i feel like it's danielle but idk


@thesmallestquinn Yo I have not had the motivation to finish any CC fanart but y'know here you go
Also I feel like David was a little bit into Daniel bc like,, David isn’t stupid he just had a crush c'mon
Also have a bonus Max bc I relate to him on a personal level and He is Me

so i thought about making a maxvid au where david is daniels son, and because of this he had literally barely ANY FRIENDS. i mean Jasper and Gwen is probably his ONLY friends, but even they find themselves being around davids father daniel who is this really creepy preacher unsettling so i feel like, david who would soon get pretty tired of being lonely at the point of his preteen years would become desperate for a very close friend. his sadness starts to reflect in his actions and the usually perky david is now acting pretty depressed. Daniel notices this, and concerned he does what most priest parents would do, tell david the answers to his problems can be found if he did some soul searching and read some books that involve daniels cult religion. so, david does just that, and because of that he ends up summoning a demon that is supposedly supposed to grant wishes to those with miserable lives and are desperate enough to turn to evil and sell their souls.

so the demon who is Max shows up and asks david what he wants and David just says he want a friend for life and explains that the reason why he summoned Max was so that he could have a friend who would never leave him and would be bound forever. Of course, Max declines and attempts to leave, but David is relentless and threatens to keep summoning Max until the other changes his mind. After stopping to contemplate it for a while max really didnt want to be stuck with a kid for all eternity, but he also (specifically in this au, kinda like bill cypher) cant take Davids soul if the other doesnt grant him permission with a deal. So he agrees, thinking that if he just proved himself to be the shittiest and horrible friend to David by scaring him constantly and horrifying him David will reconsider. Unfortunately, David does get scared of Max for a little while but eventually warms up to him slightly, and soon enough finds himself immune to Maxs scares. He ends up falling in love with the demon and even though Max is still very angry and confused as to why David wont crack, he slowly, and i mean SLOWLY starts to find tolerance in the others presence, but will never fully admit he likes david. whole bunch of shenanigans happen and smutty things.

Fancasts :)


James Potter- Aaron Taylor Johnson

Ive always gone along with the crowd with this one ATJ is THE perfect James no doubt about it like look at him 

Sirius Black- Ben Barnes

Again another crowd pleaser but seriously (lol) look at him he is the physical  embodiment of Sirius.. the smirk the hair everything hes perfect 

Remus Lupin- Andrew Garfield 

This is undisputed for me because Andrew has that nerdish vibe, yet still gives off the essences of a laid back, chill guy and idk that is Remus for me

Severus Snape- Louis Garrel 

This was hard cause Louis Garrel is so hot and I hate Snape so much but he has the features and the hair and it just works and i hate it 

Peter Pettigrew- Jamie Bell

Again another hatred for a character but love for an actor.. Jamie Bell afain just works his got smaller pointier features like Peter would have but like i still hate pettigrew 

Lily Evans- Karen Gillian 

Karen has always been Lily for me because she gives of the hot headed nerdish girl and there are some edits out there of her and ATJ that have driven me to tears with how perfect it is so yes she is Lily

Regulus Black- Dane DeHaan 

Dane is one of my favorite actors and Regulus is one of my favorite characters even though he isnt mentioned much until the end hes a fallen hero of sorts and Dane portrays the cool yet serious and loyal guy that Regulus would be.. hed be the fallen hero and i love it

Marlene Mckinnon- Natalie Dormer 

NATALIE DORMER IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS OF ALL TIME AND SHES SO HOT IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER……. anyway… Marlene had to have been like the most attractive badass human being to get Sirius Black to fall n love with her and Natalie is the definition of hot and badass like that smirk and those eyes and my god i love her 

Next Generation: 

Teddy Lupin- Hunter Parrish 

I had Luke Newberry before but i was scrolling through some things and Hunter Parrish just like was perfect like it all just clicked.. Teddy i feel would just be adorable yet so hot that all the girls would fawn over him yet hed be so blind to how attractive he really is

James Sirius Potter- Robbie Sheehan

Ive seen so many people fancasted as James Sirius and the only one whose ever stuck with me is Robbie… Robbie is sarcastic and gives off a snarky “i dont give a fuck” attitude and that is James.. His smile is what sold me tho.. its a smile that just hints at charming and troublemaking and i love it

Albus Rubeus Potter- Logan Lerman 

I fought myself for so long putting Logan here but he really is perfect.. i saw an edit somewhere that had ATJ, Dan Radcliffe, and him all next to each other and it just worked so well that i couldnt refuse 

Lily Luna Potter- Jane Levy

Jane Levy fits the bill for me because she has Harry’s eyes and Ginny hairs so its a perfect combo in my eyes and i love it she has the attitude of someone whose has to deal with James Sirius and Albus for brothers too so lol

Hugo Weasley- PJ Ligouri

PJ is just so cute and adorable and sweet and i think Hugo would be the exact same like for this its more personality than face but i feel PJ also has a ron like build being tall and lanky and his eyes with Hermiones hair and sharp features ugh i love it 

Rose Weasley- Sophie Turner

SOPHIE IS BAE AH she has Rons hair obviously and his eyes.. again this is more personality cause i picture Rose as fiery and adventurous and snarky and bubbly and that is what Sophie is 

Scorpius Malfoy- Bertie Gilbert

This is a bit obvious but like Bertie is so sweet yet so hot and also i thought hed look good with Sophie (oops im scorose trash) 

Victoire Weasley- Elizabeth Olsen 

I typed in Victoire Weasley Actress in google cause i wanted to see and get ideas and i scrolled fown really far till i saw Lizzie and i was like YASSS shes just perfect shes so gorgeous and gives off a veela vibe but she also has a little werewolf in her so shes tough and idk i think its perfect plus her and hunter would be SO CUTE 

Dominique Weasley- Britt Robertson

I always felt Dominique would be a lot like Bill personality wise, yet look more like Fleur with her hair and her softer features and i love it ah

Louis Weasley- Daniel Sharman 

Hes just so hot and such a charmer with i feel a shyer side and that it Louis to me 

Molly Weasley- Chloe Grace Moretz

Clhoe just has softer features and is so adorable and I feel like Percy’s kids would be precious and so sweet and thats just what Chloe gives off

Lucy Weasley- Georgie Henley 

This is the same as Chloe like Georgie looks so kind and sweet and i love it 

Fred Weasley II- Jacob Artist 

Seeing as Fred is half black half white, i wanted someone who could definitely embody both and Jacob just fit that.. he has a mix of sharper features and softer features which i think works for George and Angelina 

Roxanne Weasley- Zoe Kravitz 

Zoe is just such a badass and so punk rock and hard and i always thought Roxanne would be the same.. she gives off a punky vibe to me and i love this 

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander- Jack and Finn Harries 

i think Jack and Finn are the perfect combo of crazy and weird and off in their own world and yet still quite hot and i mean Luna’s kids had to be stunning so 

Id like some feedback guys i love all these people theyre all so attractive and idk they all work in my opinion

btw none of the gifs are mine :)

anonymous asked:

do u ever feel like Joseph is a warm person? like a cuddly kind of warm which makes him entirely different than Daniel? idk what it is but like u just wanna squeeze the life out of him bc he's such a teddy bear (or maybe i'm too obsessed w this angel idk)

I 1000000000000000% agree. 





How can you not think he’s a warm cuddly person?

get you

characters: kang daniel, reader

summary: a chill 3am skating date

word count: 862

wrote this listening to Get You by Daniel Caesar so i included some of the lyrics too

Originally posted by lookgoodkpop

Even though the sky was already dark, you could tell that it was going to rain from how the breeze you were speeding against had become chillier and how the rustling of the trees had interrupted the tranquility of the empty streets at 3AM.

“Niel-ah, it’s going to rain.” You tugged on your boyfriend’s hand which was already entwined with yours. He turned around and popped the lollipop out of his mouth before answering you.

“No, it isn’t.” He replied, his tone far from serious. You could tell from how he was smiling. But then again, when was he not smiling?

It’s 3AM and both of you were skating through the empty streets of Seoul. More of Daniel, since you haven’t really mastered this hobby of his so you were just standing on the skateboard, trailing behind him as he pulls you along at a steady speed while you controlled the course yourself.

In front of you, his pale, fair skin seemed to be glowing along with his faded pinkish blonde hair in the darkness of the night. You waited for the speed of his skateboard to decelerate then quickly placed your right foot on the ground to stop yourself. Daniel then came to a halt as well, with your hand still holding on to his.

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sadboyoliverinvisibleboy  asked:

theres a post going around that one of the googlipliers name is Daniel, as in a tribute to daniel. I hope we can get more of the gang on board with this. I was thinking maybe the red one. Idk. I just, havent forgotten about Daniel and I feel like paying a tribute would be nice. idk its just an idea

Aw man…that’s beautiful. He was truly an amazing guy.

However, please don’t think that I’m barring this idea, but for me, if there’s anyone who’s going to be named Daniel, it should be the Host/Author.
It was his idea; it was Cyndago’s idea. Google was Matthias and Amanda’s. You know what I mean?

But it would be amazing and beautiful for the community to name any unnamed ego, honestly- with Daniel. He and Ryan were a large part of Mark’s making of these memorable skits.

Thank you for suggesting this!

Friday Afternoon

Summary: At the same time for the last month or so, Dan and Phil have made a habit of ‘meeting’ in the private bathroom. But one day, they are caught in the act by an unexpected visitor, and must find a way to get out of the inevitable interrogation and following consequences.

Genre: teenage!phan, post-smut, humour

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Frequent use of taboo, references to previous sexual relations, generally overwhelming awkwardness.

Read on ao3 

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Because I’ve been asked a couple of times, here are my faceclaims/fancastings/things for the Silmarillion so far… please keep in mind I picked these primarily as standalones, so I’d have something to make graphics with, so I didn’t really pay attention to things like family resemblance etc..

Curufin: Daniel Tighe; Fingon: Cykeem White (source); Finrod: Tomek Szczukiecki; Haleth: Sibel Kekilli; Caranthir: Willy Cartier; Aredhel: Zoe Saldana; Maglor: Harry Curran (source); Mahtan: Dominic (source); Maedhros: Mathias Lauridsen

Part I

ok yeah hi i know that i make a lot of follow forevers (i literally made one less than a month ago lmao) but its the end of the year and i felt like making another one and this one’s actually kinda organized and sorta long i guess but yea idk um happy holidays & happy new year & i love you guys :)

ok first things first my squad

420normanidanielle you’re always so nice to me & we don’t talk like all the time but we’ll literally pick up a conversation right where it left off after a few days & i feel really comfortable talking to you and idk i just love you

camilascabello: om.g.. i can’t believe i’m frie nds with th eREal. camilac abellllo.! thats so crazy….. surreal…ama zming…. ok anyways in all seriousness you’re really fuckign funny and we have a lot in common and you could literally say the word pudding and i’d be like o .kk me ! and i really love talking to you like i honestly feel like we’re not speaking english half the time because i’m pretty much just slamming on my keyboard but i love u and u were like the only person i could talk to about how annoying a****n is when that thing we don’t ever speak of happened… anyways i love u and i can’t wait for u to fight fifth-harmony-army !

godmaliks: ruthy we’ve been friends probably like 2 years now (actually probably a lot less i have no concept of time) and i still can’t put into words how much i love you and how much you mean to me and i know we don’t talk to each other as much as we did last year (that’s like 98% my fault bc i don’t answer ur texts a lot but maybe if u didn’t send them at like 2am i’d actually remember to answer) but you’re still just as important to me as you’ve always been and i’m gonna make sure we meet someday ok i lvoe you

jadelust: SHANNEN i love u so much i can’t believe we’ve only been friends since the summer like we became close so easily i feel like we really just clicked which is kinda weird i guess bc if you think about it it’s not like we have everything in common like we’re actually pretty different yet somehow we still work perfectly. you’ve helped me through so much and i feel really comfortable talking to you i trust you completely and i’m so glad we started talking because i’d be a completely different person w/out you

normila: i don’t remember how we started talking tbh i think one of us just messaged the other about normila probably and now literally all we do is talk about normila and it’s great tbh bc i don’t know anyone else that would put up with me talking about them so much for so long

niallhoran2k15: dani!!! we like barely ever talk anymore and even though we always say we’re gonna start again we make it like 3 days before we stop again but i still consider you to be a really good friend and we have so many great memories and you’re one of the nicest and most helpful people i know and hopefully we’ll start talking again and actually stick to it lol

richkink: literally half of our conversations just consist of us saying we either hate or love like 4535464 people but we became friends really easily and even though we haven’t talked that much these past few weeks i really love you and you mean a lot to me and i’m glad you started talking to me bc you’re a really good friend and i miss u tf

tommocrave: benjiiiiiii i love you beyond words we have so many hilarious memories that i’ll never forget and even just thinking about some of them (the cone) makes me crack up. i’m really glad we became friends because whenever we hang out i always have a really good time and being around you makes me happy and i know we don’t really talk as much as we used to which is really dumb bc we probably talk more on here than in real life but we should really start again bc i miss hanging out with you (unless you’re just gonna force me to watch the kardashians again)

zarriallau: i know we aren’t really like that good friends but we talk a decent amount i think??? you’re really nice and extremely funny and i think we share a lot of the same opinions and i hope we become better friends soon & i can’t wait for OTRA :)



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also shoutout to waakeme-up 4 making me really ridiculously happy just by existing i hate u

@unbreakablejemmasimmons and I still don’t understand why Jemma didn’t tell anyone immediately about having to save Will. She could have come clean to Fitz later about the nature of her relationship with him, but I still can’t understand why she didn’t tell them as soon as she got back that there was another person on the planet.

anonymous asked:

am i wrong to think harry and kendall are at least friends? idk it's easier for me to deal with these situations if i tell myself that he's friends with her and wasnt forced to go/didnt actually wanna be there. idk it feels like wishful thinking sometimes because i know that louis and danielle are for sure not even friends.

I think this fandom often exaggerates how close they are, but I definitely think they’re friends and genuinely like each other and get along well. At least as of this moment, since we have only one photo of Harry and he doesn’t look particularly happy to be in it, I’m under the impression that he was at the party because they’re friends and it’s her birthday, not because he was told to attend to fuel Hendall stuff. Of course the Hendall stuff happened anyway with the People source and now the photographic evidence that he was there (which of course the media and fans will run with), but still. And whether I’m right or wrong about that, I definitely don’t think their relationship is anything close to Louis’ with Danielle where they barely seem to tolerate each other.