i feel like it's danielle but idk

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character aesthetic (Pathologic): ⌛ Daniel Dankovsky ⌛

     I must know, he thinks. It must be clear to me. There is a world which is closed to him, a world of shadings, gradations, nuances, and subtleties. He is a genius and yet he is too explicit…
          ~Anaïs Nin

room full of spoons looks like it’ll be an interesting documentary. i feel like its crossing a weird line of invading tommy wiseau’s personal space, but also not really and also idk i don’t really think i can feel bad for him, he’s kind of a jerk? some “review” in the trailer said it goes deeper than the disaster artist, so we’ll see… but i saw interviews with juliette danielle and greg sestero so it’ll be interesting.

@unbreakablejemmasimmons and I still don’t understand why Jemma didn’t tell anyone immediately about having to save Will. She could have come clean to Fitz later about the nature of her relationship with him, but I still can’t understand why she didn’t tell them as soon as she got back that there was another person on the planet.