i feel like making something white and dull though i have enough of vibrancy


For emeraldwit who prompted “Colour”


Graves does not see the world around the way other people do. Other people will take in the world with its brightness, its vibrancy and colours. For Graves, however, the world is black and white and those shades of grey in between. Instead of blue, the sky will be a broad plain of grey, with misty puffs of white making up the clouds. Occasionally, though, there will be rare splashes of vibrancy like the gold of his mother’s wedding ring, the faint streak of colours made by a rainbow in the sky or the rich red of a rose. They contrast the grey surrounding Graves beautifully, like the beam of a lighthouse breaking through a foggy mist. But it doesn’t last long. It’ll last a minute or two before it fades back into that dull black and white image. Graves cherishes these brief flashes of colours as much as he can, trying to commit each colour to memory.

Monochromatia, the mediwitches and wizards say. It’s a rare magical condition found in the people in the Graves family. There’s no cure for it. It’s a harmless condition that deprives whoever is suffering it of colour. It shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance to Graves. He’ll just need labels and the sort to help him out.

Through his life, Graves find himself cursing his monochromatism and others who take for granted the colours they can see. It’s part of the reason he’s so stern and bossy most of the time. This little mistake of genetics singling him out from others.

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