonkers, but arguably one of the best at this school! Quite brilliant, actually!  Trixie wondered how something could be crazy and brilliant all at once, how those two could marry and craft a science class.

As the clock struck lateness and rounded 2:30p.m., her lack of sleep was becoming more apparent. She found herself caught between reality and dreams. She could still feel that girl all around her, her mystery, red lipped beauty; could still picture her through the darkness, the way her lips parted and trembled against her own. There was some kind of magic there, in that space, some kind of beginning. The two of them melding in the night, like soft hands braiding underwater. Trixie ached then, there was also some kind of end.

Trixie wandered further down the corridor, passed doors 213 and 211. It was 2:45 now, and she was grateful to have found her way, but reeling. She pictured what the class would look like, students already seated and settled, having to apologize as she walked in. The feeling followed her like an omniscient pair of eyes, stalking her down the floor of the classroom, calling on her tardiness. 207 now, 205, she was getting close-

Lost in thought, Trixie’s forehead collided with the shoulder of someone rifling through papers outside of room 203. The jolt sent both of them to the linoleum, busied papers floating around them like ashes, sweeping to the ground. Trixie looked up, they locked eyes, and her heart plunged deep into the pit of her stomach. Her. It was her. All red lipped and slender. Mystery girl. Trixie’s face flushed, speechless. She could tell from the girl’s ghostly expression that they were both thinking the same thing. Memory overcame her, swelling in her temples.

Her teeth sink into my bottom lip, vicious and stinging. Her moans are like my symphony, beautifully poised as they glide over my lips, their melodies ringing in my mouth. She’s salty with sweat but delicious, and I can’t stop my tongue from trailing up the length of her chest. She pushes my head down where she wants me, needs me, and I tease the daylights out of her, plunging my teeth into the soft flesh of her inner thigh. And then I taste her, and she melts into my mouth, dripping down my chin. She’s stifling her moans now, reaching for my hands and placing them on her breasts. Every part of her is taut and lean, glorious and glowing. She’s too good for me, and she knows it. She feels fleeting, but for right now she’s mine to worship. Her curls are splayed across my pillow, and I’m hoping I can still smell her shampoo come morning. The skin of her thighs is soft against my cheeks, and I feel her legs tighten around me. Her body jerks, and releases, gentle sonatas careening from her lips. I let her music engulf me, consume me, fluid harmonies rising in my ear drums. Turn up the volume, drown out the silence. She pulls me back up to taste herself, and we’re at it again, electric,kinetic. My skin is on fire, her nails scrambling down my back, I’m praying she breaks skin.

The scratches down Trixie’s back lit up like a switchboard, fiery paths radiating down the surface of her skin, hot with anxiety. Her throat felt scorchingly dry, where the words hid from her tongue, shaking in a back corner. Their eyes met again as they scrambled to pick up papers, their faces stark, dumbstruck. She watched the other girl’s hands scattering; and in the light, she couldn’t have been much older than her, maybe a few years. Acid crept up her throat, Trixie wondered if her own skin still lay beneath the girl’s fingernails.

“I - uh, I’m so sorry,” Trixie gathered the remaining papers and rose to her feet, her palms slick with sweat and unease. The girl muttered something soft in reply, but Trixie couldn’t hear over the blood pounding in her ears. She felt the strings tighten, constricting around her. She wanted to say more, but didn’t know where to start. She was even more gorgeous in the light, and her clothes clung criminally to each contour of her body. She had to break eye contact, say something, do something. Anything but this. Both stood quietly, minds racing. Trixie’s eyes darted to the ground in self defense, but she was only more flustered by the sight of the girl’s pointed red pumps. Correction, she wasn’t a girl, she was anything but. Especially then, as Trixie couldn’t help but picture what lie beneath her clothes, she wanted desperately for the bruises.

They brought Trixie’s mind back to the color of her lips, bright against the cream of her complexion. And Trixie stood again, thinking about her lips, wondering what it would feel like to reach out and touch them; to stain her fingertips red, and carry a bit of this woman with her to class. Trixie pictured sitting a few rows down from her, stealing glances, borrowing a pen, unable to look away. She could never be so bold. She knew that the minute they stepped through the door, Trixie would never so much as look at her again.

Mystery girl cleared her throat, bringing Trixie back from her thoughts, and flashed a meager smile before turning for the door. Trixie, in reflex, held it out for her, secretly reveling the scent of her perfume as it lingered behind her; the same perfume that undoubtedly still clung to the fabric of her pillow cases.

The classroom was quite larger than the others she’d seen that day, with black industrial tables and stools in the place of desks. Various wires and tubes wound out of them, connecting tanks below to the burners that sat atop the surface. The walls were lined with large glass cabinets, containing beakers and other related paraphernalia; the amount of equipment seemed almost superfluous given the scant headcount of the room. There might’ve been twenty students at most, but no professor at the head of the class. As Trixie scanned the room, she was privily grateful the professor was later than she, but still, an apprehension simmered within her. Her eyes crossed the room in search of her mystery girl.

Much to Trixie’s surprise, mystery girl now stood at the head of the room, facing away to scribble something across the whiteboard. It read in messy, coiled cursive:

Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova

“Okay class! I’m sorry I’m late, I got caught up in the dumpsters out back. Very messy! Anyway, as you can see from the board I’ll be your professor for this term. And look, I know name seems daunting, so you can just call me Katya.”

The most ironic thing is you said you didn’t want to hurt me
And maybe in your eyes you didn’t but there’s a hole in the wall and my knuckles are bruised
It’s ironic because a month ago you asked who made me stop believing in love
And now the answer is you
Because you told me that you liked me and six days later you took it back
You spun me beautiful webs of what the future could look like
But then you lit the thread on fire and watched me burn up with it
Still holding my heart out to you like it was a fucking peace offering
I dont believe in love because the way you look at her breaks my heart
I know how much you miss her and I know how much you need her and I know she isn’t yours
And it’s not even jealousy I feel it’s just sadness because you deserve much better than hanging by your fingertips on every word she says
Waiting for the hint that she loves you
But darling
She will never need you like that
You don’t deserve to sit on the steps with your broken heart in your hands waiting for someone who will never come home to you
And I’m learning
Slowly but surely
That I don’t deserve that either.
—  Goodbye boy with the green sweater, you were never even mine and I’m sorry I thought for a moment you could have been— Lily Rain
And like a hurricane
to a forest fire,
you washed away
all my burning feelings
for you,
without a warning,
with no painful regrets,
without looking back,
like I was never with you.
—  ma.c.a // Flooding Memories
Blending Blue and Red -- Sarumi Fest 2017
K Project ~ Sarumi ~ Sarumi Fest 2017
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Blending Blue and Red

AO3: Blackheart22
Word Count: 2498
Rating: General Audience 
Relationship: M/M; Sarumi
Chapter: 1/1
Tags: Fushimi Saruhiko, Yata Misaki, sarumi fest 2017, metaphorical, not much action but bleh, but it's still good, fluff, marriage
Summary: “Tearing my eyes away, I went to open up my binder when something caught my eye. Red stood out against the blue of the sky and when I squinted, the red had turned into a surfboard that was propped up in the white sand. The contrast in colors almost made me cringe, especially when red was not of my least favorite colors. It’s too bright, lively, fiery to be put into a calm drawing; it’s the complete opposite of my favorite color, which is incidentally blue, and fought against my forcefully maintained aesthetic. The color was just unwanted but there it was, standing out in the pale sand and against the surrounding blues.
Notes: This was originally intended to be called “5… 4…. 3… 2… 1…” because each section is based of random words (first section five words, etc) but I decided that “Blending Blue and Red” would be a better title. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated due to the fact that I edited this myself. Also, this may be my only entry for SarumiFest 2017 but that might change, we just have to wait and see :) Enjoy!!

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Firefly  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I remember everything. I remember too much.”
  • “Well, you were busy trying to get yourself lit on fire. It happens.”
  • “That’s… that’s quite a lot of blood, isn’t it?”
  • “You shut the hell up right now, or so help me, I will shut you up.”
  • “No. This must be what going mad feels like.”
  • “Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”
  • “Don’t fall asleep now. Sleepiness is weakness of character, ask anyone.”
  • “And the last thing you see will be my blade.”
  • “Yeah, but you don’t even like me. Why’d you come back?”
  • “How did your brain even learn human speech? I’m just so curious.”
  • “I don’t know what you’re planning on doing, but I’m trusting you.”
  • “Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ‘em right back!”
  • “We’re fragile creatures. It takes less than a pound of pressure to cut skin.”
  • “I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from me.”
  • “We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… This Land.”
  • “Here’s a little concept I’ve been working on. Why don’t we shoot her first?”
  • “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”
  • “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”
  • “I need this man to tear all my clothes off.”
  •  I’m trying to put this as delicately as I can: How do I know you won’t kill me in my sleep?”
  • “We are just too pretty for God to let us die.”
  • “If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed. “
  • “If you die, can I have your share?”
  • “I believe that woman’s plannin’ to shoot me again.”
  • “It doesn’t matter where you go, or how far you fly, I will hunt you down.”
  • “Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?”
Merry Christmas

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1481


Gif belongs to @ruledbyvillains.

“You busy?” was the first text Crowley received from you after a week of silence.

It was a busy week for him and he rarely had time to take a rest or check on you. He hesitated for a moment before writing back, actually curious what would you want from him. You two have never been too close and it was unusual for you to write to him. You only had his number because a long while ago he insisted you were gonna need it when your evenings became lonely. Yes, it was weak and out of character from him, but at that time he had tried really hard to become closer to you and he took every opportunity to do it. Besides, it worked, much to his surprise. Of course, you laughed the whole time and certainly didn’t take it seriously, but it didn’t matter at that moment.

Not really,” he wrote back, pushing the closest pile of documents away from him.

“Wanna work a little magic and help me survive?”

He furrowed his eyebrows, his concern immediately rising up. He stood up, teleporting right to the bunker he was almost sure you were supposed to be in.

The darkness surrounded him without warning and fear struck him hard. He was sure he was in the bunker, but had no way of seeing it.

“Darling?” he shouted, trying to move forward, but he hit his knee on something very hard and very unexpected.

“Crowley?” you asked surprised, coming into the room from the corridor. You used the flashlight in your phone to illuminate him.

“You said it was something important.” He shielded his eyes.

“Yeah, the whole electricity is out and the Boysband is in town, but I didn’t think you would come in right now. Can you do something about it?”

He sighed, snapping his fingers with a tired look on his face. The light almost blinded you.

“Woah, thanks,” you blinked a few times, turning your phone off. “If I knew you would do this so quickly, I wouldn’t have dived in all those wires.”

“You are welcome,” he smiled, turning around. He noticed a few cheap-looking Christmas decorations hanging on the walls. It took him a while to recall what time of year it already was. Hell’s business could be more absorbing than it sounded.

“Yeah, I know,” you noticed the look on his face, passing by him to the chimney to light it up. “I wanted to feel a little bit of Christmas but was also too lazy to do something more about it, so please avoid this poor embodiment of my defeat.”

Crowley chuckled, taking a seat at one of the armchairs. He snapped his fingers again and a glass of whisky popped into his hand.

“I have never taken you as one to celebrate something like this,” he said, observing your actions. You shrugged.

“It’s not that I like Christmas for the opportunity to wish God happy birthday. I just like the atmosphere in general, you know, the happiness and being nice to everyone and this feeling that for those few days nothing bad is allowed to happen. And the snow, OH MY GOD, THE SNOW, I love the snow,” you clutched your heart dramatically.

Crowley smiled, adoring the way your whole attitude lit up, almost in a childish way. You hissed, moving away from the chimney when the fire finally started, burning your fingers. You fell on the other armchair, settling in a more comfortable position under your blanket.

“So… when will the boys be back?” Crowley asked.

“They have called some time ago. It looks like they won’t be back for a few days. They let me stay in the bunker, so I won’t have to wander between some dubious motels. That’s the best Christmas present ever, if you ask me,” you said jokingly, but Crowley took a mental note to himself, looking back at his drink.

“I know a few better,” he smiled softly.

“Right, ‘cause you celebrate it every year and party till morning,” you teased, chuckling.

He smiled, shrugging. You yawned, melting in the pleasant feeling of erupting heat.

“It’s late,” he noticed. “You should go to sleep.”

“Sure, mum.”

“I’m serious.”

“Right… But shouldn’t you also be busy?” you raised your eyebrow sceptically. “I’m not the one ruling Hell. I may be as lazy as I wish to be.”

“Let’s say I’m taking a short leave of absence and hope nothing crashes when I’m out.”

“Sounds cool. You want some tea? I wanted to bake some cookies, but the electricity showed me the middle finger, so there is nothing edible I have to offer,” you asked him casually, surprising him.

“Well, darling, if you didn’t notice, I’m a demon and demons don’t need any food,” Crowley snickered with disbelief.

“But you drink.”

“I like the taste.”

“So do you want some tea? I’ve got something good.”

His laugh stopped when he noticed that you were serious. It was the first time in centuries he was offered something for free. It was a simple gesture from you but the sudden realisation hit him hard, leaving him with the lack of words for once.

“Yes, please,” he cleared his throat, hiding his thoughts from reflecting on his face.

“You take sugar?” you shout from the kitchen a few moments later.


He took advantage of being alone to think about what exactly he was doing right now. You wanted him to help you, that’s why you texted. This is how it has always worked – someone wanted something from him so he summoned him whenever it was needed. The Winchesters, the people desiring something so much they would sell their souls for it, the demons. But after that – he wasn’t neither needed nor welcome anymore. No thank you, no see you later. That’s how the world worked, or so he believed.

Sure, you called him to help you, but who else could you call? Crowley stopped at that thought, remembering everything he had learned about you. The two of you have spoken many times and that didn’t make you friends, but he also couldn’t consider you an enemy. He barely knew anything about your life, but he was almost sure you didn’t have anyone else besides the Winchesters. And him. This thought felt different.

You were always so kind to everyone, yet they tended to turn you down. Crowley corrected himself – you have always been nice to him – that was more important to him. You even asked him nicely if he had some free time.

You treated him like a human. Like any other person and not the King of Hell, the worst demon of them all.

“Here it is,” you surprised him, coming back with two cups of delicious smelling liquid. You handed him one of the cups with a smile that made everything else slow down for a moment.

“Is it good?” you asked as he took the first sip, almost nervous.

“Why do you care?” he answered more harshly than he intended.

“Why would I not?” you tilted your head. “I made it. If it’s shit, it’s my fault, because Sam was able to make it taste delicious a few days ago.”

Crowley snorted, looking down.

“Besides, you’re my buddy,” you added. The honest undertone in your voice made Crowley question his doubts.

He looked up at you. You looked so peaceful, illuminated by warm light, buried under your blanket. No lies, no acting. Something he grew to believe was unavailable for him.

He sipped the tea.

“It’s not that bad.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

The next day, you were woken up by noises coming from the kitchen. You yawned, stretching on your bed. It was a hard decision, but you finally decided to get out of your room and yell at the unexpected (and stupid) burglar. To your surprise, the well-known boys smiled brightly at you.

“Merry Christmas,” Sam said, unpacking some bags.

“Weren’t you supposed to… not be there?” you asked semi-conscious, desperately trying to remember if you fell in a few days long coma.

Dean chuckled, getting around you to take something.

“Yeah, but we were lucky and made it back faster. It was almost a miracle, if you ask me… Oh, and by the way, if that’s how you cope with loneliness, maybe we should leave you more often?”

The Winchesters laughed and you pinched your skin to make sure you weren’t dreaming. Having no idea what were they talking about, you made your way through the hallway and to the room Dean gestured to. You held your breath.

A true Christmas tree. And the lights. And the decorations you wouldn’t be able to afford or even find.

And a small package left on one of the armchairs.

“Merry Christmas,” said the note.

“Merry Christmas,” you whispered to yourself.

Dear Riza,

royai week day 5 

Prompt: letters

Shot summary: Roy has been trying to confess his feelings for Riza since he was young, but has always had trouble with words. He’s tried several times to write her letters to express how he feels without having to do it face to face, but nothing he says ever comes close to what he means to say.

Roy Mustang stared at the paper in front of him on his desk, chewing on the back of his pen and growing increasingly irritated at himself. Why was telling a pretty girl he liked her so damned hard?

He’d tried to talk to her earlier in the week, sitting at the kitchen table while they played a game of chess one morning. He watched as she calculated her next move, having given up going easy on him now that he had gotten the hang of playing, and opened his mouth to speak. “Riza, I…”

Riza pulled herself away from her thoughts and turned to him, those soft, brown eyes inquisitive as she waited for him to speak. “What is it?”

Roy opened his mouth again, but all bravery died before he could get so much of a sound out. His heart was beating against his chest like a jackhammer, and he could feel his cheeks growing hot with color. “N-Never mind, it can wait.” He turned all of his attention back on the game, and as far away from Riza Hawkeye as he could get.

So now, here he was, huddled over a candle while he tried to put down onto paper what he couldn’t say out loud. “Dear Riza,” he muttered to himself, trying to keep his voice down in fear that she would hear him. “I just wanted to tell you that you have really nice eyes, and your smile is really…. really….” with a frustrated groan, he crumpled up the paper and tossed it into the bin beside his desk. Who was he kidding, anyways? A girl like Riza wouldn’t want anything to do with him, especially if he couldn’t even tell her he liked her.

Roy stood up from his chair, blew out his candle, and crawled into his bed, angry at himself for not being able to tell her how he felt, and wishing there was such a thing as word alchemy so he might have a shot.


Dear Riza Miss Hawkeye,

I once again want to send you my deepest sympathy for the passing of your father, and again insist that you contact me in the military if you ever need anything. I know being on your own at such a young age can’t be easy, but just remember you’ll always have a friend here who will listen if you need to talk, and

Roy glared down at the sloppily written letter in his hand, crossed out the rest of what it said, and with a snap of his fingers, lit the piece of paper on fire before trying again.

“Hey, Mustang, what’cha got there?”

“He’s probably writing to a girl. Hey, Mustang, you better watch out, I might follow you back to Amestris and steal her from you when you’re not lookin’!”

Roy turned away from his letter, seeing his fellow soldiers, Vato Falman and Jean Havoc, sitting a ways away, chuckling to themselves. “Since when did it become your business who I write to?” He asked them, teasingly.

“Since you have a girl at home who’s lonely and might need a little Havoc in her life!” Jean retorted, smirking at his friend.

“What if I told you I was writing my mother?”

“That doesn’t change my answer.”

“You’re relentless.” Roy muttered to himself, and turned back to his letter. In the end, he decided on a generic, how’ve you been, sorry for your loss message, and sent it off.


Riza Hawkeye,

Seeing how badly you were hurt by my death the other night got me thinking about something I need to tell you. For as long as i can remember, your eyes have shone brighter than any star in the night sky. I thought my feelings for you would have faded by now, but I have been in love with you since the day we met. And I want to tell you before it’s too late.

I can’t send this to her, Roy thought to himself. She’d laugh in my face if she saw this. Sighing to himself, the flame alchemist snapped his fingers together and lit his failed attempt on fire.

“You know you have to tell her eventually, right?” Jean’s voice cut into his thoughts. “Hawkeye, I mean?”

“What are you talking about, Havoc?” Mustang deflected.

He couldn’t see it, but he was sure that sigh from his friend was accompanied by an eyeroll. “We’re not stupid, you know. You think you two are sneaky with the way you look and talk to each other, but it couldn’t be more obvious if you came out and said it. Everyone knows, Mustang. It’s the worst best kept secret we’ve ever seen.”

Not knowing what to say to that, Roy lay back on his bed and stared at the ceiling until he fell asleep.


Roy sat at his desk, tapping a pen irritably on the polished wood, and glared at the blank piece of paper in front of him. He had intended to write her a letter before she was transferred out with Bradley, but, as it appeared he always would, he was having trouble wording it right. Why can’t you do this? He thought to himself, it’s just Hawkeye. Don’t think of it as anything but that. It’s just a letter to Hawkeye.  

Just Hawkeye. Just the person he trusted more than anyone else in the world. Just the woman he’d been in love with since he was a teenager. Just her.

Roy took another breath, and sat down, trying to clear his thoughts so he could focus.

Dear Riza,

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life, and how deeply entrenched you have been in it since I was young. It seems like no matter where I end up, you’re right there with me, always in my corner, always ready to fight beside me, and make sure I make it out alive. You’re the person I trust more than anyone, and that is really saying a lot. I can’t imagine where I’d be on my own,  if I’d be here at all, and I decided that I never want to find out what that’s like. You are too invaluable to me to ever think of being without.

I actually have a bit of a confession to make. Since the day I met you, I’ve thought you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Since getting to know you, I know it to be true. Your wit, your intelligence, your spirit… everything about you is stunning, and I know if it weren’t for you being here, I would have grown up to be a much different man. So thank you for your influence on who I became, and continue to become.

That was the closest he’d gotten to articulating what he felt. There was so much more left unsaid, but it would do for a start. Roy took the letter, folded it up, and was getting ready to stick it in a drawer, when the door to his office opened and a pretty blonde woman stuck her head inside. “Sir, the Elric brothers are back.”

“Oh, Lieutenant! I wasn’t expecting you!” Roy replied, startled by her sudden appearance. Again, he found his heart slamming against his ribs like a jackrabbit, and that all too familiar feeling of a blush creeping its way onto his face. “You said the Elrics are here?”

“Yes. Sir, what’s that in your hand?”

“Oh, this? Nothing. Just an old piece of paper I found in my desk. I was just looking through there in hopes of clearing out some space.” With a snap of his finger, Roy lit his letter on fire again, to deter Riza from stumbling across it later on, and felt a little piece of himself die inside at all of that effort go up in smoke.

When that was done, he followed Hawkeye out of the room to deal with the brothers.


After everything was said and done, after her confession of ending her life, after almost losing her at the hands of a scientist, after losing his sight, and regaining it, Roy decided enough was enough. One way or another, he was going to tell Riza Hawkeye how he felt once and for all, and he would deal with the aftermath when it came.

It happened all of the sudden one afternoon, on an impulse, in front of the remaining members of Team Mustang. She was innocently sitting at her desk, legs crossed, and writing something down. Roy decided enough was enough, got to his feet, crossed the room, and stopped in front of her. “Hawkeye - no… Riza, I…” He felt himself begin to choke up again, and, with a sigh, he pulled the Lieutenant to her feet and crushed his lips against hers.

After a moment of shock over what was happening, Roy felt her hands gently slip into his hair and give it a small tug. When they broke apart, all eyes were on them, and smirks were firmly set in place. Fuery and Breda began to cheer, glad to see that the sexual tension between the two had finally reached a boiling point.

Roy’s eyes found Riza’s, and a giddy smile crossed his face after having finally done it. It wasn’t the grand reveal he’d been building up in his head since he was a teenager, but he thought that the general idea got across, and it would do in a pinch.

eyes reflecting fire by Rosyredlipstick ~~comic strip





He tried again. “Did you and Will have a nice time running around in the woods?”

Talk about his date. Earn his friendship. Be chill, Stoll. You got this.

The same biting tone was in his voice, more exhausted this time. Connor’s heart squeezed painfully. “Go away, Connor. You ruined my date, happy? Now go plan whatever next scheme to mess with the Aphrodite cabin. You haven’t tried shrinking our clothes in a while, or maybe stealing all our accessories again?” Connor froze in place as Mitchell continued walking ahead. “Go knock yourself out.”

Mitchell didn’t look back as he headed towards the cabins.

"O..Okay.” Was Connor’s soft reply.

Like Connor was basically a pro at this point, he very nicely and neatly pushed all his feelings into a small box and mentally lit said box on fire.

Who was the queen that inspired this little comic for my babies Connor and Mitchell of the Percy Jackson’s series?

But of course, @rosyredlipstick!!!

I LOVED this fic, and this part made me wanna hug Connor Stoll so bad that I have to draw it XD. Still want to hug Connor so bad, i was trying to hug my laptop screen while drawing this LOL (sorry to my few followers on twitter, i know I seemed crazy this morning hahahaha).

Anyway, GO and read the fireworks series of fics by Rosy and leave all the comments and kudos that you can, so we can have more stories of conchell in the future, maybe, let’s hope, by this amazing writer!

Connor Stoll’s and Mitchell’s design here (without the blue hair, you really need to read the story to know XD).

Dear Stiles,

First off, I don’t intend for you to ever read this letter. As soon as I’m done with it, I’m tucking it between two books on my bookshelf never to be seen by the light of day again. But I need to let this out somehow. I need to see my feelings on a sheet of paper in front of me and face them head on, instead of hiding from them as usual.

I remember third grade. I know you don’t think I do, but I do. I remember how tiny you were, and how you wore the same green hoodie every single day. I remember sitting next to you in class, and you chasing me during games of tag on the playground. I remember you tugging on my long ponytails and calling me strawberry head. But most vividly, I remember you congratulating me every time I got an A on a spelling test, or got an answer right, on the rare occasion that I raised my hand in class. You’ve barely changed at all.

I never spoke another word to you until two years ago when our lives started changing and our paths crossed again. That is one of my biggest regrets. Not because I owed you my attention, but because once I started giving it to you, I never wanted to stop. You are gentle, and kind, and thoughtful, and you listen to every single word I say. You’ve never given up on me, even when everyone thought I was off-my-rocker-crazy.

I play it off like it’s casual, but you don’t know that every time you touch my back to guide me through a crowd, or hold my hand, it’s as if your fingertips are matches and my skin is sandpaper, and a fire is lit in my veins.

The way you look at me is a whole different story. Nobody else has ever looked at me like that, and it scared me at first. It scared me a lot. I’d get lost in your admiring gaze and forget where I was, what was wrong, who’s life was in danger. I didn’t feel like I deserved that. But now I know I do. I give you partial credit for that.

Before I kissed you that day in the locker room, I wasn’t sure of my feelings for you. Until then, you were my dopey partner in non-crime, and I wasn’t completely sure why I was drawn to you. But while I sat there, watching you panic and struggle to breathe, the first thing that came to my mind was to put my lips on yours. I expected it to be clumsy and awkward, but what I felt was the opposite. The clarity that came with your kiss was like putting on glasses and finally seeing the world for how it should be. It wasn’t until we broke apart that I remembered that holding your breath could stop a panic attack.

Since then it’s been clear. I love you. In more than one sense of the word. You are my best friend, my partner, and my hero. I have found a home in you. You are the wall I lean on for support when I am dizzy, and the blanket I wrap around me for warmth when I am shivering from cold and qualm. My life without you in it is hazy and dim. I have put the glasses on, Stiles. I’m never taking them off.

If you ever do end up reading this letter, I want you to know one thing: Whether you still feel the same way or not, I will never stop being for you what you are for me. I will never stop loving you.

Love always, Lydia

-an unopened letter to Stiles, inspired by this post

I miss long nights. Long nights, spent in backyards and streets lit by the streetlights just beginning to light up. I long for warm nights tonight. Where warmth was left over from the sun and the heat of my best friend running beside me. I miss the night where the spinning of a bike chain played out as my summer jam. Nights here I rose above the cars and other children on my father’s shoulders, feeling infinite. I miss nights that were full of love. Nights that smelt like sweat and fires that burned in more than just our back yards but also in our hearts. I miss the way the moon lit up the path towards home and the way our skin seemed to glow. 

Tonight I long for a longer night, for company, for warmth. I long for what I remember a home to be.


    The thought of sleeping the rest of the night wasn’t going to happen anymore.

    Sighing, Takumi lazily gazed out through the open window, obtaining a nice view of the castle grounds from his stance at the tree where Corrin – and now his – private headquarters were located. In nothing but his pajama bottoms and a loose ponytail, the Hoshido prince quietly wiped at his eyes, then perched his chin on the back of his palm as his elbow rested at the ledge of the window. A crisp breeze blew about, fanning his face and strands of his long, silver locks. Closing his eyes, he basked in the soft wind, and tried to relax.

    He had another nightmare. Fortunately, Corrin’s abrupt kick to his leg had woken him up even before the madness had a chance to commence.

    It still hurt, but he was ever-so-thankful for that kick. At least tonight, he didn’t wake her up again due to screams.


    He froze at the sound of her cracked, tired voice. Damn…

    Yawning, Corrin hugged her arms at the breeze of cold air rushing in, scooting near her husband. “What’re you doing still up? It’s in the middle of the night…”

    Takumi could hear the tiredness dripping from her tone. Swallowing, he shrugged. “It was getting stuffy in here.”

    “Did you have a nightmare?” She lowered her hands.

    Frowning, Takumi took a moment to take in more of the breeze (it felt nice), before he was able to push himself away from the open window and turn to her. He studied her barely visible face, not surprised to see the worry etching her expression. Without warning, his arms gently slipped around her small body, tugged her close to his bare chest, and softly kissed at some of the strands of her hair. “No.” True, he wasn’t lying…completely. He was having one.

    Simply that the bad part had yet to come.

    “Are you—“

    “Corrin,” he cut her off with gentleness in his tone, “Shush and go back to sleep. You’re ‘bout to pass out on me, silly woman…” He squeezed her softly, and pressed his lips to her forehead, emitting another soft sigh. He then remembered that she was so damn stubborn, so instead, he broke away, and instead grabbed his wife’s small hand, tugging her back towards their comfy bed. He slumped in utter relief as she willingly crawled back to bed, curled up cutely, and patted his pillow.

    The princess then smiled that sweet smile he had come to love. “Come on, Takumi. Let’s go back to sleep.”

    He held no objections, and modestly slipped next to her. She cupped his cheek, scooted over to peck him sluggishly, and finally hid her face into his chest with one final yawn. “Good…night…”

    He chuckled softly – she was out like a candle being lit out. Albeit he wasn’t going back to sleep anytime soon, the comfort of his snoozing wife in his arms was more than enough to have him feel at ease.