i feel like it's too light you know

love for the signs
  • aries: i love you because you're fiercely, genuinely, mercilessly yourself. with a whip-sharp tongue and bright eyes, you are all i admire and all i ever want to be. you say what's on my mind - you are like part of my soul. you remind me of who i am, and i'm never more sure of myself when i'm with you.
  • taurus: i love you because you're so warm and soft. i am undeserving of your gentleness, your tenderness, your patience and comfort - but you offer it to me anyway. you hold me up when i'm in danger of falling down, and you make me laugh when i feel like all i'd rather do is cry. you are forever my guardian angel, and i could never be thankful enough.
  • gemini: i love you because you make me feel alive. it's like life comes into focus when you are around - everything is vivid, interesting, beautiful. you're like a shot of oxytocin when the darkness comes creeping in, and i could never get enough of you.
  • cancer: i love you because you feel like home. we may not see eye to eye, but you stand by me when i need it most. you are the rock keeping steady by my side, and there is a quiet familiarity you bring that always puts me at ease. you are my family.
  • leo: i love you because you make me feel like i am the brightest star in the sky. you treat me like a princess, and your vivacity makes my heart deliriously happy no matter the circumstances. you are the light of my life, radiant and unforgettable.
  • virgo: i love you because you are like stable ground in the middle of an earthquake. you ground me, see into me - not past me like so many people do. you help me feel okay when things feel anything but. you are unchanging in the face of chaos, and i know i can always turn to you.
  • libra: i love you because you never push me too far. i don't feel like i have to act around you - unlike others, you don't expect anything from me, and it's a freedom more relieving than words can explain. you let me be without a mask, and sometimes that's all i need.
  • scorpio: i love you because we don't need words. i can count on you to have my back when it counts, and you understand when i need silence more than conversation. you know the importance of quiet, and i appreciate that more than you know.
  • sagittarius: i love you because you see my potential. you are my inspiration, my brilliant epiphany - you make life something fresh and new, filled with adventure and excitement. you make me believe that there is so much on the horizon. with you i could forget my problems - you are irreplaceable, my elixir like nothing else.
  • capricorn: i love you because you try your very best. you may not be able to read my mind, but you put your entire heart and soul into doing whatever you can for me. sometimes it's not the result that counts but the effort, and you prove that to the furthest extent.
  • aquarius: i love you because you bring me back to reality. you not only listen, but you speak, and your honesty means everything to me. you never judge me - instead, you take everything i give you and try to help me with all your heart. your dedication is unwavering, and no matter how deep under i am, you never let me drown.
  • pisces: i love you because you are so damned strong. you've been through so much shit, and yet i know that you'd drop everything in a second to help me. despite everything you've suffered, you still look at life like it's the best thing you've ever been given. i don't deserve your support and optimism, but you have the best heart of anyone i've ever known - and i know that somehow, it's always open for me.
Transference (M) – Chapter 06

cr. [X]

Summary: After experiencing one of the worst days of your life, you face difficult truths about yourself while under Hoseok’s facilitation.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 13,167

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, BDSM, shibari, dom/sub roleplay, profanity.

A/N: This chapter is going to hurt.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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Elsewhere University- Feathers (part 2)

part one   EDIT: part three

Hey there!! Once again, playing in @charminglyantiquated‘s sandbox. the original comic this was inspired by can be found here (go read it!!), and the blog for everything Elsewhere is @elsewhereuniversity


(For all that you belong here, have the dirt and salt and scent and feathers to prove it, for all that, Elsewhere has a hold of you now. Time to see which hold is stronger.)

Part 2:

You go through security, board the plane. None of the metals pull at your bones. Just to see if you can, you spin fanciful lies about yourself as you make conversation with your seat mate.

(The words want to stick in your throat, but you’re mostly sure that’s from years (and years and years) of choosing your words ever so carefully with strangers, and not for any less …mundane a reason.)

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I want to marry the sun. It’s the one thing in this world I can depend on, that I know will always be there. I can’t touch it, but it seeks me out. The warmth I feel on my skin is because of the sun, and the freckles on my face are marks of love. The smattering across my cheeks and nose is a reminder of its eternal presence.

I can’t stare at the sun, because it’s too bright. Isn’t that the way love is supposed to feel? Like if you stare at it for too long you have to look away, because it blinds you in its glory. Love should light up the sky and take your breath away.

True love should give you everything. It should be the beginning and the end and all that is in between. That is the sun. When we are nothing but a tombstone weathered into an illegible sentiment, the sun will remain. When I am no longer walking about this earth, the sun will go on. Maybe it’s a daunting thought to others. For me, it’s comforting.

When I close my eyes and see the red through my eyelids, I smile. Because there is no such thing as true darkness when the light is at your side. It chases away the shadows, and any creatures lurking in the depths of my mind cower in its wake.

When the sun is gone and the night approaches, they come back. They beckon and taunt me. Tell me the thoughts I try so desperately to shut out. It’s funny really. We’re afraid of the monsters in our closets when the real ones dwell in our hearts. The darkness laughs in my face and brings horrible thoughts to life. In those times, it’s difficult not to resent the sun. After all, it left me when I needed it most. And as if it knows I call for it, knows I am close to breaking, the sun comes back, lighting up a world cloaked in shadows.

People say that the sun is a star, but I’m convinced otherwise. If the sun were a star, then it would be like billions of others. Unremarkable. How could something that gives me everything be so ordinary? It grows love in a world of hate. Its gentle touch on my neck and shoulders is the only reassurance I need to go on. The sun gives me strength. It seeps through my skin and floods my veins with sweet honey and warm embraces.

Some cannot handle its touch. They see it as a nuisance. But truthfully, I’m amazed. Something millions of miles away has the ability to leave a mark on my skin. We pass hundreds of people every day, none leaving marks. None influencing. We’re like planets, all of us. All caught up in our own gravity. We never truly step out of our borders, not with anyone. Yet the sun, in its mighty defiance, dares to permeate the walls we so effortlessly put up.

I wish I could be like the sun- bright, strong, influential, important. Instead, I will just marry it. I will attach myself to it in hopes to become its reflection. And one day, even if it’s just one, I will light up the sky. I will leave the marks. I will do the influencing.

—  highkeynessian 
The signs as the fucking sky
  • Aries: the bloody fucking sunset because it's so glorious and they feel empowered
  • Taurus: the sky when it's fucking snowing because it is pretty and un/conventional but makes them feel excited and relaxed and full of good intentions
  • Gemini: the fucking lil moving rain cloud so that one second it rains and the other it doesn't because they make them analyze and appreciate life and makes them curios and smol
  • Cancer: the sky during a fucking drizzle because it is small and cute but annoying as fuck and can make a whole city stop but when they are at home and watch it makes them feel cozy and happy
  • Leo: The fucking midday sun in the middle of the summer in a clear sky because it is the centre if the sky and attracts all eyes also it is hot as fuck and makes leos feel at home
  • Virgo: a fucking clear blue sky on a sunny and breezy day because it is perfect and they love perfection and it makes them feel relaxed for once
  • Libra: the fucking grey sky during a storm because the lightning,the rain's sound and its smell calm them down and makes them feel warm as if they have expressed themselves enough; cozy.
  • Scorpio: the fucking black midnight clear sky because it is so dark and mysterious and beautiful (pure fucking beauty) and just makes them question life and feel alive
  • Sagittarius: a fucking hurricane because they fucking can hell yeah it is scary but beautiful and a natural phenomenon and they feel afraid but at the same time want to run outside even if they know they would die. It wakes them up
  • Capricorn: a 11am 2 oktas(if they are called like this) ( partially covered/random lil white clouds) sky because it is perfect in its own way and is not cold nor hot and there is neither too much light nor too little and is just perfect and makes them feel protected
  • Aquarius: the fucking rainbow in the middle of a tropical storm (i know you expected it people) because it is unexpected and surprises them and makes them question life in a good way and makes them feel like anything is possible(=happy)
  • Pisces: the fucking sunrise because it is soft and comforting and makes them smile and warms up their heart making it their beloved reward for waking up so early to see it

supremeleader-kokichi  asked:

How do you go about lineless drawings? I really love the way you draw them, and I wanna know what technique you use because I usually find lineless to be difficult, I'm quite jealous ;-;

hmm! i dont think there’s anything particularly special about my process, my technique is mainly a result of the brush i use, which is squarish and kinda textured so i end up with a lot of angles n such. but i’ll go thru what i do anyway!

so obviously i start with a sketch. my sketches are really rough because visualizing stuff kinda comes easy to me so i dont need to lay too much detail up front. but it’s as totally useful to make a really tight sketch before you add color!

then i lower its opacity and block out colors reeeeally rough. just to get an idea for a palette. this is probs where you should be considering light source (at least a lil, i know i neglect that a lil too much too pfft) 

since its so rough its easy to paint over and switch in and out colors so i find somethin’ i like

when i’m p happy with the colors i then go to detailing!

during this stage i have the sketch really light and im constantly flipping it on and off to get a better feel for how the actual drawing will look till im drawing without the sketch

and really from there it’s just more detailing! till i get somethin like this

not too complicated! i think it’d be useful for you to experiment with different brushes to find a lineless style you like drawing with, which is what i did to get here. because lineless can look so different from drawing to drawing depending on what you’re using. i hope that helps in some way!!

Okay, so I finally watched Death Note from Netflix. And this movie made me laugh out loud when it shouldn’t have. The only highlights from this movie are literally Watari, Ryuk (though it must be my admiration for Willem Dafoe that is talking) and L.

L is not… the L from the manga, japanese movies or anime, per se. He’s way more expressive and emotive than his previous incarnations and his morals are very different from the original L (not to say that they’re good or anything… Just different. Like what he’s ready to do for Watari or to get Light, I’m pretty sure the original L wouldn’t have do that).

However, I found myself getting attached to his character during the course of the movie, probably thanks to Lakeith Stanfield’s acting. L is not the L we know, but I think he has potential and, between better hands, he would have been a really good character. And yeah, he’s autistic. You can’t say he’s not, it’s blatant and almost canon (”You see, he’s… special”).

Light is.. pathetic at best. He’s super edgy, is manipulated by Mia and all and has only one moment of glory where I was like “Oh yeah, I know that Light”. He’s unbearable and I honestly hate his character.

Mia is… not Misa. And I don’t like the way the movie treated her. How she’s characterized, she would have been smart enough to avoid getting killed that way. It felt cheap.

The movie feels cheap, in fact. Between the pop/rock songs in the soundtrack, the pointless gore scenes and the too much gritty tone, it’s not credible one second. It’s laughable, especially in its death scenes that we’re supposed to take seriously.

Yeah… You can avoid it. I hope that it won’t hurt Lakeith Stanfield’s career, this actor is really good and deserves to be known.

l-space-paint-l  asked:

Could you do a tutorial or give me some tips on how to digitally paint hair is the hardest for me thanks for your time:)

Some tips:

*Never color black hair with pure black, it makes it look bad and you cant put shades on it and, its very difficult to make good lights too. Its much better if you put like a dark gray or something like that but never paint it black.

*Is more preferable if you do not use very saturated colors for the hair, it’s just too bright and make it difficut to watch, putting away the fact that it makes it look very ugly if you dont know how to use that kind of saturated colors.

*Have fun painting it, take your time. I do, and tbh one of the best parts for me its painting the hair, it makes me feel relaxed.

I hope it helped a little bit at least (?)

also sorry again if you didnt understand, my english is a little crappy and my handwriting is very confusing for some people <:0

heathers song feelings
  • beautiful: the chorus feeling
  • candy store: god i wish that were me
  • fight for me: nostalgia
  • freeze your brain: big mood
  • big fun: hyped
  • dead girl walking: strange enjoyment
  • me inside of me: almost pity
  • blue: knife emoji
  • our love is god: walking in the woods at night and hearing strange noises but still persisting for some unknown reason
  • my dead gay son: jazz
  • seventeen: nostalgia again
  • shine a light: we can't all be neurotypical karen
  • lifeboat: oh man. oh wow. shit dude me too
  • shine a light reprise: average tuesday night
  • kindergarten boyfriend: too close to home
  • yo girl: the woods feeling again except you just saw something and it looks like it's coming after you
  • meant to be yours: YIKE
  • dead girl walking reprise: raw power
  • i am damaged: i'm crying and i don't know why
  • seventeen reprise: :,)

To Anon,

It a bit of a long one with not a lot of smut but it has fluff and angst (at least i think it does). I am making a second one with more smut so do not fret :D and thank you so much for the request and nice words. I cannot say enough how amazingly nice and kind you guys are! 


Rounds and Games:

He doesn’t talk much. You can tell by how little he moves his lips and how clipped his words become the more they press. He’s getting frustrated, eyes darting from one face to the other, but his façade remains calm through the onslaught of inquiries. Hell, even you’re frustrated. They keep asking the same questions, the same wrong questions.
Brett gives a heavy sigh, closing his eyes for half a second before they snap open again and stare at Liam with the weight of his frustration burning through the gaze. His pink lips thinning into a line.
“Alright forget about her.” you speak up, pulling Liam aside as you step forward. “Have you seen anything strange, smelled a scent that was a little weirder than usual? Seen something a little weirder than -”
“Usual?” His voice is deep as it cuts through your sentence, and your irritation at being interrupted flares momentarily. Brett’s eyes squint at you, nose flaring to catch the sent that rolls of your skin like your perfume. Thats when he decides to make you wait for his answer, letting his gaze burden your face like a physical weight. After a pregnant pause he responds. “Yes.”
You wait for him to say something else but he just stares. And stares. “Care to elaborate there, Sasquatch?” you counter, irked with the way his eyes dance from your face to your toes. 

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Melodrama sentence starters
  • "I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth."
  • "You're such a damn liar."
  • "Thought you said that you would always be in love, but you're not in love no more."
  • "Did it frighten you how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?"
  • "Honey, I'll be seein' you wherever I go."
  • "I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it."
  • "I'll come get my things, but I can't let go."
  • "Played it so nonchalant, it's time we danced with the truth."
  • "I'm acting like I don't see."
  • "My hips have missed your hips."
  • "Will you sway with me?"
  • "We're King and Queen of the weekend."
  • "Ain't a pill that could touch our rush."
  • "But what will we do when we're sober?"
  • "These are the games of the weekend."
  • "We pretend that we just don't care."
  • "I know you're feeling it, too."
  • "Don't know you super well, but I think that you might be the same as me."
  • "Let's let things come out of the woodwork."
  • "I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lies."
  • "Know I think you're awesome, right?"
  • "Blowing shit up with homemade dynamite."
  • "Might get your friend to drive, but he can hardly see."
  • "I guess we're partying."
  • "You know it's really gonna blow."
  • "Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom floor."
  • "I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush."
  • "I overthink your punctuation use."
  • "A rush at the beginning, I get caught up, just for a minute."
  • "Lover, you're the one to blame, all that you're doing."
  • "Can you hear the violence?"
  • "Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you."
  • "We're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre, down the back, but who cares - still the Louvre."
  • "You are not my type, still I fall."
  • "I'm just the sucker who let you fill her mind."
  • "Baby really hurt me."
  • "He don't wanna know me, says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm, says it was poison."
  • "I guess I'll go home."
  • "I'll go home into the arms of the girl that I love."
  • "She's so hard to please, but she's a forest fire."
  • "You're a little much for me."
  • "You're a liability, you're a little much for me."
  • "The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy 'til all of the tricks don't work anymore and then they are bored of me."
  • "Better on my own."
  • "I understand, I'm a liability."
  • "Get you wild, make you leave."
  • "I'm a little much for everyone."
  • "You're all gonna watch me disappear into the sun."
  • "Please could you be tender, and I will sit close to you."
  • "Let's give it a minute before we admit that we're through."
  • "I remember the rush when forever was us, before all of the winds of regret and mistrust."
  • "Our love is a ghost."
  • "Well I guess I should go."
  • "Alone with the hard feelings of love."
  • "God I wish I believed you when you told me this was my home."
  • "I light all the candles, cut flowers for all my rooms. I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "These days, we kiss and we keep busy."
  • "Three years, loved you every single day."
  • "It was real for me."
  • "Now I'll fake it every single day 'til I don't need fantasy."
  • "I still remember everything, how we'd drift buying groceries, how you'd dance for me."
  • "I'll start letting go of little things 'til I'm so far away from you."
  • "Bet you wanna rip my heart out."
  • "Bet you wanna skip my calls now."
  • "Well guess what? I like that."
  • "I'm gonna mess your life up, gonna wanna tape my mouth shut."
  • "We're a loveless generation."
  • "We're a loveless generation; all fuckin' with our lover's heads."
  • "Know you won't remember in the morning."
  • "All the glamour, and the trauma, and the fucking melodrama."
  • "They'll talk about us, all the lovers, how we kissed and killed each other."
  • "We told you this was melodrama."
  • "You're walking out to be a good man for someone else."
  • "Sorry I was never good like you."
  • "Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd."
  • "Did my best to exist just for you."
  • "Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark."
  • "She's gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart."
  • "I'll love you 'til my breathing stops."
  • "I'll love you 'til you call the cops on me."
  • "I'll find a way to be without you, babe."
  • "I still feel you, now and then."
  • "When you see me, will you say I've changed?"
  • "I love it here since I've stopped needing you."
  • "I am my mother's child."
  • "We keep trying to talk about us."
  • "I'm someone you maybe might love."
  • "I'll be your quiet afternoon crush, be your violent overnight rush."
  • "I fall into continents and cars, all the stages and the stars."
  • "In my head, I do everything right."
  • "When you call, I'll forgive and not fight."
  • "Ours are the moments I play in the dark."
  • "We were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart."
  • "Maybe all this is the party, maybe we just do it violently."
  • "You're not what you thought you were."
  • "Every night, I live and die."
  • "It's just another graceless night."
  • "I hate the headlines and the weather."
  • "I'm 19 and I'm on fire."
  • "When we're dancing, I'm alright."
  • "This is how we get notorious."
  • "We are young and we're ashamed."
  • "All of our heroes fading."
  • "I can't stand to be alone."
  • "Let's go to perfect places."
  • "Let's kiss and then take off our clothes."
  • "All the nights spent off our faces."
  • "What the fuck are perfect places anyway?"
  • "All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places."
let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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You spend a lot of nights awake and shaking, full of a deep fury. You shoot arrows of hatred and they all seem to come back and attack your heart like boomerangs. Loneliness licks away at you like a wolf observing its prey. Some nights you can’t imagine a night darker than this one. Nights where the light is at the end of some very long tunnel and you’re tired. Your body is tired of moving forward. You spend a lot of time asking yourself “how can I fix this?” Because the thing is, you want to get better. You want to feel better, live better. People around you give you all kinds of advice - start exercising, talk it out, write it out, drink more water. But that’s too much. You handle it the only way you know how: by surviving. You sleep often, eat when you can, shower when you remember, meet up with friends when you feel up to it.

Because the thing is, the thing that no one tells you is that healing is monotonous. Boring. Exhausting. It takes forever and it always feels like you aren’t making any headway. You have a bad night and it feels like you’re right back where you started. But one day, you get up before 11 and consider it a victory. Weeks later, you go for a walk and the fresh air clears the fog in your head for awhile. Sometime later, you’re sitting in a restaurant somewhere and it hits you that you feel lighter than before. Maybe it’s a small change but that’s fine because you go to bed that night telling yourself that tonight is not the darkest night.

We heal the same way we grow: slow and quiet until we bloom.

kwon soonyoung (hoshi) | university au

This is just really long lil headcanon since I’ve not finished writing any of my wips or gotten close to completion, I’m really sorry :(

infatuated hoshi x oblivious and conflicted reader (ft wingman jihoon)

  • so,, hoshi is known to be a bright ray of sunshine that dances amazingly and,,, well,,,, a bit of an unorganised student
  • the reason being, is that he’s so passionate about dancing and dedicates most of his free time practicing his free time including sleeping a full 8 hours
  • whenever he has class scheduled in the morning he wakes up late, phone in hand and bag on his shoulder as he runs out of his dorm screaming his head off
  • he only just makes it in time for class and when he sits down, he sets up his phone to record the lesson and falls asleep immediately
  • you know of hoshi, and vice versa, through mutual friends
  • you’ve met before and talked a bit, but you aren’t what would be considered close friends even though you both share the same music class
  • and as it turns out, his reputation precedes him as you idolise him for his creative choreography, undeniable talent and outgoing personality
  • you have also always wanted to be friends with him,,, but deep down, you feel like you’d like to be a bit more than just friends
  • you happen to sit beside him by chance one day and see him go about his routine but,,,
  • halfway though the class you notice his phone is running low on battery
  • so being the kind person you are, you sacrifice your own phone’s battery to save hoshi’s grades
  • and as if a curse has been lifted, hoshi wakes up once class is done and packs up to leave
  • but before he can, you take your chance to speak up “you’re actually pretty smart”
  • and hoshi is like ?? what do you mean???
  • so you explain “oh, I just never thought to record lessons”
  • and he’s,, kinda embarrassed but also pretty bashful at someone calling him smart
  • meanwhile you realise that you have no means of sharing the rest of the video that you took for him so you abruptly ask “by the way, what’s your phone number?”
  • and hoshi just,,, he’s shook to say the least like how sudden yet smooth was that??
  • and you quickly realise from his expression that,, oh,,, oh no,,,,, this is a BIG misunderstanding
  • “I just wANTED TO KNOW BC YOUR PHONE RAN OUT OF BATTERY AND I TOOK A VIDEO FOR THE REST OF THE LESSON FOR YOU-” but you stop before you embarrass yourself any further
  • ,,, and you two just stand there awkwardly in silence for a while,,,
  • “I-I have something really important that I need to attend to s-so,, uh you could ask jihoon for my number, sorry”
  • you don’t know why, but you can’t help but feel dejected as you let out a quiet sure and watch him go
  • “that boy,, is so dumb”
  • is the first thing jihoon says after you finish telling him about the whole ordeal
  • “he’s so careless and im sorry that you had to do this for him”
  • “no it’s okay, I just thought that we could be friends if I did this”
  • and jihoon is like “friends?? I thought you were-” until he realises that oh,,, OH i get it now
  • and you’re like whatwhatwhat
  • but all jihoon says is “nothing~” before he tells you where to find hoshi if you want his number
  • and,, you frown bc you don’t want to be rejected again,,, especially in person,,, TWICE
  • instead, you say goodbye to jihoon as you go back to your dorm to study
  • a few hours later, you get a text from jihoon saying “i need some help with writing lyrics for my song. go to the recording room, ill be there in a bit.”
  • it’s weird and unlike him, but you comply and make your way there and see jihoon smiling brightly
  • “hey, thanks for coming here on short notice, but could you going into the recording booth? I need to see if this sounds good with the melody”
  • you agree, entering the dark room and, low and behold, it’s a confused hoshi staring back at your equally confused face
  • “hoshi?”
  • “he locked me in here”
  • then you hear a little familiar laugh as the door closes behind the two of you with a click and jihoon talking through the mic
  • “hey nerds, talk to each other and confess or whatever and I’ll let you out”
  • and hoshi lets out an awkward laugh “so uh this is weird, I’m sorry about jihoon I had no idea that he’d do something like this”
  • you want to brush off the apology and make a joke but you’re curious, too curious about what jihoon meant “what did he mean by confess?”
  • hoshi’s laughter quietens down as he starts to fiddle with his shirt and a light blush appears on his cheeks
  • “w-well, I kinda have a thing for you. I really admire you and your musical talent,,, m-maybe I admire you a bit too much”
  • and you’re like “oh wow,, I don’t know what to say” bc you’ve admired him from afar for such a long time and you’re unsure about your feelings
  • and suddenly hoshi has felt the same?????
  • “its okay, please don’t feel pressured, you don’t have to say anything.” so you don’t and just sit there until you speak up again
  • “I really respect you and your talent, and I don’t want to confuse my feelings with that”
  • and hoshi,,,, hoshi lets out a soft defeated oh then says “so do you have feelings for me or?”
  • “I’m not entirely sure” and it’s silent again
  • jihoon thinks that he may have messed up big time and is about to get up to unlock the door when,,, “how about we go on a date? just to help confirm your feelings?”
  • at first you’re shocked, caught off guard at hoshi’s sudden proposal, but you consider it “ok, one date but please don’t get your hopes up”
  • hoshi is ecstatic and jihoon is pleased with himself, finally letting the two of you out
  • “don’t forget to exchange numbers!” and you don’t but only thanks to jihoon
  • that night, hoshi texts you the details of your date for next week and your heart jumps a bit at the thought
  • the next few days hoshi greets you with a smile, sits next to you and goes to sleep during class
  • you never notice it but he actually looks really,,, adorable,, even with drool coming out of his mouth
  • the night before your date with hoshi, you’re panicking and need jihoon to calm you down
  • “he’s whipped, fifty dollars he’d genuinely compliment if you showed up covered in blood. also, why are you so worried about how you look if you don’t like him that way?”
  • “I never said I didn’t return his feelings, I was just confused”
  • “but now you’re sure?” you dont respond and instead look through your clothing for an outfit to wear when your friend advises you to go for a dress and heels
  • but once you meet with hoshi, you feel overdressed when he leads you to an arcade
  • though he assures you saying “it’s fine and you look beautiful” and making you blush
  • as the date progresses, you begin to have fun and learn more about hoshi
  • “I like dancing a lot, but I want to write my own songs, in fact jihoon has been helping write lyrics”
  • “is that how he lured you into the recording studio?”
  • “pFt what? no,,,,,,,,, yeah it was”
  • hoshi lead you to his favourite game, and surprise, it’s ddr
  • but what hoshi doesn’t know is that you’re beast at ddr and beat the renowned dancer at his own game,,, quite literally
  • “I think I’m in love”
  • “shut it kwon, we’re here to fight to the death”
  • “,,,,,, through the language of LOVE AKA DANCING”
  • it’s all fun and games until the clock hits 9 pm and you realise that you have a song to finish composing within two days
  • so, gentleman hoshi drapes his jacket over your shoulders and escorts you home
  • the walk is silent, not awkward and tense like before, but,,, comforting
  • “ive always wanted to be a dancer, nothing else ever really came to mind whenever someone asked what I wanted to be” hoshi’s voice is soft as he speaks
  • “everyone has always said that it’s not realistic, that it’s too competitive, that I might get hurt,,,” you continue to listen, his voice becoming croaky
  • “I’ve been told that the dancing is the only thing I know how to do and even im not considered good enough no matter how much I practice,,,
  • you hold his hand and squeeze it in reassurance ”,,, or that I’m not smart enough for any normal job and that’s why I chose dancing as my major"
  • “at first i envied how smart and talented you were so I tried to compete against you secretly, but over time, I began to realise that you weren’t competition, but someone I looked up to”
  • “you were one of the main reasons why I continued to dance, because you motivated and gave me the courage and strength to continue, thank you”
  • you’re too shocked and flustered at the revelations to notice that you’ve arrived as you absentmindedly watch hoshi walk away
  • you could turn around and go to your room,,,,, or,,, you could chase after hoshi right now at this very moment
  • you choose the latter, running in heels to catch up to hoshi
  • “oh my god, are you ok-”
  • “I was wrong”
  • when those words leave your mouth, hoshi believes that he has never felt so confused about anything until he met you
  • “before I said I didn’t want to mix my adoration with artificially forced love but really,,, i confused liking you with idolising you because, well, you’re kwon soonyoung, super star dancer hoshi,,,, and im just me”
  • it’s your turn to be confused and surprised as hoshi takes your hand into his kisses you gently
  • and wow,,, WOW fireworks are going off in your head
  • “even if you or others view yourself as average, that would be far from the truth, and even if that was true,,, Id still love you the way you are”
  • this time, you initiate the kiss and both pull away with wide goofy grins
  • “does this mean we can go on more dates?”
  • “mhm, just remember that i rule at ddr, dance king”

anonymous asked:

What would it be like if our shadows were people who loves us in our past life?

It seems more fitting to a poem or a short story doesn’t it? A few short words like

They told me I could be with you again, stay with you even as things have changed

We are sewn together at the feet, touching every second of every day but you cannot feel me. I can feel you… perhaps that is enough

Sometimes, when I linger, I see you have two shadows perhaps even three or more. Who are they? You’ve never mentioned them, but then again, you’ve never mentioned me.

It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would, watching you love again. You’ve lived so vibrantly and beautifully, it is enough that I had my time with you. What hurts the most, the thing that tortures me in my incorporeal existence… 
When the world is at it’s brightest, i am as close to you as I can be. But when the world turns to darkness… 
I vanish. Just like the first time… Even as you are reborn again and again I know I wasn’t there when you needed me most. And I never am, as much as I struggle and cry out I can not find you in the dark.

I miss you… I’m sorry.

Do you remember how we played, when you were just a little girl? Painting shadow creatures on the wall with the tiniest flashlight in you hands. And how when you were a bit older you told your friends you weren’t scared of the dark like they were. Was that because you knew I was there? You’ve always been so brave.

It’s so bright out today. You’re talking about going out and enjoying the sun and I hope that you do. The shadows are the strongest in the light. Maybe I can walk with you.

Sometimes you stare at your shadow. Do you know that its me? Can you feel it watching you too?

The Arrangement: Chapter Nine

Author’s Note: Soo this chapter is hella unedited but I’ll read over it asap, I just wanted to get it uploaded for you lovelies! Also, most of the info I got about the planet in this chapter is from Wookiepedia but I might have added a bit extra for Drama haha

Feedback is always appreciated, hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by kyloshipsreylo

“You’re… scared of losing me?”

“You’re my apprentice… and Snoke would kill me if anything happened to you.”

You huffed. Of course that’s what meant. You were foolish to have thought differently.

The Command Shuttle jolted slightly.

“It’ll be a bumpy landing!” You heard James shout out from the cockpit.

You turned back to Kylo, who was already moving, “Strap yourself in.”

You nodded, following him back to your seats.

Hux was already buckled in, gripping the sides of the chair tightly.

Cheer up, General,” you smirked as you echoed the words he had spoken to you.

You sat down just before the Shuttle dipped downwards at a steep angle. You also found yourself gripping the sides of your seat as you readied for the landing.

“Landing in 10…9…8…”, James’ voice drowned out as fear suddenly took over your entire body.

“What’s wrong with you?” You could hear Kylo faintly speaking to you in the background. But at this point, your eyes were drooping and your other senses were weakening at an alarming rate.

Then, complete darkness.

“Wha… Where…,” you struggled to form a coherent sentence when you came to your senses.

You could hear Kylo let out a sigh. You saw that his helmet was now off. “Stop trying to speak.”

Your eyes moved around slowly and you soon noticed that you were still in the Command Shuttle.

“We landed… fairly safely,” Hux said, looking disapprovingly at James.

“H-How…How long…”

“Barely an hour,” Kylo responded, having a good guess of what your question was. “You fainted before we landed.”

“I suppose I wasn’t the most terrified after all,” Hux said. He was obviously enjoying this.

You groaned, sitting yourself up slowly. You actually felt fine now, as if you were only waking up from a nap.

“Do you feel dizzy?”

You shook your head at Kylo as you stood up.

“Good. Be outside in five minutes.”

“What for?”

He stared at you incredulously, “Training, what else?”

You let out an exaggerated sigh, and you heard Hux snicker.

“Have you sent out a distress signal?” You turned to James, ignoring Hux and Kylo.

“Yes, Your Highness. No response as of yet, but it shouldn’t be long.”

“Good,” you mumbled, “The sooner we’re off this planet the better.”

You pushed passed Kylo as you walked down the ramp of the Shuttle, which was already open.

You immediately regretted your decision when you were met with a freezing cold wind. You blew away a snowflake that had landed on your cheek and frowned. It was like an even colder Starkiller Base.

“Where in the galaxy are we?” You muttered to yourself as you looked around. It looked barren, perhaps completely uninhabited. It was completely blanketed in snow but in the distance you could see the faint flow of lava sprouting up from the ground. What an odd planet. 

“Welcome to Ilum, Princess.” You hadn’t noticed Kylo come up from behind you.

You had felt a strange sensation as soon as you had stepped foot off the Shuttle, and it hadn’t gone away. This planet had a certain kind of… pull. That’s when you remembered. “S-s-so t-this is t-the J-edi’s f-f-famous p-planet?” Your teeth chattered through the entire sentence. You were freezing.

“What’s left of it,” he was clearly unbothered by the cold.

You raised an eyebrow, waiting for Kylo to continue.

“The Empire laid waste to it a long time ago. Stripped it for its resources.”

“What resources could the Empire have wanted from a sacred Jedi planet?

"Kyber crystals.”

Your eyes widened slightly at that, “They’re the ones that are used to power lightsabers, aren’t they?”

Kylo nodded, “But any that grew on this planet were harvested many moons ago. This is a wasteland now.”

“Then why were you so against coming here?”

Kylo paused for a moment, you could see that he was hesitant to continue, “You felt it too didn’t you, the moment you left the Command Shuttle? It’s a pull to the… to the Light.”

“Ah, so that’s what that nagging feeling is,” you half laughed, trying to diffuse the tension that had suddenly fallen between you.

“The Empire may have claimed this planet decades ago but the legacy of what it once was lives on. That’s why I didn’t want to bring you here, not when you’re still training. The very ground we walk on is steeped in remnants of the Jedi Order and the Light Side.

"How do you know so much about this planet?”

“…Someone told me…once.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Snoke?”

He shook his head and remained silent.

“Who then?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Promise I won’t tell anyone,” you said light-heartedly.

“Y/N…” He warned.

“Kylo…” You matched his tone.

He sighed, “My… uncle. Now that’s the end of it so don’t–”

“Luke Skywalker,” you whispered.

His head shot up, suddenly curious, “How do you know that name?”

You shrugged, “I-I don’t know, I just sort of felt it.” Certainly, you had heard the name before, but it was as if someone had just whispered it to you in that moment. You felt compelled to utter it aloud, like something was urging you to.

Kylo furrowed his eyebrows, “Get back into the Command Shuttle, we will train inside.”


Now Princess.”

Kylo hid his emotions well even without his helmet, both physically and mentally. He couldn’t have you sensing his concern. 

It was as if this planet was speaking to you. Willing you to uncover his past with the Light Side. A past that he had been trying for so many years to bury. He knew of this planet’s power. You were on the verge of finding out and Kylo wouldn’t have that. He simply couldn’t.

You felt strange. The same voice you had heard in your head moments ago had dulled down to a low murmur. But you could still hear it clearly. He’s lying to you, Y/N.

“What are you hiding from me?” You stopped in your tracks before you could reach the Shuttle’s ramp. 

“Excuse me?”

“You’re keeping something from me. Something important.”


“Kylo this planet… it’s like I can hear its thoughts,” you told him, almost in awe.

He scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

You shook your head, “You know I’m telling the truth. You’re hiding something from me, I can feel it.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he huffed. He needed to get you off this planet for good, “Now get back inside–”

“You weren’t scared that I would leave you for Light Side if we came here, you were scared that I would find out the truth, weren’t you?” You were half shouting now.

“The truth about what exactly?” His voice rising too.

“I don’t know!” You threw your hands up in defeat, “Something you should have told me a long time ago, I can tell that much.” You were certain of this.

“I owe you no truths!” He snapped, roughly grabbing your forearm, “Now get back into the Shuttle before I make you.”

In that moment, you heard another delicate whisper in the back of your head. As if someone… or perhaps something on this planet wasn’t going to leave you alone until you heard it. Only, this whisper was different, it was the same word over and over again. It kept getting louder until finally it screamed throughout your mind. And that’s when you heard yourself saying it out loud.


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college!au bts yoongi
  • majors in fine arts
  • he’s usually always seen at a desk in the corner of the library drawing sketches in his notebook while listening to music
  • and most of the time, he spends his whole day in there without getting up at all
  • and he’s completely okay with working the entire time if it means no social interactions with anyone at school and lmao everyone knows this
  • the only people he’s ever gotten close with are seokjin and hoseok and even then, he still sometimes gets annoyed with their presence
  • he’s heavily committed to his major, constantly creating dozens of new ideas and immediately sketching them in his notebook no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing
  • his fav classes are drawing and painting bc he thinks they help him express and manage himself in this ever-changing chaotic world that he lives in
  • and let me tell you, when he’s drawing he ends up in a trance like state and to him it’s a fascinating, intoxicating, and relaxing feeling
  • he gets a lot of inspirations from the different people, events, and basically anything he sees everyday
  • like when he’s walking from his 8am class to the library, he’ll notice that oh? the cherry blossom are blooming?? wow spring already,,,?
  • so when he sits in his usual area in the library, he’ll just have those cherry blossom trees in mind and sketch a fucking landscape
  • and he’ll think about painting it the next day for fun lol
  • but how do you meet him exactly? well you were walking to the library with multiple books in your hand and you weren’t even looking ahead you were on your phone
  • so you didn’t even realize that you were about to run into an urgent and messy haired yoongi
  • and lmao he wasn’t even looking ahead either, at that moment he was wondering like “why did i ever thought it was such a good idea to have an 8am class when i never even wake up. and now see i’m late again!1!!”
  • now books are flying everywhere bc you two didn’t see each other
  • and you’re like omg i’m so sorry i’m such a klutz and he just drops to his knees to help pick up your books in a hurry and he’s like uh no i should apologize i was in such a hurry i wasn’t looking in front of me
  • you get on your knees too to gather up the books and you just say “omg you don’t need to help me these are mine anyway” and he’s like dude its cool i got it
  • while you two are picking up the books, you ended up brushing your hand against his and oh my goodness he pauses for a sec and lifts his head up 
  • and wow this is the first time your eyes meet with his and you just think “hUUhhH this guy is so attractive,,??”
  • but like he thinks the same way towards you……? and he feels his face burning up so he picks up the last book before getting up and “here you go, i’m running a little late and i apologize for all of this” before he literally runs to class and you’re just like “……thanks..?”
  • this may sound cliche but this is how you two meet ok
  • no matter how much yoongi loves his class, he couldn’t help but keep thinking about his little run in to you. how soft your hand felt, how beautiful your eyes were, and just the sound of your voice he couldn’t get out of his mind. but by the end of class, he’ll brush it all off bc “that’s probably the only time i’ll see them”
  • the next day he’s in the library, as usual, but this time after studying for a while he looks around his surroundings and the first thing that his eyes land on is you,,? and you’re only sitting at the table right across from his and he’s just like oh lord
  • without even thinking twice, he opens his notebook and sketches your whole outline while etching your entire image in his head, not forgetting a single detail
  • when he looks up from his notebook though, you were staring at him and he just froze lmao 
  • but then you smile and start heading to his table and he’s like oMG 
  • and you just “oh you’re the guy from yesterday right? it’s nice seeing you not in such a hurry” and he doesn’t know what to say,,?/
  • but then you look down at his notebook and ask “oh are you an art major?”
  • and lol for a sec he forgets that it was you that he was sketching and closes his notebook shut and be like “ oh uH yeah i am haha that wasn’t you in my notebook just now haha
  • and you just get so excited like wow “i don’t take art but i appreciate it so much” and you have a full on conversation with him about these different artists you love and about all the history you know. and you two didn’t even realize how much time passed by until they announce that they’re closing the library soon 
  • and before you two head out in your own rooms, he’s like “i’m yoongi btw” and you tell him your name and he’ll just give you the most adorable smile and you’re just like “uhhhuh he really is attractive”
  • for the next couple of weeks you two would always meet in the library or have coffee together and soon enough you two are exchanging numbers. and he’s like “when did we ever get so close”
  • seokjin and hoseok tease him a lot when it comes to you. “I am so proud of you, you’re finally talking to someone that’s not us” and yoongi’s like sHUTUP YOU TWO WILL YOU
  • “yoongi you need to ask them out already”
  • and yoongi will be like pfftt what are you talking about? i don’t even like them like that. i have so much work to do i don’t have time to date anyone”
  • literally at that moment, he gets a text from you asking where you two are gonna meet today aND he’ll be smiling at his phone the entire time while seokjin and hoseok are like uhuh sure you don’t like them
  • one day you two decided to have an adventure out in the city so here you two were out in the busy streets. and when he looks up at the sky with all the tall skyscrapers he couldn’t help but take his notebook out and draw a little
  • you didn’t mind but there was a page in the notebook that caught your attention and you’re like ???? wait yoongi can you go back to that page aND he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about lol
  • and you’re like pls and all he says is hUhh
  • so when he does turn back to the page of a sketch of you you’ll be like “is that suppose to be ???
  • and all he says is yup, yeah, yes it is and omg i apologize i know its weird
  • and you cut him off like “i knew you were good at art, but yoongi this is really nice !!” and he’s just dumbfounded
  • and at that moment he couldn’t help it, he gave you a light peck on the lips and “gOD i really like you ok”
  • and your face starts burning up like “yoongi,,,,, i like you too” before kissing him back
  • and that’s how you two started dating
  • and honestly he appreciates and loves you so much for loving every part of him you basically just bring out the best in him
  • but you know he cant express his feelings to you vocally, but his actions speak just as much and you’re completely ok with it
  • and he’s constantly always drawing your figure at the most unexpected times. like when you have coffee with him, he’ll take his notebook out. when you cuddle in his dorm, he’ll also take his notebook out
  • and you don’t think it’s weird but you think its just really cute
  • bc you’re in love with him
  • and he’s in love with you
July Soundtrack for the Signs

Okay so I thought this would be kinda cool? Doing monthly readings for you guys but in the form of a song. 

Check you rising sign for outward influences, your sun sign for your personal energies, and your moon sign for your emotional energies. If you arent sure how to interpret all the energies together shoot me an ask and I will explain it for you.

Aries • Vance Joy - My Kind of Man

I think its important for you guys be who you wanna be. Don’t let anyone tell you how it is unless you agree with them. Go with the flow. Leave everything you know about love, happiness, and friendship at the door because some new energy is coming into your life. You wont want to embrace it at first because you know, new beginnings are scary but try and accept it and let it take you away. Do the things that you love and that you’ve always wanted to do. Just enjoy life this month and you will be rewarded with positive energy. 

Taurus • Asta - Dynamite 

You will be walking on air this month. You will be filled with confidence and just happiness. Things will be clicking together as if by magic. You’ve been stuck in some crappy situations but now its empowering you, making you look up at the stars and realise everything is for a reason. You will be shining your light in every area of your life. You will be having so much fun this month. Just be careful not to let people bring you down, don’t give them the power. If they’re trying to pull you down they’re already below you, remember that. 

Gemini • Colin and Caroline - Maps 

Its time for you guys to move on from that bad situation you’ve been stuck in. Its just bringing you down. I know you dont want to but you must because theres no point being stuck in something you dont enjoy. You need love and you just aren’t getting it at the moment. Nurture yourself and worry about everyone else later. It may hurt them but its the best thing for you. Don’t let your fears control you. If you leave that situation better energy will be coming into your life to fill that hole. Keep faith my lil Geminis.

Cancer • The Daydream Club - Saltwater

This month is going to be magical for you guys. The stuff that you’ve been dreaming of will be coming into your life. Everything will fall into place. You will be going with the flow of the ocean and you will let it take you to where you need to go. You trust that everything is how its meant to be. It just seems like you guys are in a trance of happiness. I have an image of you sitting on a donut floatie being carried away from the shore and taken to the most beautiful island. At last you’re getting what you want. If you guys are Cancer suns I hope you have/had a lovely Birthday! 

Leo • Janet Devlin - Friday Im in Love

I feel like there is some shit going on for you guys but its okay because this month you will realise that the little things outweigh the big. Even if only a moment is good for you this month it doesn’t matter because it fills you with hope. You’ll be throwing caution to the wind and will be doing things that make you happy. Also know that its okay to fall apart sometimes but don’t let it consume you.

Virgo • Dresses - Drift away

I feel like you guys are giving up this month. You just feel so alone. You’ve had enough of feeling like shit and you’re out of touch with the people that used to mean so much to you. You hate that you cant control everyone and your own emotions. I think you guys just need to let go a bit. You cant control everything so why even bother trying, ya know? Its just making you unhappy. Just tell the truth to yourself and others. If it hurts them, it hurts them. 

Libra • A New Normal - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 

You’re going to be full of passion this month. Theres a fire behind your eyes that is pushing you towards your goal. You’re so sick of people trying to tell you who to be and how to act. You are telling them all to stick it up their asses. The clouds are clearing and the stars a showing themselves. You can feel the oneness of the world beating below the surface. You will just be very powerful this month. Just watch that your words aren’t too harsh otherwise you could have some negative consequences.

 Scorpio • Walk Off the Earth - Speeches 

I feel like you’re sick of having to hide who you really are for other people. You want to show people your fire and I would say go for it! You have been feeling bound lately and you just need to break the chains that surround your heart. Theres a light up in your future and you’re moving at high speed towards it. No one can see it expect you but you know its coming. Trust your intuition because you know better then anyone else what you want you receive. Keep faith my loves because its coming soon.

Sagittarius •  Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

You’ve been waiting so long for what you want and you’re getting sick of waiting. You need to take the reins and control it. Theres no point doting over something if you dont take action. You’ll go crazy soon enough. Sag is the sign of action so take it! Those bad guys aren’t gonna die unless you shoot your arrows. Stop letting people control you and just go for it! You’ll discover something knew about yourself if you do. 

Capricorn • Clean Bandit - Extraordinary 

You’re starting to become more aware of the gears at work in your life. You are seeing the big picture now. Everything is moving around you and you’re just enjoying the ride. You realise that there isnt any point in feeling lonely when theres so much going around you. You need to step out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Everything that is wrong will all be fine so dont go trying to avoid situations. Not everything is going to go wrong, I promise. Now step up and keep going!

Aquarius • Secret Nation - Tonight

You’re kinda scared of time right now. Everything is going so fast and everytime you try and stop it it doesn’t work. I think you just need to enjoy it instead of trying to control it. Go out and have a good time, everything will work out soon enough. You’re the one whos put your heart in bounds so if you only stop for a second you could un do it. Stop trying to blame other people for the way you’re hurting when its your own damn fault. Honestly you just needa chill this month. You guys should try meditating and watch time slow down.

Pisces • Bear’s Den - Elysium 

I feel like you’re letting go but in the good way. You’re throwing caution to the wind and stepping into the unknown hoping the world will catch you. You’re starting a new chapter. You might feel alone on this journey but trust that its the right path for you to take. Don’t listen to those voices in your head that are telling you to give up because they aren’t whats best for you. Trust in your intuition and let life embrace you. Hold on my lil fishes for the darkness will come but with it the stars will shine and the morning light will be here soon. Don’t become bitter but instead keep hope in your heart.

{ p a r a m o u n t } {part two}

                                                   Summary :

You were stuck in a life of routine, until one night you stumbled upon a hill - changing your life forever.

Notes: Bucky x Reader, Fluff, Some Angst

100 notes and I will do a part three!!!

IF there’s another part, expect it to be much longer! (just laying the groundwork for these two ;))

Keep reading