i feel like ive been spamming this tag

ive been thinking about genderbent rickmorty alot… like do you think the dynamics would change? perhaps they’d act different to their male counterparts and that would affect the relationship? morticia in the game p/ocket m/ortys is listed to be more determined or strong, and who knows how fem!rick would be different from a normal rick? it’s an interesting concept that i’d like to see discussed more.

magnolia-glow  asked:

sorry if im spamming your inbox a bit! but id also like to know if theres any wiccan based crafts i could do, ive been bored and feeling witchy lately. itd be extra nice if it was something for my spirit companions.

I’m not Wiccan, so I don’t know anything specific to the religion, but if you want witchy crafts you can check my diy tag! I have reblogged a few!

OK last thing I’m gonna say on the 4chan issue is that Tumblr is all “don’t fuq wit us grrrrr we gon start a war grrr” but the truth is, Tumblr would get absolutlutely oblITERATED by 4chan if 4chan really wanted to start something. As someone who has been active in Internet communities since 2010, and only came to Tumblr a little over a year ago, let me tell you that 4chan’s just dicking around right now with spamming gore, and that really, they could do a lot worse.

You’re not proving shit to 4chan by “cleansing” tags.

Please please please please don’t try to provoke 4chan, guys, as some sort of “retribution” or whatever. I know that a lot of people on Tumblr think that they’re hot shit, but it’s like, please, just this once, shut the fuck up about it.

Guys, I’m 90% sure that 4chan has hacked into government websites. Don’t piss people off and ruin this for everyone. I actually like using Tumblr sometimes, believe it or not.

It would literally be 14-year-old girls who are crusading to protect their Destiel feels vs. a bunch of guys with nothing better to do than make people miserable, and who all have the means to do so. They will destroy each and every one of you.

Just please ignore 4chan for the time being, and stay out of whatever tags they may be spamming. Okay.

I would imagine that croach can sit motionless for hours on end when he has to but when he’s nervous, or what he would equate to being nervous, he’s very fidgety and has to do something with his hands.
Sometimes he folds paper, sometimes he does little weavings, but if he rely needs to take his mind of something he’ll do a bigger project. Knitting for example.