i feel like it's mocking me


Why I’m Upset About TFP

No, I’m not upset because Johnlock didn’t become canon. I’m upset because the whole trailer revolved around Sherlock saying, “I love you” to someone, and it didn’t even mean anything. Even if Sherlock said he loved John in a family type of way and not a romantic way, I would be happy. Sherlock would rather kill his brother than John, he obviously loves John and maybe its not in a romantic way but he still loves John and I want him to acknowledge it. They used the song I Want To Break Free, a song about coming out, a song about being who you are. It makes me so sad and it makes me feel like an idiot. They mocked us at every level

actual chat log between lance and keith
  • keith: adsense just showed me an ad promoting a sale at hot topic for fingerless gloves and i honestly feel attacked
  • lance: i can't believe you got dragged by freaking ADSENSE
  • lance: it's not slander if it's true
  • keith: FUCK
  • keith: SHUT
  • lance: eloquent as ever, keithy boy
  • keith: you mock my eloquence and then say "keithy boy"
  • lance: ...this is going on my blog.

I really wish people on this website would be nicer to people who ask them legitimate questions on a controversial subject. Instead of yelling at followers who don’t understand your stance, maybe kindly educate them, not belittle them. You don’t know who is behind the anon icon, and it’s honestly so sad to me, to see them mocked and treated like shit even when the blog is defending my opinion. Instead of shitting on people, please just calmly educate them.



Now this mock-up is for the skirt, obviously, and it’s super rough because I’m was using my muslin to test out skirt shapes more than anything else. I ended up really liking this ¾ circle skirt with a little wrap over my left leg so I just decided to leave it be for now. I’m almost positive that the 4-way stretch will drape much nicer when all is said and done, so I’m not too worried about that yet. Feel free to message me if you want my math for the skirt design :)

Using @sinsoo’s advice I made the waistband in a hot dog bun shape, and after a few trims, it turned out great!

Now I just have to wait for my stretchy mock-up to ship to me so I can start playing with the actual leotard pattern, which will also need to be modified to make room for the skirt. Woo!

anonymous asked:

as a bi person, do you feel disconnected from lgbt spaces? im bi and I always feel sort of bad at lgbt groups and pages. feels like im not wanted there. theres always comments about how bi people are faking it or are indecisive and everytime a girl comes out as bi, ppl are always saying things like "shes just curious, shes not really lgbt". im not comfortable in most lgbt spaces and I was wondering if its just me or you feel similarly

I have definitely felt this. I’ve been scared to even say I’m bi at times. Because I never know what people’s reactions will be. Whether I’ll be taken seriously or not. I’ve stayed closeted around lgbtq people before just because I’m afraid I’ll be mocked if I say I’m bi. And I have experienced biphobia from gay people who were my friends. Literally told to my face “that’s not real” once. Read their facebook rants about how “bi girls always hop on the first dick available.” And let’s not even get into fandom shipping spaces that so often are dripping with biphobia. I’ve encountered it in like… every fandom I’ve participated in to some extent. And on the internet in general. Not just fandom. Literally had to unfollow people I was mutuals with for saying biphobic things on more than one occasion in the past. The only parts of the lgbtq community I’ve felt truly connected with are the bi and ace spaces. I’ve stuck to those too because the only people who care about bi people are other bi people. There is just a severe problem with bi people being hated within their own community. Which hurts like hell and feels like a never ending battle to be accepted/represented not only to the general population but also within our own community.

gonna b real honest for a min here bc ive been thinkin about it lately

i talk abt christianity/religion under the cut so if u not interested in readin its totally cool to scroll past

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i feel like its been a while since i updated everyone on the many ailments i have had in the past few weeks, mainly the cellulitis i mentioned on my right toe. as you may know, i was put on pretty strong antibiotics, flucloxacilin, which then made me ill after 2 days of the course. i recovered after a few days but these days were during my mock examinations so i missed 4 of them. by the end of the antibiotic course my toe looked as though it had gotten better as we kept soaking it in salty water. however i have now contracted a very aggressive cold. so i return to school to finish my exams, and after the official exam period is over the next day im expected to complete all four of the exams i missed. since i was still sick and also the time constraints meant i did awful on them. then skip to the christmas period and me and my entire family get ill. i was throwing up the whole of boxing day night and were all just real ill, i have no appetite for days afterwards it was horrible. cut to about a week later i notice my infection acting up again so we start soaking it in saltwater again. however, we forgot to keep up with it. i checked my toe again after a little while a few days ago and its bleeding and its generally disgusting, the grossest its been so far. we go to the hospital and they give me even stronger antibiotics, im talking as in they barely ever give these out, because the infection is so aggressive. so not only did i do shit on my exams and get really ill over christmas i also have a disgusting toe which at worse could be fucking amputated. i felt the need to just complain about this but the good news is i only have to take 3 of these antibiotics a day rather than 4 like the others and dont have to plan my entire life around when im taking them for a week which is nice.


What does this trouble-maker want with Steven and The Crystal Gems? We’ll see, in the new episode, Technicolor Menace!”

some mock model-sheets for bismuth so that i can have “official” references! it’s neat to see them all put together, i feel so professional uwu

my new gemsona, serendibite, will have her sheets up next! and then still, their magnificent fusion :o but for now, bismuth’s final revised bio is down below!

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Am I the only one who hates _character of the day? Like they promote random characters and claim that they are _. Normally I’m ok with headcanons, but these blog promote them as canon. I just really hate those blogs. One character is not trans, another one does not have a mental disorder.

The only reason why I actually made this blog post is cuz I saw a new one called straightcharacteroftheday and basically they’re saying no one is hetrosexual. I don’t know why this bothers me so much because I feel like its mocking people who are actually trans, having mental disorders, etc and these blogs just shit all over it.

Its just a rant so ignore it.

Stroke God, Millionaire
  • Stroke God, Millionaire
  • Dance Gavin Dance
  • Instant Gratification

Dance Gavin Dance - Stroke God, Millionaire

It’s so relieving to show my ray,
Beam of belief in identity
It’s not deceiving to be this way
I came to show you my sack

The things that you do with your attitude
I’m awkward, I’m chipper, I’m random dude
The picture, I like it, so don’t be rude
We all came here just to fap

I’m in love with the feeling that I’m loved
Not alone, so alone
Take my money take all that I’ve got
All that I’ve got

And I’m daydreaming of a taste I can’t hold back

Only I share with the lesson, I’m mocking it
Letting the pear flip its shape
Top of the tumor its rumored I’m neutered
A fabulous rape in the taint

I’m in love with the feeling that I’m loved
Not alone, so alone
Stroke my ego turn me into God
I am god

things that annoy me about each sign (from my experience)
  • aries: you know that they'll argue anything you say if they disagree with you, even if they know they're wrong
  • taurus: they always wanna argue, its like you look for things to fight about
  • gemini: when they mock you it makes you feel like crap stop pls
  • cancer: they never own up to their mistakes smh, just act like the victim
  • leo: they never open up about anything bc they never let their guard down to maintain their reputation
  • virgo: they never even realize when they did something wrong
  • libra: they struggle to make decisions and try to get me to choose for them and it freaks me out??
  • scorpio: a lil intimidating tbh
  • sagittarius: so concerned with what they want they don't notice other stuff thats going on
  • capricorn: bossy af and when stuff doesn't go their way they pout
  • aquarius: when you fight with them they don't even try to fix it, like they just give up
  • pisces: more stubborn then you think, and play the victim a lot

Insane, idiotic Starco Trash ahead, because why not.

Seriously, how should Star and Marco’s first kiss go?
Should it happen during one of their frantic monster fights? You know, a la Pirates of Carribean (it would actually fit the show’s tone, imho). Or maybe in a calm, more “teen-ish” atmosphere, a prom, a party, just chilling. Whatever. Considering the show’s premise, I like the idea of the two finally confessing their true feelings for each other while an epic battle is raging around them, basically like Hermione and Ron from the final Harry Potter book, with another character rollings its eyes or mocking them: “Really? You’re doing this now?!”.

What kind of clothes should they wear (”nothing” is not an answer)?
This is important to me: I’m pure trash for the “royal princess dates the regular guy” (and viceversa) trope and I think it’s cute how Star usually wears those colorful, fancy dresses while Marco is just sporting the same red hoodie. It really reinforces the concept of their “cross-class” relationship, which I’m a sucker for. I know that the show already (nicely) tackled/got rid of the “she’s a princess I’m just a guy” sub-plot, but I don’t know, it’s just really cute for me.

Should they say some kind of “call-back” pre-kiss one-liner?
You know this one, imagine Marco saying again “I don’t want you to go, I want you to stay with us…” in the series finale, as a meaningful echo from the very first episode, just as the princess is leaving for Mewni (or something like that -she has to leave eventually) or Star herself going all “Come here… you misunderstood bad boy.” or “Girls dig safe kids…” (as a quick ‘take-that’ to the “Girls dig bad boys” stereotype -which also kinda applies to Star and it’s even more ironic considering that Marco introduced himself as a bad boy).

Should it happen at the end of the series or some episodes before it?
The show is hopefully not going to pull a “Kim Possible” on us, in which Kim and Ron’s (that show’s official couple) kiss/relationship upgrade happened in literally the last few seconds of the then-series finale (So The Drama, before the show was renewed for another post-finale season). What I love about Starco is that it’s visibly developing, and fast. The show already (and surprisingly) played the “romantic dance” card with Blood Moon Ball, during Season 1. I wouldn’t be surprised that Star and Marco’s relationship is not just an endgame, but an actually important plot-point of the show’s story and not something rushed/forced in the series finale (like many other shows did -many times). I’m pretty sure that the two dorks will somehow share their first kiss way before the show’s ending; whether it will/should be a “fake” / “accidental” kiss (that causes some awkwardness) or a “moment of weakness” one it’s up to you.

This was my (almost) daily reminder that Starco is ruining my life.
Thanks for reading.


i loved the ot7 scenes in the I Need U MVs and the idea of surrounding yourself with people that make you happy so i made a BTS mock MV to cher lloyd’s Oath a song all about friendship and it made me have lots of ot7 feels it’s a happier version of the mv ig lol

((i also used windows movie maker so it’s choppy sorry lol i’m not a professional okAY i also reused a few scenes cause i was running out oops ignore that too lol))