i feel like im doing it wrong

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do you think that the "i can sing" moment in Story for Steven could be seen as making fun of Pearl, and her feelings for rose? i saw some discussion with people upset, saying that pearl was the butt of that joke, and it didnt feel right to me, but im not gonna tell those folks they are wrong for feeling that way. Even taking into account that Story for Steven was supposed to be before Rose's Scabberd and thus the joke was foreshadowing, it seems mean…… what do you think artie?

Naw, that’s not how I read it at all. It didn’t seem like a “haha, look at this loser” kind of point-and-laugh situation but rather a sort of good-natured “haha, how cute, you dork” way that’s really really common in close relationships (like friendships or families). I felt that scene was very much an indication of how close and comfortable they all were back then that they could have this very naturalistic exchange. It didn’t read as mocking to me, it was framed in a way that made the action endearing, I think (I mean, much of the fandom thought it was adorable, anyway). Pearl says that and then Rose grins at her, Garnet spontaneously laughs and then tries to stifle it, then Amethyst chuckles once she sees Garnet start laughing. It’s all very soft though which is typically not how you laugh at something you’re mocking. It is how you laugh when you’re teasing a friend or when a friend does something silly or someone does something cute. 

I loved the scene, not just because Pearl is a cute dork but because of how they all acted. It felt really homey and warm, to me, like these four are clearly incredibly comfortable with each other. It made them feel like a family. Most friendships I’ve had (and my relationship with my siblings) and have observed have light teasing and joking around, its pretty much a sign of a friendship because its specifically something you can only do with someone you know well because its incredibly rude to do to strangers because you don’t know them and they don’t know you. I think interpreting all laughter or teasing directed at a person as malicious or cruel really misses the nuances of interpersonal relationships

of course, its entirely valid for folks to be a little upset by it, if that’s how it came off to them. People interpret media in different ways and while sometimes interpretations are either right or wrong, most of the time (especially with humor) its really about how you relate to it personally. Some people cannot stand being laughed at, even in a good-natured way, so they’ll always take the scene as negative or mocking. And that’s valid, its their honest response to that. I can’t tell people not to feel that way even though I feel its not what was going on. I think that sometimes something can be personally offensive without being objectively offensive, because it has to do with our own personalities and experiences and thresholds and the way we understand things

Do you ever feel wrong bc right now I feel like I’m the broken one. Every day everywhere I look there are people talking about sex and love and marrigine and kissing. Every fucking book I read has some sort of romantic element and half the music I hear on the radio doesn’t mean anything to me. Right now I’m wondering that maybe I am just a little broke a nd eventually everything will change. And I try so hard to understand what love feels like but I just don’t understand it, it makes no sense and when people talk about it I just go along. Like when people talk about hot boys and crushes I just sit there and pretend like I know how it feels to like somebody that way. I want to tell them that I’m lying that everything I tell my parents about getting married and crushes is all just fake so they won’t suspect that I’m not straight. I hate pretending all the time, I want to tell them I’m ace but I’m so terrified of being rejected. In the past when I’ve told some of my friends they look at me as if I’m crazy as ask if I will grow out of it. The other day somebody laughed at me as if I was playing a joke. People walk around saying that sexuality is a fucking choice and trust me when I say if I could choose to be straight I would be.

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Im black, my boyfriend's white. Im the first black girl he has ever dated. I know that im not the type of girl he usually goes for, and all his posts of women with pale skin and blue eyes just makes me question why he is dating me. What chould I do?

Aw that sounds gross. Just because he likes white women doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Clearly he’s into you babygurl. Photos are just photos. If it’s really bothering you maybe talk to him and communicate how you’re feeling?

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hey so i have a random question and im also on anon because you're kinda intimidating no offense (i love your work), but how do you raise your moths? i found a pupa outside a few weeks ago and it died before hatching (it's no longer moving and looks/feels different) and soon after i found a caterpillar and it ALSO died???? i used to raise silkmoths and never had this problem before. i feel like im doing something horribly wrong and i feel super guilty over it. any ideas?

I’ve only had 5, I’m really no moth expert… basically I’ve just followed the directions of the people I got the cocoons from. I thought a few were dead when they went still and dark for more than a few days, but it turned out they were just getting ready to pop out. I have never tried to raise caterpillars before so I can’t say anything on that point, I will need to do more research if/when this latest batch breeds. 

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hey, i feel like everything is just getting too much lately, i have been sad since october and everyone keeps telling me that all i have to do is wait and it will get better over time.. but nothing is getting better, i dont know how to deal with it anymore its taking over my life, affecting everything and hurting me so much, nobody understands and im so scared of being like this forever :( you are an amazing person and i am happy you help everyone with their problems, i love you stay strong X

They told you that, eh ? Well,they’re wrong. You don’t just wait for a miracle to happen,sweetie: you make changes. Sadness hits us all, which is completely normal, but what isn’t normal is holding on to every bad thing that happened to us and ruining ourselves because of it.. It will get better when you make it better, you know ? And thank you <3 

Shout out to all the trans aros who:

  • Have been insulted with words like ‘heartless’
  • Wonder if the people who throw those insults are right
  • Don’t feel comfortable in love-centered LGBT spaces
  • Feel that your aro-ness can’t be separated from your trans-ness
  • Wonder if your aromanticism is a protective reaction to the transhpobia you face
  • Are happy that you’re aro and trans
  • Are sad that you’re aro and trans

Your feeling and experiences are real. They are legitimate. You are allowed to feel this way, and you are allowed to be validated. You are aromantic. You are trans. You are awesome.

im so incredibly lonely in such a big school. i knew not being in my sorority anymore would seperate me a little, but it made me realize all people talk about is greek life.
idk if its just me but i have so many other things i want to do and so many other aspirations and its like theres something wrong with me because i dont want to go out
so eventually they dont even ask
and its like the same cycle all over again and i just really wish i had some girlfriends here that had the same interests in fitness and exploring as me but i just dont. and i love my guy friends but its obviously not the same as having girlfriends.
and ive been independent all my life and it seems like thats how its always going to be.
i wish i was near my favorite girls so we could hang out marisaaprice fitnika themarzipanvolta kate-windsor aubernutter

im calling out someone for sexual abuse fucking read this

haha hey lol
uhh shannon prince/owl (added slash so this isnt searchable) did some… questionable things when we had sex like knowing i was a survivor never actually asked me if we could have sex. just sort of started having sex with me. and being a survivor of sexual abuse (specifically grooming) i couldnt really. do anything. i dont know. i feel so dumb making this post. but they are manipulative and they are emotionally abusive and i cant even articulate what happened but it felt wrong and i felt sick afterward and i am happy to answer any questions about this that might clear up any confusion. thank you. sorry and yes you can reblog this

“People think anything goes and maybe what we need is a reality/morality check from time to time.”

people who reblog the “don’t hate cis ppl/men/etc” posts need to understand that there’s a difference between hating a person and hating a group, and 99% of the time people who say they hate cis ppl/men/etc are saying they hate the groups not the individual people within those groups, and hating groups doesn’t matter if it has no effect on those groups

it’s so hard to tell and it’s too early for this but claire’s tattoo kind of looks like little stars to me? and if she has a space related tattoo i will spontaneously burst into flames and my ashes will ascend to the heavens, the very place claire saw in the moments she had a celestial being nestled against her soul and coursing through her veins.

she saw the world through the eyes of the cosmos and she never forgot it. to the point where she was so full of stardust she had to have it printed on her body, had to have some way to show the world what had happened to her, what she had lost, but also what she had gained.


Anime dads for new years because I’ve lose control of my life.

(once again based on paesour’s lovely fic “the feeling you took with you” )