i feel like me and tyler would be great friends

Hey! So I’ve seen a lot of people doing these, and I decided to do one for my 5,000th post, but I missed that so here it is now! This is a list of people who I consider to be my friends (I hope they all feel the same, otherwise this could be awkward lol) I highly recommend following all of them because I love them all very much.

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but I mean even if Phan doesn’t come out this year it would still be a gREAT FUCKING YEAR for the phandom bcs:

  • “omg they named a haribo after me and phil”
  • phan hug 2k14
  • krave challenges
  • oreo lick off aka. a lot of innuendos
  • we’re also a gr8 fandom bcs we helped troye with hlp
  • tyler oakley; newest addition to the long list of phan shippers
  • pregnant dan 2k14 dont forget
  • dan tickled phil awh
  • the newly weds game “but we’ll just call it the friends test *coughs v loudly and obviously*”

but guys i feel like maybe something will happen soon i’m probably wrong and maybe they’re messing with us because fUCK howell why are you pointing out the game is for newly weds nobody would have even noticed are you fucking joking

anonymous asked:

omg ashlie what did you think of the collabs? I was dying of laughter they were so funny. I'm also shocked about what Dan said at the beginning of his video about what they have in common :O like everyone knows what he was hinting to. To me he is pretty much 'out' without being fully publicly 'out' already ifykwim but I was still surprised to hear him go there.

One word: BEAUTIFUL. That was all kinds of beautiful. They work so well together. Tyler really does have quite the knack for getting people to open up. God bless him. Like I actually laughed out loud several times and had tears in my eyes. HILARIOUS combination. Can’t even count the innuendos lol they were endless. Dan referencing gay sex and bdsm? I'm here for it.

Also love how Phil was still involved and the way that he tailored the questions to target Dan lol. Dan’s reaction to the ones he chose was perfect. “You little shit” is probably right up their with “you spoon/spork” for my favorite term of endearment they have for each other lol. But yeah I loved how it somehow managed to emphasize how much of a unit D&P are, even though the video only had Dan physically present? Remarkable how that works.

And the beginning of the video on DINOF with the whole winkwinknudgenudge about what they have in common? Amazing. Ambiguous Dan is my favorite Dan. I’m surprised he went there but at the same time not considering how clear he’s made it lately. Honestly, to be quite frank, if anyone still thinks Dan is 100% straight at this point then they are seriously dense. He’s made it beyond clear. (Personally, I feel like from the beginning he's never really hidden that, but I agree he's definitely been more forward with it recently). I thought it was great to see him be so casual about it, especially in a main channel video.

Overall, he just looked so carefree and open and that made for a hilarious collab. I feel like this is closer to the way Dan would act around friends off camera so I feel privileged to have seen. Kudos again to Tyler for bringing that out of him. Reminds me of Tyler’s tweet to Dan a while back about missing having "girl talk" with him lol. Like that sounds so accurate, they always seem so giggly when they’re together and it's adorable to see coming from Dan. I’m all for more Dan/Tyler videos.

Also, here’s to the collab with Phil that I’m praying will pop up soon. I’m 95% sure they filmed together so I can’t wait to see how they will interact on camera together <3

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On May 17, 2015 I met my hero, Tyler Hagen. He has done so many great things for me from making me feel like a friend instead of just another fan to helping me stay 6 months clean. Tyler is an amazing person in so many ways. From the very first time I watched him, you could tell he cared so much for his fan base. It was more than that to him, we were his friends. To this day, I know I can always message him if I need someone to talk to and he would always be there. I even met my best friend through him. I am now going 6 almost 7 months clean but I owe it to him. His music, his broadcasts, &  everything about him makes my days worth living. I owe everything to Tyler.