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see that has me so bitter because i think it would have been interesting topic to tackle in the canon verse especially since i imagine not very many commanders lived long enough to have families and significant others. lexa trying to balance between her commander role, being a leader to her people and being with clarke. that's what i love about your fic is that we get to see them tackle that. them trying to find that balance, granted in modern setting but still that struggle to find balance.

Thanks! I hope our readers can recognize that it’s a natural struggle without feeling the need to take sides? I see a lot of people rallying to Clarke’s defense here- and for what? Not like it’s Lexa’s fault. If Clarke wanted to, she could tell Lexa how she feels, but she has these built in insecurities that worry her too much. And then- I see comments like “Lexa should be more considerate” how? She’s overly  considerate. She’s doing x, y, and z to make everyone happy. You know what I mean? It’s not as black and white as “Oh it’s Lexa’s fault.” It’s a grown up, real life dynamic, that needs to work itself out. 

I’m sorry, I just keep on thinking about a Jeeves and Wooster modern AU and I need to share my feelings soooooooo…..

The millennial Drones would all have their livelihood/passions/income revolve around social media, since that’s the modern equivalent of the no-good-lazy-spoiled-kids-who-won’t-get-a-proper-job-like-their-parents trope. Like, Gussie Fink-Nottle has an instagram, tumblr and facebook account for every single one of his newts, Tuppy Glossop’s a food blogger etc. Gentlemens’ clubs aren’t really a thing for the younger set, so their meeting place is a pub NAMED The Drones, where they socialise and loaf about, sharing selfies and memes and other no-good-lazy-millenial stuff.

Bertie would be big on Youtube and Vine, known for quirky music, comedy and anecdotes, sort of a mix of Phil Lester and Jon Cozart. He’d perform the ludicrous pop songs of today as well as musical theatre - not only Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney tunes but WELL LEGIT Gershwin and Berlin and`Porter. His friends would all ask him to sing Rat Pack standards at their weddings which he gladly does pro bono.

Jeeves would have gotten himself a scholarship to Cambridge (reading law and philosophy) and wound up as a solicitor, since his calling is basically solving other peoples’ problems and disputes. He would earn himself a reputation as the best of the best and be sought after by peers of the realm and CEOs of large companies for Delicate Matters. Unlike Bertie, who takes to this era like a thingummy to water, Jeeves is still something of an anachronism: impeccable old-fashioned manners, formal speech for all occasions (he even calls the cashier at Pret-A-Manger ‘madam’), and never goes out in public without wearing a button-up shirt & necktie. He has typical Generation Xer stand-offish cynicism, deftly packaged in dapper-as-fuck tactfulness.

I can imagine Bertie, having just gotten over his breakup with Ginger (the cad left him for Magnolia), would meet Jeeves whilst house-sitting for one of the Drones in some fashionable Zone 1 / 2 neighborhood (say Chelsea or Fulham). Jeeves has the flat across the hall and Bertie runs into him while trying to take out the rubbish bins (and failing). Jeeves, of course, effortlessly sets everything to rights, and perceiving how clueless Bertie is in day-to-day maintenance of a household, comes over every day to assist him (and not because Bertie is the most adorable wide-eyed cherub of a twink he’s ever seen - perish the thought!)

As Bertie is a magnet for drama, the neighbours in the building and his fellow Drones inevitably fall upon him with all of their problems - some involving romance, but others involving compromising photos going viral, public gaffes where politically incorrect remarks are uttered, etc. Jeeves and Bertie schlep around modern-day London having light-hearted adventures solving all of these problems. Bertie regales his subscribers with the stories of these adventures, going on and on about how wonderful Jeeves is. In the general on-line community, comparisons are drawn between Bertie’s vlog and the blog belong to the boyfriend of that ‘Hat Detective’ on Baker St.

When the time comes for Bertie to leave the flat he was caretaking, he coyly asks Jeeves if he would take Bertie on as a client at his practice. Jeeves refuses, stating that his principles forbid him to date anyone he’s professionally involved with. It takes Bertie half a day to figure out that Jeeves has asked him out.

From there it’s fluff and music and roses and bickering. They get their flat together in Mayfair and Jeeves feels no reserve about scolding Bertie for leaving bath towels on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. His sweet otherwordly Bertram is a slovenly man-child who he manages to train. Somewhat. Eventually a kitten is adopted because REG HE’S SO CUTE HE FOLLOWED ME HOME LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE CAN WE GO DOWN TO BATTERSEA AND GET HIM A PLAYMATE OH PLEEEEASE I’LL PROMISE TO CLEAN THE LITTER TRAY AND GIVE YOU HEAD WHENEVER YOU WANT IT

Also he once tried to convince Jeeves to come with him to the Brinkley Court Halloween Party dressed in drag as Elphaba and Glinda, but Jeeves “mixed up “ the order to the online costume shop, so they went in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff robes instead.

They spend rainy weekends playing the piano and cooking and exchanging bants and bargaining about fashion choices and having fantastic sex. To their friends they are ‘Bertie and Reg’ and they are like, omigod, the cutest couple eveerrrr, ikr

Aunt Dahlia is the P-Flag auntie, having been the first person that Bertie came out to. She has always hoped that her young blot will find a good man who can keep him in check (Jeeves is heaven sent to her), while Agatha is the homophbic aunt.

AGATHA: Bertie. You must marry and have children.

BERTIE: For the thousandth time, Aunt Agatha, I’m gay. As much as you wish otherwise, that Lord Arran fellow assured the Empire’s assent of my sexual orientation while you were still in knee socks and fawning over Cliff Richard.

AGATHA: It is a childish phase. It will pass once I find a woman of good breeding who can mould you.

BERTIE: Aunt Agatha–

AGATHA: Mould. You.

She lives in Belgravia and despises smartphones.

Thankfully the 21st Century edition of The Code of The Woosters impels Bertie to tell any prospective female that being affianced to him is inadvisable for multiple reasons.

Also Lady Florence is an SJW hipster and political lesbian who lives in Shoreditch with her girlfriend Honoria. She takes every opportunity to criticise Bertie for drinking sugary Starbucks lattes and wearing T shirts with licensed cartoon characters on them. Bertie often wonders why the hell he’s friends with her.

Bertie’s other queer friends are Bingo (the ultimate panromantic), Catsmeat (just your average theatre geek with a libido the size of Soho) and cousin Eustace (not so much a friend as a tagalong, always getting suspended for hitting on his professors). They sometimes go to G-A-Y, where they are consistently ignored by all the cool clubbers, opting to drink and watch drag shows and throw beer nuts at each other. Marion Wardour is Bertie’s gal pal and sometimes she comes along too, with the aim of hooking up with bi guys (and occasionally bi girls). Otherwise, she’s off singing in fringe musicals.

Spode is a member of UKIP and his wife Madeleine writes awful Winnie the Pooh fanfiction.

I feel like my tumblr is my own set of “lead glasses”. My little secret identity. I love the community here and hope to make more friends along the way. Sadly no one in my “real life” appreciates my love for all things Sanvers. Wayhaught. Hollstein. Etc etc etc. and honestly. The fanfic. The posts. Sigh… they are such a great escape from reality sometimes. Nice to know that modern fairytales still exist. You all really do rock.

I’m experiencing my first snowfall and getting emotional so POTTERY.

something I found mildly terrifying when I first started learning how to fire the kilns is that there aren’t /settings/ in a kiln. I mean there are computerized kilns and electric kilns, but even our most modern kiln here is predominantly controlled by how covered a particular hole is by a big slab of rock. Kiln not hot enough? Try moving the rock a little. Nudge the gas valve. It’s like being taught rocket science by your great aunt’s Lupe’s famous rocket fuel chili recipe. You know it’s right when it /feels/ right. Except there’s no training wheels for what ‘feels’ right when you’re working with flammable gas and molten 2000F hot dirt.

So, EU potters that can tell something’s off by the tang of metal in the air, that know something’s wrong by the color of the light, because the flame coming out of a kiln in reduction looks different than a flame in oxidation, because the smell of ozone and burning metal can mean very different things when you’re firing, and they’re things you learn to look for. Artists who know when Elsewhere is close because the air /tastes/ different from the air they’re used to.


CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST SNOWFALL! And also I’m loving this ceramics mythology that’s being built here! It’s so good for me.

(I’d love to see more about the mythos of various majors, if any of you should feel like writing it out! What about it is strange? What about it is strange at EU? what do you have to trade, what could you not afford to lose, what keeps you safe?)

This Christmas, can someone write me a fic? Because, look, 2016 was a shitty year, and for me at least, 2017 is set to start off shitty as well, and man, literally all I want is some stupid Hallmark Channel Christmas movie type fic for E/R.

Like, idk. Enjolras is a big, high-powered civil rights attorney trying to make a difference in the “Big City” but is feeling overwhelmed and overworked and like nothing he is doing is accomplishing anything, so his boss (M. Valjean?) makes him take Christmas off and tells Enjolras to go visit his daughter and her fiance in some snow-covered little town.

And there, of course, the first person he meets is the town curmudgeon, some ridiculously cute guy named Grantaire who jokes that he’s the town Grinch (but of course he ISN’T because in addition to taking the time to show Enjolras around town, he also helps look after his friend Eponine’s little brother Gavroche when she’s out of town and plays Santa in the town Christmas parade because OF COURSE he does). And Enjolras meets all of Grantaire’s friends, including Combeferre and Courfeyrac who have started a local non-profit that’s struggling to stay afloat. And Enjolras naturally swoops in and is like, I can write a grant application for you, no problem.

And then later, he and Grantaire go for a walk and Grantaire’s sad childhood is revealed and he’s all, That’s why I hate Christmas, and Enjolras is all, but you don’t hate Christmas because you like making people happy, and then it starts to snow so Grantaire leans in and kisses him.

And Enjolras, naturally, panics, because he can start to see a future here and it’s not the future he had pictured and he still has SO MUCH work left to do so he tells Grantaire that he can’t stay, that he’s leaving and he’s sorry but he thinks coming here was a big mistake. And Grantaire is hurt and confused but resigned because of course Enjolras is going to leave him, everyone always leaves him, and oh, Merry fucking Christmas.

And the next morning, Enjolras heads to the airport but is stopped before going through security by Gavroche, who hitchhiked to the airport just to tell Enjolras was a big jerk he’s being. Tells him that Combeferre and Courfeyrac’s non-profit is what gave him his first Christmas and that there are so many kids who also need Christmases, and that Enjolras can do a lot of good if he just stays. And Enjolras tells him that it’s more complicated than that, and he wouldn’t understand and it’s adult stuff, but then Gavroche is like, fine, then give me one good reason to leave. And Enjolras can’t.

So he takes Gavroche back to Grantaire, who’s beginning to get worried sick and Grantaire is so happy to see Gavroche but tells Enjolras that he’s sorry he missed his plane but if he hurries back to the airport, he can probably make another flight. And Enjolras tells him he doesn’t want to go back to the airport, that Gavroche asked him for a good reason to leave and he couldn’t think of any, but he could think of a million to stay. Like what? Grantaire asks, and Enjolras just leans in and kisses him.

It starts to snow again, but Enjolras and Grantaire don’t care, standing in the driveway, kissing in the snow. Suddenly, Combeferre and Courfeyrac run up, ecstatic and out of breath. They got the grant! (Because in magic happy land, non-profit grant review boards are open during the holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) And Enjolras looks at Grantaire and laughs is and is just like, It’s a Christmas miracle!

And Valjean allows Enjolras to work remotely and he and Grantaire live happily after in magic land that could never exist outside of a Hallmark Channel movie.

…So yeah, if anyone wants to write me that for Christmas…I’d be grateful.

Random Thought

I’m so late to the discworld fandom but like, I don’t care and I wanna share this single thought

A modern AU of Mort would be freaking hilarious because basically everything would stay the same, minus a few technical changes like clothing and transportation and whatnot, but like, Ysabell would have the potential to be so much saltier
Like, I feel like her big dresses held her back before, but in a modern setting she’d probably just wear skirts and be ready to fight 24/7
Someone starts talking crap about Mort? She just decks them. Mort goes off on his emo tangent at the end of the book? Fist to the face. (I mean that’s kinda canon but like, just imagine it being less surprising)

tl;dr I’m ready for aggressive Ysabell in skirts to come to her super scrawny bf’s aid

Wardrobe Malfunction

Rating: T

Relationships: OtaYuri. Background Victuuri SaMila MichEmil.

Characters: Otabek Altin. Yuri Plisetsky. Yuri’s Grandpa. Others.

Wordcount: 7800+ words (oneshot)

Tags: Alternate Universe. Modern Setting. Aged-Up Characters. Fluff.

Summary: An emergency phone call leads to a fated encounter.

Author’s notes: I wanted to write for this fandom only when I had atleast a 15k oneshot ready but this just got away from me because of this gorgeous art. Also hey there India @irrevocably-delicious and Cora @brickerbeetle you wanted to see my sappy writing, well here it is. This is fluff queen @jubesy approved so you guys don’t have to worry about it being terribly bad.

AO3 Link right here! 

Jazz, rock and Mozart melded sinfully well, thundering on the eardrums of the crowd as the dazzlingly bright and kaleidoscopic spotlights swivel to focus sharply on the models strutting their stuff on the runway. Cameras clicking frantically, magazine reporters whispering furiously in their recorders, the crowd roared and applauded at each creation as they wink, smile, wave and highlight their individual panache under the brand name of international style icon, Yuri Plisetsky.

Yuri sipped his first glass of champagne as Emil cheerily made a handstand with a full split and straightened up before bowing dramatically, sending a flirtatious wink - directed pointedly at the person sitting in the front row next to Sara. The sapphire blue-sea green mix worked spectacularly well with the turquoise stones and sequins embroidered along the stitches and hem of the outfit, making him look like a Genie when the lights hit them. It was bright, colourful, cheesy, filmy and so Emil. 

Which was exactly what Yuri was going for.

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So..A lot more people were interest in my idea of The MTG Community Award Show!

Here is a list of potential categories I liked the best! Feel free to reblog and add more please!

Best Overall Card In The Set
Best New Character
Best New Mechanic
Best Magic Story
Best Planeswalker
Best Flavor Text
Best Card Art
Most Likely To Be a Standard Staple
Most Likely To Be a Modern Staple
Most Likely To Be An EDH Staple
Best Meme From The Community
Best Potential EDH Commander
Best Common/Uncommon/Rare/Mythic

Keep in mind, these are still potential, I’d love to have more! Also I’m still figuring out logistics for voting and what not, but thankfully we have until the end of the Amonkhet Story to finalize everything :p Just let me know what y’all think!


Wedding aesthetics. Photographed by Amber Gress. August 2016.

Alexandra Lucia Sourbis, who is the PR manager of Ted Baker London, and Justin Bischoff, an assistant director (The Get Down, Vinyl), knew that they wanted to get married in the summer and, particularly, at the romantic, rustic, and very well-appointed Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills. 

“I had a rough time explaining our wedding’s aesthetic to people,” Sourbis says. “I kept telling friends that I wanted it to feel like a modern spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Not a surprising reference for a bride who was studying literature at The New School in Manhattan when she met her future husband, who, at that time, had already finished school and was working on the film It’s Kind of a Funny Story

The wedding date was set for August 6, 2016, a date inspired by one of Sourbis’s favorite excerpts from Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting. The beginning of the passage reads: “The first week of August hangs at the very top of the summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.”

Read more. See more.

Edmund x Reader: Piano

Prompt/ask: YUSSSS! ok so could I request an edmund x reader where the reader is at the pevensies’ and she hears ed playing her fave classic on the piano and ed confesses that he learnt it just for her or something like that (basically fluff! :) ) sorry if this was long and thank you! 💕

Word count: 471

Warnings: None

Setting: Modern AU

A/N: Okay I’m so fucking tired but I wanted to get a fic out for you guys today and  h e y I did it. Honestly I’m not entirely happy with it and it’s really short- idk, I may delete this, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

“Edmund, you know how I feel about that bloody piano!” 

Edmund rolled his eyes playfully, tugging you along to the instrument you had only stood by a couple times before. He sat down on the marble bench, letting his callused hands run along the firm keyboard and letting the dust fall from it.

“Look, can I just show you something? It’ll only take a minute, and I just need someone to hear what I’ve been practicing.”

 Piano music itself had never really captivated you. You were never one to find the sounds of music played on the grand instrument the sort to lull you to sleep or aid your concentration, much less be something of extreme interest to you. 

You held this standpoint until the day you met Edmund Pevensie. Until the day you heard him play that…entrancing tune. When you heard the sounds of his fingers delicately gliding across the keys for the first time, something magical awoke inside of you. Something inexplicable, yet beautiful. Regardless, it was not enough to make you fall in love with the music.

You loved, however, how Edmund’s music enchanted him-that sparkling sensation you saw forming in his eyes every time he sat at the piano. You loved the way his lips parted and brow furrowed as he focused on every note he touched.

Edmund cleared his throat, smiling lightly. The first chord he played was soft-quiet, almost. Captivating to some degree. You leaned on the lid of the piano, watching Edmund intently. 

Then, all at once, you felt it-the same feeling you had felt the first time you heard him play. You felt the sounds of a river and the cries of a wolf and…everything at once. All through your now paralyzed body. 

You felt this overwhelming sensation come over you, one that made you want to laugh and cry and remain silent all at once.

His hands were quick and sharp, but the melody they produced was soft and stimulating.

With every pause he took, Edmund’s hands seemed to dominate the keys more. His touch was guiding the sound, guiding the remarkable feeling of intense passion coming from the tips of his fingers. Luring you in.

As he pulled his arms back from the keyboard and his foot off the pedal, he looked up at you, expression blank. 

“I learned that for you.” He said under his breath, searching your eyes for emotion.

 And then you were kissing. More passionately-and yet more delicately-than you had ever kissed anyone before. His hands were exploring you, holding you, and his lips were mesmerizing your senses and awaking every feeling you had just experienced.

“I knew you could learn to love piano music.” He said, smirking as you pulled away. 

You wiped that smirk off of his face immediately as you pulled him in again.

llyesterdat  asked:

I headcanon that Dio's primary language is English, but he also knows Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, and several other languages. I can see him being the linguistic type who picks up other languages easily.

That’s close to canon tbh, I think Dio’s the only character in Phantom Blood - other than Zeppeli, who’s a traveler - who routinely laces his spoken language with English and, once or twice, French (like “マドモセル,” phonetically mademoiselle).  Jonathan’s got one or two attacks with English names but I can’t think of another time … and to me that feels more like Araki giving those moves cool-sounding names.

I think it separates Dio stylistically as being more modern than Jonathan and the other Pt.1 characters.  By Pt.3 everyone uses English words - “Hell 2 U”, “Go ahead, Mister Joestar”, “OH MY GOD!” - it takes place in the present and it reflects how people talk.  But Araki set Pt.1 in 1890s England and the dialog reflects this in that Araki’s not as casual about using loan words … except for with Dio who routinely says stuff like ‘body’, ‘future’, ‘elite’, etc. in English.

I think sometimes when people write Dio they make his speaking style way too stilted because of Pt.1′s Victorian setting but forget he’s a character who canonically has fun with words, and that there’s a playful, modern attitude to his speech.  imo Dio’s never been Victorian.

Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellModern AU Trailer

What if JSAMN had been set in 2016? What if instead of going to the Peninsula, Jonathan Strange fought with the army in the Middle East? Or was a spy for the MI5? And Mr Norrell was a rich magician with a business associate set on getting him into Parliament? What if Lady Pole was an heiress and Faeries were summoned wearing black leather jackets? 

I spent ages deciding whether this was good enough or not and decided to hell with it, I’ll upload it anyway!

drOUTLANDER fic-off: Parenting rule #26 - Daughters and Driving; a life lesson.

@takemeawaytocamelot said:
Here we go! First ever fic-off! How about Jamie teaching Bree to drive? Or teaching her to ride a horse if you don’t feel a modern setting. :D have fun!

This was just a random idea I had, and I knew @takemeawaytocamelot would be game. She’s a gem! Feel free to get involved <3

Jamie’s face was ashen.

Claire, bewildered by the sight of him, pale and shaking, spat out a laugh as she placed the cutlery at the table ready for dinner.

“What on earth?!” she exclaimed, startling the wee kitten Brianna had brought in off the streets the previous week, “you look like death, Jamie.”

“I think I just saw my own end, aye?” he whispered, his tone shaky.

Behind them, the door slammed shut. Whatever had happened out there, Brianna certainly seemed unaware as she skipped into the kitchen with a rather large grin on her face.

“Thanks, da! Same time next week?” She sing-songed, kissing her father on the cheek before disappearing off to her room.

“Christ, sassenach. I dinna think I can take her out again. How do I tell her?” Jamie sighed, letting his head flop into his hands, despair encasing him.

Ever amused at their daughter’s antics, Claire pulled out a chair and sat next to him. As she did, she began running her hands through his hair in a soothing motion, her fingertips running gently across his scalp.

“Was it really that bad? It was her first time after all.” she cooed, trying to calm his racing heart.

“She mounted the curb, Claire! Nearly took out a wee auld lassie wi’ her dog. I had to grab the wheel to get her back onto the main road.”

Biting her lip, Claire had to stop herself lest she burst into tears of laughter.

“It isna funny, mo nighean donn! Ye didna have to apologise to the woman. I think she nearly had a heart attack there and then.”

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” she sniggered, wiping the moisture from her eyes, “I think –maybe– we should consider an instructor?”

The topic *had* come up before, but Jamie had been certain.

‘No, Claire. We dinna need to fork out all that money, I can teach her.’

He’d said it with an air of arrogance lacing his tone. That’s what’d really caused Claire’s mirth. Jamie had been so certain of success that he hadn’t stopped to consider any sort of failure.

“Aye.” he returned, admitting defeat. “I dinna think my body can cope wi’ another hour of that.”

Scrapping the chair backwards, Jamie rose, a tiny bit of pink now returning to his face as he calmed.

“Do I have time for a bath before supper?” He questioned, unzipping his jacket and placing it on the hook behind the kitchen divider.

“Yes, but be quick, alright? I don’t want it getting cold.”

Kissing Claire on the forehead, Jamie smiled tentatively as he turned for the bathroom. “Oh, and Claire…”

“Hmm?” she answered, dipping the wooden spoon into the soup and bringing it to the tip of her tongue before turning back to him.

“…perhaps dinna take the car to work tomorrow. It -may- be lacking a bumper.”

A metaphorical cloud of dust whooshed around her as Jamie vanished upstairs, closing and locking the bathroom door behind him.

Claire, so taken with the mental picture of a frazzled Jamie attempting to coach a surely gleeful Bree, didn’t compute Jamie’s comment until he was safely ensconced upstairs.

Over the running of the bath, Jamie caught a muffled ‘WHAT!?’ as it floated through the thick floorboards.

Shrugging the shirt from his shoulders, he sniggered as he swished his hand through the warm water. Suddenly the shoe was on the other foot and it felt good to laugh. He’d still have to deal with Claire’s wrath when he and Bree went down for dinner and he’d certainly been educated in ‘how NOT to teach your newly come-of-age daughter to drive’. But, for now, he’d allow himself a break.

Tomorrow, first thing, he’d get the car all fixed up and hire an instructor for Brianna.

Lesson certainly learned, he concluded, leave the driving to the professionals.

Important Update

I have been quite absent from this blog lately as I was working on lots of different kind of stuffs simultaneously and trying to grow my way into a bigger project, and I want to apologize to all of my followers that I kind of neglected this blog. 

I finally feel brave enough to share with you what I was working on. 

As many of you know I am working on a YA novel called Absolution, that is a retelling of Jesus’ last days before his crucification, set in a modern dystopian world. But that’s not everything I’m working on at the moment. You liked Sunblind because it had mythological related persons in a modern setting? Well I have good news for you. I am working on a whole series like Sunblind. Mythological people and pairings in a modern setting and all of them get their own individual chapbook/book. Modern Gods, made human. Are you ready to feel pain again?

While writing Sunblind and working on the sequel and the future chapbooks, I noticed that this was absolutely the form and voice I wanted to use for all future projects. My stories are told in fragments. My stories are told in glimpses and little texts that leave room for everyone to interpret it as they need to. And I want to use that form for everything now on.

Absolution will not be your typical YA novel. It will be a mix of texts and scenes and fragments and emotions and wishes and needs and thirsts and hungers. It will be everything at once. Because that’s how I write. That’s how I bleed. 

I will start posting excerpts and finally new stuff in December so I hope all of you will still be around, and I hope you’ll like the new content. 

Character Tag

This is a simple character tag. Take a character from any of your works and put them in these situations. It doesn’t have to be the same character for each question. I am excited to see the results. I am not tagging anybody specific because I don’t want to leave anybody out (I also have a very limited friends list). Feel free to tag anybody who you would like to see answer these interesting questions.

Question 1: Your OC watches as a person in front of them drops a small coin pouch (or wallet, if the story is set in modern times). Does your OC say something to the person who dropped it, or do they keep the pouch (wallet) for themselves?

Question 2: A good friend of your OC has a crush on another person. The other person has a crush on your OC. Your OC and your friend have an equal chance of being in a committed relationship with this other person. The other person would make your OC’s friend extremely happy for the rest of their life, but your OC would make the other person extremely happy for the rest of their life. Does your OC let their friend take the relationship, or does your OC take the other person for themselves?

Question 3: Your OC steals something very valuable. Your OC and a known thief are both suspected in the theft. If your OC admits to it, they will be thrown in jail for a month, but if your OC blames the known thief, there will be no questions asked, and the thief will spend their life in prison. Does your OC admit to the theft or blame the other person?

Question 4: Your OC is trapped in a cave with their loving and faithful dog. Your OC knows that help is coming, but it won’t be in time before they die of starvation. Your OC will survive if they kill and eat their faithful companion. Does your OC risk death from starvation or kill and eat the dog knowing they will survive?

Question 5: Your OC has been often and severely bullied by another individual. While walking deep into the woods one day, your OC finds this individual has their foot caught in a bear trap and can’t escape without help. There is an equal chance that either a hunting party or a vicious beast will find the bully if your OC doesn’t help them. Does your OC leave the bully there or do they help?

Question 6: Your OC is the leader of a small village. Winter is fast approaching and the harvest is complete, which will mean your village will survive the winter. A band of raiders show up and demand that your village has a choice of either giving them all your OC’s villages crops which will likely mean death for the village, or you give them half your crops, and half your OC’s villagers, who will surely be used as slaves. Does your OC give them all the crops and risk death of the village, or half the crops and half the villagers, which will guarantee the village staying alive?

Question 7: Given that your OC’s parents are still alive (whether true in your story or not), a psychopath has them held hostage. Your OC must make a choice whether to kill either their mother or father, or both will die. Whom do they choose?

Medical Astrology: An Introduction

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology focused on how astrology can be used to identify physical weaknesses and strengths, bodily deficiencies, and potential illnesses. While it isn’t used to diagnose illnesses or diseases (only medical doctors can do that), medical astrology can give insight into what we may potentially struggle with physically. Medical astrology should NOT be used in place of seeing a doctor or medical professional, and, as with basically everything in astrology, nothing in medical astrology is set in stone. Just because certain physical weaknesses are shown in your chart, it doesn’t mean you will suffer from them.

Many astrologers don’t believe in medical astrology, believing it’s too ancient and archaic in this era of modern medicine. Personally, I’m not completely sure how I feel about it (something about medical astrology makes me feel a little icky), but I’m learning more about it, and I’d like to discuss it a bit since it’s really fascinating!


The Zodiac Signs

Many people know that the zodiac signs are associated with different parts of the body, and these associations are used heavily in medical astrology. For those who don’t know what parts of the body the signs are associated with, here’s a little run through along with other bodily functions and occurrences associated with the signs.

  • ARIES: The head, the brain, the eyes and other parts of the face
  • TAURUS: The throat, the thyroid, the gums, the tonsils, the middle ear, the vocal cords, the esophagus
  • GEMINI: The lungs, the arms and shoulders, the nervous system, bodily processes that involve connectivity
  • CANCER: The breasts, the sinuses, the stomach, the uterus, the chest cavity, other “containers” or cavities of the body
  • LEO: The heart, the back, the spine (not including the spinal cord)
  • VIRGO: The intestines, the processes of the liver, the pancreas, bodily processes that involve discrimination or cleansing
  • LIBRA: The lower back and butt, the kidneys, the vasomotor system, bodily processes that involve balance or equilibrium
  • SCORPIO: The reproductive organs, the colon, the bladder, the rectum, bodily processes that involve elimination
  • SAGITTARIUS: The thighs, the hips, the liver itself
  • CAPRICORN: The bones (including teeth and nails - wait, are nails bones?), the knees, the hair
  • AQUARIUS: Blood circulation, the lower legs and ankles, the valves of the heart, rare diseases
  • PISCES: Feet, toes, lymphatic system, hard to cure diseases

The Planets

Also, the planets are associated with maladies and reactions of the body. In a way, you can compare the zodiac signs to anatomy and compare the planets to physiology. Again, I want to repeat that just because you have a certain planetary dominance, it doesn’t mean you will have the disorders or diseases associated with that planet. So please don’t worry.

  • SUN: Inflammation, fever, heart problems involving the muscles of the heart, energy problems
  • MOON: allergic reactions, female health problems, mucous formation, acute pain or ailment, altered body rhythm
  • MERCURY: speech disorders, memory problems, nervous system disease, hormonal problems
  • VENUS: benign growths, balance problems, blood sugar issues, poor circulation
  • MARS: infections, fever, burns, sudden illness, muscle problems, acidosis, a need for many surgeries
  • JUPITER: poor metabolism, liver problems
  • SATURN: chronic disease, atrophy, under activity, skin diseases, obstruction
  • URANUS: sudden illness, seizures, spasms, lack of coordination, heart palpitations, accidents caused by electricity
  • NEPTUNE: hidden diseases, addiction, misdiagnosis, drug sensitivity, coma, poisoning
  • PLUTO: massive infection, malformation, amputation

Medical astrologers use these associations with the planets and the signs to read into people’s charts (especially a person’s planetary aspects) and see where underdevelopment, weakness, or conflict lies.

The Elements

Medical astrologers also use the elements present in a person’s chart to make predictions or find patterns. A lack or an excess of a certain element can point towards other bodily issues.

Here are what the different elements are associated with.

  • FIRE: Heat and purification. A person with too much fire can get burned out too quickly. A person with too little may have problems fighting infection
  • EARTH: Support and stability. A person with too much earth can become too obsessed with the body or may suffer from a lack of moderation. A person with too little can make a person ignore the body and symptoms.
  • AIR: Oxidation and connectivity. Too much air can lead to being gassy or overly sensitive. A person with too little air can have problems with feeling faint or with a weak nervous system.
  • WATER: Nurturing and protection. Too much water can make make a person overly sensitive as well and can lead to too much fluid in the body. Too little water can make them weaker with toxins or infection.

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