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musicals I've listened to: Hamilton, Bandstand, Rent, Falsettos, Dear Evan Hansen, and Heathers I've liked them all and don't really have much complaint but I feel like such a noob when it comes to musicals because I really only listen to relatively mainstream ones. I want to get more into Broadway

omg OKAY SIS WELL i’m literally no expert and this is literally just from me scrolling thru my music and trying to sort this so pls go easy on me + i attached links to youtube 4 easy listening i love u i hope this helps

if you want to get into more classic / iconic broadway:

  • les miserables is a good place 2 start bc there’s a movie and tons of productions !! but get ready to Cry
    – features classic musical theatre songs like one day more, on my own, i dreamed a dream, do you hear the people sing, etc
  • into the woods is classic sondheim ( a highly iconic lyricist & composer who has written literally decades of shows including company, follies, sweeny todd, sunday in the park with george, etc ) + bernadette peters plays the witch and she is fantastic as per usual
    – also has a kickass movie but the plot of the movie is a little different than the original broadway cast so listen 2 both!
  • a chorus line - a kickass show with relatable tunes about auditioning
  • sweet charity is just one of my personal faves with iconic songs like big spender, if my friends could see me now, & rich man’s frug (book by neil simon!!! and choreography by bob fosse !!!)
  • chicago !!!!! badass show with iconic numbers like cell block tango & roxie (plus a movie was made for this show and imo really does the show justice)
  • more that i’m thinking of off the top of my head: guys and dolls, the sound of music, jesus christ superstar, gypsy, company, i’m probably forgetting so many wow sos

as for somewhat newer shows ?? that are fun to listen/dance to:

  • hairspray is so so  SO fun with empowering messages and real cute choreography + they made a movie which was also v fun!!
  • wicked ….. do i need 2 say more???
  • book of mormon is HILARIOUS and personally one of my fave shows of all time (+ there are tons of boots lmao) – it’s a RIOT of a show with an insane cast and catchy songs like hello, two by two & i believe 
    if you like this, i also recommend Avenue Q
  • the producers is another very funny musical with a very funny movie that features ICONIC songs like keep it gay, i wanna be a producer, & there’s nothing like a show on broadway
  • thoroughly modern millie is an amazing show (with sutton foster!!) with iconic tap numbers and badass flapper girl vibes with jams like the speed test, what do i need with love and forget about the boy
  • legally blonde is WAY TOO FUN and just as amazing as the non-musical film + they performed it live on MTV so there’s a full video of the show with the OBC featuring tunes like omigod you guys, bend and snap, and there! right there!
  • something rotten! is AMAZING and references a ton of other musicals and shakespeare’s and it’s just all around fantastic and wonderful
  • the last five years is SO good and has such an interesting way of telling the story + there’s a not great but not too terrible movie version on netflix with dreamboats jeremy jordan and anna kendrick + it has a lot of amazing male and female solo songs that are probably overdone but still amazing like see i’m smiling, moving too fast, a summer in ohio & if i didn’t believe in you

as for general recommendations via yours truly

i am prob forgetting a TON so please feel free to reblog and add any recommendations you have!!! love all u theatre dorks

heres my vrisrezi mix which is exclusively trashy mainstream top40 music which i personally believes embodies the Essence of Vrisrezi. I unironically like every single song in this mix, so feel free to send me hate on my taste in music.

Tracklist [LISTEN HERE]

SIDE A // girlfriend - avril lavigne // bad romance - lady gaga // bad blood - taylor swift // the sweet escape - gwen stefani // my life would suck without you - kelly clarkson // everytime we touch - cascada // umbrella - rihanna // last friday night - katy perry // die young - ke$ha // crazy in love - beyonce // bad girls - mia

SIDE B // teenagers - my chemical romance // let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco  // everybody loves me - one republic // my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy // animals - maroon 5 // weightless - all time low // must have have done something right - relient k // kiss you - one direction // hey soul sister - train // one time - justin bieber // everybody talks - neon trees

Kris Wu: More young people wanting to get into the hip-hop scene is a good thing

On 2 May, the opening press conference of Chinese Hip-Hop talent show <The Rap of China> was held in Beijing. Three groups of celebrity producers, Kris Wu, Chang Chen-yue & MC HotDog, and Wilber Pan were in attendance.After the press conference, producer Kris Wu accepted the interview by iFeng’s reporter. 

During the interview, Kris Wu expressed his unique views and understanding towards hip-hop music. Kris Wu expressed that although he is the most junior amongst the three groups of producers, his good understanding of trap music is his outstanding point.

How would you define hip-hop?
Firstly, this spectrum is a little broad, kinda huge, because hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a culture, like sports. It consists of many different forms, I guess it depends on each individual’s understanding. I feel that one major point that hip-hop wants to express is a certain attitude. Next is the method of expression, many people express themselves through rapping, but there are actually many other methods, like example other musical sub-genres, which are also included in hip hop. For example right now, what is currently in trend is EDM-based hip-hop, and right now there are more people who like trap hip-hop. These are all very different genres of music, so it’s a little hard to define hip-hop.

As you’ve just mentioned, these days more and more people are listening to trap music, and there are much fewer people who listen to 90s and old school music. What do you think of this?
I feel that this is inevitable, but what I’d like to say is, the [trend of] trap will pass too. This is something that I would really like to tell the contestants, because I believe that based on my personal experience, and including the current hip-hop scene in China, there are actually many contestants, perhaps 70%, 80% who have a better understanding of trap music, and who prefer trap music as well, which of course is inevitable because this is the current hottest trend. However there is a problem too, it’s that when you do something that is currently in trend, when this trend dies down, the same would happen to you too. So you would still have to know where your roots are. I’m not saying that you have to like old school music, but you have to have a listen. Like I’ve just mentioned, in the 1990s boombap music was extremely popular, so you have to understand the musical style of the golden era of hip-hop as well. And then not only that but also many different types of genres, like understanding jazz hip-hop too. It would be very beneficial to your development. So these are some of my views.

Right now there is an emergence of many Asian rappers like [Rich] Chigga on an international scale. Do you have any expectations towards the development of Asian hip-hop?
I feel that this is a good thing, for everyone to start liking hip-hop and think that it’s cool. There are many young people who want to enter this industry, although it has a small audience, because at times there would not be many opportunities available, for example these kind of programs did not exist in China before. It’s the first time that there’s such a program, and this is why I feel that this program is meaningful. I hoped that I would be able to participate because I feel that it is a very good platform to reach even more people who love music. However, this culture has a small audience, and in China there are definitely much, much more people who listen to ballads than hip-hop music, so in order to make hip-hop music more mainstream, we would need even more people.

So what are the kind of contestants that you wish to see the most on <The Rap of China>?
I hope to see contestants that are more all-rounded, because like I’ve just mentioned, there are many people who feel that hip-hop is just merely rapping, but this is actually not the case, as there are many forms of expression. Even now there are many more melody-based tunes, melodic rap, songs which sound like singing but are actually a sub-genre of hip-hop. More and more [of such songs are produced], for example a key representation of the genre is Drake, many would wonder if he is a singer or a rapper. So when I select contestants, I hope to see that they have the basic foundation of right pitch and other elements, and are able to carry a tune, sing the chorus and rap as well. These are the type of contestants which I hope to see, who have more varied abilities.

Right now Kendrick Lamer is very popular, and the MV for his new song <Be Humble> isn’t something that other musicians have tried before. What do you think of this?
I feel that he is incredibly talented. His ways have always been at the top of trends. I feel that those who like hip-hop can listen to his music more, because it would be really helpful.

Generally, rappers who like hip-hop music will freestyle or battle, so do you usually freestyle with friends in your personal time?
At times I would, it depends, if I have an opponent we would have a go.

We can see from Weibo that you really love playing basketball. What position do you usually play?
In the past I played the position of point guard, right now I play the position of center forward more often.

At the NBA Celebrity Game you mentioned that you love Kobe Bryant, right now it’s the first anniversary of his retirement, so how do you feel about it?
After his retirement, I kept up with NBA news less often.

Are you a loyal fan of his?
Yes, I feel that I’m missing something worth watching, so right now I don’t really watch finals, and I’m still a little sad.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

why is it that so many truly excellent songwriters are shat on by music snobs

kesha and miranda lambert are far and away my two favorite writers because they make music that covers the full spectrum of emotions, is lyrically clever, is unpretentious/often funny, covers topics that aren’t commonly addressed in mainstream music, and generally has a cohesive narrative

but so many people instantly write them off because they’re candy pop and country

O WELL everyone in that camp can just miss out and I won’t feel sorry for them

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Hey there! Since you're taking requests, may I have headcanons what sort of music people in class 1-A (BNHA) like? Any characters you want to do are fine ^^

I’ll do the 10 of them I (hope) I can write for best! Thanks for the ask! So happy so many people are giving me a try! :D

Midoriya Izuku:

  • Izuku likes music that he feels he can relate or connect to. He is not super into the mainstream music, but rather the undiscovered ones where artists have more expressive tones and songs.

Uraraka Ochaco:

  • She really likes pop music or any cute song. Recently she’s been really into love songs

Iida Tenya:

  • Iida likes classical music, but has have a low-key love of techno music. He thinks it’s interesting how something that not considered a ‘traditional’ instrument can make something so wonderful sounding.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Angsty music or ones that have a hint of emo. Aka Linkin Park or anything similar. (I can picture him listening to Numb… XD)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Any song that pumps him up and gets him feeling strong and powerful! Rock and hip hop tend to be the main genres, but if the song makes him want to destroy someone or feel energized, he’ll listen to it.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • Like Bakugou, Kirishima likes music that gets him pumped up. But he also enjoys some pop music about feeling good about yourself and having fun. 

Kaminari Denki:

  • Rock music or any club song. Boy loves to dance and play air guitar!

Yaoyorozu Momo:

  • Classical music. It helps her focus when training her quirk

Jirou Kyoka:

  • She likes a lot of different music and appreciates all of it. Her favorite is rock though thanks to her parents.

Asai Tsuyu:

  • She likes calm music or anything with a good beat to it. She likes to listen to it while cooking or caring for her siblings.
Coming out

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I never though I would ever write this because it has never mattered to me. Although it has always been a part of me, but i never had time to sit and brood to come to terms with this part of me. But then why would you write about something that doesn’t matter to you and isn’t an obstacle in your everyday life, you ask? well here you go…

I have the most unfriendly type of personality possible, in terms of emotions. I don’t like confronting my emotions, I don’t talk about them, i don’t use it to detour from my decisions. Growing up I never watched movies and never listened to the mainstream music that the world is mad about. The reason being that i failed at relating with it, so i stuck to my sci-fi and horror genre. I convinced myself that when i grow up, i’ll feel the same way the world does, instead of feeling a certain disgusted repulsion towards it. 

Then i got into bonehead high school with other buster kids called ‘teenagers’ and tolerating them for 5 hrs everyday was impossible for me, let alone relating to them. They all were bathing in the river of hormones that were gushing through their minds making them look stupider. But in this whole scenario, I was still out of the city that river flew in. All i could conclude from their strange behaviour was that they just like the idea of being besotted, for someone, anyone. And their hormones are the wielder in this Shakespearean drama. 
But then the question was, where were my hormones? Maybe I have mastered self control? or maybe I don’t have time for this BS? or maybe me being a misanthrope has something to do with it? 

little things that indicated toward me not being straight were-

  • Frowning upon girls/boys who talked of having “crush” and giving so much of their energy/time to this juvenile amalgamation of love.
  • Wondering why boys get so hurt when girls friend-zoned them. 
  • Researching and researching and dying to know why these people wanna hold hands?
  • Reading psychology and becoming Sigmund Freud and still not understanding the psychology behind these fanciful and whimsical crushes. 
  • Being disconcerted and confused when almost all the girls were behind this ONE. GUY. who didn’t even know how to not utter shit from his mouth. like how do they all know that he is going to be the one everyone is gonna go behind? do they discuss this in a meeting? 
  • What is this love shit people speak of? 
  • Bursting into laugh when i realised that females drool over tom cruise and Ryan gosling . 
  • Thinking that females are just endearing/sympathising their favourite male artists by complementing their looks.

In all this I was too naive to realise that i am the odd one out. 

To put this all laconically, I am asexual. aromantic asexual. I don’t feel any romantic/sexual attraction towards any gender. I don’t find any magic in your breathtaking beauty and I am not spellbound by your extreme handsomeness. No i will not watch that romantic movie no matter how much you force me. I would rather leave traces in the form of equations and theories rather than producing kids, and i would rather spend my life solving the universe instead of marrying.  

“But its just a phase”
If asexuality is ‘just a phase’ then how can you be so sure that your heterosexuality is also not ‘just a phase’? 

Yes i feel alone. And yes, sometimes it feels like there is a colour that the whole world can see except me. But maybe the purpose of my life is different than others. Maybe i was designed this way to fulfil the purpose of my life.

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My favorite thing has been getting friends who have never listen to any Kanye songs into him. I recently got a friend to listen to all his albums and her response was. "Holly shit, I didn't realize how deep some of his music is". Like the number of ppl that just don't fuck with Kanye but have never listen to his stuff is mind-blowing. At least listen to his stuff before you try and act like he isn't GOAT.

Most of the time people who claim they dislike Kanye don’t really have any feelings towards him but do follow mainstream opinions or the negative narrative that’s portrayed of him. Anytime I have asked someone why they dislike kanye there is never any valid answer as to why they feel such a negative way toward him. The more I talk about Ye with my friends the more they understand him because I show them a different perspective on why I love Kanye.

I just realized why I have always been drawn to Taylor. 

I always listen to them and there is absolutely no way that anyone but her could write music in a way that creates a web you find yourself stuck in and its so catchy and perfectly produced that it could only be Taylor. There is music that gets made and fades into the back ground over time. But I can positively say that there is no one writing music that makes you feel something like she does, in mainstream pop today. She will transcend genres, decades, and stand the test of time. I love Taylor because it is always 100% authentically her.  She writes from the deepest and most personal place. And the fact that she puts it out into the world is so brave and inspiring. 

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yes hello would you care to tell me a summary of cobra starship bc i dont know them and i would hecka like to. i feel like you are the true person to come to for this.

YES HI YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE WELCOME TO THE COBRA STARSHIP CRASH COURSE (this is gonna be long as hell i’m not even gonna try to front)

well it all started when gabe saporta, bassist and lead singer of pop punk band midtown, disbanded midtown for one reason or another. he then went on a “vision quest” in the american southwest desert, which involved a great deal of smoking peyote. at one point he hallucinated a giant cobra, who told him to make fun music that would teach hipsters to stop taking themselves so seriously and emos not to be so sad all the time. that’s how the idea for the band came to be!! (supposedly- we don’t know if that’s actually true or not but that’s the story that’s most well known so everyone just rolls with it. a lot of wack shit happens around this band)

cobra starship has 5 members, 4 of which have been around since its inception!!

  1. gabe saporta- lead singer and founder. he’s really good friends with pete wentz and william beckett and is known for being outrageously sexual and flirty with pretty much everyone. gabe’s the most well known member (for the above reasons) so he tends to be the cobra that’s talked about the most.
  2. ryland blackinton- guitarist, backing vocals, occasional keyboard when the song calls for it. ryland is my personal favorite as you’ve no doubt gathered! he seems kind of weird and quiet at first but he’s super funny and witty. he has a BFA in acting and is really good at imitating voices! he had a british reporter alter-ego at one point named guy ripley. if u ever ask him about guy, he will swear up and down that he has no connection with him! what a fun guy
  3. alex suarez- bassist, backing vocals, nate novarro’s boyfriend. suarez is a little more lowkey than the other members, but he’s super sweet and nice to the fans and all of us love him so much!!! alex went to culinary school after high school so he’s hella good at cooking. he and ryland had a little indie project together before cobra called this is ivy league- they’re very good and cute, i’d recommend checking them out if you like indie stuff!
  4. victoria asher- keytarist, backing vocals. victoria is the only one who hasn’t been there from the start- she joined in 2007, replacing the old keytarist elisa schwartz, who left because of a lot of general drama with the band (it’s rumored that she was in love with gabe but ???) that said though, victoria fits in with the band really well, a lot better than elisa did!! she’s so pretty and talented we all love her too. she went to film school, so she was in charge of editing all the buzzcam and cobracam episodes, and has a little black pomeranian named gizmo! she’s done some solo songs too, though i don’t know a great deal about them
  5. nate novarro- drummer, alex suarez’ boyfriend. like suarez, nate tends to be kinda quiet, but he’s every bit as ridiculous as the rest of the cobras are. he’s been a drummer since 1996, though i can’t find any record of him being a full time drummer for any bands before cobra? he and alex are also very, very close and clingy with each other, which has led to a lot of people shipping them. look up suavarro sometime, it’s some good shit!!

now that you know the members let’s talk videos!!! cobra starship loved them some youtube silliness back in the day- they had a web series called cobra cam, which you can watch in its beautiful entirety here! while it’s not necessary at all to enjoy their music, i’d recommend it, bc it’s very entertaining and a great way to get to know the members better. we all love cobra cam very much and we’re prayin hard for it to make a comeback soon

finally, the actual music!!!!! they’ve had 4 albums so far, all of which i have so kindly uploaded to 4shared to share with newcomers such as yourself:

  • 2006- while the city sleeps, we rule the streets! this is their debut album, and it goes significantly harder than their other stuff does! it’s a bit of an acquired taste, at least in my opinion.
  • 2007- viva la cobra! a lot of people like this album the most, which might have something to do with the fact that it was produced by fall out boy’s patrick stump, who also sang backing vocals on practically every song.
  • 2009- hot mess! this one’s just a lot of fun. not quite as many meaningful songs as city and viva had, but still a solid album, and my favorite cobra album on most days. (when it’s not hot mess, it’s viva)
  • 2011- night shades! this is hands down the most polarizing album cobra’s done- for the most part, it seems like cobra fans either love it or hate it. it’s super duper mainstream-pop sounding- for the most part, there’s none of the attitude and self-awareness that cobra’s music usually has. it’s still a pretty fun listen, but i think it feels more hollow than their other albums do.

so that’s cobra starship in a nutshell!! i hope this is helpful to you. c: now’s a great time to get into them, because they’re having a big announcement next monday that we’re all assuming, hoping and praying is about cobra 5!

[140211 | INTERVIEW] ToppDogg’s Kingdoms, analyzing the 13-membered group ToppDogg.

ToppDogg is a group with a whopping 13 members. It’s the biggest number after Super Junior. Since each member only gets a small part [in songs], we wondered how these guys can confidently express their colours. Their solution was through ‘fantasy units’: The 13 members were divided into four units called Wizard, Knight, Dragon and Lion which you can find in RPG games or fantasy novels. Their distinctive colours are also conveyed through their music. In particular, the song ‘Arario’, which they are currently promoting for their special album after ‘Open the Door’, is filled with very Korean-like nuance (T/N: They’re saying how ‘Arario’ is a song that gives off a traditional Korean feeling). ‘Arario’ beautifully weaves in traditional Korean melody and the MV uses a balance of white garments and bright primary colours to symbolise Korean people, along with samulnori (T/N: Traditional Korean percussion quartet) in its performance. Although they only debuted in 2013 and are still considered rookies, they are in the process of creating their individual colours. The 13 members, who attempt to create distinctive music through fantasy units, are on the road that lets them stand up together even when they fall. ToppDogg’s aim is for the public to be familiar with them. To understand the 13 members more, we are going to conduct an analysis on each unit or ‘kingdom’: Wizard, Knight, Dragon and Lion.

# Wizard Kingdom (B-Joo, Hojoon, Hansol, Xero)

1. Why are you called the Wizards?

Xero: It’s the gathering of all members who specialise on performances.

Hansol: Because we can display different colours just like wizards.

Sangdo: When you play games, you can see different magic like fire, water, lightning and others. These members are capable of diverse genres [just like that].

2. The attributes of Wizards

Hojoon: When I was little, I used lightning spell in this game I played called ‘The Kingdom of The Winds’. (laughs) That’s why my popping is lightning-like? Because it hits you hard like the lightning.

B-Joo: I’m the cleric, in charge of healing. I want to heal both the members and the public.

Sangdo: What about poison? If you look at B-Joo’s dancing, you’ll get immersed in it just like an addiction.

Xero: I’m ice. When people watch me dance, they can freeze from captivation.

P-Goon: Xero also has a chic and cold image!

Hansol: I’m… Sailor Moon. (laughs) Before I went with the name Hansol, I was going to use the name ML for ‘Moon Light’. (laughs) It’s just perfect.

3. The reason you became singers

Hojoon: I’ve always loved singers. Since I was little, I sung a lot of anime theme songs. Also, while watching music shows I would try following the dance steps and people said I was good, so here I am.

B-Joo: I’ve always wanted to be a singer but when I was in high school I was full of worries when I received my report cards. At that moment, I heard that my friend had been accepted into a company and I blindly followed him and failed; so I worked harder and got to where I am now.

Xero: I started dancing in Grade 2, 3 of middle school but I would only go for public performances. In high school I went to a casting and after that my dreams grew and I became a wizard. What a change! (laughs)

Hansol: The hardest time was when during my adolescence, when I was walking and heard Gummy-sunbaenim’s song by chance; it healed my heart a lot. I wanted to become a person who heals others’ hearts one day. That’s why I decided to become a singer.

4. Role model

Hansol: P!nk, the rock singer. She doesn’t only do rock but she does other genres well. Even when she’s dancing or doing acrobatic moves, she sings live. Without differentiating between genres, my dream is to become a performer that does different dances.

Xero: American hip-hop artist, The Game! Although he has a strong, gangster image I feel that I can learn a lot from him.

B-Joo: Without a doubt, it’s Michael Jackson. His stage presence is very cool, you get goosebumps.

Hojoon: Chris Brown, who’s good in everything he does.

5. The member who you want to recruit into Wizard

Hansol: There are two members. Kidoh-hyung and Gohn-hyung. Because they can produce and make different-coloured songs, so they can be used to our heart’s content.

Xero: Kidoh. I usually like electronic music, and Kidoh makes good beats so he can give me good parts.

B-Joo: I want to receive rap lessons from Jenissi-hyung.

6. Killer move

Hansol: Our killer move is the meteor!

Xero: When all four Wizards are on the stage, we spread apart and lay in ashes like a meteor.

Seogoong: These kids really want to look cool. (laughs)

#Lion Kingdom (Jenissi, Yano, Gohn, Seogoong)

1. Why are you called the Lions?

Sangdo: Because they have a strong and dependable yet carefree image.

Yano: If you think of lions, they are very carefree. Also, they’re the king of animals so they have a brave and strong vibe.

Gohn: When you see a lion, they have this playboy-like image but it’s just an image. Inside their strong physique, you can feel their easygoingness.

Seogoong: Two main vocals, one rapper and one producer make a whole. 

2. Lion’s unique charms

Gohn: Of course, their carefree charm.

Yano: We have a different colour than the others. I admire B.O.B’s music.  Even just looking at him, I feel good.

Gohn: In my case, I have a singer-songwriter image and a preference for the neosoul, R&B genre. My role model is Bruno Mars. He has a funky, rock-ish feel.

Seogoong: I like R&B but I focus more on music. I practice music more.

Jenissi: Since we’re many people singing one song, I’m working hard to sing my part as if it was my own song. First, I’m listening and researching a lot about foreign and domestic hip hop. I’m not researching a lot in order to copy them but in order to avoid [copying them].

3. The reason you became singers

Gohn: I don’t remember clearly when I began thinking I wanted to become a singer. I wanted to put my thoughts into music. After singing other people’s songs, I wanted to sing my own songs so I started composing. While learning music alone in Hongdae and holding performances I became affiliated with the company.

Seogoong: I wanted people to know my face and voice. I wanted to appear on TV and sing.

Jenissi: I never decided I wanted to be a popular singer but after trying to do music with my friends, turns out it wasn’t easy. I think I began [to think I wanted to become a singer] with the thought of wanting the public to hear my best voice.

Yano: I never had the thought that I should become a singer. Since I was little, I liked music and started learning rap so my interest grew from there. I just let it flow naturally until now. Before I started rapping, I played the drums but I found the [concept of the] beat fun and liked the feeling when my body moved to the music. One day my friend was listening to rap music but he took off the earphones for us to listen to it together and I fell for it. It was a diss track… (laughs) There aren’t many diss tracks available for public (T/N: mainstream-wise) but hearing that style was new and fun so I started [learning to become a singer].

4. The weakest and strongest members

B-Joo: Because maknae Yano is younger than me, he’s the easiest to deal with. (laughs) The strongest member is oldest hyung Jenissi?

Jenissi: That’s nonsense. (laughs) Even yesterday, I was only sitting quietly but I was attacked. 

5. The member who you want to recruit into Lion

Seogoong: Kidoh! (Kidoh: I’d rather not.) I was originally not in Lion. Because I wasn’t originally in Lion I don’t want to be in Lion.

Jenissi: We’ll send Seogoong away and swap him for another member! Ah… but our team needs a main vocalist.

Seogoong: I entered Lion just for that one reason…

Jenissi: We’ll swap him for Nakta! No particular reason.

Yano: I want to swap him for P-Goon. He seems strong. (laughs) 

6. Weak points

Seogoong: There isn’t any in particular. All four of us can’t dance. We dance like octopuses. (laughs) Jenissi-hyung is the worst dancer. He’s like a toy soldier moving.

Yano: Let’s go with practicing our dancing slowly.

Seogoong: We learn dances quickly but we dance like octopuses. 

7. Killer move

Yano: The roar! A lion’s roar! We’ll show our valiant side!

Seogoong: Spreading out our mane! We want to have a strong presence on the stage.

# Knight Kingdom (Nakta, Kidoh, A-Tom)

1. Why are you called the Knights?

Kidoh: Because it’s a group of friends who have an upright image.

A-Tom: Compared to Dragons, Wizards, Lions, the Knights are the most human-like. That’s why it’s where the most human-like members get together. 

2. Knight’s unique charms

Nakta: I’m in charge of the wackiness and clumsiness. I’m a kind knight.

A-Tom: Because I’m the maknae, I’m a beginner knight. I’m a knight who resembles model Hong Jonghyun. (laughs)

Kidoh: I’m in charge of producing so my charm is my musical spectrum. And if I get the feel sometimes I can become crazy. I’m the awakening knight.

Sangdo: Like Starcraft. Berserker (T/N: A famous South Korean Starcraft player)! (laughs) 

3. ToppDogg’s Knights’ rules

A-Tom: Every week we receive a lesson. A chivalry class. (laughs)

Seogoong: There are actually no rules. We just know it and do well. If not, that one person is finished and if you don’t want to be attacked you have to do well. [If not], you’ll get scolded by the other 12.

Nakta: If you want to be lame then we’re going to be ruthless.

Seogoong: Your mind will be completely dried up. 

4. The Knight’s preferred music

Nakta: I like girl group music. I like f(x), Girl’s Day and other girl groups’ music.

A-Tom: Although I like a variety of genres, among them I like rap and I like the rapper Whiz Khalifa.

Kidoh: I like hip-hop. 

5. The reason you became singers

Nakta: I’ve never had the thought of wanting to become a singer. I entered the company with the goal of learning. I continued doing it until I debuted. I trained for two years but at the beginning my parents were really against it; now, they tell me to ask them for help whenever possible.

A-Tom: When I was little I liked watching singers’ videos so I started becoming interested in it, and after befriending people who had the same interest I became something close to a singer.

Kidoh: Because I originally wanted to become a producer I wrote songs. When I was in my first year of high school, I watched a music program and included in the top 10 was Brave Brothers’ song. I thought it was cool so I went to his Cyworld homepage and left a comment on his guestbook, “I compose but please let me enter your company”. After that I got a phone call and they listened to my song and I learned a lot while going in and out of the company. I originally hated idols. But I realised that idols have it the hardest. Korean idols are very amazing. I began learning dance. My dance skills are better than the Lions.

Seogoong: I told the dance leader that Kidoh’s dance is the weirdest.

Kidoh: The dance leader agreed with Seogoong but told me that I have the best sense of rhythm.

Yano: If Kidoh had a weakness, it would be habit of his mouth forming an ‘o’ whenever he’s concentrating in his dancing. When he’s concentrated too. Luckily, on stage he learned to control that.

6. The member who you want to recruit into Knight

Kidoh: Xero! Because his looks are quite good. He’s suitable to be the Knight’s visual.

A-Tom: He’s also tall, I think he’d fit well [in the unit].

7. The weakest and strongest members

Jenissi: They’re all easy to deal with. (laughs) And it’s hard to be only on one side. Amongst that, Kidoh has mood swings so he’s a bit difficult.

Kidoh: Back in the day, I was very violent. (laughs)

Jenissi: There have been times when Kidoh couldn’t keep himself calm and lost his cool.

Seogoong: The moment Kidoh puts on his glasses and puts a towel around [his shoulder], everyone runs away.

Jenissi:  If you can see those signs you need to lock the doors and avoid that spot (T/N: where Kidoh is).

#Dragon Kingdom (P-Goon, Sangdo)

1. Why are you called the Dragons?

Sangdo: When we were first divided into units, they were very concerned about where to put me. Later, they were conflicted whether they should put me in Knight or Dragon. In the end, they settled it with my skin colour. (laughs)

P-Goon: The black feel is strong. We’re exotic and have strong personalities.

Kidoh: They’re both scary like dragons. (laughs)

2. Dragon’s unique charms

A-Tom: Because 13 members is a lot, leader P-Goon has a lot of work to do but he leads and guides us well.

P-Goon: It’s not only hard on me, but it’s hard for everyone as well so we embrace each other. It’s natural to think that there isn’t any easy work.

Hansol: Out of ToppDogg’s 13 members, they have the strongest mental power.

Yano: For two years, they maintained the same image.

3. The reason you became singers

P-Goon: When I was in primary school, I thought that Shinhwa-sunbaenims’ ‘Wild Eyes’ dance was very cool so I decided to become a singer. To become a trainee, I went to an audition and passed but the style was rather different. I match better with R&B and because I prefer it I ended up in ToppDogg.

Sangdo: Actually, I was very confused. In high school, I joined a club because I liked singing and during a festival I stood on stage; at that moment, I felt it was very fun so I continued singing. 

4. The member who you want to recruit into Dragon

Sangdo: Our image is strong so we want to bring someone different into our team. I suppose B-Joo could be the baby dragon!

P-Goon: As soon as he was born he’d be a ptreodactyl with horns, fiery-style Pokemon. (laughs)

Sangdo: Just by looking at his appearance, A-Tom also matches a dragon’s. He resembles a lizard. His face is like a dinosaur’s.

P-Goon: If he cuts his hair short like us, he’ll look like one. 

5. Weak points

Sangdo: I’m the weak point. My weak point is that I only have an exotic feel.

P-Goon: My weakness is that I don’t have a sense of friendliness. Fans are scared of Sangdo and I. When they see us leave the studio just for a bit, they don’t say anything to us. If we had a charm, perhaps it’s the passion hidden behind our scary image. Now that they already got to know me, they say I’m not scary. Even when I look into the mirror, I’m scared too. My makeup might be too strong.

Sangdo: If I was in front of the company building, the fans there would avoid making eye contact [with me]. Because they’re scared. Later on, when we spoke, they told me they couldn’t talk to me at first because I seemed really scary. But that’s not the case.

6. Killer move

Members: Because they’re dragons, it has to be flame-throwing. (laughs) It feels like they can blow flames when they’re angry. (…) What the heck! Haha.

Source: Tenasia
Translated by: Topp Dogg Intl

anonymous asked:

i agree with you and tbh i feel like, bts in heading to a place that i dont really think they need to make "mainstream" music like this anymore? thats why they have been doing so well these past years, for their lyrics and songs being totally their color and now it feels like a huge change.

life is change, i just hope they can be happy with it in the end, idk

Anonymous said:yes!!! outro: her and go go are the songs ive been listening to the most dekjfkd when i saw the credits and understood why i guess

yeahh ;; i really like go go but feel a bit weird since nobody from bts participated at all

Anonymous said:(interpretation anon) theres a lot of things im pleased with such as more jin lines even if its a small amount. and im am /super/ pleased with jimin getting the highlight for the intro. he did a wonderful job and his voice is angelic. i just think he was given low tier lyrics. and i like that tae was highlighted for some dancing in the dna mv. but i am thoroughly displeased with their lack of involvement. i know joonie and yoongi esp want to reach the top via their own hard work.

Anonymous said:(interpretation anon) while i understand wanting to seize the current intl interest and gain a broader audience i would be happier with waiting in exchange for great creative involvement from the boys. they deserve it. i dont need bighit to take 5 steps backwards in the direction exerting more control over their artists.

yeah i agree with you pretty much 100%, i understand why they did it, but i am very much looking forward to getting past this point… sighhh

Anonymous said:But BTS are probably less involved this time because they need to rest. So their songs are about having fun and stuff like that instead of being serious because they’re tired. They put in lots of hard work but they’re not ALWAYS going to be about social issues.

you’re making some leaps in logic and false equivalences, some of the things are unrelated to each other, like why do they need to rest more now than for previous albums when now is the decisive moment of their careers p much and when they were less busy than before? they had less time for wings and look at those music credits, and whether the music is fun or serious is unrelated to the amount of their involvement, and i don’t get why you’re even bringing up the social issue here… i get you want to try and explain everything away but it’s okay, sometimes you can’t do that and you have to accept it instead of trying to twist everything so it fits in a way that makes you feel comfortable about the lack of quality/involvement/depth this time around, you can just enjoy it for what it is without making excuses, that’s what i’m trying to do lol /listens to pied piper for the 100th time

volleyball nerds and their taste in music

because I feel like we don’t talk enough about this

  • Suga’s the one who’s really into retro songs (mostly from the 80′ and 90′) especially love songs, songs in french and musical sountracks - and it’s 100% sure he’ll make a dramatical choreography for each of them
  • Tsukki is indie af. He adores Lana Del Rey and Halsey but he’s also a little bit of an emo so he listens to FOB too. And Hollywood Undead.
  • Oikawa is the biggest mainstream music lover you’ve ever seen - he knows every single pop song what has ever been listed on the Billboard list. His favourite is Marina and the Diamonds - he listens to the Electra Heart album all the time
  • Iwaizumi usually listens to alternative rock/”soft rock” and his favourite bands are mostly the ones with female leads like Halestorm or The Pretty Reckless
  • while Kuroo is more into hard rock/metal and if he’s in an asshole mood he changes Kenma’s wake up ringtone to a Rammstein or a Sklipnot song and waits so he can take a picture of his frightened friend.
  • Bokuto loves to sing meme songs with Kuroo but while Kuroo is doing it bc of pure irony Bokuto doesn’t. He truly loves songs like “Never gonna give you up” or “Mmm whatcha’ say” but his other love is vaporwave. He loves to blast it but the others are usually creeped out by it so he has to stop and listen to it through earphones
  • Akaashi is more of an instrumental person because he’s very picky when it comes to singers. But it depends on his mood what kind of instrumental he listens to. Upbeat - Lindsey Stirling, Dark - Apocalyptica, Confident - Epic movie soundtracks and etc etc
  • Kenma literally listens to everything - if it’s the 8 bit version of the song. He also listens to nature sounds like the sound of the sea or the wind blowing the leaves because it calms him down

deadseconds23  asked:

That's exactly how i was feeling about it at first. I been listening to it over a couple times. And your right. There definitely is rock hidden in it. It's good and it's herself. It's not like she's trying to go mainstream or anything, she is definitely someone who puts thought into her music and doesn't just try and make a catchy song. That's what i like about her. And i am definitely excited to listen to what she's coming out with :)

i feel like she did right in waiting 5 years to release new music
she took her time to make sure /she/ related to her music and to make sure she was proud of it
she is an amazing musician who really puts her soul into what she does

 TenAsia Oct 2013 BTS Interview (old)

Q: In 2013, BTS popularity rose the quickest among the rookie idol group. Do you feel your popularity?  

JIN: I can’t go out to have a look so I can’t feel it.

RAP MONSTER: We worked on our next album as soon as we finished promoting ‘No More Dream’, so it was too quick to feel anything. 

Q: How much did you compose for this mini album? The songs all sounds great even though you guys had a little time to compose after promoting your debut single.

RAP MONSTER: We included the songs that we’ve composed in the past. There are also songs which we composed during the promotions. We wrote lyrics while we were in the car, heading to the fansigns in other regions. We also wrote in the dormitory and composed in our spare time. These days, the technology is advanced, so we can record or add a memo on our phone and we can send our work through e-mails. In the old days, I couldn’t multi-task but now I’m gradually improving. We’ll continue to write songs while we promote, and I think if we’re going to compose, we should be able to complete multiple tasks at a time.

Q: Does Bang PD help a lot with the album?

RAP MONSTER: Bang PD has the role of the general director. We are the ones that actually compose and work on the tracks. Pdogg hyung makes the tracks and we discuss together. We write lyrics and then find the voice that suits the melody. So we bother Bang PD. I’m ambitious so I say what I want to do and talk about my opinions.

SUGA: Bang PD only takes part in the title songs. There are times when we write the songs among ourselves, we write the lyrics and we tend to lean towards one side. But with title songs, we have to expose it to the general public, so popular music composer Bang PD gives us a fix in the middle.    

RAP MONSTER: He said: “I’m the Maginot Line of the public.” Because we’ve listened to a lot of (hard)core hiphop (he’s talking the hardcore American hiphop genre), so what we hear may be different to what the general public hears.

SUGA: He thinks that we should give off our own color so he asks us to do so. He told us to try what we want to do regardless of the general public, so he didn’t give us restrictions.

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The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it [03.16]

(5/5) FFO: The Neighborhood, Halsey, Bastille

Favorite tracks, UGH!, She’s American, Somebody Else, The Sound, This Must Be My Dream

The 1975 is a pop rock/alternative band from Wilmslow, Cheshire. Growing up and going to school together, the band has played music together under several other names since 2002. They have released 4 EPs and 2 full lengths as The 1975, and found mainstream success with their breakthrough single “Chocolate” in early 2013, shortly after signing with Dirty Hit records, a subdivision of Interscope. Vocalist Matty Healy specifically cites Talking Heads, My Bloody Valentine, and Michael Jackson as musical influences.

Aesthetically, this band has always presented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. I listened to The 1975′s debut and self-titled album for the first time in early 2015, and i was immediately consumed. This is a band that makes me feel like I’m watching a John Hughes movie, and this sensation has always resonated with me when I listen to The 1975. When I heard they were coming out with a new album late last year, I was excited, but extremely curious - how could they outdo, let-alone follow up their self-titled record? This is a band that knew exactly what they were doing when they began, and have transformed themselves into a work of art.

Right off the bat, ILIWYS starts off with the intro track which is a prelude to the intro of the first album. But the second track, and the first single for the album ‘Love Me’, is debatably the furthest sounding track from their self titled album. The 80′s throwback groove in The 1975′s sound obviously still exists, perhaps now more than ever - but presumably in a completely different way. “UGH!” was the second single released from the album, and by the time I heard this song, I believe it left me fully prepared for what the rest of the album would sound like, excluding the two acoustic tracks. UGH! starts off with this insanely catchy guitar and synth infused groove that somehow blends together in a way that you can’t even distinguish one instrument from the other. The way Matty describes a cocaine addiction makes this sound like a love song, in the most sarcastic way possible. “When I said I liked it better without my money, I lied. It took a little while to recognize that I’m not giving it up again.”

These were the only tracks I had heard before I purchased this record. Eager to listen to the others, I moved forward. ‘A Change of Heart’ is a mellow electropop tune that is a solid middle ground between the antics ‘Love Me’ and UGH!’, but not nearly as much replay value as the singles. I still enjoyed this track, but it left me wanting more. 

She’s American. This song is, in my opinion, the greatest track The 1975 has released to date. The swelling synth pad into the ingenious drum solo kicked this song off with a groove that is completely unparalleled. 80′s pop makes it’s most obvious influence for the record on this track. The verse is held together by an A minor 9th chord, which is an instant change of pace from the overly C major key to the rest of the song. “Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl.” - perhaps the most memorable lyric on the album.

Towards the middle of the album, The 1975 indulges in new things that I wasn’t particularly expecting, but welcomed with open arms. ‘If I Believe You’ a soulful ballad written about being atheist, into a completely instrumental track “Please Be Naked”, into the shoegaze, arena atmospheric song “Lost My Head”. The middle of this record seems to serve as an intermission to the rest, but in a very pleasing way. 

Somebody Else is a song that lyrically hits new emotions on almost every listen. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to listen to, if we’re being honest. I would definitely recommend watching the music video for this track, as it puts a new perspective to the meaning behind the song.

The Sound is the song that is going to catch the most attention on the record. The hook is just unbelievably catchy. The high school version of me would be in disbelief that as a 23 year old, I would be listening to such a pop song. “We left things to protect my mental health, but you call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself.” Though this song might be the most poppy song the band has ever made, the lyrics don’t stray too far away from the kind of cynicism you would expect from The 1975.

There is so much more I could say about this album, it’s unreal. Undoubtedly my album of the year for 2016. Please check it out even if you’re skeptical. This is an album that struck a chord with me, and I can’t imagine taking it out of my listening rotation for a very long time. I am anxious to see what The 1975 has up their sleeves next, and I’ll be seeing their live show for the second time next month.

i rather meet a goth who is proud to say they dont just listen to goth music; who will admit to liking other music no matter how cringy or mainstream it is, than a goth who refuses to listen to non goth music for the sole reason that it isnt goth, without at least trying it. I feel like there are some people within the subculture who will deny listening to non goth bands in fear of being called a poser, but i really prefer people who are honest with themselves and others. I dont give a shit if your two favorite bands are Sisters of Mercy and Fallout Boy or if you really like K-pop music. It actually makes you a little more unique.

The first and only official book from ZAYN. Global superstar ZAYN shares a photographic journey of his life since leaving One Direction. ...

Some reviews from Goodreads readers:

“a really beautiful and touching insight into zayn’s world, gorgeous photos and exclusive notes and doodles by zayn. its a privilege to read and get to know the real zayn. i particularly enjoyed learning about the creative processes he went through when writing and recording mind of mine, and the different experiences he went through during the production. reading the book i feel proud to see how far zayn has come and how blessed we all are to see his journey and support him through it!

the most moving parts were reading about zayn’s closeness to his family and the support they give him, and also the mental health struggles that he has been through, both before and after leaving one direction. with the platform he has i think it is really important that he is able to openly talk about mental illnesses and it means a lot to me as a mentally ill fan.

overall zayn’s autobiography is a really lovely work and i really appreciate being able to read it and learn more about how life has been for him in the past 18 months.. he is so incredibly talented and creative and i’m so happy that he is in a place where he can express himself freely.” 

 Beautiful and Potent

“I bought the book a few hours and finished it a few seconds before starting this review. As I went through each page, I was caught up into every word printed. Even as my Kindle Fire HD keeps messing up, I keep coming back to finish this review. Every penny spent was well worth it. I don’t typically read non fiction or memoirs because I’m a suspense loving reader, but lately, nothing’s kept my interest to get past a few chapters. I decided today that I would read something new and hopefully, be engaged.

Engaged, I was. Zayn puts his heart into every word. There are many subjects that the media said were in the book that isn’t and for that, actually, I’m thankful. He never speaks badly about anyone in his book. He’s positive and kind about life, music, and the people in his life. I found myself feeling for him, understanding the person and wanting to know more.

What I enjoyed most was probably him describing the music process with each producer and in turn, the producers thoughts on him.

Beautifully written and powerfully told, I recommend this book to even a person who knows nothing about him.”

“This was a really cool read.

I’m really glad he made this about his music and opened up about how some of his songs came to be what they are.

Mind of Mine is still my favorite album released this year and his music is refreshing, oh so very refreshing.

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for an album like this. Every year I’m like “yea some albums came out here and there that were good” but I don’t ever feel that genuine raw connection.

Mind of Mine was like getting into someone else’s artistic mind and just having a look around. It was so nice having that because I’m so tired of mainstream pop music that just feels over produced with cheap love lines I cant connect to anymore.

So as a fellow photographer/writer/music listener, I really enjoyed this book!

I will be waiting patiently for your tour Zayn, be well.” 

“Visually a lovely book with great photos. It was fun and pleasurable to read and gave me a real sense of who Zayn is as a person. “ 

“I finished this book in one sitting.”

 “ This was seriously above and beyond anything I’d expected. Authentic, heartfelt, moving and poignantly written.”

“The only reason I want to read this is so I can see what he says about leaving one direction and his relationships with the guys afterwards. Onedirectioner and proud over here”.


another week of drawing nothing but dreck, time to scroll through the pile of wips til i find something to post to not feel like i’m a waste of space,,,,,,,,

sketched these back when they were playing that damn Toothbrush song by DNCE on the radio all the time (yes i listen to the mainstream pop trash station i fully accept my bad taste in music) i liked how the first one came out was too afraid to mess it up with inking. so instead i just murdered it with layer blending modes, this is fine

the second one idk why did i even bother with that one

(i feel weird uploading these lmao ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; )

I don’t understand Rolling Stone. Where they drunk when they said Supermodel was terrible and rated it a 2? Frankly, they only like ‘mainstream’ music. Supermodel in my opinion is SO much better than Torches, not because of bad music but because of how much deeper this album is. Torches was made so the songs were immediately likeable and it succeeded. It belongs in my top 3 albums ever because I can actually listen to it on repeat without ever getting tiring, but I can listen to Supermodel and really connect to all the songs. This album is the first to make me cry, feel depressed, joyous, and bring chills every 10 seconds. The lyrics are mind-blowing and the melodies are unimaginable. Not many artists can do that. Yes, this album is a whole new step from their previous album but is that a bad things? I guess the pretend fans will object saying that this album should have been more like Pumped Up Kicks (which is great song by the way) because that’s the only song they know of FTP. Those who adore this album like me, I congratulate you for standing by them all these years and being a true fan and understanding real music.

So many people have said this, but music these days is terrible. I am so relieved that Supermodel came out because it reminded me of what music can do to you. Foster the People, you guys will inspire generations to come.


By : TheWonginator

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