i feel like its been 2 days


I was wondering why I was like,, staying up so late, putting off going to bed,, I even started clearing up my bookmarks which have been piling up for 2 or 3 weeks;

For the first time after 12 weeks, I won’t be watching the new episode of yuri on ice tomorrow. Instead it’ll just be another day of the week.

I’ve been riding this shit the whole season and now it’s over and I’m just realising that mostly what I did before was read manga and scroll through my lifeless meme dash littered with fucking American politics.

When the pilot episode aired, my dash lit up with gifsets of Viktor’s ass. It was a beautiful sight. Everyone was on board The yoi train.

I remember seeing a text post that said “can their ship name please be victuri” and more “their ship name should be victuri!!!” “It sounds like victory!”.

The fanart after just the first episode was astounding.

And it kept getting better every week with new posts and theories (even the ones that claimed Viktor was evil, or that he had cancer, that he was dying etc).

I watched as the fanfiction on ao3 went from 17 to 73 and then someone wrote the 100th fic. Now there’s God knows how many.

This anime is a blessing and even though I’m not going to wake up excited for a new episode in the morning, or countdown to it’s release; everything that happened inbetween the releases of the episodes was like some thrill ride; and it’s not every day we get an anime as great as this.

So just hold on until season 2, my dudes.

And when that time comes we can start all over again. Gifsets of new scenes, thoeries based off new episode previews, fanfictions based at the end of a particularly romantic episode. New screenshot redraws, the whole kit and caboodle.

TL;DR: I’m actually so fucking sad that there’s no episode tomorrow. today, actually, it’s well past 2am. I’m feeling nostalgic as fuck and you gotta know that the story isn’t over. there’s more to come.


Day 2: Merribela

and the second pairing that really should have been a background canon romance….yknow what, you actually cant convince me that if unromanced merrill and isabela arent together? like? theyre together! its a fact i dont make the rules.

ill be posting one npc/npc femslash pic a day all month. like femslash rarepairs? they will be here. feel free to come and request a femslash rarepair! ive either drawn it already or will add it to the overflow bin

Day 1: Morriana

Happy brithday @cherrytwistzz.

My beloved cherry, I hope that all your wishes for this year come true. That you will stay healthy and happy.

Its been like 4 month now since we know each other, and every minute i spend with you is precious to me. Since almost 2 month now, I can call myself your girlfriend and i couldn’t feel more blessed. I can’t tell you how happy I am, that you are a part of my life now. I couldn’t imagine it without you, my sweetheart, and I hope that we will spend more years together like this.

I will always be there for you and i will do everthing in my power to keep you safe and happy. Have a wonderful day my love =w=

I love ya <3

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how did u realise your real name is brendon? I'm stuggling to find my own real name too idk

ok!! i think it’s been like 2 or 3 years since i last told this story but, over the years I always went by diff names bc my legal name never felt comfortable, and then one day I was reading something off outloud and it was like “hi i’m brendon blah blah blah” or smth and i was like.. FUK.. bc saying that, it felt more right and comfortable and Me than anything i had ever gone by so what i try to recommend as weird as it sounds is basically??? going through lists of names and being like “hi im _____” out loud because it can help u get a feel for what feels right/comfortable?? to u? it’s what i used 2 do when i was younger too, ik it seems dumb but

“I have one last thing to say to you and I hope you hear it loud and clear and it echoes deep in you..you are the greatest person I’ve ever met and the one support I always counted on..I let the great thing I’ve ever known slip away from my life..my intentions were prideful and ill- malice, as a man after everything that’s been said…I’m sorry and I truly mean that.”

He broke up with me 8 days before our 2 year anniversary. He was my first love and the focal point of my entire being. The reasons he gave me for ending things was the cliché "its not you" rant but it truly wasn’t me because I treated him like he walked on water. He started seeing other girls as soon as we broke up and was just super inconsiderate of my feelings. Honestly he crushed my soul but I take comfort in knowing that in 2 months, 5 months, a year from now, I will have no regrets and he will have to deal with losing the only person in his life that would of truly given him anything his soul desired.

Still got it. But really like I was saying to that anon last night.. I’d really like to get back into a routine. Going back to work messed all that up. I don’t have all day to make the gym happen anymore. Now I have about 2 hours in the evening, sometimes less. I have to choose gym or lazy relaxation and it’s been easy to choose lazy relaxation.

But every time I choose to lift I feel tons better. Should be the easier choice.

A couple reminders

1. I don’t know when I will post the last chapter; it will be at least a couple more months.

2. Please DO NOT translate Home into another language; it is important because legally, when I publish book!Home, no existing copies of the fic can be on the internet.

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For your Split ask- actual DID here. Haven't seen it cuz triggers and don't wanna support that shit but read all the spoilers. People with DID are higher risk of experiencing abuse than being violent. For the millions incarcerated in the US there is only 12 confirmed cases of DID, and study didn't say if the people they killed were their abusers. Most likely they were, cuz if someone who is abused kills its usually to make that stop. They fight back fatally one day and usually get off lighter1/2

Not sure if there was supposed to be a second part bc we didn’t get it BUT YES THIS HAS BEEN WHAT IVE BEEN TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE! Split (and other movies like that) make me so mad and i feel sick whenever someone says it was super good


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Mom its 3:30 and I've been trying to learn a bo Burnham song on the piano for the past 2 days help

aaaa im very proud of you for working hard trying to learn something you like but please also try and get some rest sweetie!! you’ll be better focused and more precise and able to learn the song better if you’re well rested! it’s sucks sometimes I know but getting proper rest is very very important and you’ll feel much better in the long run! ❤️💕

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Did you understand the feeling when Jhope is last on your bias list n making fun of others biasing him looong time a go,, but alas he's coming for you like a wrecking balls n now u would die for him but u wont admit it cz its embarrassing bu...but... it's complicated 😔

Hoseok has been my one n only since his debut so i rlly cant relate….. and like…. he’s an angel and a sweetheart and the kindest most precious most gorgeous beautiful being in the whole entire world so i dont understand this concept but i just think if you love him now just love him freely embrace it like i promise its gonna feel so amazing i dont know of anything else that feels as wonderful as being in love with Hobi does and im telling u i’ve been in love with him for nearly 4 years and it still feels like a brand new thing like im so excited every day just 2 see stuff about him and what he’s up to like….. i guess what im saying is Hoseok is not someone u just like momentarily Hoseok is a lifetime commitment

I Like It

Reader x Winwin

Genre: fluff

summary: You have plans to confess to Winwin, but what is he hiding?

A/N: im sorry these are always so short but it takes forever for me to actually write what im thinking so i try not to take too long to post something

It was Winwin’s first day off after his debut. So you decided to treat your friend to a meal at his favorite cafe.
“Thank you so much!” He said for the millionth time that day.
“Really, its no problem, I’d do anything for you, you work so hard.” He really did deserve a nice, relaxing day, but you also wanted to confess to him.

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Until Dawn: Chris x Ashley

The Safe Room: P2. (2/2) Part 1

     The run upstairs was quick and painless for the most part. They moved silently, barely making a sound save the odd creek of the old wooden floors and stairs of the lodge.
     As they made it to the top floor, the sound of a door being kicked in from somewhere in the basement made them both jump as they looked behind themselves. Someone was after them, it was a fact now, and Chris couldn’t have been more scared. He turned himself around as he kept Ashley moving, and within a few more steps they were turning a corner and heading down the hallway that connected to the upstairs bathroom. Without thinking twice he reached for the handle and threw the door open, catching it before it could slam against the wall. They had made it, and as Chris closed the door behind them he leaned his back against it as he tried to control his breathing.
     He saw Ashley staring at him as he leaned with all his weight against the door, her face full of concern and anxiety, and froze. She made him feel hallow, and he knew the only thing that could possibly fill him up was the touch of her skin against his. He sighed as he closed his eyes, focusing on Ashley instead of the twist in his gut that told him to start running away.
     “See?” he said with a half-assed smile, his voice barely above a whisper. “All good. We made it.”
     “But what’s out there Chris? What do you think is behind us?”
     “I, uh. I don’t know, but, its not getting in here.”
     “How can you possibly know that?” whispered Ashley, the words coming out almost harshly as she nervously bit her lip.
     “Ash don’t freak out, we need to keep our heads screwed on, right?” She paused for a moment, and Chris leaned away from the door.
     “R-right,” she said. “You’re right. I’m just-“
     “Freaking out. I am too, don’t worry, let me do the freaking out for the both of us,” Chris finished, and though his tone was light-hearted, it didn’t seem to resonate well with Ashley.
     Frowning slightly as he took a small step forward, Chris turned and locked the door as quietly as he could, confident now that whoever was after them didn’t have a clue as to where they were. He had time to look after her now, and that was all he wanted more than anything in the world. He breathed out a sluggish sigh of relief as he turned back around, and took Ashley’s hand in his as he guided her to the sink.
     “Here,” he said. “Sit up on the counter, we should be able to find something to help your eye in here, but who knows, we might need to operate.” And without argument Ashley did as she was told, kicking her legs out as she edged her way back onto the counter by the sink. He noted that she hadn’t even smirked at this sad excuse of a joke, and began searching for a first-aid kit. 
     He was no doctor. Sam was the one who got the most scrapes out of their friend group, and if she were there she would have known what to do. But Sam wasn’t there, and for all he knew, she was dead.
     Chris swallowed back the rising panic he felt choking at his throat, and calmly began rummaging through the cupboards at Ashley’s feet, then the ones above her head, and came up with a few bandages and some hydrogen peroxide.
     “Guess this’ll have to work, for your cuts I mean. Not, like, on your eye or anything,” he stammered, and he looked back to Ashley, sad that he hadn’t found any painkillers.
     Her eye was swollen and red, and she winced when he gently placed a hand on her cheek.
     “Jeez Ash…” he said, his ability to speak fading away as he fully took in the damage done to her face. He was getting angry again, but the anger dissipated as her expression softened.
     “Chris, I’m fine. Really,” she said, but the words didn’t make sense, he knew her well enough to know that she was the type to lie about being in pain.
     “You aren’t alright.”
     “I am.”
     “No, you aren’t,” he said almost forcefully, and Ashley closed her eyes as she bit the inside of her lip. She didn’t move away from the hand that still rested on her cheek, and Chris didn’t dare move a muscle.
     He was coming off too harshly, he could feel it, but his need to keep her safe, make her feel protected, it was drowning him. He wanted to take her away from all this. Make her forget about Josh being torn apart and the gun he nearly held to her head. The gun.
     The memory made him drop his gaze to the floor, and he rested his hand that was once touching Ashley’s cheek on her shoulder.
     “I’m… I’m so sorry Ashley,” he whispered, and for a moment they were frozen in time, but then Ashley was moving, her hair coming into his peripheral as she leaned in closer to him, and then came the touch of her head to his.
     “Chris,” she said. “What you did for me, I- I have no words Chris. I mean. I just… Thank you, Chris. Thank you.”
     Another moment of pause passed between them before Ashley brought up her arms and slowly draped them over Chris’s shoulders.
     “I don’t want to be your burden Chris,” she said. “I’ll make it up to you. I’m the sorry one.”
     “What are you talking about?” Chris asked, and he raised his head as Ashley did the same. They locked eyes, and again that same hallow feeling made Chris want to drop to his knees. “You’ve never been a burden. All that’s happened to us. Everything I’ve done… It was all worth it. Being with you, that was all I ever wanted… None of this, none of my time was wasted.”
     She watched him with cautious eyes, and Chris couldn’t tell what she was thinking, not until she smiled softly and leaned her forehead in toward him. Meeting her half way he rested his forehead against hers, the pink and purple wool of her hat scratching him as he found himself nearly smiling as well. But how could he be brought to a smile after all he had seen?
     “It’s just not fair,” she whispered, looking toward her knees as she let out a deep sigh. Was she trying not to cry?
     “It doesn’t really matter if its fair or not,” he said, and he could tell that Ashley was listening to everything he was saying intently. “As long as we’re together. I. Um… Well. It will be alright.”
     And without warning Ashley tilted her chin upwards, bringing her lips closer to Chris’s as she kept her eyes closed. And just like that, they were kissing.
     There was a moment of complete surprise as Chris felt his entire body go rigid all at once only to relax seconds later. Ashley’s lips were touching his. They were kissing, and her mouth was warm against his as his thoughts raced. With all that had happened, a kiss from Ashley was the last thing he would have expected, yet here he was, and only one thing made sense in his mind. 
     “I love you,” he whispered, his words barely forming against her mouth as he prayed silently that she wouldn’t hear his heartbeat. And then he worried, had he actually told her that he loved her? Was it even his own voice? It sounded far too scared and awkward to be his own, yet still, the words slipped through the cracks of the quickly breaking dam that held back all that Chris had wanted to say to Ashley for a long, long time.  
     “I know Chris…” she whispered back, and he could feel her lips slowly slipping into a smile against his “… and I love you too.”
     His heart clenched in his chest, but after the nearly painful moment of shock after hearing those words come from Ashley’s mouth came a sincere sort of longing that filled up all the hallow parts Chris had left inside, and he leaned in fast, kissing her harder as he reached up and put a hand behind her head. He was drowning again. Drowning in his need to keep Ashley close by and to protect her. But he had done it. She was safe. And so was he. And they were kissing as if they might never see each other again, but for some reason Chris didn’t mind the intensity at all. Until finally they pulled away from each other slowly, savouring the release of their weariness, and embarrassing the possibility of surviving until dawn. They could make it, together, and completely start over, as long as they had each other to do it with.
     And then came a silence, so peaceful and fulfilling that it made Chris want to cry in Ashley’s arms as he watched her, his world drenched in the pale green that was her eyes, and felt all the oxygen in his lungs leave his body as she leaned forward and pressed her forehead to his again.
     “Ashley, if I… if I don’t make it past tonight-“
     “Don’t talk about that. Please.”
     “But if I don’t Ash, you can’t let yourself die. Promise me, please, promise me that you won’t give up, that you’ll keep fighting after I’ve… died… Just in case. Please Ash, please.”
     She paused for a moment, hesitating as she took in Chris’s words, but when she finally spoke, she saved him with two small words.
     “I promise.”

Picked up some mini prints today!! They would have looked a lot better if I had the versions of the book that I based the colour schemes on and also if the people who work at Staples understood the concept of using bleed when printing images.

How am I supposed to go to sleep after watching that??
I feel like the party has just begun and we’re all really getting into it you know, we’re at the peak of the party… and by that I mean hyperventilating on the floor contemplating how we’re gonna get through the next few months with so many questions unanswered.
& I have to be the one that leaves early.
‘But I wanna be with my buddies whilst they’re sobbing searching YouTube to see if anyone has put up any theory videos yet even though it’s only been an hour!’