i feel like jensen had something to do with it

Calm in the Chaos

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff if you squint, infertility (please don’t read if this is a trigger)

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Fic-i-versary SEVENTEEN for my 30 Days of Jensen and Dean. The line “There’s no making it better,” was requested by @wayward-girl . Thank you for celebrating with me. Tagging @nichelle-my-belle because she wanted the torture, though I still don’t think I out torture you.  HoweverI’m sorry this one so… well… you’ll see. 

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With All My Heart - Part 9

Word Count: 2562

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some mentions of depression/anxiety, medical situations

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

The week leading up to your surgery you felt mostly numb. You weren’t scared or anxious. Just numb. Your parents had come to Texas and were staying in your house while you still stayed with Jensen. Jensen had noticed your change in demeanor and while he was trying to change it by staying upbeat, he wasn’t pushing the issue. He didn’t want to come on too strong.

Now that the IV was out of your arm you could go in the pool and that was where you could be found most of the time, floating on a raft or just on your back in the water, eyes closed, lost in thought. “Hey.” Jensen approached, sitting on the side of the pool and dangling his legs into the water. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon for dinner. Unless you wanna cancel.”

“We can’t cancel now.” You sighed and dragged yourself out of the pool. “Besides, your parents are coming and I’ve never met them. I don’t want them to hate me for canceling.”

“They wouldn’t hate you.” Jensen grabbed your towel and wrapped it around your body. “You’ve talked to ‘em on the phone. They love you just as much as I do. We’ll make dinner quick and kick everyone out and then it’ll just be me and you.”

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JIB8 - Jared M&G story

So, like last year, I was once again lucky enough to have a Jared Meet&Greet, and got to be close to a tired yet focused Jared Padalecki (who’d just woken up from a nap in between his autograph session and his M&G).

Before anyone began asking questions, there was a knock on the door but no one entered. Jared looked at a staff member and asked her “Is it Ackles? Is he fucking with me again?“ - then laughed. Apparently, it wasn’t Jensen who then joined us for Jared’s M&G, but Jensen’s stunt double. Why he was at the convention I have no idea, but he sat down and observed the M&G (as well as a few panels, I noticed later that day) - and confirmed a few facts when Jared asked him about something.

Jared’s chapter in ‘Family Don’t End With Blood’ was mentioned and whether or not he would consider writing a book. His answer was no. He said he’d spent a whole year writing that chapter and, besides not having a lot of time on his hands, he’d had some anxiety writing it (I guess because he was afraid it wasn’t good enough). However, Jared said he felt like he owed it to us to be honest about it all. I admit I was struggling not to tear up at this point, having not only read his chapter but had been in Rome during JIB6 when Jared had gone through his breakdown.

A fan mentioned her reason behind telling Jared a funny story during his solo panel (the beenie/penis story - I’m sure there’re videos of it if someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about), that it was because people often tell Jared sad stories and she therefore wanted to make him laugh instead. She also said that he took on too much on his shoulders, that he was not alone in this, and that we were all there to carry some of the weight with him. Jared appreciated that.

He also got some questions about his love for watches, his ‘Venatore’ wine (Jared said he could talk forever about his love for both watches and wine) and his favorite author.

By then, the M&G was almost over but Jared luckily picked me to ask the last question. My question was: “When you do emotional scenes on the show with Jensen, do you think of something sad? Or does the emotion come natural to you after working together for so long and being so close in real life?“

I got really distracted by the fact that Jared was looking straight at ME and answering MY question, but this is what I remember of his answer:

Jared said it was a great question. He said that he, in the beginning of the show, did think of sad things to bring out that kind of emotion, but proceeded to say that he doesn’t do that anymore. Jared said that he hates when the script says “Sam cries“ (which is something Jensen also mentioned in his solo panel) because he doesn’t wanna cry unless he feels like the scene calls for it. So if someone writes that in a script or if a director tells him to cry, he’ll say “I appreciate you saying it but I’ve known this character for 12 years, so please don’t ever tell me that again”. Jared mentioned the scene in 12x22 where Dean and Sam had to break through the wall in the bunker. It wasn’t supposed to be an emotional scene, but he and Jensen had felt like the scene called for it. Jared then said that he couldn’t remember if Sam cried during that scene, and I remarked “Well, I did!“ which made Jared laugh.

He mentioned the church scene between Dean and Sam in the episode “Sacrifice“ and how it was originally scripted that Sam should be all tough about it and practically yell his words at Dean. However, that wasn’t what the scene called for. When they’d gone through the scene, Jared (as Sam) had felt the emotion and had teared up, so that’s the direction he had to go with the scene (and thank God for that since it’s one of my favorite scenes!) He continued to talk about how the brain knows the emotion isn’t real but the body doesn’t, so it’s tough having to do emotional scenes - especially when 5 minutes in a scene takes like 14 hours to film.

Jared then talked about how Sam is a tough guy who, nine out of ten times, tries to hold back his tears rather than show them because he wants to be strong. Jared remarked that crying is not a sign of weakness - that you’re also strong when you cry - but that Sam tries to hold it in. Which, Jared said, was also an emotionally draining thing to do. Both for him and Sam.

Note: During his talk about the church scene and how Sam always tries to be tough and not cry, I swear Jared’s eyes turned wet for a second (as well as my eyes did). Whether it was because of what he said or because he was just tired, I can’t know for sure - but I was sitting pretty close to him and he was looking straight into my eyes at the time.

Anyways, Jared also talked about how guest stars often get something (I don’t remember what he called it. Crystallized something) sprayed into their eyes to be able to cry. Jared has only tried that one time, and that was when he was in House of Wax. His character had to cry but Jared couldn’t do it because he had to sit completely still in the scene (where he’s been waxed) and couldn’t use his facial expressions. That was the only time he’d ever needed help to cry in a scene.

Jared then repeated that it was a really good question, but time had run out by then and he had to leave the room. I was more than a little stoked to get such a long and detailed answer to my question - and more than a little awestruck to have Jared’s eyes on me throughout almost his entire answer.

Old Sparks, New Flames - Part 4: Flames

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles, Genevieve Padalecki.   

Pairing: Danneel x Jensen, Danneel x Reader,

Warnings: Confused feelings, F/F sex, oral, scissoring.    

Word Count: 2500ish

A/N: I had a crush on Danneel before writing this series. This did not help things lol. Anyway I am having fun. I hope y’all are too!!

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


It wasn’t easy but somehow you had calmed yourself down enough to stay. At first you couldn’t think of anything worse than staying under the same roof as the couple you spied on while they were having sex. Right up until you were halfway out the door, realizing leaving so abruptly would mean admitting to the woman you were in love with what you did. The thought of the wounded expression on her face hurt you more deeply than the thought of pretending like nothing happened ever would. So you kept yourself busy at the studio, staying away from Danneel and Jensen as much as you could. You knew they were noticing. Jensen had tried to get you to talk to him a few times when he was home from filming in Vancouver, but you had played if off, telling him he knew what it was like being busy. He hadn’t believed you, you knew that and you felt terrible. Jensen was a great guy. You really liked him, but now he was starting to think you hated his guts.

Danneel was no better. She asked you if you were okay pretty much every time she saw you, but it wasn’t until she had changed her tactics, basically cutting you off from your path from the stairs to the door, that you actually listened to her.

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let’s talk about this iconic moment in honor of its first anniversary

it’s incredibly sad that after the amazing supportive loving hug j2 had, it had to be tarnished because of bearding

so right after j2 hug, jared goes to gen to look less gay i guess but for whatever reason it’s not enough for gen and she leans back towards jared which leads to the audience laughing and jensen stops his speech to see what’s going on as seen below

and his reaction is just so sad look at him!

when he sees what’s going on you can literally see him swallow his bitterness and anger and hurt and disappointement. You know this feeling when you get so mad but you can’t express your anger and you have to swallow up those strong negative feelings because if you don’t something worse will happen. it’s what jensen’s doing there! with a disdainful nod like “no, i can’t believe this”

and it’s even worse because this happens RIGTH AFTER j2 had their beautiful hug in front of everyone with jensen showing off his akf shirt and support for jared and i totally get that jared had to go to gen because if she was here he wasn’t gonna ignore her and it was fine because jensen couldn’t see anything but then this bitch had to put all the attention on her bullshit OTT PDA which made jensen interrupt his speech to see his partner fooling around with a beard that doesn’t give a shit about him and can you imagine seeing your long term significant other being cuddly in front of everyone who see nothing and laugh and cheer as if they’re looking at a real couple being cute and you have to bottle up this jealousy because “it is what it is” and you can’t do anything about it. and knowing that you’ll never be able to do the same with him in public. It’s so fucking unfair and sad. i hate this so so much

look at how done jensen is after witnessing this bullshit

and jared’s reaction when he sees that jensen saw what he was doing is sooo telling, it’s like looking a switch turning off what the fuck!! just LOOK AT HIM he knows he fucked up and hurt jensen

he looks so sad and resigned and he KNOWS how jensen feels, he had to watch jensen with his beard too after all and jared didn’t want to make jensen feel this way but it’s too late and he knows it’s what their life is like: being constantly pissed and hurt at watching from afar their true love faking it with someone else 

it’s so sad


that being said 

you don’t piss off jensen ackles without getting some payback hahaha

so what’s awesome about this is that you can pinpoint the moment when jensen decides to throw some heavy shade on J/G he’s like “she… she’s” and he starts raising his eyebrows but keeping his eyelids low as if he’s unbothered and uninterested and the scornful smirk, it’s so condescending lol

look at his smile after he said it “yep i just did that, BITCH”  HAHAHAHA

and then he’s making fun even more with the way he says “so back off” (as in “yeah look at her with her “husband” wouldn’t want them to break up uh?!”) he’s completely exaggerating his face but just look at it in the video (every single frame taken separetely is PRICELESS) and i love THE COMPLETE AND UTTER DISDAIN in his “that’s what i’ve have been hearing” with the pursed lip and raised eyebrows just… it’s so beautiful!!! i love jensen so much. He was just so fucking done there it’s incredible. His face there is literally the face you make when you work hard on something and it’s someone else who gets all the congratulations for it like: oh yeah she’s totally the one who loves and supports him! and the one who sucks his dick after a long day of work! sure congratulate her she’s his “wife” that’s what we’ve all been hearing! lol

honestly this closing ceremony was incredible, i still can’t believe it happened but it is sad that this response only came because jensen was pissed and hurt in the first place, he just couldn’t help himself and though i don’t like seeing j2 hurt like that i’m so glad it happened because you simply cannot get any more obvious and blatant than that. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK there’s ZERO subtlety in that, NONE! that’s how pissed he was


Reunited - Four

A/N: Part four. I’m having so much fun writing this series, so thank you for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to my beta @thorne93. And to @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino for reading through it. I love you all!!

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Jason, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: Angst, alcohol, language.

Wordcount: 3251

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Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

You spent the next week helping Jensen get settled in. It was great to be able to spend so much time with him again, but it was also getting more and more difficult to be around him. Over the year’s, he had changed, you both had, but somehow he was still the same. When you spent time with him it was easy to forget what you two had been through, but the moment you got home, and he wasn’t around you, the feelings of betrayal and abandonment came back, and you questioned wether you could trust him or not. It was confusing to say the least. But even with all this mix of emotions, you weren’t prepared to let him go entirely either, you wanted him in your life, though you hadn’t figured out how that would work yet.

Both Rose and your mom had been talking your ear off about Jensen and how they thought you two were meant to be, almost yelling at you when you told then you were just friends, and you intended to keep it that way.

It was Thursday morning when you decided to check in on Jensen on your way to work, bringing a box of doughnuts just so you had an excuse to stop by.

“(YN), what a nice surprise,” Jensen greeted you. “What are you doing here?”

“I had this box of doughnuts and I know that if I don’t get rid of it, I’m gonna end up eating it all by myself. I also figured that you’re gonna need some sugar in you if you’re gonna get the house ready before tomorrow,” you said, handing him the pink box of treats.

“Thank you, that’s really nice of you.”

“Don’t act so surprised, Ackles, I can be nice,” you teased.

“You have time for a coffee before work? My friend Jared just got here and I would love for you to meet him,” Jensen asked, opening the door wider to let you in, even before you answered.

You checked the time on your phone before agreeing to come in for a couple of minutes.

“(YN) this is Jared,” Jensen said, pointing to his friend. “Jared, this is (YN).”

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Imagine Dean taking care of you when you can’t.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sickness, language

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I haven’t written straight up Dean fluff in quite some time. So, I decided that today’s venture would be that. I know a lot of sickness is floating around, and I figured we could all use some Dean comfort. I have never written a Dean fic like this. It’s always Jensen. This wasn’t in ANY of my plans for my first Dean fic of the year, but it’s what happened. Sorry not Sorry. Also, credit for the title goes to @torn-and-frayed. Sickie poo little thing needs some Dean comfort cuddles. This is the best I could do.

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Bad Moon Rising (Part 2)

Originally posted by deanandimpala

Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language, bit of angst

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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Nobody Needs To Know

Here is Part One in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1257

-Jensen and the reader have been hiding their problems from everyone. Will they be able to work things out?-

Warning: angst. The whole first part is angst…I’m sorry.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You took a deep, shaky breath as you made your way from your car to your trailer, hoping to get there without anyone seeing you. You still needed some time to get calmed down enough to be around people.

           You honestly never thought this would be your life; hiding away from your friends that were like family. Hoping they didn’t sense something was different. Hoping they didn’t ask too many questions.

           It was the fourth morning you had arrived on set separate from Jensen, so you were sure someone would notice something soon. You didn’t know how you would handle it. And you didn’t know what their reactions would be when things did finally come out.

           You got to your trailer just as you heard his voice. He and Jared were talking and walking in your direction. Did he realize that?

           “I don’t know what else to do, Jare,” he said, “I thought it was forever, but things just got too … I don’t know.”

           “Dude, maybe you guys need to sit down and talk about everything,” Jared said, “You two have been together for too long to just give up.”

           “We’ve tried talking.”

           Your heart sank. It was like he had already given up. Like it wasn’t worth time to keep trying.

           As soon as they realized you could hear them, their voices stopped. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at them, so you hurried into your trailer. The great thing was, he had Jared to talk to. Who did you have?

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Can I Call you Dad?

Summary: Y/N is Jensen’s adopted daughter, who also happens to play Dean’s daughter on the show. It’s obvious that you two love each other, but Y/N is holding back from being a part of the Ackles family.

Warnings: swearing maybe?, angstyness sort of, FAMILY DRAMA!!!(duh duh duh)

A/N: ok so as of late I’ve been obsessed with adopteddaughter!reader fics and tbh I haven’t written one (I don’t think?) so I decided to give it a go! Feedback is welcome, and thanks for putting up with my writer’s block as of late.




@bluecookiesandbooks (hmu hon- your tag hasn’t been working in a while😢) @thecoffeestudyblr




Three months.

It had been three months since Y/N had been adopted into the Ackles family.
To be honest, it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Her family was awesome, her job was amazing, and everything seemed to go well. But that was the problem. Everything seemed to go too well.

So she shut down. Her initial excitement had been worn off and replaced by stony silences and an absence that sent her parents-

No. She couldn’t call them that. Not when they could have had better.
There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that Y/N and Jensen were practically father and daughter. Not only did she play his kid on Supernatural, but she also shared many of his interests. They were like two halves, and the adoption process only made it more like they were a family.

Y/N really wanted to be a family with them, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was some big joke, big mistake. No way the Ackles family would want her.

“You need to talk to her.” Danneel blocked Jensen’s way to the kitchen, making him jump. She smirked a little.

“Damn it, Danneel,” Jensen muttered. “What?”

“You need to talk to Y/N,” she said plainly. “She doesn’t talk to me, and you two have that weird bond thing. I’ll never understand it. But you need to do something.”

“I tried.” Jensen threw his hands up in defeat, making his way to move past his wife. She sidestepped, blocking his path. He raised an eyebrow. She matched. Jensen sighed.

“Listen, I’ll try talking to her again,” he said, putting a hand on her shoulders. “She’s going to have to fake time to adjust to this family. It’s a new thing for her. We’re going to have to let her go at her own pace.”

“But she’s part of this family! Doesn’t she deserve to know that?”

“She does,” he gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze, “and I know that we’ll get her around eventually. She just needs to adjust. We just… need to make sure she’s got everything under control.”

Danneel’s eyes widened, as though a warning sign to Jensen. It was really too bad that he missed it.


“What? You know it’s true. She can't really be part of this family until she comes around. We can’t force her to be with us. She needs to decide for herself. She has to make this work, not us.”


“It’s going to be hard with a new addition, but I know we can make it through this-”

“Jensen!” she cut him off, looking pointedly behind him. He frowned, turning. There, in the hallway, stood Y/N. Her face was hard as she stood motionless.

“How much-” he started.


The air was heavy around them. Nothing broke it- not even the sound of JJ in the other room playing.

“Y/N-” Jensen started, but she had her jaw clenched and was already walking towards her room.

“Way to go, Jay,” Danneel sighed into her hands. “What was all that about?”

“I was just saying that she needed to-”

“That’s the problem!” She said, exasperated. She threw her hands in the air, almost whacking her husband in his face. “Y/N doesn’t want to have to ‘need to do’ anything. She wants to be accepted into this family without feeling like she has any obligations toward us. If she has to ‘do’ something then she feels like she’s living with us as a renter, not as a family.”

“Oh,” was all Jensen said. It made so much more sense now.

Of course, he knew that she’d want others to reach out to her before she reached out to them, but he had been so afraid of pushing her boundaries that he hadn’t realized that maybe she’d wanted him to.

He pressed a quick kiss to Danneel’s cheek. “If you’ll excuse me,” he looked at her with all seriousness and a smile, “I have a daughter to win back over.”

He walked away without seeing the smile on his wife’s face.

Standing outside her door, Jensen took in a deep breath. He’d messed up- big time. He needed to do something to make it up, but there was no way she could forgive him.

Oh, how he wished he could take back what he said.

He opened the door and stepped into the doorframe. As he suspected, Y/N was facing the wall opposite him, headphones in and oblivious to the world.

Except she wasn’t playing any music.

Most likely, she had plugged them in and forgotten to turn them on. She did that often, when she was caught up in her thoughts or emotion. Jensen noticed that when they first brought her to be a part of their family- the family that he was determined to fix.

“You know, you are allowed to be a part of this family,” he smiled softly at her. She kept her eyes glued to the wall.

“Only if I do all the work?” she asked in a monotone voice.

“No,” he frowned, “Y/N, you know that isn’t true.”

“Do you regret it?” she asked suddenly. He could feel how badly she wanted him to accept her, to love her, but he couldn’t figure out why.

He’d give the damn world to her if he could.

“Not for a second,” he said thickly. Jensen rubbed a hand down his face. He would not tear up. This was about Y/N, his… his daughter.

“Why’d you do it?” she whispered. “Adopt me. There were a thousand other kids who would’ve been better applicants and better children. I can’t remember to take out the garbage half the time, and then what if JJ starts asking questions? What if she doesn’t accept me? There were better options-”

“Is that what this is about?” he interrupted, sitting beside her. “Y/N, when we… when you joined our family, we weren’t looking for the best qualified to babysit. If we wanted some kid we didn’t know so that we could make some new bond with them, we wouldn’t have asked-” he stopped short. Y/N looked up at him, finally, with watery eyes.
Jensen was sure his owned matched.

“Y/N,” he croaked. He cleared his throat. “We wanted you to join our family. Not some kid we didn’t know. We wanted you. We still do. You were already… you were already like a daughter to me, so me and your mother- me and Danneel, we decided to make it official.”

Jensen slid an arm around her, and- seeing her lean into it- pulled her flush against him. He tried to ignore how she trembled slightly.

“We don’t regret it,” he whispered into her hair. “Not for a damn second. And we never will. We love you too damn much.”

“I love you too, dad.” Y/N jolted, sitting upright. “I- I’m sorry. I didn’t-”

“Hey, hey,” Jensen pulled her back again. “It’s okay. It’s all okay.”

They stayed like that, wrapped into each other, for a long time. Jensen lost count of the minutes spent on that couch.

“Can I call you dad?” Y/N’s voice was barely above a whisper, and Jensen almost didn’t catch it. He smiled into her hair, pressing a kiss to it.

“Of course,” he replied softly. “But only if I get to call you my daughter.”

“Deal.” He felt her smile against his shirt. Maybe this could work out.

Thinking of You

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Characters: Clif, Jensen, Rob (mentioned)

Summary: Your sister takes an embarrassing video of you and it turns out to be the best thing that’s ever happened.

Word Count: ~4,800 (sorry, I let it get away from me)

Warnings: fluff, mention of surgery and anesthesia, mention of mild panic attack symptoms, more fluff

A/N: This is an AU, and it’s fiction, so please, just assume Genevieve is off somewhere, happy as a clam with another man. I don’t mean to offend or disrespect her in any way. Last night, I was talking with the incredibly kind soul @scarlet-impala and she told me about her constant Jared crisis. This is the result. 

*A huge, Jared Padalecki-sized hug and thank you to Lennox for letting me use this - her real-life post-surgery story - as inspiration!!

Originally posted by aborddelimpala

Surgery was over. You had just come out of the sleep you were put into via anesthesia. Your brain was jumbled, but one thing was perfectly clear to you - you loved Jared Padalecki. He was the only concise thought you had. Your brained swarmed with how selfless he was, how much he gave to the fans, and how sweet and adorable he acted every time you saw a video of him.

“We don’t deserve Jared Padalecki, he has given us so much,” you mumbled, sounding more drunk than anything.

You didn’t know that your sister had started livestreaming on facebook right before you said it. She wanted to capture every second of your delirium, and unluckily for you, she caught your confession about the giant man you deemed your celebrity crush. She cackled as she ended the stream, watching you fall back asleep in the hospital bed.

The next morning, you woke up to your phone buzzing like someone was calling you. When you picked up your phone, you saw that it was just a constant flow of facebook notifications. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes as you unlocked your phone. You cursed under your breath when you saw the video your sister posted, knowing it was embarrassing.

When you tapped on the video and let the sound flood the small room you were staying in, you wanted to bury yourself under the covers and hide from everyone. Your face had to be beet red by the time you heard yourself crying over Jared. Looking at the caption she’d posted with it made things even worse.

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anonymous asked:

Okay, I need a Cockles reassurance because I know you're the only one who can do that. I feel like they were distant at JibCon. We saw the dinner photos and they were all sitting away from each other. Then Misha left Rome pretty quickly. I feel like he had Jensen at arms length this past weekend, granted we don't know what happens backstage or whatever. It's just a vibe I was getting. Plus a little more than tipsy Jensen didn't make Misha very impressed in front of everyone.

Okay, this is something I’ve been seeing a lot of and it kinda drives me crazy, because it’s just showcasing the fact that we never validate these people beyond anything more than a solitary moment. I love Jensen and Misha’s obsession with each other more than anyone, but just because they touch, and flirt and shoot hearteyes like it’s goin’ outta style, doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything else going on in their lives. 

Misha’s character was just killed off the show– and even though Cas is coming back, Misha doesn’t know if it will be in the same capacity that he’s loved and perfected over the last eight years. That has to be kind of heartbreaking. And he’s an empathetic guy, so seeing all of us be hearthbroken right along with him probably makes this even harder. On top of all that– the guy has been busy! In the matter of two weeks, he traveled a better part of the world. Either because of GISHWHES or conventions, he’s been running all over. And it also seems like Vicki might be pregnant again, so if she is– that is probably weighing on his mind too. 

All those things, all that stress and concern and heartache would make anyone a little less jovial than normal. Now, throw in the fact that your best friend and coworker (and maybe even lover) is partying a bit too hard and acting a little crazier than you’re used to, you’d be hardpressed to not show that frustration on your face. I don’t think Misha was necessarily mad at Jensen. I don’t think he wanted to push him away or “punish” him or anything like that … but if he was already down, then having to deal with someone who it super up, can be difficult. 

And on Jensen’s side of things … he probably knew all this about MIsha. Jensen is one of those types of people who tries to balance out his friend’s sadness by giving that much extra happiness. He has done it with Jared– when Jared is down, or sick, or maybe, not even there … Jensen goes over the top in order to make things better. I got that feeling when he was on stage with Misha this year at JIbcon. Misha was a bit more calm overall, and since Jensen had probably talked with the guy about it and knew that Misha was going to be kinda low, he decided to make up the difference. Also, Jensen just enjoys Rome and likes having fun and letting loose, so he took those extra shots and drank that last glass of “apple juice” and just had good time. And with as many hours as he works,  and with twins and a four year old at home– more power to him!

No one was mad at anyone. Misha just has a lot going on and Jensen is just a good, good friend. Like I say every time something like this occurs: Misha and Jensen are fine. Don’t panic.

Cockles is real.

Bikers, Booze and Monsters

The reader leaves due to Dean’s attitude and goes back to Charming to have a fresh start but when the boys notice that it feels like there is something missing and go to bring her back home.

Dean and Reader, Jax and Tara Teller, Lyla Winston and the rest of the characters on the show

Warnings: Angst, fluff, dick dean, sweet dean, sad sam, angry sam, extreme sweetness and overall teeth rotting awesomeness

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              Another day, another argument. Sam and Dean were my best friends, but Dean was a jackass all the time. According to him I couldn’t cook, I didn’t clean right, I didn’t do laundry right, and most of the time I was a crappy hunter. Sam on the other hand was a saint, he always appreciated the things I did, and after the bad hunts told me I was amazing and a badass. It wasn’t him though I had feelings for, it was Dean. Coming to the present this time I bought the wrong beer, but this time I was done, I’m staying any more just to keep being used as a punching bag.

              Dean had just left to pick up his skank of the night when I went to Sam’s room to let him know my plans. I knocked on the door and a heard a quiet ‘Come in’, I popped my head in asking if I could talk to him. “I thought I would say goodbye, I can’t stay here anymore. My depression is worse than ever and my panic attacks are destroying me physically and emotionally.” “I understand, I’m sorry he chased you away. I was hoping things would get better” “I’ll be staying in Charming if you need me, I haven’t seen my family in a while” I wrote down where I would be staying and gave him one last hug.

              I had everything packed in my truck, and got out of there as soon as I could. I decided to drive straight through, planning on crashing when I reached the club house. I reached the ‘Welcome to Charming’ and felt the nerves building up, what if they don’t want me back? I saw a liquor store and decided to bring a peace offering hoping it would work. I loaded the two cases of Johnny Walker and found the place quite easily. I took a couple steeling breaths and got out, hoping for a good reception.

              No one noticed me walking up so I did what I usually do, I tilted my head and cat called. “Damn your asses get better with age huh?” All their snapped to see the one person they had been searching for. “Lass is that you?” I nodded my head overcome with emotion. He hugged me first and just held me as I cried at how much I truly missed my boys. “Where were you? We looked everywhere!!” “I’ve been hunting, not in Bambi but things that go bump in the night”

              They looked at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. Tig was the first one to speak up “I knew I wasn’t seeing things!” “Well darlin’ I think we need a welcome back party for you! What do you say?” I could feel the lump in my throat and then got squished in a huge group hug. I text Sam letting him know I had gotten there safely and thanked me for keeping in contact with me.

              Jax led me to my old dorm, they hadn’t changed a thing. I sat down at the end of the bed, and tried to reign in my emotions. “What else is going on? I can see that y/l/n mask you did when you hid something” I told him everything, from being rescued by the brothers to how Dean treated me and how he always spoke down to me. I told him about Sam and how he always gave me a safe place to be when things got overwhelming.

              He held me to him as I cried out everything that I had buried, I let my walls fall finally letting myself feel all the pain. He tucked me in and promised to have dinner ready in a little bit, I hugged him one last time before falling asleep.


              Once I got the message that she made it safely, I decided to find out why Dean was being such an asshole. “Hey Sammy, where’s y/n?” I scoffed at his arrogance “She’s gone” “What like a solo hunt or a supply trip?” “Nope just gone” “That’s not funny! Where is she?” “SHE’S GONE! Maybe if you weren’t such an asshole to her she would still be here instead of being out there alone”

              I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer, sitting down and wishing that she was still here. The bunker felt lonely and dark, there was no sign that she had ever been there, no sign that she would come back either. “I’m sorry Sam, I really screwed up this time, huh?” “Yeah you did but I can only hope in time she’ll come back”

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              I called my mom, letting her know that y/n had shown up and of course invited everyone over for dinner making y/f/m and buying plenty of beer for the celebration. I went to check on her and saw she was awake and in the shower. I knocked on the door and let her know I had an errand to run but I would be back to get her for dinner at Gemma’s. She poked her head out of the shower and asked me to get the whiskey out her truck to put in stock. I smiled and winked, assuring her that I would get it done.

Reader POV

              The nap and shower had woken me up and helped me get into a better frame of mind. I walked out and got dressed, ready for a night of laughter and stories. I put my hair into a braid, grabbing my bag and heading out. I was starving and desperate for some of Gemma’s home cooking. I sat down at the bar, drinking a double of the ‘Johnny Walker’ I had bought, I wasn’t always a whiskey girl, but the older I got the more I enjoyed the slow burn of it.

              “You look like you feel better” I smiled at Tig and nodded my head. “So, who do I have to kill?” “What?” “You have that heartbreak look on your face, the one you get from having your heart broken” “It’ll heal over time but right now I need food!” Tig just laughed and hugged me to him kissing me on the side of my head. “Ready darlin?” I jumped off the stool and threw him the keys to my pick up when I saw all the boys on their bikes ready to head out with us.

              “Once we made it to Gem’s, I hugged everyone and got the chance to meet Abel and Thomas. I always wanted to be an aunt, Tara and the other old ladies were in the kitchen helping with the food. We all sat outside drinking and laughing at the ridiculous stories being told. “Hey doll, do you still dance?” I groaned at the question, I was hoping I could avoid that topic. “Hey! I paid for those lessons! You better be still dancing”

              “Yes Gemma, I do what I can, but I have been keeping up” Right then ‘La Tortura’ came on and I said I would dance if the other old ladies did it with me. Tara was the only one who had the balls to come up and let me show her some moves. We started laughing and shaking our asses and moving our hips to the beat. When dinner was ready we decided to give up while we were ahead of the game.

              The food was amazing, as it always is, then the stories started. The whole table was laughing at how weird I was when I was a kid. “Do you remember that one run we had to go to and they wouldn’t let us bring y/n in unless she could beat their best fighter?” I started laughing so hard I was crying, shaking my head “He never knew what was coming” I just smiled and winked at Clay. “Can’t say you didn’t train me well”

              Once the food was consumed and the beer was drunk we just sat and talked and just reminisced about the good times. “We still have your baby” “Really? I’ve missed her so much!” I was promised a group ride tomorrow and started to feel like I could heal myself from everything I had been through. Once we came back to the clubhouse I collapsed on the bed exhausted from all the laughing I had done, not from the constant crap that was shoved at me. I woke up the next day and decided to make breakfast for the boys before our ride. I made everything I could find from scratch, once the food was close to done. I walked out and yelled out to the guys that breakfast was ready.

              After an amazing meal, Juice brought my bike out, looking gorgeous as ever. The ride let me clear my head and my heart of all the nightmares I had experienced.

6 Months Later

              I had gotten a job at the adult film studio they had bought and all the ladies knew not to mess with me. They knew not to piss me off or things would be very difficult for them. We had finished filming early, which meant I could leave early. There was always that one girl that would try to get under my skin, and that was Ima. My phone started going off and saw that Sam was calling me, I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple weeks and missed our phone calls we had.

              “Hey Sammy! Long time no hear” I heard laughing and automatically smiled. “I was wondering if you were going to come back, I really miss you and Dean well he isn’t himself. A lot of stuff has been going on and it just feels like there’s something missing” “All I can say is I’ll think about it ok?” “That’s all I ask” I said good bye and hung up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

              I walked out to Ima trying to get into Jax’s pants again, I swear that girl was a special kind of stupid. “Go home Ima, for fucks sake, he’s happily married” “Just because no one wants your fat ass, doesn’t mean I’m not wanted” “Let’s go Jax” He started the bike and headed back to the clubhouse, there was another party tonight and I wanted to get some sleep before it started.

              We pulled into the lot as my breath got caught in my throat at the sight of baby with the two men I missed dearly. He backed the bike up and parked it, watching me making sure I didn’t have a panic attack just at the sight of them. I could feel the tears building up, so I just ran inside to my dorm and locked the door. I was happy to see them but I also felt my heart shatter, I guess I wouldn’t get over him.  “Sweetheart, please open the door? I’m sorry with how I was just please?” How was I supposed to answer him?

Dean POV

              I knew I screwed up but hearing her cry on the other side of the door and knowing I was the cause of those tears. I walked back out into the main room seeing a bunch of pissed off bikers, I had a lot of talking to do. A blonde guy about my height walked up and introduced himself as Jackson Teller, we both sat down at the bar, having beers.

              I began explaining what the hunting life had entailed, the danger, the injuries and everyone that both of us had lost. At the end of the whole speech I was in tears with all the hurt and loss that we had gone through. “I understand, we’ve dealt with the same thing, this life is never easy but as long as you have people that love you it makes it better” “How do I fix this? I was a complete asshole to her” “Don’t worry brother we have a plan”

              We had everything set up and ready to go, now I hope that I’m not too late to fix the error of my ways.

Reader POV

              Tara and Lyla had brought me a few outfits to try on, hoping to get Dean all hot and bothered and ready to pounce. Both ladies started saying that he was both the most beautiful man they had ever seen. “Yeah, both are Greek Gods, but Dean is beautiful inside and out” They both nodded, “Those are the best kind” I agreed and smiled when I had finally found an outfit to drive him wild.

              I took one more look and joined the party, hoping to have Dean absolutely fall apart. Of course, Ima had to be there and rubbing herself all over Dean. I walked over to chase her away, when Dean saw me and knew it was not a good thing. “Hey!” “Hey y/n I don’t think this one wants your gross as hell body, not when he could have mine” I swung my leg and knocked her on her ass, pressing my booted foot to her throat. “I’m tired of dealing with your skanky ass, your nothing but a piece of shit whore with no use! I’m warning you right now, you come back here ever again I will kill you” I stepped back as she scurried up and out the door the rest of the place cheering me on.

              I turned around to have Dean grasping my face kissing me with everything he had. “That was so hot! Damn it woman, you got me hard as a rock” “I can help you with out that” I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my room locking the door behind me. I got on my knees and quickly unbuckled his belt and pulling down his jeans to have his erection bounce off his stomach.

              I started sucking him down, even swallowing around him. He was making the dirtiest sounds I had ever heard, he had gritted out he was coming as I swallowed everything he gave me. He tucked himself back in, kissing me again. “I love you y/n and I’m so sorry I was an ass” I could feel the tears filling my eyes “I love you Dean, always have, always will”

              He kissed me again then headed back out to the party to enjoy being here with my family. We played pool, we drank, we danced. The boys decided to stay a few days, getting to know my family and just relax. I even let him drive my motorcycle, which wasn’t like me at all. I showed him the best and most beautiful places to see.

              When I showed him my baby, he went over the moon. He absolutely fell in love with her and begged me to bring her home so that we could go on more rides together. I woke up the day before we were going to head out, not seeing Dean so I grabbed my yoga pants and walked to see Gemma and Dean talking. Dean had a black backpack that was full to the point of possible explosion. “Good morning” Gemma hugged me and walked out leaving Dean and me.

              “Go get a shower, I have something very special planned and yes I’ll make your coffee” I giggled and kissed him walking back to get cleaned up and head out. I washed up quickly and put on a pair of shorts and an ac/dc tank top with chucks. I walked out to see him waiting patiently for me, two coffee travel mugs and the stuffed backpack.

              I kept trying to ask him where we were headed but he just kept saying that it was a surprise. So, we rode in silence other than the country station playing in the background. The truck stopped in front of a beautiful little cottage on a lake, I knew this place well. He wouldn’t let me talk just helped me out of the truck and led me inside to see rose petals and candles lit.

              “Dean?” “I wanted to do this right but when I’m around you I lose all thought. I already talked to Clay so now it’s time to talk to you. I love you so much and I’m not going to wait any longer to make you mine. Baby, you are the bright spot in my world and my light in the dark. Will you please do me the honor and marry me? Make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?” I gasped at the ring and just nodded quickly.

              Let’s just say we spent the rest of the making love while the storm rumbled through. Once it got late we headed back and of course they had a party celebrating our engagement. I didn’t want to leave but I was also home sick.  

              After ten days of relaxation, we decided to head out and get back to the bunker. We said our goodbyes and left Charming, but this time I was excited, because I was going to come back and visit as much as I could. I made sure to steal a couple bottles of ‘Johnny Walker’ to have once we made it home. Dean grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers “Ready to go home?” I raised his hand and kissed his knuckles “More than ever”



Adam opened his eyes to the twilight of the apartment, looking around, half asleep.

What the fuck?

Of course, he was alone, finding himself with no one else present; especially not Pritchard. This was Prague, after all; and the tech was still back in Detroit, halfway around the globe.

He must’ve been dreaming. But he could have sworn he’d heard the other call out his name, the sound of his voice still echoing through Adam’s mind, leaving him with a strange sensation.

Adam took a deep breath and tried to rub the confusion out of his face, checking with his cerebral clock.

It was only about an hour after dawn. He didn’t have to be at the Task Force command center for another three hours, so he considered to continue napping, rolling over. But the strange restlessness that had taken hold of him didn’t ease its grip. Pritchard’s voice kept tugging at him from somewhere at the edge of his consciousness.

Cursing, Adam got up and out of his bed in hope a hot shower would finally quell the annoying memory. It didn’t. And neither did coffee and a breakfast, nor Eliza Cassan spreading her propaganda on TV.

Dammit, what was wrong? Why couldn’t he shake this feeling? He couldn’t even figure out if he was worried about the hacker’s safety. He just couldn’t stop listening to Pritchard calling his name.

Back when they parted ways, half a year ago, they had set up a digital mailbox for each other to leave a message in case of an emergency. And Adam was actually thinking about contacting the tech. Only rationality prevented him from picking up the phone, since this wasn’t an emergency, after all. It was just a dream, was it?


Two hours later Adam wasn’t any wiser, and his unease had grown even more. Sitting on the couch he had entered an enduring staring contest with his phone. The device was winning by default, silent, calm, patient, while his thoughts were churning like a stormy sea.

Why would he even wanna call Pritchard? Why would he urge to speak with him, hear his voice, counter his snide remarks? It didn’t make any sense. What would he tell him, anyway? It had been just a dream, goddammit!

He knew, on the other hand, he wouldn’t find any peace unless he took action and got it out of his mind.

Stifling a sigh and being aware of his spare time running out Adam shoved his doubts away, leant forward and reached for the phone, speed-dialing that particular number.

It rang just once, then the automated mailbox picked up without any further introduction.

'Hey, Pritchard, it’s me,’ Adam spoke into the unresponsive void.

‘Jensen,’ he added, as if that fact needed any confirmation. 'I…’

What now? What was he supposed to say? He still didn’t know. There was simply no reason for this call.

'Just… call me back, ok?’

No less at odds Adam left his number, disconnected and lowered the phone, feeling no resolve whatsoever.

The tech was unlikely to answer within the next few minutes - even hours. Detroit’s time zone dragged six hours behind. It was right in the middle of the night there. And who knew what Pritchard was doing right now?

Adam could only wait, restrain his odd agitation - and go to work in hope it would distract him for the time being.


When Adam still hadn’t heard from Pritchard in the evening and home again he really began to worry. The tech should have received the message by now. So why didn’t he respond? Didn’t he want to, or was he, perhaps, unable to? What if something had happened to him?

The thought of Pritchard being in trouble clenched his guts with an icy grip, as Adam came to realize there wasn’t even another way to contact the hacker or make sure he was ok. And they were literally a world apart from each other. If something had happened to him, Adam would probably never know about it. He could lose him forever, unaware and completely oblivious.

The very possibility of that idea stirred up a nameless fear deep inside him.

What could he do? There had to be something he could do without leaving Prague, abandoning his mission. He couldn’t; not when there was so much at stake, not when he was finally in a place to get somewhere. And he didn’t know any mutual contacts to ask about Pritchard’s whereabouts…

Stopping short, Adam called himself down.


It was way too early to jump to conclusions. It’s just been a few hours. There could be thousands of reasons for Pritchard’s silence. Adam just didn’t know.

Yeah, but it was the not-knowing that slowly drove him insane.


Arguing with himself back and forth he likewise paced through his apartment for the next three hours, waiting, hoping.

If worst came to worst Adam would have to go back to Detroit and look for the tech, searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. A fool’s errant. But it was too premature to make such a decision, right now. He had to wait at least a few days, trying to gather information in the meantime. And if every effort failed, maybe he could get some time off?

Miller would never understand.

Adam hadn’t even finished that last thought when the buzz of his phone froze him in his tracks all of a sudden.

Heart pounding and holding his breath he just stared at the device for some long seconds, barely daring to hope. Was it Pritchard? It had to be. Or was it…

It rang another time, jerking him out of his stupor, and he leapt over in a heartbeat to pick up the call.

Number unknown, Adam noticed before he put the phone to his ear.


'Who else, did you think, it would be?’ the familiar snarky voice retorted. 'You were the one wanting me to call back. So, this is me, calling back.’

'A–,’ Adam had to swallow at the lump stuck in his throat. 'Are you ok?’

'Of course, I am,’ Pritchard strained, then reconsidered. 'Why? Did you hear something else?’

Adam could feel a wave of relief washing over him, turning even his artificial knees to jelly.

'Goddammit, you scared me.’ He let himself slump on the couch. 'Where have you been? Why didn’t you call sooner?’

'What, are you my parole officer now? I had a few drinks last night and slept in, if you must know. And what do you mean by 'scared’? What is this all about?’

'I… don’t know.’ Adam admitted, clueless again. 'I… had a feeling.’

'Well, there’s something new,’ the tech remarked and let a few moments pass before he resumed. 'So, let me get this straight. You were calling me for no reason whatsoever and got all worked up because I didn’t call back right away? And all of that over a ‘feeling’?’

'Pretty much, yeah.’ Putting it straight made Adam feel even more like the complete idiot he was.

'Shit, Jensen, I got things to do on my own. If you don’t have anything of importance to say–’

'Wait, Pritchard,’ he still couldn’t let him go so easily. ‘Can’t we… just talk for a while?’

'Why?’ The tech sounded suspicious.

'I…,’ - want to hear your voice.

He couldn’t tell him that!

'I don’t know. It’s been a while. What are you doing?’ Just a bit longer, come on.

'The usual,’ he answered curtly, still wary.

'And you’re safe?’

Pritchard hesitated again before he spoke his mind.

'Jensen, you’re being weird. You sure everything is ok with you?’

Adam felt like laughing all of a sudden. Yeah, now everything was ok.

'Yeah, I’m fine. Just glad you are too.’

Once more Pritchard took his time.

'Look, Jensen, I really have some things to take care of…’

'Yeah, ok, I understand,’ Adam relented. It was pretty late already, anyway. There was just one more thing. ‘Pritchard, would you… call me from time to time, let me know you’re alright?’

‘Look at that, I didn’t know you cared so much,’ the tech noted - and gave in. ‘But ok, if it makes you happy, I will call you.’

‘Thanks, Francis.’

Pritchard was calling me. Couldn’t help but listen :)

reminded myself of something I’d almost forgotten:
Steve Conte - Call Me Call Me

You’re My World

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word count: 1336

A/N: First off, I am SO sorry to all the people who were tagged twice. I made a HUGE mistake and used the pond’s Dean tag list instead of Jensen’s! Now, this was @mysteriouslyme81 fault for being a sweetheart and making a Jensen collage for me, which in turn led me down a spiraling path of this! Thank you again to @avasmommy224 for being such an awesome beta and dealing with my “Facepalm blonde moments” lol. Hope yall enjoy. Feedback is welcome with open arms! ♥

“You look beautiful, Gen. You’re going to blow everyone away, especially Jared.” You smiled at the bride-to-be as you positioned the last bobby pin into her dark locks. The love in her eyes almost brought you to tears. You wanted the love she had so bad it hurt. You were more than happy with your life. You had amazing friends through your job as a regular on Supernatural, your family was super supportive of your career path and encouraged you in everything you did but there was still something missing. You’d never needed anyone in your life, you’d always been happy with being single and available but you were creeping closer and closer to thirty. If you were going to start a family you wanted it to happen sooner than later. You knew you couldn’t force these things but it was always in the back of your mind.

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I Am Human - Part VII

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him?
Warning: None

I Am Human Masterlist

Sorry for the long break, I have an exam in two weeks and currently I’m spending all my free time studying for that, so yeah…
This is kind of a personal chapter… there is much of myself in (Y/N) in this chapter and I really hope I could portray my thoughts here… :) 

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anonymous asked:

Misha publicly ships destiel or he's chill with it. Jensen has publicly denied destiel several times. I know Misha is cool with cockles too. But how come Jensen doesn't flat out deny cockles like he does with destiel? He's had many chances to deny cockles, especially at San Diego Comic-Con when he was called out by Jared for knowing how Misha sounded in the morning. Instead he blushes... Like what!?!??

Well, first of all– I still feel like Jensen sees Destiel as specifically “Cas and Dean fucking on screen” since his only exposure to it is through hyper fans at conventions, shoving homoerotic fan art in front of his face. He doesn’t understand it or define it as we do: as a deep, intimate connection between Dean and Castiel, with a lot of subtleties and expressions that hint to something more than friendship … and that’s why he denies it or says that “it does not exist” because, technically– by his definition, it doesn’t. Cas and Dean have not had sex on the show.

But I digress …

There is a big difference between someone you don’t know, asking you a specific question on a debatable topic during a Q & A session, and a close friend teasing you about something that might be a secretive and personal matter. Of course Jensen responded differently to each of those. In the first scenario, he had to give some kind of answer, because he was in the middle of a Q & A with a fan. The latter, he did what we all do when a friend is giving us shit in front of strangers– he laughed, blushed, rolled his eyes and then hoped to god that the topic changed soon.

I also have no doubt that if some random fan asked him flat out “Are you and Misha in a relationship”, he’d probably say no … whether it was true or not. Jensen is a fairly private person and when it comes to his personal life, he doesn’t like to share. We all know he’s married to Danneel– that’s an obvious and well known fact, but even regarding that, he’s said that he doesn’t want to share the way that he proposed to her because that’s a private story. Overall, Jensen likes to keep things to himself– so when his best friend teases him about something like his relationship (however you take that to mean) with Misha, he’s going to stay quiet because a response would just be sharing too much in such a public forum like an SDCC panel.

Basically, Jensen is just hard to read for a number of reasons; but most of all, he’s human and he’s a dork and he contradicts himself with what he says and how he acts all the time … which means, all we can really know for sure is that he’s adorable and blushy, and just can’t help himself sometimes.

So really, do we need to know anything else?


This is Part Three in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1084

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” so feel free to continue submitting ideas for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

         You were sitting in Jared’s trailer while the guys were doing late scenes. You had filmed all that you were needed for, but didn’t want to go home without the guys. So, you were waiting for the guys to get finished.

           “Well, that is the most beautiful thing to see when I get done working,” Jared said, coming into the trailer and seeing you curled up in his recliner while the TV played some random show.

           You smiled up at him, “Hi.”

           “Hey,” he leaned down and kissed you, “What are you doing?”

           “Watching TV. Trying not to fall asleep. You guys done filming?” you asked, not moving from where you were lounging.

           “Yeah. You wanna go home? Get some sleep?” he asked.

           You nodded, “Yeah. J too,” you said.

           Jared smiled, “I’ll call him. Tell him to meet us at your place for a sleepover,” he smirked.

           “Don’t make it weird, Jare,” you said.

           “Sorry, Babe,” he chuckled, getting his phone and hitting the button to call Jensen, “Hey, Man,” he said, “Meet us at Y/N’s. We’re leaving my trailer now. K. See ya then.”

           You stood up from the recliner, “Guess I should actually move then, huh?” you smirked at him.

           “I mean, if you just wanna stay here, we can,” he grinned.

           You shook your head, “Nah. I like sleeping in my bed. With my guys.”

           “Then who am I to disappoint?” 

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Thank You for Tonight

A/N: Something I wrote. I’m trying to get back in the groove. Sorry if it sucks. Thanks to my wonderful beta @thorne93.

No hate or disrespect to Jensen and his beautiful family.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, implied smut, language.

Wordcount: 2235

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You took a deep breath as you walked up to Jensen’s door, pizza in one hand, a bottle of whiskey in the other. You clumsily tried to balance both in one hand so you could use the other to knock. It was a saturday night and you knew Jensen had chosen to stay in Vancouver this weekend while the others went home to see their respected families.

Jensen opened the door, wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, which funnily enough was the same as you were wearing. He looked a little confused. You had been a part of the cast of Supernatural for six months now, and to this day you had never interacted with anyone off set. You were always straight to the point, you came in to do your job, which you did well, and then as soon as you were done for the day, you went home, to the apartment you rented in the same building as Jensen. Everyone had at some point invited you to come hang out when they all went for dinner or drinks, but you had always declined. So the fact that Jensen was confused now, wasn’t a surprise.

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anonymous asked:

Hate to be a bother, Love, but I was wondering when neighbordean would be coming? I’ve been checking your page every day for it and I’m longing still! Goodness, you’re writing does a lot to me 😢😓 but I love it anyway. Keep the work up please!

Oh my, darling! You’d never guess, I was actually working on it today all morning! Are you a mind-reader or something? Check it out, you never know! ;)

Haha Well, as I said it is ready now because it was today I finally got the chance to work on it after a couple other stories were done and I still wanna work on the one with Jensen and Tom, but that’s for tomorrow. Now, all I have to do is check it and I am going to be uploading the neighbor!Dean fic tomorrow! 

I’m sorry you had to wait but things came up and I was feeling like, well, hell a couple days ago so yeah… Now everything’s better and we’re getting to that! 

I’m just warning you: Shit’s getting real with this new chapter! It’s building up yall! I swear I didn’t even plan it but it just got more intense… you’ll see what I mean, I’m so going to hell for that.

Oh and of course it’s all about: his scruff, lips… and a little bit about Baby’s backseat! ;)