i feel like im worth something sometimes

one thing i really love abt ok ko

is how realistically they show bodies??

I mean yeAH some sometimes they’re not all ALL realistic,, 


take my favorite example, mr gar!

he’s like absolutely ripped. im talking SHREDDED.

but! [realistically] when he bends over or contorts, rolls happen!

idk maybe it’s stupid to make a post abt this but as someone [of many others] who struggles with body issues, I noticed it almost immediately and it’s special to me 

I’m just so sick of temporary people walking in and out of my life. I’m sick of being a season for people. I’m sick of being a stepping stone, a milestone, a moment. I don’t wanna be your “phase,” I don’t wanna be your “trial and error,” your “experiment,” your fucking “guinea pig.” I hate that people just come and go; why won’t anyone come and stay? Why am I not worth having something that stays? Why does everyone leave and move onto bigger and better things? Why am I not a bigger and better thing?

  • teru: i'm not GAY i love girls! i love when they pay attention to me and give me compliments and make me feel like im actually worth something and give me the sense of security in my identity that i crave every day... haha love girls!
  • teru: im totally perfectly mentally healthy! its just that sometimes i just get horrible thoughts about myself for no reason for a period of weeks and after that i sort of wish i was never born, but thats just because im an awful human being!!! haha mental illness who?
  • teru: i definitely dont hate myself im actually way too overconfident and sometimes i feel like i deserve the world even though im just a commoner and probably worth less than trash because im a horrible person for thinking that probably haha oh well.

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Im really sorry if this is annoying.. the only reason im doing this on anon is because I have a hard time talking about my feelings "face to face". At the moment i feel really useless and unimportant, like im looking around at everyones RPs and it so much better than mine. I really love you guys but sometimes it just makes me feel a bit crappy and like theres no point in continuing. Im sorry

(OOC: First of all, you are not being annoying. I’m always here to listen.

I promise that you are neither useless nor unimportant. Whatever you are creating, is important and worth something. Whether you’re using a shitty built into the computer webcam (raises hand), a better quality bought webcam, or an actual video camera. Whether you can masterly use video effects, create amazing looks with makeup, or just make gifs (raises hand). Whether you play one character or twenty. You’re content matters. About feeling not as good, I can relate. I often see rpers who’s gifs aren’t fuzzy like mine, and who have wigs instead of greasepaint, and who know how to had special effects, and I feel like my stuff isn’t all that great. But at some point, you have to stop comparing yourself to others. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’ll really help. Your content stands alone, apart from what everyone else is doing. It stands on it’s own, and it is beautiful.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says that talent comes with a threshold. Pretend you can quantify talent. Say my talent number is a twenty, Miller’s is a 25, Maddy’s is a 30. Gladwell explains that after a certain point, numbers stop mattering. In this case, the threshold would be about 15. Yes, in this scenario both Miller and Maddy have ‘more’ talent than I do, but it doesn’t really matter. The difference between any number over fifteen is negligible. We are all over 15 so we are all, as Gladwell puts it,  “talented enough”.

When we compare ourselves to the people around us, we don’t take this threshold into comparison. We only see how we are less than, where we lack. But we should be admiring the talent of others, even if it might be more talent than us, while also admiring our own. 

I’m not sure how much sense this makes, but the point is: You are talented, you’re content matters, and you should never, never, feel unimportant.)

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i was sexually abused when i was 6, and ever since then ive been hypersexual but im also kinda sex repulsed? like the thought of being touched sexually by anyone else but myself makes me wanna puke. is this normal??

i think so. sometimes i want sex so bad from anyone just to feel worth something and other times i recoil at the thought of someone touching me.

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jin~~ so im in my last year of uni (yay) and i feel like i've lost motivation, what do you do when things get hard? ㅠㅠ thank you :')

When things get hard, it’s important to remind yourself why you’re doing what you do. Sometimes that will remind you why you’re so passionate about your major and what your goals are! You’re working towards something important to you and it’ll all be worth it!! You have one year and you’re out of there!

I’m rooting for you~! You’re smart, kind, and beautiful~! Please continue to work towards your dreams~!! 화이팅~~!  ❤︎

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i don't know what happened, but i hope nobody is trying to make you feel like you're not worth anything or like you're only something to look at (which is what i kind of got from that post but i'm not sure).... you're a lovely person and i smile at everything you post, i hope you do well and that people stop making you feel awful, you deserve the world ;u;/

you’re so sweet, thank you. i just sometimes feel like im treated as a novelty by people who dont know theyre hurting me emotionally i guess. im just tired

sometimes i feel like a tumblr grandmother honestly, just bc of how fucking long ive been on this trash website. 

it’s like this was the first nursing home my metaphorical 40-something y/o children found for me and even though i hate it here and the staff is incompetent, all my old lady friends in my knitting circle make it worth while and keep me sane

i spend my days sitting in the corner in my rocking chair, chugging the water bottle full of vodka that my favorite granddaughter sneaked in for me, and every time someone new complains about the conditions im just like “you’ll get used to it”

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im entp and i love learning and school. the procrastination comes in when it's something im uninterested in, and sometimes things just disappear from my mind and i get side tracked

Yeah I know where you’re coming from. I feel like a lot of ENTPs procrastinate, I do at least. And it’s a big problem. Sometimes I just don’t bother to touch homework and stuff like that, hell I’m doing that right now. I get really lazy and just put things off to the last minute if i don’t want to do them. Sometimes I even convince myself that it’s not important enough, or it’s not worth the effort. On the other hand, sometimes I go into a speed working trance. I’d put 100% effort into something like someone pressed my power boost button. That happens rarely. It’s a real problem.


hey, i wanted to say some stuff relating to this publicly, so i screen shot-ed it to keep you anonymous, hope thats ok.

over the years ive seen a huge increase in positive trans visibility, and its so important and beautiful. there are so many trans people out there who are doing great things and loving being trans.
although i dont wanna be a fire extinguisher on the brightly burning flame of pride and positivity im just gonna be honest and say that i really do not like being trans, i wish i was cis, but im just gonna have to deal with it, cause really i have no other option.
know that you are not alone in feeling the way you do. not all trans people love it and not all trans people have their gender seen and understood.

i tried so hard for years to try to just be a girl, i knew that i had really extreme disphoria and i just kept making excuses to myself that kept me in denial about what i was really experiencing which meant that i wasnt able to do anything to try help myself feel better when i deep down knew i was trans but was realllly trying not to be. i had a girlfriend who i loved and who i lived with, and i felt so guilty for not being able to just be a girl for her (my own issue - not a result of her expectations), it lead to me being really emotionally withdrawn and it meant that sex just felt bad for me cause i was trying so hard to just be a girl, that i never was never just like ‘i cant have sex is these certain ways, i dont like to be touched here or in this way etc etc’. when we broke up i had major freak outs cause i knew that i had to face my truth and reality, which was so hard and painful but worth it.
i know that this story is kinda going off topic from what you were talking about but my point is that things can change, not in a 'it gets better’ way, but a it-gets-realer way. like things that you once couldnt deal with become things that help you in a positive way. i still have alot of trouble with things (especially dysphoria) but i feel a million times more about to deal and make to the most of it than i did 7 years ago. i’ve worn a binder everyday for 5 years now, and although i cannot fucking wait for top surgery and i daily feel so depressed about it the thing is i feel so much better daily than i did before i started wearing one.

the truth is pretty much all cis people dont really get it, even the queer ones. its hard. it can make you feel really lonely, misunderstood and just fed up with people in general but i promise you that there will be people who understand and see you, and those friendships/relationships/connections will give you so much life.
before i started hormones i would just lie in bed and stare at the wall hating everything so much, and although i am in no way “transitioned” or passing, i feel so much better in myself now that im on them (i still hate alot of things at time to time, just not as much). transitioning is a lonnnnng path, that can sometimes lead to know where particular but hey, it can be a path out of hell, so although the flames and pain still lick at you and wear you down theres also a creek you can relax in by youself and some pretty flowers along the way. what im trying to say is that the shit show might not really end but its not all bad, life has really good moments, its definitely not worth dying over and killing or hurting yourself over. like think of all the amazing songs that exist and the ways they make you feel, and think of all the beautiful things like city skylines at night or the taste of pizza, dont under estimate it, that shit is actually worth living for. be depressed, write the saddest poetry, cry into a bowl of icecream, feel lonely, just live your life, even if it sux. dont become a statistic. also wanna know something: shitty situations inspire brilliant solutions.

sometimes when im really blue cause of dysphoria stuff or other struggles that come with being trans i imagine this: that someone is like “hey samuel, you get to pick a prize. prize A is that you will wake up and be a cis boy, ill even make you a cute one but the catch is that you cant create anything ever again - you cant pick your clothes or take photos or write stories or make films or design your bedroom, you cant even daydream of the things you wanna create. prize B is that you get to create whatever you want but you have to put in all the hard work and make it happen, and theres no guarantee that it’ll even be good or that anyone else will care and the catch is that you just have to be trans forever. so which do you choose?”
and im like “finnnneeeee, you got me, i have to pick prize B, cause actually that’ll make me the happiest”.
like theres so many things that are more important in my life than feeling ok about my body and theres so many feelings i feel that are not just heart break and frustration. and theres so many friendships and interactions i have where it doesnt actually matter if i know if someone understands those things about me cause theres other things that are important and special that i know they understand.